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How to open the battery cover

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The iPhone battery is securely hidden under the back cover, which is attached to the case with two small screws. To remove it, you need:

  • Using a small Phillips screwdriver, carefully unscrew the screws and remove them to the side;
  • With a slight pressure, horizontally slide the cover until it stops;
  • And take it off.

As soon as the insides of the smartphone appear, pay attention to the small round piece of paper on the board. If she turns red, it means that moisture has got inside. In this case, it is better to take the iPhone to a service center and show it to specialists.

How to remove the battery on an iPhone by yourself

A user who has previously dealt with devices based on Android or Windows, and then picked up a smartphone from Apple for the first time, most likely, it is not clear how to pull out the battery on an iPhone, because everything is closed and secured with screws.

In fact, this is very easy to do, you just need to prepare the appropriate tools:

  • Small Phillips screwdriver
  • Scotch.

Now you can start the process of removing the battery from the smartphone.

How to remove the battery

When the back cover is removed, you need to disconnect the battery itself. To solve this problem, you need to:

  • Disconnect the battery terminals by unscrewing the screw with a Phillips screwdriver (while unscrewing, make sure that the screwdriver does not come off, otherwise you will damage the device board);
  • Do not confuse this screw with those that were removed from the back cover (and to avoid this, take two small pieces of adhesive tape and attach the screws on one that are from the cover, and on the other from the battery terminals);
  • Disconnect the battery connector and remove the metal clip;
  • A little higher there is a special tongue, by pulling on which the battery will be disconnected from the case.

If the tab comes off while removing the battery, then do not panic and find some flat object that looks like a spatula, and, picking up the battery, carefully remove it.

After the battery has been inspected or replaced, follow the above process in reverse order.

How to find out iPhone battery wear through computer

You can quickly find out the number of battery charge cycles and wear (percentage of battery wear) using Windows.

To do this, download at the very bottom of this entry, the program “IIBackupBot”, install it, connect the computer to the phone with a cable and run the program.

Then select your device in the program and click “Information”.

After that, a window will appear as in the picture below.

In it you should be interested in three points:

  • CycleCount is the number of times your battery has been charged.
  • DesignCapacity is the factory battery capacity.
  • FullCharge Capacity is the current capacity of the battery.

How to check battery wear on iPhone

Unlike MacBooks, iPhones are usually self-powered. Unfortunately, we can expect from them one, maximum two days of work.

This is if the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 4s and others are new. over time, the duration will decrease (after 500 charges by 20%).

The situation is improving in the new generation iPhone 8 or iPhone X, but Apple is still far from perfect, as in old Nokia phones.

You can easily check the battery wear level of your smartphone using your computer or just on your phone using apps.

NOTE: you know why older phones have significantly longer battery life. because they were mainly used to make calls and write SMS.

ATTENTION: the duration of the iPhone offline can be increased if you adhere to some rules.

IMPORTANT: There are many misconceptions about iPhone battery power. here are the 5 most common myths.

How to Determine iPhone Battery Wear Condition via Macbook

Currently, you can check the number of battery cycles and battery life on an iPhone, iPad or iPod using a Macbook.

To do this, you must download the coconutBattery application, which is currently available in version 3.3.2, but unfortunately only works on macOS.

It’s very simple and you shouldn’t have any problems with this procedure. There are probably other ways to check the number of battery cycles, but I think this is the easiest option.

If you have your own ways to check battery status in iOS, let me know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How To Check Battery Health On iPhone 12 mini/iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro/iPhone 12 Pro Max (iOS 14.3)

How to see the percentage of battery wear on the iPhone in itself

The fastest way is using applications in the iPhone. you don’t need a computer, although you still have to download them.

I will not give them here, since I already have detailed instructions. It has three applications.

A few tips on how to reduce battery wear on your iPhone

I have prepared a collection of recommendations for you to increase the battery life of your iPhone.

It would be great if the screen brightness (backlight level) was between 50 and 75% daily. In most cases, this should be sufficient.

