How To Play Movie From Phone To TV

How to connect a phone to a TV. all the ways

How To Play Movie From Phone To TV

Today’s telephones surpass the first computers in their capabilities. Apps, games, social media, and the internet have become standard features on any smartphone. Some users sometimes need to connect their phone to a TV. There can be many reasons, but most often such a connection is made to view phone files on a large TV screen.

On the TV, you can play multimedia files from your phone, and you can also use the phone’s memory as a flash drive. There are several ways to connect your phone to your TV. It all depends on which connectors your equipment has and which connecting cables are available. Choose the most convenient connection method.

Connect your phone using HDMI

It should be noted that the easiest way to connect your phone to a TV is via an HDMI connection. To do this, it is necessary that the TV has a free HDMI port, and the micro. HDMI (outwardly it is very SIMilar to micro. USB, but these are different connectors). All you need is a cable with a standard HDMI (Type A) connector on one end and a micro connector on the other. HDMI (Type D). Turn off both devices and use a cable to connect the corresponding connectors. After that, turn on the TV and phone, use the remote control to enter the TV menu and select HDMI as the signal source. If there are several HDMI connectors, then select the one to which the cable is connected. Now you can run on your phone. music and apps. With this connection, both picture and sound will be transmitted. Please note that not all applications support screen mirroring.

If nothing appears on the TV screen, the problem might be your phone settings. Usually, all settings take place in automatic mode and do not require intervention. If this does not happen, you can manually configure the transmission. Go to phone settings and select HDMI. then we are looking for HDMI format. In the window that appears, select the resolution and refresh rate that your TV supports.

It may happen that your phone does not have a micro connector. HDMI. In this case, you can use a special m icro-USB converter. HDMI. It connects to the m icro-USB connector on the phone. After that, you can connect your phone to the TV using a regular HDMI to HDMI cable.

Connect your phone using a wireless connection

The question of wireless connection between TV and phone is very interesting. However, it is difficult to talk about such a connection in general terms. Many TV manufacturers have developed applications that allow you to connect your phone over Wi. Fi. LG has Smart Share. With this function you can. Transfer music and pictures from the phone (LG brand. compatible with Smart Share) to the TV. To do this, both devices must be on the same network. There should not be any particular difficulties, because TVs with Smart Share probably have a built-in Wi module. Fi.

On Samsung TVs, this is the AllShare feature, which also makes it easy to connect your phone wirelessly. There is also Wi-Fi Direct technology. If your TV and phone both support this technology, you can connect them directly wirelessly for information exchange, synchronization and file sharing. So it becomes obvious that you can connect your phone to your TV using Wi. Fi is possible. You need to familiarize yourself with the capabilities of your devices in more detail and find the right software.

Connect phone using USB

Most modern TVs have a USB port. Using it, you can connect a phone, however, with this connection, the phone is defined as an external carrier (roughly speaking, like a flash drive). Displaying a picture or on a TV screen will fail. All you need is a USB to micro-USB cable. Connect the appropriate connectors with the equipment turned off and you’re done.

We’ve covered the basic ways to connect your phone to your TV. Surely you will be satisfied with at least one of them. Watching photos or on the big screen, listening to music or playing games are all possible. As you can see, connecting your phone to your TV is not that difficult. With the right cable, you can easily cope with this task.

Using a TV without Wi-Fi

Smart TV, of course, makes life much easier. But what if your TV does not have this functionality and does not have Wi-Fi? We’ll have to think about it. It is possible that you have to come to terms with the fact that you will not be able to broadcast a picture from a smartphone. At least from the model at your disposal.

If your smartphone has a USB Type-C connector, then chances are good that you can use a wired connection. But this will require the purchase of a USB Type-C to HDMI adapter. Or to VGA, if you are going to send the image to a monitor with only this interface.

It is not recommended to use the one that came with the smartphone as a cable. In most cases, it turns out to be not intended for broadcasting the information flow. it only serves to transmit energy. Buy a good cable with USB Type-C on one end and full-size USB on the other. Check it by connecting the device to the computer. the operating system should recognize the device.

