How To Make Smart TV Out Of A SIMple TV

Advantages and disadvantages of embedded systems.

The first attempts to connect a TV to a computer were in the late 90s of the 20th century. For example, Microsoft created Web TV back in 1997. The idea failed due to the lack of the necessary technologies, since connecting the dial-up modem to an ordinary non-flat TV receiver provided an extremely slow speed of transmitted content with constant signal failures due to an overloaded information channel and a hanging Internet. But even then it became clear that Smart TV was the future.

With the development of digital technologies, the so-called Set Top Boxes began to appear. devices from various manufacturers that expanded the functionality of a standard TV. Let’s talk about embedded systems first. They had certain advantages, but the disadvantages were also obvious. Naturally, you get the media content you want in unlimited sizes. The vastness of the Internet is at your service.

Smart TV technologies are just beginning to evolve, driven by ever-growing demand. Often in the purchased Smart TV, the connection is buggy, the Internet disappears, the device does not see the network. these are just some of the problems. The disadvantages of an embedded system seem to me to be as follows:

  • Everyone has encountered no signal or interruptions while using the internet. The same thing is possible here. The only difference is that the closest repairman for Smart TVs can be located in. a neighboring city.
  • Limited services. Each device runs on the operating system available to the manufacturer. It can be neither Android nor Linux. You will have to use only the “local” analogue of Google Play with a “local” set of applications. Usually we are talking about the absence of social networks, or the inability to install skype. Available options do not always meet your needs.
  • high price. The purchase of a new flat panel device with an embedded smart system, especially if the manufacturer has agreed to use the Android OS, can seriously hit the family budget.

Alternative options

Many multimedia equipment manufacturers have started to release devices with Smart TV connectivity. If you want to convert your TV to Smart, then there are 4 alternatives:

  • Smartphone connection.
  • Using a network type media player.
  • Using a Blu-ray player.
  • With an X-box or Sony Play Station

How to make Smart out of a regular TV

There has been a lot of excitement lately, or, to use a buzzword, the hype around Smart TV. This novelty is rapidly gaining popularity among the population. What is it? This is a kind of symBIOSis of the latest generation TV with a sufficiently high screen resolution and a personal computer, arising from integration into a TV or Internet receiver, interactive services.

How To Make Smart TV Out Of A SIMple TV

In fact, it is a computer in a television shell. New Internet-compatible devices based on your TV-receiver are used as an unlimited expansion of television capabilities, allowing you to do everything on the big screen that you usually do on a computer monitor. You no longer need regular television broadcasting. With the advent of Smart TV, you can watch movies, read books, play any games, chat with friends on social networks or on Skype.

External Smart card defender smart android hd2

External Smart devices have appeared on the market in large quantities. For example, Android consoles are very popular. Let’s take a closer look at one of these external media. defender smart android hd2, which connects to a TV via HDMI cable. But first things first. As the name suggests, the OS is Android. This is a very good solution, since there are many applications for Android that you can download immediately after installation.

The set-top box itself has the shape of a large flash drive, and is inserted into the HDMI connector. The kit also includes a power adapter, USB cable and HDMI extension cable. You may be surprised by such a modest set of accessories. The fact is that our “flash drive” is already a full-fledged mini computer with a DualCore Rockchip 1.6 GB processor frequency. Operating system. Android 4.2. Our Smart TV set-top box has 1GB of RAM and a built-in 4GB hard drive. There is also a slot for microSD memory cards with a capacity of up to 32 GB, two USB inputs for power, Wi-Fi modem and Bluetooth.

As already noted, this set-top box can be connected via an HDMI port, cable or extension cable. Upon switching on, an interface appears on the screen with a convenient and understandable menu. You can start enjoying your favorite movie online on the TV screen or listen to music, view files from Youtube and photos.

over, in the Apps tab on your TV screen, you will get access to free services and those that are downloaded from the Play market. And the “Browsers” tab will give you access to Android browsers, social networks and Skype.

All of these options have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s consider each of them.

