How to put a photo on a call Samsung a10

System Tools

Of course, the desired goal can be achieved by means built into the firmware, but we repeat that on some smartphones of the budget segment this function is not available. In addition, depending on the version of the system software, the procedure may differ, although not much.

    The easiest way to do the desired operation is using the “Contacts” application. find it on one of the desktops or in the menu and open.

Next, enable the display of contacts on the device. To do this, open the application menu (a separate button or three dots at the top) and select “Settings”.

Then select the “Contacts” option. In the next window, tap on the item “Show contacts”. Select the “Device” option.

Return to the list of subscribers, find the one you need in the list and tap on it.

  • Find the “Edit” button or an item with a pencil icon at the top and tap it. On the latest smartphones (in particular, S8 of both versions), this must be done from the address book: find a contact, tap and hold for 1-2 seconds, then select the “Change” item from the context menu.
  • Find the Ringtone field in the list and tap it. If it is absent, use the “Add another field” button, then select the desired item from the list.
  • Clicking on the “Ringtone” item leads to a call to the application to select a ringtone. Media Store is responsible for standard ringtones, while the rest (file managers, cloud clients, music players) allow you to select a third-party music file. Find the program you need (for example, a standard utility) and click “Only once”.

    Find the desired ringtone in the list of music and confirm the selection. In the contact editing window, click “Save” and exit the application.

    Done. the ringtone for a specific subscriber is installed. The procedure can be repeated for other contacts, if the need arises.

    As a result, we note that it is very easy to set a ringtone on Samsung phones. In addition to system tools, some music players also support this option.

    Additional features

    In the system settings, you can change other notifications as well. The device provides ample opportunities for adjusting notifications, the smartphone quickly adapts to the user.

    How to set a ringtone from a specific subscriber on Samsung Galaxy A30

    In order to put the desired melody on a call from a specific subscriber, you need to do the following:

    • Go to the “Contacts” application and click on the required.
      call, samsung
    • The subscriber details window will open. In the lower left corner of the screen, click on the edit button (pencil)
    • On the next screen, after the list of fields “name”, “phone”, “email”, “group”, click on the “Expand” tab.
    • The next screen that opens, scroll down to the end and click on “Ringtone”, confirm the request for access to media files.
    • After these steps, you will be taken to a tab with standard smartphone melodies, from which you can choose the appropriate one.
    • Most likely, the option with standard sounds will not suit everyone. There is a way to install a melody from your music library. To do this, in the upper right corner of the screen, click on. find the track of interest, click on it and click “Finish”. To save the changes to the contact, click “Save”.
    • That’s it, the melody for an incoming call from this subscriber is set.

    What you need to know about setting a ringtone to a contact on Samsung

    As you know, the algorithm for setting a ringtone for a separate contact in Samsung directly depends on both the model of a particular phone and the version of Android OS. However, when adding a new number to our phone book, it is recommended that you save it not to the SIM card, but to your phone, Google Account or Samsung Account.

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    In this case, you will definitely get the opportunity to add the music of your choice to the contact. And you will not unsuccessfully look for the option to add it in the settings of the desired contact (especially in the case of early models of Samsung gadgets).

    Change Caller Screen Themes & Background photo all Samsung A50,A30,A20,J2,J7,J8, J5

    In addition, if you want to add your own ringtone (and not use the system one), then make sure that the file you add has the appropriate format (usually mp3, m4a, etc.). The path to such a file will need to be manually specified in the settings of your phone. Or place this file in the “Notifications” folder of the phone memory. Where are the desired ringtones stored on some Samsung phone models?

    Let’s take a look at all the ways for a Samsung phone that will help you put a unique ringtone on an individual subscriber.

    Built-in capabilities

    There is also a built-in way to link a ringtone to a contact on Samsung. The downside is that in some budget models this function is not provided. In addition, taking into account the software version, the process may have individual characteristics, albeit insignificant.

    • Sign in to Contacts.
    • Select the right person and click on him.
    • Touch the pencil button to edit. If you have a new version of Samsung at your disposal, to set a melody, press and hold the contact for 1-2 seconds, and then select Change from the menu.
    • Find the Ringtone section in the field and tap it. If there is none, click Add another field.

