How to recover numbers on iPhone

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How to recover contacts from iCloud

Go to the official website of the virtual cloud and enter your username and password. You must enter the data that is configured for iCloud in the iPhone.

After logging in, go to the contacts section, select the necessary numbers, select Export vCard. The selected data will be exported to a file, which will be moved to your PC’s startup folder. Sync iPhone and PC and all numbers will be restored.

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How to restore contacts on a SIM card

Data Doctor Recovery SIM Card is a program that will help you recover deleted contacts from a SIM card or from the phone’s memory.

To work with SIM cards, you need a special Card Reader. When you connect a SIM card through this device, the PC screen will display all the information that was not it.

Few people know that numbers from a SIM card can be restored using the Viber program. Of course, he will not return all the numbers, but you can still find more than half there.

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Very often we are faced with situations when the necessary data was accidentally deleted. Sometimes they already

Kingroot. cool software for getting ROOT rights on Android phones. Received Root rights

Data Doctor Recovery SIMCard. utility for reading and reanimating all written (and erased) data

Recover contacts on iPhone

How to Recover Contacts on iPhone? Apple owners will help:

If the principle of operation of the first point is not particularly different from the Dr.Fone program, then there are some nuances in working with the “cloud”. As soon as you mistakenly deleted contacts from your phone, immediately turn off the Internet, or turn off the iCloud function. Otherwise, the phone is synchronized with the virtual cloud, and it will be impossible to restore numbers in this way.

Is it possible to recover deleted contacts?

On the one hand, it may seem that the numbers can no longer be returned, but this is not the case. In the world of modern technologies, it is possible to recover deleted contacts, even if they were not saved on a SIM card.

Recovering contacts on Android

How to recover contacts on Android? Synchronizing your phone with your Google account will help you with this. If this does not help, try using the special Dr.Fone program, which is freely available on the worldwide network. It allows you to recover not only contacts, but also music, videos, messages and much more. After installing the program, connect Android to your computer.

To do this, enable USB debugging on your phone. As soon as the phone is synchronized with the program, it will start scanning the lost data. Then, on the display, you will see all the files that were once on your phone. Just select the contacts you need and copy them back to your phone by clicking the Recover button.

Basic ways to recover phone numbers

Restore backup.

Those of us who have lost our phone and faced a data loss situation regularly back up our contacts. Numbers can be saved on a computer, or on a virtual cloud.

If you have never done this, think, maybe the numbers you need were saved on your previous phone and you can simply rewrite them.?

Google search engine help

Many phone owners save numbers not on the SIM card or in the phone’s memory card, but in their Google account. If you add regular contacts there, then recovery problems will not arise.

Special recovery programs

Such programs are mainly developed for PCs, but there are also programs for phones: mobile applications. The most popular program of all available is Data Doctor Recovery. SIM Card, which works to recover data from a SIM card.

Contact specialists

Of course, specialists in the field of mobile phone repair will be able to restore lost contacts, but this will cost a lot of money. We recommend using this method as a last resort.

recover, numbers, iphone

Call detailing using a mobile network operator

To do this, you can call the operator and request an SMS with details of calls for the last month or last week. Of course, you will see just phone numbers, but this is already something.

Recovering the phone book on iPhone.

If you find that the phone book is empty, perhaps the problem can be solved in a couple of seconds.

  • Go to the phone book and click on “Groups”.
  • Check the boxes if they were removed and the phone book will be restored.

It happens that you can recover data on iPhone so quickly. If in your case the phone book is still empty, then let’s figure it out further.

How to Recover Contacts on iPhone?

Have you lost contacts on your phone? Today we’ll figure out how to recover contacts on iPhone. After all, their loss is a big problem for users.

Recover contacts from iCloud.

It may be that you have disabled syncing in iCloud, and because of this, the phone book is empty.

  • Move the slider to the active position near the “Contacts” item to enable synchronization, then the data will appear again in the phone book of the smartphone.

