How to make a TV touchscreen using the remote

Some buttons do not work

It happens that some buttons on the TV remote control do not work well: they have to be pressed with great effort each time. This is also a very common problem, which can be solved by an elementary cleaning of the device.

The remote control may be clogged with dust or small particles of household dirt. Also, these devices are often poured with water, coffee or juice. Sticky mucus that collects under the button interferes with the contact of the contacts, which is why there is a delay or complete absence of the signal.

make, touchscreen, using, remote

But how can you independently repair buttons with such dirt. Very simple: the device must be disassembled and cleaned.

  • Remove the batteries.
  • Unscrew the connecting screws on the console.
  • Carefully detach the two body parts from each other. If something gets in the way, do not use force, but once again inspect the device, perhaps you missed some kind of fastening connection (often the bolt can be hidden under the batteries, for example). If the case has special latches, then you need to open them using a flat screwdriver inserted into the connection strip of the two parts of the remote control.
  • You should have 2 body parts in your hands, an internal contact rubber and a microcircuit.

Carefully and slowly inspect each element. Despite the simplicity of the device, there are many small workers in it, so it is better to conduct an inspection using a magnifying glass.

How to restore a TV remote control with your own hands in 5 minutes

If your TV set began to respond poorly to commands given through the remote control, or stopped responding altogether to pressing the buttons, then perhaps the time has come for you to learn how to repair the remote control from the TV with your own hands.

Cleaning from moisture and dirt

Anything that has oily dirt can be wiped off with a damp cloth or cotton wool soaked in alcohol. However, if the remote control is old, the dirt can be unexpectedly heavy. It would seem where to come from that dirt, but, as practice shows, all remotes collect pollution.

Take a small bowl and pour warm clean water into it. Add a few drops of dish detergent and froth the solution. Put all the elements of the remote control in it, including the board. Don’t worry, no short circuit will happen without power. After a while, all the dirt will get wet and it will be easy to remove it, for example, with a regular toothbrush.

Clean the board with radio components with particular care: they must not be damaged. The contacts on the microcircuit and the buttons themselves on the seamy side of the rubber element must be black! After all the dirt has been removed, rinse the parts with running water, blot them with a dry towel and place in a warm, dry place for 30-40 minutes to dry them completely.

If the button contact is graphite-plated, the reason for poor performance may be that it is worn out and worn out. The usual packaging for chocolate or cigarettes will help to solve the problem. Foil on a paper base, you just need to cut into squares or circles of the appropriate size and glue the pieces with the paper side to the contacts.

It is best to glue the foil to the contacts with “Moment” or silicone-based glue. There is also a special product for this type of needs, but buying it specifically for 1-2 buttons is impractical. Also on the market are sold special repair kits for the remote control, which have buttons with a conductive coating and a small tube of adhesive.

Cracks after falling

Remote controls can be located in a variety of places, as they should always be at hand: after waking up, you look for the remote control on the bedside table, when you have breakfast, the device lies with you on the table, and during the evening movie show, the remote control moves to the sofa next to you.

They are compact and comfortable, but they fall quite often, and this does not always happen on a soft carpet. If the remote control is dropped on a ceramic tile, then it can receive serious damage not only to the outer case, but also to the internal microcircuits.

If, after a fall, the remote control ceases to function, then its recovery also begins with disassembly. There are three common impact breakdowns:

  • Broken LED;
  • The contact terminal of the batteries is broken;
  • Damaged crystal resonator.

The first two faults can be identified by visual inspection. The operation of the LED can be checked without even disassembling the case:

  • Turn on the camera on your smartphone.
  • Aim the remote at the camera so that the LED is in focus.
  • Look at the screen of your mobile phone and press any button on the remote. The signal will be clearly visible through the camera, if any.

