How to make a TV remote control out of a phone

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Other brands

Other manufacturers do not have such a proprietary application, so you need to download a third-party one. Here is a list of the most popular TVs that support the largest number of TV models:

All of these applications are free and work almost identically, differing only in the interface. Therefore, their adjustment is carried out in approximately the same way:

  • Run the application.
  • Select the type of device (“TV”).
  • Choose how to connect to it. via Wi-Fi or infrared. If you have a Smart TV, you can choose any option, if not, only the infrared port.
  • Select TV manufacturer from the list.
  • Conduct a performance test following the instructions in the app.

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This is how the process of setting up the SURE Universal Remote application looks like

No more looking for a TV remote control. your phone can replace it

The modern telephone is one of the most versatile things in the world. Is it possible to make a TV remote control out of it? Yes. but subject to several conditions.


For Xiaomi, there is a standard Mi Remote application (or “Mi Remote”). It is usually preinstalled, but if you uninstalled it, you can download it again from Google Play. The setting is done like this:

  • Open the application and click on the bottom “Add remote control”.
  • Select “TV”.
  • Find your TV brand in the list.
  • Then follow the instructions of the customizer. He will ask you to test the buttons one by one.
  • After setup, you can use the remote by opening the app.

Mi Remote. intuitive application

Infrared control

If your smartphone is equipped with an infrared port, then you need to download the application to set up the control.

Which smartphones can control the TV

Conventional TV remotes are equipped with an infrared port. this is the same “light” on the edge of the remote that you probably saw on older models. Some modern smartphones also have an infrared port. for example, Xiaomi Mi 8, Honor 8, 9, 10, LG Q8 and many others. With the help of such smartphones, you can control almost any TV. both modern Smart TVs and old “boxes”.

Does this mean that smartphones without IrDA cannot be used as a remote control? No. the equipment can also be controlled wirelessly. But in this case, we will only be able to control TVs and set-top boxes that are connected to Wi-Fi. Various old models will no longer fit.

With the right combination of devices, you can connect from your phone to almost any TV

All iPhones can only be used for Wi-Fi control.

Wi-Fi control

If you have a Smart TV, then it can be controlled via Wi-Fi. This requires that the TV and phone are on the same network. Download one of the applications:

Like the previous collection, these applications are free and almost identical in operation. The setup is similar to a similar process for IR smartphones:

  • Open the app and add a new remote.
  • Select “TV” from the list of devices.
  • If the app asks how to connect to it, select Wi-Fi.
  • Find your TV manufacturer.
  • Test the remote control.

This is how the customized AnyMote app looks like

It’s easy to make a TV remote control out of your phone. If you are a happy owner of Smart TV, then absolutely any smartphone with Wi-Fi connection will do for this task.

How to use your smartphone as a remote control for your Philips TV

To start operating a TV from this manufacturer, you need to download and install the Philips MeRemote app. After installing it and opening the software, it allows you to select a TV in scan mode and synchronize with it. Convenient and intuitive interface is easy to learn. It includes the main screen from which you can access the device files, the navigation menu for switching (or dialing) channels, adjusting the volume.

An important advantage of software is speed. So, for example, when playing multimedia files from a smartphone on a TV screen, the transmission delay is less than a second. The SimplyShare function used for this is considered the best among the analogues available.

How to use your smartphone as a remote control for your LG TV

To control this manufacturer’s TV from a smartphone, you need to download and install the LG TV Remote app on it. When scanning starts, the program detects an LG TV in range and connects to it via one of the wireless communication channels.

2 screens appear on the display. The first of them is an interface that allows you to adjust the volume, switch channels. From there, you can go to the home screen, take a screenshot. Also from here it is easy to get into the list of all or favorite channels, turn on / off the 3D effect. The second screen presents a menu that provides access to installed applications.

The interface allows the user to slide his finger across the display while the mouse pointer follows on the TV screen. With this software, you can play multimedia files stored on your smartphone on TV and even play. In this case, the screen becomes a gaming field, and the display can be turned into a joystick controller.