You can check what’s stored in your iCloud:

  • To do this, on your PC go to the website.
  • Enter your Apple ID to sign in. If you suddenly forgot your password or login, then find out how to recover your Apple ID in the article on our blog.
  • The cloud will open and in it go to the “Contacts” section. If phone numbers are stored in your cloud, they will open on a PC.
  • Click the “#” sign below to see the number of numbers that are in the cloud. If all is well, then the data is in iCloud and you can return it to the iPhone.
  • Make a backup by clicking on the gear in the lower left corner.
  • Then click “Select All” → “Click on the gear again” → “Export vCard”.
  • After that, all phone numbers will be formed into one business card, which can be downloaded to macOS. Save it to keep your phones close at hand.
  • After that, on your smartphone in iCloud, turn off and turn on the slider next to the “Contacts” item again, as shown earlier.
  • When you move the slider to the active position, the inscription “Combine” will appear, click on it. Thus, all phone numbers will be available on both iPhone and mac.
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Check if all phone numbers have been transferred to the phone book on your smartphone. Also click on “#” and look at the number of numbers, are they the same as there were on the PC in the cloud? If the number is the same, then everything is fine and you now know how to recover numbers on iPhone. If something went wrong, then read the article further.

Recover contacts from iPhone backup.

Failed to restore phones? No time to despair, let’s try further:

  • Go back to the PC to the cloud.
  • In the upper right corner, click on the down arrow next to your name and in the drop-down window select “Account Settings”.
  • Scroll down the page and on the left you will see “Restore”.
  • Select this menu item and you will see a list of all your backups. Choose the most suitable one and click “Restore”.
  • After clicking on this button, all phone numbers that are currently in the cloud and on the iPhone will be replaced with the data of this backup.
  • After restoring data, go to “Settings” on your PC (they are in the upper left corner) → “Contacts”. Check if everything is ok.

If phone numbers appear, then go back to the cloud on the iPhone, turn off and turn on phone sync, as you did earlier.

This is exactly how you can recover data on iPhone. If you do not find backups in the cloud, then this means that you have not synced your devices, so check all your iPhone and iCloud settings before restoring. Follow all the tips that you find in the article and you will definitely be able to restore the phone book to iPhone.

How to Recover Contacts on iPhone via iCloud

Often, mobile phone users are faced with the fact that they need to transfer their contacts from the memory of a SIM card or SD drive. Owners of iPhones and iPads also need to restore their contact list from the iCloud service. This usually happens if a person bought a new gadget or accidentally performed a full reset of the device to factory settings. As a result, several questions arise at once. how to restore contacts on the iPhone, what methods exist and how the backup differs on old and new models.

How to view deleted numbers on iPhone

You can find deleted data on Apple’s cloud storage system called iCloud. If the phone is synchronized with it, then pictures, events, notes, calendars and contacts will be automatically archived on the manufacturer’s servers.

You can see the copies, if they were made, by going to the application or to the website Viewing is possible after authorization with an Apple ID account. They are located in the “Contacts” section. To copy the backup data, you must click on the “” next to the desired entry.

Important! If the recordings have been erased from iCloud, then there is still a chance to copy them. Apple provides this opportunity. Within 30 days from the date of deletion of all copies from storage, you can restore them.

Recovering contacts via Google account

Apple’s sync services have a number of disadvantages. Some of them are quite obvious and some are not, but that is not the point. To restore you can use all your favorite Google.

How to Restore lost iPhone Contacts, Calendars, Reminders and Files

Once you install Gmail and configure the service, you don’t have to worry about making entries in your phone’s contact book. Only the creator will have access to the Google account. What’s more, Google gives you a chance to get back deleted records from the last 30 days if deleted from anywhere.

First you need to create a Google account. After that, synchronization is performed. In the phone settings, select the “Mail, addresses, calendars” item and add the newly created account by selecting the appropriate service from the list. In the list for synchronization, select “Contacts”.

After that, contact records from the Google address book will be transferred to the phone’s memory and vice versa. To transfer data from iPhone to Google, you need to enter the same menu item “Mail, Addresses, Calendars” and select Gmail as a standard account. It is enough to open the application for all the entries from the phone book to go to the Google server.