You can also check the operation of the LED using a multimeter, but for this the outer parts of the case will have to be removed:

After an unsuccessful fall of the remote control, the contact terminal of the batteries may be broken in it. The spring contacts of this connection are soldered to the microcircuit, so make sure that the soldering is not broken and that it is holding firmly. Also check the springs themselves for corrosion or distortion. If the contacts are oxidized, you can clean them with sandpaper.

If you find ring cracks or oxidation in the soldering of the contact terminals and decide to re-solder them, then it will be correct to disconnect all the elements from the board, clean and irradiate them and only then re-solder.

But the performance of a quartz resonator is not so easy to check. To do this, you need to disassemble the remote control and find on its microcircuit a small box with soldered contacts. If you gently shake it and hear the sound of rolling crumbs inside, then the resonator is broken and will need to be replaced. Such bullets can only be reanimated by a master.

If the TV remote control was dropped on the floor and immediately after that you noticed that the device stopped working, then when disassembling the remote control, you should pay attention to the ceramic resonator.

Types of breakdowns

There are two ways to control your TV:

  • Via buttons located on the front panel of the device;
  • Via the remote control.

And here there is an excellent opportunity to determine the source of the problem: if there is no TV response when you press the buttons on the remote control, but the TV is executing commands when control comes from the front TV panel, then you will have to diagnose the remote control. But if the TV does not respond to either its buttons or to the remote control, then, most likely, you are dealing with more serious malfunctions in the equipment itself.

To understand how to repair a TV remote control, you need to figure out where the problem might be:

  • The remote control may either not work at all. that is, when you press any button, there is no reaction from the TV;
  • The remote control does not work well. commands are executed, but not from all buttons or with a noticeable delay.
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In the first case, the problem may be in the absence of a power source or in broken contacts on the microcircuit. Incorrect operation of the remote control, most often, is obtained due to discharged batteries or a case filled with liquid.

Batteries are low

80% of all calls to service shops about a breakdown of the TV remote control are caused by the batteries. The first thing to do when diagnosing a remote control breakdown is to replace the batteries with new ones.

Even if you only inserted new batteries a few days ago, you should try to update them. Batteries can be defective or expired, often even in the original packaging, these elements can be “dead”.

If the house has a voltmeter, then you can check their voltage with this device. The minimum charge value should be 1.3 V. If the battery potential is lower, it must be replaced.

Check the operation of the remote control with new batteries, it is possible that further repairs will not be required. If the reason is not in them, go to the next step.

The TV may be defective

If you diagnosed the remote yourself by following our recommendations in this article, but the TV still does not switch channels and is not controlled from the remote control, then the malfunction may be in the TV receiver itself.

In this case, it is worth inviting a qualified foreman with his own tools, who can carry out professional diagnostics of the equipment and identify a malfunction.


How to make a TV from a monitor without a computer for watching streaming over the network? This is the easiest option, since you only need to purchase a Chromecast or Amazon FireTV The gadget is directly connected to the HDMI connector of the monitor and is configured via an application for a mobile phone or PC. Some cable operators allow you to broadcast popular channels for an additional fee, which makes viewing much more convenient.

Note that external speakers may be required to connect to the display via the auxiliary jack. Before making a TV out of a monitor, you need to make sure once again that the HDMI input you plan to use is HDCP compliant so that the audio and video decoding of the Chromecast media player is possible.

How to connect a display to a TV tuner

How to make a TV out of a monitor if you need to watch local broadcasts instead of cable TV? To do this, you can use an over-the-air antenna and a tuner. Broadcast signal strength and quality varies by area.

As with cable TV, you will need an HDMI-compatible monitor and external speakers if not built-in. But the most important piece of equipment that needs to be installed is the antenna. It depends on it how high-quality the reception will be. For city dwellers, a small room model is sufficient. Outskirts may require an external antenna with a range of 80 to 120 km.

If there are many obstacles nearby (such as tall buildings or trees), an outdoor installation will provide a clear and stable signal.

You also need a TV tuner, since monitors (unlike TVs) do not have a built-in receiver. Most displays come with an HDMI connector, but you may also need an RCA to 3.5mm cable.

