How to reset ipad to factory settings

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How to restore iPad (using iTunes)

Connect iPad to PC or Mac using the Lightning or 30 cable that came with iPad.

Launch the latest version of iTunes and connect your iPad to it.

Click the “device icon” in the upper left corner of the iTunes window. Then click “Summary” in the left list.

Step 3. In the Summary panel, click Restore iPad.

Step 4. iTunes will confirm this if you want to restore iPad. Click Restore again to confirm and restore iPad to factory default settings.

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The iPad restoration process will take a few minutes. When iPad restore is complete, your iPad will be in a brand new state and will not be associated with your Apple account. If you run into any problem while restoring iPad, you can fix it with iOS System Recovery.

Things to do before restoring iPad

In case of errors, create the latest backup. this is the first thing you need to do before restoring iPad. It’s easy to back up your iPad with iCloud. You can take the following guide to create a new iCloud backup on iPad.

Step 1. Unlock iPad and open Settings app

Click on the “Apple ID / iCloud” button that displays your name and then select the iCloud option.

Click iCloud Backup to check iPad backup details. Click Backup settings; Back Up Back Up iPad.

Disable Find My iPad before restoring iPad

If you want to sell iPad or give it to your family member, you need to restore iPad to factory default settings. This process will erase all settings and data on iPad and you can better protect your privacy. Find iPad tracks the location of your iPad. This allows you to remotely lock your iPad or play a sound to find it. For the sales plan, you must turn off the “Find iPad” function.

Step 1. Open the Settings app and tap Apple ID / iCloud.

Step 2. Enter the Apple ID Settings screen and select iCloud.

Step 3. Scroll down and you can find Find My iPad, Make sure it is turned off.

How to Factory Reset iPad

Restarting can always be a good way to fix many problems on iPad. Although, if the problem still exists, a factory reset may be required. A factory reset can erase all of your iPad’s content and settings and install the latest iOS on it. If you want to fix the problem or erase all iPad data for sale, you need to restore iPad. Here comes the question of how to reset iPad to factory default settings?

  • Things to do before restoring iPad
  • How to restore iPad (using iTunes)
  • How to Recover iPad Data

How to Recover iPad Data

If the reason for iPad recovery is to recover deleted / lost data, then you should pay more attention to this part. Professional iPad Data Recovery It will be recommended to help you recover iPad. You can download and install it on your computer for free.

Step aerobics one. Launch iPad Data Recovery

Download, install and open iPad recovery software on your computer and connect your iPad to it. select Recover from iOS Device.

Step aerobics 2. Scan iPad Data

Click the Start Scan button to scan data to iPad. After scanning, all iPad data types will be listed in categories on the left control.

Step aerobics 3. Restore iPad

Select one file type, you can check the detailed information of each information in the right window. Then you can select the data and click the Recover button to restore iPad. You can use it to recover deleted videos, audios, pictures, call logs, contacts, messages and more with ease.

We are mainly talking about how to restore iPad in this article. We are going to show you an easy way to factory reset iPad. What’s more, we will introduce you a powerful iPad recovery tool to help you recover iPad data.

How to Factory Reset iPad

It shows something when you find that your iPad is not performing any better than it did before. Since your iPad has been in use for a long time, it will have some drawbacks in how quickly it processes and stores information. Or what if you unfortunately forgot your iPad screen passcode or restriction passcode? What will you do if you are going to sell or give your tablet to others and do not want any personal information to be leaked? Then you may need to reset your iPad to factory default settings. In this article, we would like to introduce you several ways to factory reset iPad Pro / Air 2 / mini 4 without using iTunes or using iTunes.

Factory Reset iPad without iTunes

In this part, we will introduce you three ways to factory reset iPad without iTunes. Keep reading.

Erase All Content and Settings from iPad

You can directly erase your iPad and restore it to factory settings. However, this method does not apply to those who do not remember their iPad password. Go to Settings General Reset Erase All Content and Settings to confirm your work. And then all your iPad apps, contacts, videos, photos, songs, settings will be deleted.