Smartphone as TV remote

It is difficult to imagine the life of a modern person without television. The abundance of entertainment shows, films, TV series and other programs allows you to satisfy the tastes of every viewer. It is even more difficult to imagine the life of a modern person without a smartphone. Today, almost everyone has such devices. And therefore, quite naturally, the question arose “Is it possible to use a smartphone as a remote control for a TV?” And if so, then another question appears on the scene. “How to use a smartphone as a TV remote control?”.

Use your smartphone as a TV remote control

How to use your smartphone as a remote control for your Panasonic TV

A distinctive feature of the application is the presence of swipes. All management is built on them. Switching between screens, the user gets access to the device files (they can be played on TV), navigation menu, settings. It is possible to use the smartphone as a game controller, enter online mode, turn on the sleep timer and much more.

Popular software for controlling TV from a smartphone

All the variety of available software can be divided into 2 categories:

  • special (proprietary) programs;
  • universal utilities.

The first category is designed to control TV models of specific manufacturers. Keeping pace with the times, the best manufacturers of home appliances must create an interface for the functional interaction of TV and a smartphone as a remote control. The software of the second category is intended, ideally, to control all TV models.

Considering the special software that allows you to make an Android, iOS or Windows Phone smartphone a remote control for TV, let’s pay attention to the most popular manufacturers:

How to use your smartphone as a remote control for your Samsung TV

To solve this problem, you need to download and install the Samsung TV Remote app. The interface is designed quite simply and clearly. On one screen there are buttons for dialing a channel number, as well as keys for switching them and adjusting the volume, turning on / off TV, sound, going to the navigation menu.

The second screen is the interface for controlling the multimedia functions of the TV: colored keys, joystick, access to favorite files or channels. It should be noted that advertising has been added to the application, which is a significant drawback.

How to use your smartphone as a remote control for your Sony TV

In order to solve this problem, you need to download and install the TV Side View application. When opened, it automatically finds a TV in range and connects to it. The interface design is in dark colors. It looks discreet and stylish, makes it easy to control the TV. Several screens are available for work.

On one of them, you can navigate between channels, adjust the volume and perform other standard functions. On the other, manage files stored in the device’s memory. On the third. to carry out typing, viewing the program guide. Voice command control and picture quality setting are also available.

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Android TV Remote

This application allows you to control any TV and set-top box with Android TV. The interface offers basic navigation elements, a D-Pad, a touch pad, and the ability to type using an on-screen keyboard. A separate button activates the microphone for voice requests, which is especially convenient if the standard remote control does not have this function.

Requires: Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Peel Smart Remote

Combines universal TV remote control and TV program, which is formed according to the postal code. Peel Smart Remote will identify your ISP and tell you what, when and on which channel to watch. The longer you use it, the more accurate the recommendations will be.

Requires: IR transmitter and Wi-Fi.

Connecting a smartphone as a TV remote control via wi-fi

What is left for the owners of smartphones without a built-in infrared port? And in this case, there is a way out. You can use the home Internet network via wi-fi as a connection between the phone and the TV. To do this, you need to connect it to the Internet in the TV settings. The program for the corresponding TV model is downloaded to the smartphone. This method has advantages over using IrDA.

  • Connection via wi-fi allows you to control the TV at any distance where this network catches.
  • Special remote control programs for a specific TV make it possible to control more functionality than a universal remote control.
  • This connection method is possible in the absence of the Internet using a home local network.
  • On the Internet, you need to find a program for the remote control for any TV. These programs are free, and many of them are Russified, which makes it easier to use such programs.

Thus, you can control children if they watch cartoons for too long. And it is possible to adjust the volume of the TV from the next room. It is worth noting that some programs make it possible to record a program on a smartphone, if necessary.

The smartphone has replaced many items needed in everyday life. This approach allows you to control almost everything with one mobile phone. It is convenient and accessible for any person.