If you are not using WI-FI, 3G / LTE, Bluetooth or GPS, then turn them off. Every day I meet with iPhone owners launching at least 2-3 of these options.

For common sense, if we leave home / work for a long time, we will not connect to WI-FI, so we can safely turn it off.

It’s the same with the other options. It is worth creating the habit of turning off functions that are not “necessary” for a long time.

The more applications we run, the more CPU and RAM memory works. Therefore, the battery life is reduced.

Shooting large numbers of movies and hundreds of photos, often using the built-in flash, has a huge impact on battery health, so you should reckon with it.

NOTE: If you charge your phone every night, REMEMBER that the battery may then “retire” after an average of two years. Success.

How to check iPhone battery status?

If you went to this material, then surely your iPhone does not hold a charge for long and you charge it at least twice a day. Or, it often turns off in the cold at the most inconvenient moment, even when the charge level is about 40%.

To understand how bad everything is and whether it is worth worrying about a replacement, you just need to carry out one of the actions, which I will now list.


Checking with built-in iOS functions

On March 29, 2018, the long-awaited iOS 11.3 update was released. Along with it came a feature that was associated with the scandal over the slowdown of old iPhones.

So if you have already installed iOS 11.3, then we do the following:

  • open Settings and scroll down until we find the Battery;
  • select the item Battery status;
  • we see the Maximum capacity field and if you have at least 60%, then you can relax for now, but already think about replacing in the near future.

Settings. Battery. Battery status. Maximum capacity

You’ve probably seen the second field “Peak Performance” as well. So, when everything is really bad with your battery, the phone will send you a notification that an understatement of performance is turned on.

This, in fact, will be the bell for replacing the battery. Thus, Apple killed all the applications that did the status check function, but they may still come in handy. Read on.

How to check iPhone battery health?

At the moment, a modern smartphone is primarily judged by two criteria: the camera and how long the battery lasts. The first moment improves from year to year, but with batteries it is problematic, especially on the iPhone.

After all, literally after a couple of years of use, the operating time of the device is reduced very significantly and you already need to think that you need to do something about this. This is especially felt by people who live in countries with cold winters.

Therefore, let’s figure out exactly when it is worth changing and how to check the condition of your iPhone battery. With some updates to the operating system, it is much easier than it used to be.

Check with third-party programs (if iOS is lower than iOS 11.3)

Not everyone wants to upgrade from iOS 10 to their old iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 for this feature. We all know how it works and it is better to stay on an older version of the operating system.

Sooner or later, you may still need to check the status of the battery, and in this case, we do the following:

  • install ourselves an application like Battery Life (or something similar);
  • we open it and the state of your battery is written to you.

If everything is fine, it will simply say “Excellent” and the button will be green. Yellow, still not so bad and red. when to change.

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It weighs a little and is free. If you buy a paid version, it will also show the number of charging cycles. But it’s up to you to decide.

How to check iPhone battery wear%. How many do you have?

After a wave of controversial opinions from readers about Eduard Sargsyan’s collection of tips on how to extend the battery life of an iPhone, I checked the wear of my.

For 163 days after activation and 140 full charge-discharge cycles, the state of the battery of my 7 is excellent. And the capacity reaches 98% of the declared.

  • I charge my iPhone with iPad charging 95% of the time
  • I keep my smartphone connected to Mac for a couple of hours daily
  • always I connect it to the charger for the whole night
  • used the dubious Lightning of the Rock company (they just fell apart in a couple of months), and today he preferred Native Union (like MFi, quality at 5)
  • I put my iPhone in Xiaomi power banks and auto-chargers (I think it’s okay here)
  • I do not follow the temperature regime from the word at all (summer and a regular beach are ahead)

iBackupBot (for Windows)

The data of this “scary” application, which I recommend to Windows users for lack of coconut Battery, does not match the previous ones.

This is strange. they generally claim that I can charge the iPhone up to 2000 mAh out of 1950 possible. But I suggest taking this as the ideal state of the battery.

Information can be accessed from the Information menu. Look at DesignCapacity is the stated capacity, FullChargeCapacity is the state of the battery today.

coconut Battery (for macOS)

In my opinion, this is the best application for determining the level of wear of the iPhone battery, which can be found on the iOS Device tab.