Remotely erase iPad via Find My iPhone

Find My iPad allows you to remotely erase iPad data. Whether your tablet is locked or not, you can easily erase your device data if Find My iPad is enabled in iPad settings. Visit and sign in to your iCloud account with your Apple ID. Recover iCloud password when you can’t sign in to iCloud. Click Find My iPhone and select the iPad you want to factory reset. And then click the “Erase iPad” button in the upper right corner. This method will allow you to restore your tablet without any operations on iPad.

use iPad Data Eraser to erase iPad data

In this method, we will introduce you to the authoritative iPad data eraser, FoneEraser.With the program, you can completely and permanently erase data from iPad without worrying about personal information leakage.

Step 1 Connect iPad to computer via USB cable. And soon it will detect your device.

Step 2 Select the erasing level (Low, Medium and High). Recommended “High Level”.

Step 3 Press the Start button and get ready to erase everything from your iPad.

Back up your iPad via iTunes before restoring

When you are going to restore ipad, you better back up iPad to keep some important contacts, messages, photos, videos and so on. iTunes can do this for you. For those who have forgotten the password on the iPad screen, you need to make sure that you have previously connected the device to iTunes, and then iTunes will automatically recognize it. Otherwise, iTunes will not be able to access your iPad data.

Back up your iPad via iTunes

After iTunes successfully detects your iPad, click the small iPad icon and enter the Summary interface under the Settings tab. Choose to back up your iPad to “iCloud” or “This PC” according to your needs, and then click the “Back up now” button. When the backup process is complete, check if your iPad backup exists by clicking File Preferences Devices.

Factory reset iPad using iTunes

This part will show you how to use iTunes to factory reset iPad. But some reviews from the internet show that unexpected iTunes errors will happen. You May Need To Fix iTunes Errors While Restoring iPad.

Restore iPad via iTunes

iTunes can help you restore iPad. How it works? Connect iPad to PC or Mac and launch iTunes. Click the device icon after connecting and enter the Summary window. Click the “Restore iPad” button and your tablet will reboot.

Enter iPad Recovery Mode to Restore iPad

IPad Recovery Mode can help you restore iPad to factory settings. First, connect your tablet to your PC or Mac with a USB cable and launch iTunes. Press and hold your iPad’s Power and Home at the same time to force restart the iPad until the iTunes logo appears on the iPad screen. This means that your device has entered iPad Recovery Mode, iTunes will send you a message “There is a problem with the iPad that requires updating or restoring it.” Click the “Recover” button to erase all content and settings from your iPad.

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How to Recover iPad Data from iTunes

After deleting iPad content and settings, you may need to restore data to your new iPad. How can you do this? In the first part, we suggest that you back up your iPad. Then you can recover iPad data from iTunes. In this part, we will sincerely recommend you the popular iPad Data Recovery.First download and install the brilliant software.

Step 1 Launch iPad Data Recovery and connect iPad to PC or Mac via USB cable. Select the recovery mode “Recover from iTunes backup file”. The program will automatically detect all iTunes backup files on PC or Mac. Select the recipient iPad backup you made and click Start Scan.

Step 2 After the scanning process, all existing and deleted iPad data will be displayed in the interface. You can view iPad files. Click “Recover” and find the folder to save iPad data to computer.

Hard reset iPad. this is what you should do carefully So, to avoid data loss, you need to back up your iPad frequently.

How to Recover Deleted Data from iPad? Read this article.

Not sure when you forgot your iPad screen passcode? This article provides several ways to solve the forgotten iPad password problem.

This article mainly explains the reasons why iOS device like iPad gets stuck on Apple logo.

Methods to Reset iPad Mini / Pro to Factory Settings

If you want to factory reset your iPad Mini / Pro or iPhone, you can go to your iOS device’s settings to restore it to factory settings in a few clicks. You can of course use iTunes or iCloud to revert to the original status.