8 Android apps that turn a smartphone into a remote control for technology

With the help of a few clever developments, you can remotely control TVs, air conditioners, set-top boxes and even computers.

How to use your phone instead of a remote control?

A smartphone is a thing that almost all people have. He replaced a telephone, a player, a camera, a notebook, a calendar and many other items necessary in a person’s life. Today, no one can imagine life without a smartphone.

A mobile phone or tablet can also replace a TV remote control. The times when the volume and program switching were carried out directly by pressing the buttons on the TV have long been forgotten. Today, all TVs have a remote control that allows you to control them remotely from the comfort of your couch. Everyone knows the situation of constant searches for the TV remote control. After all, he was always lost at the most inopportune moment. People often forget to change the batteries in remotes, which makes it react badly to button presses, which is annoying. It is also worth remembering about the spilled liquid, which completely spoils the remote control.

A smartphone is always at hand for a modern person. The ideal solution is to connect a smartphone and a TV remote control. This is done with the help of special programs and a special connection of the phone to the TV. There are two ways to link a smartphone to a TV, which are described in more detail below.

Controlling the TV with the built-in infrared port in the smartphone

In our time, the infrared port is practically not used. Many mobile phone manufacturers have stopped building this feature in order to save space inside the smartphone. But even now, Chinese factories are producing models of smartphones with an infrared port. It is used on very rare occasions. Namely, to connect a smartphone as a TV remote control.

As a rule, such smartphones have a universal remote control program immediately installed from the manufacturer. To start using such an unusual remote control, you need to find the TV model in the program and set up contact with it. So the smartphone becomes no worse than any TV remote control.

If there is no built-in program, then it is possible to download from the playmarket. It’s free and easy to use.

Samsung TV Remote

From the name it can be understood that this program will only work with TVs of this brand. Using it, you simply will not be able to control the device of the South Korean manufacturer. To get started, download and install this application. It is available not only for Android operating systems, but also for IOS, which allows this program to work on the IPhone.

During the first launch, you will need to “Allow” access to all the necessary functions for the application to work. Next, start your TV and connect it to the router.

Now follow the instructions to sync. After that, the application is ready to work.

The number of downloads of this application has exceeded the 10,000,000 mark. Let’s note the main features of this program and see why the users fell in love with it:

  • through it you can watch videos and listen to music stored on your phone;
  • the ability to stream playback of the list of marked files (you can select several video files that will be played in a given order);
  • there is a possibility of broadcasting from the phone screen directly to the TV;
  • there is a “sleep mode” function, at a certain time the TV will turn off.

TV SideView

This is a universal program for controlling most modern TV models. After installation and launch, the described application is ready to work. It is worth noting the convenience of the location of the buttons for switching channels, which allows you to immediately switch channels without calling up an additional menu. This application has almost no additional settings. Good or bad, each of the users will decide for himself. It is worth noting a set of software:

  • the application has a completely Russified interface;
  • convenient and intuitive control;
  • fast synchronization with the TV;
  • the program is completely free.

How to Control Samsung TV from Phone?

Modern TVs have a huge set of useful and interesting functions, especially if your device has a SmartTV platform. However, using them is not always convenient due to the remote control, the design of which is often given a minimum of attention. This situation can be corrected by using your smartphone as a remote control. In today’s article, we will take a look at how to control a Samsung TV using your phone.

How to make a remote control out of a phone?

A lot of modern TVs support SmartTV technology and are equipped with a Wi-Fi module. It is through this connection that the TV will be controlled. An important condition for the operation of these 2 devices is to connect to one router, so do not worry about the fact that your neighbor will “click” your channels. For the phone to work properly as a remote control, the following conditions must be met.

  • Your smartphone must be running Android 5 or newer. Otherwise, it will be quite problematic to install new wireless monitoring applications.
  • The TV must support Wi-Fi connections, and if your device has an infrared port, then you can do without Wi-Fi.
  • A dedicated app must be installed on your phone. This program can be specially developed by the manufacturer for Samsung equipment, or you can download any from the Internet.