If you want to connect via a smartphone, you will need internet services on your smartphone and special adapters. It should be borne in mind that not all phone models are suitable for converting an ordinary TV into a Smart TV. In addition, any smartphones are limited in the size of the “hard drive”. It is very easy to connect your device via the HDMI connector. If your phone has an MHL connector, you will need separate cables and adapters. With their help, you can connect a smartphone or other device to the TV. You will have to carry spare parts with you, especially if you need to stream media files to a TV with a diagonal of more than 25 inches.

Modern models of media players are very cool, have a good potential to turn them into full-fledged acoustic media centers in the case of a good sound system. They will become a real Smart TV set-top box that will help you play any online movies and recorded on your device, any music and files on the screen. This option, to be honest, has no drawbacks at all. There are several advantages at once:

  • Small size
  • Affordable price.
  • Plays any formats and codecs.
  • WLAN module.
  • The ability to connect any external media (hard drive, etc.).

At Blue-Ray, we note the advanced functionality and the ability to reproduce images in any format. You also get access to the Play Market.

To convert your Xbox into a smart TV, you just need to sign up for their Microsoft console. You will receive a paid account to access all possible Apple Store apps.

So we briefly walked through all the options “how to make Smart TV from a SIMple TV.” The main plus of all these options is cheaper than buying a fancy Smart TV. And the quality will not be inferior.


What the user wants from a smart TV. Uninterrupted access to the World Wide Web, viewing content and using applications or services. These functions are, in principle, available on a computer or other modern gadget. But is it possible to compare the pleasure of using all the listed advantages with the help of a TV screen and a seat at a computer table??

In order not to punch a hole in the family budget by purchasing an expensive Smart TV, you can use an alternative device. This set-top box provides almost the same functions on the TV as Smart TV functionality. There are options for solving this problem. The user must decide which device is suitable for his particular case.

What is Smart TV? It is a modern TV with an integrated computer system that allows the owner to use various applications. A set-top box or other device that SIMulates Smart TV functions on a regular TV is the same computer system, only installed from the outside. Often, such an acquisition is more profitable than buying a new “smart TV”.

Depending on the model of Smart TV set-top box, its functions may exceed the capabilities of the built-in unit in Smart TV. Consider the functionality of such devices.

  • Watching Internet TV.
  • Using audio recordings or files from various social networks.
  • Full communication in the SKYPE program.
  • Access to the world wide web with access to websites.
  • Synchronizing data with a gadget.
  • Everyday use of the You Tube channel.
  • Download the required or preferred programs and applications.

In the size of one article, it is SIMply impossible to list all the functional advantages of such a device.

How to make Smart TV out of a SIMple TV

Smart TV with a set of innovative features is gradually conquering the market due to consumer preferences. Often the unwillingness to spend money on expensive equipment becomes a brake on the acquisition of such equipment. But no one disputes the merits of Smart TV.

There is another option for getting Smart TV functionality, if you own a regular TV. How to make Smart TV from a regular TV? The article is devoted to the improvement of a conventional television device and its approximation to the parameters of the “smart model”.

Pros and cons

In order for the user to make the right choice, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages between buying a Smart TV and a Smart TV set-top box.

Smart TV advantages:

  • Programs and applications are installed and only require switching.
  • High quality image.
  • The interface has the criteria of convenience and clarity.
  • Most models support 3D function.
  • You can watch analog or digital TV.
  • One remote control

Disadvantages of Smart TV:

1) Most users are not happy with the rewind function.

2) The cost of such a device is quite high.

Now let’s move on to evaluating the special Smart TV set-top box.

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Smart TV set-top box advantages:

  • We get a multifunctional device with Smart TV options using an existing TV.
  • Free access to the Play Market will allow you to download all the necessary applications to the owner’s taste.
  • Additionally, we can connect several devices SIMultaneously through free ports.
  • Ability to work on multiple desktops.
  • Folding programs. While advertising is running, you can check your mail.
  • Excellent price range.

Disadvantages of Smart TV set-top boxes:

1) No 3D mode.

2) The need for a universal remote

3) The presence of low quality files in the sources.