Well, when you connect your smartphone to the TV, it remains to select the desired signal source in its interface. this must be one of the HDMI connectors. After that, you will see a picture from your phone. If it is not displayed, then the smartphone, most likely, is not able to transfer to its USB connector.

How to watch a movie from your phone on TV

Not every reader of ours suspects that a smartphone and a TV can now be easily synchronized. You start playing the movie on your phone, and after a few seconds you continue to watch it on the TV. Conveniently! But how exactly can you take advantage of such a useful opportunity? Let’s figure it out.

Using a Chromecast or smart box

If a wired connection is not an option, then you can display the picture from the smartphone on the TV screen through an intermediary. It can be, for example, a smart console. Such a device has its own operating system. We can say that this is the same Smart TV, but without a screen and TV module. The device needs to be connected to the TV using an HDMI cable or wire with “tulips”. Then you need to switch to the desired signal source, after which you will see the OS interface. Usually, such set-top boxes use Android, so you can easily find a lot of applications that serve to broadcast pictures from your smartphone. But do not forget to connect the set-top box to your home Wi-Fi network before that.

You can also use a Chromecast or any other SIMilar gadget. It has the minimum dimensions, it should be inserted directly into the HDMI socket. The device also has its own OS, while it is capable of solving only a number of the most important tasks. One of them is showing a film or any other. running on a smartphone. But for this, the device will need help in the form of the Google Home application (or the one created by the manufacturer of the gadget you purchased). The program must be installed on a smartphone, after which you must select a chromecast as a player.

Using Smart TV

Perhaps the most fortunate are the owners of technology that supports Smart TV. In such TVs, connecting a smartphone is as SIMple as possible. To transfer a picture, you don’t even need to use any wires. just finding the TV and smartphone on the same Wi-Fi network. This option is also suitable when the large screen is connected to the router via a wire, and the smartphone is connected wirelessly.

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Now it remains to understand what exactly needs to be done on your phone in order for the picture to be transferred to the TV. Your actions depend on the specific smartphone model and the installed operating system. We will not provide instructions for each device, we will note only general features.

If you have a fairly recent Android installed, then there is a good chance that no additional applications will be required. Unfold the shade of the notification panel. You will see buttons that allow you, for example, to activate the flashlight, turn on Bluetooth and perform other important actions. See the Smart View, Wireless Projection, Broadcast or something SIMilar button here? Feel free to click on it. If this is your first time doing this, you will be taken to a separate section of the settings. Here you need to move the switch to the “On” position. You may also be offered two options for synchronizing with a TV:

Screen mirroring. in this case, you will see on the TV absolutely everything that happens on the smartphone display. If you do not touch its screen for a long time, it should go out or even completely go out. the TV will continue to display the picture. This is to conserve battery power.

Viewing media content. this mode is ideal for those cases when you do not want to show the interface of the operating system and applications to the people nearby.

As you already understood, now you only need to select the desired display mode. Then the system can ask another question. What to do about the aspect ratio mismatch? The TV screen has a 16: 9 ratio, while this parameter is most likely different for a smartphone. We recommend that you use the item “Fit picture”. In this case, you will see black bars, especially when you are on the desktop or in any application. The content will be displayed with the aspect ratio that it has. in the case of this, we need 16: 9.

If you are connecting your smartphone to the TV for the first time, then some confirmation using the remote control may be required. In the future, the TV will start displaying the picture automatically as soon as you have used the corresponding function on your smartphone.

Unfortunately, old devices do not know how to independently broadcast a picture on a TV screen. You will not find the corresponding button in them. But you can use third-party applications. Some of them are even created by the smartphone manufacturers themselves! For example, you can download the Tubio program. Or install Screen Mirroring. it sends all the contents of the phone screen to the Smart TV. There is one drawback for all such applications. They show ads from time to time. If a SIMilar utility is offered by your smartphone manufacturer, it’s better to download it. Chances are good that it will definitely not be annoying with extraneous advertising inserts.

Do not forget that the programs used to play content are also able to send a picture to the TV screen. For example, on YouTube, while watching a, you will definitely see a button that looks like a screen and radio waves. As soon as you press it, the YouTube application will automatically start on the TV (if it is on), where the open will start playing. Many clients of online cinemas also have this function.

