How To Open Samsung TV Remote

How to set up your Samsung Smart TV Remote

Installing applications on TV Samsung 2013 smart TV (Setting up IP-TV in smart TV)

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If you cannot configure

If you are unable to set up your Samsung Smart Touch, try the following:

  • Make sure the batteries are charged. If this is not the case, a warning will be displayed on the screen.
  • Remove and insert the batteries again. Make sure they are correctly positioned.
  • Unplug the TV and plug it back in.
  • Make sure that this is the remote control from this TV.
  • Try to set up the remote control again.

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Features of Smart Touch Control

The remote control for Samsung TVs with Smart TV function, among other things, has a hydrosensor. a motion sensor. Thanks to it, you can control your TV by moving the remote control. For the cursor to appear, just touch the touchpad. Then he will move in accordance with the movement of your hand.

You can switch between menu items using the joystick. Also, some models have the ability to display a virtual remote control (analogue of a virtual keyboard on a computer). With it, you can quickly set up TV, activate certain functions and edit content.

To find out about the signal source, you need to touch the touchscreen. If you hold your finger on it, then you will see a list of available channels. If you hold down the touchpad while in the Smart Hub section, a window with the parameters of the item you have selected will open in front of you. You can switch between its panels by swiping left and right.

When using this device, it is desirable that the distance between it and the TV be no more than 6 meters. Otherwise, the signal may not reach.

Today, such remote controls are bundled with TVs of the H, K, J and F series, which have the Smart TV function. The devices themselves will differ depending on the series. And not only externally, but also by the customization features.

When connecting for the first time, it is advisable to keep the remote control at a distance of no more than 50 centimeters from the place of signal reception.

How to open the Samsung Smart TV remote control. Samsung Smart TV remote control buttons. How to unlock your Samsung TV remote

The TV remote control was invented to make life easier: you sit on the couch and click channels. But the evil remote control always strives to disappear somewhere or break at the wrong moment. How to get to the channel with your favorite TV series or football match without a remote control?

TV navigation. Earlier in the first TVs on the front side panel there was a huge round rotator. a channel switch. Over time, the size of the button became smaller, turning into separate buttons for each channel. Nowadays, designers and designers developing new models of TVs are trying to get rid of the button navigation of the TV altogether, making it invisible or placing it on the back of the equipment. But she is! Using the TV’s keypad, you can not only switch channels and vary the volume, but also adjust the brightness, contrast and other settings:

  • The “Menu” button allows you to manually enter the TV menu to adjust the necessary parameters.
  • The “Ok” button confirms the choice of an option or setting.
  • The “▲” and “” buttons switch channels. If the user pressed the “Menu” button, then the buttons navigate between the TV options.
  • The buttons with the name “” and “-” (or “”, “”) are responsible for adjusting the sound. In the TV menu, they perform the function of increasing / decreasing the settings.
  • AV button. On some TVs, when you turn on the tape recorder or DVD-player, they automatically switch to their broadcast.

Developers of TVs and mobile devices based on Android, iPad, iPad Touch and IFone of the same brand have taken care of special applications with the help of which the mobile communication device becomes a full-fledged remote control. To do this, the TV must have an Ethernet port (RG-45), an optional Wi-Fi module, “Smart TV” or “[email protected]” and “Remote control” functions. Connect the phone and TV in one network: the TV can be connected using a cable via the LAN interface or using a USB Wi-Fi adapter, an Android device. via Wi-Fi. The TV has the Remote Control function activated. A special program is installed on the mobile device, which can be downloaded for free on Google Play (Samsung. Samsung Remote, Smart TV Remote, SamyGo Remote; LG. LG TV Remote 2011, LG Remote App). The mobile remote can temporarily replace the native TV remote or become a permanent replacement. Since the connection is via Wi-Fi, the distance of such a remote control increases and the walls are not an obstacle.