By observing these simple conditions, you will ensure a fast and hassle-free connection.

ZaZa Remote

A very extensive program that allows you to control not only a TV, but also other household appliances that have a Wi-Fi connection. It is worth noting that the menu has only partial Russification, but at the same time it will not be difficult to understand the functionality. everything is simple and obvious. After downloading and installing, the first launch occurs. At this time, a small interactive instruction passes, after which you need to click on the Go Now button.

Next, a small menu will appear at the bottom of the screen, in which you need to click on “I know.” After that, you will need to provide the program with access to the location. The application is now fully operational. In order to add a remote control, you need to click on the corresponding button and select the required device and its model. The main advantages of this program include:

  • free access;
  • support for all versions of Android;
  • clear and convenient design;
  • the presence of a large number of supported devices in the database;
  • fast sync with your TV.

TV Assistant

Universal TV program. On first launch, the application prompts you to familiarize yourself with all the available functions. If you do not want to read the instructions, then for this you can click the “Skip” button. After that, go to the “Remote Control” section and start synchronizing with the TV. This process takes place very quickly, its end is indicated by the inscription on the screen. In the described application, the control panel is implemented very competently, the control keys have a good layout and location. The interface looks a little old-fashioned, but that can be attributed to the design pluses. Other advantages of the application can be considered:

  • the ability to work on all versions of Android;
  • the application is fully Russified;
  • there is no advertising;
  • this program is absolutely free;
  • there is the ability to exchange files;
  • it is possible to connect using a QR code if the TV has Smart Connect support.

Android TV Remote Control

This program is designed to work with Android TV. Before using this application, make sure that you have Wi-Fi turned on, this will help avoid unexpected problems. During the first start-up, you will need to agree to the privacy policy and fulfill the necessary requirements. After that, select your TV from the list of devices and synchronize. The positive aspects of this program include:

  • it is completely free;
  • there is a Russian language;
  • convenient and simple control;
  • there is support from Google.
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Setting up control of Samsung TVs

To synchronize a Samsung TV with an Android smartphone, you will need to download another official utility from the developers called Smart TV Remote. You can make a remote control for Samsung equipment via a smartphone in almost the same way as described above, with the exception of some minor nuances.

To start, as in the previous case, it is worth downloading and installing the necessary utility, after which it is worth launching it and clicking on the power icon at the top of the window on the right. The user will immediately open a pairing window on the phone, where you need to activate the search for your TV, which is done by clicking on the “Network” function. It remains to wait for the phone to “find” the object, select the type of pairing, and you can use the device as a remote control.

The remote control debugged on the smartphone will allow you to quickly and easily interact with the Samsung TV through the following manipulations:

  • The buttons for switching channels and adjusting the volume are located on the left side of the working window.
  • The Smart menu is located on the right and has three main tabs: Media, Text and Smart. To use more precise settings, just click on the “Smart” button to open this menu.
  • The “Smart” section includes cross-shaped arrows and colored buttons. The function of the buttons and arrows is the same as the standard keys of the same design as on a regular factory remote control.
  • If you need to write text, you need to go to the appropriate tab, write the necessary information in the window that opens using the touch keyboard and “Send” it to the active line on TV.
  • Video content management is carried out by working in the “Media” tab.

Usually, there are no difficulties during the operation of the program, the interface is clear and accessible to any consumer.

Smartphone as a remote control for LG

Let’s start analyzing the question of how to set up the control of equipment on the phone, with models from the globally popular LG manufacturer. Under the LG brand, not only TVs are produced, but also computer equipment, as well as phones, so it is not surprising that the developers took care of the possibility of using the phone as a remote, presenting an official way to accomplish the task through a special application called LG TV Remote.