The antenna connects to the RF jack, and the HDMI cable connects the tuner to the monitor. If external speakers are needed, they can be connected to a TV receiver, which itself will extract sound from the TV signal. After connecting, in order to select the correct inputs and outputs, you will have to go to the device menu.

If the signal is not clear, you should adjust the direction or position of the antenna until you get the best picture quality. To avoid problems, you can purchase a model designed for a long reception range.

How to make a TV out of a monitor for watching satellite TV

The procedure is similar to connecting a TV tuner, but instead of a terrestrial antenna, you need to connect a satellite one. True, to install and configure the latter, you may need the help of a specialist. If you already have an antenna, connect the HDMI connectors of the tuner and display, connect the speakers and configure the output port using the remote control.

Display and hardware check

The first thing to define. this is whether the monitor is receiving TV signals from a tuner or set-top box. Most modern models use HDMI as the main I / O port. If the display runs at 1080p, this shouldn’t be a problem. But keep in mind that newer devices require at least 720p output.

Another important aspect of the question of how to make a TV from a monitor without a computer is the display’s compliance with HDCP requirements. It is a DRM-like system for protecting HD and UHD content from piracy. If the HDMI input of the monitor does not support HDCP, it will not decode the signal, nullifying all previous efforts.

You also need to check if the display, set-top box or tuner has built-in speakers or a 3.5mm jack so that you can directly connect desktop speakers or a headset. If they are not, then you will need an adapter or a sound extractor, which will be discussed below.

In addition, a compatible mount may be required to mount the monitor on a wall.

Connecting to a cable TV box

If the display meets all of the above requirements, then the answer to the question of whether it is possible to make a TV out of a monitor is yes. To do this, connect the set-top box to the display device with an HDMI cable and connect the speakers to the 3.5 mm output. In most cases, all adjustments are made automatically, but sometimes minor OSD manipulations of the monitor, tuner or set-top box using the remote control may be required to select the correct inputs and outputs.

Audio extractor

How to make a TV out of a monitor if it is HDMI compatible, but does not have speakers or audio output? In this case, an audio extractor such as J-tech Digital Audio may be required. The device comes with a variety of interfaces including 3.5mm, optical, or RCA connectors. Be sure to check which plug is used by the external speakers, as

On the other hand, if you have a display with outdated connectors like DVI or VGA, you can use a TNP converter. This device converts the HDMI signal to DVI by routing audio to the 3.5mm jack. Please be aware that the adapter only supports 1080p and 720p. It must be used with caution, since such devices do not work correctly with all models.

Benefits of a computer display

The first obvious reason to use a monitor instead of a TV is cost savings. Although the cost of LCD panels has dropped significantly recently, purchasing a separate display for each medisource consumes valuable resources and finances. In addition, computer monitors provide sharper images because they tend to have a higher pixel density per screen area. They better convey motion. Pictures are smoother and less blurry because they tend to have a faster pixel color change than a TV. Also contributing to this use is that the computer display allows for different types of connections, which gives users the ability to simultaneously connect different set-top boxes, tuners and even game consoles.

Below are the steps by following which, from the monitor, you can make a TV to watch terrestrial, cable or satellite TV.

How to make a TV out of a monitor without a computer?

Using a monitor to watch TV is a practical choice these days as buying a TV for cable TV or streaming services is an additional and costly investment.

With the development of display production technology, their connection to a set-top box or TV tuner has become as easy as possible. Services like Hulu or Amazon Prime Video are great, but you can still watch free-to-air content like the Olympics or soccer championships. The article explains how to use a monitor to make a TV to watch your favorite TV shows, sports events and news that are not available through streaming services.

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Is it possible to make Smart TV out of ordinary TV

Quite often, the decision to change equipment is made due to the fact that there is no Smart TV support on the TV. You don’t have to spend money on such an upgrade. You can turn an ordinary TV into a “smart” device. There are several simple ways. Please be aware that the technology in question may not be TV-specific. It can be implemented by connecting other devices:

  • game consoles;
  • media players;
  • receivers, Smart set-top boxes;
  • Blu-ray players;
  • smartphones, tablets.

