How to return the default theme to Samsung

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I don’t have a Themes app in Xiaomi

Perhaps you are the owner of an earlier version of the smartphone from Xiaomi. In this case, even if you have a Redmi Note line, Themes applications may not be in the MIUI system. Do not be upset, because you can replace it with a third-party MIUI Themes application by downloading it from Google Play.

App on Google Play to download themes for Xiaomi

It is practically no different from the application built into the MIUI firmware. In both sections and menu items are signed in English. But this does not prevent many from understanding which themes or wallpapers they like best. Or which section to choose to find the best one. The app from the market weighs only 2 megabytes.

How to return the default theme to Xiaomi

After purchasing a smartphone, we immediately rush to customize the look of the desktop to our liking. Xiaomi devices have a separate application called Themes. And, of course, users have already found a suitable one in it and even tried it. At some point, we need to restore the default theme on the Xiaomi phone again. Later in the article, you can read how to do this.

How to install a default theme on Xiaomi

  • Go back to the Themes app;
  • If a page opens on a specific topic that you viewed before, click on the Back button until you find yourself on the main screen of the application with a choice of categories;
  • At the bottom, find the icon with a man and click on it;

Click on the little man at the bottom of the screen

  • A section with saved themes and wallpapers on your phone will open;
  • At the top of the screen, there are screen elements by category: icons, buttons, lock screen, themes, wallpapers. In them, you can select certain individual elements of topics;
  • Categories in Themes app

  • Select Topics in Sections;
  • Usually, the standard is listed first and is signed Classic or Standard.
  • Downloaded themes in the Themes app in MIUI 11

    By choosing classic here, it will be installed by default in the smartphone again. Below the sections and categories are items with settings and other features.

    For example, by selecting Settings, you can turn on receiving recommendations, turn on the display of personal suggestions for wallpaper, and also activate automatic updating of Xiaomi themes and wallpapers.

    Download free themes for Xiaomi Redmi

    Themes app in MIUI 11

    There are so many of them in the application that it will take you more than one hour to research. over, in miniature, their charms cannot be seen.

    You just need to try on the screen and see how they look. It is enough to tap on any one and in the window with the description click on the button Free.

    For the application to work and display all sections with pictures, you need the Internet.

    After clicking on the button, the theme will be downloaded to the smartphone memory and installed instead of the one that was before the download. Each time you select a theme in the application, it will be downloaded and installed as the main one. But the previous ones do not disappear anywhere. You can select them at any time and install again. And for this you no longer need the Internet.

    When choosing files in the Themes application on your Xiaomi smartphone, it is important to pay attention to the comments left by users.

    Comment of the user who uploaded the theme

    They have already used it and are sharing their experiences. Read the description of each file carefully. This way, you can avoid incompatibility between theme / wallpaper and your phone model. What happens quite often.

    How to enable dark theme in Redmi Note

    The dark theme has recently become very popular in many applications, browsers and mobile devices. It allows you to look at the screen of a computer or mobile phone for a long time without consequences for the eyes. Soft and subtle colors do not strain our eyes. And we can play games, chat on social networks and read long enough.

    Xiaomi engineers have implemented such a mode in MIUI 10 and 11, which can be activated by the user in the smartphone. You can check if you have the option to enable dark theme.

    • Pull down the Android shade and expand the shortcut menu list. Open the second page of the menu, if necessary;
    • Here we need to find the Dark Mode function and activate it;

    Dark mode in Xiaomi Redmi Note 8

  • Press this button and hold it to go to the settings window.
  • This mode can be configured so that it is activated in the phone, for example, at 19:00, and turned off at 7:00. Or leave the default settings. In this case, it will be activated at sunset according to the time zone of your region of residence.

    Dark mode settings in Xiaomi Redmi Note 8

    It should also be remembered that the Xiaomi phone will work as correctly as possible with the default theme. And third parties in rare cases can even cause crashes. You should also not be upset if your smartphone does not have a Dark theme. You can download an application that will replace this function from this link. Or find a similar one suitable for your phone model.

    How to return the default theme to Samsung.

    Hey! Today I will show you how to return the default theme to your Samsung Galaxy phone. You can quickly and easily revert back to the default theme on your Samsung smartphone when you first bought it. See the instructions below and write comments if you have questions. Go!)

    On the home screen of your smartphone, find the Galaxy Themes app and open it. If you can’t find it, go to Google Play and launch it from there.