All the described pros and cons should be analyzed and independently made a decision, using the circumstances and opportunities.

Variants and implementation

The popularity of using Smart TV is growing every year. In order to keep up with modern trends and at the same time not spend a lot of money, we use options for converting a conventional TV into an innovative Smart TV. What devices will help such a transformation? For instance:

1) Media player of the middle price range and small size.

2) Smartphone or tablet connected to a TV device.

3) Blu-ray player.

4) Game console.

5) Smart TV. set-top box.

To begin with, we determine the advantages and disadvantages of all devices, after analyzing which we can proceed to the implementation of the chosen option. Let’s analyze the pros and cons of each method.

Media player. An essential remark. the device must be of high quality. Allows you to view files and movies in HD-quality, listen to music, enjoy excellent images. The player’s functionality allows you to connect to the Internet. The widget store will help you install the required applications. The only drawback of such a device is its inability to work with Blu-ray discs.

Tablet and smartphone. When connecting these gadgets, we use the Internet services located directly in them. The problem is the connection method, which often requires the purchase of separate adapters. In addition, such devices do not have a large memory, which limits the ability to store the required amount of information. The main advantage is the addition of a conventional TV with computer functions. There is no need to pay for a new device. But you will need to install additional software. The connection process takes place via the HDMI connector.

Blu-ray player. Equipped with various functionalities. It has a built-in Smart-TV option. With such a device, it is convenient to view movies and files, install applications and access the Internet. The HDMI cable provides a reliable connection. Among the disadvantages are the high cost and the inability to support some formats.

Game console. Can convert regular TV to Smart TV with limited functions. Still, such a device has a different purpose. To fully use the set-top box in a given direction, you will need to go through the registration process on the Microsoft console. After that, paid access to the selected applications opens. This will be the main disadvantage of the described method.

Smart TV is a set-top box. The most optimal option for transforming an ordinary TV into a full-fledged “smart model”. Its advantages, disadvantages, connection options and features will be described below.


Before buying a Smart TV set-top box, you should first decide which platform is preferable for you. There are two such platforms. Android Smart TV and Smart TV set-top boxes based on Windows. Let’s analyze both options to complete the picture and make the right decision.

There are no differences in size, quality and key parameters. Some features relate exclusively to functionality.

  • The Android platform is characterized by ease and convenience of use. Any application can be obtained from the Play Market without any problems. Self-service download and install. what could be easier? Various widgets, news channels, search and display of movies and files, synchronization with gadgets and many other useful functions. Almost everything is free.
  • The Windows platform is heavy to use. Often watching a movie is provided by using a flash drive. In this case, the system will make it possible to install any programs that exist on the computer. With this console you can play, run office applications or surf the Internet. It is expensive, but replaces a full-scale computer, with a TV instead of a monitor.

On the other hand, are such capabilities needed on a television device. As practice shows, most buyers still buy devices on the Android platform. Their functionality is sufficient for the functions required for Smart TV.

Connection features

As for the connection, there are 3 ways of this procedure. You can connect the set-top box to the TV:

  • using an HDMI cable;
  • using an AV cable (tulip);
  • using a special adapter.

AV connection. The tulip connection has disadvantages. The image quality is not high quality. Increase the font in the Smart prefix settings. We select the ratio of colors on the tulip and the connector until the image from the set-top box appears on the TV screen.

HDMI-AV converter. This option is for those TV models where there is no HDMI input. We purchase a set-top box separately and connect it via a converter. The adapter is powered from the set-top box, via the USB input.

The described methods of connection and settings are carried out independently, without calling specialists.

Smart TV based on Android set-top boxes

Many users often confuse TV sticks and set-top boxes based on the Android operating system. These are fundamentally different devices. The Smart-box is a bit bigger as it is equipped with powerful hardware modules. It is extremely easy to transform such a console into a mini-console with casual Android games or media players with 4K content.

