How to restore Viber chat on iPhone

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How to recover messages in Viber

So, it is quite easy to recover deleted Viber messages using a Google account. But users of the iOS platform can also save correspondence in iCloud. It is a cloud service that has many benefits for users. With enough storage in the cloud, you can make a complete backup of your device without worrying about your phone or tablet. You can always restore all correspondence and media files from the vibe. To do this, you need to take steps:

Open Viber app, go to settings.

Open the Account tab, open the Backup tab.

You can link your viber record to iCloud. This way you can always have access to your chats, no matter what happened to your phone. It is very convenient and simple. Depending on your desire, the backup can be performed at a specified time period. You can save automatically, or create copies manually.

Remember, if you deleted some important correspondence, first check whether it was copied, if so, then you can easily get back deleted messages using recovery from iCloud, but if you did not have copying activated or deletion was after archiving, then restore messages needed in another way.

How to recover messages in Viber

Social networks have become a convenient way of communicating and delivering information to a huge number of people. We are increasingly saving important correspondence in instant messengers. But due to its great popularity, users have to study the organization of settings and security. Unlike a social network. in Viber, users do not need to set up privacy restrictions. People can quickly create groups and join interesting communities without the need to register and create an account.

In the messenger, you can send media files, text messages, and all of them can be saved to your personal storage. Thanks to this feature in Viber, you can return deleted messages in a couple of taps. Even if you made the phone laugh and want to transfer your correspondence, communities to another device, you just have to download the program to your phone and connect to your vibe account. The system will offer you to download the saved data and in a couple of seconds you can continue your conversation with your interlocutor where you left off. To be able to use the backup, you just need to follow the following instructions.

Download the program, go through verification by number

Connect your account to your Google account to create a backup and be able to restore the message in Viber.

This option is suitable for both Android and iOS users. By connecting your Google account, you can send a copy of your chats to your mail at any time. To do this, you need to go to the Viber settings, open the call and messages, then click on the Email Log. The process of copying the data will begin and then you will be prompted to enter the email address to send an archive of your messages. The letter will contain an attachment in the form of a zip archive. The only thing is that this option does not work on desktop versions of the application.

How to restore Viber chat on iPhone

Social networks have become more personal and more and more people prefer services that provide confidential and convenient communication. Viber messaging software was one of the first to provide users with convenient communication access. One of the important elements in the system is that it is very easy to restore deleted correspondence in Viber, even if the phone was broken or a reset occurred, but you need to return the correspondence, then there are several ways to do this.

How to restore Viber chat via UltData

If you have tried the methods above, but you still could not restore the necessary messages, or did not enable backups, then you can do it using Tenorshare UltData. The program will allow you to pick up the correspondence and save it to your computer in text format so that you can use it as you need. The program supports different versions of iOS updates and anyone can do the recovery if they have a computer and a phone cable.

Download the program, install it on your computer and connect your phone.

A notification will pop up on the phone whether to trust the connected computer. Need to click trust.

Next, the system will prompt you to choose what you want to restore.

After you check the box, the scanning process of your device will start.

Upon completion of the scan, you will see the recovered messages in the program and you can choose what exactly you want to save.

The system has a number of features, such as recovery using standard methods, via iTunes or iCloud. Therefore, it will become an indispensable tool for users. The UltData utility also allows you to recover almost any data, photos, WhatsApp correspondence. music, audio and video, etc. on iPhone and iPad if they haven’t been overwritten yet.

Phone security

In this article, we looked at the best ways to restore Viber chats. If you are still in doubt how not to lose your messages, then start simple. make backups. As an iPhone user, you have at least two ways to save your conversations. In addition, you can make backups in the cloud, but if the volume of your cloud service from iCloud does not allow you to create large backups, then if possible, you should make a copy of the data via iTunes to your computer. Apple is committed to protecting its users from untrustworthy developers, but only the end user can prevent harm to their phone. To do this, you should always check which site you are visiting and check on the official developer pages where you can download the application. So on the official viber website, the user will find the latest version of the application, which can be downloaded through the AppStore.

