How To Set Up A Remote Control On A TV

Difference between original and universal remote

Any remote control device is used to implement the capabilities of a technical device. There are original models. that is, those that come off the assembly line with a multimedia device, as well as universal consoles, which are designed so that they can be programmed to synchronize with many models of equipment produced by different world manufacturers. Sometimes it happens that the original remote control is lost or for some reason out of order.

If the model of the TV or other equipment is already old, then it is SIMply impossible to find a replacement for the same original remote control.

Pulse emissions of universal consoles are such that they are suitable for controlling many models of both modern technology and devices of the old generation. In addition, the universal device has a peculiarity. it can be adjusted for sensitivity to several devices at once, and then the extra remotes can be removed and only one can be used, which, you see, is very convenient.

Most often, universal remote control devices come to us from factories in China, while the homeland of the original remote control depends on the manufacturer of the multimedia device to which it is attached, which means it corresponds to the brand and has a higher degree of quality. Another feature of universal control devices is that they are less expensive. If you wish, you can choose them by color, shape, design. Each such remote control contains a software encoding base, due to which it is synchronized with most models of multimedia equipment.


Manual synchronization can be performed when the activation codes are known to you, or when the remote control cannot be set up in automatic mode. The codes for manual tuning are selected in the technical data sheet of the device or in special tables created for your brand of TV. The sequence of actions in this case will be as follows:

  • turn on the TV and point the remote control at its screen;
  • press the POWER button and at the same time dial the previously prepared code;
  • wait until the indicator lights up and pulses twice, while the POWER button is not released;
  • check the operation of the main buttons of the remote control by activating their functions on the TV.

If, after setting up on the TV using a “foreign” remote control device, not all options were activated, then you will need to separately find and activate the codes for them. The aLGorithm for setting up remote devices of various well-known brands will differ in each specific case.

How To Set Up A Remote Control On A TV
  • Manual setup of Huayu remote. turn on the TV and point the remote at it. Press and hold the POWER button and the SET button at the same time. At this time, the indicator will begin to pulsate. Now you need to enter the code that matches your TV. After that, the indicator turns off, then press the SET button.
  • Setting up your Supra. turn on the TV and point the remote at the screen. Press the POWER button and at the same time enter the code that matches your TV. After the light pulsation of the indicator, the POWER button is released. the code has been entered.

Sometimes, even on more modern models, you can find the appearance of new buttons, but the essence of the remote control remains unchanged.

In addition, it is worth noting that in the past few years smartphones have begun to be produced, which also have a built-in remote control, with which you can control not only the TV, but also, for example, turn on the air conditioner. This control option is universal, and the devices in it are synchronized via the Bluetooth built into the smartphone or the Wi-Fi module.

Setting up

To connect and configure a multifunctional Chinese remote control, first of all, you need to charge it. that is, connect the power connector to the desired type of battery. Most often AAA or AA batteries are suitable.

After recharging the remote control is completed, you can start synchronizing it with the equipment. The universal version of the remote control without settings will not function, but they can be performed in manual or automatic mode.

How to find the TV code?

Before proceeding to activate the universal remote control, you need to know the code for your TV. Some models have a three-digit code, but there are those that work with a four-digit code. You can clarify this information by carefully studying the operating instructions supplied with your TV model. If there are no instructions, special reference tables will help you, which can be found on the Internet by typing in the search engine the phrase “Codes for setting up the remote control”.

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It is with the help of the code that the recognition, synchronization and operation of all devices that you plan to control using the remote control take place. A code should be understood as a specific set of numbers that is unique. Search and code entry can be performed both in automatic mode and in manual mode. If you dial a certain order of numbers on the universal remote control, then the automatic search and selection option will be launched. For various TVs, their own unique codes have been developed, but there are also common ones, for example, the following:

  • code 000 is used to turn on the device;
  • channel search by moving forward is performed through 001;
  • if you want to go back one channel, then use the code 010;
  • you can add the sound level with code 011, and decrease it with code 100.

