How to put a purchased song on iPhone ringtone

Create iPhone Ringtone with iTunes

Having dealt with the installation of iTunes, let’s start creating a ringtone. Stock up in advance with the very melody (in MP3 format) that you want to hear during an incoming call, you need to take care of this in advance.

If your iTunes library already has an MP3 music file from which you plan to make a ringtone, then you can skip step: 1. 2. 3, if iTunes is still empty, then we do it.

In the open iTunes program, select the section. Music (1). Here, in the left side panel, for convenience, go to the subsection. Songs (2). If your iTunes does not have a panel on the left, then you can turn it on, as it is written. here.

Now, in the computer, we are looking for our music file in MP3 format, grab it with the mouse and drag it to the library with songs (3).

Our music file has appeared in your iTunes library. Now click on it with the right mouse button and select. Information (4).

In the window that opens, we are looking for. Parameters. We expose, the beginning is 0:00, the end is 0:30 and press OK. Thus, the length of our iPhone ringtone will be 30 seconds. I tried to make a ringtone lasting 3 minutes, iTunes did not miss it, gave the following:

“The ringtone was not copied to the iPhone because the duration is too long.”.

Therefore, 30 seconds is the best option.

We select our music track by clicking on the file in iTunes with the mouse, the track is highlighted in blue. Now we are looking for a tab:

  • File. Convert. Create AAC Version

I don’t know why Apple hid this function so far, it used to be easier. right-clicked on the file and converted, now the conversion path has become a little longer.

In a couple of seconds, we get our 30 second file, with the same name as the original file. Right-click on this 30-second melody and select Show in Windows Explorer (Show in Finder, Mac OS users press).

In the window that opens, we see our ringtone file, but still in M4A format, rename the M4A extension to the M4R extension. If you have any difficulties with renaming the extension or the extension is not displayed, then take a look at the instructions. “Features of renaming M4A to M4R”.

If creating ringtones in iTunes is inconvenient for you, then you can use the following services and programs:

Then you can use the second part of this instruction to sync these ringtones to your Apple iPhone.

Instructions for downloading ringtones to iPhone. iTunes 12

Ringtones for iPhone have not lost their relevance, because changing the ringtone brings a little variety to our everyday life. I decided the other day to create a new melody for myself and put it on the iPhone ring, but it turned out that the updated iTunes has small changes in the interface, which made the task a little more complicated. If you make and install ringtones in outdated versions of iTunes, then read the instructions here. “How to make a free ringtone for iPhone”. Well, we will understand the 12th version of Tuna.

For convenience, the instructions were made from two sections:

It is not necessary to have an Apple ID to create your own ringtones in iTunes, even if you just bought an iPhone and did not manage to get an ID, then you can download ringtones, like music. If you also decided to make your own iPhone ringtone, then you need to download and install the iTunes program on your computer, if you have not already done this, then keep a few step-by-step instructions:

Before you start, connect your iPhone to your computer and make sure there is a check mark in iTunes. Process music and videos manually.

We put the ringtone on the iPhone

The renamed ringtone in M4R format is our created ringtone for iPhone. In fact, the ringtone is ready, now you need to put it in the iPhone by syncing.

Using the mouse, grab the finished M4R file, pull it into iTunes and drop it straight into the program. Before that, it is advisable to transfer this ringtone to some kind of your own folder (and already pull it from it into iTunes), since it may still be useful in the future. There is another way how you can add ringtones to iTunes. read more here.

To make sure that the M4R ringtone has been successfully added to iTunes, do the following: at the top of the program, where we had the “Music” section, click and select “Sounds”. If there is no “Sounds” section, then in the same context menu, from the bottom, click. “Edit menu”, tick the “Sounds” checkbox and click Finish.

In iTunes 12.7, the developers removed the Edit Menu button, so some users cannot enable the Sounds section. Ringtone is now added to iTunes by drag and drop M4r ringtone. You can drag the ringtone. like this.

