How to reset your Samsung Smart TV

Connecting using WPS

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Connecting devices using the WPS function is widely used. In order to implement such a connection, you need to do the following:

  • go to the “Network Settings” section;
  • select the “WPS” item;
  • press the corresponding button with the WPS label on the router and hold it for about 2 minutes;
  • at this time, the TV will receive all the necessary settings and enter them into the appropriate fields.

Thus, one button sends all the information to the TV and realizes the automatic configuration of the wireless network. When the setup is complete, the network check screen appears. This means that the connection was made.

With Plug Access technology

If your modem or router supports Plug Access, you can use it to set up your wireless connection. This requires:

  • insert the storage device into the USB port on the router (if the light is blinking, then there is access to the network);
  • the device is now removed from the router and inserted into the TV;
  • immediately after that, the device will begin to transmit the necessary information and establish a connection automatically.

When the network check screen appears, the setup was successful.

If in the process of using the devices the settings of the router are changed, then it is necessary to repeat the procedure to update the data.

Wired LAN connection

This method is to directly connect the TV to an external modem. A standard Ethernet cable is used for this. Most often, this method is used for 5 series TVs that do not use wireless modules.

Connection can be made not only through a modem, but also directly through a network outlet. It is better to know in advance about the possibility of such a connection, since it depends on the specific TV settings.

Depending on whether your home network is dynamic or static, the connection is done slightly differently. For a dynamic network, modems and routers with the support of appropriate technologies are used. Often they automatically set all the necessary parameters.

To implement a connection to a dynamic network, you need to do the following:

After completing the test, the network will be configured. This approach is implemented in devices with DHCP support.

Wi-Fi wireless connection

To implement a wireless connection, you need a device that supports this data transfer. 7 series TVs are almost all equipped with the necessary equipment. But sometimes you may additionally need an external WI-FI adapter that connects directly to the TV. This is necessary for those models in which this component is not built.

The TV needs to be connected to a wireless IP device (modem or router). If there is DHCP support, then you can use this protocol and automatically configure the connection.

It is important to select a free channel for the TV, since the use of the same channel by two devices will lead to interruptions and interference.

If you need to connect a WI-FI adapter, it is recommended to turn off the TV first. After connecting the device, it can be turned on. In this case, you can observe some distortion of the image, which can be removed after detailed connection settings. You can also use an extension cord to help you place the adapter in a noise-free location.

Rectangular USB adapters are widely used, which makes it easy to organize an access point. This adapter connects one end to the Samsung Wireless LAN port and the other to the USB port.

You can also use an extension cable. It connects to the USB port and Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter. In this case, the adapter itself can be fixed on the back of the TV.

After all the manipulations, you will need to proceed with the direct TV setup. An important place in this case is allocated to the system of protection of accounts and the network as a whole. For protection, a security code is used, which should be as complex as possible. Otherwise, it will not be easy to protect the network from intrusion.

A combination of letters and numbers is used as a password.

It is recommended to use different case letters. The password is entered during the initial wireless setup, and then each new connected device must use the network with this password.

It is worth noting. That if the connection speed is lower than 10 Mbps, then there may be problems with automatic configuration. In this case, manual input of parameters may be required.

After that, the connection will be configured and you can start using the functionality of the device.

Samsung Smart TV Functions and Features

Samsung Smart TV is not just a TV, but an advanced multifunctional platform. It includes advanced features for viewing various content. Much more this system resembles a traditional computer or smartphone.

Here you can easily use social networks, watch videos and install various applications. These are the features that make Smart technologies so popular.

The main functions of Smart TV include:

  • displaying digital television;
  • the ability to play content from external sources;
  • implementation of search through the Internet;
  • installation of various programs and applications;
  • watching YouTube;
  • video calls via Skype or other systems.

Registration and account creation

Before you can use all the features of Smart TV, you need to create a Samsung account. This is a fairly simple procedure that does not take much time. To create, you need a stable Internet connection at a speed of at least 20 Mb / s. Otherwise, the data transfer may be delayed or not at all.

  • turn on the TV and press the “Smart” button on the remote control;
  • in the list of applications, select the item “Smart HUB”;
  • in the application, select the item “Create an account”;

after accepting the Terms of Service Agreement, an account creation window will appear;

in the corresponding field you will need to enter your username and password using the virtual keyboard;

  • now you need to click the “OK” button;
  • Now you can use the created account. The TV will log in and allow you to use the full range of functions.