Which set-top box should you choose? Pay your attention to Xiaomi Mi Box and Apple TV 4. These devices are representatives of different price segments. It is clear that a device from a well-known brand will cost much less than a set-top box from Apple. One of the main advantages of this way of turning a regular TV into a Smart TV is the easy connection setup:

  • Connect the power cable of the set-top box to the outlet.
  • Connect both devices with an HDMI cable by inserting the plugs into the corresponding connectors.
  • Using the TV remote control, open the signal list and then select “HDMI”.

The spectrum of media functionality is practically unlimited. You will be able to use various services to play content: Netflix, Hulu, etc. You just need to download the corresponding application from the Apple Store or Google Play, and then subscribe. The Nvidia Shield TV set-top box should be noted separately. It is the most versatile device on the market.

The main advantages of Nvidia Shield TV include: a powerful graphics subsystem, voice control system, GeForce cloud service, support for Ultra HD and HDR. The device in question supports absolutely all popular streaming services. In particular, you can use the GameStream service.

Now you know how to make Smart TV from a regular TV using a set-top box. If your TV does not support HDMI, then you need to purchase an adapter, for example, USB-HDMI. In this case, the connection process will be slightly different. On older models, the signal source is adjusted slightly differently. You just need to switch to AV mode.

Using a tablet or phone

If you have no desire to buy a set-top box, then you can replace it with an ordinary smartphone or tablet. Devices of this type are connected to the TV in the same way. So that users do not have any problems, first we will consider the features of synchronization of TV and equipment running the iOS operating system.

There are several ways to connect your iPad or iPhone to your TV:

  • USB connector. We connect devices using the most common USB cable. There shouldn’t be any difficulties with the connection;
  • HDMI interface. Purchase a dedicated adapter and then connect the devices with a regular USB cable. Press the “Input” button on the remote control. Select “HDMI” in the list of available signal sources;
  • VGA input. this interface allows you to connect your TV not only to your smartphone or tablet, but also to your computer LCD monitor. However, keep in mind that this connector is for signal transmission only. To play sound, you will have to use additional devices, for example, speakers.
  • Wi-Fi technology. this option is suitable for users whose TVs have a built-in module for wireless Internet connection.

By default, Apple’s technology aims to sync exclusively with branded devices. Therefore, in order to broadcast the image to other devices, you must first download and install the corresponding software on your smartphone or tablet. Download the Samsung Smart TV Now app from the Apple Store. Samsung SmartView for iPad is a good alternative. The first application allows you to transfer and play files from your phone. The second is aimed at turning the tablet into a multifunctional control panel.

With the help of smartphones running on the Android operating system, you can also transform a conventional TV into a Smart TV. The principle of setting up a connection is not much different from connecting an iPad, iPhone. The synchronization procedure can be noticeably SIMplified if your smartphone or tablet supports Miracast technology. In this case, the image transmission will be carried out directly. The only drawback with this method is that the TV is completely dependent on the phone. For example, if it runs out, then the broadcast will be interrupted.

How to make Smart TV from a regular TV with your own hands

The functionality of a conventional TV does not meet the requirements of a modern user. Turning into Smart TV will help solve this problem. What will it give? You will be able to play content online, play games and take advantage of other advanced functionality. How to make a Smart TV out of a regular TV? Now we will consider all the popular methods, as well as analyze the common mistakes that users make.

Is it possible to make Smart TV out of ordinary TV

Quite often, the decision to change technology is made due to the fact that there is no Smart TV support on the TV. You don’t have to spend money on such an upgrade. You can turn an ordinary TV into a “smart” device. There are several easy ways. Please be aware that the technology in question may not be TV-specific. It can be implemented by connecting other devices:

  • game consoles;
  • media players;
  • receivers, Smart set-top boxes;
  • Blu-ray players;
  • smartphones, tablets.

Connecting the listed devices will allow you to make Smart TV out of a regular TV. You can set up synchronization yourself. In terms of functionality, your TV will not be inferior to expensive models. The connected devices can operate under various operating systems. iOS, Android. Setting up a connection will make it possible to surf the Internet, play content online, use various applications.

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What is the difference between built-in and external Smart TV? The differences do exist. They manifest themselves in several fundamental aspects. The built-in “smart” functionality cannot be improved comprehensively. In other words, you cannot install another operating system for additional features. In this aspect, external Smart TV seems to be the preferred option. It can always be improved by connecting another device.

