How to make a loop on an iPhone

Removing from a conference

Each member of the conversation can independently leave the “social circle”. All you need to do is hang up the phone and hang up the call. But there are situations when a person is forcibly removed. To do this, the conversation organizer:

  • finds the “i” icon located next to the contact on the right;
  • presses the “End call” key.

It is allowed to create a private conversation within the conference. For this, the main line is not interrupted, this will require:

  • press “i” opposite the contact of the person with whom there was a desire to communicate personally;
  • find the “Private” option located near the “Hang up”;
  • confirm the transition;
  • at the end of a private conversation, return to the menu, re-unite all participants in the conversation.

To prevent others from hearing what is at stake, simply turn off the speaker on your iPhone. Thus, outsiders will not be aware of what is happening.

Problems arise due to poor quality connections. It is recommended that you check your phone and network settings before starting a conference call.

Setting up a group call

In most cases, the “cellular” companies in Russia provide an opportunity to bring people together and create a group conversation using the iPhone. But if the user is not sure about this service, first it is recommended to clarify the availability of this function. The number of participants. from two to five. is determined by the operator. It is important to enable the “Call Waiting”, “Call Hold” options in advance. The first option is found in Phone Settings:

The “Hold connection” option will most likely have to be activated at the operator. Generally, there is an additional charge for this service.

After that, the algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Call the first conference participant and put him on hold. Warn him that you will have to wait for other interlocutors to join;
  • click the Add Call icon;

Add an additional participant to the conversation during a call

How many interlocutors are included in the conversation is determined by the communication service provider. Large Russian operators, for example, Megafon, MTS, Beeline, enable five conference call participants to have a conversation at the same time.

How to enable a group call using conference calling on iPhone

Owners of iPhones have access to the opportunity to organize conferences directly on the phone in the “online” mode. Through the Internet, interlocutors are united, wherever they are in the world. The answer to the question: How to make conference calls on iPhone is quite simple. You need to enable communication, create a call, add users.

The conference allows you to effectively solve business issues, interact with relatives and friends. You don’t need to tell everyone the same thing separately. The option is available regardless of the services provided by mobile operators.

The organization of a “circle of communication” with several participants is not particularly difficult, however, as well as the removal of unwanted interlocutors. Once you try communication in a group according to the instructions described above, everything will become simple and understandable.

How to speed up slow motion video?

Once uploaded to Instagram, the slow-motion video can be turned into “normal” video, with normal playback speed. To do this, you also do not need to download and install third-party programs. hardware is enough.

Here’s how to speed up slow motion

Open the video shot in Slo-mo and click the “Edit” button located in the bottom panel.

You will see a scroll bar next to the play bar.

make, loop, iphone

By moving the sliders, you can determine the area of ​​the video that will appear in slow motion. If you bring the 2 sliders together, the video will have a standard playback speed.

Slow motion programs

Despite the fact that the built-in Slo-mo video recording function is available only on iPhone 5S and newer devices, owners of iPhone 5 and 4th modification models can also make excellent slow-motion videos. for this they need to use applications from the AppStore and Cydia.

On the iPhone 4, most of these programs will not work. utilities require at least iOS 8, while the “four” will not be able to install the “operating system” of a more modern version than 7.1.2. One of the few slow-motion video software that you can install on iPhone 4 is SloPro. This app does not have high OS requirements. it can be downloaded on iOS 7 too.

SloPro writes the original video at 60 FPS, then slows down the playback speed to the standard 15 FPS. The user of the application has other options besides recording clips in Slo-mo:

Using the program is very simple. after launching SloPro, you need to point the iPhone camera at the subject and press the red REC button.

Once you’ve finished shooting, you should start editing. The user needs to select a video in the library and open it.

On the next screen, you need to press the “Edit” button in the upper right corner. this will start the editing mode.

