How to remove bangs on iPhone

How to pin a bang: 20 beautiful options

Bangs are a striking element of a hairstyle that can radically change a woman’s appearance. But even the most stylish bangs can quickly get bored, because every woman has a constant passion for change. Do you really have to spend months growing bangs? Of course not! Knowing how to remove bangs beautifully, you can very quickly start new fashion experiments.!

Method 1

  • Apply gel or mousse to the bangs. they will not allow the hairstyle to fall apart.
  • Comb your bangs back or pull them up.
  • Secure the tip crosswise with invisible ones. Use a decorative hairpin or crab if desired.
  • Sprinkle the strands with varnish on top or fix with gel.

This method will help both those who want to completely open their foreheads, and those who just need to reduce the density of the bangs. In the latter case, it is enough to separate the upper section of the bangs and comb it back, fixing it with an invisible or hair clip.

We remove under the tape or bezel

Not sure how to remove short bangs beautifully? There are probably all sorts of ribbons, hoops or scarves in your women’s arsenal! So use them for your own good.

Pay attention to the main point. the color of the accessory should be in harmony with the shade of the clothes and emphasize it. However, if you want to play on contrast, then why not take a chance ?! Having chosen the desired bezel or ribbon, comb the bangs to the crown and fix it with an accessory.

If this option does not suit you, separate the strands with a straight part or comb them on the side.

For a romantic hairstyle, you can lay the bangs in a wave or twist it with a tourniquet, and to fix it, pick up an openwork ribbon or an unusual hoop. They will give the styling effect and focus on the bangs.

Method 2

Lubricate the strands with wax or gel.

We fix the invisibility on both sides of the parting.

Hiding the ends of the bangs under the bulk of the hair.

This is a simple option for every day, but it looks only with loose strands. If you want to remove your hair in a ponytail or any other hairstyle, your secret will be immediately revealed.

French braid on bangs

Gently comb the bangs and divide it into three parts.

We wet our hands with water, and apply a small amount of mousse, gel or wax to the strands.

We start weaving a three-row braid, gradually adding side strands from the main head of hair.

We can leave a tight spikelet, or we can slightly disheve it, stretching the slices with our hands.

Remove Bangs on iPhone. Custom Notch

An application for everyone who is tired of looking at the “bangs” of the iPhone. Of course, it does not do strong miracles (iOS does not allow), but it nevertheless solves the problem in an original way.

You can both remove the bangs and change its shape

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How to hide bangs different hairstyles

How to use iPhone to control Mac

Every day, we hand-select the best deals from the App Store for you, either free or at a big discount. New and better apps for your iPhone, iPad or Mac every day. Today in our selection we have an application for controlling Mac computers from the iPhone and iPad, as well as an application for customizing “bangs” on the iPhone! Many apps are only discounted for a few hours, so it’s best not to waste time.

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Useful thing for stationary Mac computers

Longreads for you

What happens if your dog suddenly starts talking? Will Tim Cook wish you a happy birthday? With this app that can bring any photo to life, anything is possible. Also free, definitely worth trying and scaring!

Music lossless is a very specific thing, but Spotify plans to introduce a special tariff that will open access to tracks without quality loss

Google has released a new version of the Google Authenticator app for the first time in two‼ years! But for a reason. the application has a dark theme, a new design and the ability to quickly transfer all your accounts to a new iPhone. Given that other services have had this for a long time.

How to turn off Instagram dark theme on your phone

How to remove the dark theme on Instagram, users who are not pleased with the innovation of the developers intend to know. The latter decided to pick up the trend of “muffling” the interface tone, emerging in the world of social networks.

Why did they decide to put the black mode for users:

  • reduction of eye strain when considering dark design, although the participants of the messenger do not share the idea;
  • saving battery charge;
  • “Night vision” on Instagram is a sign of grace and grace.

In this article, we will analyze how to turn off the “left” background for owners of gadgets based on Android 10, iOS 13 and earlier versions. We will give examples of user practice when darkening is implemented by third-party means and a way out.