In fact, there are quite a few codes, and you can see for yourself by studying the tables with them. It should be noted that the code system cannot be changed in original control devices. It has already been entered by the manufacturer and is suitable for the multimedia device to which the remote control is supplied. Universal consoles are arranged differently. they can be customized for any type of equipment, since their built-in code base is much larger and more diverse, which gives this device the opportunity for widespread use.


The general principle of setting up the universal control panel has approximately the same aLGorithm of actions, suitable for most devices:

  • turn on the TV to the mains;
  • direct the remote control to the television screen;
  • find the POWER button on the remote control and keep it pressed for at least 6 seconds;
  • the volume control option appears on the TV screen, at this time the POWER button is pressed again.

After this procedure, the universal remote control is ready for use. You can check the operation of the remote control after its activation in the following way:

  • turn on the TV and direct the remote control to it;
  • on the remote control, dial 4 times the number “9”, while you do not remove your finger from this button after pressing, leaving it for 5-6 seconds.

If the manipulation was performed correctly, the TV will turn off. On the sales market, most often there are models of remote controls, the manufacturers of which are Supra, DEXP, Huayu, Gal. The tuning aLGorithm for these models has its own nuances.

  • Supra remote control. point the remote control at the screen of the turned on TV and press the POWER button, holding it for 6 seconds until the sound level adjustment option appears on the screen.
  • Gal remote. turn on the TV and point the remote at it, while on the remote you need to press the button with the image of the type of multimedia device you are currently configuring. When the indicator is on, the button can be released. Then they press the power button, at this time the automatic code search will start. But as soon as the TV turns off, immediately quickly press the button with the letters OK, which will make it possible to write the code into the remote control memory.
  • Huayu remote control. point the remote control at the turned on TV, press the SET button and hold it. At this time, the indicator will light, on the screen you will see the option to adjust the volume. By adjusting this option, you need to set the necessary commands. And to exit this mode, press SET again.
  • DEXP remote control. point the remote control at the turned on TV screen and at this time activate by pressing the button with the brand of your TV receiver. Then press the SET button and hold it until the indicator turns on. Then you need to use the channel search button. When the indicator turns off, immediately press the OK button to save the automatically found code.

How to set up a universal TV remote?

Manufacturers of modern multimedia devices are producing remote control devices for controlling them from a short distance. Most often, any model of TV or Player is supplied with an original remote control suitable for it.

Remote control is convenient because a person does not need to make unnecessary gestures in order to activate or deactivate certain options of the technique. Sometimes such remotes in one room can accumulate several pieces, and in order not to get confused in their use, you can purchase one universal model that will combine the control of several devices. In order for the remote control to operate and “bind” to the technique, it must first be configured or programmed.

How to program?

A remote control (RC) in a universal design can adapt and replace several original remotes that are suitable only for one specific device. Of course, this is possible only if you reconfigure the new remote control and enter codes that will be universal for all devices.

In addition, any universal remote has the ability to memorize those devices that have already been connected at least once. This allows its wide memory base to be made, whereas the original devices have a mini-memory format. But the same remote device can be installed on another device, you just need to enter the appropriate control codes.

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After performing this action, the indicator on the remote control will be activated, it will pulsate. At this time, you need to select the button that corresponds to the device with which you synchronize the remote control. You need to finish programming by entering the appropriate code, which we take from the technical passport or tables in the open Internet access.

After entering the code, you will be able not only to control each device separately, but also to switch from one device to another using the remote control. Software coding methods can sometimes have some peculiarities, which you can clarify by studying the instructions for your remote control device. However, all modern remotes have a clear graphical interface, so device management does not cause great difficulties for a SIMple user.

How to set up the DEXP universal remote control, see below.

TV channels are not tuned in

It is necessary in the settings to correctly select the type of antenna (DVB-T for terrestrial and DVB-C for cable signal), and be sure of its serviceability.

