How to remove bookmarks on iPhone

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How to create a bookmark folder in Safari on iPhone or iPad

Open any web page in Safari on iPhone or iPad.

Call the toolbar by touching the bottom of the page.

Click the Bookmarks icon (with the image of an open book).

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Sign in to Favorites or choose a different location.

Click the “Change” button and then “New Folder”.

Enter a name for the folder and click Finish.

Bookmark folders sync between Macs and iOS devices, so each gadget displays the same Favorites bar. But if you want, you can customize different Favorites pages on iPhone, iPad and Mac, or set separate panels for home and work and switch between them.

How to delete bookmarks and bookmark folders in Safari on iPhone and iPad

Repeat steps 1-5 of the previous instruction.

Click on “-” to delete a bookmark or folder, and then on the appeared Delete button.

Also, using the buttons with three stripes, you can set your own order of placing bookmarks.

Bookmarks on iPhone and iPad: how to add, create folders, favorites, customize

Often, when surfing the Internet on an iPhone or iPad, it becomes necessary to save an interesting article (or link) for later return to it. We have already talked about how to save a web page for viewing without the Internet, however, if there are no problems with access to the Network, then for these purposes there is a more perfect solution. bookmarks.

How to Delete Bookmarks on Safari iPhone

How to bookmark a webpage in Safari in iOS on iPhone or iPad

Open the page you want to bookmark.

Tap the bottom of the page to show the toolbar.

Select a location (you can specify a folder, see below) and click Save.

You can use emoji emoticons as the name of the bookmark.

How to change the “Favorites” folder to another

By default, in iOS, the Favorites page contains a folder with various bookmarks that you add to the bookmarks bar in Safari, for example, your favorite sites, online translators, etc. If you wish, this folder can be replaced with a more useful one, which will contain only the necessary and frequently visited resources.

You don’t need to launch Safari to customize the Favorites bar in iOS. Open the Settings app → Safari. Then press the “Favorites” line and select the desired folder from the list. You can arrange bookmarks as described above.

How to close all tabs in Safari

When surfing the Internet, a large number of windows open in the Safari browser. Closing each of these tabs manually is not very convenient, so it is easier to close all of them at once. But before that you need to look through the windows so as not to lose the necessary.

Note! You can save important tabs in your reading list.

To close all windows, follow these steps.

On the bottom panel of the Safari browser, click two squares.

Active windows will appear. To close all open ones, you need to click the “Close all tabs” item (it displays the number of active windows).

At the final stage, you need to clear the browser.

For your information! Remote web content will free up gadget memory as it is cached by the browser.

What to do if Safari closes all tabs

If the windows are closed automatically in the Safari browser, then you need to change the settings in it.

Go to the gadget settings and select the browser there, after which in the list that opens, click on the “Tabs” item.

Next, you need to open the item “Closing tabs”, where you need to enable manual cleaning of windows or increase the frequency of closing them. For example, you can set the cleaning frequency to 1 month.

Important! Auto-closing of windows is implemented in stock Safari (built into iOS). This is most likely due to the fact that Apple specialists made this function an exclusive feature of the regular browser.

How to close all tabs on iPhone 6, 7, 8, and 10

One of the main advantages of Apple mobile gadgets is multitasking, which allows you to open many programs at the same time without completely quitting them. At the same time, the transition to the new program suspends the old process, which significantly saves the battery charge of the smartphone.

After playing large-format video files, using navigation programs, instant messengers, etc., you need to completely exit them, since they consume a lot of resources (RAM, processor power, traffic, etc.). That is why this article will consider ways to close running software in iPhones.

How to close a tab on older iPhone 6s

To close the utilities in the multitasking pane of the iPhone 6, you need to use the multitouch gesture. In this case, you can complete the work of up to 3 programs at a time.

To close the program, you need to do the following.

Open the multitasking panel. To do this, press the “Home” key 2 times.

Then you can throw out the tabs of unnecessary programs to the top of the screen.

