How to make a collage on a Samsung phone

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Parallel Space

The utility has a different approach to creating clones. it creates a virtual shell sandbox, inside which additional programs are launched. This gives much greater compatibility, but there is a significant inconvenience. cloned applications will not be able to start outside the Parallel Space shell. Only the main ones will function. Super user rights are not required, but the program will always be in the smartphone’s RAM. Features:

  • there is no need to install APK files. the environment of the program itself is enough;
  • the process is extremely simple using the “Add Application” button;
  • mono shortcuts to bring to the phone desktop and run without a shell;
  • only one copy can be created;
  • the possibility of private installation from Google Play;
  • the user can create a protective field, inside which to place the selected copies;
  • no autorun after reboot;
  • notifications are sent separately for each copy.

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The principle of operation and creation of clones is similar to the above product. The 2Account program also creates a virtual environment in which the created clones are placed. There is a specially provided notification that signals the closure of the program in order to avoid accidents. The owner of the phone does not need super user rights. Features:

  • changing the location of shortcuts;
  • you can clone in whole packages;
  • copies are not available from the application manager and menu;
  • new shortcuts can be placed right on the home screen;
  • multiple copies cannot be created.

Users note that 2Accounts lacks additional options: you cannot set a password, there is no private mode. In addition, the software increases battery consumption.

App Cloner

The utility helps to create a second version of the required social network, messenger or game, but with a changed package name and signature. In this case, the owner of the device does not need to have superuser rights. After the applications are installed on the device, the user can uninstall the software. This will not affect the work of the created clones in any way. They will continue to function smoothly.

In the main menu, you can select those programs for which it is possible to create a copy. But App Cloner doesn’t stop there. In addition to creating a clone of the application on Samsung, the program allows you to modify the icon. This is for ease of use. Changing the inscription, color and appearance will not confuse the owner of the smartphone. The product has a premium (paid) version, it allows you to make deeper settings: prohibiting access to data, transferring data to removable media, setting a password, prohibiting autorun and others.

In order to use the option, the following conditions must be met:

  • set permission to install APK files from unknown sources;
  • run the program.

After installation, the clone will function simultaneously with the main messenger or game, it can be transferred to another device without additional settings and App Cloner.

Why clone an app?

Clones are copies of applications that function equally well, have no slowdowns, lags or glitches. Making a copy is easy, but here’s what it might be for. For example, a user has an account on any popular network. When registering, it goes through verification and links the page to a phone number. Officially, social networks do not allow the same user to have multiple accounts. In addition, many networks or forums can ban these users. But no one can prohibit having another application in which a single account will be registered.

This applies not only to social networks, but messengers, computer games. The whole family can play the same toy, but each member needs their own game account. A clone of the game will come to the rescue.


Mostly used to clone social networks or instant messengers. Features:

  • creating three or more accounts;
  • ROOT rights are not required;
  • free;
  • the created duplicate has a size that does not exceed 5 MB;
  • nice interface;
  • the developer has added design themes.

How to create a clone of an application?

Modern devices already have a built-in option that allows you to perform cloning operations using built-in tools. You don’t need to download additional software or select various components. The latest models of smartphones from the South Korean manufacturer (for example, the flagship S8) have such a function. The Android One UI operating system shell offers a solution for copying applications. But there is a significant limitation. the system allows you to create a clone of only the messenger.

  • go to the section with settings;
  • then “Additional functions”. “Dual application profile”;
  • here you need to make a choice of the Samsung application, a copy of which will be created.

As already noted, the user will be offered a choice of those messaging services that are installed on the smartphone. After making your choice, a second utility icon will appear on the main screen. Each of them will be linked to their account.

In other versions of smartphones, the firmware offers a wider range of cloning utilities. details about creating copies can be seen in the video (for example, Samsung Galaxy Note 9).

Special programs for creating clones on an Android phone

If you cannot install the second version of the application on your phone using standard tools, you can use special software products.

How to clone an app on a Samsung phone

Situations often arise when you need to have two copies of the same program or application on one device. The need may arise to separate private and public networks, work and personal account of the owner of the device, share the utility with a friend, etc. Let us find out: how to create a clone of an application on Samsung, will standard tools help with this, or will you have to use third-party utilities.

