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How to save music in Telegram, how to download and add a song to a channel

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Music lovers often have to look for information on how to add or save their favorite music in Telegram. Subscribers can upload tracks to the application or, conversely, download their favorite songs from Telegram. Avid music lovers even have the opportunity to create their own music channels (playlists) in the messenger and listen to artists at any time and on any device. The function of adding audio files is available for computers and phones.

On iPhone

Method to help download tracks from iPhone:

  • download an additional player on the iPhone from the AppStore;
  • fill it with sound recordings;
  • go to an additional player;
  • choose the melody you like;

On the phone

Options for downloading audio from Telegram to a smartphone:

  • find the desired song in communities and use the proposed functions to drag it to your device;
  • use a bot to search for a specific sound recording and, having found it, send it to your phone;
  • download tracks available in storage or in your own community to your device.


  • enter the main menu of the Telegram;
  • find the icon at the top, under which the “Favorites” function is hidden, which allows you to create a personal vault;
  • click on “Favorites”;
  • once on the main screen, in the line for writing a message, click on the “paperclip” icon;
  • once in the PC memory, select your favorite song;
  • using the “Open” function to send a song to Telegram.

On Android

A way to add audio files from the phone memory:

  • enter the main menu of the messenger;
  • select “Favorites”;
  • once in your personal storage, place the audio files on your smartphone in it;
  • to download, click on the “paperclip” icon and the “music” symbol;
  • go into the android’s memory and find the desired audio recording;
  • send selected audio to Telegram.

How to Download Music to iPhone via iTunes

In the left pane of the window, go to the “Music” tab, and in the right pane, check the box next to “Sync Music”.

  • Then you have two ways: sync all the music from your iTunes library, or copy only individual playlists.
  • Synchronizing individual playlists

    First, a few words about what a playlist is and how to create one. Playlists in iTunes are separate music collections that you can create yourself from songs in your library, in unlimited quantities and for different occasions: music on the way to work, for sports, rock, dance, favorite songs, music for each family member (if there are several Apple gadgets in the family), etc.

      To create a playlist in iTunes, click on the “Back” button in the upper right corner of iTunes to exit the menu for managing your iPhone.

    In the top area of ​​the iTunes window, open the “Music” tab, and on the left, go to the desired section, for example, “Songs” to open the entire list of tracks added to iTunes.

    The playlist you created will appear on the screen. In order to make it easier for you to navigate in their list, it is recommended to set individual names. To do this, click on the name of the playlist once with the mouse button, after which you will be prompted to enter a new name. Once you’re done typing, click on the Enter key.

    Now you can go directly to the procedure for copying the playlist to your iPhone. To do this, click on the iPhone icon in the upper area of ​​iTunes.

    In the left pane of the window, go to the “Music” tab, check the “Sync Music” item and check the box next to “Favorite Playlists, Artists, Albums and Genres”.

    Below you will see a list of playlists, among which you need to check the boxes that will be copied to the iPhone. Click on the “Apply” button to sync music to iPhone via iTunes.

  • Wait for the sync to finish.
  • At first, it may seem that copying music to iPhone is a rather complicated process. In fact, this method allows you to much better organize your iTunes library, as well as the music that will go into your device.

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    Sync all music

    Place a point near the item “Entire Library”, and then click on the “Apply” button.

    Wait for the sync procedure to complete.

    How to Add Music to iPhone via iTunes

    In order to upload music to iPhone via iTunes, you need a computer with iTunes installed, a USB cable, as well as the apple gadget itself.

    Bridge: Guest from Cydia!

    Another option to download music from the internet is only suitable for jailbroken devices. You need to use a tweak (the so-called applications from Cydia) called Bridge, located in the well-known BigBoss repository (repository). The main advantages of the tweak are that it allows you to add files to the library of the standard Music application, makes it possible to edit the metadata of songs and costs a little. 2 is “affordable” for any iPhone user.