Why contacts have flown on iPhone

Contacts on the phone could go down for several reasons. Firstly, a person could intentionally or accidentally delete all contacts. Also, if the smartphone settings were reset, then all data could be completely deleted, and the settings could be returned to the factory values.

Sometimes users transfer their Apple ID accounts to relatives so that they do not bother creating new accounts. Then the person begins to delete unnecessary data for him, and a phone connected to the Internet via a cellular connection or a wireless Wi-Fi network begins to make these changes to iCloud, which transfers them to all devices with the same Apple ID.

Important! You can never delete contact records from the iPhone itself if it is connected to the cloud storage and synced with it. This is fraught with loss of data without the possibility of recovering it.

Get back the data that was saved. easy

Recover Lost Contacts on Older iPhone Models

Earlier models may have slightly different settings, but the iCloud service is the same everywhere. Considering that the data has been synchronized at least once, then it is necessary:

  • Go to iPhone Settings.
  • Select “iCloud”.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Disable contacts option.
  • Delete them from your phone, even if it is empty.
  • Move the slider to the “Active” position again.
  • Wait for the backup data to be downloaded to the phone.

At the same time, as in all other cases, the phone must be connected to a stable network that provides an acceptable connection to the Internet.

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ICloud sync

There are several ways to recover using iCloud.

Recover iPhone Contacts from iTunes

For the program to work stably, properly, please install the latest version of iTunes. Connect your iPhone to your computer. iTunes should recognize it right away. If it doesn’t. read iTunes does not see the iPhone. Why and what to do.

How to Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone (3 Ways)

We go to the “Overview” of the connected device, in the window there will be an offer “Restore from a copy”. We select a backup copy, we are waiting for the completion of the recovery process. This can take a while, especially if there was a lot of data on the iPhone. As a result, we get the iPhone exactly as you synchronized it.

To use iTunes to restore contacts, proceed as follows:

  • We connect our iPhone to a laptop or computer using a USB cable.
  • Go to the “Devices” section of the iTunes application.
  • Find your iPhone there.
  • Right-click (for a Mac-based operating system, just hold down Ctrl) select “Restore backups”.
  • In the window that opens, select the desired version, apply and you’re done.

    ITunes backup

    If you created iPhone backups via iTunes by connecting your smartphone to a PC, you can quickly restore lost numbers.

    • Connect your smartphone to your computer.
    • Turn on iTunes. Select the connected smartphone through the “Devices” menu.
    • Click on the “Overview” tab. Click “Recover from a copy”. If the “Find iPhone” option was enabled on your mobile phone, you need to deactivate it.
    • Select the copy in which the numbers deleted from the SIM card should have been saved, and click “Recover“.

    The main disadvantage of this method is that you will receive the iPhone as it was at the time of the backup. All changes made later will be canceled. If this is critical for you, then you will have to resort to the help of the iBackupBot program, which allows you to extract individual data from an iPhone backup.

    This process is described in more detail in the following video.

    The first way

    The first method to try is syncing with the iCloud service. This method will work if you disconnected your phone from the Internet immediately after detecting the loss of numbers on the SIM card.

    • In the iPhone settings, open the “iCloud” section. Slider “Contacts” set to “Disabled” to deactivate synchronization.
    • The screen will ask you what to do with the objects that were synchronized earlier. select “Leave”.
    • To start syncing with iCloud again, turn on the internet on your iPhone. Go back to iCloud Settings and set Contacts to Enabled. When you see a notification that your contacts will be synced, click Merge. After a few minutes, open the iPhone phone book. it should show the numbers that were previously deleted.

    How to Recover Deleted / Lost Contacts on iPhone

    Have one or more iPhone contacts succeeded? This is not yet a reason to sound the alarm: there are several surefire ways to restore it. This is done using programs and services that back up your contact list. The most important information will be retrieved. We will not make recommendations like “contact your friends” and “read your message history”. We bring to your attention specific tips on how to restore contact on iPhone.

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    Back up contacts from iCloud.

    If a contact is lost on iPhone, it can be restored directly using iCloud. To do this, first of all, turn off the Internet on the phone. It’s very simple to do this: turn on airplane mode. Perhaps it will be possible to restore contact in an easy way. Opening the “Settings” menu in the iPhone.