Here you can see the number of complete charge-discharge cycles (after 500, experts recommend changing the battery), residual capacity (look at Maximum Charge) and other data.

Based on this information, I am guided about the consequences of my “bad habits” of handling the iPhone. lowered the level to 98%.

This application is also interesting for diagnosing the MacBook battery. for a year and a half of super-intensive use, I “killed” mine up to 92% of the declared capacity.

Battery Pro (for iOS)

The mobile application looks ugly and does not differ in the accuracy of measurements. It claims my iPhone battery is in perfect condition. 0.0% wear.

At the same time, it determines the residual capacity at the level of 2000/2000 mAh (remember, in general, in the iPhone 7. 1950 mAh).

In addition, there is data on the source of the charge, which is similar to the truth, determining the operating time of the device and other additional information.

Recommend using this app only, if you don’t have a Mac at hand for more accurate tests.


In almost half a year of intensive use, two out of three tests indicate the perfect condition of the battery of my iPhone 7, and one about a drop in capacity by 2%.

On this occasion, in order to put everything in its place, I propose a small interactive: let’s all together check the iPhone batteries and talk about their wear and tear and our “bad habits” in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Thus, we will decide once and for all whether it makes sense to charge your smartphone with care. Or you can just use it and have fun.

UPD: There is a possibility that the software used in the article does not have access to information about the iPhone 7 / Plus battery.

How to check battery capacity on iPhone and iPad

Very often, Apple technology users are faced with the problem of the autonomy of their i-devices. In this article, I will show you how you can check the battery on an iPhone or iPad. How to check the number of charge / discharge cycles of the battery of Apple devices. And how to tell if your iPhone battery is dead. That being said, you don’t need JailBreak.

In order to check the capacity of your iPhone battery, some recommend installing a program on your phone that requires JailBreak. Our way works without JaiBreak’a. Well, let’s get started.

Before checking the battery status of your device, make sure you read the article on saving iPhone and iPad battery in the article How to save the battery power of iPhone and iPad.

In order to check the battery on your iPhone or iPad, you only need a computer, iPhone / iPad and the cable from the device and the iBackupBot program. (download iBackupBot)

Next, install the program, connect the phone, wait while the program initializes your iPhone / iPad. When this happens, select the phone in the list of devices and you will see the following screen and click on Information:

After that, you will be presented with all the information on your battery, as well as other useful information:

I will give a decoding of some of the names of the values:

  • CycleCount. the number of cycles (discharge-full charge);
  • DesignCapacity. factory size of the battery (battery size declared by the manufacturer);
  • FullChargeCapacity. the amount of full charge (the amount of the battery, when fully charged to date);
  • Status. status (as I understand it, is the battery working);
  • BatteryCurrentCapacity. current battery level.

In this way, you can check the battery status of your iPhone / iPad. If the full charge volume (FullChargeCapacity) is much less than the factory volume (DesignCapacity), then most likely you need to replace the battery. I got these results by checking the iPhone 4S battery that has been working since 2012, you can see this by the number of cycles (CycleCount), and nevertheless, the current battery volume is 90% of the factory one (1300/1430), which is an absolute norm.

If the program indicates the health of your device’s battery, then you should read the instructions on how to save the iPhone and iPad battery in the article How to keep the iPhone and iPad battery charged.

UPD2: the other day I ran into a completely new device and, for the sake of interest, checked its battery. I decided to share this information with you and show a screenshot of a completely new battery:

If your ratio is less than 70-60%, then this already indicates the old age of the battery and it should be replaced. And in the case of a rapid decrease in this ratio, it indicates a complete malfunction of the battery (if there is a constant drop in the FullChargeCapacity volume).

UPD: in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев they began to write so much that the version of the program is not the same, I am not a cake, there is no link, the phone is not visible, and in general the interface is different that I was not too lazy to download the latest version of the program (5.5.3) and post even more screenshots for the people.