    Instructions for using the Bridge tweak are as follows:

    • Launch Safari and find a site where you can download your favorite song for free (for example, the same “Zaitsev” or
    • Long tap to open the Safari menu and select “Copy”. A direct link to the file will be saved to the clipboard.

    Open Bridge and go to the “Download” tab.

    In the “Enter-URL” field, paste the saved link and click “Go”. Download will start.

    When the download is complete, edit the metadata. This is important for classifying songs in the Music application. In addition, at this stage, you can select a cover for the composition from the “Photos” application.

    Click the “Import” button and enjoy your favorite music in the built-in player!

    It seems that downloading music via Bridge is an option without drawbacks, however, there is still one drawback: the program is rather finicky with links to downloads. To download correctly, the user needs to find a direct link that does not involve registration with a username and password, entering a captcha and a redirect.

    UC Browser: a browser that allows everything!

    The built-in Safari browser will allow the user to listen to the song, but if the iPhone owner wants to download the song, he will definitely fail. It is doubtful that the functionality of Safari will ever be expanded to such an extent that downloads of tunes will be available, because this is against Apple’s policy. This means that in order to download music via the Internet, you will have to look for another browser.

    A worthy option is the UC Browser that came from the Celestial Empire. The browser is distinguished not only by its cross-platform (suitable for both iOS and Android, as well as for BlackBerry), but also by the presence of advanced functions for downloading content directly from the Internet. You can download content with or without jailbreak.

    Download music to iPhone from the Internet via UC Browser according to the following instructions:

    • Make sure that the gadget is connected to the Internet reliably (you need 3G or Wi-Fi. E will not work).
    • Use the address bar to go to any site that offers listening to music. Official portals of music bands and music archive sites like will do.
    • Find the melody you are interested in on the site where you can download it for free.
    • Click the download button on the music site and the built-in UC Browser will start playing the melody.

    Click “Watch Offline” in the player. this will start downloading the music file to the device’s memory. Watch the green indicator. when the bar reaches the end, the download is complete. An interesting feature of UC Browser is that it is able to resume downloads even after the connection has been lost.

    The downloaded song can be found like this: go to “Tools” and follow the path “Downloads”. “Music”.

    An important advantage lies in the fact that all uploaded media files are automatically sorted by types. Video, Images, Music. However, UC Browser also has disadvantages:

    • All compositions are named Untitled. You can rename it manually, but this already means that you cannot do without additional loss of time. In addition, there is a great risk of confusion if several songs are downloaded at once.
    • Tracks are not available in the standard iPhone Music app.
    • Tracks are not collected in playlists and are not played in order. each subsequent one must be turned on manually.

    File Master: Jack of all trades!

    File Master is considered one of the most efficient file managers for iPhone. This application allows you to download music to iPhone without connecting to a computer and is freely available in the AppStore. iPhone owners can breathe out with relief, because jailbreak is not required to install File Master.

      After downloading File Master, open this application and go to the “Browser” section.

    Type in the address of the site from where you would like to download the song into the address bar. We will use the free service

    Find your favorite song and click on the download music file icon.

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    Rename the song so that you can easily find it later in the catalog. In the case of Zaitsev, it is recommended to remove the link to the portal from the file name.

    Click on the “Download” button. this way you start the download. Download progress can be tracked.

    Find the downloaded song in the “Download” folder and listen with the built-in player. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to copy a song to the library of the standard Music application, but you can move it to the Music folder inside the program (to make it easier to find). To do this, you need to hold your finger on the composition until the menu appears, then click “Cut”. Go to the “Music” folder, in the same way open the menu and click “Insert”.

    It is easy to see that the way of using the File Master manager is similar to the UC Browser application, although the functionality of the latter is incomparably higher.

    What is jailbreak and what is it for?

    Jailbreak (literally translated from English. jailbreak) is the process of jailbreaking the firmware of the iOS operating system, after which the user has full access to the file system of the iPhone or iPad. I must say that jailbreak is a completely legal operation since 2010 (as recognized by the US government), but not supported by Apple. Representatives of the company intimidate users that jailbreak can lead to the failure of the gadget, however, according to mobile experts, this is not true.