Connecting the listed devices will allow you to make Smart TV out of a regular TV. You can set up synchronization yourself. In terms of functionality, your TV will not be inferior to expensive models. The connected devices can operate under various operating systems. iOS, Android. Setting up a connection will make it possible to surf the Internet, play content online, use various applications.

What is the difference between built-in and external Smart TV? The differences do exist. They manifest themselves in several fundamental aspects. The built-in “smart” functionality cannot be improved comprehensively. In other words, you cannot install another operating system for additional features. In this aspect, an external Smart TV looks like a preferable option. It can always be improved by connecting another device.

Smart TV based on Android set-top boxes

Many users often confuse TV sticks and set-top boxes based on the Android operating system. These are fundamentally different devices. The Smart-box is a bit bigger as it is equipped with powerful hardware modules. It is extremely easy to transform such a set-top box into a mini-console with casual Android games or media players with 4K content.

Which set-top box should you choose? Pay attention to Xiaomi Mi Box and Apple TV 4. These devices are representatives of different price segments. It is clear that a device from a well-known brand will cost much less than a set-top box from Apple. One of the main advantages of this way of turning a regular TV into a Smart TV is the easy connection setup:

  • Connect the power cable of the set-top box to the outlet.
  • Connect both devices with an HDMI cable by inserting the plugs into the corresponding jacks.
  • Using the TV remote control, open the signal list and then select “HDMI”.

The TV will be controlled using the remote control included in the basic set-top box. For example, the Apple TV remote control has a built-in gyroscope that allows you to use the device as a game joystick.

The spectrum of media functionality is practically unlimited. You will be able to use various services to play content: Netflix, Hulu, etc. You just need to download the corresponding application from the Apple Store or Google Play, and then subscribe. The Nvidia Shield TV set-top box should be noted separately. It is the most versatile device on the market.

The main advantages of Nvidia Shield TV include: the most powerful graphics subsystem, voice control system, GeForce cloud service, support for Ultra HD and HDR. The device in question supports absolutely all popular streaming services. In particular, you can use the GameStream service.

Now you know how to make Smart TV from a regular TV using a set-top box. If your TV does not support HDMI, then you need to purchase an adapter, for example, USB-HDMI. In this case, the connection process will be slightly different. On older models, the signal source is adjusted slightly differently. You just need to switch to AV mode.

How to make Smart TV from a regular TV with your own hands

The functionality of an ordinary TV does not meet the requirements of a modern user. Converting to Smart TV will help solve this problem. What will it give? You will be able to play content online, play video games and take advantage of other advanced functionality. How to make Smart TV out of regular TV? Now we will consider all the popular methods, as well as analyze the common mistakes that users make.

Using a tablet or phone

If you have no desire to buy a set-top box, then you can replace it with an ordinary smartphone or tablet. Devices of this type are connected to the TV in the same way. So that users do not have any problems, first we will consider the peculiarities of TV synchronization and equipment running the iOS operating system.

There are several ways to connect your iPad or iPhone to your TV:

  • USB connector. We connect devices using the most common USB cable. There shouldn’t be any difficulties with the connection;
  • HDMI interface. Buy a dedicated adapter and then connect the devices with a regular USB cable. Press the “Input” button on the remote control. Select “HDMI” in the list of available signal sources;
  • VGA input. this interface allows you to connect your TV not only to your smartphone or tablet, but also to your computer’s LCD monitor. Note, however, that this connector is exclusively for video transmission. To play sound, you will have to use additional devices, for example, speakers.
  • Wi-Fi technology. this option is suitable for users whose TVs have a built-in module for wireless Internet connection.

