How to reset the settings on your KIA Android

Method 2

There is another method, thanks to which you can easily roll back the device to the factory settings. Its disadvantage is that it cannot be used if the device does not turn on.

On most smartphones and tablets, factory reset is done in the Backup and reset section of the options menu. The device will show you what data you are at risk of losing. If everything suits you, feel free to confirm the action by entering a password or a pattern (if such protection means are installed).

Things are a little different on smartphones and tablets from companies such as Meizu and Xiaomi. The thing is that these manufacturers decided to hide the rollback function to factory settings. So, to reset the parameters on Meizu, you need to do the following:

  • open the options menu;
  • select the item “About phone”;
  • go to the “Memory” section;
  • click on the “Reset settings” button;
  • check the item “Data deletion”;
  • click on the “Restore” button located at the very bottom of the display.
  • On Xiaomi tablets and smartphones, open the “Advanced” section in the settings, then go to the “Restore and reset” tab, then click on “Reset settings”, select “Personal data” and confirm the action with a password, fingerprint, pattern or PIN.

    Method 5

    A few words should be given to one of the most popular custom Recovery. TWRP. Its advantage lies in the fact that it makes it possible to delete individual parameters of the smartphone, and not all at once.

    To do this, select the “Wipe” section in the main menu, and then you should perform your choice of the action you need:

    • swiping from left to right performs a Factory Reset;
    • “Advanced Wipe” allows you to mark the sections that need to be removed;
    • “Format Data” allows you to format the device and delete all data from the memory.

    To confirm the action in the last two cases, a swipe across the screen is also used. To reboot the device, click on the “Reboot System” button.

    Method 3

    It’s time to move on to more sophisticated methods of rolling back your Android smartphone or tablet to factory settings. First, let’s take a look at resetting via recovery mode. To start Recovery, you need to hold down several keys, depending on the manufacturer of the device:

    • volume down button device on / off button;
    • volume up button on / off key;
    • volume up or down button Home key power key;
    • volume up button volume down button device on / off button.

    If you press and hold the indicated items for about 10–20 seconds, your smartphone / tablet will turn off and start in Recovery mode. The further algorithm of actions is as follows:

      go to the item “Wipe data / factory reset”;

    click on the “Yes. delete all user data” button;

    reset, settings, android

    Again, in Xiaomi and Meizu, this method has several differences. So, in the first case, the recovery mode is launched by holding down the volume up button and the on / off key, and it is available initially in Chinese. Therefore, first you need to switch the language. press the right button located in the second row from the bottom. Then everything is simple:

  • click “OK”;
  • select “Wipe data”;
  • confirm the action by clicking on the “Confirm” button.

    After that, you need to go back to Recovery and restart your device. The first start-up may take even a few minutes.

    As for Meizu, here, too, everything is not the same as on other smartphones. You can start Recovery by holding down the same keys as in the case of Xiaomi. Volume “” and the power button. Then you just need to select the item “Clear data”, and then click “Start”.

    To navigate the recovery mode, you must use the hardware keys. So, to go down the list, you should press the volume down button, and you can go up by pressing the volume up button. The on / off key of the smartphone / tablet is responsible for confirming the action.

    Method 1

    I would like to start with the simplest method of resetting the parameters to the factory settings, namely, using the service codes. In order to use this method, you do not need to obtain superuser rights or perform any other complex manipulations. You just need to type one of the following key combinations on your smartphone:

    • 27673855 #;
    • ###;
    • ###;

    Method 4

    Now let’s find out about one of the most unusual factory reset options on smartphones and tablets with the Android operating system. It consists in using a special service that was developed by Google and called “Find My Device”. But immediately it is necessary to stipulate two nuances:

    • smartphone / tablet must be connected to the Internet;
    • The device must be signed in to a Google account.

    Without these two conditions, you will not be able to perform a Hard Reset. First you need to follow the link, log into your account (the same as on the device), click on “Erase data”, click on the “Clear” button and confirm action.

    How to factory reset Android

    Most of the owners of smartphones running Android OS have experienced slowdowns in the operation of the device. You can fix the problem by resetting all settings. After that, the device should work again without lags. However, if the braking was not caused by the software, but by hardware malfunctions, rolling back the parameters will not help. Today we will figure out how to reset the phone to factory settings.