To begin with, you need to download this application for LG TV from Android Market, install it on the device, after launching it, select the “Tablet” or “Phone” layout, depending on the gadget that will act as a remote control. Next, the phone will need to be connected to the TV using the “Scan devices” option in the installed utility. At the end of the scanning process, the screen should display the current list of equipment, among which you need to select your TV. Before the pairing procedure, make sure that the equipment is connected to the network, otherwise you will simply not find it in the list.

Then it remains only to complete the pairing procedure by entering the code on the phone that appears on the TV screen. If everything is done correctly, after entering the code, a screen with a visualization of the remote control will appear on the phone. The program has an intuitive interface, so you won’t have to figure out how to use the remote control for a long time: the screen will display buttons for switching programs on TV and volume keys, and calling the keyboard is possible by touching any text field, which will allow you to enter the necessary information to for example, the address of the page in the browser.

Set up phone controls for Philips TVs

Philips is another manufacturer whose popularity does not allow developers to lag behind modern technological innovations. Since the interests of the consumer at the present time are increasingly focused on progressive technologies that facilitate the operation of household and home appliances, the developers have taken care of the release of a program that allows you to use smartphones, with which most people practically do not part either at home or at work, like a remote control for home TV. The official program from the Philips company is an easy-to-use, simple, reliable and functional program Philips TV Remote.

The program is distinguished by its simplicity in settings, as well as advanced functionality, excellent device integration, the ability to fully replace the control panel installed on the phone. The remote control for the TV set up through the phone through this utility guarantees both the ability to change programs on TV, in the presence of a visual display of TV channel icons on the smartphone screen, and control of all Smart TV options, which is important for a modern user.

In order to convert the phone into a remote control, it is enough to download and install the application on the device after pairing the devices in the same Wi-Fi network, launch the program, which activates the automatic search for the TV ready for pairing. By choosing a device, the user will be able to see on the phone a visual, understandable design, with simple controls. When you hover the cursor over the field for entering text, the touch keyboard will automatically open, which will allow you to quickly enter what you need. The program also has a built-in player that allows you to control functions that are important when watching a variety of films.

The program does not need additional settings, after the performed manipulations the user will be able to operate his device as a remote control for a Philips TV, controlling the device remotely.

Setting up your phone as a remote control for Sony TV

Connecting the remote on the phone to the Sony TV, as in the previous cases, is done through the official tool for smartphones running on Android, called Media Remote.

In order to make a remote control from a smartphone, in a specific case, you need to download the program to the gadget, launch it, having previously connected both devices to the same network, and search for your TV in the home grid. A TV is selected from the proposed list, which will allow it to be further controlled from the phone. On the TV, you must enable the “Remote device. Renderer” option, and confirm as follows: select the “Network” parameter through the Home tab on the TV, go to the “Network Settings” section, where opposite the Renderer position, move the slider to the “Enabled” position.

The configured application allows you to:

  • Standard switching of channels or changing the volume of content playback.
  • Quick entry of text queries, if necessary, find the necessary information on the network.
  • On-screen display of information about the movie or other program item being watched.
  • Allows the transfer of Internet content between paired devices.

Media Remote is a reliable official resource that allows you to control Sony devices from modern Android gadgets.

Setting up control of TVs from other manufacturers

If everything is clear with popular manufacturers: device developers took care of additional software by creating special programs for the interaction of modern smartphones and home TVs, then lesser-known brands do not have such advantages.

Get upset if you have a unit in your house not from a popular manufacturer, but, for example, SHARP, Panasonic or DEXP, and immediately discard the opportunity to use your phone from the discussed perspective. You can use your phone as a remote control with the help of universal utilities, which are presented in large numbers. Choose programs from the Universal Remote Control category. Program settings for TV on a personal phone will not differ much from official utilities.

The pairing of the phone and the TV should take place against the background of the registration of devices in the same network, after which, by downloading the program, all that remains is to activate the synchronization. You will be able to use the remote control via the phone app after installing the software. On the screen of the gadget, you will see a standard interface similar to the appearance of a conventional remote control. It is not difficult to control the TV from the smartphone screen, and the software version has expanded functionality and easier execution of channel switching, increasing or decreasing the volume on the device, simple and quick text input using the smartphone keyboard.

