How To Remove Subtitles On LG TV

Disable all ads on Samsung Smart TV

It doesn’t matter which Smart TV series you have, it works the same everywhere, the only thing that may be different is the menu. If the photo does not match your TV, go to the name (intuitive).

  • Open “settings” then “Network”.
  • The first item in the menu “Network status”.
  • Scroll to the very bottom and click on “IP Settings”.
  • “DNS settings” press “enter manually” and enter “”.
  • Click “ok” and watch TV without ads)).

Remove ads on Android TV

And so, to disable ads on an Android TV (Android TV Box, other set-top boxes), do the following:

  • Go to settings
  • Go to the Network tab and select advanced settings.
  • Disable the “get IP automatically” button and scroll to the bottom. Where the line “DNS” click on it and enter this DNS address “”. press the “ok” button on the remote control.

Done! Your TV now has no ads. If your menu differs from mine, don’t be upset and try as in this tutorial from AdGuard:

Select “Wi-Fi”. A screen appears with a list of available networks (DNS setting is not available for mobile networks).

With a long press on the current network, bring up the menu, in which click “Change network”.

On some devices, you may need to click “Advanced settings”. To be able to change DNS settings, you need to switch “IP Settings” to “Custom”.

Now you can change the “DNS 1” and “DNS 2” fields. Enter the following into them:

How to disable all ads on Smart TV

Attention, the suitability has arrived! Today I want to show you how to disable ads in Smart TV by going to the settings and changing only 1 parameter (DNS from AdGuard). This method disables absolutely all ads on your TV, IPTV player, browser and any other application. It doesn’t matter what kind of TV you have: Samsung, LG, Android, etc.

In general, I am not a supporter of advertising, because the Internet is based on it, but sometimes application developers just go too far. For example, we all know Peers.TV. when they have a good advertiser, the splash screen pops up every 30 minutes. or after the 3rd switch. Let’s get down to business!

Disable ads on LG Smart TV

Unfortunately, I don’t have 5 photos for Samsung, there is only one. But, and so everything is clear, therefore:

How To Remove Subtitles On LG TV
  • Open the settings.
  • Go to the network / connections tab.
  • Advanced settings.
  • Uncheck “Automatic connection”.
  • At the very bottom, where DNS enter this “”.

If there is no instruction above for your TV, don’t be discouraged and try to find the DNS settings yourself. When you find them, enter the DNS AdGuard “”.

How to remove subtitles on a Samsung TV

If you want to turn off subtitles, Samsung TV owners need to take a close look at the remote control for it. If it has a “subtitle” button, it will be easy to do. If there is no such button on the remote control, then you should use other solutions to the problem.

In the case when, after the performed manipulations, it did not work to turn off the subtitles, you will have to contact the service center or call a TV repairman at home.

If it is impossible to remove from. which is viewed, subtitles through the settings in the TV itself, which means that the processing of the files themselves is needed. The thing is that the recording itself in the format that is being played can include subtitles.

After the application is installed, you need to launch the mkvmerge GUI, and find subtitles that work in one of the formats. The most common subtitles are SubRip (.srt) format, which you need to extract.

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How to turn off subtitles on a Samsung TV

Indeed, for each manufacturer of the structure, the sequence and principle of action is slightly, but different. Therefore, you will have to analyze the topic separately. The owners of the presented company should first refer to the supplied remote control. On it you will need to find a button marked with the inscription “subtitle”. With its presence, the whole process is greatly SIMplified, since in the future it is necessary to click on it and all manipulations are completed. If it is absent, it is recommended to follow the following step-by-step plan:

  • The first step is to find the “menu” and go to the section called “system”.
  • Then you will have the opportunity to move to the “subtitles” section, where you, in fact, can turn off the function.

How to turn off subtitles on LG TV

Numerous settings of modern TVs are not clear to everyone. And if there is a need to turn off subtitles on a TV with teletext to receive programs with closed captions, it will take a long time to do this.
The process of disabling subtitles in different models of modern LG multifunctional TVs is different. But, despite the TV model, you need to control the subtitles, and not just turn them on or off, using the remote control.