Once in the Sounds section, we should see our 30 second file. If we see it, and it is there, then the ringtone has been successfully added to iTunes. Sometimes, despite the correct steps above, the ringtone does not appear in the Sounds section, it happened in iTunes under MacOS, the removal of a 30-second file from the Songs section, which apparently somehow interfered with the M4R download, helped. But when you delete this file, you need to select the button. Leave File.

If your ringtone in M4R format does not appear in Sounds, then there may be problems with the original MP3 music file, in which case try other MP3 music files. Or try to make a ringtone not in iTunes, but with the help of other services and the links to which we indicated above in the text.

If ringtones appeared in iTunes, in the Sounds section, then we put them on the iPhone:

  • We take a USB cable, use it to connect the iPhone to the computer. In the top bar of the iTunes program, click on the iPhone icon that appears
  • In the left sidebar under the iPhone itself, click the section. Sounds
  • Check the box. Synchronize sounds
  • Choose: All Sounds or Selective Sounds
  • At the bottom of iTunes, click. Apply or Sync

A faster way to sync ringtones in iTunes is shown clearly. here, alternative sync not in iTunes here. Ringtones and i-FunBox.

We are waiting for all the stages of synchronization to pass, and iTunes will write the ringtone to the iPhone. Then we take the phone, go to Settings. Sounds. Ringtone, and we see our very first ringtone in the list.

If you want to turn on the iPhone backlight flashes on an incoming call, which will accompany your melody, then read the flash manual.

If you decide to delete ringtones from the iPhone, then we read. here. Well, if you still have questions about ringtones for iPhone or you want the same beautiful ringtone name as in the last picture, then welcome to our. “Questions and answers on ringtones for iPhone”.

How to put purchased music on a call?

Below you will find detailed instructions. Add a track to your Ringtones folder

  • Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable.
  • In the window that appears, find the “Ringtones” folder.
  • Drag the selected MP3 file to the Ringtones folder.
  • On your phone, tap Settings Sounds & Notifications Ringtone.
  • Choose it as your ringtone.

Where to Find Purchased Music on iTunes?

Choose Music from the menu in the upper-left corner of the iTunes window. Find music to re-download. If you are using Family Sharing, you can select a family member’s name next to Purchases to view their purchases. Click the download button for the album or song.

How to put your own ringtone on iPhone without iTunes?

How to make and install ringtone directly on iPhone without using iTunes

  • Open the GarageBand app.
  • Choose from instruments like Drums.
  • In the upper right corner, tap on the button with a loop that opens the browser to search for music on the device or in the Apple Loops section.
  • Go to the “Music” tab.

How to put music on call on iPhone via iTunes?

  • Open iTunes.
  • At the top, in the “File” menu, select “Add file to library”
  • In the window that appears, select the ringtone you created.
  • The added file should appear in the “Sounds” (or “Ringtones”) section
  • Connect iPhone to Computer.
  • Select the “Sounds” tab and sync.
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How to put a song on a call on an iPhone?

Setting a ringtone on an iPhone is not an easy task and it is very strange. It would seem that such a friendly system as iOS should include a simple tool for this operation, but in reality this is not at all the case. However, there is a way out and today we will tell you how to install a song on your iPhone using just iTunes.

How to Ring a Song on an iPhone (iTunes 12.6 and Older)

The first step is to make certain settings. Go to “Start” → “Control Panel” → “Folder Options” (“Folder Options”), go to the “View” tab and uncheck the box next to “Hide extensions for registered file types”. This will be needed to rename the ringtone we are creating.

Open iTunes and add a song by clicking File → Add File to Library. Listen to the song and the section from it that you would like to hear as a ringtone. The maximum length of a track to be played is 40 seconds. Right-click on the song and select Details. Go to the “Parameters” tab and specify the desired start and end time of the call (the sound file itself will not be cut off). After the end of the interval selection, click “OK”.

Right click on the song of your choice and select Create AAC Version. You will see another copy of the future ringtone.

Right click on the new song and select Show in Windows Explorer. The selected file must be renamed to the m4r extension (iPhone ringtone format).