How to make a collage from

How to create a collage online

Online services are a great solution if you need to quickly combine a large number of images on your computer without installing software. For those who want to learn how to make collages from many pictures with unusual grids and photo frames, the site in Russian is suitable. There are several design options: frames, pre-made grids, and a layout using curly elements.

Using the resource is simple: go to the main page of the site and select the option to create a photo collage. After that, you need to upload photos, change the background and add captions. There is a small collection of filters that can be applied to each uploaded file. The site allows you to work without registration and does not impose a watermark on the finished image.

The downside of online editors is that you depend on the stability and speed of your Internet connection. Also, there is no editor function, you cannot even crop or rotate the frame.

For android

Android users can use the Quick Collage program. The application allows you to combine a large number of photos for free according to the finished design. Also, the user can add graphics and stickers, apply filters, embed text. Images can be imported from smartphone memory or taken directly with the camera. Basic editing options are present: rotate and flip, crop.

Launch the software and select Quick Collage to download media files.

Check the boxes for the pictures you want and click the blue arrow in the lower right corner of the application.

Click “Settings” in the bottom panel and set the parameters of the collage.

Add additional elements by clicking on the buttons in the bottom control panel.

To export a snapshot, click the arrow icon in the upper right corner.

The created picture can be sent to social networks Instagram and or shared in WhatsApp and Messenger messengers. But the result cannot be saved to the phone. The disadvantage is also excessive advertising that closes the android screen.

The best software for creating collages

A photo collage is a combination of several photos combined into one image. This is a great way to decorate the interior of an apartment or fit as many pictures as possible in one publication on the Internet. It won’t take long to create collages, you just need to choose the right software. In this article, you will learn how to make a photo collage with your own hands in three quick ways: on a computer, smartphone and online.

For iOS

The most popular option for creating photo collages for iPhone is the Moldiv app. It includes many useful editing functions and allows you to add additional elements: stickers, decals, text, textures. The software includes ready-made presets for graphic design, including templates for collages, cards, covers. Moldiv allows you to apply built-in filters to each element, rotate them freely, move them and replace them.

Install Moldiv and select the Collage option. Click on the appropriate grid option.

Click on cells to fill them with photos from your phone gallery.

Click “adjust” in the toolbar to change the distance between shots.

To save the collage, click on the arrow in the lower right corner. When exporting, you can manually select the image resolution. In addition, you can adjust the size for social networks and upload photos to them.

Mobile applications are a convenient solution if you want to quickly create a photo collage without installing additional software on your computer. However, most of these programs provide very limited functionality for free, load a large number of advertisements and do not allow you to create a large layout size. It is also worth noting that the small screen of a smartphone sometimes does not allow correct editing of too small details.

How to make a collage on a computer

The best way to create photo collages is with a PC program. Most users want to learn how to make a photo collage in Photoshop CC or CS6, however this program is more suitable for advanced users. In addition, you have to create the mesh manually in it, which is quite difficult. A simple collage can be created in a Word. just insert a table and fill cells with images.

Another option is Windows’ built-in Paint program. In it, you can combine many photos in one layout by moving pictures across the canvas. You can add them using the “Insert” function. “Insert from”. However, in this case, there is no possibility of editing.

If you want a simple option with photo editing functions, try Photos on Documents. It includes a photo editor and immediately allows you to create a layout for printing in high quality in A4, A6, A5 and many others.

Download Photo on Documents and install it on your computer. Add a snapshot by clicking “File”. “Open photo”. Specify the size of the photo in the column on the right.

In the right column, expand the “Processing” tab. Here you can retouch the image, adjust the color scheme, apply plastic effects.

Open the “Print” tab and set the layout parameters: print sheet size, number of pictures on the collage, cell spacing, location option.

Now you can print the collage or save it as a picture. Click “Print Sheet” if you want a paper version, or “Save Sheet” to export a digital file.

Photo on Documents can be used not only for photo collages. The program can create photographs for various types of government papers, you can retouch portraits, take pictures directly from a camera and a webcam. It will also help you change clothes in the pictures and replace the background, if you do not know how to replace the background in Photoshop.

Layout from Instagram

This application ranks first in my TOP for the best collage maker tools. Instagram Developers Have Created The Beautiful And Most Popular Photo Sharing App On The Web.

Also, together with him, an application was developed that will allow you to create individual compositions from several images.