    Turn off synchronization, select “keep on iPhone”. Then turn it on again and click “Merge with existing ones. Then go to” Contacts “and see if a deleted contact has appeared. This method can work if you have turned on airplane mode on your iPhone in a timely manner.

    Here you need to proceed in the following way:

    • Log in to
    • Log in.
    • Select “Contacts” (check for lost or deleted).
    • Now on the iPhone, we sequentially select:
    • Settings.
    • iCloud.
    • Disable contacts.
    • Save to iPhone.

    How to View Deleted Calls on iPhone. Proven Ways

    To make the operation of the mobile device as fast and optimized as possible, experts strongly recommend that you regularly delete unnecessary data, for example, incoming and outgoing calls, messages, cache and browsing history. But the iPhone has one peculiarity: even if the calls on the smartphone have been deleted, if necessary, they can be restored in several ways.

    How to View and Delete Call History on iPhone

    IPhone call history can not only be viewed but also cleared. To do this, you need:

    • Open the “Phone” application on the smartphone, then click “Recent” to view recent incoming and outgoing calls.
    • If the user wants to clear them, you need to click “Change”.
    • The available options allow you to delete a specific call, group, or the entire history. To erase the entire history, you need to click “Clear”. “Clear all recent”. To clear a specific call, you need to tap “Delete”.

    What a phone book looks like on an iPhone

    There is another way how to cope with the task at hand. Just swipe to the left with your finger and press the “Delete” button to confirm the action.

    Note! The principle of how to view calls for a month or old calls on an iPhone is the same for all models.

    Recover Deleted Call Log on iPhone Using Third-Party Apps

    There is also a method on how to recover deleted calls on iPhone. But third-party applications are used to implement it.

    Important! Third-party utilities must be downloaded and installed only from trusted sources, otherwise the system can be damaged by malicious files or the traffic will be completely or partially taken over by intruders.

    If the above methods are not suitable, then you can use the special utility Renee iPhone Recovery. This application was specially designed for data recovery on Apple smartphones. With its help, it is possible to recover not only calls, but also messages, photos, videos, reminders and much more. To run the program on your computer before scanning your smartphone, you must additionally install iTunes.

    The algorithm of actions is as follows:

    • You need to find the application and install it on your PC.
    • Next, you need to connect your smartphone to your computer. In the displayed application menu, click on “Recover Lost Data”.
    • Select “Start Scan” from the drop-down list.
    • In the end, the user only needs to select the necessary data and “Restore” them.

    Using third-party call recovery apps

    Note! The application operates on the iOS operating system with a version higher than iOS 6.0.

    How to Recover Deleted Call History from iCloud Backup

    There is another way how to view remote calls on iPhone using iCloud Backup. It is advisable to use this method if you have a backup in the iCloud cloud storage. To recover deleted call history, you will need a login and password for authorization in the cloud storage, an iCloud backup, as well as a full or trial version of DataKit iOS Data Recovery Software.

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    The sequence of actions is as follows:

    • Launch the application and log in to the cloud storage. After starting, you need to tap on “Restore from file”.
    • As soon as the process of finding the necessary files is over, you will need to select specific data packages, then download them and scan.
    • The essence of the last step is to preview and restore the history of incoming and outgoing calls. After scanning, the utility will display the contents of the selected backup file. The user only needs to do one action. click “Restore”.

    Recover Deleted Call History from iCloud Backup

    How to Recover Deleted Call History from iTunes Backup

    Many users, especially those who use Apple technology, are wondering how to view remote calls on iPhone. You can view your iPhone call log in several ways. Perhaps one of the most common methods is to restore history from iTunes Backup.

    If you have previously backed up data packages in iTunes, or have activated the automatic sync option, then this method will be the most suitable. To recover previously deleted information, you will need a PC with iTunes installed and a full or trial version of DataKit iOS Data Recovery Software.