I hope this will save readers from the difficulties of checking the iPhone and iPad battery, and will lead to even more likes and reposts of this page and Комментарии и мнения владельцев of thanks.

Have a question? Is there something not clear in the article? Do you want to thank? Write a comment! If you liked the article, and even more so if it also helped. put 1 and click “Like”!

How to calibrate iPhone battery?

How to calibrate iPhone and iPad battery

  • Fully discharge your gadget’s battery.
  • Charge your iPhone and iPad battery 100%.
  • When the charge indicator shows 100%, leave the device connected to the network for another hour.
  • Disconnect your iPhone or iPad from the adapter and use it as usual.

How to check battery wear on Xiaomi?

In the case of some Xiaomi devices, you can check the level of battery wear. And we will tell you how to do it. You need to dial a special code from your mobile: # # # A menu with information about the battery will be displayed on the screen.

How to find out battery wear on iOS 12?

IOS 12 introduces a function to track the current battery status in the “Settings” section. “Battery”.

How to restore battery power on iPhone?

  • First of all, you need to completely drain the battery of your iOS device.
  • After that, we put the device on charge and charge it up to magical 100%.
  • Once your iPhone or iPad is charged to 100%, leave it hanging on the lanyard for another hour (to be sure).

How to view iPhone X battery percentage

How to find out how many charge cycles on an iPhone?

Use iBackupBot for Windows and macOS computers. After installation, connect the iPhone, select it in the Devices section, click on the Information inscription and look at the number opposite the CycleCount inscription. this is the number of recharge cycles already passed.

How to check battery wear level on iPad?

To assess the wear and tear on the battery and find out if it needs to be replaced, go to Settings, go to the Battery section and select Battery Status. The “Maximum capacity” column will indicate the value in percent.

How to check battery on iPhone?

The battery life is not infinite. even with the latest iPhone in your hand. After about 2-3 years the battery starts to lose its charge You unwittingly notice that you started charging your smartphone much more often, but it discharges much faster. In fact, iPhone batteries lose power for many reasons, but the main one is natural wear and tear. Add this article to your favorites to check the battery status of your iPhone, iPad on iOS at any time.

How long is the battery?

This parameter is measured in cycles. the stages of full charge / discharge after the battery is filled to 100%. For Apple phones, this value is 500 cycles, for iPads. 1000 cycles. Apple Watch starts to deplete after 1000 cycles, iPods are rated for 400 battery recharges.

In what cases it is impossible to do without verification?

We recommend that you check your iPhone battery wear if you plan on buying a used, refurbished phone. Also, this procedure will be useful for those users who want to check the deterioration of their battery and determine whether it is worth buying a new one.

Checking the battery wear

There are two ways to check the status of iPhone:

  • Use stock tools built into iOS.
  • Use third-party programs and applications.

For a more accurate assessment, we recommend using 2 options. Starting with iOS 11, all users have the ability to check wear right in the Settings menu. The check is carried out in the “Battery” / “Status” section. If the maximum capacity is kept at 90-99%, the wear rate is low. But a value of 80% and below indicates that the battery will have to be replaced in the near future.

By the way, here you can also see which games and applications consume a lot of energy. Remove or disable them, limit usage time to save iPhone battery power.

Third Party Applications

Next, we answer the question of how to check the battery on the iPhone using special programs. Introducing free apps that can be downloaded from the App Store. these are Battery Pro and Battery Life.

  • The Battery Pro program is suitable for checking parameters one way or another related to the battery of a smartphone. Displays information about the battery status. You can determine which actions discharge it the most, whether there was overheating, and so on.
  • Battery Life. A simpler, minimalistic application that is responsible for checking the status of the battery. Allows you to determine the health of the battery, check the wear. However, compared to Battery Pro, not as functional.
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Checking iPhone battery wear

To make your smartphone battery last longer, you need to follow simple guidelines that will significantly reduce wear and tear and extend the lifespan. And to find out how rationally to use the old battery in the iPhone, there are two ways: using standard iPhone tools or using a computer program.

IPhone Standard Tools

IOS 12 introduces a new feature in testing that allows you to see the current state of the battery.

