How to recover contacts on iPhone via icloud

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How to Recover Contacts on iPhone via iCloud

Recovering contacts on your phone via iCloud is the easiest method. In order for deleted contacts to be restored, you just need to turn on sync with iCloud and then restore only contacts.

Go to your iPhone’s settings.

How to restore contacts from iCloud

Go to the iCloud section. If you have iOS 10.2 or earlier, then go first to the section with your name or phone name, and already in it to the iCloud tab.

In the iCloud tab, make sure the switch next to the contacts section is turned on. In this case, if there is a mobile Internet and Wi-Fi connection, the smartphone will automatically save contacts in the cloud storage. If this item was turned off, then the contacts were not saved in the cloud storage and you can restore them only using the third method.

ICloud cloud storage is a universal storage for backups, contacts, photos and other media files. It is the official repository from Apple and is designed specifically for use with Apple mobile devices.

iCloud is easy to use and highly protected against loss and unauthorized access. Thus, all your data on iCloud will be completely safe. In addition, the storage allows you to create backups of the system and gives access to them anywhere in the world where there is Internet.

Recover Contacts on iPhone via UltData

If you have not synced iPhone via iTunes and have not made any backups in the cloud storage iCloud, then you can restore contacts only using utilities for recovering deleted files. The easiest to use and most reliable is UltData from a major developer of utilities for the iPhone. Tenorshare.

In order to recover deleted contacts on iPhone just follow the instructions:

Connect your iPhone to your computer while it is on and run the UltData utility on your computer.

For the utility to detect the device, you must confirm that you trust the computer by clicking on the appropriate option.

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After that, your smartphone will be identified, and you can choose which data you need to recover. Leave a tick only in front of the “contacts” field.

Click on the “Scan” button at the bottom.

During the scanning process, the application will display all the contacts that can be restored, and you can select only the ones you need. After you have chosen, click on the “restore” button and upon completion of the process they will be on your smartphone.

Tenorshare UltData utility can recover a large list of files. It can be downloaded from the official website of the developer. The application is completely safe for your smartphone and does not void the warranty. It, as you can see from the instructions, does not require additional knowledge or skills. It is also important that a free trial version of the app is available with somewhat limited features.

3 ways. how to recover deleted contacts on iPhone

Sooner or later, every iPhone owner cleans his device, formats or simply deletes unnecessary things. But, very often, along with the garbage from the iPhone, the necessary files, photos, music, videos or contacts can be deleted. Therefore, in order not to worry about losing them, you need to know how to restore contacts on iPhone.

For this, the most effective and simple ways to restore contacts were collected. Each of them does not lead to loss of warranty, does not require special knowledge and will not take more than a few minutes. over, the first two methods are presented by Apple itself and use the official utilities and services of the company. Therefore, check out all and choose the best one. It won’t take more than five minutes.

How to Download Contacts to iPhone via iTunes

Recovering deleted contacts via iTunes is a way for those who do not use cloud storage and often use this utility. The key point is the previous sync. Therefore, if you have not yet installed iTunes or reinstalled it after deleting all files, then most likely this method will not work for you. The recovery itself occurs through the synchronization of contacts.

Connect your iPhone while it is powered on to your computer and launch iTunes.

Wait for the sync to complete or terminate it manually.

Go to the info section in the tab with your iPhone.

In addition to iTunes itself, you can use backups. If all the necessary files and contacts are in the last copy, then you can simply recover from it.

The iTunes utility itself is the official Apple application for working with all brand portable devices of any version. The utility works on any Windows starting from 7, as well as on MAC computers. The application is completely free and available for download in the Russian version on the official Apple website.

At the moment, the use of iTunes fades into the background, since the emergence of high-speed stable mobile Internet allows the use of cloud storage for synchronization and data recovery.

Final part

It is very easy to recover deleted contacts on iPhone. Especially if you sync them regularly via iTunes or use iCloud all the time. In this case, it is enough to simply synchronize or restore from a backup, so that all the data is returned to your smartphone. Everything is simple and convenient.

