How to send video from iPhone to mail

The first miracle is the cloud

As statistics show, most of the group’s network users are 25-35 years old, use the service. This service essentially has two ways to send files.

  • using the cloud;
  • using automatic upload to the “files” tab. up to 1 gig in size.

If the user is registered and has mail. then its forwarding capabilities will look like this. By the way, you can register and create your own mailbox using the following link mailbox registration

If the file does not exceed 25 MB, then it is completely embedded in the letter. Further, there is already a warning that all files with a chain icon will be sent as links.

And when another user receives an email with files over 25 MB, then you need to remember that the files should be downloaded immediately and not postponed if they were sent in this way. Files sent as links will be indicated directly in the letter, and the storage period for these files will also be indicated. After the expiration date, the files will be destroyed.

By the way, sending files using regular mail and downloading files is slower than working with the cloud. it is very easy to find it, and if you have a mailbox, you will not have to register in the cloud.

How to find a cloud in your inbox

The cloud has a lot of additional conveniences, which in its own way will make it easier to work with large amounts of information.

  • free volume of stored information. the first 100 Gigabytes.
  • the ability to create folders;
  • the ability to set limited access to a file, folder to a person or a group of persons;
  • high download speed.

Like most modern download servers, here you can download not only applications for iPhone or Android, but also for PC.

In order to send a link to another user, you need to click the “send link” button and set the required parameters, taking into account access. But first, you should select the folder or file to which the link will be provided. Selecting several files and folders at once will not work, which is of course inconvenient.

Checkbox-mark of the file, who can use the file, the link itself for copying

Another possibility is sharing. The user can create a folder where he can open access to several people at once. This is convenient for group work and does not need to constantly send new links to a large number of people. To do this, just click the “Configure Access” button and then click “Open Access”. A folder is selected and again you should click the “configure access” button.

After that, the user makes the settings himself. Lists all email the addresses of those who can view this folder. It also indicates whether the invited person can edit or view files.

File sharing options settings

The second miracle. Yandex disk and its capabilities

The Yandex Disk program also has a great opportunity to download and send heavy files. You can familiarize yourself with the rules, tariffs, download the application to a smartphone or computer by following the link. Yandex disk (only through registration).

This file sharing service makes it possible to download and save files while working on the Internet, and save files in full size from sites, that is, without opening a new tab with a fully loaded picture. True, the amount of free storage here is very small. only 10 gigs, but the cost of storing large files is very small.

The first stage of working with this file hosting service is registration. Nothing complicated, you can log in through social networks. Come up with a password. It is also not necessary to indicate the phone number.

The principle of operation is approximately the same as in the cloud. It is possible to create folders, open shared access. The interface is not very user-friendly after the cloud. One distinguishing feature is the “social networks” tab. Logging in with his password through the social network, the user can automatically upload all photos from the social network immediately to the Yandex disk. In this case, the quality of the source code will not be.

At the same time, it is not possible to select a folder in the same contact from where you want to download the files. There is a choice between download ALL folders or download a photo with me. Since there can be a lot of photo albums, this is inconvenient. But the download is very fast, with a good home Internet speed.

5 magical ways to send a heavy file over the internet

One of the pressing problems of any person today is the question of how to send heavy files via the Internet and at the same time not sit in front of a computer for twenty years. Especially, this question is relevant for those who work remotely, for photographers, etc. Sometimes you need to send files that are several gigabytes in size.

But how to send such a heavy file, do you need to do something with it? Squeeze, squeeze, split into pieces? And how not to lose the quality of the file? After all, if you split the video, then the receiving party simply will not be able to collect such a file later.

Today there are several ways to transfer heavy files, including video:

  • via the download site. Yandex.disk, cloud, etc.;
  • through a mail server;
  • through communication systems and video calls Skype, Viber

When working with any file sharing service, the user must, first of all, find out what is the maximum possibility of sending or uploading files. Because there is a need to upload a file of 50 Gig in size. Information about this can be seen on the file download site itself. You should look at the information “about the site” or the tab “rates”. Here is an example of Yandex Disk.

