How to put music on Samsung a50

How to insert a SIM card

To open the tray correctly, use a metal ejector (usually sold in the box). Most users replace this device with pins, paper clips, or needles. To insert a SIM card into Samsung A50, carefully read this manual. The operation consists of several steps:

  • Insert the ejector into the round hole of the connector.
  • Push (no fanaticism).
  • Pull out tray.
  • Install card module.
  • Push the tray back.

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Before the operation, you must turn off the gadget. Do not press hard on the card holder. you risk damaging the contacts. After all the steps taken, you can turn on the phone. If the SIM-card is not detected, you do not need to go into the settings. Reboot first. it often helps.

Features of the model

Technical parameters and design of the “Galaxy” line can vary significantly. In our case, there are a couple of slots, one of which is reserved for a SIM card and a memory card at the same time. Here are a few more things to consider:

  • on the 2016 model line, the hybrid tray will be found on the right (navigate by the Power button);
  • small connector is sharpened for Nano;
  • a hybrid slot will allow you to expand the amount of memory or plug in a second SIM card;
  • modern modifications allow you to use both connectors to the maximum (with a pair of card modules and an extension).

How To Download Free Songs on Samsung Devices (2020)

Possible problems

Potential problems include damaged microprocessors, software glitches, tray contamination, and broken cardholder contacts. Specialized sites warn against excessive clicks during the installation process. you are dealing with a fragile mechanism. In some cases, the card module is blocked. the reason lies in incorrect cutting. If you haven’t used a SIM card for six months, your mobile operator may block you. If you do not know how to deal with the trouble yourself. contact the service center.

Downloading via Samsung Kies

An alternative download option is to use a special program released by Samsung developers. It should be borne in mind that it is suitable for connecting smartphones with Android version up to 4.2.

For more recent operating systems, you must use Samsung Smart Switch. It is suitable for moving contacts, messages and other data between your phone and PC. After installing and launching the program, you need to follow the pop-up tips and instructions. The principle of operation is similar to transmission via a USB cable connection.

Downloading via computer

The main and easiest method of downloading songs to your phone is to pair it with a personal computer. This option is suitable if the PC already contains the required music. To perform the operation, you must:

  • Disconnect the cord from the charger’s power adapter. Connect one end to your smartphone, the other to your PC.
  • Lower the curtain of quick notifications on the phone, click on the line that says “USB connection”. From the options offered, select “File Transfer”.

If the operating system was unable to recognize the device, or if there was no USB cable at hand at the moment, you can use the wireless data transfer option. The operation is performed according to the following scenario:

  • Open the Play Market on your mobile device. Enter “WI-FI File Transfer” in the search bar. Go to the page and install the application.
  • Open the installed program in the same window or use the shortcut on the phone’s desktop.
  • Press the “Start” button located in the center of the screen. The system will inform about the possibility of file transfer by entering the following address in the computer browser:
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When using the application, keep in mind that its free version allows you to move files up to 5 MB in size. To remove the restriction, you need to purchase the PRO version.

The described methods will help you download music to your Samsung Galaxy phone or any other Android device.

How to Upload Music to Samsung

One of the main and most demanded functions of the phone is music playback. Music lovers all over the world buy good headphones and enjoy the sound of their favorite tracks on the way to work and while walking. Adding songs to a mobile device can be done in several ways, which will be convenient in one case or another. In this article, we will figure out how to download music to a Samsung smartphone.

Download music to your phone

In the case when the computer does not have the necessary files or there is currently no access to it, you can use a special application.

To date, active measures are underway to eliminate programs that provide free music downloads, but some applications are still active. Let’s consider the procedure step by step:

  • Go to the Play Market and use the search box to find “Zaycev. music and songs in mp3″.
  • Install and run the application.
  • The main screen will display a song search bar. Below are tabs for popular songs, collections, genres, new products, etc.
  • The song is downloaded after clicking on the down arrow sign. By default, files are saved to the internal storage in the “Music” folder.
  • Process completed.

The application also allows you to create online playlists and find all the songs of a specific artist.

These methods will help you download music to your Samsung phone so you can listen to your favorite songs on the go. The method of downloading must be chosen based on the accessories present at hand and the availability of an Internet connection. Recently, downloading songs from the social network has become absolutely impossible, so searches for a working application in most cases will turn out to be ineffectual.