Drag the ringtone into iTunes (or add the usual “File” → “Add file to library”). it will appear in a new category “Sounds”, which will contain all ringtones.

Synchronize iPhone with computer. After the synchronization is complete, the ringtone can be found by going to “Settings” → “Sounds” → “Ringtone”.

After completing the procedure, be sure to remove the start and end times of the original melody. Just uncheck the boxes that were set in point 3.

How to Ring a Song on iPhone (iTunes 12.7 and Newer) on PC

In order to be able to create and download ringtones through iTunes, one parameter of the system settings must be changed in Windows. Go to “Start” → “Control Panel” → “Folder Options” (“Folder Options”), go to the “View” tab and uncheck the box next to “Hide extensions for registered file types”. This will be needed to rename the ringtone we are creating.

Open iTunes and select the song you want to create a ringtone from (or add a song by clicking File → Add File to Library). Listen to the song and record the start and end times of the segment you would like to hear as a ringtone. Maximum ringtone length 40 seconds.

Advice! You can also trim a song for iPhone ringtone in an easier way, which is described in detail in this manual. If you use an alternative method, then after that you can immediately go to step 8.

Right-click on a song and select Song Info. Then go to the “Parameters” tab and specify the desired start and end time of the call (the sound file itself will not be cut off). After the end of the interval selection, click “OK”.

Note that after setting the marks of the beginning and end of your future ringtone, it is recommended to listen to the song and, if necessary, make changes to the length of the segment.

Right click on the song of your choice and select “File” → “Convert” → “Create AAC Version”.

You will see another copy of the future ringtone, the creation of which will be accompanied by a sound notification.

Right click on the new song and select “Show in Windows Explorer”.

The selected file must be renamed to the m4r extension (iPhone ringtone format).

Connect iPhone to computer using USB cable and select smartphone in iTunes window.

In the On My Device column, select the Sounds section. Drag the ringtone you created (.m4r file) to the list of ringtones available on iPhone and click “Done”.

After that, the ringtone will be available on your iPhone in the “Settings” → “Sounds” section. After completing the procedure, be sure to remove the start and end times of the original melody. Just uncheck the boxes that were set in point 3.

How to put ringtone on iPhone?

Novice iPhone users often give up the idea of ​​putting their own ringtone on the call, considering the procedure too troublesome and preferring the standard Marimba. However, as iPhones spread among domestic users, the use of built-in ringtones begins to cause inconvenience: when Marimba sounds in a public place, every second person reaches into his for a gadget to check if they are calling him.

The growing demand for original ringtones has given rise to new opportunities for their creation: now you can put a song on a call not only using iTunes, but also through other software. It is important to remember two rules: the ringtone must have a special permission m4r and not exceed 40 seconds.

How to put music on a call via iTunes?

You can make a ringtone for a call via iTunes using the following algorithm:

First of all, start the iTunes program and call the side menu by pressing the CTRLS combination.

Select the track you would like to make a ringtone from and right-click on it. We will be making a ringtone from the Depeche Mode song “In Your Room”. In the menu that appears, select “Information”.

In the “Information” block, move from the “Details” section (which is selected by default) to the “Parameters” section. you will see the following window:

Here you can adjust the volume of the ringtone (for example, double the original composition) and select an equalizer preset:

The presets are the same as those available in the settings of the standard “Music” application.

Check the boxes next to “Start” and “End” and set the interval so that the duration of the ringtone does not exceed 40 seconds.

How to set ANY Song as iPhone Ringtone (Free and No Computer)!

Then click the “OK” button at the bottom of the window.

Find the edited track in the list of your library and select it.

Although the library says the track is originally 4:51 minutes long, when you play it back in iTunes, you will find that the track has been trimmed to 30 seconds.

Follow the path “File”. “Convert”. “Create version to AAC” without deselecting the selected track:

A “clone” will appear next to the original song in MP3 format. a trimmed AAC track half a minute long.