Electronic video transmission. is it possible?

It should be noted right away that you won’t be able to attach a large video file to an e-mail. The maximum that is available to the user in almost any mail server is sending files up to 20-50 MB in size. Another way to send a heavy file:

  • compress into an archiver with maximum loss of quality;
  • split into several component parts by the archiver.

For a video file, this is inconvenient and laborious. When unpacking so many files, the overall video puzzle may not work out. That is, the maximum that is available to the user is sending by links. A large file will not go through mail. The mail server itself will warn the consumer about this even with the tab of any letter.

When uploading a file, the mail server reports that it is able to send a file weighing only 25 MB

Simple sending via Odnoklassniki

Another possibility that has a right to life is sending heavy files via social networks. And one of them is sent through Odnoklassniki. But for this, users must have their own account there. You can register on the site here.

As well as in Skype, sending the number and size of files is positioned as unlimited. But the problem is that millions of people are sitting on social networks at the same time, everyone is listening to music, watching videos. File upload can be slow. Plus, the attached video (especially for public viewing) is checked by moderators. Over time, it can be removed without even asking permission.

You can transfer a file through classmates in the following ways:

  • by uploading via private message;
  • by uploading to your page and making limited access.

In the latter case, another user will need to have a program to download files from classmates. To send, it is enough to press the “add video” button in messages, upload it to the message and press the send envelope.

Sending video files from Odnoklassniki

Transferring files via Skype

In this sense, Skype is like most social networks. That is, if the speed of the receiving side and the sending side is high, if the Internet provider has no restrictions on sending and receiving files, then it can and will work out quickly. But in comparison with the capabilities of Yandex-Disk or the cloud. skype obviously loses.

To send files, no additional registrations are required, downloading of installation files is not required. It is enough to click the “transfer file” button and select directly the file that will be transferred.

Feature. if there were power outages or an Internet signal, then the transfer will be interrupted and the transfer will have to be started again, and there is an option that the file will arrive damaged or will not be sent at all.

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Detailed instructions for sending and receiving files can be found on the official Skype website. sending and receiving files.

The size and number of files you can send in Skype is unlimited. This is the only plus of working with this program.

The 5 most popular options for sending gigafiles

So, what services help the user today to quickly and efficiently send any file of any capacity? How long can a download take? What does it depend on?

When working with any servers for downloading files or transferring them, the user should remember several features of working with large files:

  • If the Internet speed on one of the sides is low, then fast transmission will not work;
  • If you need to hide files from prying eyes, then you need to set a password for access or transfer the link only to a certain circle of people;
  • It is imperative to ask the other party if the service is blocked in their country. So access to is often closed in Western Europe.


If you need to send a file to another Apple device located nearby, there is an easy way. use AirDrop (detailed instructions). This technology does not provide for restrictions on the file size, and no additional applications need to be installed. AirDrop is part of Apple’s operating system. And this way of transferring files between devices is simple and convenient.

How to turn on AirDrop and send a file

To enable AirDrop in iOS, go to Settings → General → AirDrop and select “Contacts only” or “Everyone”.

Then open the Photos app and select the photo or video you want to send. All you have to do is hit the Share icon and choose AirDrop as your transfer method.

If you need to send a large video file to a device that does not belong to the Apple ecosystem or is located far away, you should turn to solutions in the form of the already mentioned cloud storage of other brands. They all have apps in the App Store.

How to send large video files from Android or computer

If you need to send a large video file from your Android device, you can use the services of popular cloud storage providers: Google Drive (15 GB for free), Yandex.Disk (10 GB for free), Cloud (8 GB for free), Microsoft OneDrive and Apple iCloud (by 5 GB for free) or use services (applications) to transfer large files. The most convenient ones are:

Mail Drop

The Mail Drop feature allows you to share files (including videos) up to 5GB via email using iCloud storage. If the file you are sending in the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad is larger than 25 MB, the app prompts you to use Mail Drop to deliver it. In this case, the attachment will be uploaded to iCloud (the main thing is that there is free space in the storage), and the link will be available to the user, which will be sent in the letter.