    Hard Reset will erase the data stored in the internal memory. Files located on the memory card will remain intact.

    There are several ways to reset Android settings:

    • via the options menu;
    • through recovery mode;
    • using secret codes;
    • via Fastboot mode;
    • using Google service.
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    Method 6

    It’s time to get to know the latest factory reset method on Android. It differs from the above ones in that a personal computer is needed to roll back the parameters to the factory settings. In addition, to perform a Hard Reset in Fastboot mode, you must first unlock the bootloader. You can do it yourself only on Nexus devices.

    If you own a smartphone or tablet from any other manufacturer, you will have to fill out the appropriate form on the website of your company, indicating the reason for unlocking. Consideration of the application may take even a month.

    It should be noted that the bootloader is unlocked via Fastboot. This will automatically reset the device to factory settings. Further, to make a Hard Reset with an already unlocked Bootloader, you need to go to Fastboot and connect the device to a personal computer in USB debugging mode. When everything is done, you should enter the following commands on the command line:

    fastboot erase userdata or fastboot.w;

    Instead of the command line on Windows 10, you can use the Windows Power Shell. In this case, at the beginning of each command, you must add without quotes “. \”.

    On Xiaomi

    In MIUI, the developers hid the Factory Reset function in the “Additional Settings”. see the video instruction:

    On Xiaomi smartphones, the USB drive is also cleared, so take care of creating a backup in advance if you want to save photos, audio and other files.

    How to delete data from your phone using Find My Device

    Google has developed a special service “Find My Device”, with which you can not only track your phone, but also reset its settings. To do this, the device must be connected to the Internet.

    Google will find devices associated with this account. Click Erase Data.

    Then again select “Erase Data”.

    As a result, the internal memory on the smartphone or tablet will be cleared.

    Factory reset on Android

    This method is even simpler than the previous ones. In the dialer, dial one of the following secret (service) codes. Perhaps none of them will work, it all depends on the manufacturer:

    • 27673855 #
    • ###
    • ###

    Also try to enter these codes in the “Emergency Call”.

    How to factory reset Android via Recovery

    The first method is relevant for those for whom the device does not turn on at all, malfunctions, or you need to return access to the smartphone system:

    Now you need to get into Recovery mode. To do this, you need to hold down and hold a certain key combination until the screen lights up. Depending on the manufacturer of the device, the combination may differ:

    • Volume down power button
    • Volume up power button
    • Volume Up / Down Power Button Home Button
    • Volume up Volume down Power button

    How to enter Recovery Mode on phones of various brands is written in a new article.

    Using the volume up and down buttons, you can move up and down, respectively, and confirm your choice with the power / lock button. On newer devices, the Recovery menu may be touch sensitive.

    Select “wipe data / factory reset”.

    Then select “Yes. delete all user data”.

    So you agree to clear the internal memory of your smartphone / tablet.

    The whole process will take less than a minute. After all the actions, the Android phone or tablet will reboot. the factory settings will be restored. You will receive the device as it was at the first start.

    We carry out Wipe from Recovery on Xiaomi

    The Xiaomi engineering menu is loaded when you hold down the power key and Volume “”. It is available in multiple languages ​​- to switch from Chinese to English, click:

    Click “OK” if you are going to enter Recovery mode.

    Click “Wipe data”. The sensor does not work here, use the power and volume keys to select and move.

    The device will report on the successful completion of Wipe. Open the main menu.

    To reboot your smartphone, select “Reboot”.

    Booting Android for the first time after a factory reset may take a few minutes.

    We carry out a Hard Reset from Fastboot mode

    You can clear the internal memory of an Android device using the Fastboot PC utility when the device is loaded in the mode of the same name (if there is one on the smartphone). Installing and running the program, as well as ADB and USB drivers, is described in the new FAQ. On devices such as Nexus, Pixel, Huawei, HTC, Sony, Motorola, the latest LG, you must first unlock the bootloader:

    • On Nexus. fastboot oem unlock command
    • On Nexus 5X, 6P and Pixel. enable the “OEM unlock” option in the “For developer” settings, use the fastboot flashing unlock command
    • For the rest, you must additionally obtain an individual code on the manufacturer’s website

    (!) Unlocking Bootloader is carried out through Fastboot and immediately makes Wipe. In the future, to reset the phone, just follow the steps from the instructions.