Upon completion of this operation, do not forget to return through the “Parameters” the previous duration of the original track.

purchased, song, iphone, ringtone

Right click on the AAC file and select Show in Windows Explorer:

A special iTunes folder will open, located on the computer’s C drive. the ringtone will “lie” in it:

Change the file format from m4a to m4r. This is where the complexity lies, because on many Windows 7 computers, file formats are hidden. To show the permissions, you will have to dig deeper into the computer settings. in the explorer, type “Folder Options” and go to the section found. A window like this will appear:

Go to the “View” tab and uncheck the box next to the item “Hide extensions for registered file types” (located almost at the very bottom). Click Apply and OK. After that, next to the file name in the iTunes folder, the format will be displayed. changing a to r is easy:

The final chord remains: in the side menu of the iTunes library, select the “Sounds” section and enter the melody in m4r format in the field that appears:

Connect iPhone to PC via USB cable and start sync. An important point: after connecting the gadget to your computer, click on the device icon in the top panel of iTunes and select the “Sounds” section in the left panel:

Check the box next to “Sync sounds” and click the “Apply” button below. If this operation is not performed, synchronization will be ineffective, no matter how much you do it.

Further, setting the music to the call is a matter of technology: on the iPhone, go along the “Settings” “Sounds” “Ringtone” path and select a new ringtone (it will be the first in the queue). A new call can be set not only for a general call, but also for a specific subscriber. for this you need to find a suitable contact, click “Change” and select “Ringtone”.

How to put ringtone on iPhone via iTools?

iTools is an alternative software solution from Chinese manufacturers that allows Apple users to download music without syncing and iTunes in general. Creating and putting a ringtone through iTools is incomparably easier than through iTunes, however, this method has its drawbacks.

When creating ringtone on iPhone using iTools, follow the instructions:

How to Set ANY Song as RINGTONE on iPhone (No Computer)

Open iTools and navigate to the “Music” section:

Use the “Add” button to add the composition to the list:

Highlight a song in the list and click the “Make Ringtones” button located in the top panel. A window like this will appear:

On the right you will see the length of the unprocessed track. the composition from the example is 5 minutes 23 seconds. Set the parameters “Start” and “End” so that the duration does not exceed 40 seconds.

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Click the “Save To Local” button, and the program will offer to save the ringtone to the computer memory immediately in m4r format:

Find the created ringtone on your computer and add it to the list with a simple drag and drop:

Connect the gadget to your computer and click the “Import To Device” button in the top panel of the program. This will add the ringtone to the device memory.

In terms of creating ringtones, iTools has a number of advantages over iTunes: firstly, the user of Chinese software does not need to fool himself with extensions, and secondly, he does not need to synchronize. However, the iTools program also has drawbacks: it is not Russified and does not give the user the ability to edit the meta-data of the compositions.

You can place a call on the iPhone without using a PC at all. there are several special applications for creating ringtones in the AppStore, such as Ringtone and iTrax. You can read about the pros and cons of these and other programs for trimming music here.

How to put a song on iPhone GarageBand ring?

How to create ringtone on iPhone with GarageBand?

  • Choosing any tool for working with a new audio track.
  • We make a short recording using the “REC” and “STOP” buttons.
  • Click on the appeared button “Multitrack mode” (appears on the toolbar after the previous step).
  • Importing the song to a new track.
purchased, song, iphone, ringtone

How to install m4r on iPhone?

How to Copy Ringtones to iPhone or iPad in iTunes 12.7

  • Open iTunes on your computer.
  • Connect iPhone to computer, select it in iTunes by clicking on the device icon on the top bar of the program.
  • Find the required M4R file.
  • Select the “Sounds” section on the left panel of iTunes and drag the file to the opened section.

How to put purchased music on a call?

  • Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable.
  • In the window that appears, find the “Ringtones” folder.
  • Drag the selected MP3 file to the Ringtones folder.
  • On your phone, tap Settings Sounds & Notifications Ringtone.
  • Choose it as your ringtone.

How to put a song on an iPhone ringtone?

3 Set the song to the iPhone ringtone

  • Open iPhone Settings → Sounds → Ringtone.
  • Your song will be first on the list. Click on her to make her call.

How to Install Purchased Music on iPhone?

