How to put a number sign on Samsung

Copy a symbol from the web and add it to a template

If the factory keyboard is completely satisfying and there is no desire to get used to another, you should consider the option of how to put the “number” sign on Android yourself.

  • Go to Play Market.
  • Call an additional menu by clicking on the button with three dashes in the upper left corner.
  • Go to the “Settings” section.
  • Next, open the “Personal data” block.
  • Then open the section “Language and input”.
  • Here find the item “Keyboard and Input Methods”
  • Next tap on “On-Screen Keyboard” (in some versions “Virtual Keyboard”).
  • Select factory (in standard settings it is called “Gboard”).
  • Click on the desired layout (Russian or English), where the symbol will subsequently be located.
  • Then go to the section “Dictionary”.
  • Then open the “Personal Dictionary”.
  • Click on the “”.
  • In the first line, enter the number symbol previously copied from any text.
  • Opposite the word “Shortcut” write “_number”.

Since the system does not provide any confirmation or save buttons, it remains only to go back and check the addition of a character in the given layout.

number, sign, samsung

Note! You can add whole sentences in the same way. For example, you can set a button that will enter the entire email address, which will be convenient when authorizing or registering on various resources.

How to dial the “number” symbol on a standard keyboard by long pressing a special key

Nevertheless, on some Android shells, for example, Xiaomi’s Redmi line or budget Meizu, it is, because these manufacturers take into account the requirements of the sales markets. The same applies to individual firmwares for Samsung Galaxy, Honor, LG, ASUS, etc.

If the user is lucky, and the manufacturer took this nuance into account, then it remains to do the following:

  • Call Input Tool.
  • Click on the button “? 123”.
  • Find the “#” character.
  • Pinch it.

Note! If the firmware allows, then an additional menu will appear above the “#”, where you can select the “number” symbol.

Clamping “#” on some firmware shows the desired character

Number sign on Android keyboard. where to find and how to dial

To correctly type messages through a smartphone, the keyboard must contain all the familiar characters that are available on computer input devices. But periodically finding the desired symbol simply does not work. So, you can see that there is no “number” icon on Android. The information below will help you figure out what to do if the user cannot find any of the printed elements.

Why Some Android Phones Don’t Have a Number Sign

First, a few words about why the “number” sign is missing on the Android keyboard. As you know, this mobile platform was created by American programmers from the Google corporation. This is kind of the key factor.

If the user does not see the symbol he needs, this does not mean that he is not there.

The fact is that in the American information zone the symbol “No.” is not used. Instead, local users put “#”. For example, instead of writing “lesson”, they write “lesson # 1”. That is why the required icon is not provided on the native AOSP layout, unlike European-style software.

In Android, the symbol “#” is not provided, its role is played by “#”

How to put a “number” icon if it is not on the built-in keyboard

If you’re unlucky, the problem with the lack of a number on the keyboard of an Android device can be solved in two ways. by creating a special template with the desired symbol or installing software adapted to Russian-language design rules.

The main advantage of this method is the possibility of personalization. On the web, you can find hundreds of design options for the input tool, where even an engineering calculator will be built in. However, it is highly discouraged to install software from third-party resources, so below is an option using the Play Market.

Note! To change the layout through an unlicensed site, you need to download the APK file to your phone, in the settings allow work with software from third-party resources and start the installation.

  • Go to Play Market.
  • In the search field, enter the query “keyboard” (it is better to write “keyboard”, so more options will be offered to you).
  • Check out the options available and choose the most attractive.
  • Install like any other Android app.
  • Next, go to the settings of the smartphone itself.
  • Find the section “Language and input”.
  • In the “Keyboards and Input Methods” section, select the installed default version.

Important! If the system has notified that the application has been installed, but it is not in the presented section, you need to restart the smartphone. If updates are available, they should also be installed.

Optionally, you can install the keyboard, as on the iPhone

How to enter other hidden characters on the Android smartphone keyboard

A solid sign, herringbone quotes, em dashes, currency symbols and other symbols can also be typed in as a template or found in additional lists by clamping certain characters. However, there is another way.