    Pressing the Ringtone button directs the user to the application. Find the program you need by clicking on the button Only once. Find the song you want, confirm your selection and save the data. These actions are enough to bind a ringtone to a contact on new Samsung models. If the built-in functionality is suddenly not provided, you can use the third-party application mentioned above, or another application.

    Using the app

    A universal way to set a ringtone for a contact on Samsung is to put a special program on the phone. Alternatively. Rington Maker software, which allows you to cut songs and set them to specific numbers from your phone.

    • Install the program and enter it. After that, a list of tunes stored on the smartphone should be displayed. In this case, the built-in signals are located separately.
    • Find the song you want to put on a specific Samsung contact. To do this, click on the three dots to the right of the file name.
    • Select the section Add to contact.
    • Find the right person in the list and click on this entry. If everything is done correctly, the application will inform you about the successful setting of the data.

    This is a simple and affordable method that allows you to bind a ringtone to a contact on Samsung Galaxy J2, A7, A5, J5 or other smartphones. Alternatively, you can use not only the mentioned software, but also one of the popular music players. The main thing is to immediately determine that it has a corresponding function.

    Installation using phone settings

    How to put music on a call on Android? On a Samsung device, you need to perform the following sequence of actions:

    • Initially open Android settings.
    • Then go to the section “Sounds and vibration”.
    • Here you can set up alerts for various events, including SMS. Select the section with ringtones.
    • You are presented with a list of different standard signals.
    • If you want to put your own melody, then click on the item “Add”.
    • Run “Sound Selection”.
    • Choose a melody from the list. If it is in the folder, then click on the appropriate item and specify the path.
    • Add a melody, after which it will be set to the call.

    How to put a ringtone on a contact on Samsung

    Personalizing the ringtone on Samsung phones is a very handy and practical feature. It is especially useful for those users who receive many calls every day, allowing you to quickly find out exactly who is calling them. Now we know exactly when to pick up the phone right away and when not to rush anywhere. Especially when you have a lot of things to do. How can we put the desired melody on a specific contact on a Samsung phone, and what do we need for this? Let’s talk about this in our material.

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    How to set a ringtone Samsung a10

    Quite recently, a budget phone Samsung A10 appeared and despite its good appearance, many people want to change the “interior”, set their own melody, or at least hear a call that is not the default.

    Of course, you shouldn’t expect miracles from an inexpensive phone, but as for putting a melody or a song, in this respect it has a very great potential.

    Overall, the Samsung Galaxy A10 looks really good, especially in the picture, as it is made of decent plastic, fairly durable and quite pleasant to the touch.

    Before proceeding to the description of the procedure, I will immediately note that, in addition to the melody for the call, you can also set your own music song to a specific contact, in other words, each number from your list can have a different sound.

    You can also change the sound of the SMS. All this, it seems to me, I will not describe here, since it will turn out to be a large recording, and today no one wants to stay long.

    Therefore, I will not bore you, I will immediately move on to the direct essence of how to change the music of the call to another.

    How to set your own ringtone in Samsung a10

    Let’s start with how to put your own favorite motive, and in the course of the description, the question of how to change to built-in will be decided by itself.

    To do this, of course, you need to find it and download it (if not already), while it must be in mp3 format.

    It doesn’t matter where and in what way you put it on your Samsung a10, the main thing is that you know where it is.

    I always drop from a laptop into the “Ringtones” catalog, you can also just download or transfer from another phone, via Bluetooth.

    Also, pay attention to the name, it is better that it is in English and consists of only one word, at least I always do this.

    Now, in order to embed this music (melody song), enter the parameters (I think you know how to get there).

    Find the Sounds and Vibration category in the settings. There, find the place “Ringtone”, but if you put two SIM cards, then you need to indicate which one you will install.

    Immediately, I note that right in this window, which you see now, you can change the melody to any of the built-in.

    There are at least a dozen of them. Just change the “birds”, suddenly you like some, but since I am writing how to put my own, then at the top right click on (plus).