  • Open the iTunes Store app.
  • Click the button.
  • Click Sounds.
  • Find the ringtone you want and click the price to make a purchase.
  • Choose the option with automatic ringtone installation.
  • You may need to enter your Apple ID password to complete the purchase.

How to Add Ringtone to iPhone 2020?

Open the Settings app on iPhone and go to the Sounds & Tones menu. 10. Go to the Ringtone menu. At the very top of the ringtone list, you will see the ringtone you have created and downloaded.

To a general call

To set a general ringtone on iPhone, you should:

  • Open “Settings” iPhone and go down on the main page.
  • Tap on the line “Ringtone” and select your own ringtone in the built-in manager.

Similar actions can be performed for Messages and other available parameters; to return everything back, just go to “Sounds” again and set the default ringtone.

USB adapter

As you know, you cannot install a memory card inside an iPhone. But the user can purchase an adapter that allows you to connect flash drives and other removable media through the microUSB port, drop the cut ringtone onto the card, and then transfer it to the internal memory of the iPhone. There is nothing complicated here; in addition, the user does not need to perform synchronization and understand the complexities of connecting the phone to the computer via a cord.


The second way to add ringtone to iPhone is by using iCloud cloud services. The phone owner will need:

  • Install the iCloud client for a computer and log in to the system.
  • And copy the chopped song or melody into it.

Immediately after the next synchronization, the music that is planned to be installed instead of the system sounds will appear on the device. the main thing is not to forget to allow data exchange with the cloud storage on the iPhone.

To a specific contact

To set a ringtone to a specific contact saved in the iPhone’s memory, you need:

  • Open the phone book, go to the desired subscriber and tap on the “Edit” inscription in the upper right corner.
  • And select the previously loaded melody, then click on the “Finish” button.

Tip: to return the call to the default, the user will have to repeat all the steps in the same order. or, if the contact card does not contain too much information, delete it and recreate it.


Apple’s proprietary application helps not only to download a ringtone, purchase a movie or organize a collection of media files, but also to understand why the iPhone does not turn on. But we must act as the difficulties arise; the owner of the phone, who wants to copy the cut song or melody to the device’s memory, will need:

  • Launch iTunes and log in to the program using your account details.
  • And drag your ringtone into the program window.
  • Then make sure that the music has been successfully transferred to the “Media Library”.
  • If the first method did not work. call the drop-down menu “File”, select the item “Add file” in it.
  • Specify the path to the ringtone for iPhone and click on the “Open” button.
  • Connect your iPhone to iTunes and sync data. as a result, the ringtone will be on the device in a few seconds. If iTunes does not see the iPhone, you should try to connect your PC and phone via Wi-Fi, or expand the Help menu and select the Run Diagnostics option.
  • And start testing connectivity and synchronization in a new window. as a rule, these measures are enough to identify the problem and drop the ringtone on the iPhone.

Tip: you can remove a ringtone from the iTunes Library by right-clicking on the ringtone and selecting the appropriate option in the context menu.

How to set ringtone on iPhone?

The owner of Apple’s technology, who has already figured out how to take a screenshot on the iPhone and put his favorite wallpaper on the screen, can easily cope with other tasks facing him: download music to the device and even make a ringtone out of it. But this is not enough: the received melody must be loaded into the iPhone memory. How to upload and install a ringtone on an iPhone. let’s try to figure it out.

How to add ringtone to iPhone?

Adding a ringtone to iPhone and changing the music set to the call is no more difficult than downloading a video to iPhone. But before proceeding with the manipulations described below, you should take several measures to prepare the cut melody or song. otherwise, faced with a problem at one of the following stages, the user may lose his music, and he will have to start all over again.

An iPhone owner who decides to download and install a new sound on his phone is strongly advised to:

  • Open the folder with the ringtone, then go to the “View” tab.
  • And check the box “Show file name extensions”.
  • If the format of the cut melody or song differs from M4R. right-click on the file.
  • And select the “Rename” option in the context menu.