    How to set up TV on Smart TV Samsung: expand the capabilities of the TV

    Modern televisions greatly expand the possibilities for viewing programs. Now these are not just TV signal receivers, but real multimedia centers. The leading positions in this area are occupied by Samsung Smart TVs. But if you mess with the device for too long and cannot properly set up the TV on the Samsung Smart TV, then after studying this article, all difficulties will be left behind.

    How to connect

    Setting up Samsung Smart TV is not possible without an internet connection. This is the only way to use all the functions of the TV. Without the Internet, buying a device is impractical. Consider the methods of connecting TVs of different series to the network.

    How to update the firmware on a Samsung TV?

    The update is received by various devices that have certain software, including TVs with Smart TV support. But why do you need to install the latest OS at all?

    • The new firmware fixes existing bugs and errors in the system.
    • The developers are closing the discovered vulnerabilities to ensure the safety of users.
    • Additional features added.
    • New applications can be embedded in the latest version.
    • Improves the stability and speed of the system.

    Therefore, it is necessary to update the OS in a timely manner. Then you can be confident in the safety of the device, you will be able to use the latest features, and you will appreciate the excellent functioning of the TV.

    What are the ways to update there?

    • From a flash drive.
    • Automatically via the Internet.

    How to update Samsung Smart TV

    How to update Samsung Smart TV? Owners of TVs from this manufacturer can independently install the latest software version. Let’s get acquainted with the available methods together and prepare instructions for users.

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    Update Samsung TV over the Internet

    It is much easier to update the software over the Internet. You do not have to look for a suitable version of the OS on the website, the system will automatically download all the files and replace the firmware.

    To update, the TV must be connected to the Internet. The connection can be made either by wire or via Wi-Fi. Now:

    • Launch the menu.
    • Go to “Support”.
    • Select “Software Update”.
    • Click “Update Now”.
    • The device will check for new OS versions.
    • When updates are released, the system will offer to install them. Confirm installation.
    • The TV will download the firmware and install it on its own. It remains to wait for the completion of the procedure.

    In this menu, you can enable “Auto update”. When this function is activated, the TV will independently check for the latest OS versions and install them. Naturally, this option requires a constant internet connection to work.

    How to update via a USB flash drive?

    How do I update the software on my Samsung TV? If the user wants to perform this operation himself, then it is necessary to use a flash drive. Visit the official website initially. Find your own TV model in the list of company-made devices. Before downloading the firmware, you need to check the supported language in the OS, as there are several versions for different countries.

    The downloaded archive must be unpacked, the files must be placed on a USB flash drive. Connect the drive to the TV via the USB connector. Now you need:

    • Open the menu.
    • Select the section “Support”.
    • Go to “Software update”.
    • Choose the option to install via USB.
    • The system will start installing the update, you need to wait for the procedure to complete.

    How to update browser on Samsung Smart TV?

    The browser built into the system is updated along with the firmware. Therefore, you do not need to carry out this procedure separately for the application. If necessary, the manufacturer will update the web browser in the next OS version.

    Engineering (system) reset of all settings in Samsung TVs.

    Consider a solution to the problem when resetting the installed settings in the TV to factory settings does not help. That is, after a reset, some settings remain in place.

    In this case, the so-called engineering or system reset can help us. It is done the same way on different Samsung TV models.

    There are two options for this reset. Let’s get to know them.

    Turn off the TV with the remote control. The TV will only be plugged into the socket. When the TV is turned off, you will need to quickly and consistently press the following buttons on the remote control.

    1st option: press the buttons “INFO”, “MENU”, “MUTE”, “POWER”.

    2nd option: press the buttons “MUTE”, “1”, “8”, “2”, “POWER” in a row. See image below.

    After dialing a combination of these buttons, the TV turns on and the following menu appears on the screen, as in the image below.

    Here we select the first menu item “Option”. Press the “Enter” button on the remote control.

    Let’s move on to the next window. In it we are interested in the “Factory Reset” subsection. This is the top line. See image below.

    Press the “Enter” button on the remote control twice. All previously set TV settings will be completely reset.

    Then the TV will start after such a reset from scratch, with the installation of the general initial settings. the menu language, country network settings, etc.

    Next, you will need to configure the channels and so on. Detailed lessons on such a TV setup are available on the network.

    When accessing the Smart TV menu, we will make sure that all installed settings, widgets have disappeared. Have to accept the service agreement again.