Layout is an application understandable for everyone, even for the youngest Internet users. The interface is simple and clear, which can be dealt with on an intuitive level, immersed in the creative process.

The gallery in this application divides photos into “recent”, “faces” and “all”. this will simplify everything in choosing images. One collage contains up to nine photos and provides as many as 12 options for their arrangement, you just have to choose the right one.

By choosing a template, you can edit, move, resize and rotate the photo. And the “photo booth” function is suitable for those who like to take selfies. It will automatically take you 4 selfies and turn them into a collage.

Also, like the main Instagram app, there are all filters. Together with this, each user will be able to create their own original composition. This application is available for owners of androids and iPhones absolutely free.

Detailed analysis of actions

  • The first step is to open the Moldiv application, such a window should open. Yes, there is advertising in the application, but it does not interfere with the creation of the composition in any way.
  • At the second stage, you click on the “collage” and choose from the proposed basic templates the one that you liked the most.
  • In the third step, you click on the template of your choice and on the cells of the composition. Everything is accompanied by prompts, it will be easy for you to navigate.
  • Click on the “save” icon in the lower right corner, choose the image quality and through which social network you want to share your creation.


To begin with, you will be asked to register using VK, mail, etc. social networks. Login as a guest will not work, since there is paid content in the application, because someone has to pay for it.

After registration, you will be asked to subscribe to bloggers with certain directions, so that the feed is useful and you can study the work of other users, and not just edit photos.

PicsArt tools provide a ton of photo editing options, that is, there are many filters, captions and stickers that apply very quickly. Only there is a lot of paid content.

Types of photo collages

Yes, don’t be surprised! Even collages have their own classification, because we have a lot of life situations, and therefore captured emotions too. So:

  • Family collage. The perfect choice to recreate many of your family’s joyful moments in one image. And it doesn’t matter if there are a lot of children around with you in the photo, or you will be with cats or dogs!
  • Romantic collages. Such a composition will be an excellent and pleasant gift for Valentine’s Day or the little date of a loved one. You just have to create a collage and then print it.
  • Collage about rest. Many people go on vacation to the sea, where they take many beautiful photographs. Or someone loves to travel, then they will get beautiful screensavers of various attractions. But if you do not fall into any of these categories, then you will still have a few photos from the summer: rest on the river, nature.
  • The fourth type is suitable for those who like to set plans for life. “Collage of desires” will allow you to compile a list of photos of your goals in one image.

Now, after we have figured out the main types of collages, we can proceed directly to their creation. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that modern technology is developing at the speed of light, and today many phones take very high-quality pictures.

Owners of iPhones 6 and iPhones 7 with the ability to take “live photos” or Samsung, Honor and other brands, with high image quality, may not worry that their photos may not be noticed. These applications will allow you to create individual collages with your favorite images, and most importantly for free.

What is a collage, and what are its types

Collage is the creation of a small masterpiece from different photographs, in one image. Simply put, this is a small unique picture, assembled from several different.

There are two collage techniques. The first method is not entirely modern, but does not completely limit you in imagination.

For it, you will need a sheet of paper, scissors, glue and a lot of different materials, which will make up your composition. Now you can forget about the word “impossible” and create without limiting your imagination.

The second method involves the use of the phone, the Internet and some applications. You can make a great collage of images from your phone.

Family photo frame

If you are a fan of creating family collages, then this application will suit you. Only it contains ads, but don’t be intimidated by it, it only appears when you save it. The functionality is standard, but the difference between this application and others is that it is possible to create your own image templates.

In details

  • After the selected photos, you will be presented with several different templates, which one you like on this and click.
  • Next, we begin to edit the photos themselves in the collage, choose a background, stickers and whatever your imagination wants.
  • In the upper right corner there will be an “arrow” which leads to the save or share mode. Choosing what you need.

Photo collage MaiHillMan.

Pretty simple and free collage maker. It has a fairly wide range of templates. There is a possibility of text overlay on the photo. There is the addition of emoticons to the collage. You can change the ready style of the collage, namely smoothing the inner and outer corners.

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Adding a realistic wooden frame and others. There is a function of filling the background with a gradient of the separating photos We give this application 6 points.

Photo Collage by Smart Mobiles Tools.