How to backup iPad Mimi / Pro before factory reset

Once you have installed the iOS backup program, you can run it on your computer. Connect iPad to your computer using the Lightning cable. The program will detect the iPad automatically.

Step 2: Make a backup for iPad mini

Click the iOS Data Backup button to go to the next window. You can choose the Standard backup option and select the files you want to back up. Click the Run button icon to save the iPad backup to your computer.

how to reset iPhone to factory settings via iTunes

iTunes. It is the default utility for iOS device management, including iPad and iPhone factory reset. Make sure you turn off Find My iPhone on your iOS device. Also, you will need a USB cable to connect your iPhone.

Step 1: Connect iPhone to computer with Lightning cable. Launch iTunes and update it to the latest version.

Step 2: After your device is recognized, click the Device icon in the upper left corner. Go to the Conclusion tab and click Restore iPhone under the operating system information.

Step 3: Click the Restore & Update button to start the iPhone factory reset process immediately. When it finishes, your iPhone will restart and display the welcome screen as a new device.

Note: iTunes can only install the latest iOS on your iPhone after a factory reset.

How to Factory Reset iPad Mini / Pro and iPhone without Passcode

Restoring iPad Mini / Pro to Factory Settings It’s important to erase all your personal data and fix any problems. Restoring iPad or iPhone to factory settings is not that difficult. What if you don’t have a password? How to hard reset iPad Mini / Pro without losing original data?

If you need to erase all your personal data before selling your old iPad or iPhone, or you need an important troubleshooting solution, you can read more about the ultimate guide to factory reset iPhone / iPad due to various scenarios from the article.

How to backup iPad / iPhone before factory reset

Back up important data on your iOS device. This is an initial preparation before resetting your iPad or iPhone to factory settings. If you don’t want to search for photo in hundreds of files in iCloud or iTunes, or can’t find the files you want, AnyMP4 iOS Data Backup & Restore. it’s an easy way to backup and restore the files you want on iPhone / iPad.

  • 1.Support most iOS file types such as photos, videos, contacts, etc.
  • 2. Backup and restore all files or selected files from iPad in a few clicks.
  • 3. Review the files you want to back up before resetting iOS devices to factory defaults.
  • 4. Add a password to protect backup files from iPad Mini / Pro and iPhone.

How to Factory Reset iPad Without Passcode

Step 1: Install iOS System Recovery for Mac

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer using a USB cable. Once you have installed the program, you can launch it and select the iOS System Restore option. Select Device Problems And Click Run Continue Button.

Step 2: Factory Reset iPad

Select Advanced Mode and press the Confirm button. Put your iPad into Recovery Mode or DFU Mode and fill out the form in the firmware download window. Select the appropriate iOS version and click the Next button to start a factory reset iPad without a password.

How to Factory Reset iPad via iTunes

If you have already synced your iPad via iTunes, you can reset the device to factory settings, and then return data from iTunes backup files.

Launch iTunes on the computer through which you synchronized earlier.

Connect a locked iPad using the supplied cable.

Check the correct definition in iTunes of the desired device.

On the “Overview” tab, click the “Restore [device]” button.

Click “Restore” again to confirm.

The device is then wiped clean and the latest iOS or iPad software is installed.

After completing the factory restore process, your device will restart and you can set it up as new.

ways to reset iPad to factory settings

How to reset iPad to factory settings in the standard way

If the iOS device is not locked and there is free access to the installed software (you know the password or it is missing), then the iPad has a built-in option to reset the settings.

Open the menu “Settings” “General” “Reset” then select one of the options :. “Reset all settings”. everything that has been configured (wi-fi, geolocation settings, etc.) will be reset, but the applications will remain. Suitable for fixing small glitches “Reset content and settings”. absolutely all information is deleted up to the latest firmware, the process usually takes a few minutes.

There is another trick recommended by experienced users. Their practice dictates that creating a new profile on the current device using a file manager can reset the iPad to its default factory settings. At the same time, no documents, photos, videos and other content disappear without a trace, and they can be restored if necessary.