Tip: it doesn’t hurt to copy the “work” ringtones that the user wants to add to the iPhone and set as a call to a separate folder. then the originals of the music will remain intact in any subsequent actions.

To download a ringtone to the iPhone memory and set it as a call sound, you do not need to create an Apple ID or register the device in any database; Listed below are some simple and quick ways that are equally suitable for all users.


Convenient application from a third-party developer; in order to use it to copy the ringtone to the iPhone memory, you will need:

  • Run the program and go to the “Tools” tab.
  • Upload your music (this can be either a previously created ringtone or an original melody).
  • And, as needed, reducing the playing time.
  • Add the result to the iPhone using the “Save to device” button. due to the peculiarities of the application, it may remain unlit even when the iPhone is connected.

Tip: Another way to load a ringtone into the device’s memory is to drag music from a folder directly to the file manager.

How to set ringtone on iPhone

Despite the abundance of standard ringtones preinstalled on the iPhone, users more often prefer to set their own compositions as a ringtone. But in fact, it turns out that putting your music on incoming calls is not so easy.

iTunes Store

This method of adding new sounds to iPhone is much easier, but it’s not free. The bottom line is simple. buy a suitable ringtone from the iTunes Store.

    Launch the iTunes Store app. Go to the “Sounds” tab and find the melody that suits you. If you know which song you want to purchase, select the “Search” tab and enter your request.

Before a ringtone is purchased, you can listen to it by simply tapping on the name once. Having decided on the purchase, to the right of it, select the icon with the cost.

Choose how the downloaded sound should be installed, for example, by making it the default ringtone (if you want to put a ringtone on a call later, click the “Finish” button).

  • Pay with your Apple ID password or Touch ID (Face ID).
  • installing a song via a computer

    The second method will not require you to spend money, but this time you cannot do without the help of a computer with iTunes installed.

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    In this case, you need to prepare a song to copy it to iPhone. It must meet the following requirements:

    The duration of the ringtone should not exceed 40 seconds;

    Ringtones for iPhone must be exclusively in m4r format.

    The easiest way to create an iPhone ringtone is to use special services, for example, Mp3Cut. It is on the example of this online service that the further trimming procedure will be considered.

    Going to the service page, you will need to add a music file, with which further work will be performed. It can be any music file. as long as it is in mp3 format.

    Once the track is loaded into the program window, click on the button “Ringtone for iPhone”. and then set the limits for the ringtone, but in such a way that the total length of the ringtone does not exceed 40 seconds.

    For a softer ringtone, remember to activate the fade in and fade out buttons.

    The service will start trimming the track. Once it is prepared, you will be prompted to download it to your computer.

    Now that the ringtone has been successfully prepared, all that remains is to add it to the iPhone. This is where we need iTunes. Launch iTunes and connect your gadget to your computer using a USB cable or Wi-Fi sync. Click on the icon of your gadget in the program to open the menu for managing it.

    Drag the previously created sound into the program window, in the program itself go to the tab

    That’s all. If you look into the iPhone settings, the section “Sounds”, you will see your song in the list of ringtones, which can now be set as a ringtone.

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    General ringtone

    If you require the same melody to be applied to all incoming calls, you will need to proceed as follows.

      Open the settings on the device and go to the “Sounds” section.

    In the section “Sounds and vibration patterns” select “Ringtone”.

  • In the “Ringtones” section, check the box next to the melody that will be played on incoming calls. Close the preferences window.
  • How to set a song as iPhone ringtone

    and more users are adopting Apple iPhones, which are the most popular and desired smartphones in the world. The operating system iOS is installed on iPhones, which is fundamentally different from other popular operating systems. Below we will talk about how to install a song on an iPhone.

    purchased, song, iphone, ringtone

    By default, iOS comes with a good set of ringtones, among which many users find the perfect ringtones for themselves. However, if you pay attention, you will not be able to put a simple song through the item for setting the ringtone. This is due to the fact that the song that you need to install on the call must meet some requirements.

    Stage two. Preparing the melody

    Next, we begin to figure out what’s what. In the upper left corner there is a note, and under it the word “iPod” is what you need. through this note you can download any melody from the iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 to this application, and then make a ringtone out of it.