Allows you to create specific collages. A great way to stand out on the social network. The only thing is, you should be good enough with this application. You will select photos as accurately as possible for the proposed templates. It is possible to create a 3d collage. You can place a collage in realistic frames, as well as create a photo in interior items. There is a minimal set with everything you need to edit photos. Of the minuses. promotional videos. We give this application 8 points.

Photo Collage App by Smart Mobiles Tools

How to make a collage on your phone.

Sometimes, touching moments catch us at the most “inappropriate” moment. There is only a telephone at hand from gadgets. There is no desire to postpone the creation of a collage on the back burner. Or, for example, there is nowhere else to do it except on the phone, because of the lack of a computer or because of not knowing how to do it. Therefore, let’s start creating a collage with mobile applications and their capabilities.

Detailed walkthrough of the levels of the game 12 castles part 1; as well as 12 castles part 2 with photo and video puzzles.

Photo Editor Collages Ultra.

Has every possible photo editing function and more. Custom collage templates. Additional features in comparison with previous opponents is the function of removing the red-eye effect. Added a defect (aka effect) of antiquity. Meme creation feature included and more. In our opinion, this is the best free photo editor and collage maker out there today. It even lacks annoying ads. The creators offer us to download a free add-on. It allows you to use all sorts of blending effects. We give him 9 points.

Photo Editor Collages Ultra App

What is collage.

First, let’s answer the question for those who happened to be on this page by accident. Collage is the gluing of dissimilar elements in one piece (if scientifically). In the common people, a collage is a free, random merger, at times not related to each other, of several styles of photographic images in one illustration or photo. But often, people make a collage of the best, fun moments of life, for example, from the birth of a child to reaching a certain age.

This is what a collage created in the application looks like.

Photo Collage Maker. Photo Editor.

Free but ad-supported photo editor and collage maker. A pretty good editor. Allows you to resize the photo. There are 32 photo filters. You can adjust brightness, contrast, color saturation. It is possible to write text on the photo. Knows how to glue stickers and crop photos. For those who do not want to “shine with their face” there is a mosaic that can be used to rub over the face, or some unwanted identification marks (tattoos / scars). Added the ability to draw with your finger on the photo. We give this application 9 points.

Photo Collage Maker App. Photo Editor

Photo collage from Smart tools lock screen.

Free collage maker app. Includes a wide range of photo editing capabilities. Simple, intuitive and easy to use editor. Completely in Russian. The app contains non-intrusive ads. We give this application 7 points.

Photo collage app by Smart tools lock screen

Pic Collage. Maximum creative freedom

Pic Collage lets you create amazing collages using text, various frames and stickers. At the same time, there is practically no advertising here. Well, for fans of stories, there is a corresponding option that will allow you to create collages and images in the format of stories for Instagram. Whatsapp and other similar sites. Another great option is zing mode. It makes it possible to link your photo to geolocation and lay out the image located in a special template on top of the map. A sleek solution for travel enthusiasts.

Create your photo collage in the Gallery app

Good morning everyone, maybe day, dear Mi-fans !

MIUI 9 is already on almost all smartphones from Xiaomi and many of us are already enjoying the ease and speed of this firmware. How many chips, functions and innovations we have found and described already in Mi Community. but we will not stop at the place and continue to study and tell about various “chips” that were not available before.
The Gallery application has undergone many changes and new functionality has been added, such as the Eraser tool. In this topic, we will talk about one more innovation in this application. function “Collage”. Now you don’t need to download any third-party collage maker apps on Instagram or anywhere else. Conveniently enough, the gallery is becoming more and more stocked and is an increasingly serious photo editor. Don’t you find it?

How to make your own collage:
1. Open the “Gallery” application;
2. Click on the three dots located in the upper right corner;
3. Here you see the “Collage” option, which we select;

You can select up to 4 pictures at the same time, and you can select not only photos, but also images downloaded to your smartphone;
5. Click “OK” after you have selected the photos;

The application offers you a choice of “Poster” and “Layout”. A few words about each:

The layout allows you to create beautiful collages with and without borders. Move and position photos as your heart desires. there are options for multiple layouts.

It remains only to save your creation by clicking on the appropriate button.