    Next, you will need to restore Samsung and Smart TV accounts.

    You will also have to go through the standard procedures for all updates, create a Develop account. A lesson on creating an account also exists on the net.

    Recall that before performing such a system reset, try first performing a standard factory reset. If this does not help, then you can turn to this option.

    Reset settings on Samsung D series TVs (not all models):

    • If you did everything correctly, then such a window will appear in front of you.
    • In this window, you can reset absolutely all settings to the original level, and in the menu, you can reset not only the general settings of your TV, but also the Smart TV and Smart Hub settings. To reset all previously set settings, it will be enough to press the “Ok” button.

    Instructions on how to reset general settings, Smart TV and Smart Hub on Samsung TVs

    Before proceeding with the description of the steps for resetting the settings to the factory level, we must warn you that there must be good reasons for such a decision. If you understand the seriousness of this procedure and its consequences, then follow our recommendations. We’ll show you how to completely reset your Samsung TV (D, H, F series).

    ATTENTION. If you have any questions about the operation of your device, contact an experienced technician for advice or professional repair of Samsung TVs.

    Reset to Reset on Select D Series Models

    It should be noted that on some D-series TVs, which we talked about earlier, resetting the settings to the factory level also occurs similar to the previous one, but there are minor differences. If necessary, you can seek advice from the Samsung helpers service center by leaving a request on the website. So, if you have a Samsung TV (D series), however, by the very first method that we described, you could not reset the settings on it, it is likely that you need to go the other way:

    • Take the remote to your TV and press the “Menu” button on it.
    • After that go to “System”.
    • Then you will need to select the “Plug Play” option from the proposed list. Confirm the selection of this item with the appropriate “Ok” button.
    • When you have done all this, a window will pop up in front of you in which you will need to enter a pin code. Once you enter this code, all settings on your Samsung TV will automatically reset to factory defaults.

    Reset settings on Samsung TVs (H, F series)

    With this simple procedure, you can reset the settings only on Samsung TVs that belong to the D series, but not on all of their models, but we will talk about this later. If your TV is an H or F series, this procedure will not help. Owners of TVs of these series, in order to reset the settings to factory settings, you need:

    • After that go to “Support”.
    • And select the “Self-diagnosis” tab in it.
    • After these steps, you click on the “Reset” section.
    • Please note that for this you will need to enter a pin code. Note that the standard pin code consists of four zeros, but if you changed it for various reasons, you will need to enter the code that you asked.
    • After you enter the correct PIN code, a warning will appear on your TV screen that all settings will be reset to the original level. If you agree with this, then just click “Yes”.

    Factory reset using Smart Hub

    • In the settings window that opens, select the “Reset” section.
    • In the same way as in the methods above, enter the PIN code by default. it’s four zeros.
    • After confirming your actions by clicking the “Ok” section, the settings will be automatically reset and the TV will reboot.

    After this procedure, all widgets will be deleted, the settings will be updated, and the account will have to be created anew.

    We hope you were helped by one of our suggested options to return your Samsung TV to factory settings.

    You can ask a question to the masters from our service center by calling by phone or by writing your question on the feedback form.

    Reboot via Smart Hub

    Resetting the settings via Smart Hub does not completely reboot the TV receiver. This procedure applies only to the Smart-functions of the device and is carried out to remove all programs installed in the Smart Hub in addition to the existing ones, as well as to reset all user settings in standard applications and in the entire Smart-menu of the TV. To restart Smart Hub, you need to press “Menu” on the remote control and go to “Settings”, and then to “Support”. Here you need to find “Self-diagnosis” and click “Reset Smart Hub”. In a new window on the screen, you need to specify the PIN code and confirm your consent to perform the action.

    After the Smart Hub reboot process is completed, you will need to log in to the service again, accept the terms of the license agreement and privacy policy, and reinstall all necessary widgets.

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    So, if the Samsung TV freezes, turns off or turns on on its own, closes applications arbitrarily, or somehow its unstable operation manifests itself, you can fix the problem by resetting the device to factory settings. After rebooting the TV, malfunctions, unless they are related to components, are usually eliminated. In the event that this did not happen, and the problems still appear, you will need to contact the service center representatives to fix the breakdown.