How tabs are dropped from the list of open software

To close 2-3 utilities, you need to make sure that the required number of programs is visible in the multitasking panel, after which the procedure for throwing out the tabs needs to be done with two or three fingers.

Note! On older devices, to close the utilities in the multitasking panel, you had to click the cross in each window. Therefore, discarding tabs, and even several of them, is the most convenient way to close the software.

How to close tabs on iPhone 7, 10 and other models

Below are detailed ways to close apps on iPhone 7 and newer models.

Do I need to close open tabs on iPhone

Programs and games in the ambiguity panel are shortcuts with which you can quickly return to a previously opened program. However, many of them do not consume electricity, and their removal does not increase the performance of the device. Rather, on the contrary, iOS has to spend more resources to launch the program than loading it from the ambiguity panel.

However, some programs need to be closed because they are active in the background. Therefore, they consume a lot of smartphone resources (RAM and internal memory, battery power, etc.) and traffic. It is because of this that these programs must be turned off after use. These programs are navigation and music applications, as they continuously check the location of the gadget and the relevance of the music content.

Important! The processes of closing and open programs practically do not depend on the smartphone model, but only on the iOS version. Therefore, it must be borne in mind that as a result of updating the gadget system, the scheme may change.

Second way to quit apps on iPhone X

This method is more complicated, but also effective.

  • Go to gadget settings.
  • Select the item “Basic”.
  • Then they select the item “Universal Access”.
  • Then turn on the “Assistive Touch” option.
  • Then you need to find the item “Top-level menu” below and open it. Here, using the / buttons. add and remove the necessary elements. Press “” and add “Multitasking”.
  • Then they call the on-screen menu (where “Screenshot”, Apple pay) and select multitasking. This will open the list of running applications.
  • Then they throw up unnecessary bookmarks.
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Adding multitasking to the top-level menu

There are no buttons in the design of the latest iPhones, so the open software menu in them opens differently.

How to close all tabs on iPhone X and newer

These gadgets do not have buttons on the front side, so to close unnecessary programs, you need to do the following:

  • Enter the multitasking panel by moving your finger from the bottom of the display to the center, where you want to hold it.
  • Next, in the multitasking menu, you need to press and hold the window of any application until the delete icon appears, which you need to click (to close open programs), or throw it to the top of the display.

How to upload an application to an iPhone?

How to manually download unneeded apps on iOS

  • Open “Settings” on your device.
  • Click “General”.
  • Select “iPhone Storage” from the list.
  • Click on the application you want to download.
  • Click “Download Program”.
  • Confirm the action by choosing “Download program” from the pop-up menu.

How to close open apps on iPad?

How to close all apps without entering the iPhone or iPad app manager

  • Go to the app you want to force close.
  • Hold down the Power buttons until the “shutdown” slider appears.
  • Hold the Home button until you get to your work device.

How to sign out of an app on iPhone?

How to cancel a paid subscription purchased in an iOS app.

  • Select “Settings” [your name] “iTunes Store & App Store”.
  • Click your Apple ID at the top of the screen.
  • Click View Apple ID.
  • Click “Subscriptions”.
  • Select a subscription to manage.
  • To change your subscription, use the available options.

How to close open apps on iPhone 11?

  • Open the switching menu with a swipe from the bottom edge to the middle of the screen.
  • We hold down any application until the close icon appears.
  • Click on the new icon, or swipe up.

How to close apps on iPhone 8?

How to Force Close Apps on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

  • Unlock your iPhone first with passcode or Touch ID.
  • Double tap the Home button to open the app switcher.
  • Scroll the cards left and right until you find the app you want to close.

How to close all apps on iOS 13?

Press and hold your finger on the app icon until it wiggles and you can tap on the red minus icon to close one or more of these background apps.

How to set age control on iPhone and iPad?

Go to the Settings menu. The main

Select Restrictions

Click the Enable restrictions button and enter your password. The password must be entered every time you change these settings or disable restrictions, so be sure not to forget it. If the password is lost, access to the restrictions can be obtained only after restoring the original settings.