    Next, your application will open. At the very top of the page, your themes that you installed will be displayed. The very first on the left is the default default theme, click on it.

    In the window that opens, click on the Apply tab.

    Wait for the default theme to install.

    All is ready. Go to the home screen and check how it looks. Everything should return to its original.

    Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

    How to return the default theme to Samsung

    Mix, match and have more fun

    The store is divided into four categories: Themes (default selection), Wallpapers, Icons, and AOD (always-on images). With a multitude of graceful, slim and standout options, the combinations are endless. Mix and match each layer of your phone’s look to create a theme unique to you.

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    Galaxy makes every theme truly shine, especially with support for features such as iris mask themes, as well as video, motion and multi-wallpaper. Dynamic wallpapers change naturally on the lock screen based on the orientation of your phone, while Multiple wallpaper ”displays a different wallpaper every time you open your phone.

    Animated wallpaper

    Personalize your phone with Samsung themes. Samsung Global Newsroom

    The Samsung Galaxy ecosystem is vast and full of tools that make our lives more convenient. In this special series, Samsung Newsroom will introduce you to some of the brightest stars in this constellation of apps and services and show you how the Galaxy S9 and S9 let you use each one for a more fun, informative and productive smartphone experience.

    Personalization has long been a staple of the Galaxy series, as evidenced by fun and versatile features like Samsung Themes. Compatible with S9, S9 and many recent additions to the Galaxy family. this feature turns your device into a canvas for self-expression, making it much easier to create your phone.

    How to Create Custom Themes for Samsung Phone with Theme Park

    Good Lock is arguably one of the best OEM customization kits out there. Unfortunately, not many users are aware of this due to Samsung’s lack of advertising. Good Lock lets you customize almost everything on your phone with a set of modules that you need to install individually. LockStar and QuickStar allow you to customize your lock screen and quick access bar respectively. MultiStar offers advanced multi-window capabilities and Nice Shot. is a multipurpose screenshot editor. Samsung has added a new Good Lock module called Theme Park that lets you create and customize your themes. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use it:

    Solved: night mode and themes

    Not sure if they will pick it up, but did not know where else to place my request.

    First, I had my doubts about switching to OneUI because of the layout and icons. However, my reservations were somewhat relaxed and I switched. What saves me now is the night mode, which I find great. The only drawback is that it is not available when I use the theme, which is what I do to get rid of the ugly new icons. I use dark / night mode, but does not apply to the standard Samsung mail app and notes.

    So my question is, could Samsung make it possible for theme developers to use the dark / night option in your own apps. It would be just great. Or at least provide some icons that look better than the default icon. It would be great if you made an icon pack or theme similar to the previous version of Samsung Experience.

    Transform your mobile

    Covering everything from wallpapers, images and Always On Display (AOD) icons to call and message interfaces, Samsung themes allow you to customize just about any design element on your screen. Each setting is integrated in a way that feels natural and organic and transforms the interaction with yours. device for pleasure.

    Change the background on Android

    Changing the background image is very easy. It is enough to open the context menu through the launcher menu or long tap on the display, select the picture you like from the list of default wallpapers or use your own photos or pictures from the gallery.

    In addition, you can use free programs. online or offline wallpaper catalogs, specially optimized in terms of the form factor / volume of the image for mobile devices. It is also recommended to use the following applications:

    • Coveroid Wallpapers HD.
    • Bless Wallpapers HD.
    • HD Wallpapers.
    • Wallpaper application.
    • Zedge.

    In some of them, besides the usual static wallpapers, there are also live wallpapers, Android games and ringtones.

    Ways to customize your Android device

    Sometimes installing a custom visual installation, also called a launcher or launcher, is not difficult. And sometimes, in order to change the standard interface of the entire system as a whole, you have to resort to root (administrator rights), that is, you can replace and delete any wallpaper, icons and default images. Don’t like how the settings look because of the icons? Not scary, they can be easily cut out if the device is popular enough and has custom firmware.

