How to pair phone with Samsung TV

6 DLNA: a classic for Android

DLNA is one of the most widely used wireless standards. Most TVs that can connect to wireless networks support it. Android users will need a dedicated BubbleUPnP app to transfer music and photos from their smartphone to their TV.

The image resolution in this case depends on the receiving device, for new TVs this is usually HD or Full HD. Unlike Miracast and AirPlay (we’ll talk about them below), DLNA does not provide the versatility of displaying content. it only transfers music, photos and some video file formats.

5 Connection via Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct technology is implemented on all Smart TVs equipped with a Wi-Fi module. It is also available on most modern smartphones. Its essence lies in connecting devices to each other without the mediation of an access point. The phone is then recognized by the TV as a multimedia device, not a storage device. To establish a connection, you need to activate the Wi-Fi Direct mode on the smartphone, and the Share mode on the TV. On devices with any OS version, it is located in the wireless settings.

With this connection, it is only possible to use the Photo Album application on the smartphone to view the pictures. Videos cannot be viewed. Display speed, especially for large pictures, is very slow.

You can find out if your TV supports Wi-Fi Direct here by entering its model in the Keywords field:

USB Type-C connection

This method is suitable for Android devices. Flagship models of smartphones with a USB Type-C connector can be connected to different TVs using an adapter. There must be a USB Type-C plug on one end of the adapter, HDMI, VGA, DVI, Display Port, or miniDP on the other, depending on the input on your TV.

It is best to purchase universal adapters: they have several ports into which you can insert cables from different TVs, as well as monitors and projectors.

Can have HDMI, DVI, VGA, mini jack 3.5 mm connectors.

8 Lightning Digital AV Adapter: for iPhone and iPad

To connect Apple mobile devices to your TV, you need a special adapter. It comes in both the new Lightning connector and the old 30-pin connector. According to the results of a study by the portal, it turned out that the Lightning adapter does not transmit a native image in 1080p format, but converts it from a lower quality HD. Because of this, artifacts sometimes appear on the image when transferring data.

May have HDMI, VGA, mini jack 3.5 mm.

10 ways to connect your mobile gadget to your TV

How to connect a smartphone to a TV? This question is asked by many mobile phone owners who want to view their photos and videos on the big screen. Chip has prepared a selection of 10 useful accessories and ready-made solutions with which a picture from a gadget can be displayed on a large screen.

Most modern mobile phones with the Android or iOS operating system have a powerful filling, providing the user with the functions of a full-fledged PC, as well as equipped with advanced cameras, which turns them into a real machine for making amateur photos and videos. Of course, all this simply requires the ability to connect to a TV to show family and friends your vacation photos and videos.

However, not every user knows how to connect their favorite gadget to their home TV. If there are no problems with household players. the connection is made via an HDMI cable, then you cannot plug it into a smartphone. Even with a modern Smart TV (a TV with an Internet connection function and various built-in applications), it is not so easy to set up the ability to transfer content from a smartphone or tablet to a large screen.

The editors are ready to share 10 different ways to connect a phone to a TV, and also talk about the pros and cons of each of them.

3 Connection via SlimPort

The main competitor to MHL almost immediately became the SlimPort (Mobility DisplayPort) standard. But it was implemented mainly in devices from LG and Samsung. It provided a better picture because the broadcast goes without decoding the signal, which eliminated lags in image transmission. At the same time, a special microUSB-HDMI adapter did not need to be connected to a power source. Although there is such a port in the adapter, it is already designed to power the smartphone itself, which is very convenient for long demonstrations of video content or games. The maximum image quality transmitted to the TV screen is the same. 1080p.

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Among the minuses, we note the high quality requirements for the HDMI cable. If you have a cheap one, then noise and even no signal may appear.

The only thing is that your device has no alternative to support it instead of MHL (as did the Galaxy Nexus smartphones). You can find out if your smartphone can be connected to a TV via SlimPort here:

9 Streaming Data Wirelessly with Apple TV. AirPlay

Apple’s third-generation TV set-top box is currently the most convenient solution to display content from an iOS mobile device on a TV. Connecting the iPhone / iPad to the streaming device is quick and easy, and the picture quality is very good thanks to support for 1080p. The latency is about half a second, so sometimes you can even play not very lively games.

How to Connect iPhone to Samsung Smart TV (Wireless)

4 Stream content wirelessly to TV via Wi-Fi and apps

Alas, manufacturers did not see the prospects for cable connectivity and focused on wireless standards for transferring content to TVs. Its main advantage is the absence of the need to fiddle with wires. to send a photo or video to a large TV screen, you just need to organize their pairing via Wi-Fi. For example, YouTube allows you to display videos from your smartphone on your smart TV screen directly through its application.