This is interesting if we use applications that require filling out forms or text fields, such as e-commerce or social media applications. This allows moderately audible and elderly people to listen to TV in a more flexible and comfortable way: they can decide how to listen to it, the volume with which they want to do it, and given that there are speakers with batteries, place them at a convenient time for them.

We hooked up the battery-powered wireless speakers as SIMple and affordable and worked without problems. This allows the tablet to act on its surface, but seeing the result on a 48 “screen instead of one in 10”, which can be very interesting for people who need to use the magnifying glass functions to use the tablet: the area is multiplied by. With these permissions, you can work in office applications. A SIMilar effect is observed in tablets, we move from a screen of about 22 inches to a screen of 48, the surface is multiplied by This can be an interesting option for people who often use the magnifying glass tool.

The universal remote control is another variant of the TV remote control that can also control the receiver, DVD player and many other types of controlled home appliances. The universal remote is sold separately. Depending on the cost, a universal device can control both models with remote control of one manufacturer, and add new brands and models of equipment to the list of available devices.

The modern technology industry offers many options for replacing the TV remote control. But the old grandfather’s way of manually switching channels will not only make you flex your muscles, but also make you watch each channel longer and more thoughtfully, avoiding constant program switching.

It is a smart TV with care in remarkable usability and a variety of processing methods: pointer, keyboard, voice and gestures. Controlling the interface and various applications is smooth and fast. These include highly visible accessibility features such as a screen device that can be used in almost every section of the TV. Other settings, such as colors or typography on virtual keyboards, are enhanced to be perceived by people with moderate visual impairment.

It allows you to easily connect to a variety of wireless devices such as speakers, headphones or keyboards. Reaping the full benefit of this television requires a learning process and time to learn everything it has to offer, but the manufacturer has sought to make it usable by people of different abilities.

The remote control has been designed specifically to make life easier for the common user. After all, with its appearance, it has become much easier to control a TV or other modern devices. But there are quite unpleasant situations when the remote control is lost. batteries run out or even worse. breaks down. Certainly inevitable. But what to do, while the remote control is under repair, how can you switch between your favorite programs now? Some users have a logical question: how to turn on the TV without a working remote control? Don’t panic, every problem has a solution.

The Spanish manual is 194 pages long and we used it several times as a reference in these tests. Placing some physical connections too hidden at the back of the TV. Add user profiles so you can quickly access user preferences. Access to voice commands to control the TV is poorly fluid and pretty poor. It would be interesting to have a SIMplified custom interface.

  • Accessibility, especially a screen reader.
  • Manage colors that require more contrast and personalization.

Criteria and denominations evolve every year.

The first TVs with a remote control on the side had a button control panel of a fairly large size, on which buttons for turning on, switching and setting flaunted. Very often, one large one stood out among them, which was responsible for turning the TV on and off, as well as switching between channels. Gradually this navigation became smaller, the manufacturer made the panel smaller and smaller. When developing new TV models, designers tried to completely get rid of the button navigation, constantly reducing it and even removing it to the rear panel.

The TV turns on immediately and the apps are ready to use, just like on your smartphone. The TV remembers what you were doing and turns on in the same place where you were when it turned off. Today it is more unusual to find one of the classic ports of another era. Nowadays, this technology has come back to present itself for colonization between smart mobile phones of a large range, albeit with different purposes.

In this case, it serves to expand the functions of the device and convert it into a universal remote control. And the fact that the aspiration of every smartphone has always been to remotely control the operation of a TV in the living room, stereo or home theater. This is why the presence of an infrared port in the room was, as once explained, so suggestive. First, it is logical to open the application that we specified.

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Each device always has manual control, you just need to look for it. In the operating documents that come with the kit, there will definitely be a description of the panel and the purpose of its each element. Even with the most modern TV, thanks to push-button navigation, you can not only turn on the device, change channels, but also adjust the sound, brightness and even hold.

If we have not configured it to work, we will be faced with a screen that, as the only option, prompts us to select the country or region in which we will use the application. Upon completion, we will have a screen with a list of channels in front of us and in the upper area of ​​the interface there are several options to choose from. In the field to the right of this field, we will see a small icon representing the remote control.