To send videos using Mail Drop, the iCloud service must be activated by going to Settings → “Your name” → iCloud. In addition, make sure you have free storage space along the path: Settings → “Your name” → iCloud → Manage storage.

How to send a large video using Mail Drop on iPhone or iPad

Open the Photos app and select the photo or video you want to send.

Click the Share icon and select Mail.

Click Use Mail Drop in the popup.


It is possible to use WeTransfer to send large video files up to 2 GB for free. Plus is 12 / month, but you can send files up to 20GB.

How to send a large video from iPhone, iPad, Android, or computer

It would seem that with the growth of Internet speeds, sending large files should also become easier. In fact, the task is still difficult. The simplest solution is to send the file by email, it runs into the 25MB email size limit set by most service providers.

But this does not at all make the problem unsolvable. There are several easy ways to send large files (most often video) over the Internet anywhere in the world. Below we will explain how you can do this.


The free version of this app allows you to send files up to 25MB, while a 40 annual Pro plan will increase the limit to 1GB.

How To Send Large Videos On iPhone! (iMessage / Mail)

Why you can’t email a large video

We have already mentioned the limits of mail providers on the size of the letter. Most often, it cannot be more than 25 MB, and sometimes the limit is generally only 10 MB. However, modern smartphones shoot video in such a resolution and quality that the video in a few seconds already exceeds the specified limits. And the creation of a high-quality long-term recording will even more lead to the appearance of a file of impressive size. But don’t worry. Even with the condition of limiting the size of the letter, it is possible to send a large file by mail. Of course, you can create an archive of several parts and send them one by one in each message, but there is a faster way. use the cloud storage and send a link to the downloaded video by email or in instant messengers.

Send video via mail

If you have a mailbox on Yandex, enter the mail and click write a letter. At the bottom there is a button “Attach files”

Select a video file (or any other) on your computer and the download will start. If the file is large, then it will automatically be uploaded to the Yandex disk and sent as a link

To download the disk to Yandex yourself, follow the link

If you are not authorized in Yandex mail, you need to enter the password and login from the mailbox.

When you first visit the page, you will see a greeting, and a proposal to install a Yandex disk (for how to install, see the following articles):

Next, you will see a field for uploading a file, drag the file with the mouse or click on “select” and select the desired file:

If the file is very large, you need to wait for the download to complete (do not close the browser tab!).

After the download is complete, there will be an inscription as in the picture below:

To share files with others, select the file and find the inscription “” on the right. We move the button to the “On” position:

Now we send the copied link to a friend. You can send in any convenient way.

Send video via mail

When writing a letter at the bottom you have an “Attach file” icon (or a cloud icon to upload to the cloud mail service)

Select the file on your computer and click the “Open” button

The download process will begin. If the file is less than 25 MB, it will be attached to the letter.

Files larger than 25 MB will be uploaded to the cloud and sent as a download link.

The second way is to upload the file to the cloud and send the link either in a letter or in any other way (skype, viber, social networks, etc.)

To do this, follow the link https://cloud./home/ and click on the big button “Upload file to the cloud”

If you are not authorized in the mail, you will be prompted to enter your username and password

After that, select the file on your computer

Alternatively, you can click the button at the top of the screen.

After downloading, you will see the inscription “File uploaded”

Highlight the file you want and click on the link icon

Next, copy the link and send to a friend

How to email a video?

In this article, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to send a video by email larger than 25 MB

Using the Internet, there is a need to share a file with friends or family.

Send video via mail

When sending a letter, there is a paper clip icon below to attach a file, or a Google Drive icon to immediately upload a file to Google Drive:

If you attach a file larger than 25 MB, a message will pop up, click “ok” and wait for the download to finish, after that a link to the video (or other file) will be automatically added to the letter:

To upload a file to Google Drive yourself, follow the link, enter your username and password.