  • Go to “Battery Status”.
  • In the menu that opens, you will see the “Maximum capacity” column, which indicates the state of the phone’s battery. In case you see a reading of 100%, the battery has the maximum capacity. Over time, this indicator will decline. For example, in our example, it is 81%. this means that over time the capacity has decreased by 19%, therefore, the device has to be charged a little more often. If this indicator drops to 60% and below, it is strongly recommended to replace the phone battery.
  • How to check battery wear on iPhone


    IBackupBot is a special iTunes add-on that allows you to manage iPhone files. Of the additional capabilities of this tool, the section for viewing the status of the iPhone battery should be noted.

    Please note that iTunes must be installed on your computer for iBackupBot to work.

    • Download the iBackupBot program from the developer’s official website and install it on your computer.
    • Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable and then launch iBackupBot. The smartphone menu will be displayed in the left part of the window, in which you should select the “iPhone” item. A window with information about the phone will appear on the right. To get information about the battery status, click on the “Information” button.
  • A new window will appear on the screen, in the upper part of which we are interested in the “Battery” block. It contains the following indicators:
  • CycleCount. This indicator means the number of complete charging cycles of the smartphone;
  • DesignCapacity. Initial battery capacity;
  • FullChargeCapacity. Actual battery capacity based on wear.
  • Thus, if the indicators “DesignCapacity” and “FullChargeCapacity” are close in value, the smartphone’s battery is normal. But if these numbers are very different, you should think about replacing the battery with a new one.

    Any of the two methods given in the article will give you comprehensive information about the condition of your battery.

    Battery Check Using iBackupBot Windows Program

    If you would like to know more about your iPhone’s battery wear and tear, you can use desktop PC software. There is a program for the Windows operating system called iBackupBot. It is paid and costs 35 dollars, but during the first 7 days you can use it for free.

    In order to check the level of battery wear using iBackupBot, start it on your computer and connect the iPhone using a cable. After that, you need to wait a little while the program detects the device and creates its profile. When the device is detected, pay attention to the left side of the window and select your iPhone here.

    Then open the section “Information”.

    As a result, you will see information about the level of wear on the battery of your iPhone. There will be many parameters here, the most important of which we will consider separately.

    • CycleCount. the number of charging and discharging cycles of the battery;
    • DesignCapacity. Initial battery capacity;
    • FullChargeCapacity Current battery capacity.

    The number of charging and discharging cycles of the battery is another very important parameter that speaks about the deterioration of the battery. The more cycles the battery has passed, the worse its condition. If your battery has more than 500 cycles, then it’s time to think about replacing it.

    Checking Battery Wear Using iOS Apps

    For example, you can use the Battery Life app. After launching this application, you will see the percentage of wear on your battery, as estimated by the application. In the screenshot below, that’s 87 percent.

    If you wish, you can see more detailed information about the battery of your iPhone. To do this, click on the button in the upper left corner of the screen and go to the “Raw Data” section.

    Here you will see two options: Capacity and Battery Charge. The Battery Charge setting is just the current charge level of your iPhone, it’s not interesting. But the “Capacity” parameter is more interesting. It shows the current capacity of your battery (in the screenshot it is 2400 mAh) and the initial capacity of your battery (in the screenshot it is 2750 mAh).

    It is the difference between these values ​​that is calculated as a percentage. The greater the difference between the current and the original capacity, the worse the battery condition.

    How to check battery wear level on iPhone

    IPhone settings can be used to find out the battery life and which apps are draining the device’s battery the most. But, in the settings there is no information about the state of the iPhone battery and what level of wear it has.

    Fortunately, this information can be obtained using third-party applications and programs. In this post, we are going to show you how to check battery wear on iPhone using iOS apps and programs for Windows and macOS. Information will be relevant for all iPhone models, iPhone including 4, 4s, 5, 5s, se, 6, 6s, 7, 8 and iPhone X.

    Checking the battery using macOS CoconutBattery

    If you have a macOS computer, you can check battery wear using the CoconutBattery program. The main purpose of this program is to view information about the MacBook battery, but it can also provide information about connected iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.).