The disadvantages of such a connection: the impossibility of broadcasting everything that happens on the smartphone display. only video. However, manufacturers did not completely deprive the user of the opportunity to watch videos from a smartphone and offered special wireless adapters. more about them.

So, what is there for a wireless connection to TV today??

How to connect any phone or tablet to your TV using USB

Connecting your phone to your TV is not as easy as you might think. Whether you want to enjoy Netflix, share photos, or use it to work at home, connecting a cable between your phone and TV can be tricky.

But this is not impossible. it’s all about choosing the right cable.

Here’s what you need to know about how to connect your Android or iOS phone or tablet to your TV using a USB cable.

Connecting phones, tablets and TVs via USB: success!

Although the USB connection to your TV varies by device, connection type and display inputs, it is fortunately easy to set up, but keep in mind that wireless streaming is usually more convenient.

Whether you are using an Android, iPhone, or Samsung device with DeX, there is a way to connect your phone or tablet to your TV for big screen viewing.

To find out more, check out our essential list of screencasting methods.

3 ways to combine photos with Photoshop

There are many ways to combine photos in Photoshop. Let’s take a look at the easiest and fastest ways to create beautiful combinations.

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Arrow. You are connected. What now?

QLED TV not only makes it easy to connect with Invisible Connection and One Connect Box, it also features auto-sensing, which means whatever you plug in will automatically appear on your TV screen. No more guesswork or looping through every HDMI port to find what you are looking for. Just select it from the menu, because QLED TV tells you what’s where. Not to mention, Invisible Connection only allows one Samsung Smart Remote to control each device. that’s why we call it One Remote Control. ‖ No more button presses and no more reaction, because this is the wrong remote. QLED TV makes it easy to set up your TV and jump straight to your entertainment.!

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Is it possible to connect an iPhone or iPad to a TV via USB?

Since iPhone and iPad do not have USB, you cannot use it as a connection method, but you can connect them to your TV with a cable.

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If you have an iPhone 5 or newer, it will have a Lightning connector. To connect your iPhone to your TV, you’ll need a Lightning to HDMI Digital AV Adapter, or a Lightning to VGA Adapter if you have a VGA display.

Older iOS devices with an old 30-pin port use a 30-pin VGA adapter instead.

You can connect your iPad to your TV in the same way, again, you’ll most likely need a Lightning cable to do this. Only iPad 3 and earlier use the 30-pin cable. All other iPads, including all iPad Mini and iPad Pro, use the Lightning cable.

With the adapter plugged in, simply connect the video output to the display, then your phone screen will be displayed on the TV screen. Official Apple Lightning adapters include an additional Lightning port for charging while viewing content on a second screen.

How to set up a Screen Mirroring connection on an Android 6 phone

In such a situation, in order to be able to duplicate the screen without delays and freezes:

  • Using the Source key, find and press to activate the Screen Mirroring function. This phase is required only for TV Samsung F-, J-series. In other cases, you can immediately proceed to the next stage.
  • Turning to your phone, open the quick settings window. To do this, you need to perform a sliding gesture from the top of the screen to the bottom.
  • It will take a few seconds to find TVs that can be synced with. When finished. choose which Samsung device you want to stream to.
  • To start data transfer, activate the next option under the name Smart View.
  • Give both Samsung devices some time to complete syncing.
  • As a result, you will notice that the smartphone screen began to be displayed on the TV. from this moment the picture will be duplicated until you deactivate the corresponding option.

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How to connect your phone to your TV

Want to connect your smartphone to your TV? We all have more gadgets and smart devices at home than ever before. But many of us don’t know how easy it is to share content between them. because we assume that this is a lot of hassle.

But connecting your TV to your smartphone or tablet opens up many convenient ways to stream and broadcast media. You might want to share some holiday shots with your friends and family, stream a YouTube clip or video in a higher resolution than your phone, or instead keep playing a Netflix show you’ve watched on the road on the big screen.

Most modern TVs. these are Smart TVs. This means it will already be connected to the internet with apps like Netflix, YouTube, etc.

But if you receive files specifically from your phone or tablet, want to use an application that is only available on a mobile phone, or prefer to continue the playback session on your phone rather than launch the corresponding application on your TV. we have the answers for you, read on to find out how to connect your phone to your TV via a wired or wireless connection.


Displaying the smartphone screen via Miracast is in a sense repeating the process of using Bluetooth. To connect your phone to Samsung Smart TV in this way, you should:

  • Activate device search on TV and mobile device.
  • Allow data exchange.
  • Connection will occur automatically if the corresponding option is selected in the smartphone.

