How to make a clip from a photo on iPhone

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Another Apple video editor, but much simpler. Clips resembles the Instagram Stories capture menu and is designed to create short clips for social media. The application allows you to compose videos and photos into bright videos with the addition of animated titles, beautiful effects and music, as well as insert stickers with characters from popular cartoons.


Advantages and disadvantages
Intuitive interface and ease of use.

Maximum video length. 15 seconds.
Inline styles must be purchased by the user to use.

Video star

A huge number of free effects.
The application is as easy to use as possible.

You can remove the app watermark on a video only after purchasing a subscription.

GIF animation with ImgPlay app

Unfortunately, there are no built-in iOS tools that can change the video recording format. We’ll have to use third-party programs from other developers.

The most popular application used by iPhones to change the video format is ImgPlay. It has a friendly interface, translates into a “gif” a “set” of everything that the iPhone can capture: photos, videos, Live Photos, episodes and moments.

To download the program, on the home screen of the device, tap the App Store item. Enter ImgPlay into the search bar. In this case, you must wait until the program is loaded and installed. Then you need to select an icon to launch on the desktop.

From the main ImgPlay menu, click the dropdown at the top of the screen. Find the item “Video”. The Gallery opens with videos available for conversion. Specify the one that will be used to create the “gif”:

At this stage, it is recommended to trim the video to remove excess or make it shorter. For convenience, there is a “Timeline” with a storyboard at the top. Cropping is done by dragging its right or left parts:

In the next step, add additional effects to the future animation in this way:

  • Set playback direction. Select forward, backward, or looped at a specific point in the middle of the video.
  • Add text to the selected animation interval.
  • Process the image with a color filter for a “fashionable” look.
  • Crop video clip to size.

To save the effect, for example, an inscription, click on the “Finish” button at the top right.

To save the finished result, tap “Save”. The program has several options, these are:

  • GIF-animation of high, medium and low quality (this point is necessary).
  • Standard format video recording.

After that, the GIF will “fly over” to the “Photo” program. It will be available for sending via iMessage or posting on social networks. Also, using this application, you can make a gif from a photo.

This social platform is used to edit and publish kubs. looped videos with music in the background. By creating such a coub, you can record the original video directly in the application, download the finished video from the local gallery or from services like YouTube and. Before publishing, you can trim the video and supplement it with soundtrack from other videos, links to which you provide.

The service allows you to keep ready-made coubs privately or place them in special sections where other Coub members can see your work. Videos can also be made available only to friends within the platform or published on other social services.


User can add sounds and music from personal library, and voiceover can also be inserted.
The finished work can be shared with friends.
User can record video directly from the application.

Few features available.
The program can be installed only on a mobile device with an operating version of at least IOS 13.


This program combines the functions of a photo and video editor, so before adding pictures to a movie, you can retouch them. In addition, the application has templates for creating publications on various social networks: from Instagram stories to YouTube videos. Select the required blank. and the video will look optimal on your site.

The editor contains all the basic functions: cut and glue fragments, insert text, control speed, and so on. The free version displays ads and adds the InShot logo to the video. But before each save it can be removed.


The first application we will meet is called iMovie. This is Apple’s proprietary editor, so there is no doubt about its effectiveness and compatibility.

make, clip, photo, iphone

  • Cut fragments.
  • Rotate frames.
  • Change playback speed.
  • Apply filters.
  • Add sound and text.

In iMovie, you can quickly make a trailer from videos shot with the iPhone camera by choosing one of 14 templates. There are also 8 themes for adjusting sound, transitions and adding titles. The user can edit the sound on his own, applying effects to the video sequence, compositions from the library or voiceover comments.

Watching a movie on iPad using the cloud service

It often happens that it is impossible to download movies to iPad due to the full memory. In this case, you can use the so-called cloud services.

Dropbox provides 2GB of storage for free. This is not too much, but in the.avi format you can find files weighing 700-800 MB. In addition, Dropbox has a Partner Program, and if other users register using your referral link, you will be credited with additional space for this free of charge. And the last argument. the cost of a Dropbox subscription is ultimately cheaper than buying 1-2 films in the iStore.

How to watch a movie on iPad using the Dropbox cloud:

To work with it, you need to register on the Dropbox service.

Install the Dropbox app for Mac OS (or PC) and accordingly. This step is optional: you can also upload a movie to the cloud via the web interface.

Download the movie on PC / Mac OS in any way (for example, through).

Upload a movie to the Dropbox cloud via the desktop app or using a browser.