    Jailbreak is possible due to security vulnerabilities in Apple gadgets. On the Internet, there are a lot of simple utilities freely available that allow you to jailbreak at home. such utilities include redsnOw, Absinthe and others. The participation of the user himself in the process is minimal: you need to download and run the utility, connect the gadget to the PC, enter the device into the required mode (DFU) and wait for the computer program to notify about the completion of the operation.

    Despite the fact that the probability of gadget failure due to jailbreak is minimal, this procedure still carries some risks:

    • Personal data is less protected.
    • iPhone “flies” from the warranty, as the jailbreak is contrary to the clauses of the license agreement with Apple. If the user discovers a factory malfunction and takes the gadget to service, he will not hesitate to be denied service. In the event of a breakdown, it is recommended to restore the firmware, completely erasing all traces of the former hacking.

    There is an opportunity to download music from the Internet to the iPhone without a computer. software developers have long created drugs for addiction to iTunes and showed the world the UC Browser and File Master programs. However, the user must be prepared that he will have to put up with inconveniences. for example, with the inability to play favorite tracks through the standard Apple Music application and create playlists from songs downloaded in a pirated way.

    Export Music (Transfer Music from iPhone to PC)

    All music in the list can be exported to your computer. You can click the box in front of the name of the music and click the Export button. If you want to export all the music, you can select the box at the top to select all, and click the Export button to export all the music once for all. So you can transfer the music you want from iPhone to PC with just a few clicks.

    How to Transfer Music from iPhone to PC for Free

    Your favorite music on iPhone can always relax and accompany you when you are alone. Too much music on your iPhone can lead to inadequate memory on your iPhone, sometimes you may need to back up on your PC to save space on your iPhone, sometimes you want to enjoy your favorite songs on your personal computer. And it all makes you know how to transfer music from iPhone to PC for free.

    iTools. it is by far the best software to transfer music from iPhone to PC for free. Besides transferring music from iPhone to PC, it can also transfer voice memos, videos, photos, documents, books, contacts, files, applications to your computer quickly and easily. Download iTools (iTools for windows, iTools for Mac) to have a try.

    Benefits of iTools for Music Transfer:

    • Transfer music from iPhone / ipod / ipad to PC freely and easily. You can transfer music in bulk with just one click, or you can transfer music selectively.
    • Transfer almost everything including music, voice memos, videos, photos, documents, books, files, applications to your computer with just a few clicks.
    • Import music, videos, photos, books, contacts and files from computer to iOS devices without data loss.
    • Set up special ringtones just for you. Say goodbye to all the dull ringtones on your iPhone.
    • Control anything on your iPhone with ease, including music. You can create, rename, delete your playlist or move music to any playlist you want.
    • Compatible with all iOS devices includes iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c / 6 / 6s / 6plus / 7 / 7s / x / 8 / 8plus / iPad / iPod, etc.
    • Easy to use for both new and experienced users.

    Here is a tutorial on how to transfer music from iPhone to PC and how to manage all music with our iTools.

    Connecting the device

    Launch iTools on your computer and connect your iOS device to the computer with computer after installing it successfully.

    By default, iTools can automatically detect your iOS device. If you have not connected your iOS device to your computer, or your iOS device cannot recognize, you will see the message “Connected but cannot recognize” on the interface.

    Several reasons for the inability to recognize the device:

    • Incorrect USB cable and interface. You need to change another USB cable to insert again or change another USB interface.
    • Driver problems. You need to fix the driver.
    • For any other problems, you can contact us for solutions.

    After successful connection, click Device Music Music.

    All music, including those imported from other devices and downloaded from iTunes, will be on this list. The name, time, artist, album, genre, rating and size of the music are displayed. If you want to view other playlists, you can click Show Playlist. The interface looks like this:

    You can click New Playlist to create a new playlist and rename it however you want. If you no longer need this playlist, you can select it and delete it. This way you can easily manage your music.