When you click on the button, there will be choices, as in the picture below:

Select “Upload files” and add the desired file from your computer. We are waiting for the download to finish

After completion, in the right corner of the screen there will be an inscription “All downloads completed”

Select the downloaded file, and find the link icon at the top (1) or share with a friend (2)

If you click on the icon 2, then you can give another person access to this file, for viewing or even editing. Just enter the email of the person and click the done button. Your friend will automatically receive an email with a link to the file.

Hope this article was helpful and helped you))

Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone to Computer or Mac

The easiest way is to just go to log in and download photos from there, from any available device. All photos and videos are synchronized with the cloud, so they will be there all the time.

If you are not looking for easy ways, then let’s try to transfer data via USB cable. Connect it to your computer or Mac.

send, video, iphone, mail

How to send photos and videos from iPhone via Bluetooth to another iPhone, Android, PC or Mac

Hello everyone! Today we will talk about how to transfer photos, videos, music and other files from iPhone via Bluetooth to another iPhone, Android smartphone or computer. It’s very easy to upload a photo or video that is in your gallery. Difficulties may arise with the transfer of third-party files, but first things first. Go!

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If you have any questions, feel free to write in the comments.

On Mac

  • Open “Photos” on PC.
  • Next, the “Import” screen will open.
  • You may need to unlock your iPhone. If you are asked: “Should I trust this computer?”. click “Trust”.
  • Select the photos and videos that you want to transfer and click “Import”.
  • Downloading or updating the latest version of iTunes.
  • Unlock your smartphone.
  • Click to trust the computer.
  • Launch iTunes, select photos from the Photos section and import.

Transferring Photos

  • The transmitter can also be turned on in the additional quick menu. swipe up and down with your finger and click on the corresponding icon.
  • After enabling the function, the iPhone will start searching for nearby devices. Then you just have to click on the name of the second smartphone. If you cannot find it, then check that it also has Bluetooth turned on.
  • Next, go to the gallery, where all the photos are located. You can select a picture separately or several photos at once. To do this, click on the item of additional functions, then select “Transfer via Bluetooth”.
  • You will see a list of connected devices, select the second phone.
  • When connecting, you will need to enter a code. usually these are standard combinations such as 0000 or 1234.
  • After the photos are transferred. turn off the “Blue Tooth”.

Thus, you can very easily transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone. On Android, too, you can, but sometimes there are some difficulties. Anyway. try it! If you have any difficulties, then you can try other methods described below.

Send photo by mail

If for some reason you cannot complete the transfer of photos, you can send them by mail. Open the “Mail” application, then click on a paper clip to attach photos and send them to the mail, which is tied to the second phone.

You can do it differently, open the gallery, select the photos you want, and then select “Send”. “Mail”.

And then Apple prepared a little prank for us, since for some reason iPhone cannot transfer more than 25 MB mail. Therefore, we just do the transfer several times.

File transfer

With the transfer of files, things are much more complicated, since Apple has a copyright protection policy. And supposedly, when transferring files via Bluetooth, you can thus transfer pirated copied content (movies, songs, documents, etc.). And since Apple cannot control this, it is impossible to transfer files via Bluetooth directly without workarounds.

But there are so-called workarounds. On a smartphone from Apple, you need to get the so-called Jailbreak. Jailbreak. allows you to access files of the iOS operating system. To get it, you need to hack the smartphone itself. On different OS everything is done differently, so we are looking for this information on the Internet.

  • iBluetooth is a paid program that costs 4. It has all the features of transferring any files via Bluetooth.
  • AirBlue Sharing is a convenient utility that allows you to throw any files not only on smartphones from Apple, but also on gadgets with Android and Windows operating systems.
  • Celeste 2 is the most expensive application, but one of the most effective and convenient. When transferring, you can select any files from your smartphone.

Email file from iPhone

If you cannot send a file by mail, because the attachment size is more than 25 MB, then sending a file using icloud mail will help you.