    Deep change of the interface

    Now the rest of the Android interface or skins. To completely change the graphical interface, you will need custom firmware, root rights and a pre-installed theme changer (it can be located both in the applications section and in the main settings). Samsung’s TouchWiz (Samsung Experience) interface, Xiaomi’s original MIUI, and Huawei and Honor’s EMUI are in great demand. They will not be difficult to find, but they are not suitable for every device. Also, custom firmwares that are not based on the interface from well-known vendors are very popular:

    • Pixel Experience as close as possible to pure Android.
    • AOSP Extended, also close to the clean version of the OS.
    • LineageOS or, for older models, CyanogenMod /
    • OxygenOS, Android skinned by OnePlus, a cross between LineageOS and Pixel Experience.
    • Paranoid Android.
    return, default, theme, samsung

    4) Installing widgets on the Android desktop

    Widgets. Another way to customize the look of Android for yourself. At the moment, there are a huge number of widgets that come both as separate applications and in addition to regular applications. In our Catalog of widgets for Android you can find many interesting items. How to install and uninstall widgets on Android you can read the link.

    Changing icons on Android

    A set of app icons that match all icons on the desktop and menus to a consistent visual style can be a great way to transform a smartphone’s interface. For example, you can use these:

    • Rondo transforms more than 3,500 app icons into stylish Material Design counterparts and also offers background wallpapers.
    • TAY will add shaded volumetric icons to 1800 apps to match dark themes.
    • MIUI 5, as the name suggests, converts icons to similar ones to those used in the shell from Xiaomi.
    • Soul contains 2300 icons and is perfect for those who like to combine bright colors with dark frames.

    At the same time, unlike full-fledged launchers, even the largest package of icons for programs will not use a large amount of system resources.

    5) Deep change of the interface

    Now the rest of the Android interface or skins. To completely change the graphical interface, you will need custom firmware, root rights and a pre-installed theme changer (it can be located both in the applications section and in the main settings).

    This question is too broad to cover within the scope of this article. In addition, the firmware methods depend on the device. You can find popular firmware and shells on Internet forums related to your device.

    How to restore default settings on your phone

    It doesn’t matter if you have Smart or just a mobile phone, it’s still worth knowing how to return the default settings on your phone. This information can be useful to you at the most unexpected moment (as it always happens).

    It seems that you are adjusting the device for yourself, and all these improvements in the work in fact are often superfluous. As a result, the mobile phone starts to “dull”, hang, not respond to commands, or incorrectly execute them.

    In this situation, a return to factory settings is an excellent solution.

    Android manual

    Android phones are becoming more popular every day.

    But even despite the fact that the manufacturer is trying in every possible way to release the most simple, but functional products, almost every user begins to change something in it.

    When the time comes to return to the stable operation of a mobile device, sacrificing small changes in the parameters of the phone, you may need exactly this knowledge of how to return the default settings on the phone.

    • We leave, as always, in the “Settings”. Although for some models this section may be called “Parameters”.
    • Find “Backup”. Indeed, most often a rollback to the old settings entails the destruction of part of the data (SMS, contacts, photos, etc.).
    • In this section, you should come across such an item “Reset with restoring factory settings.” You will be offered a choice of actions. Agree with everything (however, do not forget to read what you give your “go-ahead” for).
    • Alternatively, you can still consider this combination: the power button the “Menu” button the button responsible for decreasing the volume (in some models of increase).
    • But be prepared that such returns to standards will lead to inevitable data loss. The applications you have installed will also be destroyed. And those that were installed by the manufacturer will also lose all settings.
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    Therefore, you should resort to this method only as a last resort, remembering to first save everything to an external medium. And remove the memory card.

    Mobile phone manual

    If your phone is not Android, then you should visit the official website of your phone manufacturer.

    • In addition to the fact that you will need to find in the settings “Restore standard (or factory) settings”, you will need to enter a special security code.
    • For example, from HoKIA it is 12345. But if you purchased the phone hand-held, then there is no guarantee that the password will remain intact. Many people like to change it, as if “protecting themselves”, but by doing so they only make it worse.
    • Quite often a new password flies out of my head as it is unnecessary to use it. And if you also sell this phone, then it certainly won’t come to mind to tell the new owner about this password or change it yourself to a standard one.
    • Alternatively, you can try to remove your SIM card and turn on the phone without it. Next, enter the digital combination (again, it is different for different models, for the same NoKIA it is either # or #).
    • And then, perhaps, an option with a protective key, which the manufacturer gave, will slip through. If it does not work out, then you should contact the service centers for help, where they can bypass this dongle.

    How to change the keyboard layout on Android?