    How to use iTools

    Welcome to the iTools Quick Start Guide. Here you can find all the guides on how to manage your digital content or app between iOS device, iOS device and Mac / Windows directly. If your questions or concerns cannot be resolved here, please contact our support team (usually you will receive feedback within 24 hours).

    • ITools overview
    • How to check battery status on iPhone
    • How to back up contacts on iPhone?
    • Transfer Books from iPhone to PC
    • How to back up apps on iPhone
    • Transfer Videos from iPhone to PC
    • Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC
    • How to Transfer Music from iPhone to PC for Free
    • How to manage storage and free space on iPhone

    Importing music

    Import means importing music from your local PC to your device. Click the Import button and select the music you want from a specific location on your PC. In this way, you can stream music from your computer to iPhone or iOS devices. The file format must be MP3, m4r, m4a, wav.

    Listen to music

    Double click the music you want to listen to, it will automatically add to the playlist at the bottom and start playing.

    Note: Music will only start playing when you plug in headphones or when plugged into a speaker.

    You can play the latest or the next on the player, as well as control the volume and playback.

    Music search

    With a lot of music files on your device, you can hardly find the music you want in a long list. Here you can click the search box in the upper right corner and type keywords for the name of the music to quickly find the music you want.

    Ringtone maker

    Are you still worried about the inadequate ringtone on your iPhone? Do you need a special ringtone for you? With iTools, this won’t be a problem. You can say

    Click the Local Music button and select the music you want to make from your local PC. Then select a music file.

    There are two ways to cut one piece of music as a ringtone:

    One of them. drag the start and end of the line to a specific location;

    Another. fill in the start and end times. When creating a ringtone, you can play all the music or just the ringtone.

    If you have made a ringtone, you can save it to your PC or iOS device.

    As you can see, our iTools can not only transfer music from iPhone to PC easily, but also transfer music from PC to iPhone without overwriting files on your iPhone. So why not try?

    Any other problems for iTools during your work, please go to our customer service for solutions.

    Learn more about thinkskysoft and iTools, please click here.

    How to save an MP3 to your iPhone

    How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iPhone


    Again, this method of transferring music from one iPhone to another involves using a computer. But this time, the iTools program will act as an auxiliary tool.

      Connect the iPhone from which the music collection will be transferred to your computer, and then open iTools. On the left go to the “Music” section.

    A list of songs added to iPhone will expand on the screen. Select those compositions that will be exported to your computer by checking the boxes to the left of them. If you plan to transfer all the songs, immediately put the checkbox located at the top of the window. To start the transfer, click on the “Export” button.

    Next, you will see a Windows Explorer window, in which you should specify the destination folder where the music will be saved.

    Now the second phone comes into operation, to which, in fact, the tracks will be transferred. Connect it to your computer and launch iTools. Going to the “Music” tab, click on the “Import” button.

  • A Windows Explorer window will pop up on the screen, in which you should specify the previously exported tracks, after which it remains only to start the process of transferring music to the gadget by clicking on the “OK” button.
  • Transfer your music collection from iPhone to iPhone

    It so happened that in iOS, the user has not so many options for transferring songs from one Apple smartphone to another.

    Backup copy

    This method should be used if you are planning to move from one Apple smartphone to another. In this case, in order not to re-enter all the information into the phone, you just need to install a backup copy. Here we need to turn to the help of the iTunes program.

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    Please note that this method will only work if all the music transferred from one phone to another is stored in your iTunes library.

    • Before all information, including music, is exported to another phone, you need to make the most recent backup on the old device. How it is created was previously described in detail in a separate article on our website.

    Read more: How to back up iPhone
    Then you can go to work with another phone. To do this, connect it to your computer. Once iTunes detects it, at the top click on the gadget menu button.

    On the left, you need to open the “Browse” tab. On the right you will see the “Restore from a copy” button, which you will need to select.

    If the Find iPhone tool is enabled on the iPhone, gadget recovery will not start. So, you should deactivate it. To do this, open the settings on your smartphone and select your account at the top of the screen. In the window that opens, select the “iCloud” section.