Unlike followers of. bloggers of photo hosting did not have to write Комментарии и мнения владельцев to activate the dark theme. But if, nevertheless, the registration of an account in black colors is not suitable, we give algorithms for turning off the cover.

How to turn off Instagram dark theme on your phone

Before turning off the dark theme on Instagram, consider the relationship between the design of the smartphone and the official client. If you have previously set the appropriate background in the gadget’s configuration, the social network interface will also turn black. To return the white screen in Insta, you will have to deactivate the “night” mode on the phone.

Until there is a separate button for color control inside the social network account. neither on Android, nor on iPhone.

On Android

Algorithm of transformations for the audience that has installed the new 10 version of the OS on smartphones:

  • start the settings by clicking the gear icon in the device menu;
  • select the “Screen” button;
  • turn off the switch “Dark mode”.

Now alerts, status bar, utilities and system settings will be colored back to white. Subscribers who use the Dark Theme for Instagram application are obliged to make sure that there are no conflicts with the official client. Remove the software to get rid of the annoying black design.

On iPhone

IOS devices support the discussed cover after updating to version 13. Therefore, in search of how to disable the dark theme, Instagram does not have to wander through the settings J The configuration that erases the “night look” from the photo hosting is provided by the developers of the portable OS:

  • open settings;
  • touch the inscription “Screen and brightness”;
  • select the checkbox “Light”.

The next time you start restoring the default settings, in the appearing “Appearance” frame, similarly mark the light background checkbox.

Starting from version 7 of OS for iPhone, you can invert colors. Make sure not to enable the feature:

  • go to the configuration;
  • select the line “Basic”;
  • tap “Universal Access”;
  • press “Display adaptation”;
  • there are two options to choose from:
  • deactivate the “Color inversion” toggle switch if you intend to remove both versions of the option. classic and Smart;
  • click on the team name and turn off one of the design options.


But this is only one of the possible layouts. Now you can consider a somewhat non-standard solution. How to mute sound on iPhone on camera? The following instructions will help to do this:

  • Load “iPhone” and click on the Home button. It will open the main menu of the device.
  • Go to “Settings”. “Sounds”.
  • Move the slider to the left to the maximum. We are talking about a mark in the “Calls and Applications” block.
  • Save changes.

This technique is not used very often in practice. He’s not too fast. However, you can forget that the sounds on the “iPhone” are muted in this way. Therefore, it is recommended to proceed differently.


How to mute the sound on the iPhone on the camera? There is another somewhat non-standard approach. It consists in editing the file responsible for the sound of the mentioned component. This can only be done by using third-party applications.


Muting the sound in the iPhone on the camera is done as follows:

  • Download MobileFinder and install the utility on your PC. You can find it in the AppStore.
  • Connect “iPhone” to computer via USB.
  • Launch the latest iTunes and sync devices.
  • In MobileFinder, go to System / Library / Audio / UISounds.
  • Double click on the document photoShutter.caf.
  • Change file name.
  • Apply adjustments.

That’s it, you can now take pictures quite easily. We learned how to turn off camera sound on iPhone 4 and more. In addition to the listed actions, users sometimes download specialized software for working with the camera. There is a lot of it. The main applications can be found through the AppStore. Some programs have dedicated buttons for camera sounds. If you set the switch to the appropriate position, you can put the device in the “Silent” mode.

How to disable?

How to turn off camera sound on iPhone 5? This is not so difficult to do. The main thing is to know exactly how to act. Before solving issues with disabling sounds on “apple” devices, you will have to decide how to act. In practice, there are several approaches to solving the problem.

  • putting iPhone into “Silent” mode;
  • using special utilities;
  • headset connection;
  • playing with smartphone settings.
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In reality, everything is much simpler than it seems. And even a person who is poorly versed in Apple products will cope with the task assigned to him.

How to turn off the sound on the “iPhone” on the camera and not only. Learning to mute your smartphone

Quite often people wonder how to turn off the sound on the “iPhone” on the camera or in the system. After all, there are places where shooting is not prohibited, but you cannot make noise. At such times, all device sounds should be muted. And, as a rule, mobile devices in such places are asked to be turned off. But you can get by with the silent mode. Muting iPhone is often done in a few swipes.