For those who are accustomed to using a PC with its highly sophisticated keyboard, there is a way to use the same layout, only on the smartphone screen. For this you need:

  • Go to Play Market.
  • Call up additional menu.
  • Go to the “Settings” section.
  • Further to “Personal data”.
  • Enter the section “Language and input”.
  • Open the item “Keyboard and Input Methods”.
  • Next tap on the “On-Screen Keyboard”.
  • Select the keyboard to use.
  • Go to her settings.
  • Then tap on “View and Layouts”.
  • Select “PC” and the desired language.

Depending on the language, all required characters will be displayed instead of numbers. Next, the system will offer to activate the layout, with which, of course, you need to agree.

Important! To call the PC keyboard when entering, just use the button with the globe.

There is no “No.” sign in the standard android layout due to the fact that it is simply not used in the country of the manufacturer (USA). Therefore, residents of the EU and the CIS have to add it on their own. To do this, you can use the function with the template or download another local developer keyboard available in the Play Store.

Go Keyboard

The Continuous Input feature will help you print faster than usual.

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Where is the number sign on the keyboard on the iPhone?

As you probably know, the keyboard for typing in the iPhone is one of the most convenient and fastest of all modern devices. We have been working on it for years so that you can type as quickly and comfortably as possible. The same goes for the iPad, where there is still a lot more.

When it comes to signs, letters and symbols that are simply unrealistic to find, then everything is so simple. So simple that you will be moving away from this for a long time.

Sometimes people need to put a number sign and all they find is a “#”, but we need a “No.” Therefore, we follow these steps:

  • go to any application with a keyboard;
  • check that there is a Russian keyboard layout;
  • press the icon “123” and then “# =”;
  • we are looking for the symbol #, holding which the desired number sign appears.

This miracle works in many cases if you cannot find something. The decision is actually quite logical, because the smartphone screen is not too big.

And so that you do not have porridge and do not look for a long time, everything was placed on the buttons, where you can find two, three, or even more signs.

Adding A Contact To The Homescreen Of A Samsung

How to sign a number on iPhone and iPad?

Happy iPhone owners are sometimes shocked at how hard certain features are to find. For example, putting the usual number sign, that is, “No.”, is not so easy.

Searches on an iPhone or iPad keyboard usually end with nothing and then everything ends up with the user simply asking Google for help.

Today I will tell you how to put this sign, where it is located and why Apple always hides all the most necessary functions from us.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated and you can find the number symbol on the iPhone very quickly if you know exactly where to look.

Then he will deal with other secrets of the iOS operating system. So you can subscribe from social networks so as not to miss anything.

How to put a ringtone on a contact on Samsung

Hey! Today I will show you how to put a ringtone on a contact on a Samsung Galaxy phone. For each contact, you can set a specific melody or mp3 track. For example, if your friend Petya calls you, a jazz-style melody will play, and if your wife calls you, you will hear an alarm siren))) Everything is very simple and fast. See the instructions below and write Комментарии и мнения владельцев if something is not clear to you. Go!

On the main or secondary screen, find the Contacts icon and tap on it.

See, you need to create a new contact. I could not find such an option to add a melody to an existing contact (who knows, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев). So, if you want to add music to a contact that is already in the database, delete it and create it again. On this page, at the bottom of the screen on the right, click on the round button with a plus.

Next, select where to save the contact and press Select.

On the page for creating a contact, at the bottom, click on the tab.

You will be presented with a page for choosing a default ringtone. If you want to add your song, click on the top right on the Add tab.

Next, you need to select an application to open the section with music. Click on Select Sound.

Next, you need to select the music and mark it by clicking on the circle on the left.

Select a song and click on the Done button at the top right.

All is ready. You just have to specify all the necessary contact information and click on the Save button at the top.

Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

Hello. Such a problem. When choosing an action with the help, I mistakenly clicked on the cloud. now, when choosing a melody, it constantly sends through the account. how to return to make a choice through the choice of sound. Thank you. Tel. Samsung Galaxy A3.