    Go to iTunes again. A window will pop up on the screen in which, if necessary, you will need to select the desired backup, and then click on the “Restore” button.

    In the event that you previously enabled encryption of backups, enter the password you specified.

  • Next, the system will start restoring the device, and then installing the backup you selected. Do not disconnect the phone from the computer until the process is complete.
  • Copy link

    This method allows you not to transfer tracks from one iPhone to another, but to share the compositions (album) that interest you. If the user has Apple Music connected, the album will be available for download and listening. If not, you will be prompted to make a purchase.

    Please note that if you don’t have an Apple Music subscription, you can only share music purchased from the iTunes Store. If a track or album was downloaded to your phone from a computer, you will not see the desired menu item.

    • Launch the Music app. Open the single song (album) that you intend to transfer to the next iPhone. At the bottom of the window, you need to select the three dots icon. In the additional menu that opens, tap on the “Share song” button.

    Next, a window will open where you need to select the application through which the link to the music will be transmitted. If the application you are interested in is not in the list, click on the “Copy” item. After that, the link will be saved to the clipboard.

    song, iphone

    Launch the application through which you plan to share music, such as WhatsApp. Having opened the chat with the interlocutor, long press on the line to enter the message, and then select the appeared button “Insert”.

  • Finally, click on the send message button. As soon as the user opens the received link, the iTunes Store will automatically start on the screen on the desired page.
  • So far, these are all ways to transfer music from one iPhone to another. Hopefully, this list will be expanded over time.

    How to put a song on an iPhone ringtone: a trick versus copyright

    Believe it or not, you can’t just pick up and put a ringtone on an iPhone. On Android, this is done in a few taps! But the fact is the fact, therefore, we provide a comprehensive instruction for today on how to put a song on the iPhone ringtone.

    In addition, you can search for music by individual artist, or, conversely, view the current top charts. Songs purchased in iTunes can be set to a call using Apple’s native tools. And the in iTunes for Russia and the CIS do not really bite: one track costs about 19 rubles.

    How To Get FREE Music to your Apple Music Library

    But if you listen exclusively to Nordic black metal and think that there is only pop in iTunes, or you write music yourself, or you want to put on the call exactly that bison roar that you yourself just cut from a YouTube video, no purchase will help. In this case, we give detailed instructions on how to download any ringtone to iPhone.

    Create a ringtone file

    There are two rules for iPhone ringtones: they must be no more than 30 seconds long and in a special m4r format.

    There are several ways to create such a file:

      Through audio trimming services such as Audiko or Upload the song file there, set the duration, select the m4r download format and download the resulting ringtone to your computer. Suitable for Mac OS users.


    Using audio cutting software such as iRinger. Install the program, open the audio for it, cut it, save it to m4r. Suitable for Windows users.


  • Using iTunes itself. Suitable for everyone. The procedure is as follows:
  • Open iTunes on your computer. Click File → Add File to Library. Select the desired audio file and press OK.
  • Listen to the added song in iTunes and find the passage that will be the ringtone.
  • Right-click the song and select Details. Click the Options tab. Select the Start and End check boxes, and in the boxes next to it, enter the beginning and end of the passage, for example, 0:46 and 1:13. Click OK.
  • Right-click the song again and select Create AAC Version or File → Convert → Create AAC Version. A shortcut appears below the original track.
  • Right-click on the truncated section and select Show in Windows Explorer.
  • The folder with the file will open. On Windows go to Control Panel.> Folder Options.> General and uncheck Hide extensions for registered file types.
  • Go back to the folder and you will see that the ringtone file has a.m4a extension. Right-click on it and select Rename. Replace m4a with m4r (this is the format for iPhone ringtones) and drag it to any other folder on your computer.
  • Transferring the file to iPhone

    The finished ringtone in the required format must be dropped onto the device. This is also not as easy as it seems. There are two ways to do this:

    • Using iTunes. To do this, you need to place the created audio file in the Sounds (Ringtones) folder in iTunes and synchronize the data with the device. How to do this depends on your version of iTunes.
    • If you have iTunes version below 10, just drag the file into the iTunes window by opening the Ringtones (Sounds) folder in the program. Then connect the iPhone to the computer, the device will sync and the file will be added to the iPhone.
    • If you have iTunes version 10 to 12.6, the Ringtones (Sounds) folder is hidden in the program. You can open it in several ways: drag the ringtone file into the program window; press CtrlO, select a file and press OK; go to the menu Edit → Settings → General, check the Ringtones (Sounds) box and move the file to the folder that appears; right-click on the iTunes menu, select Edit Menu, check the Sounds box and drag the file to the folder that appears. If dragging and dropping does not work. copy by pressing Ctrl C / Ctrl V. Then connect the iPhone and synchronization will transfer the file to the device.
    • If you have iTunes 12.7, first connect your iPhone to your computer, wait for the sync to start, and then grab the ringtone file and drag (copy by pressing Ctrl C / Ctrl V) it onto the image of your device in the Devices section.
  • Using third-party programs. The best currently available is Waltr 2. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS. Install the program, connect the iPhone to the computer (cable or Wi-Fi), wait for the program to find it, and then just drag the finished ringtone into the program window. Waltr 2
  • The file will be automatically added to the iPhone.

    General principle

    In order to add a new ringtone to iPhone, you need to create an audio file in m4r format with a duration of no more than 30 seconds, transfer it to your device using automatic synchronization and set it as a ringtone.

    Installing a song on an iPhone ringtone

    Whichever transfer method you use, the file should end up on the iPhone in the Ringtones (Sounds) folder.

    • Open iPhone Settings → Sounds → Ringtone.
    • Your song will be first on the list. Click on her to make her call.

    Using the WALTR app

    Another shareware application: in order for you to appreciate its benefits, it is given only two weeks, after which you will need to purchase it for about 26. The program allows you to download tracks of any format and is supported by all operating systems.

    How do you download songs to iPhone using this app? Just download the app and connect your gadget to your computer or laptop using a USB cable. Next, open the application and drag and drop music files, playlists into the window, or do it through copying. In the process of uploading media files, they are automatically downloaded to the iPhone and reformatted into a file system understandable for the gadget.

    Using the universal iDownloader Pro app

    The iDownloader Pro application is more like a file hosting service. The program allows you to download and find not only media files, but also video materials, text documents. The advantages of the program are multitasking, convenient search. The application has a built-in media player that allows you not only to listen to music via download, but also online.

    The program allows you to track downloaded files, sort them by name, size, download date. There are also additional settings, such as:

    • Protecting the access code for downloaded files.
    • Installing icons on folders.
    • Removing completed downloads.
    • Setting a limit on the number of simultaneously uploaded files.

    The disadvantage of the iDownloader Pro application is that when downloading several files at the same time, the performance of the gadget drops.

    Using the SoundCloud app

    SoundCloud App is a free app that is a unique music platform. Listening to tracks from a music social network is possible only if there is an Internet connection. To become a user of the application, the user does not need to register, but after spending a couple of minutes of your time, you can create your playlists and save them.

    The advantage of the SoundCloud application is that on the platform you can find truly unique music, get acquainted with the work of novice musicians. The program provides for filtering music by the number of likes, genres, performers, download time to the platform. Using the application. You can share your favorite songs with your friends via social networks.

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    How to Download Music to iPhone

    For smartphones from Apple, there are native, already installed applications with which you can download music for the iPhone. But many users are looking for third-party programs that load songs faster and have more customization options. We offer you popular and simple applications for your gadget that will help you enjoy your favorite music.

    Free Music Download Pro app

    The application is designed to download and listen to music tracks online. It is very convenient to save music to iPhone using this program. you can download several files at the same time, which does not affect the functionality of the gadget. In addition, if the file was underloaded, and the iPhone was disconnected from the Internet, then its download will start from where the download was stopped. Following your preferences for the genre of frequently listened to music, artists. the program will offer you new compositions that may match your musical preferences.