If you rarely or do not use the iCloud cloud service at all, and have not installed or synchronized contacts via iTunes, then in this case, only recovering contacts using the recover deleted data utilities will help. The easiest to use and most versatile is Tenorshare UltData or Tenorshare UltData. This utility is available on the official website of the Tenorshare developer in the full version or free with several limited features.

The features of the utility are data recovery in a few clicks and the ability to recover any necessary data if it has not yet been overwritten. Also, the choice of which data to restore allows you to avoid cluttering your smartphone.

recover, contacts, iphone, icloud

In addition to UltData, the developer Tenorshare also produces other utilities for working with the iPhone. They allow, without using iTunes or other services, to update the iPhone in a few clicks, fix critical errors, roll back or move all data from one device to another. All applications are available for download on the official Tenorshare website.

Option 1. Recover all your iPhone data from iTunes backup

There is a tutorial on how to recover deleted contacts on iPhone. Then you can find out an easy way to get them back.

You need a computer with iTunes backup files that contains your lost contacts and your iPhone.

Step 1 Launch iTunes on your computer.

Step 2 Click on the small device icon in the upper left corner.

Step 3 Click Conclusion on the left pane.

Step 4 Enter iCloud Settings on your iPhone to turn off Find My iPhone before restoring your iPhone.

Step 5 Beat Backup Restore.You can manually back up your iPhone to this computer or restore a backup stored on this computer.

Too hard? Try the easiest way!

Recover Deleted Phone Numbers from Google Account

You must know Google. One username and password will help you all over Google, including Gmail, Chrome, YouTube, Google Maps and more. It is a simple tool to save and restore your iPhone contacts.

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If you do, it will be good news that you can recover iPhone contacts from your Google account. how?

Step 1 Find Add Account and Google in Settings.

iOS 7-9: Mail Settings, Contacts, Calendars Add Google Account

iOS 10: Settings Mail Accounts Add Google Account

iOS 11: Settings Accounts & Passwords Add Google Account

Step 2 Fill in the requested information.

iPhone Contacts Disappeared: 5 Easy Ways to Recover Deleted iPhone Contacts

You might think that the app is for contacts. great innovation. It helps you manage all the phone numbers of your friends, family, colleagues and others so you don’t have to remember them one at a time. It plays an important role in our daily life. You can make a phone call, send messages, receive emails, and more between contacts without remembering the exact phone numbers. It is quite convenient for contact users of the application.

You may be familiar with the following description:

I’ve lost my contacts on my iPhone! I don’t know why my iPhone contacts are missing. I can’t leave my contacts on the iPhone! I just want to restore contacts on iPhone, is there a way to find contacts?

In fact, most iPhone users have faced this situation:

Lost their contacts on iPhone for unknown reasons. They always ask why their contacts disappeared. And how to recover contacts on iPhone?

Below are the definitive answers for you.

Before restoring iPhone contacts from backup files, please make sure you have backed up iPhone data earlier. Alternatively, you can continue the method without backup.

Find contacts through iTunes

iTunes. it is Apple’s tool to help you save your data on your computer. So, you just open iTunes on your computer, connect your iPhone to your computer. Submit your fixtures to restore from a backup, and also manage your data the way you like.

Recover contacts from iCloud

iCloud. is a cloud service that allows iPhone users to store their photos, files, contacts, bookmarks and more. Each user has 5 GB of iCloud storage. You can turn on the auto sync button, after which your data will be automatically copied to your iCloud account. It also allows you to sync data from your iPhone, iPad or iPod at the same time iCloud Settings Turn on iCloud Backup Back Up, So you can choose the most convenient way according to your needs.

If backing up iPhone contacts to iCloud is one of your habits, here is the relative method to log into your iCloud account and recover deleted phone numbers.

