How to remove pop-ups on LG TV

Android TV

Due to the convenience of the platform, many users prefer it. But on devices running on the Android operating system, advertisements can also pop up. There are two ways to fix the problem. First option:

  • through the “Menu” go to “Settings” “Network”;
  • open “Advanced settings” and select “Wired network”;
  • disable the “Obtain IP automatically” function;
  • at the bottom of the window, change the “DNS Server”. 130.130;
    remove, pop-ups
  • confirm the action by clicking “Ok”.

The second method uses AdGuard. Go to the “Menu” and go all the way from the first option. Then follow the instructions:

  • Select Wi-Fi connection (not available for mobile networks).
  • Hold down the network you are using and wait for the control menu to open.
  • Click “Change network” (some models need to activate advanced settings).
  • Go to “Settings. IP “and change the user settings to consumer.
  • A window will appear with the lines “DNS 1” and “DNS 2”.
  • In the first we drive in 0.130.130.
  • In the second.

After completing all actions, the advertisement will disappear.

How to remove ads on Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips and IPTV TVs

  • 1 Why ads appear and the settings change on their own
  • 2 How to disable ads on Smart TVs
  • 2.1 Samsung
  • 2.2 LG
  • 2.3 Sony
  • 2.4 Philips
  • 2.5 IPTV
  • 2.6 Android TV
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  • Remove ads on Android TV

    To disable ads on an Android TV (Android TV Box, other set-top boxes), do this:

    • Go to settings
    • Go to the “Network” tab, and select advanced settings.
    • Disable the “get IP automatically” button and scroll to the bottom. Where the line “DNS” click on it and enter this DNS address “”. press the “ok” button on the remote control.

    Done! Now there are no ads on your TV. If your menu differs from mine, don’t be upset and try as in this tutorial from AdGuard:

    In the control menu, click the “Settings” icon.
    Select “Wi-Fi”. A screen appears with a list of available networks (DNS setting is not available for mobile networks).
    With a long press on the current network, bring up the menu, in which click “Change network”.
    On some devices, you may need to click “Advanced settings”.
    To be able to change DNS settings, you need to switch “IP Settings” to “Custom”.

    Now you can change the “DNS 1” and “DNS 2” fields. Enter the following values ‚Äč‚Äčinto them:
    “” “”

    How to disable ads on Smart TVs

    We change the device mode. On different TV models, the path is practically the same.

    • Press the “Menu” or “Home” button on the remote.
    • Go to the “General” tab.
    • Look for modes, select “Home”.


    After purchasing a Philips Smart TV, an advertisement for this device appeared on the first connection. This means that “Store Mode” is automatically activated. To turn it off, complete the following steps.

    If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

    • Check for software update, the latest version must be installed.
    • Press the “Menu” button on the remote control.
    • Select the Frequent Settings tab “All” “General”.
    • Open the item “Location” and select “Home” from the list.
    • Turn the TV off and on again.
    • Done.

    Enjoy ad-free movie watching.

    Access to interactive television comes via the Internet or special programs, from which advertising videos and banners come from. To make IPTV ad-free, change the DNS server from the AdGuard service. We have already touched on this service when disabling ads on Samsung.

    In the “IP Settings” manually change the DNS number. or For some users, the second method is more suitable, because in addition to blocking ads, it saves personal information and blocks erotic films, which is good for families with small children. Now watch IPTV without intrusive advertising content.

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    How to disable ads on Samsung Smart TV

    In the latest Smart TV updates, Samsung has implemented an advertising function based on user searches in search engines.

    Most often, banner ads and notifications appear in the Internet browser and applications, making it difficult to watch movies or videos.

    We get rid of it in the above way:

    • Open the settings;
    • Go to the Network section;
    • Open the tab Network status, IP network;
    • Click on DNS Settings and enter a combination of numbers:

    Save changes and enjoy a clean browser without annoying ads.

    If something went wrong, for example, the TV stopped connecting to the Internet, click “automatically select DNS” and the settings will return to standard.

    Sources of advertising on smart TV

    The fact that when watching channels every half hour we are forced to watch commercials can already be called habitual and self-evident.

    But a TV with a Smart set-top box is more than watching TV channels, and even multimedia capabilities are not the main thing here. Using an air mouse (and / or wireless keyboard), you can turn the large LED screen into an alternative to smartphones, tablets and laptops. YouTube. no problem. Watching streaming video via torrent trackers. please! Surfing, sitting in social networks. all this can be done while lying in bed and enjoying the high-definition picture.