    Thanks to the advent of “smart” TVs, it becomes possible to use Smart TVs not only for watching programs. The device allows you to install applications for various purposes. There are situations when the installed programs do not work correctly or even give an error. In this case, resetting the settings to the original (factory) settings will help. Let’s consider how to reboot Samsung Smart TV of different series on your own.

    Reboot LG

    LG TV reboots as follows.
    It is necessary on the remote control to press the Home button with the image of the house to go to the TV menu. Here you need to open “Settings”, this section can be found by the icon with a drawn gear.

    Next, you need to click on the button with the image of three vertically located dots and open the “General” tab. Here you should click “Reset to factory settings”. Do not turn off the TV receiver during the operation.

    In the event that the “Security” parameter is activated, you will need to enter the pin code to reboot the TV receiver.

    If the TV screen does not work due to a software glitch, you will need to restart the device and reset to factory settings to fix the problem. This procedure allows you to restore the settings of the TV receiver and delete all the changes made by the user, including the erroneous ones that led to the incorrect operation of the TV screen.

    Reboot can be done from the TV panel menu for LG, Samsung or other brands. The procedure differs not only on devices from different manufacturers, but also depending on the model range and year of manufacture of the device from one company.

    The owners of Samsung Smart TV panels sometimes notice that the equipment does not work correctly: applications and the operating system freeze are detected, errors appear on the screen and other atypical phenomena occur. If the self-diagnosis function is not available or does not produce results, then the problem is not at the hardware level, and in order to solve the problem, you should restart the Samsung Smart TV. In most cases, after the procedure, all software-related glitches are completely eliminated. How to correctly reboot Samsung TV receivers of different series will be described step by step in our material.

    What will happen to the TV after a factory reset

    Resetting the TV will restore the device to its factory settings. All changes made by the user, including installed widgets and applications in the Smart TV menu, as well as tuned-in TV channels will be deleted. All problems, unless they are hardware problems, will also disappear.

    If the malfunction remains, with a high probability this means a breakdown of the TV receiver itself. In this case, you will need to take the device to a service center that repairs Samsung or LG TVs.
    You need to know that even if you reboot the TV receiver, its firmware version remains unchanged, i.e. it will not work to reset it to the old one.

    Series K

    The reboot process for K series TVs released in 2016 includes a number of the following manipulations:

    • selection on the remote control “Menu” or “Home” (depending on the model);
    • entrance to the “Settings” section;
    • go to the “Support” tab;
    • selection of “Self-diagnosis”;
    • clicking on “Reset”;
    • PIN-code input;
    • clicking “Yes” to confirm the execution;
    • waiting for the end of the automatic reboot of the TV receiver.

    M, Q and LS series

    TV sets of the M, Q and LS series were released in 2017. A complete reset of the settings to the factory settings on them like this:

    • from the remote control by pressing the “HOME” button, you need to select the “Settings” section;
    • then you need to open the “Support” tab;
    • then you need to go to the “Self-diagnosis” section and click “Reset”;
    • there you need to dial the PIN code;
    • at the end, press “Reset” again and wait for the device to reboot.

    Reset instructions for different series

    The procedure for restarting Smart TV depends on the manufacturer’s series. Most often, the difference in each series is in the remote control, namely in the way to go to the TV menu. Next, let’s look at the instructions for each series separately.

    To reset the parameters of the Samsung D-series TV, follow these steps:

    • Locate the “Exit” button on the remote control. Press it and hold for 10 seconds. As a result, the TV section will open with a window with the following message: “Restore default values ​​for all settings”.
    • As an agreement, you must click the “OK” button.

    It is easy to reboot Smart TV in this model. However, in other Samsung models, the agreement button will be inactive. Therefore, this method will not work. How to update the system in other models, consider below.

    If you are the owner of a Samsung K series TV, you will need to do the following to restore the factory settings.

    • Find the “Menu” button on the remote control.
    • Go to the support section.
    • Next, you need to select a self-diagnosis item.
    • Find “Reset” in the diagnostics menu.
    • The system will require you to enter a pin code. The default value is the numbers “0000” (in case of a preliminary change of the default value. enter your code).
    • The last step is to confirm the reset of all settings.

    After executing the algorithm, the TV will reboot with the new settings. All previously installed applications will be removed.

    This Samsung model has a similar algorithm to the previous series under review. The difference is in the way you go to the TV menu. The procedure looks like this:

    • Use the remote control to navigate to the TV menu (for this, use the “Menu”, “Menu123” buttons).
    • Find the support section and go to it.
    • Next, you need to go to self-diagnosis and find the item “Reset”.
    • You will need to enter the default code (digits “0000”) and confirm the action. If you previously changed the value of the code, you must enter a new number.