In order to be able to always be in touch with those who are dear to you, it will not be superfluous to have a backup option in the form of UltData. So you can always be able to restore your data and save it in a format convenient for you and at any time. Remember safety and do not use untested applications. By exercising caution and attentiveness, you can save your correspondence and your phone from data loss.

For iOS

Visit your iCloud profile before recreating a text copy.

Launch the app, tap. go to your profile and select Settings. Find the “Account” option. Having opened it, click “Backup” and in the list that appears. “Restore”. Wait for the end of the operation.

Backup Text for Viber

This utility allows you to export Viber messages, convert them to files of different formats. It interacts normally with any data storage device: flash drive, memory card, third-party device. Information is also easily sent by email.

The main advantage is the ability to save a file without using cloud storage.

The application is hosted on the Play Store, from where you need to download and install it.

After installation and launch, you need to go to the menu and select the format of the saved information: txt, csv, html or xls (xlsx). The place of their storage is also set there. The program offers several ways to search and export messages.

  • Open Viber.
  • Click the button.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Visit the section “Calls and Messages”.
  • Find “Send message history”.
  • Select “Backup Text for Viber”.
  • Wait for the complete export of the letter.

The information will be available on the device. Depending on the format in which it was saved, you can view and read the files using Notepad, Excel or a browser.

If there is no backup

Remember that your chats will be recorded only in text version, graphic, audio and video files will be lost forever.

If you did not take any steps to save conversations: did not create copies, did not install special programs, then the correspondence disappears forever. The support service does not provide any other recovery methods, neither reinstallation nor reboot will help.

Restoring a backup

To restore messages in Viber, you need to use an existing copy.

It is stored directly on the devices of the sender and recipient, since the policy of the Rakuten company does not imply the preservation of correspondence on servers or other storages.

Application configuration configured to recreate chat directly from mobile device.

How to read someone else’s correspondence

Why do this is a difficult question. You can hide correspondence, hide dialogues in hidden chats, remove the program under blocking. A jealous husband reads SMS and chats, the security service at work can check your loyalty, a friend decided to find out about your secrets out of idle curiosity. you never know the reasons for such actions.

Let’s leave aside the questions of morality, especially since the options described below are also suitable in order to save and read your own correspondence after accidental cleaning.

The easiest of all methods is to peep, gaining physical access to the interlocutor’s device with the installed application.

In general, in order to read extraneous correspondence, synchronize your account on your smartphone or computer, using them as additional devices.

You can also get a file with a backup of the correspondence. It can be either saved in.txt or sent to e-mail.

There are special applications on the network that archive dialogs into text messages.

By the way! Do not forget about the ethics of such an act. Personal data protection involves both administrative and criminal liability. If these rights are violated, you can write a statement to the police or file a lawsuit.

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For iPhone

IOS devices can be backed up in two ways: iTunes and iCloud.

The first option is suitable for recording data on Mac or PC computers. iPhone or iPad is connected to the computer, is in iTunes, on the right side of the window, the method for creating a copy is selected, then “create a copy now” is clicked.

In the second case, you need to open the smartphone settings, select iCloud, log into your account, turn on iCloud Drive.

How to Recover Lost or Deleted Viber Messages on iPhone

To set up a backup, you must:

  • Open the program.
  • Visit your account via the “” button.
  • Go to “Account” tab. “Backup”.
  • Create a copy with a convenient period for saving dialogs.
  • Wait for the system to finish archiving the file.
  • The list will be supplemented with a new line. the restore option. It will help you get back the text of deleted chats.

You can disable the function, then the backup will be saved without further updates.


This function automatically saves the correspondence in the cloud storage for a certain period. Google Drive is used for Android devices, iCloud for iPhone and iPad.

Is it possible to recover deleted messages in Viber

IPhones are very demanding phones, and the general rules of popular applications do not always apply to them. However, in case of special or accidental deletion of information in the application, you can restore the correspondence. But only on one condition that you previously configured Viber correctly or regularly create a backup using your smartphone. via iTunes or iCloud. If none of the requirements are met, then there is no way to restore messages that you deleted.

Ways to restore correspondence

If you deleted a chat or individual messages and now want to restore them, then for iPhones, there are three main ways: through the Viber application itself, through the iTunes program or through the iCloud storage. Read each method carefully and strictly follow the instructions.