    Alas, the emergence of pop-up ads cannot be avoided. Just like on a phone screen or PC monitor. Here we are not talking about demo mode, when advertising of a television brand becomes especially intrusive (we have already told you why it appears and how to turn it off).

    But, you must admit, there is little pleasant in the fact that the broadcasts on YouTube are continually interrupted by the display of commercials. The same is true for many free apps. Let’s figure out if it is possible to somehow limit the time of unproductive viewing.

    How to block ads on Sony Smart TVs

    • press the Home button on the remote control;
    • on the TV screen, click on the suitcase icon in the upper right corner;
    • in the menu that appears, select the “Network” item;
    • then click “Network Settings”;
    • on the next screen, click on the line “Setting up a network connection”;
    • select the “Manual” option and enter the addresses of AdGuard services in the appropriate fields.

    Ways to disable ads on Smart TV

    Many streaming services offer to get rid of ads for a fee: either you enjoy watching content with ads, or purchase a monthly / annual subscription without it. Often the cost of such a service is small, but if Honor has how many free apps you use, the entire family budget will not be enough for such things.

    Blocking YouTube ads

    Until 2019, the method described above was applicable to the popular video hosting service. But the owners of the service are taking extraordinary steps to impose ads on all devices where possible, and they managed to solve the problem with ad blocking by changing DNS servers.

    How to remove ads on LG TV

    Since the products of this South Korean brand do not differ from Samsung in terms of functionality, the method for blocking ads is similar;

    • go to the TV menu through the standard remote control by pressing the corresponding button;
    • select the “Network” section;
    • go to the “Wired connection” and in the “IP Settings” line deactivate the “Automatic” option;
    • fields marked with DNS will appear, in the first of them you must enter the address

    That is, everything is the same, only the path to the IP address settings is slightly different, but it may differ even within the same model with different firmware.

    By the way, a good way to get rid of ads is to block the addresses of advertising services directly on the router, if there is such an opportunity and you are aware of how this is done. True, the list below does not claim to be complete, moreover, it may change over time, but today it lists most of the ad servers through which ads are displayed:

    •, as well as the related subdomain Google’s native advertising services;
    • smartclip domains;
    • is a well-known marketing network;
    •, as well as it’s clear whose servers are;
    • is not an advertising server, but it collects information about users, and therefore is included in the list;
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    Blocking sites is carried out through the web interface of the router, usually in the Firewall or Block site sections of the menu, more accurate information can be found on the Internet. If this method of blocking suits you, then you no longer need to change DNS.

    How to watch Smart TV without ads

    Turning a TV into an entertainment center is a good thing, especially when it comes to the possibilities that allow you to use it as an alternative to a smartphone or even a computer. But along with the ability to surf the net, install applications and do other things that were previously inaccessible, the disadvantages of small brothers appeared. an abundance of advertising, which was enough on the TV anyway. On PCs and phones, this is fought by installing special ad blockers, programs or applications. But is there such an opportunity for Smart TV?

    Remove ads on other brands of Smart TVs under Android OS

    Many well-known and not too popular brands are not concerned with writing their own operating system, using the time-tested solution in the form of the Android OS.

    In general, here you also need to ensure that traffic is redirected to the AdGuard servers, where ad culling is provided. How exactly to do this / depends on the network connection used.

    For wired (via Ethernet cable), the algorithm will look like this:

    • go to the TV menu;
    • go to the “Settings” section;
    • select the item “Network”;
    • use the option “advanced settings” and select the sub-item “Wired network”;
    • deactivate the “Obtain IP automatically” option;
    • as a result, the “DNS Server” windows will become active at the bottom. In the top we drive in the address, a little lower.

    If the Smart TV connects to the network via Wi-Fi, the algorithm will be slightly different:

    • go to the TV menu;
    • go to the “Settings” section;
    • select the item “Network”;
    • use the “advanced settings” option and select the “Wi-Fi connection” sub-item;
    • place the cursor on your network. Press OK and keep the button pressed until the network control menu appears;
    • click the “Change network” tab;
    • in the menu that appears, select “Change network”, change the option of user settings (automatic detection of the IP address) to consumer;
    • drive in the DNS addresses of the AdGuard service into the fields.

    As a result, ad impressions should decrease significantly.