    Put the machine into Fastboot mode. There are 2 ways:

    First. Turn off your smartphone. Then hold down the “ON” volume down buttons until Fastboot mode appears. This keyboard shortcut may differ depending on the manufacturer.

    Second. Carefully study how to work with ADB and Fastboot, the link to the article is above. Connect your phone to your computer by activating USB debugging (see instructions). Then enter the ADB command through the command line (or PowerShell in Windows 10) running as administrator and press “Enter”:

    For Windows PowerShell to execute this command, add at the beginning:

    The device is loaded in firmware mode. To erase data, just run one of the commands (don’t forget to add. \ When using PowerShell):

    To reboot the device use:

    On Android 8.0 Oreo and above

    The Settings menu in Android 8.0 has undergone major changes. Now the function “Reset to factory settings” is located under “System” → “Reset“.

    How to make a Hard Reset through the settings

    Open the “Restore and reset” item. Don’t forget to back up.

    Then click “Reset phone (tablet)”.

    If a pattern or password is set, you need to enter it.

    After that, all data will be reset from the internal memory of the device.

    Titanium Backup

    The application will be useful for restoring user and system applications, as well as data such as:

    How to factory reset Android using the menu?

    To reset the settings using the menu, you must follow the steps indicated in the table:

    Device Algorithm of actions
    Gadgets on pure Android 4.0. and higher Menu ⇒ Settings ⇒ Restore and reset
    Samsung Menu ⇒ Settings ⇒ (General) Archive & Reset, Archive & Reset, or Privacy
    Huawei Menu ⇒ Settings ⇒ Accounts (Personal data) ⇒ Restore and reset (Backup and reset)

    Phone Hard Reset App

    • installed applications;
    • software;
    • passwords;
    • accounts and other personal data stored on the internal memory of the phone.

    Factory reset sequence

    In order to restore the factory settings using a computer, you must:

    • Go to the developers website and download the Android System Development Kit, and “Extract All” from the Zip archive, then to “Browse” where you select the “C: Program Files” directory.
    • Go to the folder with files from the Zip archive and give it any name.
    • Right-click on “My Computer”.
    • Find “Properties” and click on “Advanced system settings”, and in “Advanced” select “Environment Variables”.
    • In “System Variables” click on “Path” and click “Change”.
    • Move the mouse cursor to the upper right corner and click “Search”, find “cmd”, and a command prompt window will start.
    • Connect the switched on phone to the USB port of the computer, write “adb shell”, press Enter. In the process of connecting, type “wipe_data”, click Enter again. The device will restart and return to factory settings.
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    After watching the video, you can get acquainted with the use of several methods of resetting the settings. Filmed by the channel “Some Forgotten Channel”.

    Factory reset apps on Android devices

    If the methods above are not suitable, you can use special programs designed to reset Android to factory settings.

    reset, settings, android

    The following applications are best known for returning to initial parameters:

    • Simple Factory Phone Reset;
    • Phone Hard Reset;
    • Phone factory reset.

    How to factory reset Android devices? Overview of the most popular methods and programs

    You can reset the settings on Android to factory settings either using the menu or Recovery mode, or through a computer. Before that, you need to make a transfer or backup of contacts, photos and other necessary data, which can be deleted during the reset process.

    Reset KIA / HYUNDAI multimedia system

    How to reset to factory settings if you forgot your password to unlock your smartphone?

    If the password from the phone is lost, and it is locked, then the Recovery mode is used. Then they return to the original system parameters or remove the locks from the computer and ADB.

    How to Factory Reset Android in Recovery Mode

    Has your phone gotten too slow, freezes on boot, or won’t turn on at all? You need to restore the system to factory settings. To go to Recovery mode, you need to turn off the phone, and then press the key combination. Such combinations are individual for each manufacturer.

    The most common is the simultaneous pressing of one. or two at once. of the volume control buttons and the Power key. The most popular companies use the following combinations:

    • “LG”. “Turn on” “Increase the volume”; after the logo appears, release and press this combination again;
    • HTC, Nexus, Xiaomi. “Turn on” “Decrease the volume”;
    • Lenovo and Motorola. both volume buttons “Power on”.