    • Install the Gboard app on your Android smartphone or tablet.
    • Open the Settings app.
    • Press System Language & Input.
    • Select Gboard Virtual Keyboard.
    • Specify the option you want, such as Theme or Settings.

    How to increase the keyboard size?

    To increase the size of the keyboard on a Samsung smartphone, proceed as follows:

    • In the “Settings” menu. “General settings”. “Language and input” go to the section “On-screen keyboard”. “Samsung keyboard”.
    • At the bottom, in the “Personalization” tab, go to the “Keyboard size and layout” section.

    According to the Law “On the Protection of Consumer Rights”, you can return the keyboard for the computer back to the seller, both of inadequate quality (defective), and of proper.In this case, the following documents must be attached to the claim:

    How to return the standard keyboard to Huawei?

    Keyboard on Huawei Honor. choosing the default mode

    • Launch the “Settings” application of the smartphone.
    • On the first page of Smartphone Settings, find the “System” item and click on it.
    • On the next page, select the item “Language and input” and click on it.
    • Now click on “Default Keyboard”

    How to remove voice input on Xiaomi?

    There are two ways to turn off the voice assistant on Android Xiaomi.How to remove the voice assistant

    • go to Settings;
    • find the item System and device, and then Advanced settings;
    • enter Language & Input;
    • click on Google Voice Input;
    • click on the Voice Match item;
    • move the toggle switch to the Disabled position.

    How to make a keyboard in Google?

    Click on the “Settings” icon. At the bottom of the screen, click Advanced. In the Accessibility section, select Set up accessibility. In the Keyboard and Text Input section, enable the Enable On-Screen Keyboard option.

    How to get your keyboard back to Google?

    To add it again, follow these steps:

    • Open your Android device settings.
    • Press System Language & Input.
    • Select Virtual Keyboard Manage Keyboards.
    • Turn on Gboard.

    How to Change the Default Color and Font of Keyboard on Samsung?

    To install a new keyboard on Android, you need to download an alternative version from Google Play. Installation will take place automatically, the user only needs to activate the application.

    To activate, choose one of the following methods:

    • We go to “Settings”. “Language and input”. Find the “Keyboard and Input Method” section and select the desired configuration.
    • In some smartphones, you can change the keys in another way: hold down the settings icon until a menu appears. Next, we follow the plan described above.

    Before starting the installation of a new application, the phone’s operating system will send a request to get permission to start downloading data. The user needs to click “Accept”.

    How to Remove Vibration from Keyboard on Samsung. Disable the Setting

    Vibration mode while touching the buttons is not always convenient for the user. How to disable it?

    If your phone has a standard Android system, follow these instructions:

    • Click on “Settings”.
    • Go to “General Settings”.
    • Select “Language & Input”.
    • Find the type of layout that is currently in use (it is marked with a circle) and click on it.
    • A list will appear with options, among which you need to find “Vibration while typing”.
    • Move the slider to the left, disabling the function.

    How to Change Keyboard Color, Language and Theme on Samsung: Remove Vibration, Change Keys and Return Back

    Each smartphone manufacturer strives to make it unique. To achieve this goal, phones are equipped with an exclusive keypad. However, the application does not always respond to user requests. Android allows you to change keys, but how to do it?

    Samsung Galaxy How to Change and Revert Back to Original Icons, Themes and Wallpaper

    How to Change Phone Keyboards. Language, Color and Theme

    Unlike a standard keyboard, the virtual one repeats the computer’s functionality in terms of functionality. Thanks to her, you can:

    • print in different languages;
    • use your native language while using foreign keys abroad;
    • set with the mouse;
    • quickly move from typing method to alphabet.

    Change Virtual Keyboard Keys on Samsung

    To select a new virtual keyboard on an Android smartphone, you must follow the following algorithm:

    • Go to “Settings”.
    • We select “Language and input”.
    • We pass to the current keyboard. It is located in the subsection or tab “Keyboard and input methods”.
    • We mark with a point “Russian” and select the layout.
    • We get to “Language and input”. Select the required type of virtual keys and activate it. Voice input can also be found in this section.
    • For the English-language layout, we repeat all the same.

    In the next generation Android smartphones, the procedure will be slightly different:

    • “Settings”. “Language and input”. In the absence of such an item in the menu, you should go to “Advanced settings” or find the item through the search.
    • After going to “Language and Input”, select the item “Keyboards Management” and turn on the desired.
    • We go back to “Language and input” and click on “Current keyboard”. Select the necessary keys here.