    In order to use this method of checking the battery, simply connect the iPhone to your computer, run the CoconutBattery program and go to the “iOS Device” section.

    As a result, you will see a screen with information about the iPhone battery. This will show the current battery level (Current Charge), maximum battery capacity (Full Charge Capacity), initial battery capacity (Design capacity), the number of battery charging cycles (Cycle Count), and other parameters.

    As you can see, the amount of information here is almost the same as in the iBackupBot program.

    How to check the battery life of an iPhone or iPad using a computer?

    There are many programs that can give us all the information we need about the battery. These are the famous iTools, iFunBox and many others. However, they are heaped up with various functions (sometimes very unnecessary), and we only need battery statistics! Therefore, in this case, I advise you to use iBackupBot. the desired function is also not the main one in it, however, the minimum size of the program and a simple interface speaks in its favor.

    • Install and run the program.
    • We connect the phone to the computer. To connect correctly, you need to unlock your iPhone or iPad (if a password is set on the screen, then enter it) and in the dialog box that appears, click “Trust this computer”.
    • In the lower left corner we see the name of the device, click on it, then. information.
    • In the window that opens, we immediately see all the information about the battery.

    Since all the inscriptions are in English, I will give a small decryption of the data obtained:

    • CycleCount. the number of complete recharges of the battery.
    • DesignCapacity. the capacity that the new gadget originally had.
    • FullChargeCapacity. current capacity.
    • Status: Success. general characteristics of the battery at the moment.

    As you can see, my iPhone 5S’s capacity dropped by only 150 mAh in 2.5 years, and this is a very good result! In fact, it is almost new. How did you manage to achieve such indicators? I just know how to properly charge my iPhones and iPads, try it too. there is nothing complicated there.

    How to find out the real (at the moment) battery capacity in iPhone and iPad

    Greetings! There can be a variety of reasons why you need to check how much battery capacity is left on your iPhone or iPad. A similar need may arise out of simple curiosity: for example, I wondered. do I need to go to change the battery of my old iPhone 5S? Or is she not so bad yet?

    Also, such a procedure is of great importance when buying a used device. After all, the seller can simply deceive. say that his battery holds exactly as much as it should. And even show usage statistics (you can easily wind it up), but in fact, half of the capacity has already been lost there. How to find out the truth about the state of the battery. is it bad or not? Nobody will wait a few hours to check! There are easier and faster ways. let’s talk about them, let’s go!

    Important note. We get all data about the battery for free, without jailbreaking the device and other jailbreak. Cool? Not that word!

    Apps that will tell you everything about the battery status in an iPhone or iPad

    Unfortunately, no one is safe from the situation when a computer is not at hand, and it is necessary to check the battery life of an iOS device here and now. Various applications from the App Store can help us with this. The best part is that you do not need to jailbreak the device and install a jailbreak. everything happens without it.

    At the time of writing this article, a huge number of programs (about 15-20) have been in one way or another related to the battery on my iPhone. And only in one of them all data (charge cycles, actual capacity, etc.) were shown for free, immediately after installation and without any additional purchases.

    Meet Battery Life. App Store download link. Install and run. Click in the upper left corner. the settings open, we are interested in the menu item. Raw Data. And we can clearly see all the information (also displayed in real time!).

    • Battery Charge. the indicator means how much the battery is currently charged and how much it can charge as much as possible.
    • Capacity. current \ standard battery capacity.
    • Cycles. number of recharge cycles.

    The attentive reader will notice that the data for my device is slightly different for different checks (using the computer and the application). How so?!

    First, this difference is really small. an error of 3-5%. And secondly, this is completely normal. since different programs use different algorithms. And besides, the battery of my iPhone 5S works for a long time (almost 2.5 years) and, it seems to me, it is impossible to accurately analyze its use over such a long period of time.

    Total: the check can be carried out by any option presented in the article. the general “picture” of the battery life of your iPhone (iPad) will be immediately clear. To get the most plausible values ​​- use both methods, and choose the average of what you get.