The easiest, fastest and most convenient way is to recover messages and call history from your phone through the Viber application itself. However, this option will only work if you previously activated the backup function in the settings. How to check it:

  • Go to the Viber application.
  • At the bottom, click on the “” button.
  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Select “Account”, and then click “Backup”.

If this option is enabled in your Viber, then you just need to click on the “Restore” button below. After that, all your correspondence will be updated, up to deleted messages. A similar method works when removing Viber and re-downloading the application to the same or another smartphone. If you notice that the history of calls and chats has been updated only until a certain date, then pay attention to the frequency of archiving a copy of the correspondence. In the settings of the “Backup” item, it is possible to select the frequency of re-saving information from Viber. year, month, week, day.

Only messages can be restored via the backup function. Media files, emoticons and other inserts will be unavailable.

From iTunes backup

The next way to recover lost or deleted messenger correspondence is to contact a specialized program for iPhone and computers for help. It is called iTunes. This is an auxiliary utility that is downloaded to a laptop or computer and is a binder for two devices (PC and smartphone). With it, you can fully sync your smartphone and iTunes data. But in order to restore the necessary information from the iPhone, you need not only to connect the phone via the cable to the computer, but also to activate the “Backup” function in advance. If you do not remember whether the copy is saved or not, then check it as follows:

  • Connect your smartphone to your computer via a cord.
  • Launch iTunes.
  • After the two devices are paired, you will see an active black phone icon in the program (near the “Music” section).
  • Click on it and go to the menu of the mobile device.
  • A separate field with the name “Automatic copy creation” will be presented below.
  • If there is a checkmark “Save to iTunes” under it, then you can restore a deleted file, an entire correspondence or a separate message after you click “Restore from a copy”.

ITunes is very useful for iPhone owners. Through it you can download music, videos and save photos for free.

How to restore correspondence and messages in Viber on iPhone

Viber is a messenger application where you can correspond with your friends, relatives, colleagues for free. This is a simple and straightforward application for smartphones, which can be downloaded and installed by any user. Correspondence in Viber is not only the process of exchanging information and files, but also your feelings, emotions, using colorful emojis, stickers and emoticons. For iPhone owners, a number of other important functions are presented here, which are indispensable. And if you lose some important information in the messenger, you can restore it.

From iCloud backup

The required account and primary storage for Apple devices is iCloud Server. The iCloud mail account is tied to your smartphone and registers its data in the system after purchase. In order for your correspondence to be saved in the cloud storage on your phone, in the “Accounts and Passwords” settings, click “iCloud”, and under the item “Storage” in iCloud Drive, Viber must be active. If this rule is observed, then you can access deleted messages:

  • Log in from your phone or computer to iCloud mail under your account.
  • You will see the same menu as on the phone.
  • Select the folder “iCloud Drive”.
  • Open Viber and you can see deleted messages.

You should understand that if, before you deleted the message, you did not perform a single action to create a backup copy of Viber. neither through the application, nor through iCloud, or through iTunes, you will not be able to restore the correspondence. Therefore, if you are going to continue using Viber, then do not be lazy and configure your device for comfortable use.

How to restore a conversation in Viber after deletion: on Android, iPhone and PC

After long-term use of the messenger, a large number of chats accumulates in it, and for further comfortable use of the service, you have to clean the history.

In the future, you may need some information from the chat and the question arises, how to recover messages in Viber after deletion? You can return the necessary data only if a backup was made before.

When you delete messages in Viber on any device, they are automatically deleted from the messenger’s servers. To protect your correspondence from accidental deletion and the possibility of its restoration in the future, it is best to keep backups regularly.

Let’s take a closer look at how to recover correspondence and deleted messages in Viber on your phone and PC.

How to recover chats and messages in Viber on Android

The only way to recover messages in Viber after deleting them on Android is to use a backup. To do this, open the application on your smartphone and perform the following steps in sequence:

  • In the application menu, go to the “Settings” section.

Click on the subsection “Account”.

Open the item “Backup” and then click on “Restore”. If the backup is stored in the Google cloud (it is saved there by default), then the restoration of correspondence in Viber on Android will start automatically.