Turn on iCloud Drive

First, let’s upgrade to iCloud Drive. Go to iCloud Settings and here you will be prompted to upgrade to iCloud Drive.

Store files in iCloud and access them anytime on all your devices. Make changes on any device or in any program, and the latest version of the document will appear on all your devices.

Upgrade to iCloud Drive. ICloud documents will no longer be accessible from other devices until they are also updated to iOS 8 or OS X Yosemite.

Click continue to upgrade to iCloud Drive.

We are waiting while the upgrade to iCloud Drive is in progress.

ICloud Settings is now updating.

After a few seconds, iCloud will be updated to iCloud Drive. Click on iCloud Drive to enter iCloud Drive settings.

Here you can turn on or off programs that can store documents and data in iCloud Drive.

To attach and send a file from iPhone mail, click write a letter and click on the paper clip icon to attach the file to the letter. Choosing iCloud.

There will be files from your iCloud Drive.

How to send a file from iPhone to mail

Can’t transfer large video from iPhone to PC. How can you do it?
– Nikolay

You can use any of the available methods:

Save video via iTunes

Download and install the Windows application, connect your iPhone to your computer and find the file you need in the media section.

After that, it remains to save the data to the computer and wait until the end of copying.

Upload file via cloud

If you use any cloud service, upload the file to the appropriate application, and on your computer you can use the cloud client or the web interface.

Apple’s branded cloud service can also work with a Windows computer.

Install the iCloud app, mark iCloud Drive sync, then upload the video you want to the cloud using the Files app on iPhone.

Use third-party services

There are many applications in the App Store that allow you to transfer data between different devices, such as Resilio Sync. They have different principles of work and put forward different requirements for the devices used.

You will need to install clients / clients and follow the instructions for transferring data.

I will show you how to send a file with iPhones to a computer or another iPhone or smartphone.

Create an iCloud account.

Go to Settings Mail, Addresses, iCloud Calendars or Add Account. If you do not have an iCloud account yet, then select the iCloud account.

Next, enter your Apple ID and Apple ID password and click next, or create an Apple ID to create a new Apple ID and use it to send mail.

In Settings Mail, Addresses, iCloud Calendars, your iCloud account will now be displayed.

Now, when you need to send something from the iPhone, then click here the send icon, as shown in the picture below.

I will show with the example of voice recordings. Clicking on the up arrow, as shown in the picture above, will open the program through which you can send a file from the iPhone. Choose Mail to send the file via iCloud mail.

By choosing it to automatically attach the file of your choice to the letter.

Next, we type the email address to which you want to send the file from the iPhone. You can specify the subject of the letter, or you can leave it blank and click send.

You can send this file to iCloud mail and to another iPhone or iPad.

Other entries related to the iPhone:

Adding attachments in Mail is easier than ever. Easily change fonts and formatting, send multiple photos at once, scan documents with your camera, and even draw in Mail.

Introducing the new format bar

The new formatting bar offers new and improved options for sending attachments in Mail. It can be used as follows.

  • Open Mail and tap. to compose a new email message or open an existing message.
  • Click in the body of an email.
  • To view attachment options: Click on the right side of the predictive typing panel or press Enter.

Now that you have seen the new formatting bar, you can use the new and improved features as follows.

To send a video to. do this:

In the form for sending a message, click the “Attach file” button (it is located under the “Subject” line).

In the window that appears, click on the disk partition in the left pane, and then the folder in which the video is stored.

Left-click on the file you want to download and click “Open”.

Send a letter to the addressee (“Send” button).


In your e-mail account, in the top menu, click “Disk”.

In the repository, click the “Download” button.

In the panel on the right side of the page, in the “” block, click to move the switch to the “On” position.

In the next line, copy the download link.

In the functional panel above the field for placing the message text, click to open the additional menu “”.

In the panel that appears, paste the copied link (CtrlV) in the first line, and in the second, type the text. the anchor for the link (for example, “Watch this video”). After entering the data, click “Add”.

Upon completion of the operation, the email will display a text with an active link to the video. To get acquainted with it, the addressee will only need to click on the anchor in the letter (highlighted link).