Open the video via the Dropbox web interface or download a movie from the cloud to iPad / iPhone.


A free utility with a simple interface and limited functionality aimed at creating videos from photos. There is a database with two hundred music tracks that you can use to decorate your masterpieces. In addition, the program is endowed with support for 285 fonts, as well as high definition formats HD-720p and FullHD-108. The results of your creative experiments can be shared with friends by mail, in social networks and on video hosting.

Perfect Video

Simple video editor with numerous options. With it, you can trim, combine and split video clips, add watermarks, subtitles and music to them, change the playback tempo of individual fragments, apply transition effects between frames, and more.

The program is perfect for creating your own videos and slideshows. There are two versions. free and paid with advanced functionality.

GoPro’s Quik Editor

A popular free utility (recommended by Apple) that allows you to easily create slideshows and videos from photos. In total, you can use up to two hundred images for one video. Thanks to the simplified interface, the process of editing fragments and the video as a whole will not be time-consuming for the user.

There are 27 different Styles with theme-specific effects and transitions. Ready videos can be published directly from the application to social networks.


A program for quickly creating videos from manually combined videos and photos. Notable for the fact that it offers access to fine-tuning, which allows users to participate in the creation of videos themselves, without relying on automation.

There are a variety of effects and filters, with the ability to apply them both to individual videos and to each frame separately. You can add any music from your own media library to the video sequence.

Memories feature (For You tab) in the stock Photos app (available on iPhone and iPad with iOS 10 and later)

Starting with iOS 10, the standard application for storing and editing photos and videos has acquired its own function that allows you to create thematic slideshows in automatic mode without user intervention. When creating a “video from a photo”, it is possible to select a background composition, the speed of scrolling through content and the duration.

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In order to view automatic selections, open the Photos application and go to the For You tab.

To save the resulting video, click the Share button in the lower right corner, and then select a file transfer method.


The “classic” version from Apple. With its help, you can not only create cuts from home photos and videos, but also work on full-fledged trailers for games and films. There are all the necessary tools without exception.

How to make a GIF from a video on an iPhone

GIFs can be made not only from photos, but also from videos. If you need a whole series of photos to create gifs from photos, then it’s a little easier with video. The only thing. it is necessary to choose a video with the same type of recording, where there are a minimum of objects. For example, a jumping person or animal, an opening door, etc.

To create a gif from a video, you can use the same ImgPlay program. Only in the menu, select the item “Video” and in the gallery that opens, we find the desired clip. Loading the video into the program.

Now we have to figure out how to make a GIF on the iPhone. If the video consists of different kinds of fragments, then you need to select the most suitable one and cut this section from the clip. It is cut out simply: markers are placed on the desired boundaries of the beginning and end of the cut area, the “Cut” button is pressed. and the desired fragment is separated from the clip. Then you can apply different filters to this area, write text. After that, we save the result in gif format.

ImgPlay App for GIF Animation

Perhaps this application is considered one of the best for creating GIF animation.

How to make a gif from a photo in this application? First you need to download this application.

Then we open the application and select a series of photos from which we want to make a GIF animation. It should be noted that these very photos should appear on your phone beforehand. You take time-lapse photography of an object in motion and get a whole series of photos. So, we load this series into the application.

Before making a gif, you can edit the pictures, change something, apply filters, text, etc. After that, click on the “Next” or next button (depending on the language of the version, which is located in the upper right corner of the application). You will be prompted to save the GIF animation or immediately share it on any available social network. In this case, it is necessary to make settings according to which the gif will be saved in terms of volume, quality, etc.

How to make a GIF from photos and videos on iPhone

Now the majority of Internet users not only visit social networks, but also actively take photos and videos, share them with other users. However, uploading only photos and videos will not surprise anyone. In order to diversify their pages, authors use additional features, for example, gif images.

If you use a computer to edit your pages, then everything is simple here. There are many different programs for creating gifs. But what should those who use smartphones do? Android owners need to search and download various applications. But those who have an iPhone are lucky in this regard. Starting with iOS 11, it became possible to record short videos from the device’s screen.

How to make a GIF on an iPhone, and will be discussed in the article.

Screen Recording on iPhone

There are many programs for creating gifs. There are free and paid ones. You can choose any that you like. The main thing in creating GIFs. have a ready-made material. You can either remove it yourself or download it on the Internet. But there is another way to create GIFs without downloading.