By default, Apple’s technology aims to sync exclusively with branded devices. Therefore, in order to broadcast the image to other devices, you must first download and install the appropriate software on your smartphone or tablet. Download the Samsung Smart TV Now app from the Apple Store. Samsung SmarTView for iPad would be a good alternative. The first application allows you to transfer and play files from your phone. The second is aimed at turning the tablet into a multifunctional control panel.

With the help of smartphones running on the Android operating system, you can also transform a conventional TV into a Smart TV. The principle of setting up a connection is not much different from connecting an iPad, iPhone. The synchronization procedure can be significantly simplified if your smartphone or tablet supports Miracast technology. In this case, the transfer of the image will be carried out directly. The only drawback with this method is that the TV is completely dependent on the phone. For example, if it runs out, then the broadcast will be interrupted.

Using Blu-ray or game console

The game console can significantly expand the functionality of a regular TV. You can turn your old TV into a multifunctional Smart TV. Playstation and Xbox consoles support absolutely all the necessary options. Let’s take a Playstation 4 Pro connection as an example. This console supports all popular streaming services. The required applications can be downloaded from the Playstation Store. Internet surfing will also be available. It’s enough just to download the browser.

This option is suitable for those users who already have a game console at their disposal. Since buying a set-top box just to set up “smart” functionality on a regular TV is not the most far-sighted decision.

With the aim of expanding the gaming console ecosystem, Sony has released the Playstation TV. This device has several important advantages. First, the developers have implemented support for handheld games with the PS Vita. Secondly, online content playback is available.

You can connect a Playstation 4 game joystick to the Playstation console. The main disadvantage is the cost. The manufacturer announced that the minimum price for such a device is 100. Therefore, this method is suitable for those users who have this console at their disposal.

Blu-ray player is a device designed to play high quality video content. There are several methods for connecting this technique. The best solution is to use an HDMI cable. Simply insert the plugs into the corresponding jacks on your TV and player. Then select “HDMI” as the source on the TV. The player also allows you to watch movies, series, TV shows online.

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How to make a TV touchscreen using the remote

Today’s TVs go beyond TV monitors. They are increasingly dominated by the capabilities of a low-power computer, in particular, they can access the Internet, install applications, synchronize with other devices. One of the capabilities of modern TVs is the ability to control them using a tablet or smartphone, clearly how to do this will be described in this article.

In order to control the TV, it is necessary that the TV and the smartphone / tablet are connected to the same local network. It is also necessary that the corresponding application be installed on the smartphone / tablet. In practice, it looks like this, you need to connect your TV to a router (via Wi-Fi or a network cable) and connect to the same router from a mobile device.

At the time of this writing, there are three applications:

Links for iPhone / iPad (iOs) Links for Android
LG TV Remote 2011 (iOs) LG TV Remote 2011 (Android)
LG TV Remote (iOS) LG TV Remote (Android)
LG TV Plus (iOS) LG TV Plus (Android)

LG TV Remote 2011. this application should be used for TVs manufactured in 2011

LG TV Remote. this application is suitable for TVs produced in 2012-2013.

LG TV Plus. this application is for TVs released in 2014 and later with Web OS.

You can find more information in the description for each application.

In my case, I am using an LG TV with Web OS. therefore, further we will talk about setting it up.

Attention. So that there are no problems with the connection of mobile devices and control, we recommend updating the TV firmware.

After installation, launch the application and turn on the TV you want to connect to.

Allow the program to send you notifications.

The program will scan the network for TVs and indicate them in the program. Select the one you need, in this case it is one.

Next, a window should appear about the successful connection to the TV.

As a result, you will see a control menu, which is quite easy to understand.

It follows from Honor that there is more than one menu. In one of them, you can launch the Smart application or switch the input to another device.

In the other, you can use the touch panel.

A feature of using a phone / tablet as a control panel is that you can control the TV from another room, in general, where your wireless network will be “caught”.

As you could see for yourself, you can control the TV not only using the remote control or the youngest in the family, but also using a smartphone / tablet.

