How to set up a selenga set-top box on a TV

How to connect

So, how to connect to a TV and set up a Selenga set-top box. There is nothing difficult in connecting, and it is described in detail in the instructions:

It’s time to set up the channels. There is also nothing complicated here:

  • turn on the TV and the Selenga set-top box.
  • take the remote control from the TV and look for the “Video” button on it. If you suddenly don’t find one, you can try “AP2”. But usually everyone has the right button.
  • after pressing the button, a picture with the inscription “Selenga” will appear on the screen.
  • then the set-top box will offer to independently configure digital channels.
  • press the OK button and wait for Selenga to search.

Setting up digital channels on a Selenga set-top box

That’s all. Usually, a digital set-top box immediately finds up to 20 major federal channels in excellent quality. In some cities, you can catch up to 50 signals.

How to connect and configure a digital set-top box Selenga

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This is the digital era. To watch TV programs in good quality, there is nothing to install satellite dishes. Now in every city a TV tower broadcasts a digital signal of the DVB-T2 standard.

To use it, you need a small antenna and a terrestrial receiver, in the common people. a TV set-top box. The leader in the production of such equipment is the Selenga trademark. How to connect and configure a digital set-top box from this brand, we will consider below.

Selenga digital TV set-top box

The Selenga lineup includes a dozen models. The t71 and t71d are the bestsellers due to their ideal price / quality ratio. The set-top box allows you to:

  • catch up to 20 digital broadcasting channels;
  • connect to both an old analog TV and an advanced digital matrix;
  • include subtitles;
  • watch a TV program a few days in advance;
  • sort channels;
  • set parental controls;
  • TV set-top box Selenga t71d additionally supports Dolby Digital. surround digital sound.

It is also worth mentioning what connectors the console has. By understanding which inputs and outputs the device has, installation and configuration will be much easier. If we consider t71, then it contains:

  • the HDMI connector, which is used today in all new TVs;
  • familiar to everyone and everyone RSA jacks that can be used to connect to old equipment;
  • antenna entrance;
  • power supply connector.

Set-top boxes (HDMI and antenna jack) Tulip jacks.

Each model is equipped with a power supply unit with a one and a half meter cord, the usual tulip cables, a remote control, instructions for use and a warranty card.

Connection problems

  • find on the Selenga remote control and press the “MENU” button,
  • select “Search”,
  • then “Search range”
  • choose auto or manual setting.

Manual search

If this does not help, then it is worth looking for a connection problem. If all the cables are connected correctly, in 100% of cases it is the antenna. Most likely it does not accept the DVB-T2 standard. In this case, you will have to additionally purchase one that supports the desired signal type.

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Here, by the way, is a small life hack. Some users, faced with a similar problem, caught the signal on an ordinary copper wire, but for this the TV tower must be very close.

How to connect Selenga to Wi-Fi

To use home Wi-Fi on the receiver, you will have to take care of the presence of a special adapter that connects to the device via USB. When connected to the Internet, additional opportunities will open up for the user, for example, access to IPTV, to online cinema services, etc.

Possible problems and solutions

The equipment does not always work properly. In some cases, a software glitch is to blame, while in others the fault may lie on the user’s side. Do not rush to take the receiver to a repair center, most problems can be fixed by yourself. Common problems:

  • The prefix refuses to find the channel list.
  • Doesn’t respond to user actions.
  • No signal.

Channel search

The next item is channel search. This option is carried out at the very beginning after connecting the tuner. But, also the user can perform a second search. The menu includes:

  • Automatic search.
  • Manual search. Used when autosearch did not give the desired results (usually due to a bad signal or an error).
  • Change country.
  • Activate antenna power. Enable this option when using an antenna with an amplifier.

Selenga prefix does not find channels

This is mainly due to the old firmware version. Check for updates, the system may not have been able to update itself due to a software failure. To do this, go to the menu and go to the settings, then in the “System” tab, click on the check for updates button.

The second reason is associated with an incorrectly selected antenna. It may not work with DVB-T2 standard.

What is needed to connect

Everything you need to connect is already included with the device:

  • Connection cable. RCA. These are tulips, made up of three plugs of different colors.
  • Remote controller.
  • Power Supply.
  • Batteries.
  • Guarantee.

As you can see, the package does not include an HDMI cable, which is used in all modern TVs.

Program manager

The program manager, in turn, is divided into several categories. Let’s consider each item separately.

The channel editor implies a set of parameters, thanks to which you can:

  • Add a specific broadcast to your favorites list. To do this, mark the channel with a red mark by selecting the channel and pressing “OK”.
  • To remove from this category press “FAV”.
  • If you want to remove a channel from the list so that it is not broadcast at all, then select it and press the blue button on the remote control.
  • To skip the broadcast, use the green key.
  • If you want to move the channel to another position, then press the red key, and when you select the location, click “OK”.
  • You can block the channel by pressing the yellow button.

The next function in the program manager is TV Guide. This option allows you to view the schedules of the upcoming TV broadcasts. You can also read the description of a specific channel. In other words, this is the TV guide.

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The third category is sorting. Allows you to sort broadcasts by name or identification number. This way you can set them alphabetically, use your own numbering, or set automatic.