Using Blu-ray or game console

The game console can significantly expand the functionality of a regular TV. You can turn your old TV into a multifunctional Smart TV. PlayStation and Xbox consoles support absolutely all the necessary options. Let’s take a PS4 Pro connection as an example. This console supports all popular streaming services. The required apps can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store. Internet surfing will also be available. It’s enough just to download the browser.

With the aim of expanding the ecosystem of game consoles, Sony has released the PlayStation TV. This device has several important advantages. First, the developers have implemented support for handheld games with the PS Vita. Secondly, online content playback is available.

You can connect a PS4 game joystick to the PlayStation. The main disadvantage is cost. The manufacturer announced that the minimum price for such a device is 100. Therefore, this method is suitable for those users who have this console at their disposal.

Blu-ray player is a device designed for high quality content playback. There are several methods for connecting this technique. The optimal solution is to use an HDMI cable. SIMply insert the plugs into the corresponding jacks on your TV and player. Then select “HDMI” as the source on the TV. The player also allows you to watch movies, series, TV shows online.

Game console

Game consoles can be a great addition to any TV, Smart TV features have been present in Playstation and Xbox since the last generation. The modern PS4 Pro supports streaming services, allows you to install applications from the PS Store and can access the Internet. Yes, buying a game console is not the most appropriate decision if you only need Smart TV functions. However, you should not buy a regular TV box if you already have a console.

To expand the ecosystem of its own gaming devices, Sony also launched the Playstation TV. Its main advantage is support for portable games from the PS Vita, as well as playback of content from the Internet. You can connect a PS4 controller to the Playstation TV. The only drawback of the gadget lies in its relatively high cost at the start of sales. as much as 100.

Smart TV box

Traditionally, set-top boxes differ from TV sticks in terms of their functionality and dimensions. They are a little more capable, as they are equipped with more efficient processors and a large supply of RAM. It is very easy to turn the box into a mini-console with casual Android games or media player with 4K content.

The favorites in this category are Xiaomi Mi Box and Apple TV 4. Both devices are analogues in their price range, Apple TV 4, of course, will cost more. As with TV sticks, there are no tricks in handling here. just plug the set-top box into the HDMI connector and start using it. The Apple TV remote also has a built-in gyroscope, making it a smart controller for casual gaming.

The range of media here is almost limitless; Netflix, Hulu and a host of other services for playing content are available to the user. Pre-installed third-party services have been stripped from the latest generation Apple TV, but can be installed from the App Store.

Nvidia Shield TV is also worth mentioning. this set-top box is perhaps the most versatile on the market. Key features include 4K and HDR support, powerful graphics, voice control, GeForce Now cloud service, and more. Nvidia Shield TV supports all streaming services (including broadcasting games from a computer via GameStream) and can replace a full-fledged console with relative success.

SmartTV stick

The most common solution is a small module that plugs into the HDMI port of the TV. Such a stick, in fact, serves as a mini-computer, the image from which is displayed on the TV screen. The advantage of small HDMI set-top boxes lies in portability (they are no larger than a regular flash drive), SIMplicity and low cost. Almost all devices in this category cost no more than 50-70.

Most set-top boxes run Android, there are a lot of variations of their performance, from cheap Chinese counterparts from Aliexpress to the more expensive Amazon’s Fire TV Stick or H96 Pro TV Dongle. To get started, you just need to insert a stick into the HDMI port of the TV and make a few basic SIMple settings (setting the time, date, Wi-Fi connection, etc.).

How to make Smart TV from a regular TV with your own hands

Despite all the hype around the Smart TV function, most TVs in the world still do very little. they don’t play Netflix, they don’t surf the Internet, and they don’t run apps. The TV market in terms of functionality does not change as quickly as the smartphone market. Users are not used to changing TV once a year, as is often the case with inexpensive phones.