    After loading Recovery mode, the user will see system lines with different names. Select the line “wipe_data / factory_reset” and confirm the selected action. The phone will perform an operation to reset new and restore old settings for a while. Upon its completion, the owner of the gadget will only have to click the line “Reboot_System_Now”. The phone will first turn off and then reboot with the restored Android system.

    How to Factory Reset Android in Phone Settings

    The phone must be switched on. To return to the factory settings of an Android device, go to the general settings section. There we find the item “Restore and reset”, where we select the action “Reset settings”. After that, the system will warn the user about the deletion of data and ask to confirm the operation. After completing the procedure, the phone will reboot and start the operating system with the old settings.

    How to restore factory settings on Android using service codes

    The owner of the phone must go to the dialing menu and enter a code combination consisting of numbers and symbols. Manufacturers program their products differently, plus the codes change over time. Therefore, for each specific model, especially the uncommon one, it is better to check the code on the Internet.

    However, there are some of the more popular combinations:

    • ###
    • 27673855 #
    • ###

    After the introduction of one of them, the system will return the phone to its original program state.

    How to reset settings if you forgot your phone password

    If the user of the Android device has forgotten the password that unlocks it, and no recovery methods have worked, they will have to resort to a factory reset. This can be done, firstly, using the Recovery menu (the method is described at the beginning of the article).

    Or here’s another way to restore factory settings on an Android gadget. So, the phone is on, but locked. When the system prompts you to enter a password, ask someone to call your number.

    During a call, the user has the opportunity to access the settings menu. Without taking a call, you need to go to this section and select “Reset all data”. We confirm the operation. After restoring the original settings, the password requirement will disappear.

    Factory reset on Samsung (Android phone)

    This phone brand is one of the most common, so it is worth mentioning it separately. In particular, for Samsug gadgets, to exit to Recovery, press (simultaneously): “Power on”, “Home” and the volume key “”. The combination must be held until the menu appears.

    If the reset is made through the settings menu, select the “General settings” section and go to the “Reset” item (it can also be called “Privacy”, “Archive and reset”). At this point, select the action “Reset data” (or “Reset device”). After confirmation, the phone will return the system to its original form.

    How to Factory Reset Android Phone. 3 Easy Ways

    How to reset Android to factory settings with just a couple of taps? Let’s tell you! Has your phone gotten too slow, freezes on boot, or won’t turn on at all? It is necessary to restore the system to factory parameters according to our instructions.

    An example of a factory reset on a Xiaomi phone

    After resetting the settings on your Android phone, turn it on. We connect to the Internet. When filling out the “Google” account in the field of our email, we write and select any few letters. A menu will appear above them, offering a choice of one of the actions: select, copy or send. We select “Send”. We indicate “SMS / MMS” as the program that will do all this. In the addressee’s line we indicate “112”, and in the message we enter a few letters of any kind.

    After sending, the system will send an SMS stating that our letter was not delivered. This is what is required. You should go to this SMS-message and press the “Call” button located next to the recipient’s number. This action should take the user to the contacts and dialing menu, where you need to erase “112” and dial the code: “###”. The system will display a menu of several items. We choose the second one (something related to statistics). This will take the user to the settings menu, where a new function will appear in the “Reset and Restore” item. data reset with deleting the “Google” account.

    How to reset your phone: 3 ways

    In order to perform a full rollback of settings or Hard Reset, there are three main methods that must be used in the appropriate situation:

    • Reset through the smartphone menu;
    • Using service commands;
    • Through the Recovery menu.
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    Resetting an Android phone only affects the internal storage. If you, for example, move applications to a memory card, the rollback process will not affect them. However, we recommend removing the SD card, as on the sixth Android, the external card is part of the general registry using the Adoptable storage function.

    Recovery menu

    This method will help if the user cannot enter the system through a pattern or pin code, as well as in case of a critical Android crash. The Recovery menu is accessed via a key combination. Typically, this is a combination of a power button and a volume up or down button.

    Proceed as follows to access the menu:

    • Turn off your phone;
    • Hold down the key combination;
    • In the list of Recovery commands, select wipe data / factory reset;
    • Click Yes;
    • Wait for the reset to complete and click Reboot System.

    The Recovery menu is a collection of rather specific and complex commands. Do not try to study all the menu items on your own, as this can lead to serious disruptions in the operation of the smartphone.