How to make a collage on your phone

Thanks to the advanced cameras of modern smartphones, we have become practically “photomaniacs”, capturing literally everything that surrounds us. This is by no means a bad thing. over, if you want your photos to stand out against the background of thousands of similar ones taken by other users, there is an easy way for you. collage maker programs. Which we will talk about right now.

Making a collage on your smartphone couldn’t be easier

Moldiv. Everything you need in one place

Moldiv is one of the best free collage maker apps that can satisfy all your photo editing needs. At the same time, business is clearly not limited to collages. We have a simple editor, a gallery of photo frames, filters and a bunch of other things. And for those who like to take selfies, there are “beauty options” like various masks or applying virtual make-up. By the way, you will hardly see selfies in our Instagram. But a lot of interesting photos are guaranteed to you!

PhotoGrid. Not only photos, but also videos

PhotoGrid is another application that doesn’t stop at creating collages. In particular, there is the possibility of video editing. And since you can modify the video, you can also create video collages. It looks very stylish and unusual. In addition, there is a standard set of filters, effects, and even the ability to create a slideshow from photos and videos. Oh, yes, the program is capable of working with video files with a resolution up to 2048p, which is a rarity even for some specialized mobile video editors.

Fotor. Nothing more

If you want a simple, free, and most importantly, understandable program, then Fotor is the best that the Play Store can offer you for this request. With Fotor, you get a wide range of features that allow you to customize your collages just the way you want. From image shape and size to color, shadow and rounding.

Collage Maker. Simple and straightforward solution

Collage Maker has one of the easiest-to-learn interfaces. Like other programs on this list, it allows you to edit photos and make collages out of them. But what really sets this program apart from the general background is the ability to add up to 18 photos in one collage. At the same time, the size and characteristics of each element can be changed separately from others.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung. How to take screenshot of Samsung Galaxy and on other Samsung androids. Screenshots Samsung.

Let’s see how to take a screenshot on Samsung. For those who do not know what Screenshots is and how it is done, we will try to briefly explain. The screenshot function allows you to save as a picture everything that is displayed on the screen of your phone, smartphone, android, iPhone, tablet, computer and other devices. You can also say that when making a screen we are photographing the screen of a phone, computer, tablet. Of course, we do not use a camera for this, this function is provided on most devices, and in some devices, additional applications and programs can be installed to take a screenshot. To save a screenshot, you need to press a couple of buttons on the phone, and on the computer, you also need to press certain keys on the keyboard. I hope you learned at least a little what a screenshot is and how it is done.

Now let’s see how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy and other Samsung smartphones on Android. There are three options that allow you to save a screenshot on Samsung, below you can see all three ways and try which method is suitable for taking a screenshot on your Android Samsung. a big request that you write down in the comments which of the three options came to your device, please indicate the model of your android Samsung so that other users will have useful information from you on the site.

The first way to take a screenshot on Samsung is to press the “Home” button which is located at the bottom of the screen in the center and the “Power” (lock) button simultaneously for a couple of seconds. If everything went well, you will see a notification on the screen that the screenshot has been saved. Screenshots made by Samsung can be viewed in the gallery or open the Pictures / ScreenCapture pack or the Pictures / Screenshots folder and find a screenshot in it.

The second method just as easily allows you to save a screenshot of the Samsung screen, for this you need to press two buttons at once, the “volume down” button and the “lock” (on / off) button and hold for a couple of seconds. If you successfully take a photo from the Samsung screen, you will see a notification that the screenshot has been saved. As in the first version, the screenshot taken on Samsung Galaxy can be seen in the gallery or open the Pictures / ScreenCapture pack or the Pictures / Screenshots folder.

If none of the above methods helped you, then try the third option. To make a screenshot on a Samsung smartphone, press and hold the home button and the back button for a couple of seconds. Both of these buttons are located under the screen, basically this method of taking a screenshot of Samsung is used on Android 2.3 version. You probably already know where the screenshot is saved on Samsung, the screenshot is located in the Pictures / ScreenCapture folder or in the Pictures / Screenshots folder, you can also watch the screen in the gallery.

Galaxy S20/S20: How to Create a Picture Collage

With home button

If your device has it, you can take a screenshot by pressing it simultaneously with the power button.

Also, if you have a completely old device and it has buttons: “Home”, “Back” and “Call open applications”. The screen is done by clicking “Home” and “Back”.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung


In some cases, it is really better to use applications to take screenshots, in addition, with the help of them, you can record videos, set a timer, capture a screen at a certain time and other possibilities.