How can I turn off the camera sound on “iPhone 5S” or any other? The fastest, easiest and most reliable solution is to use a special toggle switch. This is a button located on the side of the device. What she does? Turns on the “Silent” mode on the “apple” device. All modern phone models from Apple have such a switch. It is enough just to move it to the appropriate position.


How to mute sound on iPhone on camera? The simplest solution is to connect the headset to the device. In this case, the sound will be, but no one will hear it.

  • turn on the mobile device;
  • insert headphones into a specially designated jack on the phone;
  • use the camera for its intended purpose.

If a person uses wireless headphones, then the connection is via Bluetooth. The corresponding item is located in the gadget settings. After selecting a headset and syncing it, the camera will mute.

During a call

From now on, it is clear how to turn off the camera sound on the “iPhone 5” or any other model. Some people are thinking about muting the sound during a call. This has nothing to do with the camera, but sometimes it can be extremely useful. To mute the sound of an incoming call, you just need to hold down the “Power” button and the volume control toggle switch for a few seconds. Usually in this situation vibration is turned on and nothing more. All of the suggested tricks really work. How to mute sound on iPhone on camera? The answer to such a question will not confuse a person. You can solve the problem in a few minutes. We now know all the basic techniques for mute the camera and in the “iPhone” itself.

How to turn on / off blinking on iPhone when calling?

If you started reading this material, then you probably saw how another iPhone owner had a flash when he called. Convenient enough, isn’t it?

Such blinking can be quite useful in life, because sometimes we listen loudly to music and many other situations. Let’s figure out how you can enable and disable this function.

How to make / remove blinking on iPhone when making a call?

Like most functions on the iPhone, you can turn this on or off quickly enough. Setting up your smartphone becomes easier with every iOS.

To activate this feature, follow these steps:

    go to the usual Settings and find the Basic item;

then we look for Universal Access and scroll right up to the item Alert flash, which we select;

remove, bangs, iphone

make the active item Flash alerts;

  • if desired, make active the item Flash in silent mode.
  • By taking these simple steps, you can get a great feature that will help you simplify your life a little. But do not forget also the fact that it is better not to use it at important meetings or events.

    Flash flash on call when iPhone is ringing

    But first, I would like to talk a little about this function and how exactly it will work. After all, this is quite important information before using any function. We all know that Apple takes people with disabilities quite seriously. Therefore, the iPhone has a lot of functions that help in working with this device.

    One of them is just a function that allows you to turn on the flash. It starts flashing when there is an incoming call or any notification. It is also possible to set it inactive when you set your iPhone to silent mode. Everything is thought out seriously enough.

    Today, ordinary people also use it. After all, you can think of a lot of situations when this function is very useful.

    For example, if you left your phone at the end of the room, you will be able to answer the call faster. Also when listening to music at very high volume or using headphones on another device.


    Now you are the lucky owner of an iPhone, which can still play blinking when there is an incoming call, in addition to the usual melody.

    Enabling this feature is very simple, which will allow you to turn it off at any time. Now you will use the flash not only as a flashlight or for photos, but also for notifications and incoming calls.

    Dock innovations in iOS 11

    In the new iOS 11, the Dock not only allows quick access to app shortcuts, but also makes it possible to split the screen into 2 parts. For example, when you are working in a video editor and you need to open a browser, in the dock, press and hold the program icon, and then drag it to the right or left of the smartphone window.

    Thus, the display will be divided into two parts, in each of which one of the two programs will be displayed.

    Other innovations in the use of the dock panel on iOS 11 are:

    • Ability to set your own background color for the panel;
    • The maximum possible number of icons that can be located on the panel has been increased (there can be 13 of them in total);
    • Not only applications can appear in the list of recently used objects, but also documents or other system files

    How to hide the dock bar on iPhone? No jailbreak method

    The Dock is a software feature in iOS that allows you to pin frequently used apps to the bottom of the screen. Dock Panel can be called in the window of any application.