    After completing the steps of the above algorithm, the TV will return to the default settings.

    For Samsung Smart H series, you need to do the following:

    • Go to the TV menu using the “Menu” or “Keypad”.
    • Go to Support / Self Diagnosis / Reset.
    • Entering the pin code in the window and pressing confirmation will return the Smart to its factory settings.
    • To go to the smart menu, press the “Menu” or “”.
    • Then follow the same steps as in the previous descriptions, namely: Support / Self-diagnosis / Reset.
    • After entering the pin code, the system will require you to press the confirmation button.

    The TV will automatically turn off and on, which indicates a reset. All parameters and applications will be restored to factory version.

    • To enter the TV menu, you need to select on the remote “Menu”.
    • Go to the support section.
    • Find the self-diagnosis point and the “Reset” step in it.
    • Entering the correct code and confirming the action performed will return the smart settings to the factory settings.

    Reload algorithm for different series

    The steps you need to follow to reset the settings on Samsung equipment may differ depending on the year of manufacture of the TV receiver. You can determine when the device was produced by its labeling. So, in the name of the model, for example, UE46F6400, the letter U means the type of screen. LED, 46. the diagonal, F. the year of manufacture (2013). The first digit after the letter F is 6, it means 6 series of the TV. The more technologically advanced the device, the higher the serial number of the series (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9). It does not affect the reboot process.

    Resetting the TV set is performed using the remote control. Without a remote control, the procedure can be performed only on those Smart TVs that can be controlled from a smartphone (through a special application). On older versions of TV receivers, access to the menu is available using the control buttons on the case, but on new devices this is not possible.

    F series

    For 2013 equipment of the F series, RESET is carried out as follows:

    • on the remote control you need to press “Menu” (or “” and select “Menu” on the display of the TV set);
    • then you need to open the “Support” tab, and then. “Self-diagnosis”;
    • then you should press “Reset” and specify the PIN-code;
    • the last step is to click “Yes” to approve the action.
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    That’s all. you need to wait until the process is completed and the subsequent reboot of the device, and then start setting up the TV receiver again.

    How to reset Samsung TV

    For Samsung brand models, it is important to know the series of the device. The sequence of actions for invoking the system reset mode on devices of different series is different in detail.

    On D series models, the “Restore all settings to defaults” mode is invoked by pressing the “Exit” button on the remote control. After pressing the “OK” button on the remote control, the system reboots.

    The sequence of manipulations on TVs of other series E, H, F, J, K, M, Q or LS consists of the following transitions: Menu → Support → Self-diagnosis → Reset. The main menu button on different remote controls can be called “Menu”, “Home” or “”.

    To restart, the system will ask you to enter a PIN-code. this is the default value “0000”, or a custom combination of numbers, if set earlier. After entering the code, press the “OK” button to start the process of restarting the system.

    How to reset LG

    To restart LG Smart Panels, you will need to navigate through the menu items similar to the above.

    If the TV is running Netcast OS (years 2010. 2014), you need to open the Settings menu using the “Settings” button on the remote control, go to the “Settings” item, in the list of actions that opens, initiate the “Factory settings” item.

    On more advanced modern models running webOS, the transition is as follows: “Settings” → “Advanced” → “General” → “Reset settings”.

    Reboot Smart TV

    The number of owners of Smart TVs is growing every year. Not always “smart” equipment is able to work without failures. From time to time, users are faced with problematic situations. What problems are eliminated by rebooting Smart-TV, we will consider further.

    What is TV reboot for?

    The functionality of a smart TV is controlled by an embedded operating system. The influence of external factors or internal system errors can manifest itself as lagging and freezing of the image, interrupted sound, and other problems similar to computer crashes. Some of the errors associated with incorrect software operation are designed to overcome the ability to restart the TV.

    • Short-term disconnection of the TV receiver from the power supply. This technique helps to get rid of such minor errors as resetting incorrectly working applications that take up RAM and slow down other processes.
    • Resetting system settings to default values ​​(restoring factory settings) is used to fix more complex software glitches.

    First you need to figure out the symptoms that determine the system failure and decide to reset the TV to factory settings. These signs include the following points:

    • the browser or any other application takes a suspiciously long time to load;
    • the program being used hangs;
    • IP addresses are blocked;
    • built-in flash player reports an error;
    • the device does not respond to commands given by the user using the remote control.