At the bottom is a rather modest toolbar. Using the Clip In and Clip Out buttons, you can trim the video from both ends. Buttons “Speed ​​In” and “Speed ​​Out” allow you to slow down a part of the video.

You can select and apply any effect to the video through the “Render” button located at the top of the screen. The library of effects is small. there are only 3 options in the list. The most impressive one is “Ghost”. The entry and exit points of this effect are marked with disturbing sounds.

To complete editing in SloPro, you need to click the checkmark in the upper right corner of the screen.

Here’s a video we were able to make using the SloPro app on iPhone 4. there is a slow motion inset with the “Ghost” effect:

To share videos in SloPro, click on the “Share” button.

There will be 3 social networks where you can upload the video for free Instagram, YouTube.

How to loop YouTube videos on IPhone

Owners of the paid version of the application get more options for exporting and sharing videos. The watermark can also be removed only by the person who paid. The paid version of SloPro costs 4.

You can also slow down video on iPhone using other applications:

    SlowCam. The famous application with a snail on the logo is also installed on iOS 7. However, this program does not have a free version. You will have to pay 149 rubles for downloading SlowCam. RePlay. The RePlay video editor is one of the most popular among Apple technology users. It includes 24 video editing styles, including Snappy. This style allows you to slow down and speed up your finished video. RePlay is considered a free application, but you will have to pay 219 rubles to remove the watermark. Among the disadvantages of the video editor are the high requirements for the iPhone operating system. The program will not install on iOS below 9.0. Slo-Mo Mod. The Slo-Mo Mod tweak from Cydia allows you to add the Slow Motion effect even to “old” devices. including the iPhone 4 and iPad 2. The tweak will also be useful to owners of more modern models, because it allows you to choose the frame rate at first shoot slow motion video. Slo-Mo Mod is a completely free program, however, before installing it, the user needs to download the Burst Mode component to the iPhone with jailbreak. This useful component may be needed in the future to support other tweaks.
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How to Change Slow Motion Video Quality on iPhone?

You can change the quality of slow-motion video shooting only on iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7. Happy owners of these devices are able to choose between Full HD with FPS 120 and HD with FPS 240. The required quality of shooting should be set as follows:

In the “Settings” go to the subsection “Photos and Camera”.

Scroll down to the Camera block. In this block, you will find a subsection “Record Slo-mo”. that’s what you need.

From the 2 options in the subsection, select the appropriate.

A minute of Full HD video with FPS 120 weighs 350 MB, a minute of HD video with FPS 240 is 300 MB. The weight of such videos is very large, so you should not shoot Slo-Mo videos longer than 1 minute.

You also need to set the quality of slow-motion video before shooting.

How to slow down a video on iPhone?

IPhone owners sometimes do not understand what their devices are capable of. Modern models of “apple” gadgets, for example, allow you to create bright videos with the Slo-Mo effect. Here’s How to Create Slow Motion Video on iPhone.

All iPhone models, starting with 5S, can shoot video with the Slow Motion effect. For the sake of such an opportunity, device users do not need to download applications from the AppStore or make clever settings for their mobile devices. You can activate slow motion mode right in the camera menu.

How to take slow motion video on iPhone?

Technically, the Slow-Motion effect is achieved due to the fact that the video is shot with an increased FPS. the number of frames per second. After recording is finished, the clip is brought to the standard frame rate, and therefore the image is slowed down. The standard frequency for iPhones is 15 FPS. “Apple” gadgets of the 6th generation are capable of shooting HD-video at 240 FPS. It is easy to calculate that you can achieve high-quality deceleration 16 times!

However, users rarely resort to such a radical slowdown. videos with an initially high FPS take up too much space. It is enough to slow down the Full HD video from the iPhone 5S (FPS 30) by 2 times. it will already look very impressive! How to activate Slo-Mo mode on Apple devices?

Launch the built-in Camera app and switch to Video.

How to make Loop and Bounce photos on iOS 11?

Flip through the mode selector. Once you’ve found the Slo-Mo mode, stop there.