Smartphone or tablet

How to make Smart TV from a regular TV with your own hands? A smartphone, tablet or even an unused laptop can easily be used as a set-top box. The principle of operation here is the same as with traditional TV-set-top boxes. image output from the gadget to the TV screen. First, let’s look at an action plan for iOS devices.

So, there are several ways to connect an iPad or iPhone to a TV:

  • Via USB. it will work if the TV has a corresponding connector. There are no difficulties here, just connect the two devices with a USB cable;
  • Via HDMI. you will have to use a special HDMI adapter that allows you to connect a USB cable to an HDMI port. Note that after connecting, you need to select the HDMI source (Input) in the TV menu;
  • Via VGA. in this way, using an adapter, you can connect an iOS device not only to a TV, but also to a monitor. However, only the image is transmitted via VGA, so you still have to use additional speakers to amplify the sound;
  • Via Wi-Fi. works if your TV has a wireless module.

Using standard iOS tools, you cannot broadcast a picture to other devices, so for the latter method you will have to use third-party software. Download two apps from the App Store: Samsung Smart TV Now and Samsung SmartView for iPad. The first allows you to transfer and view files from the gadget, and the second allows you to use the iPad as a control panel.

The principle of connecting Android devices is almost the same as the iPhone or iPad. However, if you have a TV with Miracast support, then you can transfer the image directly from the phone to the screen without any intermediate gadgets. The only drawback of Miracast is that in this mode TV completely depends on the smartphone, i.e. if the phone runs out of power, the image on the TV screen will also disappear.

How to make Smart TV from a regular TV

Smart TVs with Smart TV functionality are gradually conquering the TV market. Smart models are so powerful that many users are beginning to think about replacing their old TV with a modern, high-performance model. Internet access, an abundance of interesting applications and services, limitless Internet content. all this can now be available on your TV.

The benefits of Smart TVs are undeniable. Of course, all of these features can be used with a computer or laptop. But can a small monitor be able to convey the feeling and atmosphere that a relatively large TV screen can convey? Probably not. But what if you are completely satisfied with your old TV, except for the lack of Smart functionality. Is it really necessary to buy a new model?

Many users have already faced not only these questions, but also the question of how to make Smart TV from a regular TV. In this article we will describe all the possibilities to improve your TV and bring it closer to advanced “smart” models.

It should be noted that you can make Smart TV from a regular TV using a special set-top box that connects to the TV. Today there are several types of such attachments. Each of them has its own characteristics and characteristics. That is why we will also remind you what set-top boxes exist and what to look for when choosing them.

Now on sale there are a large number of Smart set-top boxes that allow you to turn an ordinary TV into a Smart TV model. This set-top box connects to your TV and takes care of all computing operations. Modern consoles come in the form of flash drives or small boxes. Smart set-top box has its own processor, its own memory and RAM. In essence, such set-top boxes are SIMilar to modern computers. Recall that we have already considered all the subtleties when choosing a Smart set-top box. We will not repeat ourselves, but pay attention to common questions faced by ordinary users.

The first thing I want to draw your attention to is the fact that the set-top box does not emulate Smart platforms from various TV manufacturers. As you know, every major TV manufacturer has its own proprietary Smart platform with its own unique features, pre-installed applications and services. The vast majority of set-top boxes run on the Android platform. The Android platform is very flexible; a large number of applications have already been written for it, which are designed specifically for TVs. Thus, with the help of such a set-top box, you can make Smart TV out of a regular TV. You can use all the initially built-in applications, as well as install additional programs of your own free will.

Many are interested in what specific additional programs can be installed and what benefits they provide. The app from Megogo allows you to get organized access to a huge database of films, TV series, cartoons and a variety of show programs. The MX Player application allows you to use one of the most advanced players for the Android platform. This player is capable of working with almost all known file formats. Skype app allows you to make calls (requires additional purchase of a webcam). Mix is ​​another application that is designed to comfortably watch movies, TV series and more. This is not a complete list of applications available for installation. The Android platform itself is very popular and there is definitely no shortage of interesting programs.

