How to set up a color set-top box to your TV

Program manager

The menu item “program manager” will edit any applications. In addition, it will install an electronic program guide and sort it in the specified order. It is possible to open the “editing” section by clicking on the corresponding button. Enter a password of 6 zeros for quick entry. Here you can also rename channels, block, reinstall or delete. The option creates lists of favorite inclusions for constant viewing. The scheduling feature activates a timer that puts the TV into sleep mode. Set a time limit and the device will turn off by itself.

Setting options

The next folder contains folders such as menu language, subtitles, audio, and digital video. Show any speech and watch all TV channels. The most requested languages ​​are English, French, German, Czech and Danish.

Connecting the device

After purchasing the device, the question arises of how to quickly connect it. The algorithm of actions is quite simple. Connect the antenna, receiver and TV one at a time. Use the correct cables and entries. Read the instructions of the model before activating. Then follow the steps:

  • Disconnect the TV from the power supply;
  • Connect the antenna cable to the digital set-top box;
  • Now connect the appropriate wires to the correct ports on your TV and receiver.
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How to connect D-Color to Wi-Fi

The adapter model easily connects to the router using a USB cable. Connect the two devices and enter the login password. Use the “Menu” folder for quick inclusion. Now, watch movies and TV shows online right on your TV. Set large format and feel like in a movie theater.

How to connect D-Color to TV and tune channels

Connect the D-Color set-top box to a TV for receiving digital TV using a short instruction. To get started, study the components of the kit and find the wires you need. Often the receiver is connected using a separate plug. Place the set-top box next to the TV before connecting. Connect the receiver to an antenna, then to a TV device. Use an HDMI or RCA cable depending on the model. A great advantage of the adapter is the ability to connect with Soviet TVs. This can be done by direct connection to the receiver or using the SCART input.

The steps for setting up channels are as follows:

  • find the “Menu” button on the remote control;
  • in the window that opens, click on the “Settings” section;
  • fill in all the lines by selecting the country and signal type;
  • to quickly search for channels, activate automatic tuning;
  • wait for the operation to complete and save the downloads.
  • dc610hd;
  • dc600hd;
  • dc1802hd;
  • dc1301hd;
  • dc955hd;
  • dc1002hd;
  • dc1302hd;
  • dc921hd.
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Basic operations

Open the main menu. In the window that opens, you will see 7 sections. Each of them is responsible for certain settings:

  • programs;
  • picture;
  • search for programs;
  • time and date;
  • options;
  • system settings.

To play each of them, press the “OK” button on the remote control. Scroll through the items using “Up”, “Down”, “Right”, “Left”. Going back is easy with “Exit”.

Initial settings

Setting options

  • subtitles;
  • tongue;
  • voice acting;
  • format and extension;
  • creating and renaming folders.

How to connect D-Color to Wi-fi

To set up your D-color digital TV receiver for your TV, take an HDMI cable or a classic USB cable (depending on which port you have). Connect everything according to the algorithm, turn on the search, and save the results. To activate Wi-Fi, use the main menu and remote control. There you enter the password and wait 5 seconds for pairing.

Does not respond to the remote control

Change the batteries or try the universal item from your smartphone.

Initial settings

All basic parameters are indicated through the main menu. There you set the time, date, select system options. By default, factory presets are installed there, so we recommend changing them to custom ones using the remote control.

How to connect D-Color to TV and tune channels

There are several stages of connecting the D-Color set-top box to a TV for receiving digital television:

  • debugging the device using a cable;
  • pairing devices;
  • configuration of basic operations;
  • day-to-day administration;
  • search for channels and save them.
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First, let’s look at what models are in 2021:

  • 1002;
  • 1302;
  • 600;
  • 1802;
  • 1301;
  • 610;
  • 955;
  • 921.

Program manager

The item with this name is responsible for the installed software. This is the so-called electronic guide that will allow you to uninstall programs and install new ones. Here it is possible to rank channels by viewing priority, and sort them by folders, depending on the direction.

How to connect a D-color set-top box to a TV to receive digital TV

How to connect and configure the D-color set-top box to the TV? D-Color is one of the affordable and multifunctional digital TV receivers. Thanks to its complete set and powerful software support, the receiver produces many interesting TV programs. If you have just purchased D-Color, then you will not need a master. The interface is so simple that you can manually calibrate and search for channels using the instructions below.

No signal

If the signal disappears, the first step is to check that the cables are connected correctly. Then make sure your ISP is streaming. If there is a problem with the flow, then wait for the elimination by the administration.