How to set a ringtone Samsung a50

How to set your own SMS ringtone sound in Samsung a50 or a51 phone

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How to set ringtone in Samsung Galaxy A50

Many people prefer to change custom SMS sounds in Samsung a50 and a51 to their own. Nothing to be surprised.

The built-in SMS sound even misleads us sometimes. When we walk down the street and there are a lot of people, we often cannot even see if we received an SMS.

This is not surprising, because most people use the standard built-in sounds, although they can put their own personal and favorite ringtone on the SMS.

If you wish, you can even set it up so as to change the melody for a specific number, for example, a shot from a weapon can mean that the boss wrote to you or the crack of a whip will tell you that your wife wrote an SMS.

It is easy to set up a custom contact signal, although I will write how to change the SMS melody on Samsung a50 and a51, you can just as well change to a30, j2, a5, j5, j3 If you are something like me, then you it’s boring to use the same music, so look at the instructions and enjoy the expanse.

How to change the SMS sound on Samsung a50 or Samsung a51 to your own melody

To do this, just go to the settings. It has Sound and Vibration, and it has a notification sound. You can stagger back and forth, walk through all the built-in.

Only the melodies there will not find only the tones that are already boring to everyone, and using any music file as SMS music on your Galaxy a50 or a51 is not as difficult as you think.

You don’t need to download special apps or tools, you just need to have an mp3 music file on your phone.

If you already have it on the memory card, and most likely you already have it, then go and click to open the “Samsung” folder.

Then the application “My Files”. Open the folder “memory card” (or another location) and find the music file you want to use.

Press and hold the file until different options appear at the bottom. At the bottom of this menu, click Copy or Move. Then select the phone memory, look for the “Notifications” directory.

Move it there or copy it. Now your ringtone is ready to be set as SMS ringtone.

Open “Settings”, then “Sounds and vibes”, while pay attention to the SIM card. you can change the melody for two at once. one ringtone for 2 SIM cards.

Go to Notification Sounds. Choose your music file and voila! It is now automatically set as the default notification sound.

On Samsung a50 and Samsung a51, everything happens according to the same scheme, despite the fact that the first one uses Android 9, and the second Android 10.

Applications such as. Gmail or WhatsApp also have their own notification sounds, but you can easily change them if you want.

The procedure may differ depending on each application, though. We’ll show you an example with WhatsApp:

As you can see, do not limit yourself to standard sounds or notification melodies, you can also create and use your own.

All you have to do is put the desired sound files in the right place and they will be selected as SMS message sounds. Success.

How to set a ringtone in Samsung a50

To put an mp3 melody on your Samsung a50 smartphone, you just need to drop it into any folder, for example, I drop it in “Ringtones”.

When you look, that the name is in Latin (you can in English) and it is best that it consists of one word, more precisely, that there are no dashes like this_.

With dashes and in Russian, your Samsung a 50, it may not be able to parse it. it showed me how an unknown file and refused to install.

You can throw it by connecting the phone to the computer (easier way) or through the file manager on the phone (longer way).

Then we move to the settings and go to “Sounds and Vibration”. There we select the ringtone (if you have two SIM cards, then we indicate which one we will put the melody on).

After that, click on the plus at the top / right (if you are going to put your own). Then at the bottom / on the right we select “Folders”, after which we go down and “Ringtones”.

It will open and you just have to select the ringtone that you have thrown and at the top / right click “Done”. It’s all.

How to put your ringtone on a contact on Samsung a50

In the Samsung a 50 smartphone, you can put different melodies for specific contacts from the address book, only the contact must be saved in the phone, and not on a SIM card.

Now at the beginning of your work, select “Contacts” from the main menu and from the list of contacts you need to select the person for whom we want to put a separate ringtone.

At the bottom we see the pencil symbol “Change”. click on it. Then scroll down the screen and select Expand.

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Scroll down again to the “Ringtone” location and click on the horizontal ellipsis. I will not describe further.

The further procedure has already been described above. Do exactly as above in the section and you will definitely succeed.

ways to put a ringtone on Samsung a50. call contact and SMS

Samsung a50 phone offers many options, thanks to which we can personalize our phone as much as possible.