How to download music from VK?

It is better not to use mobile applications for this purpose. They pose a potential threat to your profile and can steal personal data. We recommend downloading via PC using the extension.

  • Download this extension.
  • Confirm its integration into the browser.
  • Run extension.
  • Open VK and reload the page.
  • Go to the “Music” section.
  • Move the cursor over the track. An arrow icon for download will appear on the side of it.
  • Downloaded music can be transferred to a smartphone using the previously described algorithm.

With the help of the extension, you can download not only music from VK, but also various content from a variety of services, including videos from YouTube. We recommend that you put this plugin in your browser, it will definitely come in handy in the future.

How to Download Music to Samsung via Computer?

Most users drop music off their computer. Many people have a huge library of music on their PC, which includes hundreds of tracks. By the way, now the tradition of downloading all the tunes to a computer is a thing of the past, as users have switched to streaming music from online services.

How to transfer existing files to a mobile device?

  • Connect your smartphone to PC via cable. For MAC owners, you will need to install the Android File Transfer program on your computer. It allows you to move files to Android phones.
  • Select the “Removable Disk” mode on the machine.
  • An external drive appears on your computer. Open it in the system.
  • Select the files in the folder where they are stored on the PC, move them to the mobile device.
  • Wait until the music is downloaded to your phone, then disconnect it from your computer.

You can also move files over a wireless network. For this you need:

How to Download Music to Samsung Smartphone? You can use Samsung Smart Switch. It is an official product, it is used not only to transfer music from a computer, but also other information to a mobile device.

How to Download Music to Samsung for Free

How to download music to Samsung for free? The devices from the Korean manufacturer run on the Android operating system. This OS is open-source, provides the user with a large number of functions and ample opportunities for piracy. Here’s how to download any ringtone to your Galaxy.

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How to find and download Samsung ad music?

Depends on which ad you liked the soundtrack. You can use the free Shazam app to determine the name of the track used by the producer. Then you can find, listen and download it on online services, for example, Zaycev.

Downloading music using various applications

  • Zaycev.
  • Jamendo.
  • JYD.

How To Copy Music Files To Samsung Device From Windows PC

Zaycev is one of the most popular software in this category. It’s easy to download music with it:

  • Download the app.
  • Run it.
  • Enter the name of the track in the line.
  • Click on the arrow icon to download the composition.

How to set ringtone?

On Samsung, you can use not only standard ringtones, but also your own ringtones. To put your music on the ringtone, you must:

  • Go to settings.
  • Proceed to the section “Sounds and vibration”.
  • Find the item “Ringtones”.
  • Click on the “Add” button.
  • Launch the Sound Selection utility.
  • Find the desired melody and mark it.
  • Add.
  • It will now be used for ringing.

Important! This melody must be stored in the device memory. If you delete it, the system will automatically select a standard ringtone for the ringtone.


How to set different audio to a call

To put music on a call on Samsung, use:

  • settings of device parameters;
  • player built into the firmware;
  • third-party software.

Third party software

This option is suitable for all Android devices, regardless of the version of the operating system.

  • Go to the Play Market. From there you will need to download the “Cut Music Ringtone Make” application from the developer of the Recorder Smart apps.
  • After starting the software, tap on “Select audio files”.
  • Navigate to the folder with tunes. Opposite the track, click on three points.
  • A list will appear where select “Set as default ringtone”.
  • Give the program extended access to the system.

In smartphone tinctures

A universal way to change the ringtone on Samsung Galaxy A10, A11, A30, A31, A50 and A51. For this:

  • go to the settings of the smartphone. Go through the list to “Sounds and Vibration”;
  • tap your finger on the “Ringtone”;
  • a new menu will appear. Go down to the category “Incoming calls” and tap on “Ringtone”;
  • a list of standard ringtones will appear in front of the user, tap on any of them to listen to and set as the main one.

On A8, J2, J3, S8 and S10 models, the Incoming Calls category is not available due to a different firmware version. Instead, there will be a “Ringtone”, when you select it, you will be prompted to change the song on the first or second SIM.

  • follow the path described above. When a list of standard melodies appears, click on “Add from phone” at the bottom of the list or by tapping on the icon “”. located on the top right;
  • there will be tracks in MP3, WAV format, which are allowed to be used for a call;
  • when there are no tracks, tap on “Folders” from the bottom right and go to the directive where the loaded audio is stored.