    Then from the bottom we find the folder “Folders” and if the downloaded one was placed in the “Ringtones”, then scroll the screen until you find it.

    Then just select it by clicking and confirm at the top by clicking on the “Finish” button. All.

    Now let someone call you to make sure you did everything right. Hear your melody everything means “OK”.

    I think after a while, when you admire a new call, you will want to make a separate sweat for at least a few of your favorite contacts.

    There will be no difficulties with this either, and I may describe how to do it, or just let me know in the comments and then such a post will appear very quickly.

    True, there is no way to change the sound in SMS with the built-in tools, but you can change the built-in sound to your own melody in Samsung Galaxy A10 if you wish. Thanks for visiting. Success.

    By default, the system shows all the songs that are in the smartphone’s memory. To choose a melody from those available here, tap on it. If this is the melody you want, click on the “Done” button. Please note that the system can automatically select a part of the track. the item “Selected fragments only”.

    The specified melody is used as the main ringtone.

    In addition, Samsung allows you to select folders with songs in memory.

    How to set a ringtone on Samsung?

    Samsung smartphones, like similar devices from other companies, allow you to choose from the ringtones available in the memory or set your own without any problems, including for each individual contact in your address book. But how to do this, we will tell you right now in our article.

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    How to set Samsung ringtone for all contacts?

    Select the SIM card for which you want to change or add a melody. Let it be the first SIM for example.

    Choose a melody, for which just tap on it. The melody will start playing, and if it suits you, just press “Back”.

    How to set a ringtone to a contact on Samsung?

    We select the item “Contacts” (also available as a separate application).

    Of course, you can also choose your own melody. You already know how to do this from the first part of the article.

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    In smartphone tinctures

    A universal way to change the ringtone on Samsung Galaxy A10, A11, A30, A31, A50 and A51. For this:

    • go to the settings of the smartphone. Go through the list to “Sounds and Vibration”;
    • tap your finger on the “Ringtone”;
    • a new menu will appear. Go down to the category “Incoming calls” and tap on “Ringtone”;
    • a list of standard ringtones will appear in front of the user, tap on any of them to listen to and set as the main one.

    On A8, J2, J3, S8 and S10 models, the Incoming Calls category is not available due to a different firmware version. Instead, there will be a “Ringtone”, when you select it, you will be prompted to change the song on the first or second SIM.

    • follow the path described above. When a list of standard melodies appears, click on “Add from phone” at the bottom of the list or by tapping on the icon “”. located on the top right;
    • there will be tracks in MP3, WAV format, which are allowed to be used for a call;
    • when there are no tracks, tap on “Folders” from the bottom right and go to the directive where the loaded audio is stored.

    On the latest version of the software released for the A71, the developers have provided the ability to trim the track.

    How to set different audio to a call

    To put music on a call on Samsung, use:

    • settings of device parameters;
    • player built into the firmware;
    • third-party software.

    Using the player

    Another option is how to put an audio track from downloads as the main melody:

    • go to the main menu. In the list, click on ” Applications”;
    • then select the built-in player “Samsung Music”;
    • play the track you want to select as a ringtone. When it opens, click on the three dots in the upper right corner;
    • now select “Install as”. Provide enhanced access to the application;
    • put a tick in front of the “Ringtone” item;
    • choose whether the song will be played from the beginning or from a separate section, and tap on “Finish”.

    How to Set contact photo for Samsung A10 A30 A50 A51 A70

    Third party software

    This option is suitable for all Android devices, regardless of the version of the operating system.

    • Go to the Play Market. From there you will need to download the “Cut Music Ringtone Make” application from the developer of the Recorder Smart apps.
    • After starting the software, tap on “Select audio files”.
    • Navigate to the folder with tunes. Opposite the track, click on three points.
    • A list will appear where select “Set as default ringtone”.
    • Give the program extended access to the system.

    How to set a ringtone on a Samsung phone

    On smartphones from Samsung, you can set a ringtone from the list of available ringtones or music loaded into the device’s memory. We will explain how to do this using the built-in software or an application downloaded from the market.

    Setting a track to a ringtone on Samsung smartphones takes up to 3-5 minutes, depending on the selected option.