Scroll down to the Allowed Content section and go to Age Limit

Check the box on the required region

After that, the age limit set in your region will automatically apply. To disable it, you need to do the same operation, but you will need to uncheck the Age requirement menu.

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You can use the Privacy & Content Restrictions option for Screen Time to block or restrict access to certain apps and features on your child’s device. You can also set restrictions on inappropriate content, purchases, downloads, and privacy in your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch settings.

Blocking content from the Internet

iOS can automatically filter website content to restrict access to adult content in Safari and apps on your device. You can also add specific websites to the Allowed or Blocked list, or grant access to only allowed websites. Follow the steps below.

  • Go to Settings Screen Time.
  • Tap Privacy & Content Restrictions and then enter your Screen Time password.
  • Click on Content Restrictions and then Web Content.
  • Select the option “Unlimited Access”, “Limit Adult Sites” or “Allowed Websites Only”.

Depending on the access granted, you may need to add certain information, such as the website address that you want to block.

Ability to change privacy settings

The privacy settings on your device allow you to control the access of programs to information or hardware components stored on your device. For example, you can let a social media program request permission to use your camera to take and upload pictures.

To allow changing privacy settings, follow these steps.

How to Delete All Bookmarks on iPhone!

  • Go to the Settings menu and select the Screen Time function.
  • Click on Privacy & Content Restrictions. Enter a password if required.
  • Click “Privacy” and select the settings you want to deny access.

Here are some settings and options that you can deny access.

  • Location Services: Prevent programs and websites from accessing your location.
  • Contacts: prevent programs from accessing your contacts.
  • Calendars: prevent apps from accessing your calendar.
  • Reminders: prevent programs from accessing your reminders.
  • Photos: prevent programs from accessing your photos.
  • Share your whereabouts: Prevent Messages and Find My Friends from accessing your whereabouts.
  • Bluetooth Sharing: Prevent devices and programs from transferring data over Bluetooth.
  • Microphone: Prevent programs from accessing your microphone.
  • Speech Recognition: Prevent programs from accessing Speech Recognition and Dictation features.
  • Ads: Prevent changing ad-related settings.
  • Media & Apple Music: Prevent apps from accessing your photos, videos, or music library.

How to bypass the restriction in VK

In order to get to the pages of the group that your iPhone or iOS is blocking, you can use several methods. The simplest is the correct search for a community, group, public. That being said, many are faced with a limiting message in that case. It also happens that the group cannot be found among others in the search. This is because the “Safe Search” checkbox is checked in the settings.

To find a group and visit it in VK without restrictions:

  • Open your page and at the top, in the search bar, enter the name of the desired group;
  • A window will open, in it lower the page so that the right block with the parameters is at the very bottom;
  • Find the “Safe Search” item here and uncheck it;
  • Now try entering the group name again and hit the search button.

Safe search in

There is another easy way to visit a group if you see a restriction message. After you click the “Subscribe” button and become a full member of the group, you can visit it without any restrictions, at least from the side of the social network. If you are trying to do this from a mobile device and you fail, try pressing the menu button at the top of the screen (it looks like 3 dots). Then click “Open in Safari” to visit the page through a web browser. In it, subscribe to the group and after that you can visit it from the application.

Providing access to built-in programs and functions

You can restrict the use of built-in programs or functions. Disabling programs and features does not delete them, but simply disappears temporarily from the Home screen. For example, if you turn off Mail, it will not appear on the Home screen until you turn it back on.

To change the list of allowed programs, follow these steps.

  • Go to Settings Screen Time.
  • Click on “Privacy and Content Restrictions”.
  • Enter your Screen Time password.
  • Click “Allowed Applications”.
  • Select the programs you want to allow access.

