How to make an Apple music student subscription

How to get an Apple Music student subscription?

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Apple Music service is unlimited access to millions of original tracks, which can be obtained by any owner of iOS devices for 169 rubles per month.

However, not every user can afford to fork out 2,000 rubles a year just for the sake of musical accompaniment. This is especially true of the eternally hungry students of Russian universities. Fortunately, they can get a student subscription to Apple Music for as little as RUB 75 per month. Now we will tell you how to do it.

It is very easy for students to connect Apple Music on preferential terms:

  • Open a music service on your iPhone, iPod or iPad;
  • Click on the item “Subscribe for free for three months”;
  • Select the type “For students” in the new window and click on “Confirm student status”;
  • In the UniDAYS service that opens through Safari (or another default browser), you need to register by entering your email address, find your university and click “Continue” (you will be logged into the university portal);
  • Click in turn the buttons “Open this page in Music / Music? “And” Open “;
  • Upon returning to the Apple Music interface, you need to click “Subscribe for free for three months” again;
  • Enter your Apple ID credentials. Then you can customize the app to your liking.

This kind of privilege is liked by many users, including those who graduated from the institute for a long time. It will be very useful for such people to learn how to get an Apple Music student subscription, if not a student (and even if they have never been):

  • Open the Fake Name Generator portal;
  • Press the button “Generate” located in the block “Your Randomly Generated Identity”.
  • Go to the website of the University of Kansas (USA);
  • Fill in all the fields in accordance with the data that were received in steps 1-2, and click “Continue”;
  • Start registration of a student subscription according to the algorithm discussed above;
  • At step 4, when choosing a university, you need to change the country and select Kansas State University;
  • In the new window, enter the eID and access code issued during registration in steps 3-4;
  • Confirm Subscription.
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When applying for student benefits for the Apple music service, remember that UNiDAYS from time to time carry out detailed checks on dubious accounts, so when blocking, you may need to create a new Apple ID.

How To: Apple Music Student Discount

As you can see, everything is quite simple. If you have any questions, ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Apple Music family account, or how to listen and download any music on iPhone, iPad and Mac for 45 rubles per month

A monthly subscription to the music service  Music costs no less. 169 rubles. Of course, for this money you get access to 30 million songs that can be downloaded and listened to without the Internet, to a social network with constant updates from the lives of your favorite stars and much more but who of us does not want to save money? There is a way, and it is easier than it might seem at first glance.

Create a Family Apple Music Account! It already costs 269 rubles a month. but six people can use it at once. Simple arithmetic shows: if six people “fold” on Music at once, then the account will cost not 169 rubles / month, but only 44 rubles 83 kopecks per person! As the saying goes, feel the difference.

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How to get access to 30 million songs on Apple Music for 45 rubles per month?

Find 5 people. relatives, friends, acquaintances. who are interested in Apple Music. It could even be Android and Windows users. For the “green robot”, the  Music application can be downloaded from Google Play, and users of the Microsoft operating system can use the service through iTunes.

Important: They must have an Apple ID with email specific domains based on the country of the family’s founder. For example, in the family of a Russian founder, you can add an Apple ID with a login containing the domains,, and you will not be able to add a resident of Belarus and Ukraine with an Apple ID like or, respectively (verified on practice).

Set up Family Sharing.

  • On your iPhone or iPad, open Settings and go to iCloud, click Set up Family Sharing, then Get Started and Continue. Enter your Apple ID and click Continue again. Set your payment method. The card must be linked to your Apple ID!
  • To do the same on a Mac, open System Preferences, select iCloud, then Family Preferences. Continue (twice). Enter your Apple ID and password. Specify the payment method (the card associated with your Apple ID), click on Continue. Decide if you want to share your geo-location with other family members (probably, you shouldn’t do this without a big need).

You are now the “parent” and you can start inviting “family members”.

How To Get Student Discount On Apple  Music Or Any Apple Product

  • To invite someone on an iPhone or iPad, go to Settings, select iCloud, then Family, and Add a family member. Enter his email-Apple ID and send an invitation.
  • To do the same on Mac, open System Preferences, select iCloud and Family Sharing. Click on the plus sign to add an Apple ID and send an invitation to  Music. “Minus”, accordingly, removes a more unnecessary member of the “family”. After adding each user, iTunes will “freeze” 1 ​​ruble on your account.
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The following letter will be sent to the e-mail of a new family member:

Buy an Apple Music Family Membership in your name. For this:

  • On your iPhone or iPad, open the Music app and tap on the profile icon in the upper left corner. Tap on the Subscribe to Apple Music button. Then select Family, then confirm the payment method and pay for the subscription.
  • To do the same on Mac or Windows, open iTunes, click Sign In, and enter your Apple ID account credentials. Go to the Music section and select the For You tab. On the page that appears, click the button 3 months free of charge, then select Family, confirm the payment method and pay for the subscription.

Apple will debit your account, then this money will be credited to you.

After the invitation is accepted, the “family member” automatically gets full access to Apple Music, not associated with the founder of the family. a separate library, playlists, preferences, etc. Believe me, it’s much more convenient than searching for music on social networks and torrents.

Congratulations, a new social unit has just been born! :). Now you can listen to your favorite music for only 45 rubles and, moreover, use purchases made by other family members. The section is available on the App Store path. Updates. Purchases). Enjoy your work with Apple Music! :).

PS. By the way, the first 3 months of the subscription are FREE.