    The reasons that disturb the stability of the Smart-module can be voltage drops, childish pranks with the remote control or inept user actions, as well as an unsuitable software version. When the system is rebooted, the factory settings are restored. As a result of a system reset, the software causes of the failure disappear, since incorrect changes made to the system during operation are deleted. To eliminate hardware malfunctions, contact the service center. Manipulations for restarting the system are different for models from different manufacturers.

    How to reset Sony

    On Sony Bravia TVs with Android TV OS, reboot the system as follows.

    • Make sure that no external USB drives are connected to the TV receiver. If there is a USB flash drive connected, disconnect the device.
    • On the TV turned on, by pressing the “POWER” / “Power” button for 4-5 seconds, wait for the message “Power off”.
    • After a minute, the TV should turn on automatically.

    This system reset removes most software glitches without losing custom settings.

    For Android models Philips, Sony, Dexp, Hayer and others can be reset to factory defaults. The process takes some time and consists in navigating through the corresponding menu items “Settings” → “System settings” → “Customer support” → “Factory settings”. The procedure for resetting the system to its initial values ​​is initiated by pressing the “OK” button.

    Flashing Smart TVs

    Modern TVs with Smart technology today are close to personal computers in their functional capabilities. They provide the ability to not only watch cable, digital, satellite and analogue TV broadcasts on a wide screen, but also connect to the Internet. Most models of the new type do not require additional devices for such a connection. Thus, with their help, you can watch TV programs, movies online directly from sites, the sites themselves, connect to a laptop and TV.

    Since Smart TVs go beyond the standard receiver, its software needs to be updated periodically as it is outdated anyway. The main reasons why the update becomes necessary are:

    The desire of the user to receive new functions and capabilities available after the update.

    Before flashing the TV on your own, you need from Honor that, most likely, all user settings will be reset, you cannot restore them, just set everything up again. In addition, your strength should be soberly assessed, since due to incorrect firmware, the TV can be broken, respectively, the services of a specialist will become an order of magnitude more expensive. What else is important to keep in mind right away. in no case should you turn off the TV while the firmware is running.

    In automatic mode

    Observing the sequence of simple actions, you can be sure that the performance of the TV will not be damaged. Hurry and non-observance of step-by-step operations, on the contrary, will lead to small or large problems that can cause a complete technical breakdown. Therefore, if something is not entirely clear in the instructions below, it is better to call a qualified technician.

    There are only two ways to reflash the device yourself. The choice depends on whether there is access to the Internet through a TV, whether there are traffic restrictions, what is the data transfer rate. If you have access, the speed and traffic allow, it is most convenient to use the automatic update method. The standard sequence of actions includes:

    Internet connection to TV (be it Wi-Fi or cable connection);

    Entering the settings menu via the remote control (Menu. Settings);

    Selecting an item with a software update;

    After starting, the user does not need to do anything, just wait for the process to complete. If everything went well, the firmware of the TV is completed, the TV will turn off itself, and then turn on.

    In manual mode

    Before manually updating the firmware on the TV via USB, you must use a personal computer or laptop. This method is relevant if it is not possible to update automatically, when, for example, the firmware is out of order almost completely and a new one is required. This is where you need a USB stick.

    To begin with, the user should clarify the model of his TV (by looking at the sticker on the back panel, looking in the technical data sheet, looking in the settings using the remote control). Next, you need to go from your computer to the official website of the company that is the manufacturer of the TV, go to the support section and select the tab for downloading updates. The model number is entered into the search bar, after which a list of available firmwares will appear on the monitor. It is important for Honor, if the device was previously regularly flashed and updated, you need to choose the latest from the proposed options, if not, download all versions, from yours to the latest.

    Next, you need to take a clean usb-carrier (formatted or initially new), and copy the unzipped files to it. Many Smart TV models start the so-called automatic update directly from the USB flash drive as soon as it is inserted into the corresponding TV connector. However, not always.

    The sequence of actions with a USB flash drive manually:

    Then select the item with the software update;

    Activate and wait for the completion of the process, without turning off or touching anything.

    The software is not updated too quickly, since the weight of the files is significant, therefore, if you have not previously asked the TV yourself, you should not panic because the process is slow. In the event that the device suddenly does not see the USB flash drive, it should be rebooted.