    In connection with a sharp increase in the speed of Internet access, the services of digital TV providers are becoming more and more popular, when cable or satellite TV is not required to broadcast channels. only access to the network. But many providers of interactive TV also run their own ads. You can get rid of it in the above way by changing the network settings. If the TV does not work under Android OS, the algorithm may turn out to be different, but the essence remains the same. instead of the provider’s IP addresses, which are determined automatically, you must specify the addresses of the AdGuard servers.


    Opera was the first browser to have the ability to block content without plugins from the very beginning. But to configure it, you have to point to them each time until the browser learns. To remove pop-up windows in Opera altogether, right-click on the page, then “Site settings”. In the new window, go to the “Basic” tab, where in the “Pop-up” item, select “Do not accept”.

    The Add Block plugin will be more effective. To install it, select in the “Menu” item “Extensions”, then “Select extensions”. In the search field, enter “Add Block”, a list of found plugins will appear, click opposite the desired one, and then on the green button “Add to Opera”, in the window that appears, click “Install”. The Add Block extension will now “cut” blocking windows.

    Google chrome

    Google Chrome, as a modern browser, has a pop-up blocker out of the box. When blocking, the corresponding icon will appear in the address line, clicking on which will appear actions with the blocked window.

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    Next, we will talk about how to remove the pop-up blocker in Google Chrome. If pop-up windows were blocked on a certain site, and you needed them, then click on the special icon in the address bar. In the menu that appears, select an allowing link, and so that pop-ups from this site are no longer blocked, click on “Always show pop-ups from this address: [website address]”. You can remove a site from the list of exclusions from the “Content Settings” window. To disable pop-up blocking for a specific resource, go to the “Toolbars” settings (the far button at the top left), scroll down to the bottom and click “Show advanced settings” and follow “Personal data / Content settings / Pop-ups / Exception management / Allow “. To disable blocking pop-ups for all sites, follow the previous path to the item “Pop-ups”, where check the line “Allow pop-ups for all sites”. To unblock a separate site there is a button “Exceptions”.

    Apple Safari

    Developers from Apple have provided as many as three ways to enable or disable blocking in your browser. The first method is the fastest not only in Safari itself, but also among all the browsers presented in the article: a separate keyboard shortcut Ctrl Shift K in the Windows version or Shift Command K for Mac.

    Second way. Go to the settings menu, the button of which is located on the upper left in the form of a gear and in the drop-down menu click on the line “Block pop-ups”.

    The third path is the longest. Go to the settings either through the “gear” or through the menu item “Edit”. In the “Security” tab in the “Web content” item, check the already familiar line “Block pop-up windows”.

    Mozilla Firefox

    Pop-up blocking is also included by default in Firefox. You don’t need to configure it separately. You will be notified of blocking by a special panel at the top of the page with the “Settings” button and an icon in the address bar, clicking on which will bring up four actions to choose from.

    You can set up blocking by following the path “Tools / Options / Content”. In the last panel, uncheck or check the box next to “Block pop-ups”. The “Exceptions” button contains a list of sites with allowed pop-up windows. Also for these purposes there is the Addblock plugin, on its site “Adblock Plus :: Firefox Add-ons” click “Download Now” to install on Mozilla Firefox.

    How to remove pop-ups?

    Pop-ups can be useful or not. Advertising is especially the last to sin. It is the engine of commerce, therefore, there are many such advertising windows on the Internet, often a problem with normal page viewing. Below are instructions that will answer all your questions about how to remove pop-ups in the five most used browsers: Opera, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

    Internet Explorer

    Below are instructions on how to close pop-up windows for versions 7 and 8 of Internet Explorer. The browser from Microsoft provides pop-up blocking, while a special notification appears, by clicking on which, you can view the blocked window, additional options and actions.

    This feature is active by default. To disable it or enable it, if it was disabled before, click on the “Service” button in the upper left corner, and then on “Blocking pop-up windows”. To turn off the blocker, click “Turn off pop-up blocking”, the opposite effect. “Turn on pop-up blocking”. To view a blocked window, click on the blocked notification and select Show Blocked Pop-up. To allow pop-ups to be shown on a specific website, do the following: Tools / Pop-up Blocker / Pop-up Blocker Options. Type in the address in the “Web site you want to authorize” field and click “Add”.

    Finally, remember that sometimes pop-up blockers can cause some problems. For example, there are sites where the necessary functions are displayed only through such windows. Sometimes the window is not blocked. This is because the resource is using unknown methods to open the window.