Now you know about almost all methods of syncing your smartphone and TV. As you noticed, you can display a picture on a large screen in just a few seconds. And do I need to say that watching on TV is much more comfortable?

How to watch movies through your phone on your TV. All possible ways

Consider how to watch movies through your phone on a TV without purchasing expensive set-top boxes.

In fact, you can connect your smartphone to TV thanks to well-known connection technologies via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI and others.

Method 1. Connecting via Wi-Fi

It is not always convenient to synchronize devices via a short cable, which limits the position of the mobile.

Thanks to the support of your TV this technology, you can set up a connection in a few minutes and without any wires.

The main advantage of such a connection is the high speed of data transfer and synchronization. No restrictions on the location of the phone.

You can keep your mobile gadget at a distance of up to 30 meters from the TV and this will not affect the picture quality.

You can now watch your movie on the large display. Just launch it on your phone and it will be displayed on TV immediately.

Using the program, you can also control the TV from your smartphone using it as a remote control.

Connecting via Wi-Fi between a smartphone and TV is possible not only with the help of a direct connection of two devices.

Users can connect TV and mobile to home router. Thus, two devices will be on the same subnet.

To establish communication and transmit traffic, you must activate the UpnP mode in the router settings.

4 reasons why it is worth setting up a smartphone to TV connection

With the development of modern technologies, TV has ceased to be the main means of viewing multimedia information.

Smartphones, tablets, phablets. with their help, users can download films and television programs that you will not see on TV at a particular time.

If you want to view those downloaded to your phone using your TV, you need to set up the connection of two gadgets.

The advantages of this connection:

As a rule, small Smart-TV set-top boxes and interface adapters are created for connection, however, their disadvantage is the cost.

It can reach 5-10 thousand rubles. In fact, you can save money on additional equipment.

To watch a movie through your phone on a TV, you only need a TV that supports one of the following connection methods.

Which TVs can I connect my phone to?

Not all TVs are suitable for setting up a connection. However, most modern models are able to connect to the phone.

To create a successful connection, your TV must support at least one of the following technologies:

  • HDMI. You can check the support of this interface by looking at the external TV parameters. On the back of the device there must be a special connector for the cord, which is so signed “HDMI”. The figure below shows the appearance of this connector;
  • Wi-Fi. If HDMI is present in almost all TVs of both old and new generations, then Wi-Fi is a function of modern TV systems. Can you connect with your TV to your router? Then it is possible to connect it to a smartphone;
  • Bluetooth support. This signal transmission technology can often be found even in conventional televisions. They usually come with a small Bluetooth adapter. Connection requires close proximity of the smartphone to the TV;
  • To connect via USB, you will need a special adapter and a connector of the same name in the TV;
  • TV with support for Smart-TV technology. If you have such a device, you can create a connection with a smartphone using Miracast or AirPlay technologies.

Method 2. Bluetooth connection

This method also does not require wires. Communication setup technology is very SIMilar to the previous connection method.

However, if your TV doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth, you can purchase a small adapter that plugs into the USB output.

This will create the necessary signal with which the phone will connect:

  • Install the adapter into the socket on the back of the TV;
  • Download the control application to your smartphone;
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your phone;
  • Run device discovery in the program and connect to TV.

As a result of successful connection, you will be able to control television from a mobile gadget or be able to view media files from Android on a large screen.

TV Assist app

A very convenient program that allows, among other things, not to be distracted by the English interface: all sections, including “Settings”, have long been translated into Russian. It is distributed free of charge, does not need any paid subscriptions, or the installation of any additional plugins. There is also a rather unpleasant minus: the applet is not launched on all TV models. You may be lucky; if not, try any other application that allows you to start playback from phone to TV.

A small instruction on how to use the program:

  • After launching, you see the main page on the screen. Here you need to select a section to start viewing. In our case, this is “Files”.
  • In the next step, you mark the directories and / or files with which you are going to work on the TV screen by pressing. In particular, the application allows you to launch an online broadcast from several popular hosting.
  • Now you need to start playing. and switch your attention to the wide diagonal. The phone screen can be turned off during the show.
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Unfortunately, the program does not give a 100% guarantee. Faced with the inability to see? Then try any other SIMilar application. or, if you no longer want to waste time configuring the server, just switch to a different way of streaming data. It should be noted that in some cases it is quite possible to start playback on the TV, while controlling the phone does not give a positive result.