Start recording by pressing the REC button.

Once you’ve finished recording, you can enjoy watching the slow motion video and maybe even upload it to Instagram.

Slo-Mo must be activated before recording, not after. You can only slow down a video recorded with a standard FPS by using third-party software.

On modern iPhones (5S and up), the Slow Motion effect can be configured using hardware capabilities. To make a slow motion video on an “old” iPhone, you have to download and install mobile applications from the AppStore. The best option is the SloPro program; it has a free version, is very easy to use and does not have any fantastic software requirements. For jailbroken iPhones, the Slo-Mo Mod tweak should be preferred for deeper customization of the Slow Motion effect.

How to create a video from photos with music on iPhone

Each photo has its own story. If you combine several pictures into one video from a trip, from a memorable meeting or a walk, decorating with music, you get an author’s masterpiece. Memories will become much brighter and more pleasant. Let’s figure out how to make a video from a photo with music.

Slideshow Maker

For more opportunities in creating video from photos with music, it is recommended to download a special application from the AppStore. For example, consider the Perfect Video video editor.

The program offers pro and regular versions. The first includes a wide range of options, but it is “for the money.” Many people need a free account to create slideshows.

This program differs from “Memories” in that it offers the following features:

  • Insert text, subtitles.
  • Selecting the format of the created videos.
  • Cropping pictures.
  • Adding watermarks.
  • Self-selection of the desired “piece” of melody.
  • Sound effects, transitions.

The downloaded app helps you to fine-tune your video clip.

Work algorithm

When launched, there will be a mini-menu at the bottom of the screen, consisting of three items:

  • Add videos or photos.
  • Write text.
  • Choose a song.

The following functions are available during the editing process:

  • circumcision;
  • resizing;
  • adding subtitles;
  • changing file size,
  • adjusting the speed of the product;
  • selection of effects for pictures and transitions.

To add sound to a video, in the appropriate section, select one of two options: “Select your own track from the playlist” or “Record sound”.

After all the edits, revise the result, and then export and save as a video. The film is easily launched from the “Gallery”. You can share it with your friends.

Built-in feature on iOS 10

If the iPhone is updated to iOS 10, then making a small movie from photos is pretty easy. You don’t even have to edit anything manually here: the built-in function will do everything by itself (!). So let’s get started:

Create beautiful iPhone looping photos

  • Opening the “Gallery”.
  • At the bottom of the screen we see “Memories”.
  • We choose one of the proposed.
  • Determine the “mood” of the clip.
  • Watching the finished video.

But if it suddenly happens that the automatic video does not like it, you can fix it. When creating “Memories” from personal photos, the user changes the background music, selects a photo, increases or decreases the speed of transmission of pictures, adjusts the duration of the video.

If you need a simple editor with no additional features, the built-in Gallery, available since iOS 10. It is simple, but has all the basic features. Create a video from photos using the editor will work without problems.

But if it turned out that the device with the iOS version is lower or you need advanced functions to create clips from photos, it is better to download one of the free applications from the AppStore. Programs differ from each other only in the number of functions provided.

What is iPhone call forwarding

Apple has also taken care of its customers by providing its devices with call forwarding capabilities. over, the setup is quite simple and does not require the intervention of cellular operators and money costs.

How to turn off call forwarding on iPhone

Removing call forwarding on iPhone is even easier than setting it up. To do this, you need to follow the same steps as when switching on:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select “Phone”.
  • In the “Calls” menu, go to the “Forwarding” item.
  • Drag the slider to the left to disable the feature.

Important! The second way to disable the function is to use the “##” query. After resetting the “Forwarding” command, all calls will be sent to the main number.

How to make call forwarding on iPhone

How to enable call forwarding on iPhone? Setting up the function is easy enough. The flow hasn’t changed since the iPhone 5 S and SE. Users who need iPhone forwarding need to do the following:

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Select the “Phone” tab.
  • In the “Calls” menu, go to the “Forwarding” item.
  • Enable the function by dragging the shutter to the right.
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After switching on, the sub-items “Own” and “Forward” will appear. The second sub-item allows you to forward all incoming calls to the specified contact.