What iPhone content is considered inappropriate

If your Apple device refuses to go to a specific group on. then there is a list of topics that determine inadmissibility. These include:

  • Posts in a group that are located in an illegal field. They may be fraudulent;
  • There are themes in the community that glorify or promote criminal activity, peace. There are materials that can demonstrate how to commit certain crimes of the law;
  • Groups that call for insulting certain people or communities. Several years ago, such groups were created as a tool to influence competitors or a group of people with different views. Today, a few complaints about such communities are enough and they are quickly blocked;
  • Groups with prohibited content for showing to persons under the age of majority. Although some content of an erotic nature, moderators of groups can post without violating the rules of VK You can read more about this on the page with the rules for creating groups;
  • It is forbidden to post posts in which there are obvious insults to certain categories of people or social groups. Groups with a wide range of topics can fall under this item, for example, aggressive statements about political parties, social communities, and so on;
  • It is forbidden to create groups or post content in them with topics that promote drugs in any form. This is especially true for educational content on how to make certain prohibited substances. Such topics are monitored and quickly blocked by the administration;
  • Any topics, groups promoting extremist activities, calls for the formation of such groups, etc.

There are many more topics that can get into prohibited material. You can familiarize yourself with all on the VK page. Recent events related to posts on social networks have reduced the number of groups with pronounced topics of a forbidden nature. After several users ended up in the dock of the criminal court for posts calling for extremist activity.

Group restrictions on

Often, underage iPhone users receive a message that the community contains inappropriate content. This may be due to the device reading the age limit in the group description. The creators deliberately set a limit of 18 to give solidity to their group. Although it may not contain relevant materials.

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How to disable ads in apps on iPhone / iPad?

So, the first question will be about the ads that we usually see in the apps and games that we use every day on our iPhones and iPads. As you can imagine, everyone wants to eat, and therefore, by downloading the free version of the product, you get a lot of ads that appear everywhere.

The ways to deal with this phenomenon are quite simple, and now I will list them:

  • We turn off the Internet. All advertising usually comes from the Internet, so by simply disabling it, you very easily get rid of this problem.
  • We pay money for disconnection. With the option when the toy is online, it is impossible to play without the Internet. Here you have to pay for the premium version.

Now is the era of applications, when everything seems to be free, but at the same time we get a lot of advertising. In some cases this is tolerable, but there are times that it is simply impossible to use.

How to remove ads in Safari on iPad / iPhone?

Many users of their devices prefer Safari as their default browser. It is especially convenient when you have a MacBook or iMac and everything is synchronized. Naturally, there are a lot of advertisements that can be found when looking for information you need. You can get rid of it in one way. “blockers”.

Starting with iOS 9, it became possible to install applications on your iPhone and iPad that simply remove ads by rooting. Here are a couple of them:

  • Crystal (paid);
  • Adblock Fast (free);
  • Purify Blocker (paid);
  • 1Blocker (free);
  • Blockr (paid).

As you can see, there are both free and paid versions. The choice is already yours and do not forget that sometimes everything does not work as correctly as we would like.

How to remove ads on iPhone and iPad?

Regardless of what device you use, there is a thing that annoys absolutely everyone. it’s advertising. Today we will talk about how you can remove ads on your iPad and iPhone.

The topic is very interesting, because we face this problem almost every day, and we know absolutely nothing about ways to get rid of.

How to remove YouTube ads on iPad / iPhone?

Well, the last case where you can most often find advertising is YouTube. Its popularity has grown dramatically in recent years. Surely you love to watch a lot of videos on your iPad and iPhone, because it is quite convenient to do this on large screens.

But, as soon as you get into the taste of watching a video, annoying ads immediately appear and sometimes it cannot be removed after five seconds.

The only solution to the problem is “YouTube Red”. This is the name of a paid subscription from this site and one of the advantages is watching videos without ads.

In addition to comfortable viewing, we are also given a bunch of different possibilities:

  • watching videos offline, save and watch later;
  • playing in the background, most often it is more convenient to use with music;
  • free access to Google Play Music.

All this miracle costs 12 a month. How much the subscription justifies itself, I do not know, but you can definitely save your nerves, because you will not see ads anymore.