On the latest version of the software released for the A71, the developers have provided the ability to trim the track.

Using the player

Another option is how to put an audio track from downloads as the main melody:

  • go to the main menu. In the list, click on ” Applications”;
  • then select the built-in player “Samsung Music”;
  • play the track you want to select as a ringtone. When it opens, click on the three dots in the upper right corner;
  • now select “Install as”. Provide enhanced access for the application;
  • put a tick in front of the “Ringtone” item;
  • choose whether the song will be played from the beginning or from a separate section, and tap on “Finish”.

How to set a ringtone on a Samsung phone

On smartphones from Samsung, you can set a ringtone from the list of available ringtones or music loaded into the device’s memory. We will explain how to do this using the built-in software or an application downloaded from the market.

Setting a track to a ringtone on Samsung smartphones takes up to 3-5 minutes, depending on the selected option.

For an individual contact

It is more convenient to set a melody to a contact in Samsung, then it will be possible to recognize the caller without looking at the screen of the gadget. It will not work through the settings or the “dialer”, for this you need to use a special application or the “Contacts” function in the phone.

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With applications

To put different music on each contact in Samsung, it is recommended to download Ringtone Maker app. Through it, it is convenient to put sound on a call or on a separate contact, or edit it. For example, to fix not the whole composition, but only its chorus or favorite moment. To change the parameters, do the following:

If the actions are performed correctly, a message will appear stating that the installation of a new melody was successful, after this the changes will be saved, and each signal from a loved one will delight you with your favorite track.

Ringtone Maker constantly displays ads and is inconvenient to use. The only way to eliminate its appearance is to turn off the Internet, but because of this, some of its functions will be unavailable.

Through the “dialer”

There is another easy way, how to put a song on the incoming one through the gadget’s parameters. It is recommended to carry out the action as follows:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select “Signals” or “Calls” in it.
  • A new list will appear, in it you need to find an inscription under the name “Signals”.
  • A list will appear on the screen, here you need to select the “Call melody” or “Call” function, then select the desired one from it and pin the checkmark opposite it.

The final step is to check for changes. To do this, call your number from another device. If the sound has not changed, most likely the changes were not saved or the phone needs to be restarted.

Stages of installing a ringtone for incoming calls on Samsung phones in 2021

On Samsung, like on another smartphone, you can put any melody on the call, if it is in the device’s memory, by assigning it in the general mode or for each subscriber separately. It is important not to make mistakes, otherwise the changes will not be saved.

For all incoming calls

All smartphones have a standard sound that is played when a call comes in. To put music on a call in Samsung, you first need to download a song to your device or find it from the list, then select it through general settings or “dialer”.

Without using apps

If you still do not want to download an application to your smartphone that will take up memory and constantly watch ads, you can put a ringtone on Samsung through the phone option. This can be done in a few steps:

  • You need to find the “Phone” function on the gadget and click on it.
  • Find the name of the person in the address book to whom you want to set a new alert. Click on it.
  • Information about the subscriber will open in a new window. Here you should find the “i” icon and click on it.
  • Scroll to the end of the page, click on the displayed inscription “Melody”.
  • A list of musical compositions that are saved in the gadget’s memory will open. You must check the box next to the desired composition.

After we managed to add a melody to a call in Samsung, the same operations can be done for other subscribers. Thus, a separate signal will be assigned to each person. In the vastness of the Internet, you can find different ringtones and compare them with all the people who are recorded in the address book.

Change settings

The easiest way to install ringtone on a Samsung phone is through the gadgets options. You need to do the following:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Scroll through the menu until you see Sounds & Notifications or Sounds & Vibrations. Click on it.
  • Listen to songs downloaded to your device. Choose your favorite track.
  • Save.

If you need to put on an incoming notification a piece of music downloaded to your phone from a computer or the Internet, you must first find it, then go to its menu and select the “Set as ringtone” or “Use as ringtone” function from the list.

You can put a ringtone on Samsung by applying a song of one of 3 types: built-in music installed by the manufacturer, downloaded from the network or downloaded from a computer or other devices. The standard for it is the mp3 format with a bitrate of 128 or 256 kbps.