    The best programs to check iPhone wear and tear and test battery

    After a lot of wear and tear, the battery of your iPhone will not be able to work at full capacity and, accordingly, the device will drain quickly. Unfortunately, this is typical of any battery. Over time, with constant energy saturation and consumption, it gradually depletes its resource and fails. But ahead of schedule, this is most often observed among the most active users who use their iPhone for heavy games or constant access to the Internet.

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    We will tell you about all the existing ways to quickly check the status of the battery and the percentage of wear in order to determine whether it is worth changing it or buying a new smartphone. It must be emphasized that it is normal practice to replace the battery with long-term use. This is done in many service centers, and it is not as expensive as, for example, replacing the display, and so on.

    Battery Pro

    Convenient and pleasant application for checking many parameters related to the smartphone battery.

    After downloading, the application will show the general characteristics of the battery, or rather its state at the moment. It can be perfect. this is for new batteries, normal and bad. In the case of a normal state, you can think about changing, but this is not critical. For poor condition, changing the battery is highly desirable.

    What can this application show in addition to the general characteristics?

    You should not fully trust the information received, since the program calculates everything through algorithms that are not always correct. Better to make sure of everything yourself. To do this, the application provides detailed reports on how much capacity is currently available and how much should ideally be. You can also check the charging speed of the device and the amperage of the charger.

    iPhone 11 / 11 Pro Max: How to Add Battery Percentage % Sign? Can View, Not Add

    In individual settings, detailed reports on charge consumption are shown. You can find out what actions drain the battery the most, learn about the most demanding applications, overheating and other CPU information.

    When do you need a check?

    You will need to find out the deterioration of the battery:

    • If you buy a refurbished or used iPhone;
    • If you want to see how much your battery is dead and whether it is worth buying a new one.

    Special programs for determining the state of the battery

    Below we have described 2 good applications that do an excellent job of the task at hand. This is Battery Life and Battery Pro.

    Checking through the functionality of the iOS system

    Checking wear and tear through the built-in capabilities of the iPhone operating system is not difficult. This option has appeared since iOS 11.

    It is necessary to find in the main menu “Settings”, then go to the section “Battery”. Here is the basic information on the consumed applications. We are interested in the section “Battery Status”.

    As you can see from the screenshot, in our case the value of the battery capacity relative to the new one is 96%. That is, the wear rate is 4%.

    You can also see which applications load your battery the most. By removing or disabling them, you not only extend the life of the battery, but also save power, which will lead to a longer service life of the device. It is not worth demolishing all applications just so that the smartphone lives longer, since the iPhone is still suitable for such loads. Your task is to identify highly consumed applications and eliminate them. But this does not mean that they need to be deleted. You can, for example, turn off push notifications in the settings, or turn off some functions.

    Where to store passwords on iPhone

    The main place for storing passwords on Apple mobile devices is an account, or rather, a branded cloud storage that is provided with it. In addition, if you actively use Google services, in particular a browser, passwords for accessing sites will be stored in the account associated with it. Let’s consider how to get access to such important information in each of the cases.

    ICloud passwords

    iPhone is quite difficult to use without an Apple ID account, and if you want to store not only photos and videos in iCloud, but also application data, accounts and some other information, this cloud is absolutely impossible to do without. It also stores passwords, but only if you previously allowed it yourself. In order to view the information of interest to us within the framework of today’s article, do the following:

      Open iPhone Settings and scroll down.

    Then select the first item from the available ones. “Passwords for sites and software”. The transition to it will need to be confirmed using Face ID or Touch ID, depending on the iPhone model and the security parameters set.

    Already on the next page you will see a list of accounts, services and applications, data from which are stored in iCloud. these are logins and passwords.

    Immediately after that, you will see both the username (line “User”) and “Password” from the account. It is noteworthy that the latter is simply not displayed on the screenshot, although it is inscribed in this field.

    Likewise, you can view all other passwords stored in your Apple ID account, or rather, in the proprietary iCloud storage. We remind you that the recommendations described above will only be useful if you yourself have previously given permission to save this information.