Start the file manager, find the “Library” directory, find the “Preferences” folder in it, rename the folder. Thus, a new profile is formed with a number of settings inherent in a completely new gadget. To subsequently restore everything that was reset, it is enough to rename the folder again, returning the previous name.

Reset iPad to Factory Settings without Password in Recovery Mode

If you don’t have an iTunes backup or need to enter a password when connecting iPad to iTunes on a computer, there is an option to use recovery mode for the device.

How To Reset An iPad To Factory Settings (Tutorial)

Connect iPad to computer using a cable. Launch the latest version of iTunes.

Restart the iOS device. For the iPad, you just need to turn the tablet off and on. Hold the battery for 8-12 seconds and wait for the shutdown element to emerge. Then swipe the slider to the right and wait until the device turns off completely. In iOS 11 and iOS 12, you can also turn off your device by going to Settings General Turn Off. Now turn the gadget back on by clicking on the power button and waiting for a few seconds, after which the standard OS startup operation will begin. If for any reason these actions do not give a result, a forced reboot operation is performed: simultaneously hold down the battery and the “Home” button, wait until the device is completely turned off (8-10 seconds), release the element and wait for the operating system to load.

After the recovery mode screen appears, select “Restore”.

ITunes will download the software for this unit. If the procedure time exceeds 15 minutes, the device will automatically exit the recovery mode. Then repeat steps 2 and 3.

How to factory reset iPad without password

“Hard Reset” (Hard or complete reset) is the best and at the same time the cardinal solution to a large number of problems. Before selling a tablet, for example, or in those unpleasant cases when the gadget overheats or glitches. There is a built-in reset option in the iOS device itself (see “Method 1”). However, if you have a device with a jailbreak, you should not use this method. the chances of getting a frozen iPad are too high. Again, human memory is imperfect and almost everyone is faced with the forgotten password problem. Therefore, rarely does any user manage to solve the problem with simple means. How to Factory Reset Apple iPad in the Best Way?

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Factory reset iPad using Find My iPhone

In order to restore the iPad / iPad 2 / iPad mini to factory settings, you can also use the official function from Apple called “Find My iPhone”. With this technology, this procedure is performed remotely and without an access code. Follow these steps:

Using any other device (iOS device, Android device, computer), go to the official iCloud website and open the “Find My iPhone” section.

Click on “All Devices” and select the iPad you want to restore.

You will be offered a choice of 3 options. Select the “Erase iPad” function and confirm your choice to reset all iPad data and settings.

Hard reset iPhone and iPad without iTunes via Tenorshare Reiboot (iOS 12 supported)

A great option to restore any Apple device to factory settings without iTunes with the powerful system recovery tool Tenorshare ReiBoot app. Its main feature is its versatility in solving various problems with the maximum possible preservation of user data. The program works with iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and supports all versions of iOS, starting with the 7th and including the 12th. To work, you first need to download the latest version of the program to your computer.

Run the program and connect your device to your computer using a cable. After recognizing the device, click the “Fix operating system” button.

In this mode, click “Recovery Deep”. Please note that it is in this function, which is used exclusively in difficult situations, that data saving is not possible. Press the button “Start”.

According to the instructions, put iPad into recovery mode

Download the appropriate firmware package by clicking the Download button. The download process will take some time, do not interfere with the program.

Once the firmware package has been downloaded, click “Start Recovery”.

As soon as the process of restoring factory settings on your device is completed, the program will notify you accordingly. Click “Finish” and exit the program. Be sure to check the result.

In most cases, when such harsh measures are not initially required, Tenorshare Reiboot always very gently restores any iOS version on all Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod devices. This application in a few clicks and without data loss solves more than 50 problems that have become familiar to users, including those that proprietary software does not always easily cope with, for example, downgrading of an iPhone or Apple TV system.

Thus, we have identified the main options for actions that you can follow to get the desired result. What specific tool to use is up to you, and we are always ready to come to the rescue.