Recover contacts in iPhone settings app

Settings app. it is a quick and easy choice to restore contacts from iCloud backup. You can simply complete the procedure in a few steps. All you need is your iPhone and sign in to the iCloud account you backed up.

Step 1 Tap Settings on the home screen.

Step 2 Select your iCloud profile at the top and click iCloud if you are using iOS 10 and above. Otherwise, scroll down to find it.

Step 3 Slide the toggle switch to ON next to Contacts, you can repeat this step to restore contacts from all preferred accounts.

Because you are accustomed to backup iPhone contacts with two Apply methods for iTunes and iCloud, they may be the best 2 options you will choose to recover deleted contacts from iCloud or iTunes.

How to Recover Deleted Phone Numbers from iCloud or iTunes?

With FoneLab for iOS, you can recover lost / deleted iPhone data including photos, contacts, videos, files, WhatsApp, Kik, Snapchat, WeChat and other data from iCloud or iTunes backup or device.

  • Recover photos, videos, contacts, WhatsApp and other data with ease.
  • Data preview before recovery.
  • IPhone, iPad and iPod touch available.

Option 1: Recover iPhone Contacts from iCloud Backup Only

Step 1 Go to and sign in to your iCloud account.

Step 3 Click Recover Contacts in the lower left corner of the window. There are other options as well, including Recover Files, Recover Calendars and Reminders, Recover Bookmarks.If you want to recover this iPhone data, you can select it from the list.

Step 4 There are several options that you can choose from the pop-up window. Select one contact backup you want to restore from, click Restore next to it.

Step 5 Click the Restore button to confirm again to proceed.

Step 6 Restore contacts will take some time, a window will appear with information about the completion of the restoration, click OK to finish.

Too hard? Try the easiest way!

How to get contacts from a SIM card

If you were an Android phone user and started changing your mobile device to iPhone, this is the first thing you might think of. is to transfer data from Android to iPhone. The most important point. these are your contacts. Some Android users save their contact numbers on the SIM card so they don’t need to transfer these phone numbers from time to time.

Since you are using an iPhone, which is now a different Android phone, things change.

Step 1 Insert the SIM card that stores your phone numbers on your iPhone.

Step 2 Enter Settings Contacts.

Step 3 Scroll down to find Import SIM contacts and tap on it.

Do you think you shouldn’t be nervous about losing iPhone contacts after the above 6 methods? We have so many easy ways to restore them.

How can you recover lost iPhone contacts without backup?

Recovering contacts via Google account

Apple’s sync services have a number of disadvantages. Some of them are quite obvious and some are not, but that is not the point. To restore you can use all your favorite Google.

Once you install Gmail and configure the service, you don’t have to worry about making entries in your phone’s contact book. Only the creator will have access to the Google account. What’s more, Google provides a chance to get back deleted records from the last 30 days if they are deleted from anywhere.

First you need to create a Google account. After that, synchronization is performed. In the phone settings, select the “Mail, addresses, calendars” item and add the newly created account by selecting the appropriate service from the list. In the list for synchronization, select “Contacts”.

After that, contact records from the Google address book will be transferred to the phone’s memory and vice versa. To transfer data from iPhone to Google, you need to enter the same menu item “Mail, Addresses, Calendars” and select Gmail as a standard account. It is enough to open the application for all the entries from the phone book to go to the Google server.

Recovery via SIM card

Some people ask: is it possible to recover deleted contacts on the iPhone using a SIM card. The answer is yes. To import phonebook entries from your SIM card, you need to:

  • Correctly install the chip in the card reader.
  • Turn on the phone or unlock it.
  • Go to “Settings”, then “Contacts”.
  • In the application menu, select the item “Import contacts from a SIM card”.
  • Wait for the end of the process.
  • Extract or leave a SIM card at will.
  • Make sure that all data from the phone book has been successfully transferred.
  • Back them up to iCloud.