    Missing Keyboard on Samsung Android What to Do?

    Buttons for entering disappear usually disappear from the smartphone screen for two reasons:

    • the application stopped working adequately;
    • error in settings.

    Follow the instructions below to troubleshoot (there are several ways to fix this problem).

    You can return the keys through the “Settings” of the smartphone by adjusting the input methods. We are looking for in the “Input Methods” menu and activate the keyboard by putting a checkmark in front of it.

    If this does not help, we perform the following steps:

    • Opening the virtual keyboard.
    • We clean up the data and clear the cache.
    • Stop the program.
    • Restart your phone.

    After that, the character set panel should be activated.

    15 Apps to Replace Keyboard on Samsung Android

    Leading apps to help change keys on Android are Smart Keyboard Trial, Multiling Keyboard (new beta) and GO keyboard. Each program has its own distinctive features, but not every presented one is suitable for an old phone.

    The new keyboard becomes available after installing the following applications:

    How to Install or Uninstall a Theme on Samsung Phone. Step by Step Guide

    How do I install a theme on Samsung using an Android device? The specified operating system supports several ways of connecting skins. If we talk about One UI, powered by the latest Android upgrade, a regular template designer is available, from which your own styles are created. But a similar module is at the disposal of some developers.

    Where are the Samsung themes

    In order for an ordinary user to install the discussed interface element on Samsung Galaxy, it is enough to use the following sources:

    • the official website of the smartphone manufacturer;
    • Google Play, through which third-party programs are launched.

    How to install a theme on your smartphone

    Consider the algorithm for installing wallpaper from specialized portals. The latter contain skins created in APK files. After downloading using a computer:

    • connect a mobile phone to a PC (as a removable storage device or connect a card reader with a phone flash drive);
    • drag the downloaded content to the memory of the connected device;
    • run the gadget configuration;
    • open the item “Security”;
    • activate the “Unknown sources” checkbox;
    • disable the program check option;
    • go to the file system of the mobile phone through the ES Explorer manager. When there is no suitable application, install from the Play Store;
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    How to delete a theme on Samsung? At this stage of work, it is not too late to get rid of unnecessary elements before installation.

    • run the wallpaper and confirm the installation process;
    • in the phone settings, go to the skins section and set an arbitrary list item as the external design.

    How to choose a theme for your phone


    • open the Play Store (tap on the icon on the desktop or in the menu of installed applications);
    • at the top of the frame, type the query “Subject”;
    • a list of results will appear, in which specify an arbitrary design;
    • click on the inscription “Free” to put a new wallpaper;
    • when the creators ask for money, pay by following the instructions;
    • wait for the content installation to complete.

    Here’s another way, how to remove a theme from a Samsung phone, or how to install it. It will be useful for owners of devices running Android Q. Within the Hex Installer utility, you can send a cover created by yourself. For the designated operating system, a plug-in has been written that expands the functionality of the software for the design of new wallpapers.

    You do not need superuser rights to use the Hex Installer. Similarly, using ADB is an unnecessary option. Software requires investment of funds to use, 65 rubles.

    How to Remove Theme from Android (Samsung) Phone

    We got to the quick instructions on how to erase the installed wallpaper on Samsung Galaxy. Since it was previously reported about the removal of covers at the creation stage, without installing into the operating system of the phone.

    • tap on the “Galaxy Themes” icon in the main frame of your portable gadget;
    • move the top curtain of the screen. the “My Themes” section will appear with a stack of custom skins;
    • click on the preview of the skin;
    • there will be a transition to the page of the installed template, where tap on the delete button (in the lower left part).

    How to Change Theme on Huawei / Honor Phones?

    How do I install the theme now? You will need:

    • In the application, open the section “I”.
    • A list of available themes will appear. Click on one of the titles.
    • Tap on the “Apply” button.
    • Wait for the installation to complete.
    return, default, theme, samsung

    How to remove themes from Huawei phone?

    You can remove unnecessary topics in the same “I” section. But instead of the “Apply” button, you need to tap on “Delete”. Some firmware versions use the trash can icon to erase files.

    If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

    How to create your own theme on Honor / Huawei?

    The Chinese company allows third-party developers to create their own themes. For this, Photoshop and free specialized tools are used. It is imperative to have certain skills in this program and good design taste.