    • In the application on a personal smartphone, select and extract the necessary files. To restore the phone book, there is no need to connect the gadget directly to the PC. The user just needs to select the required information packages from “Restore from file”, and then. “Start scanning”.
    • At the end of the scanning process, the backup files will be displayed on the screen, the user only has to restore the call history to a personal computer.

    Recover outgoing, incoming calls via iTunes

    Why are contacts missing on my phone??

    If contacts from a smartphone have disappeared without your participation, then the reasons for the problem may be as follows: You have not chosen where to show contacts from in the settings (from a SIM card, Google account, phone memory, and others). Google account sync issues. System failure.

    How to Recover Bookmarks on iPhone?

    Restore contacts or bookmarks from an earlier version

    Click on Account Settings. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. In the Advanced menu, click Restore Contacts or Restore Bookmarks. Select “Recover” next to the date before the date the information was deleted.

    What to do if contacts in the phone are missing?

    now it works like this: Open Google Contacts. In the upper right corner, click on the settings icon Revert changes. This allows you to revert deleted contacts, as well as cancel their import or merging.

    • open Google Contacts.
    • Click
    • Indicate as of what time you need to restore contacts.

    Why WhatsApp doesn’t have contact names?

    While this is not usual, another reason that can cause you to see numbers instead of contact names on WhatsApp is that you have lost those contacts and you no longer have them on your agenda something that could happen to changing the phone, breaking it, etc.

    How to restore contacts from an old phone to a new one?

    Recover contacts and numbers from Google to Android

    If you have enabled synchronization with your Google account on your phone, then you don’t have to worry about your contacts. you can quickly return all deleted numbers. Open the Contacts app. Select ” Actions”. Click “Restore Contacts”.

    What to do if contacts in iPhone are missing?

    To return the Contacts tab between Recents and Keys, first go to iPhone settings, select iCloud, and check if the toggle switch is turned on for Contacts. If it is active, disable it and enable it again.

    How to check if there are contacts in iCloud without iPhone?

    It’s very easy to do this. open on any computer, enter your Apple ID account information and go to the Contacts web application.

    In the browser version of the iCloud service, you can edit the address book, import and export contacts, restore saved archive copies.

    Why contacts disappeared on iPhone: main examples and reasons

    Contacts disappeared after flashing (restoring software), factory reset, or iPhone repair

    If the subsequent entry of the Apple ID in the iCloud section does not download contacts, then it will be impossible to restore them.

    Why did it happen. Contacts were entered manually without syncing with iCloud. If synchronization with iCloud is not performed, then after reflashing the iPhone through recovery or in the event of a device breakdown, all contacts will be irretrievably lost.

    Some (or all) contacts disappeared after actions with a Gmail account or another service

    Why did it happen. Another common problem is when the user activates the synchronization of the contact list not only with iCloud, but also with other services (usually Gmail). This creates confusion. some of the contacts are saved in iCloud, and the other part, for example, in Gmail.

    You can check for double sync by going to Settings → Passwords & Accounts. Here, select the account you need and make sure that the switch next to Contacts is in the inactive position.

    If synchronizing contacts via Gmail or another service is preferable (not recommended), then you should check the box next to the corresponding item in the Settings → Contacts → Accounts menu. default entries.

    Lost contacts on iPhone: main reasons and how to recover

    Each of us remembers the times when the theft or loss of a mobile phone created many problems, one of which was the restoration of the list of important contacts. Many even got special notebooks and transferred numbers onto paper by hand. Today, the synchronization of the contact list in smartphones of any manufacturer is performed automatically, but some users still manage to clean the address book without the possibility of recovery.

    Some (or all) contacts are missing after transferring Apple ID or iPhone to a third party

    Why did it happen. It often happens that a user transfers their Apple ID or iPhone to a new owner, for example, a relative, without bothering to create a new Apple ID. Say, why does a 60-year-old mother or an 8-year-old daughter need their own account? However, then the new user begins to delete unnecessary contacts and add their own, the iPhone “catches” home Wi-Fi and synchronizes the changes made with iCloud, thereby making changes to all devices associated with this Apple ID.

    ATTENTION. Never delete contacts from the Phone app on iPhone while signed in to iCloud.