Here’s how else to make a GIF on an iPhone. It happens that you are watching videos on different sites and suddenly you find an interesting clip that you want to turn into GIF animation. To do this, you just need to make a recording from the screen or, as they say, take a screen. To take a screenshot from the screen, we pre-configure this function. Go to iPhone settings, find Control Center, and then go to Customize Controls. Here we select “Screen Recorder” from the list of functions and switch the green circle with a plus sign so that a minus appears in the red circle. As a result, the record button will appear on the main screen.

You can find it by swiping your finger across the display from bottom to top. We open the video, for example, on YouTube, and start recording. So that no sound is recorded at this moment, click on the red microphone, turning it off. When the recording is over, the clip will be in the gallery, from where we load it in any program for creating a gif.

These were the main ways to create GIF animation. We hope the question of how to make a gif on the iPhone will cease to exist for you.

How to take live photos for Instagram on iPhone / Android

Live photos on Instagram are an interesting feature. For examples of such live photos taken with the Plotagraph application, see the official Instagram account @plotaverse. These live photos are made from photos, but you can take them from videos too.

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How to take such a live photo and is it possible using an iPhone or Android smartphone? Can! You will need to install one of (or both) applications: Plotagraph and Cinemagraph. Their main difference is that Plotagraph makes a live photo from ordinary photography, and Cinemagraph. from video. The cinemagraph will certainly be more realistic, but the Plotagraph also gives an interesting effect. Personally, I like Plotagraph even more, because you can use free high-quality photos and make beauty out of them.

How to take live Plotagraph photos on iPhone / Android

Plotagraph is a revitalization of a part of a photo with vectors.

IPhone App. Plotagraph
There is no application for Android yet, but you can download the program for Windows from this link You will need to register on the official website.

After that, the finished video plottograph can be downloaded to Android and from there to Instagram.

The principle of operation in the application for the iPhone and for the computer is the same.

  • We load the photo into the application. Live photos, where water / clouds are moving, will look best and most realistic. Water is not only the sea, you can also have coffee in a mug, a fountain, etc.
  • Draw arrows in the direction of movement in the area where you want to “animate” the image. The shorter the arrows, the more realistic the final effect will be.
  • We put boundary points where the image should remain stationary.
  • You can click the triangle at the bottom to preview.
  • We export the resulting live photo and save it (format. video.mp4).
  • We drop it on the phone and upload it to Instagram. The resulting video is a “live photo”

How to make a live photo of a Cinemagraph from a video on iPhone / Android

Live photo from video will be more realistic. Because the principle of work is you freeze individual areas, not revive. Those. the movement in the photo will be completely real.

This effect can be done in the app for iPhone or Android. Cinemagraph.

The first thing to do is think about what the video will be like. What part of the frame will you freeze, what effect will you get? The most obvious option is water, river. You can also make an image of a moving reflection in a mirror, divide the moving crowd in half (one moves, the other freezes). It is best if you will be shooting with a tripod or by placing your phone on a stand.

In the example in the video, we decided to “animate” the wall. We moved the camera up and down and then revived only the part where the wall is. The result is not perfect, but the meaning is clear.

  • Open the application, point the camera at the subject of shooting.
  • Press and hold the round button at the bottom.
  • Use your finger to paint over those areas that will be “alive”. At the top there are buttons to change the size of the circle you are painting with and the degree of transparency.
  • Checkmark. done, wait for the video to be processed.
  • You can share the resulting video (this will be a “live photo)” directly to Instagram or by mail / send to instant messengers.

Programs to help you create a video from photos

In fact, in addition to Windows Movie Maker, there are many other programs that allow you to create videos from photos for free. Often used by:

  • Photo Story;
  • DVD slideshow GUI;
  • Picasa;
  • Socusoft Photo to Video;
  • Converter.

If for some reason none of the above programs suits you, you can use commercial analogs that are easy to download from the Internet. For example, there is a very easy to use program called MuveeAutoproducer. Here you can create videos from photos in automatic mode. ProShow is one level higher, where you can make quite high-quality videos. Those who are interested in creating more complex slideshows can take a look at CyberLink MediaShow, which has a three-dimensional “cubic” interface.

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How to make a clip from photos

Photos carefully preserve memorable and vivid moments of life, carrying them through the years. But people like to show them to others not so much by themselves as viewing photos. Nothing can bring people closer together like browsing a family photo archive together. As for the new photos from the just ended trip abroad, this is a wonderful way to recreate the brightest moments in memory and share them with dear people. But how to make a clip from photos without having special skills?