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The possibility of connecting digital television is very interesting. You can connect IPTV package. With IPTV, you can enjoy up to Full HD 1920 × 1080 pixels. Smart set-top boxes have a built-in IPTV client that will allow you to watch high-quality on your TV. I would like to note that this is not digital cable TV. All information is transmitted via the Internet cable. Smart set-top boxes also boast a built-in social media client, and some models support playback of movies in 3 D format. It becomes obvious that making a Smart TV from a regular TV is quite possible and it will cost much less than buying a new Smart TV.

Some users ask the question, what then is the “smartness” of the set-top box if it does not support well-known Smart platforms from major manufacturers. As a matter of fact, the “smartness” of the set-top boxes lies in the fact that they actually provide the same capabilities as Smart TVs. The Android platform is scaring off some buyers. People don’t understand how an Android set-top box can have the same capabilities as Smart from LG or Samsung. No need to look for a catch where there is none. It is quite possible to make a Smart TV model from an ordinary TV. Use Smart set-top box on Android and enjoy rich functionality.

Set-top boxes on the Android platform are produced in large quantities, the demand for them is constantly growing. They are equipped with their own set of applications, which are often not connected in any way with branded services (Viera Connect from Panasonic, Smart Hub from Samsung and others). However, most often such set-top boxes are produced by a company that does not specialize in the production of TVs. Branded consoles from large manufacturers stand apart. Such set-top boxes support proprietary services and have rich functionality. An example is the LG SP820 prefix. this set-top box gives full access to branded LG Smart TV applications. With it you can turn an ordinary TV into a real Smart TV.

In terms of its capabilities, the LG SP820 set-top box is SIMilar to regular Android set-top boxes. You can access the Internet, applications, and built-in Wi. Fi. and branded service from LG. Among the downsides is the insufficient filling of Smart TV with the necessary content. Many applications are in a foreign language. But these are all nuances. Thanks to such set-top boxes, a Smart TV can be made from a regular TV (on a proprietary platform).

In this article, we described how to make Smart TV out of a regular TV. As it turned out, for this you need to connect a set-top box to the Smart TV, which will take over all the computing duties. As you can see, such a set-top box greatly expands the capabilities of a conventional TV. If you want to enjoy Smart capabilities on your TV, but you have no desire or opportunity to buy a new model, then the set-top box is an excellent solution. Everyone can turn an ordinary TV into a Smart TV.

How to make a Smart TV out of a TV

Game consoles or Blu-ray to turn regular TV into Smart

A lot more functions than with a phone or tablet will add good game consoles. They practically turn a TV into a Smart TV if you purchase an additional set-top box. For example, the Xbox has all the options you need to play online. And if you add the popular PS4 Pro console to it, you will be able to surf the Internet, download applications from the PlayStation Store.

The stages of connecting the equipment depends on itself. For example, game boxes have several connectors for connecting to the network, TV and the Internet.

Complete set-top boxes

This is equipment that has impressive dimensions and wide functionality. Selected by characteristics. Allows you to broadcast in 4K format. It connects not only to the network and TV, but also to the Internet via a LAN cable. Powered by Android OS.

To connect you need:

  • Route the internet cable to the device. If you buy it from a provider, he deals with this item and the connection itself within the framework of the concluded contract.
  • Connect the set-top box to the network using a special cable.
  • Connect the receiver and TV using the included HDMI cable.
  • Use the TV remote to enter the menu. Select signal source. HDMI 1 or 2 depending on the connector to which the device is connected.
  • Take the remote control from the console and carry out the rest of the settings through it.

After setting up and turning on, the functionality of the TV will expand significantly. It will be possible to use services for playing content such as Netfilm, Hulu and others. And also download applications through the Apple store.

Two popular stick options

The market for compact devices to transform a SIMple TV into a Smart TV is constantly growing. The most stable and high-quality at the moment are recognized as two versions of devices:

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. Supports Full HD and 4K. Inside is a good 2.4 GHz processor. Connects over a multi-stream MIMO wireless network, which gives a good internet connection. equipment is difficult to find and this is its only drawback.
  • The X96 S is a powerful tool to support all formats. except 8K. There is a slot for expanding memory. micro SD. Operating system. Android 9.0 with support for all related applications. Supports almost all modern codecs. fits different TV versions.