Screenshot touch

An excellent application, it works quickly and most importantly, it is stable. There is support for the Russian language. There are many additional options, including video recording.

With the palm of your hand on certain models

On devices such as Galaxy Note, Galaxy S, you can take a screenshot by swiping the edge of your palm from the right side of the screen to the left or vice versa.

You can see if your device has this function in the additional settings of the smartphone.

How to view a screenshot on Samsung

After the screen is made, the corresponding icon will appear in the top panel (see the picture). Pull the shutter down and open the resulting image.

Screenshots are saved in a special folder in the gallery, you can always find them there. Just open it on your smartphone. The folder will be named differently depending on what device you have. Also, applications save them in special directories. Usually you can change them directly in the settings, some allow you to use the SD card as storage, which is quite convenient.

How to make a photo collage on your phone

Good day!

Photos are not just pictures and images, they are our emotions and memories. And beautifully designed photographs can double (or even triple) these feelings.!

And one of the ways to decorate a photo with taste and in an original way can be a collage (if anyone does not know, this is an assembly of several thematic pictures, beautifully arranged on one sheet ). By the way, a photo collage can be a great gift for colleagues, friends, relatives.!

Actually, in this small note I will present several options for how you can quickly and easily make such a collage on your phone (what is called “on your knee”).

Create large and beautiful photo collages on your computer. step-by-step instruction

Photo collage with the adventures of Vaska the cat / example

using built-in functions

The first thing I advise you to do is to go to the standard Gallery application (or whatever is used on your phone to view photos) and check in its functions if there is a cherished option there ().

For example, my device from Samsung has the option “Create a collage” (it is, of course, not very functional, but in general it is quite nothing).

Create a collage. gallery. Samsung phone

After launching it, all that remains is to select the desired photos and the layout of the sheet. As you can see from the example below. there are a variety of options: horizontal, vertical, etc. (plus each photo inside its own rectangle can be moved or rotated.).

As a result, in 2-3 minutes, you can get something similar to what is presented in my example ().

In addition, I recommend paying attention to another built-in application (which is available on most smartphones). Google Photos.

In the subsection “Tools” there is a wizard for creating photo collages. it works automatically: just select from 2 to 9 photos. The functionality is not as rich as that of the specials. photo editors. but still.

with the help of third-party specials. editors

Hundreds of all kinds of photo editors have now been released for phones. Of course, the option we need today is not available in all.

For the first time, I would advise you to choose application Line Camera (link to Play Market). It is quite simple, reliable, and basic functions are free (however, you can choose something great , but I’ll show my example below in it!).

Choosing a photo editor for Android (in Russian). my selection

And so, after launching Line Camera, the coveted option will immediately appear in the menu. select it (“Collage”, see the example below). Next, you need to set the layout of the sheet. there are many different combinations to choose from (which is called for every taste and color.).

After that you can “adjust” the borders and rounding of the added pictures, as well as add various “hearts” and “emoticons” to them.

We decorate the collage with hearts, emoticons, etc.

You can also overlay your own text on any of the pictures (for example, it may be appropriate to indicate the place or date of the picture, write a congratulation or a wish.).

As a result, in just a couple of minutes I manage to arrange several photos in a rather unusual version (). Of course, a lot depends on what kind of shots you took and how you compose them (this is half the battle).

A copy of the resulting collage (thanks to Line Camera!)

Ways to create a photo collage

using online services

There are a lot of different online services for working with photos now. Here are just a few that I could recommend:

  • (Russian-language service, more than 50 templates, frames, text overlay capabilities, and other useful pieces);
  • (an English-language service with a huge number of original and unusual layouts);
  • (multifunctional service for working with graphics. Recommended for those users who have already “got their hands on” with other editors).

In my example, I use the first service (), as on the simplest (and fully optimized for the mobile phone screen).

After going to the site, choose one of the standard templates and upload the photos you need.

Note: one of the drawbacks of all online services is that you have to upload photos to them, which is not always appropriate (especially if you are a famous person or use too personal photos.).

Next, configure the display of images, add the desired text and save the result (the “floppy” icon at the bottom of the window).

It takes just 1-2 minutes for everything-about-everything. (provided that you have normal internet access).

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