There we have a remote control configurator. Several buttons will appear in the pop-up window that appears. The one on the right directs us to the personalization menu. The first thing we need to do is choose the brand of our TV or projector.

One remote control for multiple devices

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of tangled cables. It is a networked system with cables. This remote controls the volume and display of any component. Another fantastic feature is that you don’t need to point the control to a component for it to work. You no longer need to stand in front of the TV to turn up the volume. Multiple devices are combined into a single, centralized, easy-to-use system for viewing photos and home movies. No messy network connections or complicated wiring needed.

LCD TV Samsung UE65HU9000TXRU, Joystick Button

Setting up and connecting the Samsung Smart Touch Control

Samsung Smart Control is a touchscreen remote control included with Samsung Smart TVs released after 2012. With it, you can not only control your TV, but also the set-top boxes connected to it, as well as the Blu-ray player. In addition, it is thanks to this remote control that you can change channels, increase or decrease the sound and perform other actions using voice commands.

Its main advantage is the touchpad, which is located on the front side and occupies about 40% of the total area. With it, you can perform both ordinary actions related to setting up and controlling TV, and work in a browser. Thanks to the touch panel, cursor control becomes as SIMple and convenient as possible.

Setting up the Remote Control on your Samsung Smart TV H series

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How to install applications for viewing IP-TV and others in Samsung TVs with smart TV made in 2013.

Today I decided to move away from the topic of trading and relax a little. A couple of months ago I bought a new TV Samsung 2013 with smart TV. and there was a discrepancy with watching IP-TV, which is provided free of charge by my web provider on a TV set. Because I already have this 2nd Samsung with smart TV, at first I thought that everything is very SIMple. As in the first one, you open the smart hub, enter the smart hub under the standard login and password, fill in the IP address of the player installation program for viewing, and everything is ok.

Annotation for setting up LG Smart TVs.

But it turned out to be not so SIMple, in Samsung TV with smart TV in 2013 the smart hub system was updated. and the login is made only when you enter Samsung Apps, while the navigation itself in the smart hub has been updated. Therefore, I had to install an application for viewing IP-TV CN.RU (now it is called 4TV) from Samsung Apss. You SIMply add the address of the Play list of your provider (it can be different) in m3u format and watch web TV on your own Samsung TV with smart TV. But the fact is that this application is still slightly raw, and it seems to be good to use it, but a little awkward. Often, providers offer their applications for Smart TV, or the nStreamPlayer application was slightly altered by the provider.

Now about the main thing, how to set up IP-TV on Samsung smart TV 2013. after extensive searches for a solution to the configuration problem, I found a method that made it possible to configure IP-TV on my 2013 Samsung. I am attaching an annotation on how to set up IP-TV, and install the viewing application on Samsung with the new SMART HUB 2013.

When setting up IP-TV, and installing the application, observe everything strictly on Fri and everything will work.

How to install smart TV apps in 2013 Samsung TV.

Press the button on an ordinary Menu remote control or the Misc button on the touchscreen, use the arrows to move to the Menu button on the screen remote control, (I only have a touchscreen)

We enter “E-mail”: develop (enter in the window without using any e-mail, just a word)

Enter the “Password” including the exclamation symbol: sso1029dev! (most likely you do not need to enter it, try at first without entering a password, I did not enter everything went fine)

Exit the menu.

Select the “IP Settings” menu item and enter the IP address of the server (it is usually given by your provider to download the application, or the application developer)

Select the menu item “Start App Sync” (synchronization)

The icon of the installed application should appear in Smart HUB, if it does not appear, restart the TV.

Application installation for Samsung smart TV 2013 is completed.

In order to update applications, SIMply repeat steps 1-3, 7-11, 13-14.

Usually, smart TV applications provided by the provider for watching IP-TV are already configured and additional application options are no longer required, you can SIMply launch the application on your own TV and watch IP-TV web television.