In fact, this is probably all that I wanted to tell you about how you can remove ads on your iPad or iPhone. It seems that I listed all the cases.

Perhaps I missed something and if so, then write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев what exactly and I will definitely add information about it.


A functional video editor with which you can quickly remove sound from a video. Please note that in the free version you can export a video no longer than 5 minutes.

On the “Video” tab, select a video from the library with which further work will be carried out. Tap on the “Next” button.

An editor window will appear on the screen. At the bottom, on the toolbar, select the “Mute” button. To continue, select the “Send” item in the upper right corner.

When you save a video to your smartphone’s memory, you have the option to save it either in MP4 format (quality is limited to 720p resolution), or export it as a GIF animation.

  • The export process will begin, during which it is not recommended to close the application and turn off the iPhone screen, as saving may be interrupted. When finished, the video will be available for viewing in the iPhone library.
  • Remove audio from video on iPhone

    The iPhone has a built-in tool for editing videos, but it does not allow you to mute the sound, which means that you will need to turn to the help of third-party applications anyway.


    Another functional video reactor with which you can remove sound from a video literally in one minute.

    • Download VideoShow app for free from the App Store and launch.
    • Tap on the “Video Editing” button.

    A gallery will open in which you will need to mark the video. In the lower right corner, select the “Add” button.

    An editor window will appear on the screen. In the upper left area, tap on the sound icon. a slider will appear, which will need to be dragged to the left, setting to the very minimum.

    After making changes, you can proceed to save the video. Select the export icon and then check the desired quality (480p and 720p are available in the free version).

  • The application will proceed to save the video. During the process, do not exit VideoShow or turn off the screen, otherwise the export may be interrupted. When finished, the video will be available for viewing in the gallery.
  • Similarly, you can remove sound from the video in other video editing applications for iPhone.

    How to remove Google search?

    • Select the “Select delete options” option in the main menu on the right;
    • In the menu, change the setting “Today” to “All the time”;
    • Then click the “Delete” option at the bottom of the page;
    • Confirm your choice by clicking on “Delete” again.

    How to remove information from the search bar?

    To clear your browser’s search history, open the Chrome menu, select Tools and Clear Browsing Data. In the new window, check the box for “Clear browsing history” and click the “Clear” button, that’s all.

    How to remove recently closed tabs in Opera?

    To do this, click on the Operas menu, then go to the “Settings” tab and select “General Settings”. Or press “CtrlF12”. A window will open, go to the “Advanced” tab, then “History”. Here you can set the number of sites that will be saved and the size of the cache.

    How to open recent tabs on iPhone?

    To open a tab on iPhone, just open the list of tabs, click on the plus sign, which is usually used to open a new tab, and hold it for about two seconds. The “Recently closed tabs” section will appear, where you can select the one you need (suddenly closed several at once with one swipe?).

    How to open all recently closed Safari tabs?

    Open the History section of the Safari menu bar. Then click “Open last closed tab”. In order not to climb the menu looking for the required function, a key combination is provided for this action. Press Shift ⇧ Command (or Cmd) ⌘ T, which will immediately open the recently closed tab.

    How to remove search history in Google?

    Google Google Account. At the top of the screen, click Data & Personalization. In the Activities & Timeline section, click My Activities. Delete.

    How not to save history in Google Chrome?

    If you do not want the data about your actions to be saved on the “My Actions” page, do the following:

    • Open the Activity Tracking page. Sign in if necessary.
    • Set the switch to the OFF position in front of the data that you do not want to save.
    • Click Disable.

    How to remove recently closed tabs on iPhone?

    When the “Slide to Power Off” message appears on the display, swipe this bar to turn off your iPhone. Once completely powered off, press and hold the side button for a few seconds until you see the Apple logo. When you wake up, your list of recently closed tabs will be cleared.

    How to clean iPhone completely?