When you drag the shutter to the right in the “Own” sub-item, a menu of three positions will open:

  • Busy (all bridged calls are diverted);
  • “No answer” (unanswered ones will be redirected);
  • “Unavailable” (if the phone is switched off or out of network coverage).

The last step is to define the required forwarding option, enable it and specify the number where calls will be directed.

For your information! In contacts, you can specify not only a mobile number, but also Skype, Viber, Google Voice and other services.

iPhone allows you to enable different types of call forwarding one by one, or set up all items together with one phone number or several. If you fill in all the available menu items, the phone itself will determine the conditions when the required call forwarding should be enabled.

How to forward to another number on iPhone, if there is such a need? To change the number in one of the menu items, just enter a new contact instead of the existing one.

IPhone has 4 types of call forwarding

The need for a function

Dual-SIM phones made life easier for those who had to purchase two devices in order to be able to connect to different mobile operators. On the one hand, it is convenient, on the other hand, the device becomes useless when the battery is planted or out of the network coverage area. Thus, two phone numbers are unavailable at once. What to do? Back to multiple smartphones?

With call forwarding, no need for two phones

There is an easier and more reliable way that gives ample opportunities to always remain in the availability zone. call forwarding. How is this feature useful? Assuming problems with communication or with the phones themselves for various reasons, you can set up call forwarding to any alternative number.

For your information! Modern technologies allow you to set up call forwarding not only to another phone, but also to the numbers of electronic messengers, which makes the function even more convenient and in demand.

Enabling Carrier Call Forwarding on iPhone

If for some reason you are not satisfied with connecting the option through the device itself, you can contact your mobile operator. Any mobile provider provides this service. For example, MTS offers all types of call forwarding that are already included in the iPhone.

  • by typing the command “11140 #”, press the call handset;
  • through the user’s account.

You can configure the option yourself in your personal account by entering special commands or contact the cellular salon.

Important! When you go to the salon with you, you must have an identity document.

How much does the service cost? As a rule, the call forwarding connection is free of charge. The fee is charged only for calls at the established tariffs of a specific operator.

Note! Call forwarding only to phone numbers is available through the operator. You will not be able to redirect the call to messengers.

How to forward on iPhone to another number

Call forwarding. redirecting a caller to a specific number to another one set by the subscriber. It would seem, why such turns? However, today this feature is relevant and useful. Smartphone developers have come a long way to provide a person with mobility, one of the conditions of which is the ability to contact the right subscriber, regardless of the circumstances.

Low Light mode. for shooting in low light conditions with long exposure

Taking a long exposure photo at dusk, even on a DSLR camera, is a rather difficult task, not to mention the iPhone, because the light sensitivity of the matrix is ​​important in this matter, that is, the maximum amount of light that the device can capture.

  • you can capture more light with a slower shutter speed (keep the aperture open longer), but there is a risk of getting a blurry image;
  • a smooth increase in light sensitivity leads to the appearance of noise.

This is why you need a tripod. Be sure to take into account the overall level of illumination, because a bright lantern or an advertising sign caught in the frame can ruin everything. There is a small rule. the more intense the light source, the faster the shutter speed should be.

How to take a long exposure photo with a trail effect on iPhone using the Slow Shutter Cam app

This program strikes the perfect balance between ease of use and functionality. It offers three main modes, one of which is specially designed for light trail shots. It is convenient that the application is not overloaded with unnecessary complex functions, learning how to work will take much less time than with a professional camera.

What is important to us is the ability of Slow Shutter Cam to adjust the shutter speed depending on what is being filmed. The app allows you to use your smartphone’s volume button as a shutter and set a self-timer to minimize camera shake.

