How to set up a set-top box to a TV if you get lost

Download IPTV playlist to a USB flash drive.

How to download an IPTV playlist to a USB flash drive? Quite simply, we find the playlist we need on the Internet. We download the playlist to a computer or to the memory of a mobile gadget. After that, using the explorer or the file manager of the computer, transfer another USB drive to the tlt flash drive.

Connecting T2 set-top boxes to the Internet

Considering the fact that IPTV implies the obligatory presence of a stable connection to the network on the receiver. it is worth thinking about such a stable connection channel. over, in this bundle we pay attention to the main word. STABLE. It is important that the speed of the Internet connection varies between 5 and 6 Mbps. First of all, this applies to those users who in the future want to watch broadcasts in HD quality.


But it is not always possible to make a connection “by wire”, then there is only one option. a Wi-Fi network. Using the T2 prefix, it is important to organize the most stable signal, without any failures in the system. For this, it is recommended to use a high-quality Wi-Fi adapter that has the ability to amplify the received signal. In this case, it is advisable to use already proven adapter models. For example, a NetStick7 device supplemented with an antenna, which guarantees 5dB gain. In this case, under favorable conditions, it is possible to achieve the signal level as close as possible to the cable connection in terms of stability.

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Load IPTV playlist to T2 set-top box.

In order to load a playlist into a T2 set-top box, select “Internet. IPTV” from the menu. After that, click on the blue button on the remote control. in the modal window you need to select a file with a list of IPTV channels.

Everything is ready. the channel list has been added to the receiver’s memory. TV is ready to watch programs.

Connect USB stick to T2 tuner.

After that, we connect the USB flash drive to the T2 prefix. For convenience, it is best to use the connector on the front of the tuner. The connector located at the back is usually used to connect a Wi-Fi adapter.

Setting up IPTV on T2 tuner.

To download the selected IPTV playlist to the T2 tuner, you will need to perform the following steps:

Setting up IPTV on a T2 set-top box

The popularity of IPTV television is actively growing every day along with the popularity of the Internet. recently, it was possible to organize viewing IPTV only on home computers and laptops, and today this list has been replenished:

  • smartphones and tablets;
  • modern TVs, supplemented with a useful Smart TV function;
  • Android set-top boxes;
  • satellite receivers;
  • T2 attachments.

And if a classic IP TV set-top box is not so cheap, then the owners of terrestrial DVB-T2 receivers often ask the question: is it possible to set up IPTV viewing on a T2 set-top box in order to watch more channels, and not only the available 32? And here, thanks to IPTV technology, you can significantly expand the list of TV channels without spending money on buying new equipment.

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In our material, we will talk about setting up IPTV on T2 set-top boxes. For example, we will use a T2 set-top box with IPTV support T2BOX-334iD. This model of T2 set-top box has proven itself excellent not only for receiving T2 television, but also differs in stable work with IPTV playlists. Functionality and compatibility with other devices allows using both wired and wireless Internet connection in T2BOX-334iD. This versatility gives a competitive advantage over receivers that can only connect to the Internet “over the air”.

IPTV playlist for T2 tuner

Having a stable Internet is half of a successful IPTV setup.

The remaining 50% went to the working playlist. In this case, it is worth considering the most relevant question among users: where can you download an IPTV playlist for T2?

It is worth remembering that there are two options for such playlists. paid and free versions. Most playlists have m3u extension.

It is customary to use offers from your Internet provider or cable TV as a free playlist. However, here we have a location restriction.

The first option also includes all kinds of pirated copies, which are more than enough on the Internet. As a rule, it is quite easy to find them. for this we enter the corresponding query into the Google search bar.

The proposed playlists can be designed for several hundred different channels at once, which differ in topics and focus. As an example, you can download the first list that catches our eye, and get acquainted with the presented channels. It offers sports and entertainment channels that can be streamed in standard definition or HD quality.

After you have downloaded this playlist, it is recommended to check it on a computer, for example, using the VLC program.

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However, this option has a lot of disadvantages. ranging from the illegality of this method and ending with the stability of the work in general. Very often there are situations when, when watching a certain TV show, the playlist “knocks out” and it stops broadcasting. To remedy this situation, the user must go to the Internet again and look for a more recent list with channels. It takes a lot of time and patience.

In the case of paid options, things are a little different. Their main advantage is stable performance. However, not every playlist offered for sale is categorized as “official”. For example, users have heard a lot about services such as Edem.TV or ITV, where a large list of various channels is presented. But the legality of these channels is under a big question mark.

The list of verified and official services includes:

  • Megogo;
  • Trinity TV;
  • Sweet.TV;
  • Tega telecom and others.

How to delete IPTV playlist on T2

If there is a desire to delete the old m3u playlist. it does not work, is outdated or you plan to load a new one, then this procedure can be done through the Receiver Menu.

To do this, being in the IPTV section, you need to go to the channel list. When using the cursor to select a channel, a green Clear playlist button appears below the channel list. This means that when you press the “green” button on the remote control, the list will be cleared, that is, it will be deleted.