Fill in the form fields (recipient address, header, letter text).

In the bottom row of buttons, click the “paperclip”.

Go to the directory with the file, select it with a mouse click.

Click the “Send” button on the form to activate mail forwarding.

“Extraction” links

You can get, or rather copy, the video URL in several ways:

On the page with the video, insert the cursor into the address bar of the browser. If the link is not highlighted, press “Ctrl A” (Select All). Then copy it: without removing the cursor from the line, press “Ctrl C” (Copy).

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Use a special option on the website.

For example, on YouTube video hosting, the link is provided in the “Share” section.

On Vimeo, you need to click the Share button to get the URL.

The link is in the “Link” field on the additional panel.

Sending video files on popular email services

Even if you use e-mail, which is not covered in this article, do not think that you will not be able to “forward” the video via e-mail. It will work very well, believe me. For on each service, this procedure is performed in almost the same way.

At the bottom of the form to send a message, click “Attach files”.

Open the folder with the video, left-click to select the file. Its name should appear in the “Name”.

After downloading, send a letter with a video clip to the addressee.

Transferring photos through Explorer

  • IPhone itself.
  • Desktop or laptop.
  • USB Lightning cable, included with your smartphone, typically used to connect a charger.

Take an iPhone in your left hand, a laptop in your right hand, connect the devices with your left foot, approximately as in the picture below. You can swallow a sip of hot coffee with your right foot to clear your brain. ))

It was a joke. in fact, you can leave your legs alone, you do not need to hold the computer with your hands, since it is on the table.

Windows operating system is smart and smart, quickly detects the connected device as external memory.

The following interface will appear on the screen.

Now select “Open device to view files”, press Enter.

Sometimes Windows cannot find a connected external device for a very long time. To speed up the process, you can launch Explorer with the WinE hotkey combination.

There may be options depending on the version of Windows and user settings of the operating system.

Then click on the iPhone icon, switch to the “Folders” mode in the browser panel. Explorer will be ready to transfer data.

Next, select the necessary objects, then simply drag them with the mouse from the local memory of the smartphone to the side of the hard drive.

Sometimes there are situations when there is no USB cable at hand.

The cat gnawed through the wire that was carelessly left unattended, or you are the same well-wisher who decided to inform the relevant authorities about the crime recorded on the video, but did not dare to go for interrogation with Athos for fear that expensive equipment would be confiscated as material evidence (because there is no removable memory cards).

Alternatively, a pretty neighbor asked you for a cable for a while, just to recharge her iPhone, but forgot to give it back. Because I wanted you to visit yourself to continue your romantic acquaintance.

Question. how to transfer files to the internal memory of Windows from a mobile phone if there is no USB cable?

The problem is that Apple mobile equipment does not provide a slot for micro-art memory, so it is impossible to first copy photos to a card, and then connect the latter to a desktop or laptop.

There are only wireless ways to transfer files.

Fortunately, modern technologies provide quite a lot of such opportunities.

How to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to computer

Hello readers of! Adults often complain that teenagers, instead of walking, playing sports, breathing fresh air, hunched over their smartphones and computer games, spoil their health, become stupid.

However, there is a positive side to this widespread smartphoneization of young people. Today it is almost impossible to meet juvenile hooligans on the streets, committing various offenses from idleness.

over, if juvenile delinquency is committed, the hooligans themselves post video reports of their pranks filmed with smartphones on YouTube, which greatly facilitates the task of law enforcement agencies to prevent delinquency.

send, video, iphone, mail
  • “Oh how”.
  • Phraseologism put into circulation by Captain Larin from the series “Streets of Broken Lanterns”.

It remains only to figure out. how to throw a video from a hooligan iPhone to the desktop of a law enforcement officer in order to file evidence to the Case.

Here, as advanced users say, there are options.

We drop the photo through the cloud service

In this case, the files with photos must first be uploaded to the cloud, and from there downloaded to the computer’s hard drive.

