How to output video from phone to TV

wired connection

A wired connection is suitable for phones older than 2013 that have a micro HDMI connector. It must be borne in mind that the TV must also have an HDMI connector.

This is the most convenient and easiest way to connect.


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It is a small device that displays video and audio files. Its developer is Analogix. SlimPort belongs to the latest technology. With its help, through one cable, you can connect connectors of various formats: HDMI, DisplayPort. DVI and VGA. over, the image transmission takes place in excellent quality at high speed. This is a big advantage over other wired connections.

Plus, SlimPort has very low power consumption. It almost does not use up your phone’s battery. What can not be said about other types of wired connection.

But it is incompatible with MHL and is not widely used. It is commonly used in the latest Nexus and Chromebooks.

wireless connection

In modern devices that have built-in Wi-Fi, you can connect to TV via your phone wirelessly. It is very fast, and most importantly, convenient. This method is only suitable for new devices. There are several types of wireless connection:

  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • DLNA
  • Miracast

Next, we will consider in more detail these types.

Let’s consider how to connect Mirakast to TV of popular models.

  • Samsung. To activate this function on the remote control, select the signal source button and select Screen Mirroring from the list.
  • Sony Bravia. After pressing the button for selecting the signal source on the remote control, select “duplication”. And after that we turn on the wireless network.
  • Philips. To enable in the settings, select “network parameters” and connect Wi-Fi.

Minus: the main drawback of Mirakast is that it is not installed on all devices. This technology has been applied since 2012. And smartphones before this year of release are not equipped with this connection.

Connecting a phone through special programs

You can also connect the gadget to a TV for display on the screen using programs such as AirPlay, Miracast, Screencast. These programs can be downloaded from the Play Market application.

Let’s consider the advantages and disadvantages of these programs. And also briefly about how to install them.

How to display an image from a phone to a TV: 3 ways

How to display an image from a phone to a TV

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Miracast program

Allows you to display images from any gadget to TV wirelessly. It is based on Wi-Fi Direct technology.

The advantage of this program is that it allows you to display streaming video on the TV screen at any time without being connected. She doesn’t need a Wi-Fi router. Therefore, there is no additional load on the home router.

Data transfer occurs through the air channel between the gadget and the TV at high speed.

To set up a display from a gadget or tablet to a large TV screen, you need to check if the equipment supports this technology. To do this, go to the “settings” item and select “broadcast” or “wireless display”. How to activate the data transfer function depends on the smartphone model. For example, in LG, go to settings, select a wireless network and select Mirakast. Further, everything will happen automatically.

  • Works without a router and wires;
  • Provides good data transmission;
  • The work of the program does not consume the battery of the gadget;
  • Easy connection.
  • Not all devices support this technology.
  • Not all images can be displayed via Miracast.
  • The resolution of the picture must be no more than FullHD 1920×1080.

AirPlay connection

Apple TV is a proprietary multimedia set-top box from Apple that allows you to make a real entertainment center from a regular TV without Smart TV function. This unit has an AirPlay function that allows you to transfer the iPhone screen to the TV.

To create such a connection, you must:

After that, the connection will be established, and the image from the smartphone screen will be transmitted to the TV receiver.

Features of connecting iPhone to different brands of TVs

Connecting the iPhone to TVs from different manufacturers is carried out in a similar way, but there are some nuances. So, DLNA technology is supported by most modern TV sets. But applications designed to work with it have different names. LG has Smart Share, Samsung has AllShare, Sony has Vaio Media Server, and some manufacturers provide the ability to establish a connection with the phone via the Wi-Fi Direct function.

A number of companies produce their own programs for connecting mobile devices to television panels of their own production. For example, Samsung offers to use the Smart View application. In addition to broadcasting multimedia content to the TV, it allows you to control the TV receiver without a remote control. A similar application is also developed by LG. It is called LG TV Remote and allows you to switch TV channels and adjust the volume on TVs of this brand, and also allows you to display video, music and images from your smartphone on the big screen.

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The cable connection on TV panels from different manufacturers may also differ. If the HDMI connector is present on any modern TV today, then finding a composite or component output is becoming increasingly difficult.

Advice! Before purchasing a composite or component cable, you should inspect the TV receiver and make sure that the required connector is really there.

There are many ways to connect your iPhone to your TV receiver. Which one to choose is up to the user, focusing on his own needs. So, to view personal photos on the big screen, just connect the devices with a USB cable. In this case, the iPhone will be detected as a regular USB storage device. And if the user needs to duplicate the screen, he should choose an HDMI cable, an Apple TV set-top box, or use a wireless connection. In this case, in addition to broadcasting multimedia files from the phone’s memory, the user will be able to search and play content from the Web, run games on a large screen, and also use many other functions.

USB connection

The next way to connect your iPhone to the TV is via a USB cable. To do this, connect it to your smartphone, and then to your TV. The TV receiver should display the message “new device found” (or similar in content, depending on the model of the device). This means that the connection has been successfully established. Then you need to select USB playback as the signal source on the TV.

Important! It should be understood that with such a connection it will not be possible to set up screen mirroring. The TV only recognizes the smartphone as a USB storage device and allows you to view only the multimedia content available in the phone’s memory. Surfing the Internet, using applications and solving other problems will not be available to the user.

Connecting via Chromecast

Google has developed and released a Chromecast device for TVs without a built-in WI-FI module. It looks like a big flash drive, connects to the HDMI connector and functions as an external WI-FI receiver. In addition, Chromecast provides the user with access to various Internet services, which makes it similar in functionality to the Apple TV, but at the same time it costs significantly less.

Transferring video from iPhone to TV using Chromecast is carried out in the same way as when connected using DLNA technology, where Chromecast functions as a WI-FI module, and content is broadcast through one of the installed applications at the user’s discretion.

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TV Assist

This is one of the most popular iPhone applications for transferring data to a TV or other DLNA-equipped device.

Important! This program is free, has Russian, has a user-friendly interface.

To transfer data, you need to launch the application and select the required tab. Photos and music are displayed through the names of the same, video. through the “Browser”. Having selected a file, you must click on it and indicate the device to which it will be transferred.

Advice! It is also possible to play multimedia content online from electronic pages. And the application “Paint” allows you to draw on the smartphone screen, while the resulting drawing will be shown on the TV.

How to properly output video from iPhone to TV

Any iPhone owner can watch movies, YouTube videos and other interesting content on their device. But on a small screen, the viewing effect will be incomplete, since it is difficult to see all the nuances and details in order to appreciate the recording. Therefore, often users decide to output video from iPhone to TV. There are a number of ways to solve this problem, which depend on the availability of the necessary accessories and the type of devices themselves.


Another popular program for streaming content from iPhone to TV is called iMediaShare. With its help, you can transfer only data from the smartphone’s memory to the big screen, but by registering, the user gets the opportunity to additionally download the Flipps application, which provides access to films, music, TV series, news and videos from video hosting sites. With the help of iMediaShare, all this content can be transferred from the iPhone to the large screen of the TV receiver.

Another advantage of iMediaShare is that the app can also be used as a remote control to control your TV. It allows you to change channels and change the volume using the smartphone screen.

The program has a simple and intuitive interface. So, the user launches the utility and selects the tab with the type of files that he wants to play. For operation, the phone and the TV receiver must be in the same WI-FI network.

On a note! You should be aware that the pleasure of using free versions of programs can be spoiled by a lot of advertising. Paid apps won’t have this inconvenience.