    The program is shareware, in the free version you will have limited options for customizing your favorite music, and there is also advertising. The paid version has more options for saving playlists, ads are completely absent. The disadvantage of the application is the large size of the installation file.

    First Aid. iTunes

    How to download music to iPhone without searching and installing unknown applications? The answer is simple. use iTunes. Music that is downloaded using this program can be listened to in the standard gadget application. The advantages of the program are the ability to download music files of any format, the ability to assign tags to individual songs and albums, as well as download and group by genre, artist, playlists.

    The only reason why many users are unhappy with the program is the long synchronization process, but below you will receive instructions on how to speed it up. Instructions on how to download music to iPhone using iTunes:

    • To download songs using the iTunes application, you need to connect the iPhone using a USB adapter to your computer or laptop. It is possible that after connecting to the device, you will need to enter the ID or password from the device.
    • Now you need to open the application and select the “File” line in the menu bar, and then go to the “Add to Library” line.
    • Add your favorite songs to the window that opens. You can do this by dragging and dropping the file using the mouse or by using the keyboard shortcut CtrO in Windows, as well as the keyboard shortcut CommandO in Mac OS X.
    • Now you can add tags, names to playlists, set a picture on the cover. This can be done by right-clicking on the file and selecting “Details”.

    If you want to speed up the process of synchronizing music when downloading to your gadget, then follow these steps:

    song, iphone
    • Connect iPhone to Computer with USB Wire.
    • Open iTunes.
    • Find the “Overview” tab.
    • In the menu that appears, you must check the box next to the item for processing music manually.
    • Save changes by clicking “Apply”.
    • Now go to the “Music” tab and uncheck the box next to “Sync Music”.

    Now you can quickly download music files, without unnecessary content, which speed up the copying process.

    Smartphone Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 64Gb Midnight Green

    Where files are saved from telegram on iPhone?

    By default, the place where the content of the chats is stored is the Downloads folder, which contains the Telegram Desktop.

    How to save a song to files on iPhone?

    To save a file locally to iPhone or iPod touch, follow these steps.

    • Browse to the file you want to save on your device.
    • Click “Select” filename “Place”.
    • In the On [Device] folder, select a folder or click New Folder. to create a new.
    • Click “Copy”.

    Where are Viber files stored on iPhone?

    Photos in Viber are saved automatically. They are saved in a special folder that can be found in the gallery or using the explorer. The received files can be transferred in another messenger, installed on the screen saver or transferred to a computer.

    How to Transfer Files from iPhone to Computer via USB?

    You must have an updated version of iTunes. Just click a button and open iTunes on your computer. You should now connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. On the left side of the window, you can see the icon in the mobile image.

    Where does Telegram save music on iPhone?

    Where is the music uploaded to Telegram on the iPhone stored?

    Songs uploaded to Telegram are not transferred to the standard Music application, but are stored in the application cache. In order to clear the application cache (delete music), you just need to go to Settings → Data and memory → Memory usage.

    Where to find downloaded music on iPhone?

    Now, if you download a file, document, or even a video to your iPad or iPad, they’ll all be saved directly to the Files app right on your device. The iCloud Drive directory in the Files app has a Downloads folder where iOS saves all downloaded files by default.

    How can you listen to music on iPhone?

    • Install Vox on your iPhone.
    • Find the track you downloaded earlier on your iPhone.
    • Click “Share” and in the drop-down window select Vox.
    • Wait for synchronization (a few seconds) and you can listen to your own track among songs from iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud and other platforms.

    How to create and save a slideshow in an app on iPhone

    • open;
    • log into your account;
    • click on “For You”, then on “New Film”;
    • pick up a snapshot, click on “Create”;
    • when ready to “Save”.

    The user can change the sequence of displaying frames, a song, watch a photo film and use according to the instructions.

    Home Use Apps

    The classic is iMovie, which allows you not only to create modest slideshows on your computer or iPhone, but also to work with movies, game trailers. There are many tools, but it takes time to learn. Users consider an advantage to be the ability to publish videos on YouTube and. disadvantage of having to pay 5.