Scrolling through albums with photographs that have turned yellow from time to time has irrevocably lost its relevance. The rhythm of modern life almost never allows everyone to get together in a room to view a photo album. Also, we must not forget that friends can be on the other side of the planet, although the desire to see pictures does not disappear anywhere.

This is where the electronic viewing form comes to the rescue. Instead of a banal sort of photo images on the monitor screen, you can offer an interesting alternative. a slide show. If you wish, you can pick up good music to it, so that the viewing is not so monotonous. All this can be done independently and completely free of charge. Modern programs allow you to create a personal slideshow online. A clip from a photo will perfectly replace an outdated photo view.

You can watch a video on how to create a clip from

Such a software product makes it possible to create a clip from a photo as easy as shelling pears. To master this process, you do not need to be a programmer and master the intricacies of working with the operating system. All you need is desire, a little free time and perseverance.

  • starting the program;
  • uploading images via “Photo Import”;
  • loading the melody you like through the “Import of audio recordings”;
  • placing the melody on the timeline;
  • overlay photos in the appropriate order.

Now you just have to click on “Play” and see what happened. If necessary, online, you can change the music, image, or edit the sequence of posting photos. In the event that the desired goal is achieved, you can save the clip from the photo on your computer by inviting friends and acquaintances to joint viewing.

How to make a movie from photos using the features of Windows Movie Maker

Even a schoolboy is able to create a good clip from photographs with the help of modern Windows Movie Maker. Here you need to follow a simple instruction:

  • install the program on a computer using the “Installation Wizard”;
  • select the “Add file” item, then specify the folder with the photo album in the window that opens;
  • to edit slides, you need to switch to the “Script” mode;
  • in the “Duration” menu, you can set the presentation time for each slide;
  • using the “Transitions” select the type of animation;
  • the configured transition with the mouse should be moved to the space between the images;
  • when everything is finished, you should save the video file.

Particular attention should be paid to setting up titles. It will be necessary to specify the necessary parameters in the drop-down list, and then insert them into the track, which is indicated by the letter “T”. This track is a timeline. To display the text on the screen during the slideshow, you need to double-click inside the gray frame.

Search for specialists to create a clip from a photo

Those who do not know how to make a clip from a photo or do not want to spend time on it can hire specialists to do this kind of work. Today it is not difficult to do this, as there are many professionals offering similar services.

How to quickly make a Slideshow video on iPhone (No 3rd party Apps required)

The best performers can be found on the Yuda website. The best specialists are registered here who are ready to perform such work quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. with each specialist should be negotiated separately, because each of them has their own for such services.

How to make and share a music slideshow (video from photos) in the Photos app on iPhone or iPad

Apple offers two options for creating slideshows.

Option 1 (creating a video movie from all photos of the album, the ability to save)

Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad and go to the Albums tab. Select the desired album to create a slideshow (movie). We talked in detail about how to create albums and folders in the Photos application in this article.

Click on the “···” icon in the upper right corner.

In the menu that appears, select “Play a movie-memory”.

A slideshow of the album photos with music will be launched.

Tap the screen to change slideshow settings. Choose a soundtrack (soft, light, funny, vigorous, disco club, etc.), as well as a frame rate (short or medium).

To fine-tune the slideshow, click the “Edit” button in the upper right corner and in the pop-up window confirm your intention by clicking the OK button.

Additional options will open that allow you to change the slideshow title, title image, music theme, and select a photo for the current slideshow.

The process of detailed customization of the slideshow creates a copy of it in the “Memories” format in the “For You” tab of the Photo application.

To save the slideshow in video format to the Photos app or share it with friends, return to the original screen (before clicking the Edit button) and click the Share button in the lower left corner.

In the menu that appears, select “Save Video”.

The slideshow in video format will be saved in the Photos app.

How to make and share music slideshow in Photos app on iPhone or iPad

With the release of iOS 10, Apple seriously decided to make the Photos app a competitor to Google Photos by introducing the Memories tool with the ability to group photos by events and create slideshows from them. In this article, we will show you two ways to make a music slideshow from photos in the Photos app.

Option 2 (creating a video movie from selected photos of the album, more opportunities for choosing animation effects and musical accompaniment)

Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad and go to the Albums tab. Select the desired album to create a slideshow (movie). We talked in detail about how to create albums and folders in the Photos application in this article.

To select all photos for slideshow, click the “···” icon in the upper right corner.

To create a slideshow from selected photos, click the Select button and highlight the desired images, and then click the “···” icon in the upper right corner.

Select Slideshow. Slide show starts automatically in full screen.

Tap the screen to change the settings. Click the Options button to change the slideshow settings.