Here, a more difficult question is precisely the choice of the optimal and effective application due to their number.

It is difficult to advise in choosing the best option, but there are applications that are highly popular among users. The Universal TV Remote program proves to be an effective “universal remote” designed for installation on smartphones running on Android. Its resources are at least a little inferior in functionality to special applications in terms of the number of options, but the program copes with the main tasks necessary for effective management. The advantage of this application is the ability to set up a remote control on the phone regardless of the “brand” of the TV: the utility is suitable for both the popular Samsung and Dexp.

Another popular universal and reliable software is Sure Universal Remote. The program is easy-to-use, designed to synchronize TVs with both Wi-Fi and infrared connection with Android phones. Has a Russian-language interface, voice control and a built-in player for viewing streaming video content. When setting up, it will be enough to determine the type of connection and model of equipment, and enjoy the result.

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Sometimes it happens that in the list of available devices there is no TV model that the user has. For example, the DEXP-branded technique already mentioned in the article, which is widespread in Russia at the expense of a democratic price, is not included in the list of the universal Sure application, but its customization is possible by trying to connect through other brands. The manipulation may take a little longer due to possible errors, with the need to repeat the synchronization. Users claim that any equipment can be connected via Sure only if the TV is equipped with the ability to connect to the network.

Connecting the phone to the TV as a remote control: specifics of implementation and advantages

Modern smartphones are now capable of performing many functions and tasks, making life easier for the owner. They are not only used for communication, but also as a camera, notebook, diary, allow you to play games, watch a movie or listen to music, and also have many other useful and innovative options.

Not surprisingly, over time, the functionality of smartphones has expanded to perform exclusively everyday tasks, for example, with the ability to use a smartphone as a remote control for a TV. In this article, we will talk about the relevance of such a function, as well as the possibilities of setting up remote control of equipment via a smartphone, with step-by-step instructions for the process.

The advantages of controlling home appliances via a smartphone and the conditions for implementing their synchronization

Using a smartphone as a remote control for a TV is far from a new opportunity, but the relevance and need for such a function is still questionable for some people. The profitability of using a smartphone in a particular case is justified by many advantages:

  • The remote control is often lost in the house, and the smartphone can be quickly found by calling it.
  • Batteries tend to run out at the most inopportune moment, while the phone can be easily and quickly recharged.
  • It is much easier to remotely control equipment from a smartphone, especially when you need to enter a certain text into the “search engine”. An additionally purchased keyboard often comes to the rescue in such a situation, but the acquisition of such things is always a significant financial cost.

The benefits of device syncing are more than enough to make you wonder how to use your phone as a remote control. First, it is worth figuring out in which cases such a possibility is permissible. Old-style TVs, which are more than twenty years old, cannot be “made” to respond to the phone, but devices that correspond to modern technologies can be easily synchronized with gadgets running on Android.

A fundamental requirement that allows synchronization is the ability to connect equipment to the same network. This condition is feasible only if there is a technical possibility of connecting the TV in any of the available ways to the Internet.

Further, in order for the devices to perceive each other, the corresponding application is downloaded to the smartphone from the Internet. On the network you can find utilities specially developed both exclusively for specific, popular TVs, and universal applications for not too rated models.


The article offers the most popular options for making a TV remote control from a smartphone, with a detailed description of the procedure. The methods of supplementing the functionality of a smartphone are almost identical for all TVs, the only difference is in the choice of the program that is relevant for a particular case and the conditions for the TV to have the function of connecting to the home network.

If even before you have not had to perform such tasks, you should not worry: when synchronizing equipment, there are often no difficulties. Try, apply innovations in practice and simplify your interaction with technology by introducing innovative technologies even in everyday life.

How to install?

An obligatory technical requirement is that there must be an infrared transmitter on the tablet or smartphone. Management is carried out precisely through him. Check the phone specifications and inspect the case.