Reset iPad via iTunes

You can also factory reset iPad using iTunes. In this case, first you need to turn off Find iPad. To do this, go to the iPad Settings, open the “iCloud” section and disable the “Find iPad” function there. It should be noted that to disable this feature, you will have to enter your Apple ID password. Without this, you will not be able to turn off the iPad search and perform a factory reset via iTunes.

After disabling Find iPad, you can start resetting your iPad to factory settings. To do this, launch iTunes on your computer and connect your iPad to your computer using a cable. After connecting your iPad, click on the device icon that appears in the upper left corner of the iTunes window.

Then you need to go to the “Overview” tab.

And click on the “Restore iPad” button there. It should be noted that there is also a “Restore from copy” button next to it. This button is responsible for restoring the iPad from a previously created backup and has nothing to do with a factory reset. Therefore, do not confuse the buttons “Restore iPad” and “Restore from a copy”.

After clicking on the “Restore iPad” button, a small window will open asking you to confirm the iPad reset to factory settings. In this window, you need to click on the “Restore” button again and then iTunes will begin the process of resetting the settings on your iPad.

How to factory reset iPad

The need to reset iPad to factory settings can arise in a variety of situations. For example, a reset may be necessary in the event of software glitches or when the device is sold. In this article, we will look at three ways at once on how to reset iPad to factory settings.

But, first, a few words about safety. Before you reset your iPad, you need to check the battery charge level. It is necessary that it be charged at least 30 percent, and preferably everything at 100. Since turning off the device during a factory reset can lead to breakdown. Also, before resetting, it is advisable to make a backup using iTunes. This will allow you to restore everything, in the event that you change your mind. And if you have an iPad with a jailbreak, then it is better to refuse to reset the settings altogether, as this can lead to problems with loading.

Resetting iPad via Settings

If you want to reset iPad to factory settings, then the easiest way is to use the corresponding function in Settings. To do this, you need to go to the iPad Settings and go there to the “General” section.

Then you need to scroll to the bottom of the list and open the “Reset” subsection.

This will take you to the section with settings related to factory reset on iPad. The following functions are available here: Reset All Settings, Erase Content and Settings, Erase Network Settings, Reset Home Button Settings, Reset Keyboard Dictionary, Reset Geolocation Settings. If you want to reset iPad to factory settings, then “Reset all settings” or “Erase content and settings” will suit you. Select one of these functions and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

  • The “Erase all settings” function removes the settings of the iPad. All settings are returned to factory defaults, while your data remains intact. This function is suitable if you have any problems with the settings. For example, something freezes or does not work as it should.
  • The “Erase content and settings” function is a complete reset of the iPad to factory settings. When using this function, all settings will be reset to factory defaults, and user-generated content that was on the iPad will be deleted. This reset option is suitable if you plan to sell your iPad or just give it to another person for use.

Reset iPad via iTunes without password

If you have forgotten your Apple ID password, the instructions above will not work as you simply cannot turn off Find iPad. If you find yourself in such a situation, then you can try resetting iPad to factory settings using Recovery Mode.

Entering Recovery Mode is easy enough. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Turn off the iPad and wait a few minutes for all programs to finish their work and the iPad turns off completely;
  • Press the “Home” button and without releasing it, connect the iPad to the computer using a cable;
  • You need to hold the Home button until the iTunes icon and cable appear on the iPad screen;
  • After that, the “Home” button can be released, you have successfully entered the Recovery Mode.

After enabling Recovery Mode, you need to launch iTunes on your computer and click on the “Restore iPad” button. This way you can reset iPad to factory settings without Apple ID password.

If you need to exit Recovery Mode without using recovery, then just press the iPad’s power button and hold it until it starts to boot.

Key Features of iPad Backup Tool Before Reset

  • One click to backup data from iPad to Windows / Mac
  • Preview iPad data after backup or before restoring
  • Selective recovery from iPad from backup to computer
  • Backup & Restore iPad without Data Loss
  • Compatible with all iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad models

How to back up iPad before restoring iPad to factory settings

Find the “iOS Data Backup” mode

Download and install iOS Data Backup Restore for free. Run the program and connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. Select “iOS Data Backup” mode and iPad backup app will automatically detect your iPad.