Good day. So in the “Perform an action using” window, you clicked on the “Always” tab to perform an operation using this application. It was necessary to press “Only once.” Can be easily fixed. Open: Settings. Applications. Click on the name of the application (which you installed by default). In the app settings, at the bottom, find the Use by default option. There you need to click Reset defaults.

Hello there was such a problem, I have a Samsung J2 CORE phone and when I click on there is no such button

Good day. Most likely this smartphone does not have such a function. Especially if it’s an old model.

Hello. I have problems on j2, there are no more tabs after the phonetic name field

Good evening. What year is the smartphone? Android version?

crap deleted the contact, now not only a melody, but also an avatar not to add, I knew I would not have read this nonsense

but such a problem Samsung haloxy cortex J2 is the same as shown here, but there is no contact melody. how to be or not to be. android 8.01

Either look elsewhere, or there is no such function on your smartphone.

Contacts where are saved, on a SIM card or phone?

You need to go to contacts contact management import / export contacts and transfer all contacts from SIM to phone. And then you can put melodies on the selected contact

You can not delete a contact, but just click change contact.

Contacts are on the phone, but I can’t set a melody to a contact. The phonetic name is the last on the list. Samsung j2 core

I can only assume that there is no such feature on your phone. Or it is somewhere else. You can see in the properties of the track you want to call.

On Samsung C7, you do not need to delete the number. Press “Change”, if it does not show all the data, press “more”, scroll down and change the contact melody.

See, you need to create a new contact. I could not find such an option to add a melody to an existing contact (who knows, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев). Before getting smart, you need to study the phone. it’s very simple to add a melody to an existing recording.

I know my phone well) But they are all different. If you do, this does not mean that everyone will have the same.

We re-create the contact without deleting the old one, and entering the same name. The phone immediately finds the existing one and offers to update it. Well, then there will be a change in the melody as when adding a contact

in my Samsung Galaxy I add a melody to a contact or group like this: 1. Open a contact 2. press Edit 3. press Add field 4. select “ringtone” 5. in the “Ringtone” field that appears, add a melody

Contacts where you have, on a SIM card or on your phone?

Hello Samsung Galaxy A40 ringtone is not installed. Added downloaded songs to the ringtones folder. In the settings, when choosing a ringtone, it says that “it was not possible to set as a melody”. Plays just standard. What can be done?

Hello. What melody, in what format? When you select a melody, it is the ringtones folder that opens?

I also have the last section “phonetic name” in Samsung j2 core and nothing else. After all, it cannot be that this function is not available in such a phone.

Good day. There are special applications, you can easily put any downloaded music on a Samsung Android call and on a separate contact. Everything is very simple. I found the simplest application especially for you.

Samsung J2 Core. Samsung’s official support service said: “Since this model is LIGHTWEIGHT, it has a similar function, adding a ringtone to contacts and groups is not provided.” 🙁

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Samsung J2 Core. Download Ringtone maker-MP3cutter application from Play Store and install any ringtone for each subscriber separately from your arsenal. In the “Select files” section and by clicking three vertical dots opposite the song or melody, the “To contact” section. A list of your contacts opens, select the one you need.

SM-J260F With a melody to a separate contact, the issue is POSITIVE resolved. Who didn’t manage to install LIVE wallpaper (ANIMATED) on the main screen? If YES, link plizzz.

Everything is very simple. On the home screen, look for the Samsung Galaxy Themes app, open it. At the bottom, click Wallpaper. Next, find wallpaper with animation in the catalog. Install them. There is also an application in the Google Play market called Live Wallpapers HD / 4K WALLOOP Backgrounds. It can be downloaded and installed for free on the Google Play Store. Have questions?

Before that I had a “Samsung Galaxy 350 full” I bought it in the spring of 2015, it had about thirty Zh.O. and 99% worked great. I dragged everything onto the SM-J260F and only the candle worked, and that was not correct, no fire, only smoke. I downloaded 50 more pieces from INETA, I specifically chose to be friends with the software version of the phone and more than one Zh.O. didn’t work.

What version of Android do you have now? Tried installing from Samsung Galaxy Themes?