You also need to know that if you can’t turn off the text at the bottom of the screen (subtitles are in every movie and it’s impossible and you can’t find a way to turn off in the settings), this indicates that the software is either outdated or infected with a virus.

In this case, only the specialists of the service center will help. It will not be possible to fix the problem on a TV with teletext for receiving programs with closed captioning if you do not have the knowledge to do so.

How to remove subtitles on a Samsung TV

There are many people who prefer not only to view various entries, but also read the content of the text in parallel. Thus, information is absorbed better. And for some, such a method is a necessity, since a person may not have hearing or, in principle, perceive material exclusively by a visual method. Accordingly, humanity came up with the idea of ​​creating subtitles. However, not everyone knows exactly how they turn on and off on the device. That is why in this article we will try to get acquainted with all possible options.

How to remove subtitles on LG TV screen

To resolve the need, also follow the procedure described below:

  • First, just as in the previous story, you need to arm yourself with a remote control.
  • Then click on the button located in the very center of the device screen. There should be an arrow.
  • After that, the section will be available to you. A distinctive feature is the title, which will suggest showing additional controls.
  • This is where you can turn off these settings.

However, one must be prepared for the fact that such a plan may not work. This fact will indicate that the software for your unit is either outdated, or it has been captured by a virus. In this case, you will have to contact directly the specialists in their field.

How to enable subtitles

It is clear that the need to eliminate a function is not always inherent in a person. Hence, there are those who do not know about the activation method. This will also require a special remote control. With the help of it you will need to click on a certain button, most often it appears under the name “show additional elements”.

In the “sub” section you can choose any parameters you are interested in. To complete the procedure, click on the required mode and language, respectively. If you are the owner of the old version of the design, then all actions are identical with the above. As you can see, there is nothing complicated.

Subtitles on a TV are text that appears at the bottom of the TV screen in the original language or in translation, and duplicates or complements what is happening on the screen.

The text is displayed on the screen at any time of watching a movie, broadcast, etc. Of course, this function is very convenient, especially if the viewer has hearing problems (TV for the deaf).

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But in some cases it becomes necessary to turn off subtitles. How to set up your TV and turn off subtitles on TV electronics LG or other models and brands?

How to enable subtitles on TV

There are situations when a TV user needs to connect subtitles in order to view with text accompaniment at the bottom of the screen.

As already mentioned, in modern models of multifunctional TVs, this is sometimes difficult to do. To activate subtitles, in the same way as to turn them off, you need a TV remote control.

When watching a movie recorded on a removable media or flash drive, you can activate subtitles in any language. When starting a movie or clip, you need to click on the button located in the central part of the screen and go to the “Show additional controls” section.

Then click on the “SUB” section, where you can select the subtitle parameters, then click on the appropriate mode and select the language. To be able to choose the subtitle language, look at the version of the movie when downloading it to a USB flash drive or removable media. It is important that it initially contains such files.

You can also change other subtitle parameters:

  • the size;
  • color range;
  • synchronization;
  • encoding;
  • location, etc.

Turning on subtitles on a number of older models of equipment is possible by using a special button “subtitle” or “sub-t”, which is located on the remote control.

It does not provide the ability to control subtitles, only enabling and disabling them depending on what the user needs.

What should I do. I watch TV, and the screen below shows continuous subtitles with the TV program, which interferes with the review? I want to completely disable this useless feature, but I don’t know where the appropriate button is.


The problem may arise even if you do not watch one of the TV channels (for example, First or TNT), but SIMply turn on the from a computer via USB or using a flash drive.

Fortunately, for many situations the solution is universal, regardless of the TV brand (be it Toshiba, Samsung, PanSonyk, LG) and your TV provider. The problem lies in the settings that can be changed using the remote.

The moment you turn on the or start a certain channel, carefully look at the remote control. Very often there is a small additional button on the right or left side of the “Enter” button, which is the main key. Try clicking on it. In 60% of cases, subtitles are turned off after that.