Before resetting iPad, you need to select the file types to back up. To be more specific, you can choose from photos, videos, contacts, call history, app files, and more. Check the data types you want to back up and then click Next to start scanning.

Step 3.Back up iPad data to computer

Confirm destination folder for saving iPad backup files. Click the Backup button to back up your iPad data to your computer without any problems. You can also view the backup file using iOS Data Backup Restore.

Back up iPad before resetting it

It’s never too late to back up your iPad to prevent accidental deletion and other incidents. Compared to iTunes or iCloud backup methods, using Apeaksoft iOS Data Backup Restore. best choice for iPad backup with one click. you can browse and select files to back up to iPad without data loss. Most importantly, the new backup file will not overwrite the old one. Alternatively, you can make an encrypted backup to protect your privacy. As a result, if you need to back up iPad before resetting iPad to factory settings, you shouldn’t skip iOS Data Backup Restore.

Part 5 Recover iPad after Reset

You now have a new iPad. Now is the time to restore iPad with your previous iTunes or iCloud backup files. You can get various ways to restore iPad to factory settings. Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery. your reliable tool that can restore iPad selectively and professionally with iTunes or iCloud backups.

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How to reset iPad using iTunes

Forgot your iPad password? Well, it doesn’t matter, you can still reset iPad if you forgot iPad passcode. Before resetting iPad using iTunes, there are some requirements that need to be met, especially for factory reset iPad.

Note. These are necessary items to reset iPad to factory settings without password, otherwise iPad cannot work as iPad keeps restarting iPad is disabled, etc.

Forgot Passcode. How To Reset iPad to Factory. Reset Password

  • Update iTunes to the latest version.
  • Disable Find iPad and Activation Lock before resetting iPad.
  • You must be using the computer you backed up iPad with iTunes to in the past.

Launch iTunes and connect your iPad to your computer using a USB cable. Find your iPad 1/2/3/4/5, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, or iPad Air in the Devices category.

Click “Summary” and select “Restore iPad”. Confirm restoring iPad to factory settings. Later, iTunes will immediately restore your iPad to factory settings. By the way, your iPad will be updated to the latest iOS version.

IOS / iPadOS “Settings

The easiest way to return the iPad to its factory state is to refer to one of the sections of its settings. It is in it that you can reset, both the entire system and its individual components and modules. The procedure itself takes just a few minutes.

Scroll through the list of subsections on the right and tap on the item “Reset”.

Note: If you choose to “Erase Content and Settings”, the system will prompt you to back up your data to iCloud before proceeding with this procedure. We strongly recommend that you do this.!

Whichever item you choose, you will need to enter a password to confirm your intentions,

and then click “Reset” (or “Reset settings”. depending on the selected option) in the window that appears with a question.

Immediately after this, the tablet will “go” into a reboot, during which only the set parameters or the data stored on the device will be erased, depending on which of the reset options you have chosen.

Find My and another Apple device

If you have other Apple devices, such as an iPhone, that use the same Apple ID (account) as your iPad, or the latter is part of a family group that you run, you can reset it to factory settings remotely. To do this, you need to use the standard “Find iPhone” application, which with the release of iOS 13 began to be called “Locator”.

Note that the approach discussed below should not be used in case of theft or loss of the device, as it will no longer be found. It is suitable when for some reason you do not have access to the tablet or, for example, the screen does not work on it.

Note: If Find My iPhone has not been activated previously on your tablet and second device, or if at least one of them has no Internet connection, you will not be able to perform a factory reset.

In the block with the list of “Devices” presented in the lower area of ​​the screen (go to this tab if another will be open initially) find the iPad that you want to reset to factory settings and tap its name.

Scroll the list of available actions to the very bottom and tap on the item “Erase this device”.

In the window that appears on the screen, read the consequences of the procedure performed and, if they suit you, click “Continue”.