JVC TV Remote

The remote control for JVC TV has remote control buttons:
1) JVC TV momentary on / off button
2) Button to switch between standby and working mode
3) ASPECT button select the aspect ratio (aspect ratio).
) S.Mode button select sound mode
) P.Mode button select picture mode
) GUIDE button to turn on the TV program in DTV mode.
4) Button 0.9
digital buttons for selecting the channel number, channel switching occurs with a delay of 2 seconds.
5) LIST button display channel list
6) Button to return to the previous viewed channel.
7) S button, subtitle display mode in DTV mode
) TEXT button. turning on teletext
) MIX button. teletext overlay in ATV mode
) SIZE button. display mode of enlarged bottom or top of the page in ATV mode
8) HOLD button. hold teletext mode
) INDEX button. Calling up the teletext index page
) REVEAL button. show / hide teletext mode
) SUB.PAGE button. displaying a teletext subpage
9) i button. displaying information about the current channel
) FAV button. display the list of favorite channels
) TV.RD button. turning on digital radio
) AUDIO button. Selecting the audio language in DTV mode
10) MENU button. OSD activation
11) INPUT button. input source selection
12) Cursor buttons. navigating the MENU
13) BACK button. return to the previous menu
14) EXIT button. exit menu
15) SLEEP button. TV auto off timer
16) VOL \. button. change sound volume
17) PROG button. enter the channel editing menu
18) CH / button. switch channels
19) PLAY button. start playback in USB mode
) PAUSE button. pause playback temporarily in USB mode
) STOP button. stop playback in USB mode
) REC button. start recording in USB mode
20) PREV button. button to go to the previous track in USB mode,
NEXT. next track button,
FWD. fast forward button,
REW. rewind fast forward button
21) Colored buttons. teletext
On our website you can download the TV Remote
location and designation of remote control buttons, as well as instructions and user manual

The TV does not work from the set-top box

It is necessary to reconfigure the Supra in auto search mode. JVC TV should be in AV input playback mode.
The hum on all channels may be from an incorrectly set sound system in the TV settings, or from the fact that the audio cable is not properly connected to the TV.

Setting up your JVC TV. JVC TV manual

JVC TV manual, jvc TV model LT-32M340 has the following control keys and connectors on the TV case:

On the front panel of the JVC LT-32M340 TV are located:
1) IR sensor of the remote control system
2) Working / Standby indicator
3) Power switch (bottom), to turn off the electricity supply to the TV.

On the back of the JVC TV are located:
4) TV power key and standby.
5) Vol key. Decrease the volume level In Menu mode, used to move to the previous item.
6) Vol key to increase the volume level. In Menu mode, it is used to move to the next item.
7) CH key. go to the previous channel. In Menu mode, used to navigate down.
8) CH key go to the next channel. In Menu mode, used to move up.

9) MENU key. selection of the main menu
10) Source selection key
11) USB input. connecting external USB devices, for example, for viewing or photos, listening to an audio player.
12) HDMI input. multimedia input for connecting high-definition equipment.
13) Audio headphones. headphone jack.
14) Common Inteface CI. common interface, conditional access module slot
15) PC Audio connector. 3.5 mm input for connecting an external audio signal from a computer.
16) VGA input. computer connection input
17) RF input. antenna cable connector
18) Component input. connecting DVD players via connectors labeled Y, B-Y, R-Y or Pb, Pr.
19) Composite input and audio input.
20) Composite output and audio output.
21) Wall bracket mounting holes.
22) Power cord to connect to electrical outlet.