If for some reason your backup is not stored in Google storage, but in another location, then you need to copy the backup file to the folder where the messenger stores data about messages. On Android, this folder has the following address: “/data/data/com.viber.voip/databases/”.

By default, the file with the data about the correspondence is named “viber_messages”. It is he who needs to be placed at the above address. To access the folder, you must have Root rights.

How to restore Viber chat on iPhone

In order to restore the correspondence and deleted messages in Viber on the iPhone, you again need to turn to the backup. It is stored in iCloud by default. If you installed Viber on another iOS device and you need to restore the correspondence, then do the following:

  • Log in with your username and password in iCloud.
  • Log in to your Viber account.
  • The system will automatically offer to use the backup. Click “Recover Now”.

Restoration of correspondence and messages in Viber on iPhone will start automatically.

Important! You will only be able to restore a backup if it was created on an iOS device.

What recovery methods are there

Viber already has a built-in option for saving correspondence, the easiest way to work with it. If you do not want to use the built-in options, you can install additional applications and upload messages using them.

Important. Received and sent photos, videos, files are not saved, only text is copied. You can download pictures yourself and save them in the device gallery.

In what cases can messages disappear?

The correspondence may disappear in the event of an error in the messenger, accidental deletion by the user, reinstallation of the application or installation on a new phone. If the messages were not saved using third-party applications and the backup option was not configured, the SMS cannot be returned.

Let’s consider how to recover deleted correspondence, how to connect a backup on a smartphone, which utilities are better to use.

Backup text for Viber utility

With Backup text for Viber, you can copy messages to an SD card or send them by mail. There is a choice of file format in the menu, you can mark only incoming or outgoing SMS.

The service does not automatically detect SMS, they need to be sent using Viber. To do this, go to the “Calls and Messages” menu, click on “Send message history”, check Backup text for Viber.

Important. The new version of Viber does not have an option to send SMS history. Accidentally deleted SMS can be restored using a backup. You don’t have to install an additional application for this.

How to return a conversation to Viber. all ways

Messages received in Viber are stored in the phone memory. Data is not recorded on messenger servers from security calculations. Let’s consider how to restore Viber correspondence on a smartphone and PC, how to enable backup and in what cases SMS can be deleted.

Backup on Android and iOS

Automatic saving of correspondence in Viber is available by default. Data is stored on cloud storage in Google Drive or iCloud, depending on the operating system of the smartphone.

  • Open Viber, click on the “” button, tap on the line “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Account” option, tap on “Backup”.
  • Add a valid Google email (iCloud is usually automatically added to iPhone).
  • Click on “Create a backup”, select the desired period of time, for example “Daily”.
  • Close preferences.

Now Viber will automatically save all messages, you can return them after uninstalling, reinstalling the messenger or installing it on a new device.

  • Enter the backup option as shown above.
  • Click on the “Restore” button.
  • Confirm the operation in the window that opens.

The message history will be automatically downloaded from the cloud storage and will appear in Viber in a few minutes.

Important. Recovery time depends on the number of SMS and the speed of the Internet connection. Pictures, videos and files cannot be recovered. If photos or videos remain in the phone’s memory, they will appear in the recovered chats.

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Copy of the message log

You can restore deleted Viber correspondence using a previously sent copy. This method works only on an outdated version of the messenger, in new assemblies sending an SMS archive was removed from security calculations.

How to send a copy of messages to your mail:

  • Open “Settings”, go to “Calls and Messages”.
  • Find the option “Send message history”.
  • Viber will create a file and offer to print an email address, or

You won’t be able to return the sent file to Viber, but you can always open it on your computer and read the necessary correspondence.

Important. This method is not available in new versions of Viber.

Recover message history on another PC or after reinstalling Windows

The PC version of Viber is not as popular as for smartphones, but nevertheless it also has a number of advantages and a large audience of users. To start using Viber on a computer, the user must have an active mobile account. The PC version of the application will simply not work without it.

So, is it possible to recover chat history in Viber for PC? After all, as already mentioned above, it is not possible to restore the message history of the Viber mobile application in the program itself. You can only create a text copy of the correspondence or replace the file with the chat history.