    Note: The logins and passwords used to log into sites in Safari are not stored in Safari, but in the iPhone settings section, discussed above. This browser does not have its own menu.

    View saved passwords on iPhone

    Google account passwords

    If you use Google Chrome instead of the standard Safari browser to surf the Internet, passwords from visited sites that require authorization will be stored in it. True, this is possible only on condition that you not only logged into your Google account, but also gave permission to store logins and passwords in it. Otherwise, you will either see only the data that was previously saved to the account from the computer, or, if this was not done, you will not see anything.

    Go to the “Passwords” section. Under the block “Saved passwords” (does not appear instantly, but after a second or two), you will see a list of all those sites, logins and passwords for access to which are stored in your Google account. The web resource address and your login are visible immediately, and in order to see the password, tap on the corresponding line.

    In the “Password” section, click on the “Show” item and confirm your intentions via Face ID or Touch ID.

    Immediately after that, you will see the required information.

    The same steps will need to be performed to view any password saved in the Google Chrome browser, or rather, in the Google account. Note that the above-described algorithm of actions can be applied to any other third-party browser that supports the synchronization function and provides the ability to use your own account.

    Now you know where passwords are stored on iPhone and how you can view them. There are only two options. the section “Passwords for sites and software” in the settings of the mobile device and the “Passwords” of the Google Chrome browser or any other that you use as an alternative to Safari.

    The immortal iPhone: how to determine the current battery wear on your device

    Regardless of how high-quality your iPhone battery is, this is just a consumable for the device. Over time, the capacity of the battery will inevitably decrease anyway. How to check the current state of your battery?

    Third party resources

    You can download an additional program to determine the current state of the battery, if, for example, you have an iOS version lower than 12. Consider working in the iBackupBot application, which is an addition to the main iTunes utility. For iBackupBot to work, you must have iTunes on your PC. you can install it from this official Apple page.

    Where to download iBackupbot and how to use it:

    • Go to the official website of the iBackupBot program. scroll the page to the table. click on the link to download the version for “Windows” or Mac OS.
    • Install the application using the downloaded file.

    We connect the phone to the PC using a USB cable and open the utility interface. Your “iPhone” will appear in the menu at the bottom left. open the section with it. Click on the blue Information link on the right side of the screen.

    In the new window, we are interested in the Battery section. The Cycle Count item shows how many charge cycles you have already done. The Design Capacity parameter will be the factory capacity of the battery, and the Full Charge Capacity will be the current capacity. We are interested in the difference between the last two parameters. To calculate the percentage of wear, you need to subtract the current from the factory volume. Multiply the difference by 100% and divide by the factory capacity.

    Another useful tool for checking wear is Battery Life. It can already be downloaded to the iPhone itself directly from the App Store. On the main green screen, the utility will immediately show you what state your battery is in: Perfect (excellent), Good (good) or Very Bad (very bad).

    Built-in tools

    The iOS 12 variant has an option to check the battery status. If your version of “operating system” is lower than 12, the method is not suitable for you.

    What settings to go to to find out the exact percentage of wear:

    • Open the panel with sections of settings. Click on “Battery”.

    Expand the beta “Battery Status”. You will immediately see the maximum current battery capacity. If you have 100%, then everything is fine with your battery so far. If you have 80%, then the volume has already decreased by 20%. If the indicator reaches 60. 50%, you need to think about changing the battery.

    How to check battery health on iPhone and iPad

    You can find out for sure how much is left in your battery from the factory capacity using standard iOS tools or using a third-party utility that is downloaded to a computer with Windows or Mac OS.

    Why is it important to check battery health

    The check is needed specifically in order to understand whether a battery replacement is needed in your case or not. If his condition is good, replacement is not necessary. Quick discharge in this case is facilitated by the work of a large number of applications. just use only the most necessary programs, and close the rest in time. Also turn off “Wi-Fi” if you do not need it at the moment.

    It is better, of course, to check the degree of deterioration of the battery regularly. this way you will begin to take care of it more carefully, follow the charging rules in order to delay the need to replace it.