    You can get the necessary files on the official developer portal. In the future, the procedure is carried out according to the standard scheme:

    • Loading templates with themes and tool.
    • Editing items in the selected file.
    • Packaging.
    • Compatibility check and testing.
    • Sending the finished version for approval.

    How to return the default theme to Honor?

    Did you not like the new design, would you like to return the default theme to Huawei? It is easy to do this:

    • Open the Themes app.
    • Go to the “Me” section.
    • Find the standard theme “Defalt” and activate it via the “Apply” button.

    How to install a new theme and change the old one on Honor and Huawei

    How to install theme on Honor and Huawei? It is not difficult to cope with this task, users get ample opportunities to change the design of the system. Our material will provide detailed instructions.

    How to install a new theme on Honor and Huawei?

    Huawei and Honor smartphones are in high demand in our market. They stand out for their attractive price, good performance, and stylish design. Devices running Android OS with EMUI shell work.

    The Android operating system is highly customizable. Including Emotion UI, you can change the design without any problems. It is suggested to choose a theme with different colors, icons, icons, etc. There are incredibly many options, you can find a solution for every taste.

    You can change the theme to Honor and Huawei through a dedicated system application. The Themes program provides the following options:

    • Installing a new skin for the system.
    • Change wallpaper.
    • Download additional fonts.
    • Configuring other system components. keyboard, lock screen, application icons, etc.

    Search for design options occurs in the following sections:

    • Category. Find a solution with a specific topic here.
    • Favorites.
    • Rating. This section contains the most popular topics among users.
    • Find a topic of interest in one of the sections.
    • Click on her name.
    • Tap on the “Download” button.

    The file will be downloaded to the phone’s memory. The storage of themes occurs locally on the device, since to activate them, the smartphone must have access to the contained data.

    Third Party Applications

    Android OS allows users to install third-party launchers. They differ both in design and in the scheme of interaction with the system. But the lack of third-party launchers is that they load the smartphone and can negatively affect the stability of the device.

    With designer status

    This method takes the most time. In order to install a third-party theme, you need to obtain “designer status” from Xiaomi, this is regulated by the company’s internal policy.

    • Go to the official website of Xiaomi designers.
    • Click on the “Register Now” button. If the site is opened in Chinese, just click on the orange button.
    • An authorization form will open, where you must enter the username and password from the Mi-account.
    • Now click on “Individual designer”.
  • When you finish entering personal information, at the bottom of the page, click on the green button.
  • Then it remains only to wait for an e-mail message that the application has been approved.
  • An application for the status of a designer can be considered within two weeks. If after this period you do not receive the letter, you can send the application again.

    If everything went well and you received the status of a designer, themes can be installed through the application of the same name using the “Import” button.

    How to install a theme from the market

    Using a third party application

    Step-by-step instructions on how to install the theme:

      First of all, you need to download and install the MIUI Theme Editor app.

  • Next, download the theme in mtz format to your device.
  • In the program, click on the “Browse” button.
  • Now select “Start”. “Next”. Change the file name and path, if necessary, and then click “Finish”.

    The file will be saved. Click “Yes” to apply, or go to the “Themes” application and find the file there.

    Third-party theme installation procedure

    We have selected 4 options from which you can download themes for free and without security threats to your smartphone:

    Pay attention to the theme version. You cannot install the file for MIUI 10 if you have MIUI 11, 12 and so on.

    So, let’s say you have some MTZ theme for your MIUI version. Let’s figure out how to install it. There are several ways to get around the ban on the installation of third-party files.

    Using ROOT rights

    The first way is superuser rights. You can install them on each model, but there are separate instructions for different Xiaomi smartphones. You can find it on the forum or in the official Mi-fans community.

    Before installing ROOT rights, please note that they nullify the device warranty and give access to all hidden files. Also, improper use of rights can lead to damage to the smartphone.

    After obtaining ROOT rights, you can install files through the standard Themes application:

    • Launch the application and click on your profile icon.
    • Click on “Themes”.
    • Scroll down the list and select “Import”.
    • Now specify the path to the previously downloaded mtz file and restart your smartphone.

    If you don’t have the Themes app or some features are missing, change the region to India in your phone settings. We advise you to learn more about the region on Xiaomi devices.

    What topics are there

    Thus, MIUI themes for Xiaomi phones are categorized into:

    Finding out where to find these themes and how you can install them.