How to View Deleted Numbers on iPhone

You can find deleted data in Apple’s cloud storage system called iCloud. If the phone is synchronized with it, then pictures, events, notes, calendars and contacts will be automatically archived on the manufacturer’s servers.

You can see the copies, if they were made, by going to the application or to the website Viewing is possible after authorization with an Apple ID account. They are located in the “Contacts” section. To copy the backup data, you must click on the “” next to the desired entry.

Important! If the recordings have been erased from iCloud, then there is still a chance to copy them. Apple provides this opportunity. Within 30 days from the date of deletion of all copies from storage, you can restore them.

How to Recover Contacts on iPhone 5s

An earlier version of iPhone 5s or SE contacts can be reverted from an auto-generated iCloud archive if sync is enabled. For this you need:

  • Go to “Settings” on the iCloud website.
  • Click “Restore contacts” in the “Additional” section.
  • Choose any of several versions if available.
  • Click on the button next to the version.

Important! In no case should you edit records and numbers until the service has completely completed the restoration process. This is fraught with the fact that the changes made simply will not be saved.

How to Recover Contacts on iPhone 6

This model is almost no different from the iPhone 5 in terms of backing up calendar, notes and people contacts. You can use this method:

  • Go to the “Settings” of the phone.
  • Select your “Apple ID” account at the very top.
  • Go to your synced iCloud account.
  • Enable the slider called “Contacts” in the active position, if it was inactive.
  • Wait for full synchronization and restoration of backups.

Data may have disappeared due to lack of sync with iCloud

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How to Recover Contacts on iPhone

The first step is to check the records in the iCloud service. This can be done by visiting the official website from a personal computer. You must use your Apple ID to sign in. A list of all synchronized contacts will be located in the corresponding section “Contacts”. If you wish, you can add new entries to this section by clicking on the button with the “” sign. They will be transferred to the device after synchronization.

You cannot manage phonebook entries from iTunes

The second step is to go to the default settings. To complete it, you need to go to the “Settings” application on your iPhone or iPad device and select the section called “Apple ID”. Through it, the transition to the iCloud service is carried out and subsequent authorization using a single account.

How to Restore lost iPhone Contacts, Calendars, Reminders and Files

Important! If the user has already been authorized and the “Contacts” switch is activated, then you should deactivate it. Immediately after that, a message will appear asking you to save contacts or delete them.

If the switch of the “Contacts” block is off, then go to the third step. It is necessary to activate the toggle switch and select the “Combine contacts” item in the pop-up window. This is done so that the records already existing on the phone are combined with contacts from the service. After that, the download of data from icloud will begin and in a few minutes all the information will be in the phone.

Contact information can be recovered in various ways

What to do if there is no backup in icloud or on a computer

Sometimes it happens that not only contacts have disappeared on the iPhone, but they are not in the apple storage either. This could happen due to the lack of synchronization or deletion of records directly from the phone. Fortunately, there are a couple more ways to save backups.

How to Recover Contacts on iPhone via iCloud

Often, mobile phone users are faced with the fact that they need to transfer their contacts from the memory of a SIM card or SD drive. Owners of iPhones and iPads also need to restore their contact list from the iCloud service. This usually happens if a person bought a new gadget or accidentally performed a full reset of the device to factory settings. As a result, several questions arise at once. how to restore contacts on the iPhone, what methods exist, and how does backup differ on old and new models.

Recover individual contacts from iTunes

Run the iBackupBot utility and wait while it detects the iPhone backups on your hard drive. The developers recommend creating a duplicate of the existing backup, but you can do without it.

  • Select the Backup file that stores numbers deleted from the SIM card and from the smartphone’s memory.
  • In the “What’s In Backup” field, open the “Contacts” section.
  • Find the number you need to recover. Select it and use the “Export” menu to start creating a vCard file. The same operation can be done through the context menu, which is invoked by right-clicking on the line.
  • A message appears asking you to register the program. Click “Cancel”. contact recovery does not require registration.
  • Select a location to save the number.