Does not respond to the remote control

If the receiver refuses to receive signals from the remote control and does not react in any way to the user’s actions, then replace the batteries first. Other reasons:

  • The remote is broken.
  • You are trying to use it from a long distance. That is, the signal simply does not reach.

Image Adjustment

Considering how to set up the Selenga prefix, it is worth noting one of the important parameters. the image. Open the menu and go to the second section. Then the user will be able to:

  • Change the aspect ratio. Set the ratio to 4: 3, full screen, 16: 9, wide or panoramic. It is advisable to leave the choice with the system and set “Auto”.
  • Adjust the volume level for a specific broadcast or for all at once.
  • Set the desired permission. For example, for NTSC you should set 480i / 480p, for PAL. 576i / 576p. The maximum resolution is also available. 720p / 1080i / 1080p.
  • Adjust menu transparency.
  • Change the brightness, activate the visible broadcast number, set the time on the screen.

How to connect Selenga to an old TV

Depending on the availability of certain inputs, you can connect the device via the Scart connector, through an adapter with RSA. There is information about this in the article.

The prefix freezes

  • If the tuner freezes when turned on, this is normal. This is how he makes a connection.
  • If freezes on a regular basis, you need to reset the receiver to factory settings and re-tune the channels.

Comparison of DVB-T2 models of Selenga set-top boxes

The company currently has 8 digital receivers. Their comparative characteristics are presented in the table below. It should be borne in mind that the list does not include such functions that are present on all models of receivers, for example, such as teletext, program guide, subtitles, etc.

Parameters T20DT40T42DT60T81DHD80HD860HD950D
DVB-T2 support
Cable TV
Availability of Wi-Fi
Housing Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic Metal Metal
Digital TV connectors HDMI HDMI and RSA HDMI and RSA HDMI and RSA HDMI and RSA HDMI and RSA HDMI and RSA HDMI and RSA
Tuner Maxliner MXL 608 RT836 Maxliner MXL 608 RT836 Maxliner MXL 608 RT836 RT836 Maxliner MXL 608
Power Supply External at 2A External at 2A External at 2A External 12V 1A External 1.5A External 12V 1A Built-in 220V Built-in 220V

) An additional adapter is required to watch programs via Wi-Fi. On models T42D, T81D and HD950D, in addition to YouTube and IPTV, you can watch the Megogo portal.

How to connect Selenga to WI-FI

All Selenga models have the ability to access the Internet using a WI-FI connection. You can adapt the set-top box for such work using a special adapter connected via the USB connector. It costs differently, depending on the reception capabilities and distance from the access point. Average

To enter the network, on the set-top box itself, you must:

  • Open the USB section in the device menu.
  • Select “Internet”.
  • Dial the password from the network, if required.
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After connecting on the Selenga set-top box, you will be able to:

  • Watch movies and videos from YouTube and Megogo services.
  • Know the weather.
  • Use the Gmail service.
  • Connect to IPTV.
  • Customize RSS news feed to any site.

At the same time, the speed of a particular service will depend on the connection itself.

Selenga prefix. How to connect and configure

Selenga digital DVB-T2 set-top boxes appeared on our market relatively recently. Today this company already has a huge number of partners, with the help of which it continues to develop its products. Due to the fact that the models of Selenga consoles are assembled from us, the for them are quite affordable and even the most advanced options with Wi-Fi will cost you no more than 1200-1300 rubles. In this case, it will be possible to contact the customer service directly from home. Where they can answer all your questions and help you find channels.

Today we will make a small overview of all models of Selenga consoles, consider their main characteristics and compare them according to the most important indicators. Additionally, we will provide instructions for connecting and setting up 20 channels using a live example.

The main problems of Selenga consoles

When operating the receivers, unforeseen situations are also possible, in which the operation of the set-top boxes can be partially or completely disrupted. Fortunately, for most problems, a very real solution can be given. We will try to analyze the most popular errors below.

The prefix crashes and reboots on its own

  • Reset your device to factory settings. The corresponding section can be found in the menu.
  • Check for the latest firmware.
  • Make sure the wire and power supply are working properly.

How to connect a Selenga TV box

For a clear indication of the connection process. We took the 2 most popular Selenga models at the moment: T42D and T81D. For convenience, all of the company’s set-top boxes are largely identical. Differences can only be in the possible options for connecting to the TV and internal filling. Everything else, including the remote control and menus, looks identical. Therefore, the instruction will fit any model of the Selenga.
The general scheme for all options will look like this:

In this case, the connection can be made in 3 different ways:

  • Via HDMI. It is a cable with a “flat” entry and costs between 300-500 rubles. Usually, it is not included with the prefix. However, if your TV has this input, then it should be used first. HDMI better image transmission and more durable.
  • Through RSA. They come in a variety of configurations. The one that is presented is called 3.5 Jack / 3 RSA. In the attachment model T42D, there are inputs under 3RSA, not under 1.
  • Older TVs often have situations in which both connector options are missing. In this case, there is usually a SCART input. To connect it, an adapter with 3RSA is used.

Thus, it is possible to connect the Selenga DVB-T2 receiver in almost 90% of cases. The remaining 10% are due to various malfunctions of the TVs themselves.