One of them is to put your own melody (ringtone) on a call as a whole, on a contact separately and on an SMS. So Samsung a 50 can be customized to your liking.

The manufacturer offers their own set of specially designed ringtones by default, but most of us prefer to set a ringtone with our favorite song.

Oddly enough, in the a50 smartphone, setting your own ringtone from an mp3 file is not as simple and intuitive as it might seem.

Fortunately, there are ways to set a ringtone from an mp3 file that will definitely work on your Samsung a50.

How to set a melody to SMS in Samsung a50

Putting a melody to SMS on Samsung a50 turned out to be not so easy. The manufacturer, both with calls and contacts, did not provide such a tool.

So I had to resort to outsiders. The solution was found in the application “Rings Extended”. It is available in the market.

After installation in the application, in front of the line “Current ringtone” put a bird and select the item “Media rington”

You will discover all your tunes that are only in your Samsung a50. Select the required one, put a tick and “OK”.

It’s all. You have delivered your favorite SMS ringtone. You can also change it to another one in the same way. It turned out. great. And if not? Just write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and you will soon get a solution.

Of course, over time, the version of Android may change and with it the settings, but that’s another story. Those interested can find out in more detail from the video lesson below. Success.

How to download ringtone to Samsung?

To download a melody from the Internet, first of all, you need to go to one of the specialized sites, for example, select the track you like and load it into the smartphone’s memory.

After that, you can use the instructions above and add a melody as the main one, but if you want the downloaded melodies to be in the same list along with the standard ones, you need to perform a number of actions.

Open the application “My files” or any other file manager, in the folder “My files \ Device memory \ Download” we look for the downloaded file and long press to select it.

In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the ellipsis and select the “Copy” item (or “Move”, if you want the file to be deleted from the “Downloads” folder, but remain where you move it).

We go to “Device memory” and select “Ringtones” (to be set as a ringtone) or the “Notifications” folder (to be set as a notification melody).

Click on the “Finish” button and wait for the completion of copying (or transferring) the file to the specified folder.

Now you can select a ringtone through the standard list of available melodies.

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How to set a message ringtone on Samsung

  • – a special program for creating ringtones;
  • – USB cable;
  • – bluetooth device.

Select a melody in mp3, wav, wma, aac, xmf, amr, midi, imy, mmf or m4a format that you would like to set on the message on your computer. If necessary, convert (change the format) of the audio recording to one that will be read by the phone.

If you set a song as a signal for a new message, it will play in its entirety, which can be inconvenient. And the battery charge will quickly decrease if a whole melody is set on the signal. Crop the melody to the desired size using the online service. Follow the instructions on the website to get a snippet from the song at the end.

Copy the audio file to the Sounds folder on your phone using a USB cable or Bluetooth connection. Open the phone menu, select “My files” and open “Sounds”. Start playing the melody you want to install. An ellipsis button will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click on it and select “Install as” in the drop-down menu. Then click on the line “Message melody”. The ringtone will be installed.

Set the ringtone directly from the contacts menu. Open the list of contacts, select “Contact properties” if you want to put a special melody for a message from a person. Then select “Add new field” and then “Message melody”. In this subsection, you need to select “Special melody” and set the audio file that you want to hear when receiving SMS messages from a contact.

Set a ringtone through “Profiles” on Samsung. Open them (“Profiles” are in the settings), select the desired profile “Normal” in the upper right corner and click on the triangle. Select New Posts. Put on the melody you want.

Check the installation of the melody by asking a friend to write you a message, or write yourself a free message from the website of your mobile operator.

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ways to put your own ringtone on Samsung a50

Samsung a50 phone offers many options, thanks to which we can personalize our phone as much as possible.

One of them is to put your own melody (ringtone) on a call as a whole, on a contact separately and on an SMS. So Samsung a 50 can be customized to your liking.

The manufacturer offers their own set of specially designed ringtones by default, but most of us prefer to set a ringtone with our favorite song.

Oddly enough, in the a50 smartphone, setting your own ringtone from an mp3 file is not as simple and intuitive as it might seem.

Fortunately, there are ways to set a ringtone from an mp3 file that will definitely work on your Samsung a50.