Install the application by pressing a button: even a child can download the TV remote control on Android. Next, open it and select the brand of your electronics. The list is impressive, as it includes old and new TV models produced in all countries of the world. We make a choice, and a convenient interface appears on the screen with which you can control your (and not only) device. If you have correctly specified the model used, there will be no problems with working in the application.

Mi Remote Controller

Mi Remote Controller is a proprietary application from the manufacturer Xiaomi, but it works on all smartphones with an infrared port. It can also be used in the absence of an infrared port and connect via Wi-Fi. You can install this program, like all those presented in our list, from Google Play. After the first launch, we accept the license agreement and select the device to be controlled.

For example, it will be a Samsung TV. Then on the main page go to the “TV” section and click on the name of the device from this manufacturer. When the initial setup is complete, the screen will display the real virtual remote control.

The principle of its use is the same as for the standard control. That is, we use the arrows to scroll through the channels, the corresponding button to turn off the TV, and the “Number buttons” menu to open the field with numbers. Everything is extremely simple and understandable even for a novice user.

Galaxy Universal Remote

OS version: Android 4.0 or later

A universal application for a smartphone that allows you to make a gadget a remote control not only for a TV, but also for any household appliances with a built-in infrared port.

If there are several TVs in the house, the user of the application can bookmark each model for quick access at any time. If additional devices are connected to the TV, such as amplifiers or game consoles, the universal remote can be configured for each device from one menu.

The application has extensive functionality:

  • Unique control panel. The user can add his own command buttons, set their shape, size and color, set their own icon on each button.
  • Creation of macros. The ability to customize a list of actions for one click. This can be turning on the TV, switching to a certain channel, increasing the volume.
  • Create and save custom IR command codes
  • Scan Device Models to Set Up Phone Alignment
  • Backup. All settings and commands can be transferred to another phone.
  • A widget for the home screen of an Android smartphone. You can control your TV without even going into the app.

If the application turns out to be incompatible with a specific TV model, the developers have provided a refund system for the money paid for the program.

Controlling your TV using apps

Many TV models require specific applications. Let’s figure out how to work with them.

TV control technology from the phone

Technology is constantly evolving. If earlier an ordinary user could be surprised by switching television from an ordinary watch, now it is considered normal to use a mobile phone as a remote control.

Depending on the communication capabilities of the TV, you can control it through:

  • Wi-fi or bluetooth connection. The option is available to SmartTV owners when connecting an Android set-top box to an outdated device;
  • infrared port. Suitable for any TV.

Large manufacturers, trying to attract the attention of users to the technology, develop their own solutions in the form of proprietary applications.

They are available in the Play Market and have a clear interface. But there are also universal solutions that allow you not to think about the TV brand, which is especially important if the user interacts with models from different manufacturers.

OneZap Remote

The program is from the paid category. There are more than 200 brands of TVs in the list of supported models. Minimum requirements for a mobile phone. “Android4.0” and higher.

The user can not only use the standard menu, but also create his own. Available for customization:

  • size, shape of buttons;
  • colors of the virtual remote control of the application;
  • the ability to add on a single screen control DVD-player, set-top box.

Synchronization of devices is carried out via Wi-Fi.

LG TV app

The LG TV Remote app allows you to remotely control your LG Android TVs. Using the application, you can change the channels and volume of the device, exit the application menu. The device is connected as follows:

  • Turn on your TV and launch the app on your phone. Devices must be on the same network;
  • Click on the Device Scan button on the right side of the application;

Run the application and click the Device Scan button

The program should detect your TV. Select it to bind the app to the device.

You will see a code on the TV screen. It should appear in the corner. Enter this code on your phone.

Enter the code from the TV screen into your application

After accepting the terms of the user agreement, you will be able to use the application.

You can start using the remote

One of the interesting features of this particular application is direct control. finger movements on the phone screen will work like a mouse cursor on the TV screen. Plus, you can display files from your phone and even play games using your phone as a controller.