    After downloading the required melody, press the plus sign to the right of it. the application will react and ask you to add the type of ringtone to create. this is either a ringtone, or the sound of a message, an answering machine, etc. Add whatever you like (the installation method for any of the types is practically the same). In our case, we choose, of course, “Ringtone”.

    Now it’s time to recall a little the melody you downloaded and choose the most sonorous moment in it, because through the iPhone you can play only 40 seconds from it and no more. Therefore, listen to the downloaded melody and find these very seconds.

    After that, you begin to scrupulously cut out the selected: using the bottom scroll, move the melody itself to the desired moment, use the ringtone boundaries to set the end and the beginning of this very moment, use the starting position marker to add the exact beginning for the moment.

    You keep track of the time of the recorded moment through the stopwatches and when you decide that everything is ready, press the “start / stop” icon to memorize the start / end of the recording. After completing all of the above, simply click the “Save” icon and the application will automatically drop your ringtone into its list.

    Congratulations, now the ringtone has been recorded and you can listen to it by clicking on the speaker in the upper right corner with the inscription “My Ringtones”. In the list that appears, you can either set the recorded ringtone to play, or delete it using the “Edit.” in the top left corner.

    This can come in handy if you don’t like the melody and want to record a new one using either the same song or any other one from your iPhone.

    Putting your ringtone on iPhone

    At this very minute, dear friends, we will help you solve one of the most daunting tasks, namely, to put on your iPhone (4s or 5) instead of the ringing and already boring pealing, nothing more than your own, favorite and sonorous melody.

    By the way, you will have to do this both through your computer and through iTunes (iTunes), so if you don’t have the latter installed, take the trouble to download it. Also, you will need a special application and, of course, the iPhone itself (relevant for iPhone 4 or 5). That’s actually all the preparations, let’s get started

    Stage one. Installing the app

    Today we will look at one of the applications, since a separate article is required to describe all the options. So, first, take your iPhone and open your favorite App Store on it. Here go to the search and enter the name of the application “Ringtones for iOS 7” or the name of the developer “ASPS Apps”. The result of your search should be the application as in the picture.

    It is worth noting the fact that if you have iOS 8, don’t worry, in which case everything will be perfectly installed as well. In the list that appears, select the application with the name from the search bar and click “Download” in order to download it. After you download and install the required application. go to it.

    Stage three. Setting ringtone on iPhone

    Now let’s put the previously recorded ringtone on the iPhone call. To do this, you will first need to download it to your computer, initially connecting the iPhone itself to it. When the phone is detected, first of all go to iTunes. After that, select your iPhone among the connected devices in the upper left corner of the iTunes window, and in the window that appears, click on the “Applications” tab in the “Settings” list on the left.

    Here, scroll down the slider in the iTunes window until the phrase “Shared Files” appears, where you select an application you have already used called “Ringtones”. Further, to the right of the common files in the window called “Documents Ringtones”, select the ringtones you recorded and drop them onto your computer by clicking “Select folder” (preferably somewhere in a separate, previously created folder).

    Find ringtone in iTunes and save to computer

    After saving, find them on your computer and play them using aytyuns. Then select the “Sounds” tab in the same “Settings” list and put a checkmark in the lower list that appears in front of the ringtones you saved. Then in the upper list “Synchronize sounds” put a check mark, thereby allowing the synchronization of ringtones in principle, and select the option. “Selected sounds”. Then press the word “Apply” in the lower right corner of the aytyuns window, allowing it to download the melodies you have selected back to your iPhone.

    I. go to the “Settings” of your iPhone and click on the “Sounds” tab. Here look for a menu button with the name “Ringtone” (or any other type, depending on what type you recorded), click it and in the list that opens, you will find the sounds just downloaded from the computer, in fact, you just have to put one of them as a ringtone.

    Thus, dear friends, now your iPhone can delight you with your favorite melody. In addition, if your tastes change or the recorded ringtone simply gets bored, you can easily put a new one on the call

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