The contact will be saved as a vCard file on your hard drive. To transfer the restored number, you can use e-mail, Windows Contacts application or iTunes.

The first way

The first method to try is syncing with the iCloud service. This method will work if you disconnected your phone from the Internet immediately after detecting the loss of numbers on the SIM card.

  • In the iPhone settings, open the “iCloud” section. Slider “Contacts” set to “Disabled” to deactivate synchronization.
  • The screen will ask you what to do with the objects that were synchronized earlier. select “Leave”.
  • To start syncing with iCloud again, turn on the internet on your iPhone. Go back to iCloud Settings and set Contacts to Enabled. When a notification appears that the contacts will be synced, click “Merge”. After a few minutes, open the iPhone phone book. it should show the numbers that were previously deleted.

ICloud sync

There are several ways to recover using iCloud.

How to Recover Contacts on iPhone via iCloud

The first step is to check contacts on the official website. You need to use the site from a PC (laptop) and for authorization you need to enter your Apple ID data. You can see the list of phone numbers in the “Contacts” folder. You can add more numbers, after synchronization they will appear on all paired iOS gadgets.

Now on your phone, go to the “settings” icon and click on the “iCloud” item. If prompted for authorization, provide your Apple ID information. If you have already passed authorization and activated the “Contacts” button, but the phone numbers are not displayed, disable it. After this action, you will receive a notification about the necessary actions: saving or deleting numbers from your smartphone. You need to select the option “Remove from my iPhone”.

If the toggle switch was initially inactive, then you need to activate “Contacts“. Move the toggle switch to the green position. A notification will appear, in which you need to click “Merge contacts”. This will allow the phones on the smartphone to be combined with the phones stored in the cloud. You can also click “Remove from”, which will remove numbers from the phone. After that, the contacts will be automatically downloaded from icloud to the smartphone.

Don’t worry if the numbers don’t show up right away, it takes some time to sync. Wait a bit. It is possible that this will take about 10 minutes. Now you know how to recover contacts from iCloud. It is possible to recover this type of data not only with the help of cloud storage. For recovery, a backup copy of data in iTunes is also used.

Second way

There is another way to get contacts back to the SIM card through iCloud. To implement this method, you need a computer with Internet access.

  • Open the cloud storage site through any browser. Write Apple ID and password for authorization on the service.
  • Open the Contacts app in iCloud.
  • Highlight the number deleted from iPhone. Click on the gear in the left corner to bring up the action menu.
  • Run “Export vCard”.

The contact you selected will be saved on your computer. To return it back to your smartphone, attach the vCard file to the email. Open an email on iPhone and save the new entry instead of the deleted one.

How to Recover Contacts from iCloud to iPhone or iPad

If you use iCloud to back up your contacts, you can transfer them to your new device in a matter of seconds. Having contacts in the “cloud” is also useful because of rare, but still occurring “glitches” associated with the loss of contacts from the iPhone and iPad. No matter what your situation is. a single instruction will help you easily restore contacts from the latest iCloud backup in just a few taps.

ITunes backup

If you created iPhone backups via iTunes by connecting your smartphone to a PC, you can quickly restore lost numbers.

  • Connect your smartphone to your computer.
  • Turn on iTunes. Select the connected smartphone through the “Devices” menu.
  • Click on the “Overview” tab. Click “Recover from a copy”. If the “Find iPhone” option was enabled on your mobile phone, you need to deactivate it.
  • Select the copy in which the numbers deleted from the SIM card should have been saved, and click “Recover”.

The main disadvantage of this method is that you will receive the iPhone as it was at the time of the backup. All changes made later will be canceled. If this is critical for you, then you will have to resort to the help of the iBackupBot program, which allows you to extract individual data from an iPhone backup.

This process is described in more detail in the following video.

Recover deleted contacts via re-sync with iCloud

The essence of the method is to turn off the sync of contacts with iCloud in the iPhone settings, while leaving the contacts on the iPhone (select the appropriate item) and re-enable sync.