    How to clear all types of data history on iPhone at once? To do this, it is worth resorting to the most radical method. a complete reset of the “apple” device. Resetting your iPhone is much the same as deleting your AutoCorrect history. You need to go to the “Reset” subsection, then click on “Erase content and settings”.

    You will need to enter the restrictions password and confirm your desire to erase the iPhone by clicking on the corresponding button.

    The Apple gadget will restart, after which the user will have to configure it as a new one. On our site there is an article about the initial setup of iPhones. you can resort to the instructions set out in it.

    Deleting AutoCorrect History

    The function of automatic replacement of words when writing a message or note, in theory, should be useful to the user; its task is to correct random mistakes, which, given the fact that the keyboard buttons on the iPhone are small, cannot be avoided. In practice, however, it turns out that autocorrect often turns logical storytelling into nonsense. There are several reasons for this. The main thing is the versatility of the Russian language, in which a lot of new words appear every day. The second most important is the ability of the iPhone to remember new words, including misspelled ones.

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    If your iPhone’s dictionary consists entirely of meaningless constructions and misspelled words, it is better to delete the autocorrect history. This procedure is performed as follows:

    Go to “Settings” and follow the path “General”. “Reset”.

    In the “Reset” subsection, find the “Reset keyboard dictionary” item and click on it.

    In the menu that appears, select the option “Reset Dictionary”.

    This will restore the factory settings of the dictionary.

    You can also delete words from the iPhone AutoCorrect history individually. although it is rather inconvenient to do this. You need to write the word with a mistake and, when the iPhone offers its version, cancel the correction by clicking on the “cross” (×). After the user repeats this procedure 5th row in a row, the gadget “forgets” his corrected word and stops suggesting it.

    How to clear your message history / iMessage?

    Regular SMS and iMessages are deleted the same way. You can erase both individual SMS-ki, and entire correspondence. It is easier to get rid of the correspondence: just go to the Messages application, swipe from right to left for the correspondence, which is no longer needed, and click on the red button with the signature “Delete”.

    If it is necessary to erase specific messages, proceed differently:

    In the “Messages” application, find the desired correspondence and open it.

    Press and hold SMS until the following menu appears:

    Select the option. The message will be marked with a check mark.

    Put a tick in front of other SMS-oks that you want to erase.

    Click on the trash can icon in the lower left corner.

    iPhone will count the number of messages to be deleted and ask you to confirm the operation.

    After that, only important information will remain in your correspondence.

    How to delete history on iPhone?

    Accumulated cache, cookies, massive call and browsing history on the Internet. all this slows down the iPhone. Users prefer to put up with the inconvenience, although in fact, deleting stories on iPhones is a minute and rather simple matter.

    iPhone accumulates a huge amount of data about the actions that have been taken by the user. Some of the information stored on the device is useful; they allow you to quickly find a useful site that the user once visited, or instantly log in to the service. without puzzling over a password. However, a small portion of useful data, as a rule, drowns in a sea of ​​”trash”. information that is unnecessary and meaningless.

    Due to the large amount of stored information, the performance of the iPhone suffers. as a result of which its owner is forced to feel discomfort. To avoid inconvenience, the user needs to periodically clean his “apple” gadget.

    How to clear purchase history in the AppStore?

    Go to the “AppStore” application on the gadget and select the “Updates” tab.

    Then go to the section “Shopping”.

    A list of all applications that have been downloaded to the mobile device will appear on the screen.

    Swipe from right to left along the line with the name of the application you want to remove from history, and click “Hide”.

    Only owners of mobile devices with iOS version higher than 8.0 will be able to clear the download history from the AppStore in this way. On gadgets with iOS 7 and below, there will be no reaction to the swipe.

    How to erase history in other browsers on iPhone?

    The AppStore contains such popular browsers as Opera Mini, Yandex Browser, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, UC Browser. We’ll take a quick look at how to clear history in some of them.

    To delete history in Yandex Browser, do the following:

    Go to the “Settings” application. click on the button with three dots.

    In the menu that appears, select the “Settings” option.