This is a general pairing scheme, but a detailed example is the connection on a Sony Xperia M4 phone:

  • Open smartphone options.
  • Go to Xperia Connections, then Miracast Screen Mirroring.
  • Press the orange Start button. The TV will be searched.
  • Next, you should select its name. After connecting, the picture from the phone will be displayed on the TV screen.

Miracast provides enough data transfer rate to display 4K video. With regard to games, the situation is worse. there is a 0.5-1 second delay, which is very noticeable in dynamic scenes.

Ways to Connect to Samsung Smart TV

Android or iOS smartphones can be connected to Samsung TVs. To do this, the latter must have their own operating system and access to the Internet. The pairing of devices is performed for displaying images and videos, controlling the TV, transferring files. The article will take a closer look at how to connect your phone to Samsung Smart TV.

There are four ways to connect a mobile device to a Samsung TV: via an app, built-in Samsung smartphone function, Miracast and HDMI cable. The choice of method depends on the goals of the user, the phone OS and the TV model. So, for games, it is better to use a wired connection, as this will avoid delays in image transmission.

Before proceeding with the description of the step-by-step guide, it should be noted that the TV must be connected to the Internet. This is done over a wired channel or using Wi-Fi. The smartphone must also be connected to the Internet and be on the same home network with the TV.

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TVs of the M, Q, K series already have a built-in Wi-Fi module. If you want to make a wireless connection in other models, you will have to purchase a special adapter that connects to the USB port.

Screen mirroring

Owners of Samsung smartphones have the ability to connect without installing additional software. The proprietary Screen Mirroring function connects two devices from the same manufacturer. It is supported by TVs of the F, J, K, M series, regarding the rest. you should clarify the information using one of the following sources:

  • Instruction. The Mobile Device Connection section should mention Screen Mirroring. If there is no such information, there is no support.
  • Company customer support chat. Follow the link and ask the consultant a question.

The following will describe how to connect your phone to Samsung Smart TV, depending on the OS version of your smartphone.

For Android 4.x and 5.x, the steps are as follows:

  • Turn on the TV and call the “Source” menu by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control.
  • Select “Screen Mirroring”.

Open mobile phone settings. Go to the “Connect and Send” section, then. “Screen Mirroring”.

Wait until the end of the search for available devices, select the required TV.

The connection process will begin, as a result of which the image from the smartphone display will be displayed on the large screen.

For Android 6.x, the instructions are a little simpler:

    Lower the quick settings shade on your phone.

Select the “Quick connection” item, then. the found TV from the list.

A list of available actions will open, where you should click on the line “Device screen. on TV “.

The pairing process starts. As a result, the picture will begin to duplicate.

Owners of smartphones running Android 7.x should do the following:

Pull down the quick access bar by swiping from the top of the phone screen. Then repeat the action to fully expand the list of available actions.

Swipe from left to right to open additional settings. There you should select the item “Smart View”.

  • Next, you need to wait until the end of the search for devices and select what you need. Connection will be made, the screen will be duplicated on TV.
  • Smart View App

    The method of connection via the Smart View application is suitable for owners of smartphones of any brand running both on Android OS (version 4.1 and higher) and on iOS (starting from version 7.0). To complete the task, you must:

    The presented instructions will help you understand how to connect your phone to Samsung Smart TV. Among the main functions of the application, the following are worth highlighting:

    • remote control;
    • “Dual View” mode, which provides display of the phone display on the TV and vice versa;
    • using Smart Hub widgets;
    • turning off the power of the TV via Bluetooth (not supported in all models);
    • game mode that turns your smartphone into a joystick;
    • activating TV sleep mode.

    Considering the ease of installation and the number of useful functions, we can say that this is one of the most optimal ways to connect. However, there are others that have their own advantages.

    MHL technology

    This type of connection is carried out via a cable or a special adapter. Before purchasing peripherals, you should study the technical characteristics of both devices and make sure that the MHL technology is supported. If there is one, a cable will be enough, on one end of which there is an HDMI output, and on the other. Micro-USB.

    Otherwise, you will have to use an MHL-HDMI adapter. There are both branded adapters from Samsung and cheaper counterparts from other manufacturers on the market. A diagram of how to connect a phone to a Samsung Smart TV using an adapter will look like this:

    • The smartphone is connected to the adapter via the Micro-USB input.
    • The adapter is connected to a power cable that goes to an outlet or to the Power Bank, as well as an HDMI cable, the other end of which is inserted into the corresponding connector on the TV.
    • When all the connectors are connected, it remains to select the signal source on the TV. After that, the picture will start to be displayed on the big screen.
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    Although a wired connection requires additional equipment, it is the most optimal in terms of image quality and signal transmission speed.