TV menus

All TV functions are controlled using remote control for JVC TV, via the TV menu of commands displayed on the screen. The main menu includes the following sections: CHANNELS, PICTURE, SOUND, TIME, SETUP, CONTROL. The menu sections are entered by moving the cursor with the left and right buttons on the remote control. Moving the cursor along the lines is made by the buttons of the TV remote control “up” and “down”. The selected line is highlighted in blue. Submenus are displayed next to the selected item of the main menu. Exit the menu by pressing the “exit” key on the remote control. The muted color modes are not used in this TV model, or they are activated when certain external devices are connected or when another TV broadcast mode is selected. When setting up Mystery TV, prompts are displayed on the bottom line of the screen. After a few seconds of inactivity, the menu automatically disappears from the screen.

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How to set up a JVC TV

JVC TV Initial Setup

The TV is controlled both from the control panel and the remote control. Initially, you need to select the language of the menu, the standard of television broadcasting and the country of residence with the remote control for the JVC TV. Next, you will be prompted to perform automatic channel search. To start it, press OK on the remote control. In the on-screen menu that appears, the search and fixation of television programs in the modes of analogue ATV broadcasting, digital broadcasting DTV, search for RADIO radio channels, or data recording, if they are transmitted in the received signal, will begin. Channel search can be interrupted by pressing the MENU or EXIT buttons. The table shows the number of programs found. JVC TV memorizes 100 TV programs in analogue mode and 200 programs in digital TV mode. After finishing the setup, you must use the INPUT button to select the viewing mode for analog or digital TV programs.

How to set up your TV to receive satellite TV

To receive satellite channels on a JVS TV, you must insert a conditional access card recommended by the operator into the CI slot. The specific values ​​of the settings parameters must be checked with the satellite TV operator.

sections. Setting the Sources menu

This section contains items: Antenna, Input, HDMI, Component Input. To view the channels, press OK by using the arrows on the remote control item “Antenna”. To switch to the desired item, use the arrow buttons on the remote control and the OK button.

Kivi TV firmware update

Updating the software firmware is a procedure prior to contacting the service center. The TV started to junk, some functions disappeared, the control changed, etc. a reason to update the software. The new firmware should be taken from the manufacturer’s official website for the TV of your brand and your serial number.

Please note that the procedure will delete all your settings and personal data. After starting the firmware, in no case should you turn off the TV until the main menu appears on the screen, the procedure can take up to 15 minutes.
Download the firmware file to your computer, and then write it to a USB flash drive, previously formatted in the FAT32 system. The file name should be renamed to “Mstarupgrade”.
Turn off the TV into standby mode, insert the USB flash drive into the USB Port, press the power button on the TV case and hold it until the image of the update process appears on the TV display.
End of firmware. Main Menu appears on the screen.

If flashing the device fails, try using another flash drive, or insert it into another USB port.
If nothing can be done, or the update procedure went well, but the problems persist. contact an authorized service center.

How to display the screen of a smartphone or tablet on TV

The TV can be used as a wireless monitor for a laptop or smartphone if both devices support the Miracast function, or by connecting them via a wi-fi router of a shared network.

TV remote control Kivi

The remote control for the Kiwi TV with the designation of the control buttons is shown in the figure:

: Turn on / off TV.
2.: Turn on / off speaker sound.
3. Aspect: Change the aspect ratio.
4. OK: Confirmation \ Enter \ Start.
5.: Arrows are used to navigate menus and switch channels.
6.: Return to the main menu page.
7.: Options \ Settings \ Context Menu.
8.: Exit \ Back.
9.VOL /.: Adjust the volume level.

Customizing the Files menu

In this section there are items: File manager, Menu filters: Images. Music and Applications. These sections are intended for viewing files on internal and external media. You can display only this or that type of content on the media using these submenu. Use the arrows to select the File Manager section. Use the arrows to select the subsection you need and press OK to start.

Kiwi TV

For your convenience, a Consultation on setting up TVs has been organized. In the same section, you can leave a Feedback on the work of your Kiwi TV.

The inscription on the screen “No Signal”

The “No Signal” message can appear in two cases:
1) The antenna type is incorrectly set during tuning. Your choice. External antenna.
2) The antenna must be located in the area of ​​reliable TV signal reception and correctly oriented in space.