If you downloaded a third-party application such as nStreamPlayer (now it seems to have become paid), then in order to set up IP-TV on a smart TV, download the Play list of your own provider, save it on a USB flash drive, plug the USB flash drive into the TV, enter the smart hub, launch the application, select in the Play settings list on the USB flash drive, and run. IP-TV is working. Or indicate in the application the web address of the provider’s Play list location, you can also usually find it on your provider’s website. And run it, everything should work!

That’s actually all that is needed in order to set up IP-TV on smart TV SAMSUNG 2013, or install another application.

You can also use the smart TV application to watch IP-TV and other functions.

TheDark SmartTV MediaCenter. with it you can watch IP-TV and use different widgets for smart TV in your own TV set.

I hope my information will help For you and you will not have any problems with watching IP-TV.

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Smart TV development in 2013.

Ultra HD 4K TVs: Technology Overview.

Oh, where were you guys earlier when I suffered with setting up a Samsung at home.?

Well, at least now I figured out where I got lost and what aspects there are in this case.

How to enter the IP address on the touch panel?

Hello. How to set up TV on a smart not 2013? I have 2010 Smart sixth version. There is no built-in Wi fi. THANKS for the answer in advance.

Tell me. this is the situation:

How to install smart TV apps in 2013 Samsung TV.

Press the button on an ordinary Menu remote control or the Misc button on the touchscreen, use the arrows to move to the Menu button on the screen remote control, (I only have a touchscreen)

Select the menu item “Smart Functions”

Select “Samsung Account”, select “Login”

And after I select “ENTRANCE” I fly out of the menu and that’s it.

Update the firmware and do a Hub Reset (Menu-Smart Hub-Reset) and try again.

Good day. The same garbage, after pressing “INPUT” crashes. How to update the firmware?

Thanks a lot to the creator!!

Everything turned out on the f5500 model.

Have a good night. Gave me such a telly. and a lot of nerves have already gone. to understand it So everything is clear But the remote control has a smart hub button there is almost everything. not counting, of course, CONTACT AND CLASSMATS Tell me how to add these applications to the SMART HUB menu and where to find them

Good morning, but I write that a user (develop) with such a login already exists and does not let me do anything else. Can you tell me how to be.

Tell me. How can I remove the applications that I installed by the case in Samsung apps? on phone.

Select the application, on the remote control the Tools button, in the window that appears, select “Delete”. Note that not all applications can be uninstalled without the help of others. If this application was installed by the telecom when updating the Smart-hub, then “Uninstall” will not be displayed. In my 12-year-old TV set, this can only be if the next update behind the previously automatically installed application moves to the group of applications that I installed myself.

Good night! Tell someone how to solve the problem. Samsung UE48H6230AK TV set was purchased in November 2014. Smart set up right away. Everything worked. After the new year, around 10-15, I don’t remember, the applications did not start loading. When loading, it writes error 3010. I did a self-test, error ERRO8007 came out and it was proposed to change the software. Although I have the most recent version. Installed apps work fine. I tried to reset TV and Smart Hub to “0” does not help. On the home screen, some applications are dimmed and do not start, although they previously worked.

Using developments for mobile devices

Today, for modern models, you can use a mobile device as a remote control. To do this, you need to install a special program on your smartphone. which will match your TV model. The TV has the following requirements:

At the push of a button, all devices turn on, turn off, or go into standby mode. And you can’t overlook one remote, right? Use the touchpad and keyboard to control the TV’s web browser. Sliding motions to change volume and channel. Customizable keys with your network logo, just press the logo and your TV will switch to the corresponding channel directly. Change source directly with customizable buttons.

Double tap to disable macros. From the Navigation tab, you can directly launch the TV’s web browser. It has been downloaded by over 6 million users. The time since the official release of this device in the IT field is really enough, just think about Moore’s first law: “Processor performance and the number of transistors associated with it every twenty-two months.” It’s true, it’s true that it’s not just hardware that matters; very often are the integrated features that make the device on top, and today we will talk about that.