Android 8.1.0 Firmware version: J260FXXU3ASF2 We haven’t tried it from Galaxy Themes, since I don’t use the Internet on my phone and don’t intend to. Oh, they want me to download to my phone.

How then can you download and install wallpaper on your phone without the Internet? You don’t have internet at home?

I have cable high-speed Internet in all my houses and apartments and even WI-FI modems for my guests.

And how we are communicating with you now?!

Cable, computer. mobile phone. And click on the phone to allow file sharing.

I just don’t understand why you don’t want to use the Internet on your phone? Why cable and computer, what’s the catch? Live wallpapers can be downloaded for free from the Google Play market directly on your smartphone. But the Internet is needed on the phone. Otherwise, why bother with a smartphone?

A smartphone with the Internet is needed for someone who loves to use an Internet on a smart phone and for whom there is a need for this or there is no computer at home. Ah, I don’t like it at 1x on the phone, but I like it when I have at least one 32 ″ monitor in front of me. In 2x there is no need for 3x I don’t want to give MTS an extra opportunity to try to steal money from me. In 4x, the total security of Kaspersky works perfectly on all windows, but on Android it does not work as I need it. From the black box, which I ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE I carry with me, I need a phone, an SMS, an audio recorder, a pedometer, sometimes a photo and video recording, and several computing programs. Live wallpaper, dolphins swam under water on my old phone. When, for example: you are standing in a traffic jam, open the lid for time to look, and there are also fish swimming, you look at them and you calm down. Ah, now they are gone and this is a little uncomfortable.

Connect the Internet to your phone via Wi-Fi for free, download the wallpaper, turn off the Internet, and that’s it. You don’t need Kaspersky on your smartphone, it’s a myth. I have my own protection and all the rules. I don’t see any problems here at all. The Internet is still needed in the phone to update. Without software updates, it gets old, the phone will slow down.

You either do not read or do not understand the meaning of the words I have written. What’s the difference in the way the software is delivered to the phone? The internet is full of resources that can be downloaded to a computer, then either using a cable or from a card reader to a phone flash drive. Kaspersky is not a MYTH. I’ve been using it for years

17 and the money spent on licenses is not a pity! If I do not connect the Internet on my SM, then I really need it! I have already visited the old Samsung, I had to REINSTALL the firmware, not update, but REINSTALLED! Your advice does not suit me.

When setting a melody to a contact, for some reason after the line “phonetic name” there are no more lines, I tried everything.

The contact must be saved on the phone, then it will be possible to add a melody in the standard settings. Or install a special Android application and put any music on any contact.

To add a melody to a contact, go to “contacts”, select a contact, change, below “more” and look below.

After clicking on the “” button, the tab opens to “Phonetic name” and there is nothing else. Where did the “Ringtone” go and how to put it back in place?

Save your contacts on your phone. They are on your SIM card, so there is no such function.

I also have a model SM-J260F / DS, contacts on the phone, but there is no function of setting a ringtone to a contact anywhere, I dug everywhere, but where you write it should not be there. I click to change the contact, then another, and everything ends. First, the phonetic name. About the Ringtone and the word NO.

In my opinion, I already wrote 10 times above. Check where your contacts are stored, on the SIM card or phone? The contact must be saved to the phone, then you can add a melody. There is a special Android application, you can easily add any ringtone to any contact.

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Galaxy S10 / S10: How to Customize Keyboard Symbols on The Period Key Shortcut


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How to enable continuous input

This guide will only work for the default Samsung keyboard. If you have installed and are using a different keyboard, this instruction will not work.

Open any application that can bring up the keyboard. In our example, this is “Messages”.

Click the gear icon. It can be above the keyboard.

If there is no such icon, press and hold the button to the left of the space bar, then select the gear.

Select Smart Dial or Swipe Control. by keyboard “. If there are no such items, select the item “Advanced” or “Additional functions”, and then “Control of swipe.” by keyboard “or” Smart dialing “.

Activate “Continuous Input” or “Continuous Dialing”.

Done. Exit the menu and test the function.