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How to set a ringtone on Samsung

If the melody is not selectable

If you cannot select your file in any way so that it is displayed in the multimedia storage. drop the audio file into the Ringtones folder of the internal memory. Then all these files will be visible when you select a ringtone, as if they are already built into the phone. If it doesn’t work anyway, then upload the files to the. Notifications directory.

How to set a ringtone on Samsung: in detail

You can put music as a ringtone on your Samsung phone on Android at once on all contacts or some of them. Also, the ringtone is set for other sounds.

This is a very popular and convenient function that allows you to make the use of your device much more varied and comfortable.

From the past material, you learned how to distribute the Internet from your phone to your Samsung phone. Now we will take a closer look at how to put music on a call on a Samsung phone.

Common melody

Open your smartphone settings and go to the “Sounds and notifications” item. Here are all the options for which you can set the ringtone:

How to set Custom ringtone on Samsung A20,A10,A30,A50,A70

  • Ringtone. the item we need
  • Vibration
  • Sound of notifications
  • The volume also changes here.

Select the item to set a ringtone. click on it. If the phone has a dual-SIM, the ringtone can be set separately for each SIM card.

From the list, you can select preset sound options or add your own music by clicking on the corresponding button. Select the option you need, in the second case the file manager will open, where you need to specify the location of the audio.

Immediately after that, the music will be installed on all incoming calls, except for the contacts to which you have set it separately. About this below.

Interesting! Also, you can put a general melody directly from the built-in player. Just open the desired song, open the settings menu by clicking on the ellipsis at the top of the screen and set to ringtone.

For a separate contact

Go to the phone book and open the desired contact. Click on the “Change” button. If there is no button, then first click on the icon with three dots in the upper right corner.

At the bottom of the menu, click on the “Ringtone” item and select a ringtone. built-in or your own.

This can be done with absolutely every contact that you have in your phone book. This is a very convenient function, using it, you can always determine who is calling you simply by the track played on the call.

Interesting! Through the file manager, explorer on Android, you can also set music for incoming calls. Go to the folder where the music files are stored, hold your finger on the desired track and select the item. set to ringtone.

Unfortunately, not all models allow you to put your sound on separate contacts, this limitation usually applies to budget models. You can use third-party applications in this case, but most often they are triggered every other time.

How to put music on a call on Samsung?

To set a specific ringtone, you first need to download music or select a standard ringtone. Galaxy series devices are considered very popular in our market. They provide ample opportunities, are easy to use, and have a good design. But how to change the default ringtone on Galaxy from Android?

  • Directly through the settings.
  • Through the “dialer”.

Through the “dialer”

Important! This instruction is relevant only for the standard “Phone” application on Samsung. If you use a third-party “dialer”, then there is no such option in it, you must select the signal directly through the settings.

  • Open the “Phone” application.
  • Go to dialing.
  • Click on three dots to open the menu.
  • Select the section “Settings”.
  • Go to “Challenge”.
  • Then go to “Melodies and key signals”.
  • Press to select a ringtone.
  • Choose one of the standard signals, or add your own according to the previously described algorithm.

How to put a ringtone on a contact on Samsung?

Additionally, you can put a specific melody on a separate contact in order to immediately determine who is calling you. But this option is not supported on a number of Samsung devices. Therefore, you will need to use a third-party application. Ringtone Maker.

Important! To install a ringtone on a contact, it must be saved in the device memory, and not on the SIM card. You can copy the data to use this option.

Installation using phone settings

How to set music to ringtone on Android? On a Samsung device, you need to perform the following sequence of actions:

  • Initially open Android settings.
  • Then go to the section “Sounds and vibration”.
  • Here you can set up alerts for various events, including SMS. Select the section with ringtones.
  • You are presented with a list of different standard signals.
  • If you want to put your own melody, then click on the item “Add”.
  • Run “Sound Selection”.
  • Choose a melody from the list. If it is in the folder, then click on the appropriate item and specify the path.
  • Add a melody, after which it will be set to the call.
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Dialer settings

This method is also quite simple, however it is not as obvious as the previous one.