  • availability of the Etnernet port (RG-45);
  • module for Wi-Fi connection;
  • “SmartTV” or “InternetTV” function;
  • functions “Remote control”.
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In this case, you will need to connect both devices with one network. For a TV, this can be a wired LAN connection, and for a smartphone, a connection using Wi-Fi capabilities. The corresponding software is installed on the mobile gadget, and the “Remote Control” function is activated on the TV. after that you can.

Are you too lazy to lose your remote control? Your note 3 greets you! Thanks to the infrared door, you can fully control your TV: turn it on, off, adjust the volume, change the source and even the channel, integrating with the decoder.

Dismantling the Samsung TV remote

To disassemble the remote for Samsung, prepare convenient tools that will be useful to you in your work:

  • A small Phillips screwdriver or curved-blade knife
  • unnecessary plastic card.

After preparing the tools, we release the table and put a convenient container to collect the screws, and then we get to work:

  • We examine the remote control and open the battery compartment. Be careful. on some models, the cover is screwed on with screws, so if you see characteristic grooves, do not use force, but unscrew the screws.
  • Under the place for installing the batteries, unscrew the fasteners with a Phillips screwdriver, and carefully fold the screws into the prepared container so that they do not roll away and are not lost.
  • Using the card, we go through the joints of the parts of the case in order to unclench the joints of the parts and completely open the disassembled remote control.
  • Carefully remove the rubber keyboard from the remote control.
  • Use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the microcircuit at the attachment points. It is not necessary to remove the sensor from it.

Everything is ready, the disassembled remote control can be carefully cleaned or repaired by replacing the failed parts.

How to connect the remote to the TV

After disassembly, as with the first use of the remote control, you will need to connect it to a Samsung TV. We insert the batteries into the corresponding compartment, observing the polarity and close the lid. Next, we turn to the instructions for the device and look for instructions on what to do when connecting for the first time. Different models require different keyboard shortcuts. As a rule, these are return and play, which must be SIMultaneously pressed and held until the Bluetooth icon appears on the TV.

How To Open Samsung TV Remote

As soon as you see this icon on the screen, it means that the TV and the remote have “found” each other and have successfully connected. Now you can explore the wide functionality of Smart TV without leaving your seat.

TV remote control functionality

Before you open the Samsung TV remote control, you need to understand what functionality it performs. This is no longer a SIMple device with an infrared port and buttons, but a complex device that can:

  • surf the Internet and start playing various in its open spaces;
  • record on media connected to Smart TV;
  • run games;
  • work with USB devices, including. create folders, edit and delete files.

The modern remote control allows you, without getting up from your seat, to use the wide functionality provided by Smart-TV.

How to disassemble and set up your Samsung TV remote

How to disassemble a Samsung TV remote to change batteries or clean it from dirt that got inside. Regardless of the Smart-TV model for which this device was created, the aLGorithm will be approximately the same.

Setting up the TV remote

There is no need to configure universal remotes, you just have to study the purpose of the buttons. Owners of TVs with modern Smart Touch Control will require significant work, since it takes getting used to and learning how to use it. The device has a hydrosensor, so Smart TV can be controlled by SIMply moving the remote control in space.

There are few buttons on the Smart Touch Control body, all the functionality is collected on the touchpad located in the center of the remote control. To make the cursor appear on the screen, just tap on the touch panel, and navigation through the menu sections will be carried out with the movement of your fingers. The selection of an item from the list is confirmed by operating the joystick or by touching the touchpad. Some models are able to display the keyboard on the screen, which allows you to speed up the work and search for parameters.

Despite the wide functionality of touchscreen remote controls, most users prefer to replace them with universal push-button ones, since they are cheaper and more familiar to use.