Touchscreen TVs

Today, there is a real boom in sensor electronics. Phones, tablet computers and even some laptops are equipped with touchscreen displays and are very popular with customers. The current market situation has attracted the attention of major TV manufacturers who have begun to develop touchscreen TVs.

We will not speculate on the rationality of using a touch screen TV. Some consider this idea pointless, some interpret the introduction of touch screens into televisions as another step in the development of television technology. First, let’s try to figure out how it all works. It is logical to assume that touchscreen TVs differ in the way they work from smartphones. The dimensions and screen requirements are completely different. The TV display is primarily designed to output high quality images with excellent contrast and color reproduction.

The touch control function is an extension of the TV’s capabilities, but in no way a replacement for the main purpose. One of the first companies that loudly announced the possibility of upgrading almost any TV to a touchscreen was Nokia. The developers have presented the Plug and Touch application, which is installed on the Nokia N8 smartphone. The phone is located at a distance of one and a half meters from the TV screen, with the help of the camera it monitors user manipulations and “turns” them into sensory commands. Not a bad idea, but for its large-scale implementation, Honor needs a lot of nuances. The prototype worked, but far from perfect.

A Taiwanese industrial institute also tried to create a touchscreen TV from an ordinary one. The invention consists of a pair of sensors that are attached to the top and bottom corners on one side of the TV screen, as well as special software. This arrangement allows you to completely fix the position of your fingers on the screen. The device also allows you to fix multiple touches, but the pressure cannot be determined. As a result, you can get a touchscreen TV from a simple TV. It’s a good idea, however, until we hear about the serial production of such a system.

LG has approached the idea more substantively. Touchscreen TVs of the LG PenTouch series are connected to a computer to realize their capabilities. Once connected, you can use a dedicated stylus to work with content on the TV screen. The touch function is switched on and off using the control panel. In addition, you can access computer files, edit and save information. LG has also released a huge 84-inch touchscreen TV that uses the Windows operating system. Its screen responds perfectly to touch, there are no brakes. Now let’s review touchscreen TVs.

LG produces a range of PenTouch TVs. There are models with a diagonal of 50 and 60 inches. The series includes 50PZ850, 60PZ850, 50PV490 and 60PV490. These are high-quality TVs, the first two support surround video playback. Visually, TVs are very similar to each other. The ultra-slim, stylish bezel keeps your eye on the big screen and makes your viewing experience unforgettable. The main differences between the models of the PZ and PV line are the ability to play 3D content. All other characteristics are the same. All TVs display a picture in Full HD resolution.

The powerful XD Engine improves picture quality no matter the source. The 50PZ850 and 60PZ850 use a modified 3D XD Engine. Light sensors allow you to automatically adjust the picture parameters to the external conditions. PenTouch touchscreen TVs do not have built-in memory, but thanks to the USB ports, you can use external drives to read pictures, movies and music. There is a 2 D to 3 D conversion function. All TVs are equipped with a plasma screen. If you want to use digital terrestrial television, then before purchasing the selected model, make sure that you have chosen a TV with a DVB tuner. T 2.

Sharp’s touchscreen TV line includes several models that differ in screen sizes (60, 70 and 80 inches). The largest of them is intended more for large firms or enterprises than for home use. The screen of the 80 inch Sharp AQUOS Board touchscreen TV has a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. Due to the use of LED backlighting, a high value of brightness and contrast of the image is achieved. The local dimming function allows you to dim certain areas of the displayed image. An impressive device. The TV set comes with a special computer of a small size, which is connected via HDMI. It has the Windows 7 operating system and software that unleashes the capabilities of the touch TV.

As you can see, the topic of touchscreen TVs is very specific. So far only LG has succeeded in this area with its PenTouch line and some large-screen models that are very expensive. Using a touchscreen phone for work is one thing, but standing in front of the TV is another. In any case, such a direction exists. Does it make sense to buy touchscreen TVs, it’s up to you.