    Free to make slideshow for iPhone allows applications:

    • GoPro’s Quik (Apple Recommended)
    • Pics2Mov;
    • PhotoMotion;
    • Perfect Video.

    Quik editor that allows you to get a cool slideshow of 200 photos on your Android or iPhone phone. There are 27 styles available with highlights and effects to match your chosen theme. The clip is edited quickly, publication in social media is allowed. networks.

    The Pics2Mov utility is also distributed without payment, due to the limited functionality it is possible to produce only clips from pictures. The database contains 200 music tracks, 285 fonts, FullHD-108 and HD-720p formats with high resolution. In addition to publishing on social networks, sending by e-mail and posting on video hosting is possible.

    In PhotoMotion, still images and video files are manually combined. The presence of fine settings makes it possible not to rely on automation, but to create an original slideshow on your iPhone yourself. There are a lot of filters and effects. You can add music from your library.

    Perfect Video has 2 versions: simplified and paid. This software allows not only making videos, but also separating, combining them, adding melodies and captions, applying special effects, changing the viewing pace. For home use it is enough.

    How to make a beautiful slideshow out of photos on iPhone

    • movie from all photo files with saving;
    • video from the selection with an expanded selection of music and animation.
    • click on the date the album was created;
    • activate the playback icon (first a photo will be created, then the preview will start);
    • touch the screen to change the parameters;
    • pick up musical accompaniment.

    To save or download the slideshow to your iPhone or share, you need to click on “Share”.

    When using the second option, you need:

    • select album, mark on the first photo frame
    • highlight pictures;
    • click on “Share”;
    • go to “Slideshow” (for preview);
    • touch the screen;
    • go to “Parameters”;
    • pick up a song from Apple Music or a section;
    • define a style in the “Theme” section.

    It is important to know that video can only be made and watched, cannot be saved or sent. In addition to being shown on the gadget, you can transfer to a TV equipped with an Apple TV set-top box.

    IPhoto 11 or higher and an iCloud account are required to display the wallpaper as an animated slideshow on the iPhone desktop.

    • enable “Photo Stream” in the settings (on “iCloud” and switch);
    • enable “Photo Stream” on the gadget (iPhoto, then on “Enable”);
    • go to “System Preferences”, then to “Desktop and Screensaver”, then to “Screensaver”.

    After the selection, it remains only to select the parameters.

    IPhone 6s / 6s Plus and iPhone 7/7 Plus have Live Wallpapers. To use them, you need to enable 3D Touch and show the program the path to the photos.

    • enter “Live Wallpaper”, define a category in the menu;
    • flip through and mark photos;
    • go to “Photos”, then “All photos”;
    • open a saved snapshot;
    • click on “Share”;
    • click on “Wallpaper”, then on “Live Photo” and “Install”;
    • further “Lock screen”.

    The selected photo file will appear on the screen. Hold is required after pressing until animation appears.

    Slide Show on iPhone

    You can create your amazing slideshow on iPhone for free right now, on this site. Choose a cool design and upload your photos, videos, music. Very quickly we will make an excellent clip for you, which you will not be ashamed to present to your loved one.

    Functionality of the built-in application “Foto”

    This application is available starting from iOS 10. Slide show from photos on iPhone is done automatically, user participation is not required. You can choose a melody, video duration, speed of scrolling through photos. Google extension in functionality differs little.

    Free slideshow software with music for iPhone

    This program is for online slideshow maker for iPhone or Android. It is freely distributed on the App Store. The main advantage is the absence of restrictions on the number of files. The format is chosen depending on where the finished video will be used. than a hundred forms, transitions, effects are offered. Finished videos are saved in the gallery, from there they can be sent by e-mail to. Youtub, Instagram.

    The choice of the program is complicated by the wide assortment. Most focus on the convenience and quality of the videos. It is difficult to recommend something specific, each development has its own advantages and disadvantages. For beginners, simple free options are preferable. It is worth spending money if you have at least minimal experience.