  • We will assume that immediately after deleting a contact, you disconnected the iPhone from the Internet via Wi-Fi, then iCloud will not make changes to the address book.
  • On iPhone, go to Settings. iCloud and turn the “Contacts” switch to the “Disabled” position.
  • In the menu that appears, “What do you want to do with previously synced items: iCloud contacts on iPhone”, select “Leave on iPhone”.
  • Turn on W-Fi, connect your iPhone to the Internet, and slide the “Contacts” switch to Settings. iCloud to On.
  • In the menu that appears “Your contacts will be merged with iCloud”, tap on “Merge”.
  • After 2-3 minutes, check the phone book on the iPhone for the presence of a previously deleted entry.
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You can still extract contacts from an iPhone backup without restoring it. For this, there is a special software (programs) that allows you to extract data from backups created in iTunes.

How to Recover Contacts from iTunes Backup?

If you regularly sync your iPhone with your computer via iTunes and create backups, it is almost impossible to permanently delete one, several, or all contacts from iPhone. They can be safely restored from a backup at any time.

  • Connect iPhone to Computer and Launch iTunes.
  • In the “Devices” menu, select your device model and go to the “Overview” tab.
  • Click on the “Recover from a copy” button.
  • If Find My iPhone is turned on on iPhone, you must turn it off before restoring it.
  • Select the backup device for which you want to restore and click on “Restore”.
  • Wait for the end of the restore from the backup.

After restoring iPhone from a backup, all changes since its creation will be canceled. IPhone contacts and call history will be restored.

Extract contacts from iPhone backup using iBackupBot

Today we will consider the question: “How to export (unload) contacts deleted from the iPhone from a previously created backup?”.

  • Install the trial version of iBackupBot, it is enough to recover deleted contacts.
  • Launch iBackupBot. The program will recognize the backups saved in the iTunes backup storage, this will take some time.
  • The main window of the program will display information about the backup, and the name of the device, iOS version, phone number, serial number of the device, unique identifier and IMEI.
  • In the “What’s In Backup” section, information about the location of the backup file and the date of its creation will be displayed. Developers recommend creating a duplicate iPhone backup before making changes to an existing one.
  • In the “Bakcups” window, left-click the desired backup.
  • From the File menu, select Duplicate and select a location on your local drive to save the duplicate. You can create a duplicate from the context menu called by the right mouse button on the name of the backup in the “Backups” window or by clicking on the corresponding shortcut in the Program Toolbar.
  • In the “Bakcups” window, select the backup from which you want to restore contacts and in the main window, click on “Contacts” in the “What’s In Backup” section.
  • In the main window of the program, a list of contacts stored in the backup copy will be displayed, you can select the required entry and the contact information from the entry will be displayed to the right of the list.
  • On the Contacts tab, next to the Export icon in the toolbar, click the down arrow on the image. A context menu will appear with a choice of the file export format. If you click on any entry in the contact list with the right mouse button, a similar menu will appear.
  • Select “Export as vCard file”.
  • On the registration request page, click Cancel. The free version allows you to extract contacts from the backup without restrictions.
  • Select the location where you want to save the vcf file on your hard disk and click “Save”.
  • VCard file with all contacts in iPhone backup will be exported to your computer hard drive.
  • The program can extract each contact from the address book into a separate file and save them on your hard drive. To do this, in the export format selection menu, select “Export as multiple vCard file”.
  • The resulting files can be downloaded to Windows Contacts or Mac OS X and sync iPhone and computer in iTunes. All contacts that are not on the iPhone, but are in Windows Contacts will be transferred to the iPhone phone book.

Export contacts from iCloud

  • Go to the Contacts web app.
  • Select the contact deleted from the iPhone and in the lower left corner click on the gear image “Show action menu”.
  • On the action menu, click on “Export vCard”. The selected contact will be exported to a file and will become available in the downloads folder on your computer’s hard drive.