  • Open the standard phone application for making calls and go to the dialer.
  • The next step is different for some devices. Owners of devices in which the left key brings up a list of running applications should use the button with three dots in the upper right corner. If the device has a dedicated Menu key, press it. In any case, such a window will appear. In it, select “Settings”.
  • In this submenu we need the item “Calls”. Go to it. Scroll down the list and find the Ringtones and Key Tones option.

Selecting this option will open the next list, in which you need to tap on “Call melody”. A pop-up window for selecting a ringtone will open, the actions in which are similar to steps 4-8 of the first method.

Note also that this method is unlikely to work on third-party dialers, so keep in mind this nuance.

Setting your own ringtone on Samsung

Ringtone maker

Ringtone Maker allows you not only to edit ringtones, but also to set them both for the entire address book and individual entries in it.

    Install the app and open it. A list of all the music files that are present on the phone will immediately appear. Please note that system ringtones and default ones are highlighted separately. Find the melody that you want to put on a particular contact, click on the three dots to the right of the file name.

  • A list of entries from the address book will open. find the one you need and just tap on it. Receive a message about the successful installation of the melody.
  • Very simple, and most importantly, fits all Samsung devices. The only drawback is that the app shows ads. If Ringtone Maker does not suit you, the ability to put a ringtone on a separate contact is present in some of the music players that we reviewed in the first part of the article.

    Setting a melody to a separate contact

    The procedure is slightly different if you need to put a ringtone on a separate contact. First, the entry must be in the phone’s memory and not on the SIM card. Secondly, some budget Samsung smartphones do not support this feature out of the box, so you need to install a separate application. The last option, by the way, is universal, so let’s start with it.

    General device settings

    To change the ringtone through the phone settings, you need to do the following.

      Enter the “Settings” application through the shortcut in the application menu or the button in the curtain of the device.

    Go to this item by tapping on it 1 time.

    Next, look for the item “Ringtones” (may also be called “Ringtone”) and click on it.

    This menu displays a list of built-in ringtones. You can add your own to them with a separate button. it can be located either at the very end of the list, or is available directly from the menu.

    Click this button.

    Please note that not all file managers support the ringtone selection feature.

    When using Sound Select, the system will display all the music files of the device, regardless of the storage location. For convenience, they are sorted by category.

  • The easiest way to find a suitable ringtone is by using the “Folders” category. Find the storage location for the sound that you want to set as a ringtone, mark it with a single tap and click “Finish”. There is also an option to search for music by name.
  • The desired melody will be set as a common one for all calls.
  • The method described above is one of the simplest. In addition, it does not require the user to download and install third-party software.

    Setting your ringtone in Samsung

    There are two ways to set your own ringtone on your Samsung phone. Let’s consider them in more detail.

    System Tools

    Of course, the desired goal can be achieved with the means built into the firmware, but we repeat that on some smartphones of the budget segment this function is not available. In addition, depending on the version of the system software, the procedure may differ, although not much.

      The easiest way to do the desired operation is using the “Contacts” application. find it on one of the desktops or in the menu and open.

    Next, enable the display of contacts on the device. To do this, open the application menu (a separate button or three dots at the top) and select “Settings”.

    Then select the “Contacts” option. In the next window, tap on the item “Show contacts”. Select the “Device” option.

    Return to the list of subscribers, find the one you need in the list and tap on it.

  • Find the “Edit” button or an item with a pencil icon at the top and tap it. On the latest smartphones (in particular, S8 of both versions), this must be done from the address book: find a contact, tap and hold for 1-2 seconds, then select the “Change” item from the context menu.
  • Find the Ringtone field in the list and tap it. If it is absent, use the “Add another field” button, then select the desired item from the list.
  • Clicking on the “Ringtone” item leads to a call to the application to select a ringtone. Media Store is responsible for standard ringtones, while the rest (file managers, cloud clients, music players) allow you to select a third-party music file. Find the program you need (for example, a standard utility) and click “Only once”.

    Find the desired ringtone in the list of music and confirm the selection. In the contact editing window, click “Save” and exit the application.

    Done. the ringtone for a specific subscriber is installed. The procedure can be repeated for other contacts, if the need arises.

    As a result, we note that it is very easy to set a ringtone on Samsung phones. In addition to system tools, some music players also support this option.