After you confirm your intentions, the previously set parameters will not only be reset on the iPad, but all data (applications, files) that were stored on it will be erased. Also, it will no longer be possible to find and track him.

How to Erase and Factory Reset your iPad!

Recovery in Recovery Mode

The above procedure for resetting the iPad to factory settings allows you to return it to its normal working state in cases when the operating system for one reason or another starts to slow down, freeze, give errors, which is especially typical for “outdated” devices. However, sometimes more drastic measures may be required, the main of which is recovery in recovery mode, which involves deleting all data and installing the current version of iOS / iPadOS or, if there is such a need (and opportunity), currently used. This is a relatively simple operation, but before resorting to it, you will need to perform some manipulations on the tablet, and only then connect it to your computer and iTunes. You can get acquainted with all the subtleties and implementation algorithm, as well as methods for eliminating problems that sometimes arise in the process, in the articles presented at the links below.

Factory reset iPad

iPad can rightfully be called not only the undisputed leader in the tablet market, but also a true long-liver. Apple continues to update even fairly old models, but those that do not receive new versions of iOS continue to cope with the tasks assigned to them. However, sometimes these devices can start to slow down and freeze. Resetting to factory settings will help to fix such undesirable behavior, which we will discuss below. Similarly, you can clean the device before selling.

Find My iPhone on iCloud

In a situation where there is simply no other Apple device or it is not available at the moment, to reset the settings remotely, you should turn to the browser on the PC and the web analogue of the application considered in the previous method and available for use on the website of the branded cloud storage. Recall that to implement the method described below, the “Find iPhone” (“Find My”) function must be activated on each of the devices and an Internet connection must be present.

Note: As in the case discussed above, the remote reset should not be applied to a lost or stolen tablet, as it will not be possible to find it after that.

    Using the link above, go to the Apple service website and log in to it. For this:

      Enter the email address you use as your Apple ID login and press the arrow pointing to the right or the ENTER key.

Enter the password for your account and use the enter button.

Further, if you have “Two-factor authentication” installed, take your iPhone or iPad, which will receive a notification, unlock it. In the window informing you of an attempt to enter your Apple ID, click “Allow”, after which a six-digit code will appear on the device screen.

Enter it in the appropriate field on the iCloud website,

and then click on the “Trust” button if you do not want to enter the code for this browser in the future.

On the page with Apple services that are available to use in iCloud, select “Find iPhone”,

re-enter the password for the account and press “Login” or the “ENTER” key.

After a few seconds, a map will load, which will show your devices associated with the Apple ID used.

Expand the menu item “All devices” located on the top panel and select the iPad, the settings of which you want to reset.

In the action menu that appears on the right, click on the “Erase iPad” button,

and then confirm your intentions by clicking “Erase” in the pop-up window. Be sure to understand the consequences of the procedure being performed, which are reported in this notice.

Both this and the previous method allow you to reset iPad to factory settings remotely. The procedure itself has both its advantages and disadvantages, which we have identified.

DFU recovery

As mentioned in the introduction, a factory reset may be required for one of two reasons. restoring the operating system to normal operation or preparing the device for sale, which means clearing all data. Speaking of the first, it is worth noting that a positive result is not always achieved after completing the procedure considered in the article, and sometimes recovery in Recovery Mode does not help either. So, if the iPad stopped updating or loading into the system, or if a Jailbreak was received on it, and now you need to get rid of the consequences of such a “jailbreak” and return iOS / iPadOS to a normal state, you should resort to what is called Device Firmware Update ( DFU). This is an emergency firmware update that overwrites the bootloader and storage partitions, and repartitions memory, thereby eliminating even the most serious problems. How to transfer an Apple tablet to the mode necessary for such a recovery and the algorithm for further actions, we previously described in a separate instruction.

There is nothing difficult in resetting the iPad to factory settings. this procedure is carried out in a few taps on the screen or mouse clicks, takes a minimum of time and can be performed even if the device is not on hand or the touch screen is not working.