    When preparing the material, we needed a reliable and affordable smartphone with the original Android OS. Also an important characteristic that we took into account when choosing an experimental model was the battery capacity. As mentioned above, the settings should be rolled back on a fully charged smartphone. To be completely confident in the gadget’s performance, we tested a factory reset on the Fly Nimbus 12 phone.

    Why reset settings

    As a rule, rolling back the operating system to factory settings is necessary in the following cases:

    • Freezing the smartphone when the interface stops responding to gestures;
    • The operating system freezes at the boot screen stage;
    • The user has forgotten the pattern or password to unlock the screen;
    • The smartphone needs to be prepared for sale: remove all applications, files and user data.

    Service commands

    In order to use digital commands on the keyboard, the user, as in the first case, must have access to the system interface, in particular, in the dialing menu.

    There are three main combinations of numbers and symbols for resetting Android settings:

    • 27673855 #
    • ###
    • ###

    How to prepare your phone for a factory reset

    It should be understood that by resetting the phone to factory settings, the user loses all the contents of the smartphone: contacts, if they are contained in the phone’s memory, media files, logins and passwords for sites and applications, all installed programs. Therefore, before rolling back the settings, you need to do some preparatory work:

    By the way, contacts from the phone book can be transferred directly from a smartphone to a PC. Detailed instructions can be found in the article “How to transfer contacts from phone to computer”.

    How to factory reset an Android phone

    With all its many advantages in terms of versatility and ease of use, the Android operating system can throw an unpleasant surprise for its user. A fatal system crash due to a software error leads to the fact that it becomes necessary to reset all settings.

    To do this, it is not at all necessary to take the smartphone to a service center. In most cases, the user himself is able to carry out the procedure for reanimating the operating system. In our article we will tell you how to perform a factory reset on a phone running Android 6.0, and in what cases you cannot do without it.

    Through settings

    The method will work if there are no critical errors in the system, and the user is going to independently clean his smartphone of all data:

    • In Android settings, go to the “Recovery and reset” section;
    • Select the item “Reset settings”;
    • Click on the button at the bottom of the screen.

    After a few seconds, the system will roll back its settings and reboot the smartphone.

    How to Hard Reset NoKia Phone to Factory Settings

    If your phone or smartphone NoKIA started to drizzle, slow down, forgot the security code, then in order to somehow fix it, you can try to do a factory reset hard reset NoKia. After you reset the phone to factory settings using one of the following methods, everything in the phone’s memory will be deleted, including codes, contacts, messages, installed themes, photos, videos, call logs, etc. The phone will become what it was when you bought it, so it is recommended to save all the necessary information and files in advance.

    Attention! Everything that you do with your phone, you do voluntarily at your own peril and risk! You are responsible for your phone in case of problems.!

    Now let’s see how to reset the HoKIA phone to factory settings. To get started, remove the memory card from the phone and save all the necessary information, files, contacts, after which you can proceed to a complete reset.

    Hard Reset NoKia the first way for phones and smartphones is to enter the reset code on the phone using the command #. For a full reset, you may need a security code, factory code NoKia 12345 if you have not changed it. If the factory code does not fit, then it was changed earlier, you can see the forgotten security code with the mynoKiatool_111 program by clicking on this link.

    Hard Reset HoKIA is the second method only for NoKia smartphones, turn off Smart and hold down at the same time: the green call button, asterisk, key 3, and the on / off button of the smartphone and without releasing hold for a few seconds until the Nokia screensaver appears. The result of such an operation will be the same as in the first method, look at the screenshot attached below for an example on the HoKIA N82. I myself personally checked the work of both examples, there were no problems.

    After a factory reset, your phone is as good as new and in most cases should help in fixing the problems that have arisen.

    Here’s another way to Hard Reset on NoKia touchscreen smartphones by pressing 4 function buttons. Turn off the smartphone and proceed to reset, press the volume down button, the camera button, the menu button and the power button, hold all four buttons pressed until the NoKia logo appears on the smartphone display.

    All NoKia phone codes are secret and unclassified. If, after all, your Nokia phone is still buggy, then try to flash it, how to flash a phone from the official NoKia website, see the link to update the software of the NoKia phone

    After resetting the phone, you will need to customize everything for yourself in a new way, install applications, save contacts and everything that was on it earlier.