First of all, use the iTunes service to install the Yandex Disk mobile application for iOS.

If you don‘t like Yandex storage, cloud disk applications from Google, Dropbox, iCloud and so on are at your service.

The principles of circulation are about the same everywhere.

After installing the application, transfer the desired data to the Yandex cloud storage.

By the way, you can configure the application so that whenever you take a screenshot, take a photo or a video using the built-in camera, the media files are uploaded directly to the cloud drive.

Thus, you will not overflow the local memory of the iPhone, which cannot be expanded by inserting a memory card.

This hack will save you a couple of hundred dollars by buying an iPhone with less memory.

You don’t have to install the Yandex cloud service on your computer, you just need to go to the storage via the web browser interface.

Here you will see a document manager, with which it is easy to find, select, download images already on the laptop hard drive.

How to send a photo using an internet messenger

advanced users are dropping out of email en masse.

Free internet messengers are much more convenient to use and have a lot of additional functions.

Note, when you send pictures via Telegram, you don’t even need to use a separate compressor to reduce the weight.

Just tick the checkbox with the inscription “Compress image”, after which the weight of the image will be automatically reduced by means of the messenger.

It remains to check the chat in the Telegram desktop application and download the pictures to your local disk.

Attention! It should be warned that in the process of wireless file exchange, especially those as heavy as graphics or video, Internet traffic is consumed every time.

It turns out that you first spend paid traffic on sending media from the iPhone, and then again spend precious megabytes, receiving the message on a stationary device.

If Honor has downloaded a video from YouTube (although this is prohibited by the Video Hosting Rules), then you get a triple overuse of Internet traffic.

Then you will think about it. It will be a little easier not to transfer pictures to your PC, but what to do if you want to share pictures with friends?

Another Lifehack. Isn’t it easier using the Share function to share with a friend a hyperlink to a site where you can download or watch videos or pictures?

Let your friends pay for the traffic themselves. Why pay twice or thrice when you can shift this right to others?

However, what to do if you want to share pictures or videos not from the network, but made by yourself?

Here you can save traffic in the following way.

1) Upload pictures, videos to the cloud storage, provide access to folders on Yandex Drive to your friends.

2) Take the link and share with your friends.

Apple MacBooks and Macs are not as widespread as PCs on the Windows platform, but it would be wrong not to talk about the possibilities of downloading images or movies from an iPhone to a native desktop.

How to email photos and videos via the app

Today you can hardly find a non-e-mail user. over, the owner of advanced electronics Apple.

Therefore, for one-time exchanges of a limited number of pictures, it is quite possible to do with email.

Why you can’t send a large number of photos by mail?

In principle, you can, but you all remember how long it takes to send an email from an email client. So, a good quality photo in high resolution can weigh about 15 MB or more.

Even one picture will be sent to the mail server within a few minutes. And if you need to send a dozen pictures?

Yes it will just cause the system to freeze.

Life hack. To quickly send high-quality photos by email. you need to pre-compress them, pack them into an archive to reduce the size of the attachment to the letter.

Look for the WinRaR or WinZip archiver in the list of Windows applications as a compressor for compressing data. And if there are none, download the free 7-Zip archiver from the Internet from the official website so as not to get infected with viruses.

  • First, create a compressed archive of images to be uploaded.
  • Send an email from one of your mailing addresses to your other.
  • Check your email on your laptop or desktop.
  • Download the archive to your hard drive.

Unzip the compressed package to a folder and view using Windows tools or an image viewer.

How to Transfer Files from iPhone to Mac

This time, you’ll have to track down the USB Lightning cable again to connect your iPhone to your Mac.

Please note that to download pictures, you need to have the latest version of the iTunes service application installed on your Apple desktop or laptop.

  • Wait a little while the operating system recognizes the external connection and the “Photo” application starts automatically.
  • Switch to the “Import” section.
  • Highlight desired images.
  • Click “Import Selected”.

Well, now you know absolutely all the ways to transfer graphics and media from iPhone to PC.