There is at least another good application out there that serves the same purposes as those described above. This is C5 Stream DLNA. it is downloaded for free, shows ad units from time to time and, unfortunately, is also not always able to play from the phone on the TV. Of the undoubted advantages. a nice, completely Russian interface.

As we already noted, before finally abandoning the considered technology for displaying data on a TV, you should try to restart both devices. this SIMple technique often helps.

Broadcast using Miracast technology

The technology that we will talk about in this section is a kind of continuation of the Wi-Fi Direct functionality. The technique was specially developed to SIMplify the connection of the phone and TV, allows you to transmit not only standard, but also improved quality, including three-dimensional films. Additional benefits include the ability to play large files and broadcast multi-channel audio streams. Thus, the technology belongs to the advanced categories. and involves the use of a special adapter to transfer the stream to the TV.

You may not need to purchase an adapter: owners of the latest TV models enjoy this advantage. With a mobile gadget, everything is easier: you do not need to purchase any new equipment, nor to install and configure specific programs. It will be enough to activate the option on the transmitting and receiving devices. that’s the answer, how to transfer from the phone to the TV.

And yet, in most cases, such an adapter plugged into the jack on the TV case is necessary. We recommend purchasing proprietary MiraScreen equipment that allows you to view high definition without any “brakes”. Alternatively, you can use analogs: AnyCast, Miracast and so on. There are no restrictions regarding the TV brand: you can use the adapter on any TV manufacturer.

Immediately after you plug in the adapter, the equipment will create its own secure network with a distinctive name. To start watching. just connect your smartphone to it. and start the broadcast!

Using the example of Xiaomi products, we will show the connection method in a little more detail. You will need to find and activate the “Wireless display” option placed by the developer in the “Additional settings”. This option allows you to SIMplify the connection, minimizing the time for preliminary actions.

When the function is activated, all that remains is to select the receiving device: TV or adapter. Now you know another way to output from your phone to TV. and you can enjoy a movie or online broadcast.

here are two brief instructions. The first is for a TV that has a SmartTV option in its functionality:

  • After you activate the Miracast transmission method on your TV, in the “Settings” of the phone you select the “Wireless Monitor” option. You can usually find the required item in the “Screen” subsection.
  • Determine which of the potentially available devices will be broadcast.
  • Launch “live broadcast” from your smartphone. it will immediately start playing on TV.

In the case when you cannot do without an adapter, we advise you to proceed according to the following scheme:

  • After the equipment for data output is purchased and connected to the appropriate connector, you select the corresponding port as the signal source.
  • Using the square code displayed on the screen, download to your mobile device a special application for broadcasting data to the big screen.

As already noted, using the same technology to transmit information, you can find a SIMpler answer to the question of how to watch from a phone to a TV. Use the “Wireless Monitor” option. it is available in all modern smartphones.

How to play from YouTube

When describing the methods of displayings on TV, it is impossible to do without mentioning the most popular hosting, which hosts hundreds of thousands of interesting clips and even full-length films. Of course, it is more convenient to view them on a large screen. and you can do this by adhering to a clear aLGorithm:

  • To pair the receiving and transmitting devices, enter the confirmation key on the phone, and then add the gadget to the list of allowed equipment.
  • Select in the smartphone window which device should be broadcast. and start showing.

How to Cast from iPhone to TV via Apple TV

When you use the original prefix, the connection process looks like this:

  • You make sure that both the TV and the gadget are on a shared wireless network.
  • Find the file to stream in iPhone memory.
  • Press the button and enjoy the show. In addition, if you decide to look at the photos, you will need to tap before the indicated button.
  • Press to pause the player. Of course, you can always completely stop the broadcast by disconnecting the devices or SIMply turning off the TV.

Connect iPhone

Apple has a SIMilar problem. You will not find a connector for direct cable connection on the case. therefore, you will have to use a Digital AV adapter or SIMilar specification.