    Scroll down the settings screen to the “Privacy” section. In this block you will find the “Clear data” section. Follow into it.

    Select the checkboxes which types of data you want to remove from Yandex Browser.

    Then click “Clear” and confirm your intention by clicking on the “Yes” button in the window that appears.

    Deleting history in Opera Mini is even easier:

    Launch the application, and when the express panel appears on the screen, swipe from left to right. This will take you to the “History” section.

    Click on the trash can icon in the lower right corner.

    Confirm that you want to clear your browsing history. in the window that appears, select the option “Yes”.

    From the point of view of flexibility of settings, Mobile Opera is far from Yandex Browser. Opera does not allow you to delete data of only one type (for example, cache). It is possible to erase only all data at once. both history, and a list of passwords, and cookies.

    To clear the history of mobile Google Chrome, you need to launch the browser, go to the menu by clicking on the icon with three dots and follow the path “Settings”. “Advanced”. “Personal data” (“Privacy “). In the last subsection there will be a “Clear Browsing Data” block. By clicking on the items in this block, you can delete data of different types.

    How to Delete iPhone Call History?

    Thanks to the iPhone call history, the user can quickly contact the people with whom he speaks most often. without spending time searching for their numbers in the phone book. Call history can also be “cleaned”, leaving only the most necessary contacts in the list. Here’s how to do it:

    Go to the “Phone” application and select the “Recent” tab.

    Click on the “Change” button located in the upper right corner.

    You will see that a red circle with a minus appears in front of each call.

    How to proceed further depends on your intentions. You can erase calls one by one by clicking on the red circles opposite them and then confirming the action by clicking on “Delete”.

    IPhone also allows you to clear your call history completely. To do this, click on the “Delete” button and in the menu that appears, select the option “Clear all recent”.

    Data about calls made by users of Apple devices with iOS 8.1 and higher is sent to Apple, even if the iCloud backup function is disabled. This is the policy of the organization. Apple claims that it stores information only for the last month and solely for the benefit of users. so that they have the opportunity to recover important data in case of loss. However, the experts of the domestic company Elcomsoft managed to recover information about the calls made over the past 4 months. These statistics “added fuel to the fire” of discussions over whether Apple is spying on Russians.

    How to delete Safari history on iPhone?

    Although you can install third-party browsers on the iPhone, most Apple fans continue to use Safari. If you are thinking of cleaning your Apple smartphone, you should start with the history of the preinstalled browser. Deleting Safari history should be done through the “Preferences”. proceed as follows:

    In “Settings” find the section “Safari” and go to it.

    Scroll down the page and look for the “Clear history” item. Click on it.

    Confirm that you want to clear history. click on the corresponding button.

    The item “Clear history” will be grayed out. this means that you have coped with the task “with a bang”.

    Please note that in our example (on iOS 7.1.2) there are two buttons. “Clear history” and “Clear cookies and data”. If you only click the first one, the cookie will remain in the iPhone’s memory. On gadgets with iOS of other versions, there may be only one button. “Clear history and site data”. In this case, saving cookies by deleting the browser history will not work.

    There is no need to erase cookies from iPhone. You won’t free up a lot of space due to this action, but you will lose the ability to quickly log in to services and face the need to remember all passwords.

    You can also clear your iPhone search history through the browser itself. This is done as follows:

    Find the “Bookmarks” button on the bottom panel (with the image of an open book) and click on it.

    Then go to the “History” section.

    Click on the “Clear” button located in the lower right corner.

    In the menu that appears, select the “Clear” option. this way you confirm that you want to say goodbye to the history of browsed Internet pages.

    If you do not want the addresses of the sites you visit to remain in the memory of your mobile device, use “Private Access”. Requests after activating “Private Access” will also not be saved. You need to enable the “Private Access” function in the “Bookmarks” menu. just click on the button of the same name in the lower left corner, then click “Finish”.

    You can tell that “Private Access” is enabled by the background color of the browser. The background goes black.