How to choose a remote control for your Samsung Smart TV

At one time, Samsung Smart TV technology revolutionized the TV industry. This is a very creative and interesting decision of the company. It contains a large number of functions that are now irreplaceable. For the correct functioning of this function, you need a good Internet connection, so the company installs good equipment in TVs with Smart TVs to ensure high speed Internet. For more comfortable control of this technology, you can use special pointers, which are distinguished by great functionality.

Smart TVs are essentially multimedia platforms. For their manufacture, the most modern technologies are used, which allow to achieve maximum indicators of image and sound quality. This contributes to the fact that the cost of these devices is quite high. You need to choose a device based on your requirements and for a specific TV model. There are push-button and touch-type devices. If you have any problems setting up or using the Smart Remote Control, search the Internet for a solution or contact your hardware vendor.

  • Push-button device type. The main advantage is that there is no need for configuration. It can be used immediately after installing the batteries in a special compartment. It can connect to multiple devices at once at the same time. Thanks to this, the keypad is universal. It is also often chosen for its ease of operation, as well as for its low acquisition cost.
  • The touch type has a more complex connection process. Insert the batteries first and press the power button. After that, hold down the “RETURN” and “GUIDE” keys for a few seconds until the “bluetooth” icon appears. The appearance of this notification indicates that the device is paired with the TV. The remotes supplied with the TV only work with this unit.

Samsung smart TV remote

Nowadays, Samsung Smart TV remote control is an indispensable product. For a long time, Samsung has been producing remote controls to work with a large number of products. Some of them are universal and fit several types of devices. To buy such a device, you need to decide on a list of characteristics that you want to get for a certain cost. The more expensive the remote control, the better its performance.

Functionality of Smart TV technology

  • Providing access to the Internet, without using a PC and additional set-top boxes. This function allows you to play various. located in the vastness of Internet resources. Some models have the function of recording a file to an external storage connected to the TV. Also, you can open social networks. This allows you to display various content without connecting a mobile phone to a TV.
  • A large number of built-in games allow you to while away the time or keep children busy for a while. In addition to the built-in games, there are a large number of applications that are available for download on the Internet.
  • Also, this function allows you to view the forecast of weather conditions and exchange rates and much more.
  • Very convenient reproduction of photos and materials on connected USB devices. You can also edit, delete, create various folders and albums for better sorting.

In this page you will learn more about this remote control:

Remote control settings

Samsung Smart Controls are touch-sensitive devices that allow you to control TVs from a distance. They are bundled with Samsung TVs that have the Smart TV function and were released after 2012. He is able to control not only the TV, but also the set-top box that is connected to it. It can also be used as a control device for the Blue-Ray player. It has a voice control function, with which you can increase or decrease the sound and perform other actions without touching the remote control.

This remote has a touchpad

The main advantage of this remote control is the touch-sensitive touchpad located on the front side and occupying 40% of the area. It allows you to easily configure the TV, comfortably navigate the TV menu and in the browser. Touch panel for maximum comfort and ease of operation.

Malfunctions and their elimination

If you purchased a device and it does not function, the first step is to follow these steps:

  • Read the instruction manual carefully;
  • Make sure the device is compatible with this TV model;
  • Disconnect the batteries and put them back;
  • Unplug the power plug, wait a couple of minutes, plug it back in and turn on the TV.

The disadvantage of Samsung Smart Touch remote control devices is that repairs are not carried out in official service centers. The cost of the original remote sometimes reaches a third of the cost of the entire TV set. Therefore, most users try to repair the remote themselves. A common problem is that the rate of discharge of the batteries gradually increases, and eventually the remote does not work at all even with new batteries. This is facilitated by the malfunction of the capacitors at the positive input. To solve the problem, you can SIMply remove them, but this does not guarantee safety of use, however, without them, the remote control will begin to function normally.

How to disassemble Samsung remote

Sometimes there are situations when, when trying to switch a channel, the TV reacts only after a few clicks. Often, this phenomenon occurs when the remote control is clogged with food, or jellied liquids. As a result, it becomes necessary to disassemble the Samsung remote control and clean it from dirt.