The rest of the difficulties with the connection are not expected. Let’s briefly tell you how to make from phone to TV:

  • Turn on both transmitting and receiving devices and connect the previously purchased adapter to the phone. Insert the appropriate cable pin into it.
  • The other end must be plugged into the corresponding port on the TV case. Again, note that the connector can be located on the front, back or side. If there are several ports, we recommend that you immediately remember the number of the used.
  • By accessing the TV settings menu, you select the “correct” signal source. This is where the port number comes in handy. of course, if there is more than one. In addition, the desired option can be highlighted or highlighted in some other way. be guided by the prompts of the built-in TV OS.
  • When the connection is finally established, you can start for now. It should also be borne in mind that older generations of iPhones, up to the 5th, do not allow full broadcasting: instead, you can only play data from the gadget’s memory, in fact, using it as a portable hard drive.

Despite the extreme SIMplicity of the connection method described by us, in some situations the connection may not be possible. To solve the problem and finally figure out how to show from the phone to the TV, we advise first of all to make sure that the cable is in good working order, and then restart both devices. Try again. maybe now it will be a success!

How to output via Chromecast

An option equally suitable for iPhones and Android smartphones. In addition, it doesn’t matter which TV model you use: the set-top box works equally well with all modern devices.

Actually, the only significant drawback of this technology is the need to purchase a proprietary set-top box from Google. Instead of original equipment, you can use cheaper analogs. most likely, you will not see a significant difference in speed and quality of communication. Note that set-top boxes that allow playback of high-definition streams are more expensive than those designed for the long-established standard 1080i / p.

It will not be difficult to connect equipment to TV:

  • You, using an HDMI cable, connect the set-top box to any of the free ports on any of the panels.
  • To transfer from phone to TV, download the proprietary Google Home program.
  • Unpack it into the TV memory, then, following the built-in assistant as carefully as possible, complete the connection setup.

The most important plus of the method used is the ability to completely duplicate the screen. Apart from the standard view. you can play games on the TV, view books stored in the phone’s memory. and even work with text documents.

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Setting up Wi-Fi Send on Samsung TV

Although the instructions given above should not be difficult, we will demonstrate the connection process using the example of a TV from the most famous manufacturer from South Korea. Before proceeding with the description, we note that the technique is suitable for models UE58J5200, ES5500 / ES5507 / ES5530 / ES5537 / ES5550 / ES5557, E550 / E557, EH5300 / EH5307, H5203, H4203B, F5300. but on condition that you additionally purchase a proprietary adapter WIS12. Such a device is connected to any free USB port; it does not need any complicated maintenance.

Here are some basic recommendations that will help you understand how to watch TV through your phone if you use TV models LS, Q, R, M or N:

  • Open the “Settings” used to show the TV content. To do this, find the “Home” button on the remote control, use it. and then select the desired item from the list of available options.
  • In the new window that opens, you will need to select the intermediate item “General”.
  • Next. open the sub-item “Network”. It happens that it is presented on the main screen as a separate icon. in this case, additional steps are not required.
  • Open the network settings. just select the line of the same name in the new list on the TV screen.
  • Since you are using the wireless method for output, select the appropriate option by clicking. most likely, there will be no more than two of them in the new window.
  • After waiting for TV to determine potentially available networks for connection, select the home one. the one to which you have access.
  • If your network is protected, then you will need to enter the passkey to connect to the phone. We advise you to first activate the display of the typed characters: check the corresponding checkbox.
  • Now, already having an idea of ​​how to view from the phone on the TV, click “OK”. and start broadcasting!

How to watch via DLNA app

The next connection option we are considering without using wires is also suitable for advanced TV models that support the SmartTV standard. You can make sure in advance that your TV supports the technology by looking at the attached specification, on the manufacturer’s website or by looking at the inscriptions placed on the factory box.

The great advantage of the technique is its SIMplicity. You don’t even need to purchase complicated and expensive equipment: just a configured home router and a ready-to-use smartphone and TV are enough.

The list of devices required to broadcast a stream from a phone to a TV:

  • Router. Any model, preferably high-capacity.
  • Smartphone on home wireless network.
  • TV connected to the same network in any suitable way.