The entire history of Viber for PC chats is stored in the viber.db file in a folder on the C drive: C: \ Users \ Username \ AppData \ Roaming \ ViberPC \ Phone Number

In order to restore the history of Viber chats, you need to restore the specified file.

So, if you reinstalled the operating system on your computer, and you need to restore your Viber chat history, then do the following:

Run Hetman Partition Recovery and scan the disk from your computer with it.

Find the viber.db file using the program and restore it.

Go to a folder on your computer C: \ Users \ Username \ AppData \ Roaming \ ViberPC \ Phone Number.

restore, viber, chat, iphone

Replace the existing viber.db file with the restored one containing the history of your chats.

If you need to transfer the Viber history to another computer, just replace the file in the above application folder with your phone number of the other PC, with the restored message history file viber.db.

Create and restore a backup of your message history on Android

Viber is the same messenger application as WhatsApp, which to some extent are competitors. Millions of users around the world communicate using this application, using both their smartphones or tablets, as well as computers or laptops.

Many of the chats provide some value to their users. That is why the developers of the application provided the ability to create a backup copy of Viber chats. However, such a backup copy of the messenger’s correspondence history has certain limitations: a backup copy of the correspondence can be created and read in text form, but it cannot be restored back in the application itself, and copies of sent files (photos, videos, etc.) are not saved to such text files. etc.).

Run the application and open the Menu.

Go to Settings / Calls & Messages.

Select “Send Email” or “Email Log” (depending on the version of the application).

Thus, using Viber, a backup copy of the messenger chats will be created and sent to your email box. The chats will be stored in a zip folder and will be csv files with the names of the contacts with whom the correspondence was carried out. Each of the files includes only text correspondence, and at the places of sent or received files is written, for example, “Photo message”. instead of an image.

However, these files with copies of chats cannot be restored back to Viber.

Restore or transfer Viber correspondence to Android

Like any other messenger, Viber stores the history of its messages in a separate file. By restoring such a file or creating a backup copy of it, and placing it in the folder in which it is saved by the application itself, it is possible to restore the user’s chat history.

The file with the history of Viber messages is stored on the device with the Android operating system in the folder:

Note. The folder in which Viber data is located is located in the internal system memory of the device. You can access it only with Root rights or using one of the Root Explorer programs.

If you need to restore your Viber chat history (for example, after reinstalling the application), go to the above folder and replace the existing “viber_messages” file with the previously created backup copy, then start Viber.

Recover received and sent Viber files

As you know, using Viber, users can correspond not only with text messages, but also send files: images, sound or video files. In the case of using the application on a smartphone, it saves all sent or received files on the memory card; or on your hard drive if you are using Viber on your computer.

On the smartphone’s memory card, such files are stored by default in the folder: sdcard / viber / media /.

By default, these files are stored on the computer’s hard disk in the folder: C: \ Users \ Username \ Documents \ ViberDownloads.

The most common reasons for losing received or sent Viber files are:

  • Viruses;
  • Accidental deletion;
  • Formatting the hard disk of a computer or a memory card of a smartphone;
  • Restore Viber default settings or return the smartphone to factory state.

In any of the above cases, files that are received or sent using Viber can be recovered using Hetman Partition Recovery. To do this, run the program and use it to scan the storage medium from which you want to recover Viber files (smartphone memory card or computer hard drive).

Find the files you want to return, create a recovery list and save it by clicking the “Recover” button.

Questions and answers

The passwords saved in the browser are protected by the operating system, the password of the current user.

Run the program under the desired user to gain access to passwords.

Most modern smartphones save photos to a memory card rather than the internal memory of the device. To recover, remove the card from the phone, connect it to the computer and run the analysis.

The program can also recover data from the internal memory of some phones. Connect your phone to your computer and run the analysis. The program will display the photos found for recovery.

The utility is designed to recover data from deleted partitions and re-partitioned disks. Follow these steps:

  • Abort Windows installation or reset operation.
  • Connect the drive to another computer if you cannot load the operating system.
  • Use ‘Full Analysis’ across the entire physical device to recover data from previously deleted partitions.