What is continuous input

Continuous typing is a feature that allows you to type words without lifting your finger from the screen. This feature is available on Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

How to sign a number on a Samsung phone

How to dial the number icon (No.) on the Android keyboard?

Number on the computer keyboard

The key with the number sign (No.) on the computer keyboard is located in the block with the numeric keys. together with the number 3 and #.

To put this sign, you need to switch the keyboard layout to Russian.

The keyboard layout can be switched either with the “Ctrl” “Shift” key combination, or with the “Alt” “Shift” key combination (it all depends on the operating system settings).

Next, while holding down the “Shift” key, press the key with the number.

Android keyboard number

There is no number sign on the standard Android keyboard, and this may cause difficulties.

The solution to the problem is simple. you need to install a more functional keyboard.

After you install the SwiftKey keyboard, you need to make sure that all characters are entered with it.

To do this, in the Android settings, you need to select “Language and input”, and then in the “Keyboard and input methods” section, click on “Current keyboard”.

In the list that appears with keyboard options, select SwiftKey.

The number sign on this keyboard is on the same key with the Russian letter “x”.

To put it, you need to hold down this key. after a few seconds, the No. will become available for input (see the right side of the screenshot).

Bring the subscriber’s number to the desktop in an Android smartphone. Each of us has a lot of subscribers in the phone book, but most of the time we never dialed most of them. And there are numbers that we dial several times a day, just such numbers should always be at hand so as not to look for them among a bunch of others. Few people know, but for users of devices running the Android operating system there is such a wonderful opportunity.

I will say more, for this you don’t even need to download any additional software to your smartphone. We just need to install a special widget on our desktop, which will be the button for a quick call to the number we need.

Depending on the version of Android OS, the process for installing widgets is slightly different. In earlier versions, you just need to hold down the screen on a clean area of ​​the table, and in the menu that appears, select the widget installation. In version 4.0 and newer versions, you just need to select the widget in the phone menu.

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Why use a number sign, and when you need it

The lack of a number sign on many input tools on mobile devices is easy to explain. The fact is that the Android platform is the brainchild of programmers working at Google. And in the information space of America, this symbol is not used. An alternative option when writing texts is the hash “#”. Due to its uselessness, its implementation was considered unnecessary.

A different situation is observed in Russia and the CIS countries, Europe. When writing posts and various messages, the number icon is most often used. With its help, it is customary to designate a sequence of numbers, number pages, columns, tables, notes, applications, homogeneous objects. Of course, the specified symbol can be written in letters, but:

  • firstly, it takes some time, which is inconvenient when communicating in chats;
  • secondly, it shortens the text of the message if it is sent via SMS (and a fee is charged for the service).

Therefore, users are interested in where to find the number icon on the phone keyboard and make communication more productive.

TOP 3 Best Android Keyboard Apps

GO Keyboard

The third on the list is an application with a huge abundance of skins, the ability to customize the keyboard in accordance with your wishes. Here you can change fonts, install missing input languages, add decorations. The layout looks nice and is easy to use.


The top program is considered one of the best in Google. It has a nice interface and many useful features. Among them are error correction and word spelling hints. The application can be fully customized according to the user’s requirements, which is especially important for long-term use.

How to put a number sign on Android

The number symbol appears in different places on different keyboards on Android devices. The location may vary depending on the brand of the phone, operating system, firmware version. Given these features, it is not always possible to quickly put a number sign. To do this, you need to know special combinations and the ability to work with them, or use other methods: additional keyboard, voice input, copy method, etc. Each of them deserves a separate consideration.

How to put a number sign using standard means

Putting the desired symbol is not always easy on the virtual keyboard of Android devices. To do this, you need to know special combinations and also be able to work with them. But, in most cases, you can set the number sign using the following simple steps.

  • Log into any messenger or social network. Select the chat in which you want to tell the number of something.
  • Start typing your message. Get to the right place where you need to register the corresponding symbol.
  • Move to the numeric keypad.
  • Find the “#” symbol here and hold it down until additional characters appear. Number (No.) should appear.
  • Move your finger to the desired place, and the sign will automatically be put in the input field.