If it doesn’t help, try to find a button on the remote control in the form of a wrench, a gear, or where it says “Settings” or “Tools” (below the photo it looks like roughly). It will take you to the settings menu, which must contain the “Subtite” item. It should be “Off”, not “English”, “Russian”, etc.

If none of the described methods helped you remove subtitles and TV guide from the pages, then try to solve the issue by typing. While watching TV, press unfamiliar buttons one by one. This option almost always works.!

If this did not help, then write in the comments the brand of your TV and I will try to help you!

Now they are releasing new TVs that support the teletext function and sometimes having turned it on once (maybe even children or by accident themselves from the TV remote control), we no longer know how to turn it off. Here it is immediately worth noting that many have satellite television called “Tricolor”, let’s use this provider as an example to connect or disable the subtitle display function.

To enable the subtitle function of the satellite provider “Tricolor”, use the following sequence of actions on your receiver’s remote control:
yellow button. Teletext. OK. Russian. OK. 888
To remove subtitles from the screen. Exit

It is also especially worth noting that all TVs also have their own individual settings for their functionality, here let’s take a closer look at, for example, the Samsung TV, it may also fit the LG TV, I did not check here, but for Samsung for sure. To begin with, on the remote control of your TV, we find a key with the name. subtitle. Or read the way easier.

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I also note that not all TVs generally have such a function to remove subtitles, for this you will have to use a different method if your content, for example, is downloaded from a computer and you want to watch a movie from a flash drive on the screen of your large TV.

All these manipulations should help you get rid of subtitles on your TV screen. It’s easier, of course, to individually look at the instructions for a specific TV and turn them off by following this instruction.

Removal procedure

First of all, before uninstalling applications on LG Smart TVs, you should clearly determine whether it is really necessary. Such a need becomes relevant if:

The TV has run out of free memory;

Using installed applications has become inconvenient due to the large number of them (since a limited number of shortcuts can be displayed on the same first page, the more there are, the longer and more difficult it is to search for the necessary ones, respectively, this is uncomfortable and annoying for many).

Even considering that installing one application on an LG Smart TV requires a little internal memory, periodic cleaning of widgets is still needed. At the same time, the majority of users are interested in how to do this, directly when you need to remove too much right now.

Removing applications. ways:

Using the remote control, enter the application menu and select the one to be deleted from them. Drag it to the top right corner until a message appears on the screen with the text to delete. Without releasing the shortcut, drag it to where the tooltip points;

Go to the page with applications and press the “Change” button from the remote control (upper right corner). Select the shortcut of the application that you want to remove by clicking the “Remove” item in the list of actions;

The easiest option is to drag and drop unneeded widgets directly to the “Delete” button located in the lower right corner.

Uninstalling Apps on LG Smart TV

Modern LG Smart TVs operate on a complex operating system, which makes them not just a receiver of television channels, but brings them closer to smartphones. It follows from this that such equipment must be periodically updated, its memory is not unlimited, and all applications that were once installed can be removed.

Each owner of such a TV has the opportunity to customize it individually for himself, guided by his preferences, that is, choose which applications he needs. To install them, you need to register with LG Apps, and, as practice shows, usually those who come across Smart TV technologies, mistakenly or not quite correctly at first install for themselves what they do not need. In addition, over time, the need for a particular product may disappear, especially with regard to games.

Considering also the fact that software manufacturers are constantly improving it and developing new applications that users are interested in, as well as the fact that the memory on the TV cannot be called limitless, you will have to face the question of how to remove applications. In fact, it is quite SIMple, which will be discussed later.

Features of the procedure

Taking the remote control, everything is done through the menu. You need to find an application you no longer need, press the up arrow twice until a white face with a cross appears above the shortcut, and click the OK button. The action is confirmed by clicking on the pop-up Delete button.

If you have to deal with Remote Magic LG, you need to enter the application menu item, find the one that needs to be deleted, move the cursor over it. After the up arrow appears, click on it until a cross appears, followed by a question as to whether the user really wants to delete the selected program. The action is confirmed by clicking on the “Delete” button.