The ransomware virus deletes documents and creates a new encrypted copy of them. Our program allows you to recover deleted documents and access the original files.

It depends on the payment method you are using. If you pay online with your credit card or PayPal, you will receive a registration key immediately after payment.

For a successful recovery, you must stop using the device until the necessary files are fully returned.

If it is an external drive, memory card or flash drive, then connect it to the PC and analyze using the program.

If data is deleted as a result of formatting the system disk, resetting the system, or reinstalling Windows, then stop further installation of the system and programs. Connect the drive to another computer and restore.

The recovered files must be saved to a different drive.

How To Backup And Restore Viber Messages Tutorial

Data recovery can take a long time when working with a disk larger than 1 terabyte. Bad disks can also take a long time to scan. However, in most cases, recovery takes less than 30 minutes.

How to Recover Chat History, Contacts and Viber Files on Android or Windows

The article presents ways to recover the history of chats or correspondence, videos or photos that were sent from Viber to Windows or Android. Our article will be useful for Viber users who have ever faced the need to restore the history of chats or correspondence, videos or photos that were sent using this messenger, as well as with the need to restore correspondence in case of reinstalling the computer operating system or starting to use the program on another computer.

This article will be of interest to both Viber users on Android and Windows personal computers, because both versions of the popular messenger will be described.

How to Backup and Restore Viber Messages on iPhone

restore, viber, chat, iphone

Updated in January 2019

Please note that in the latest versions, Viber no longer stores any data on the memory card of a smartphone or tablet.

Therefore, all files sent or received via Viber (images, audio, video, documents, etc.) are saved by the application not in the device memory, but in the folder:

If such files are deleted from the chat, they continue to be stored in the specified folder. It is enough to go to / viber / media, open the folder corresponding to the type of file you are looking for.

How to clear chat in Viber on iPhone

In some cases, it is possible not to delete everything, it is enough to remove a few messages:

  • The message is selected. To display the menu, you need to hold your finger on it.
  • Ignoring the options for answering, copying and changing, the “” item is selected.
  • The application offers to translate, forward or delete. The last one is chosen.
  • The final step on the way to how to delete unnecessary messages on iPhone in Viber is to choose between deleting on this device and deleting from everyone. In the latter case, the message will be lost forever.

Important! The answer to the question of how to delete several sent messages in Viber at once on the iPhone is to alternately repeat the above steps.

Viber takes up a lot of iPhone memory: how to clean

On phones with sufficient memory, these problems do not arise. For those gadgets that cannot boast of this, at the moment when the iCloud storage is full, the task will arise. to delete data that takes up a lot of space. Most often, users are interested in how to clear Viber on the iPhone, as the information is out of date. To make room for new data, you will need to use one of two options:

  • transferring files downloaded to the phone to a third-party device;
  • uninstalling the program while saving the files. In this case, to restore full access, you will need to re-download.

How to delete a chat in Viber on iPhone

How to delete a chat in Viber on iPhone? This can be done in a simple way:

  • A chat line is selected, which the user plans to permanently remove.
  • The line is swiped to the left, a menu of actions opens, among which there is a delete. There is no difference in functionality among iPhone models: it is available on both the latest gadget and the outdated SE.
  • After the program will warn about the consequences in the form of leaving the chat, offering an alternative. mute the sound for notifications.
  • If cleared, the line will disappear. In this case, the user will be able to automatically leave the chat, while the remaining participants will continue to correspond.

Note! Messages sent by the person who left the chat will remain in history. If this does not suit you, you will need to delete each message separately, which will take more time.

Despite the clarifications, complete cleaning is possible, and quite quickly. Instructions on how to delete a chat in Viber on an iPhone will help you get rid of several correspondences at once in a minute. It is enough to move from one line to another, alternately brushing off each unwanted one. The advantage of the method is its simplicity.

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How to recover Viber chats after deleting them on iPhone

Losing your phone or switching to a new device forces you to look for ways to copy data from instant messengers. Information from Viber can be transferred, but dealing with the problem with an iPhone is not always easy. The following are ways to create copies and download data that you can use to restore correspondence.