Consider using the application on one of three profiles. Light Tail, which is designed to create a light trail in low light conditions (you will find a description of other application modes below in this article).

Run the program and click on the gear icon.

Select the Light Trail profile and move the Shutter Speed ​​slider (exposure time in seconds) to the Bulb value, thereby setting the application’s manual mode of operation and will be able to decide for yourself when to take a picture.

Press the shutter button to take a photo.

Watch what is happening on the iPhone display. The boundaries of moving objects will begin to blur in real time. For example, the surface of the waterfall will become smooth, the flame of the fire will lose its sharpness, etc. Once you are satisfied with the effect, press the shutter button again.

To save the snapshot, click the Save button.

Be sure to try again shooting your composition from a different angle, as well as with changed program settings.

How to take a long exposure photo with a trail effect on iPhone using Live Photos

Apple’s Live Photos are a great feature that captures a full three seconds of movement the moment you press the shutter button. We have already described how to take Live Photos on iPhone. But with the release of iOS 11, Apple has improved this capability. Few people know about the possibility of converting live photos into a long exposure shot. This can be done simply with the help of swipes and taps on the screen. Even a novice amateur photographer who is not familiar with the details of the terms “shutter speed” and “shutter speed” can still take an impressive photo.

To create a long exposure photo, make sure there is at least one moving element in the frame at the right time. It can be a passing car, a train arriving at a station, or falling water. The background should be clean and static. So, a live photo in which too many people are running can turn into a blurry mess.

Launch the standard Camera app on iPhone.

Make sure Live Photos is active in the settings.

Select a subject to shoot. A good option is cars, lights, a working fountain, a waterfall. In general, anything that moves will do.

Take a photo of a moving subject. At this step, all that remains is to hold the smartphone steadily in your hand (or using a tripod) and press the shutter button. iPhone needs to be held still for two seconds. Live photos include one and a half seconds before pressing the shutter button and one and a half seconds after that.

After the frame is captured, open it in the standard Photo application (Albums tab → Live Photos section).

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Swipe up to open the Live Photos effects. Last on the list will be exactly what we need. Long Exposure.

The system will put together all the frames of your live photo, and the output will be a great photo with the desired level of blur. It can then be edited as usual using the built-in Photo tools or third-party photo editors for iOS.

And the snapshot itself can be easily found along the path Photo → Albums tab → Types of media files → Long exposure.

The photo can be easily found in the Camera Roll by the Long exposure icon (in the upper left corner).

If you need to return the picture to the previous Live Photo view, it is possible to do so.

Open the resulting image with a long exposure in the Photo application.

Swipe up from the bottom to go to the effects.

Select the Live effect (first in the list).

This will restore the original Live Photo.

Of course, this is not a “real” long exposure, but a software simulation. But the visual effect is still very impressive. Here are some examples:

What it takes to take a great long exposure photo on iPhone?

Ideally, you need a tripod, stand, or just a flat place on which you can place your smartphone, because the absence of shaking is a key prerequisite for creating high-quality long exposure photography.

The simplest (but not the best) option for shooting with the “Long exposure” effect can be using the standard function of the iPhone camera (requires iOS 11 and newer). Live Photos, which also has the option of the same name.

An alternative (and better) option is to use a special application that allows you to take pictures at a long exposure. There are plenty of such things in the App Store, but we still chose the Slow Shutter Cam and Specter Camera programs.

How to take a photo with a long exposure trail effect on iPhone using the Specter Camera app

The benefits of this alternative long exposure photo app are machine learning coupled with hardware acceleration. Artificial intelligence allows you to automatically detect scenes, set stabilization. The Specter Camera uses a neural network to replace the tripod, removing the shake. Any frame can be used as live wallpaper on a smartphone.

The application can remove cars or people from photos. It helps you create beautiful shots with long streaks of light or blurry streams of water. Specter Camera saves images in the new HEIC format.