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    Thus, the owner of the smartphone will be able to open the program he needs. Also, on the right side of the dock, there are 3 utilities that were recently opened.

    You can call the Dock with the usual swipe from bottom to top. A fairly useful function for quickly managing the system, however, many users prefer to somehow hide its background so that it does not interfere with interacting with the interface of other programs. Next, let’s take a look at all the ways to hide the dock in iPhone with iOS 10 and 11.

    This is the situation with the gray bar at the bottom of the screen on the iPhone and I think users can only put up with it and get used to it.

    In fact, I have been using the iPhone for quite a long time and for all the years of use, I have never had such a thought in my head. But here already everyone has their own desires.

    The dock and its translucent backing are always present on the iPhone’s home screen. Apple developers did this in order to visually separate selected apps from the rest. Surely, for many of you this is a handy feature and a beautiful addition to the desktop, but there are also many who want to remove this division. Fortunately for them, there is such an opportunity.

    To do this, you don’t even have to install Jailbreak and tweaks to it. just change the wallpaper. True, it will take a long time to select the correct picture on your own. For example, simply editing the image by adding a gray bar at the bottom will not achieve the desired result. Apple programmers work hard year after year to visually make the dock stand out regardless of the wallpaper color.

    However, the Mysterious iPhone Wallpaper website has found a way to outwit iOS and provide hundreds of stock images for free that you just need to download and install. The section we need is called Hide Dock Wallpapers. In the Invisible Dock Large folder, for example, dozens of monochrome and not very bright images. In the process of installing pictures on the desktop, you need to make sure that they are completely reduced: to do this, simply “pinch” them with two fingers in the editing window.

    In addition to hiding the dock bar, Mysterious iPhone Wallpaper has wallpapers that can highlight the notification bar or hide the iPhone X’s bangs.

    How to hide / make transparent dock on iPhone?

    This gray bar has been around since the very first iPhone. It is used most often for quick access to programs. Of course, you can change the standard applications to whatever you need, or you can leave it empty, but it will be very ugly. There are only two main functions of this strip:

    • quick access to a limited number of programs;
    • iOS device recognition symbol.

    This gray bar is called the Dock Panel. If someone has used computers or laptops from Apple, then there you can find the same one, only in a slightly different form.

    On the Internet, most often you can stumble upon information where it is removed using a jailbreak, or they simply put a gray background and it merges with the color of this strip. In truth, Apple does not like users to change something in the interface of their devices. over, at the moment, this element is a sign of recognizability of devices.

    And this means that it is simply impossible to make the Dock transparent or simply remove it. Here’s the sad news, but you should have known it.

    How to remove bottom gray bar on iPhone screen?

    If you are one of the people who are very annoyed by the gray bar at the bottom of the screen on your iPhone, then you have come to the right material.

    Today I’ll tell you what it is all about and whether it is possible to remove it from your iPhone. The article will be short, but very useful, so let’s get comfortable.

    How to hide the Dock without jailbreak?

    As you know, iOS is an operating system in which the user has almost no way to customize the interface. You cannot hide the Dock directly, since this option is not provided in the settings. It is possible to completely remove this area of ​​the screen only with the help of Jailbreak.

    However, ingenious users have already come up with one very simple, and at the same time effective way to hide the dock panel in iPhones with iOS 10 and 11. As a result of this method, the interfering background of the area will no longer be visible.

    remove, bangs, iphone

    The essence of the method is that you need to set a special picture on the wallpaper. There are 20 images in total, and each of them has its own color scheme, designed for different versions of iOS 10 and 11. You can find a list of the necessary images and active links to download them here.

    Removing The Notch From iPhone X

    Save your favorite screensaver to your phone. To do this, open the object in a new tab and click on the special “Share” key located at the bottom of the screen.

    Now it is enough to enter the standard “Photos” program through the iPhone menu. Find the album in which the picture is saved and select it. Then click on the item “Set as wallpaper”.

    Apply the changes to the Home screen. Done, you can now go to your smartphone’s desktop. The dock area will no longer be highlighted, instead it will appear that the bottom of the icons of the docked programs is displayed in the background.