How to clear cache in Viber on iPhone

Clearing the cache means removing outdated files and erasing used links. Unlike Android on iPhone, the storage system is closed, which implies minimal intervention from the owner. In earlier versions of iOS, it was possible to clear the memory by increasing the available space. Now there is a function “Download application”, that is, its actual removal from the phone. In this case, it will be possible to view documents and data. To start fully using the downloaded Viber, you will need to download the full version to the phone’s memory again. Despite the low traffic costs, it is better to use Wi-Fi rather than mobile Internet.

Important! The danger of this method lies in the likelihood that sometimes applications will be deleted irrevocably, since the AppStore excludes some from the list of available ones.

How to back up to Viber on iPhone

File recovery is possible using backup. It is manually configured.

Important! Viber app has a backup reminder function.

To save chats with received photos and videos, you need to open access to the storage. Unlike Android phones, the iPhone uses iCloud. To activate it, you need:

  • Go to settings.
  • At the top of the page, go to your username.
  • In the first line of the second block, find the inscription “iCloud”.
  • The list of programs installed on the iPhone will open. It is not complete. First you need to enable “iCloud Drive”.
  • After that, lines will appear, including the required application. It must be turned on so that there is a green activity mark on the right.

The steps taken will allow access to copy.

  • You will need to go to Viber, select “Settings” located in the “” section below.
  • By going to “Account”, “Backup” will appear.
  • By choosing Create Now, the user grants permission to copy. This can take some time and use up traffic. When finished, information about the last saved copy will appear on the bottom line of the tab.

Note! Automatic creation can be configured right there using the “Generate automatically” line. The program will suggest convenient time intervals.

How to recover Viber chats after deleting them on iPhone

Accidental deletion of the messenger leads to data loss. Therefore, the question may arise, how to restore the correspondence in Viber after deletion on iPhone.

Note! The program does not imply the ability to automatically save correspondence and sent files, the function needs to be configured.

After uninstalling, you need to download the software from the AppStore again and go to the application. Further:

  • if the phone and number remain the same, Viber will independently offer to restore from the last backup;
  • if the gadget is new and the number is previous. If the profile is filled, the SIM card will become the key to recovery. After downloading to a new device, at the first start, a window should appear prompting you to enter the number. Within a minute, an SMS confirmation will be sent to it, and the information will be restored from the last save;
  • if the number has changed, but the device has not been changed. Contacts, groups, files are saved on the device. When changing the number, it is enough to correct the personal profile and confirm the correctness of the entered contact using SMS;
  • if everything has changed. In this case, you need to restore Viber by changing the number. After that, you need to create a backup, download the program to a new smartphone and use a SIM card to start the process.

After the above, it becomes clear whether it is possible to restore the correspondence in Viber and how to do it after deleting it on the iPhone.

Why messages disappeared

The correspondence usually disappears after reinstalling Viber or when buying a new mobile phone. A messenger is connected to the new device, you are logged into your profile, but there are no messages.

The main reasons why Viber messages disappeared:

  • reinstalling the messenger;
  • installing the application on a new device;
  • an error in the application (occurs extremely rarely);
  • settings went wrong after updating the operating system of the phone or Viber.

Most often, recovery is required after uninstalling the application. Viber does not automatically save the correspondence, however, during operation, it repeatedly notifies about the setting of the backup option.

Important. If no backup has been configured, you will not be able to get your message history back.

Recover messages in Viber

How can I restore a conversation in Viber? There is no need to install additional programs. In the messenger menu there is a “Backup” function, with the help of it you can quickly return the entire history of correspondence on a smartphone with Android or on an iPhone.

An important point. Backup works on old and new versions of the messenger. Only text messages can be returned. Voice recordings, files, including photos, cannot be recovered.

If Viber needs to be restored on a new mobile phone, only text messages will be returned. If you restore data on your old phone, some chats will also display photos that were saved in the gallery in the Viber folder.

How to recover messages and correspondence in Viber

Messages in Viber can disappear for various reasons, you can return them using the built-in function. You can quickly return all SMS both on a mobile phone and on a PC; for this, backup is used. Let’s consider how to restore Viber correspondence on a smartphone and on a computer.