  • The first step is to inspect the Samsung Smart TV remote and locate all the fasteners. Often they are located not only on the outer surface of the remote control, but also in the battery compartment. Usually fastening is done with small screws, which can be unscrewed with a Phillips screwdriver.
  • Next, you need a plastic card. It must be inserted into the corner of the device, and the lid must be tucked. After that, tell you you need to walk it around the console. This must be done carefully so as not to damage the latches. Then carefully remove the battery contacts from the seating slots.
  • The next step is to understand how the board is fastened to the back cover surface. If fastening is made with screws, then they must be unscrewed with an appropriate screwdriver. If it is fastened with latches, then you must carefully open them.
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Useful Tips

  • To clean the remote, you need to prepare the following inventory: alcohol-based liquid and paper napkins. Hard-to-reach places can be cleaned with a toothpick, on which you need to wrap a napkin, pre-moistened with alcohol.
  • For a convenient reassembly process, it is necessary to lay out all the parts in sequence. The presence of foreign objects on the table is also undesirable.
  • Keep the remote control away from food and liquids. Determine a permanent storage location so that you do not have to search for it throughout the apartment.
  • Wrap it in cellophane wrap to prevent food particles and dust from entering the interior of the remote control.
  • Clean the console periodically, as dust penetration into the interior contributes to clogging and causes premature wear of parts.

How to choose a remote control for your Samsung TV

There are several options for selecting a remote control for Samsung TV:

In this page you will learn more about this remote control:

There are also a large number of universal remote controls that fit a wide range of TVs. The operation of this device is based on capturing a signal from a TV and playing back the same. A big advantage of such remote controls is the ability to record multiple signals. Thanks to this, using this device, you can control several TVs or other technical means at once. If this is not done, other devices may react to the signal from the remote control.

On the phone

Samsung TVs from the N, M, Q, LS, K, J and F series are equipped with Screen Mirroring. It allows you to connect your phone to your TV. This function provides mirroring of the smartphone screen to the TV, and also makes it possible to control some TV functions using a mobile phone.


Regular push-button remote controls that come with Samsung TV do not require special setup. The instruction for operating the buttons is attached along with other documents to the TV. Since 2012, TVs have been equipped with Samsung Smart Controls. It provides control of the TV, as well as the set-top boxes that are connected to it. This remote control is also equipped with a voice control system and automatic locking. You should be attentive to the last function and immediately read the instructions on how to unlock the Samsung TV remote control.

The first time you turn on the TV, the Samsung TV should be paired and configured automatically. Please note that the device needs to be charged. If there is no automatic connection, you need to hold down the two buttons located to the right and left of the “Play” button for 3 seconds. Then follow the application in the book and set up TV.

Universal remote controls require special setup. When buying a device of this type, the seller must give you an application for connecting the remote control. There are a large number of universal devices for controlling TV, as a result of this, there are also many ways to configure the connection. We will cover two main options.

The first method is available if the keys of the main TV manufacturers are present on the remote control. You need to select the “Samsung” key and the remote control should quickly connect to the TV. It is worth noting that it is necessary to turn off extraneous digital devices located near the TV in order to avoid any interference. At the moment of pressing the button with the TV brand, it is necessary that the TV is turned on, and the remote control is directed to the front panel of the screen. You must hold down this key for several minutes until some action occurs on the TV screen.

Don’t forget to set up the remote correctly

Second way. You can set up the connection by following the instructions for the remote control, which should be in the device box. On it you will find a large number of numbers. these are codes. They are required to pair the remote control with the TV. To start setting, install batteries in a special compartment of the device and press any keys. The indicator light located at the top will give certain signals when you press the keys. After that, find in the instructions the necessary numbers corresponding to the firm of your TV. The next step is to point the remote control at the TV and long press the power key. After a while, the lamp should light up, after which you should enter the digital value of the corresponding code. After that, the remote control should be paired.