The downloaded file can be sent by email (as an attachment to the letter) on the iPhone, open it from the device and create a new contact instead of the deleted one.

Recover from Contacts to iCloud, Windows, Mac OS X or Microsoft Outlook

Contacts applications for Windows, Mac OS X and Microsoft Outlook allow you to unload (export) entries from the address book saved on your computer or on the iCloud server to the vCard format, which is fully supported by the iPhone. So, having a contact in vCard (file with the.vcf extension), you can download (import) it to Contacts on iPhone.

In the instruction “iPhone Contacts: Create, Import, Synchronize and Delete Contacts on iPhone” we have already talked about how to download the address book from Windows Contacts to iPhone and today we will restore a contact deleted from iPhone from the Windows Contacts application.

  • On a Windows-based computer in Explorer or any other file manager, go to the path: \ Users \ (username) \ Contacts \ and select the contact you want to restore.
  • In the navigation menu, click on “Export” and select the format “Business cards (folder with.vcf files)” and click “Export”.
  • Select the folder where you want to save the contact in vCard format and click “OK”. The entry from the Windows Contacts address book will be extracted to the folder you specified.
  • Email the exported file to iPhone.
  • On iPhone, open the.vcf file received in the letter and tap on “Create new contact”.

The entry exported from Windows Contacts will be written to your iPhone’s phone book. For the Contacts applications in Mac OS X, the procedure is completely identical and there is no point in describing it again.

If the synchronization of contacts in iTunes is configured with Microsoft Outlook, the procedure for exporting a contact differs only in the location of the “Export” item in the main program menu. “File”. Export recordings in vCard format.

Recall if on your iPhone in Settings. iCloud is enabled for syncing contacts with Apple cloud storage, every time you connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, iPhone content is synchronized with your Apple ID account in iCloud.

What to do if you deleted one, several or all contacts on iPhone?

Disconnect your Mac and iPhone from the internet first. This will avoid synchronous deletion of contacts from your address book in iCloud as a result of automatic syncing.

How to Recover Deleted Contacts on iPhone (from Backup, from iCloud, from Windows Contacts and Mac OS X)

How to recover contacts on iPhone if you deleted them by accident or by mistake? Recovering deleted contacts is quite simple and does not require any special skills. Today we will describe 4 ways to restore iPhone contacts: from backup, via iTunes and iCloud.

We already talked about how to create a contact on iPhone and how to import them into the iOS address book, and you could see that it is not so easy to permanently delete a contact. In most cases, with proper iPhone and iCloud setup, deleted contact can be recovered effortlessly.

Export contacts from iPhone backup using iPhone Backup Extractor

Another extremely useful “software” for working with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad backups is iPhone Backup Extractor. Just like iBackupBot, it allows you to extract absolutely all the contents of the backup, but unfortunately the trial version is very limited.

The free version will not be enough to fully restore contacts and other backup content. Trial version of iPhone Backup Extractor allows you to download only the first 4 contacts from the address book.

  • Download, install and run iPhone Backup Extractor. The program will automatically open the latest backup of their iTunes storage.
  • If the backup from which you need to extract the contact is located in a different location, in the “Select backup” list, select “Select another backup folder”.
  • In the “Available data” section in the list opposite “Contacts”, click on “Extract number of contacts” and select a location to save the extracted contacts.
  • The program will save all contacts from the backup in the specified location to a common vcf file, a common csv file and to separate files for each contact in vcf format.
  • If you want to export all records to only one specific format in the main menu “Extract” select one of the items: Contacts as VCards (Contacts in separate vcf files), Contacts as VCard (Contacts in one vcf file), Contacts as CSV (Contacts to CSV file). The latter can be downloaded to Business Contact Manager in Gmail and from there imported to iPhone.

As you can see, there are enough ways to recover deleted contacts to reduce the likelihood of permanently losing the phone book in iPhone to a minimum.