How to return a conversation to Viber on your phone

You can recover deleted Viber correspondence in a few minutes. To work, you need to enter the settings and select a copy. Copying SMS takes 1-5 minutes. When copying, the phone must be connected to the Internet.

Attention. Immediately after installation and switching to the profile, Viber independently issues a request for SMS recovery. If this does not happen, follow the instructions below.

  • Open app settings.
  • Go to the “Account” menu and open “Backup”.
  • Click “Restore”.
  • At the top of the screen, you can see the date of the last data saving, as well as the file size.

Data can be recovered for free. The action is the same on Android and iPhone. Copying time usually does not exceed 1-2 minutes.

Important. You cannot return photos and videos through backup.

Recover messages on a computer

How to recover deleted correspondence on a computer? To do this, you do not have to go to the settings, after synchronizing the messenger, all SMS will return automatically.

Instructions on how to sync your phone with your computer:

  • Run the application on a PC or laptop.
  • Click “Next”, read the agreement, if necessary.
  • A QR code will appear on the display.
  • Take your mobile phone and turn on the scanner built into Viber.
  • Scan by aligning the frames on your smartphone with the QR code on your computer.
  • After a successful scan, a synchronization request will appear on the screen, click the button.
  • Open Viber on your phone and click “Get Started”.

The messenger will automatically copy all correspondence, also restore contacts and downloaded packages with emoticons.

Can I restore Viber conversations on my tablet? To do this, use a backup on a tablet with a SIM. If there is no SIM card, connect the tablet as a second device and perform synchronization like on a PC.

Is it possible to return SMS using third-party programs

You can also restore deleted correspondence in Viber through third-party applications. Among the free options are Titanium Backup and Backup text Viber.

To create a copy, you need to install one of the applications, enter the menu, select Viber from the list and press the button for creating a backup. Such services create copies of SMS in separate files in txt or gz format. You can transfer the file to any device, data recovery is also carried out through the application menu.

Attention. Viber developers do not recommend using third-party services. The built-in backup option does its job perfectly.

How can I restore a conversation in Viber? Use a backup. Pictures and videos cannot be returned, but the messages will appear in the messenger again in a few minutes. Do not forget to configure the copy option before using Viber, otherwise you will not be able to return the correspondence.

From android

The developers have taken care of the automatic restart of the information set by the program settings. A person is free to return the state of the software before erasing the content. We attach instructions that will help with the current situation:

  • go to the phone configuration;
  • select “Backup and reset”;
  • click the “Automatic” button;
  • tap “Applications”;
  • mark Insta among the list of installed software;
  • click “Recover data”;
  • select “Account”.

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages from Phone: Basic Ways

How to restore Instagram correspondence, users are often interested in that they accidentally or intentionally erased their message history. Although no one is immune from technical failure of the application or the server.

In this article, we’ll look at ways to get back access to valuable posts of Instagram members. We warn you about the preparatory measures that should be taken before electronic communication with followers.

Is it possible to restore Instagram correspondence after deleting

In case of suspicion of a system glitch, due to which they lost the necessary materials:

  • contact your interlocutor for screenshots of deleted messages;
  • restart your cellular gadget;
  • demolish the old application and install the new one;
  • restart your account;
  • write to the support staff.

The last indicated option seems to be the most reliable method for returning correspondence:

  • open the help tab;
  • explain the essence of troubles to a company employee.

How to recover Instagram chat from phone

To the services of interested subscribers, there is a function of data resuscitation through standard means. However, the built-in methods of how to recover deleted messages do not always work.

  • Instagram is not available to return information that was rejected in the submission status. A similar incident is relevant when the user turns on the button to cancel the transmission of the notification;
  • think about activating the backup before erasing the chat, otherwise you risk losing the conversation forever.


IOS device owners are free to access the iCloud cloud. The latter provides a stack backup of the information. Automatic save mode works if the person did not intentionally change the configuration on the iPhone.

How to recover deleted messages on Instagram when the history of messages written by you and the owner of someone else’s profile disappeared in your account? Use the same capacities of virtual storage of correspondence between users of photo hosting:

  • open device settings;
  • select the “Owner name” command;
  • tap “iCloud”;
  • tap “Manage storage”;
  • click “Backups”.