The application does not know how to open the shutter for a long time, but quickly takes a lot of frames. The exposure is optimized by artificial intelligence to make the shots bright enough. The shots are then combined into one using a slow shutter speed simulation. You can view the entire exposure in its original frame-by-frame view, or you can save it as a single processed frame or as a live photo.

How to take a photo with a trail effect (long exposure) on iPhone: 2 ways

The best camera is the one you have with you. Most often it is a smartphone, and if you are reading these lines, your smartphone is an iPhone. The “Apple” gadget takes amateur photography to a new level if, of course, you know how to use all its photo opportunities.

A striking example in this regard is taking pictures with a high exposure. IPhone owners, seeing one such picture somewhere on the web, immediately rush to look for the corresponding application in the App Store. But this is not necessary at all. after all, the corresponding option is available in the Camera system application.

Thanks to the slow shutter speed, you can capture hitchhiking lights describing the trajectory of traffic, emphasize the movement in the frame and create cool photos in low light conditions. “But this is the lot of SLR cameras!”. you say.

Modern smartphones are trying with all their might to drag some of the functionality of expensive professional cameras onto themselves. Slow shutter speeds associated with slow shutter speeds have always been considered one of their advantages. But now you can take photos in this way even on your usual smartphone, which is always at hand.

Apple does not provide direct access to iPhone hardware for the sake of device security. So the camera shutter speed of this device cannot be changed directly. However, the iPhone can still capture images with a “trail effect”. There are several ways to implement this scenario: using built-in iOS functions or third-party applications that provide long exposure. We will detail all these options.

Motion Blur mode is for capturing moving subjects at slow shutter speeds under normal lighting conditions

The subject for the next mode can be water (fountains, waterfalls, surf), a moving cyclist, a busy intersection, a passing train, and so on. Among the additional options in iPhone applications, there are usually blur intensity and various effects.

Slow Shutter Cam App Profiles Description

Almost all applications of this kind have three main profiles for shooting light trails, moving objects (Light Tail, Motion Blur and Low Light).

Below you will find a few tips for getting a good long exposure photo, as there are some nuances.

Lynch Knot History

In order to understand what the lynch knot is, how it appeared and why it is so named, it is necessary to delve into English history.

The Lynch Knot or Lynch Loop, as it is also called, appeared a long time ago, but its original name was lost and therefore unknown. This knot was used in seaworthy for attaching tackle and was a strong, evenly tightening loop.

In those days, the death penalty was practiced, namely, chopping off the head. These executions were carried out manually and therefore were not always successful. Often the execution turned into a mockery of the person being executed. The executioner Jack Ketch, who served the English kings Charles II and James II from 1663 to 1686, was especially famous. He was distinguished by his inability and often thoughtful sadism in the execution of the sentence. This is what prompted the authorities to search for new types and devices for more humane executions.

This is how the gallows appeared, and the knot that was used for hanging was borrowed from maritime practice. So he got his first name that has survived to this day. gallows. Otherwise, it is also called the scaffold.

This knot became a lynch knot two centuries later, in the late 1860s, when in America, during the Civil War, freed slaves began to take revenge on their former masters. A slave who raised his hand against a white man was executed by hanging on the spot, without trial or investigation. This hasty massacre came to be called the lynching trial. According to one version, the name originated in Honor of the American judge Charles Lynch, who practiced hanging in the Revolutionary War. On the other. it was formed from the name of Captain William Lynch, who introduced the “Lynch Law” on extrajudicial corporal punishment. For the sake of justice, it is worth noting that in this law of 1780, not a word was said about the death penalty. However, when hanging, the same nautical knot was used, which this time began to be called the lynch knot.


The lynch knot is widely used in the maritime industry. They temporarily attach a cable to objects floating in the water. Or they use it when throwing on and attaching a cable to any object on the shore.

In addition, it can be used when fishing to connect line and tackle, as well as a throwing weight.

The lynch knot is very reliable as the end of the rope cannot slip out of the loop if it looses.