In addition, you will need to install and master a special program for a mobile device, with the help of which the file will be transferred.

Before telling how to start from a phone to a TV, we will give one more important advice. In cases when it is planned to broadcast “heavy” films, it is better to connect the TV to the network using a cable. you can use the power cord to connect to a smartphone. you can make the cable yourself.

The main advantage of the technology we are describing has already been said: you do not have to buy an adapter or any other additional equipment. The disadvantages include the need to use a special application, as well as the impossibility of completely duplicating the screen of the gadget. You can opens, view photos, listen to music. but, unfortunately, nothing more. Reading a book or launching a presentation using a software server will no longer work.

Here is a short, but rather succinct instruction, allowing you to understand the transfer process on an Android phone. The owners of iPhones will not be left out either. Instead of the Android programs listed below, they can use applications that provide the same level of comfort when connecting the sending and receiving devices. We examined them in the article about broadcasting from smartphone to TV.

  • To begin with, you make sure that the router is working properly, and the smartphone and TV are connected to the same common home network. Of course, you should make sure in advance that the TV you are using to view the stream is capable of receiving a signal from the media server.
  • You are downloading a mobile application that allows you to broadcast data from your phone to a TV using DLNA technology. For example, you can install a fairly convenient DLNA Server applet.
  • Run the program and in the main window, while not switching anywhere, create a new server. We recommend giving it the same name as your home wireless network.
  • Now digress to the Root tab: here you should select the directories located in the gadget’s memory and containing files for playback. Be sure to save your changes before returning to the home screen.
  • Now you just need to start the multimedia server, select the correct signal source on the TV. and start enjoying watching!

It is interesting that you will see a standard explorer window on the big screen: in it, switching between subdirectories, you can choose which one should be transferred from the phone to the TV.

Connect your Android phone

To be able to display on a TV, you need to make the following presets:

  • Turn on on your gadget (TV can be left alone for now) the main function: Wi-Fi.
  • Select in the list that appears on the touchscreen the name of the network created by the TV: it will play through it.
  • In the new field, enter, not forgetting to switch to the Latin alphabet, the key to access the wireless network. After that, you can connect. after a few seconds, the TV and smartphone will be connected.

Turn on Direct on your phone

Go to the settings and in the “Wireless and networks” section click on the “” button (this is the case on my HTC One V, you may call these settings differently). Click on Wi-Fi direct to turn it on. Confirm by turning on by clicking on Ok.

A message appears that the function is enabled.

Okay, let’s go to TV.

We connect the TV to the phone (tablet) directly using Wi-Fi Direct technology

If you don’t have an access point (router) at home yet. but you have already acquired a modern TV with Smart TV function and want to connect your smartphone or tablet to it, then you can use Wi-Fi Direct technology, which allows you to connect devices directly.

In this article I will try to write in detail about how to establish connections between two devices using the “Direct” technology. I will show on the example of an NTS smartphone on Android OS and an LG TV (32LN575U).

If we talk about why they connect, then there are several options. For example, to control a TV from your phone using LG’s proprietary technology called TV Remote. I already wrote about this technology, and how to set everything up tv-remote /. Or to transfer media content from a smartphone to a TV, using DLNA technology (I will write about this later).

We need:

  • Smartphone or tablet with Wi-Fi Direct support. You can look in the settings, where the management of Wi-Fi networks, etc.
  • Wi-Fi Direct TV. You can find out about this in the specifications, call the manufacturer’s support, or look in the settings.

Launch Wi-Fi Direct on TV (LG)

Go to the settings (there is a special button on the remote for this) and go to the Network tab. Then select “Wi-Fi Direct”.

Then we turn on the technology, just set the switch to the On position. and wait for the TV to find our phone. Selecting the found network.

Then just click Yes. You can also check the box next to “Connect automatically without prompting”, so that later the connection would be faster.

At this moment, a window will appear awaiting confirmation.

You need to confirm the connection on the phone. Just click Ok.

That’s it, a message should appear on the TV that the connection is established.

As you can see, nothing complicated! Good luck!