How to disassemble the remote

Experienced craftsmen advise not to carry out repair work to people who have not previously had experience in repairing microcircuits. In such cases, it is easier to contact a service center, where they will carry out a high-quality repair of equipment for a fee. If you start repairing the remote control yourself and spoil it, the cost of buying a new product can be much more expensive than repairing it at a service center.

First, you need to look at the instructions on the Internet on how to disassemble the Samsung TV remote control. To disassemble the remote control, you need a small curly screwdriver and a plastic card. First of all, you need to inspect the body for the presence of bolts. Most often they are located in the battery compartment. Since they are small in size, you can unscrew them using a small screwdriver. In order to get to the remote control microcircuit, you need to gently press on the surface of the case, and hold the plastic card between the two main parts of the remote control. Be careful not to damage the edges of the remote control.

Don’t forget about the parsing screwdriver

After you have removed the front panel with buttons, you need to disconnect the spring located in the battery compartment. Then you can inspect the microcircuit. If this part is burned out, then it is necessary to purchase a new remote control, and not a separate microcircuit. Also, the masters are not advised to disconnect the sensors from the microcircuit.

There is a variant of remote controls, which are fixed using special glue. If it is present, but the analysis needs to be done very carefully. This type of remote control can be opened with a flat screwdriver or a mild kitchen knife. We set the console in a horizontal position and, using the selected tool, which is inserted between the two main parts of the console, we produce ajar cases. This procedure must be carried out around the perimeter of the entire building. After you have opened the remote control and fixed the malfunction, you must also use special glue to close the remote control. Important! It is necessary to apply the glue evenly, since small gaps can cause dust and moisture to enter the device, which in the future may affect its performance.

To repair the touchscreen remote control, you must use an appropriately sized screwdriver. You also need to disconnect the touch sensor located below the keyboard. Dismantling of the screen is carried out with increased accuracy in order to avoid damage to the connecting cables. However, manufacturers and craftsmen strongly advise, in the event of a failure of this type of remote control, contact specialized service centers.


The remote control is actually very fragile, and only people who have experience in repairing various microcircuits need to repair it. The first step is to determine if your model of device can be repaired at all. The phone camera can help you determine if an infrared signal is being emitted from the remote control. If there is no such signal, then the device does not function and it is necessary to replace it or repair it.

In most cases, the problem is that various keys on the remote control stick or partially do not work. This can be caused by a malfunction of the graphite deposition, which performs the function of a conductor. To restore performance, you must perform the following steps:

  • Parse the remote control according to the instructions;
  • Cut the aluminum foil into small square pieces;
  • Then you need to glue these pieces to the contact surface;
  • Assemble the remote control in reverse order.

Also, the remote control often does not work, because the ceramic quartz is broken. The most common reason for the remote control to stop working is when it falls from a height. The first sign of this malfunction is the appearance of an extraneous, rumbling sound when the remote control is shaken. In order to restore the normal operation of the device, it is enough to replace the ceramic base. Do not forget that the remote control, like other equipment, requires regular maintenance. To increase the service life of this device, you need to periodically disassemble and remove dust from the inside of the console.

Remote Control for Samsung TV

The remote control plays a very important role in watching TV. With its help, all operations are carried out: setting up channels, images and sound, enabling various functions and many others. The TV can be controlled using the original remote control or a universal device.


Synchronizing the universal remote control is easy enough. Each manufacturer provides instructions for such remote controls, which must be read before connecting the device. This type of remote control is used by people who do not like standard devices. The user chooses a universal device independently, depending on the preferences of the appearance, price and functional equipment. Instructions on how to bind the remote control to the TV are supplied with the device itself.


To completely clean the remote control from dust, it is required to remove the buttons from the front panel, which is carried out by pressing the buttons on the push side. Cleaning must be done to avoid sticking keys in the future. The tools for this operation are wipes and alcohol.

These numbers are necessary for pairing and setting up universal remote controls with various devices. DVD players and TVs. Each brand and each type of device corresponds to a certain digital combination, which is indicated in the instruction manual of the remote control.