A remote control is supplied with the sticks, with which it is easy to make settings and select the appropriate Smart TV options.

TOP 3 popular Smart consoles

Various manufacturers offer good equipment to make Smart TV out of a regular TV. The most popular, reliable models include:

  • Apple TV 4K is a good set-top box with a long lifespan. You can connect to it an Apple TV subscription to watch the latest movies. Additionally, a three-axis gyroscope is provided. The remote control acts as an electronic mouse or pointer. It runs on a battery that is rechargeable via USB. Three ports are provided for connection: HDMI, LAN and a power connector. Network connection speed up to 1000 Mbps. SIMultaneously works at two Wi-Fi frequencies, which affects the broadcast speed. Easily syncs with your Apple account, phones and tablets of the same brand. There is built-in memory for 32 and 64 GB. And bluetooth 5.0 interface.
  • Xiaomi Mi4 is a good budget set-top box that is the main competitor to Apple. No LAN cable entry. Internet connection via Wi-Fi. All standard applications are connected at once. And you can put additional ones through Google Play. Additionally, a graphics accelerator is built in, which opens up the ability to play some online games. RAM 2 GB. Built-in. 8 GB. Supports 4K resolution. There is also Bluetooth 4.1.
  • Nvidia Shield TV is a 4K media player. Powered by an Nvidia Tegra X1 processor with 3GB of memory. OS. Android 8.0 with built-in Chromecast technology, allowing you to view bookmarks ands from Google Chrome. There is a built-in 16 GB storage. Connection to the “Smart Home” system is allowed.

All three consoles meet the high demands of users and turn a regular TV into a Smart TV. It is better to purchase equipment in trusted electronics centers or from official suppliers.

Can a TV be turned into Smart?

Features Smart TV. advanced functionality that allows you to watch movies online, go to social networks, watchs from YouTube and other advantages. Is it possible to make such a device from a regular TV? Yes, but it will require assistive devices.

Consider what devices will be made of TV Smart TV:

  • Modern gaming consoles;
  • Advanced media players;
  • Receivers and set-top boxes of the Smart series;
  • Blu-ray players;
  • Synchronization with a smartphone, tablet.

The listed equipment expands the functionality of a classic TV and brings it closer to Smart TV. New functionality depends on the connected device, which can run on iOS, Android.

Smart technology is the trend of the 21st century. She surrounds us everywhere. Even air conditioners and fans have become smart, not to mention TVs. But not every user can immediately afford the purchase of Smart TV. And modern technologies have provided a solution to this problem. Let’s figure out how to make Smart TV out of a regular TV. What options can be added. What technique will be manipulated.

Pros and cons

The Stick has the advantage of being compact. Smart TV can be carried in your. At the same time, the device supports all popular formats and audio content. The embedded operating system is based on Android. And therefore, it is easy to synchronize tablets, smartphones, laptops with the device. High-level Wi-Fi and data rate support. If desired, you can even play SIMple games through such a console.

The disadvantages are the lack of a LAN port, which provides a more stable network connection. During prolonged operation, the device may freeze due to the lack of a built-in cooling system.

Expanding the TV function using a tablet or phone

You can do without a set-top box if you replace it with a smartphone or tablet. It is connected to the TV using an HDMI adapter or USB. Synchronization is different depending on the operating system of the device.

For example, to connect an iPad or iPhone, you can choose:

  • USB adapter. The easiest way to connect, which does not require additional time-consuming. But the phone will only act as a file storage.
  • Full HD movies can be watched via HDMI, but an adapter is required. After connecting the devices, just go to the TV menu and select the signal source. HDMI.
  • VGA input is only suitable for signal transmission. It does not transmit sound, so it is practically not used.
  • Via a Wi-Fi wireless channel, if the TV has such a module or an external device for a Wi-Fi signal is connected.

It’s important to remember that phones or tablets do not turn a regular TV into a Smart variant. You can only broadcast through them. photo content or display on the presentation screen.