But, we immediately draw your attention to the fact that it is not possible to register a symbol in this way on all versions of Android OC. In some keyboards, it hides behind letters or numbers.

Using the new virtual keyboard

To implement this method, you need to download a third-party virtual keyboard from Google Play or GetApps. Do it this way.

  • Download the app and install. Next, find the “Settings” section of your smartphone and select the new virtual keyboard as the basis for entering. Move the toggle switch to the “On” position to use the desired keyboard type. In this case, all other input methods must be disabled.
  • Now you open the messenger, enter text, and then move to special characters. Find the one you want here and just paste it. On newer keyboards, the symbol is often shown above a specific letter.

Go through every letter and number. Perhaps in your case, the number sign will be located in a different place.

How to put number sign (#) on Android keyboard

All users of Android smartphones were puzzled by the problem of entering some characters on the keyboard. For example, when typing an SMS, you needed to put a “No.” sign, but you did not find it in the list of symbols. It is the solution of this issue that our today’s article is devoted to.

using voice input

On Android devices, you can always enter text by voice. When speaking words into the microphone, the sentences are displayed in the text field. Here you just need to say the name of the symbol, and it will be shown.

Dear readers, if you have questions about how to put a number sign on Android, be sure to ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Perhaps you know another way to find the required character. Share it, you will be ready to discuss everything.

Setting a photo to a contact in Samsung phones

On all smartphones running on the Android OS, it is possible to install a photo of a calling number or any other picture on any contact from the phone book. This function is very convenient, as it allows you to instantly identify the subscriber without bothering to read his name. Let’s take a look at how to put a photo on a contact in Samsung.

Linking a picture to a contact from the Gallery

There are several ways to attach a photo to a call on a Samsung Galaxy J5 or on a phone of any other model from the Galaxy line:

  • through the standard Gallery application;
  • by changing the profile of the called subscriber in the preinstalled Contacts program;
  • using additional software.

Whichever option you choose, you need to know that you can only link a picture to a number stored in the phone’s memory. Therefore, if the subscriber is saved on the SIM card, he must first be transferred to the smartphone. This is done as follows:

  • We are looking for and launch the application “Contacts” on the mobile device.
  • Go to its settings and select the procedure “Import / Export”.
  • In the list that opens, select where you want to transfer the number (SIM card), and click “Next”.
  • We indicate the new storage location (“Phone”).
  • We tick off one or several numbers that need to be dragged into the memory of the mobile device.

After the contact has been successfully transferred to Samsung Galaxy, you can proceed directly to attaching a picture to it:

  • Enter the Gallery program.
  • Select the photo you would like to attach to the contact.
  • Call its properties by tapping on the corresponding button and click “Set as contact photo”.
  • Specify the area of ​​the picture that will be displayed on the Samsung Galaxy screen when there is an incoming call and click “Done”.

After completing the above steps, the selected picture will also be displayed on the Samsung Galaxy display along with the name of the caller.

Considering how to set a photo on a contact, you should dwell on one more way of implementing this procedure:

  • We open the program “Contacts”.
  • We are looking for the number to which we want to link a photo, and click “Edit”.
  • Click on the standard picture and in the drop-down menu set a picture from the gallery or take a snapshot.
  • We save the changes made.

Using additional software

Although the standard features for editing contacts from the phone book allow you to link a picture to a specific number, when you call it will be displayed only on a small part of the screen of a mobile device. If you want the photo to occupy the entire Samsung Galaxy display during an incoming call, you will need to acquire additional software, which can be downloaded from the Play Market absolutely free of charge. These programs include:

  • Phone. This utility is endowed with good functionality and allows you not only to bind a picture to a contact and display it in full screen when called, but also to back up your phone book.
  • Full Screen Caller Pro. Allows you to put on a contact not only a photo, but also small videos. The program has ample opportunities for initial customization, so you can easily adapt it for yourself.
  • Ultimate Call Screen HD. In addition to directly linking an image to a phone number, this application also allows you to use gestures and built-in sensors to control your smartphone.

Having figured out how to set a photo on a contact on Samsung, you can decorate the design of your device and make the process of accepting a call more convenient.