In the Music section, select one of the suggested standard songs or music from the Music app (Apple Music).

In the Theme section, choose a style for displaying your slides. To repeat the slides, activate the Repeat item.

To decrease or increase the playback speed of the picture, use the turtle and hare slider.

Changing the soundtrack entails re-arranging the entire clip to match the tempo and tone of the composition.

It should be noted that the slideshow created using the second option does not provide the ability to save the video and send it to friends. The created slideshow can only be viewed on an iOS device or transferred to a TV with an Apple TV set-top box.


Like the previous programs, Instanty is used to extract good shots from movies. It is quite simple to take a freeze frame: you need to specify the location using the “” and “-” keys in the main application window, after which you can start processing the received frame.

The application has in its arsenal several dozen useful filters and special effects, with which you can improve image quality, change colors, frame texture, add effects like sepia, grayscale and others. After that, you can save the image to the phone memory or send it to social networks.

The application works on iPhone 4 and higher with iOS 7 and higher, and is available for download completely free of charge.

Apps on iPhone (iOS) for extracting good shots from videos

If you often use your camera, then you probably wondered: how to take a photo from a video on an iPhone. This is necessary to extract the most successful frames, which can later be processed. In this article, we will look at several noteworthy applications that can pull out the photos you need from videos.

The simplest method that does not require additional applications is to take a screenshot while watching a video, putting it on pause. But if you need to make a video storyboard and beautifully cut a freeze frame, then use one of the following tools.


Taplet is a completely free application for iPhone (iOS) that can work not only with footage on Apple devices, but also with clips from third-party devices, including the well-known GoPro. The principle of operation of the application is simple to disgrace: the video is divided into a large number of separate frames, which can be saved with one tap on the screen.

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over, the functionality of the program allows you to change the sharpness, brightness, contrast of the frame. All received photos do not lose in terms of quality, and if necessary, after processing, they can be posted immediately on social networks.

One of the notable features of the app is the ability to take a selfie with a flash. To do this, you need to shoot a video with the main camera, and then choose the most successful frame. Note that if the video was shot horizontally, then you will have to edit it in the usual, vertical position.

At the end of the shooting, the application allows you to very quickly process the recording, after which you can view all the frames, moving in the direction you need in the video. Thanks to a very successful and simple interface, it is very easy to find good photos, as well as to save them in a separate folder.

Video 2 Photo

After the advent of high-definition video, many users began to think about the need to use still frames. One of the applications providing this functionality is Video 2 Photo.

With the help of the program, you can simply add already existing videos and select the desired sections in time. You can specify the location with high accuracy, thanks to the buttons on the screen, and then you can proceed to further processing.

Video 2 Photo has a couple of filters and special effects that allow you to improve image quality, play with colors, add vignette, etc. There is a functionality for cropping the resulting image.

After completing all the necessary work, the finished picture can be sent to your iPhone or shared with friends on social networks. Note that the application works only on devices of the iPhone family of at least 5 and on iOS at least 7 version. Minus Video 2 Photo. paid distribution, but symbolic. only 119 rubles.


If you need to cut a still frame from a video, you can also turn to Movavi for help, which, in addition to extracting images from a video, has many tools for processing videos.

After starting the program, you need to click on the “Add files” button and select the “Add video” item, and then select the video you need. If you need to save a frame from the movie on a DVD, then click on “Add DVD” and select the appropriate folder. After that, the video will be in the program, and you just need to drag it into the editing window.

After that you need to go to edit mode.

Now you can start directly searching for the desired frame and saving. To do this, move the slider on the scale to the place where you need to capture, and then just click the icon with the image of the camera. In the pop-up window, you will need to specify the file format and specify the path to save it on your computer. After that, you can send the photo for further processing or send it to friends via Skype or publish a post in

In addition, Movavi is able to convert video, audio and other media files, can change the format without loss of quality; improve the quality of photo, video and sound; trim clips before converting.

Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

Slide Show on iPhone

You can create your amazing slideshow on iPhone for free right now, on this site. Choose a cool design and upload your photos, videos, music. Very quickly we will make an excellent clip for you, which you will not be ashamed to present to your loved one.

Functionality of the built-in application “Foto”

This application is available starting from iOS 10. Slide show from photos on iPhone is done automatically, user participation is not required. You can choose a melody, video duration, speed of scrolling through photos. Google extension in functionality differs little.

How to create and save a slideshow in an app on iPhone

  • open;
  • log into your account;
  • click on “For You”, then on “New Film”;
  • pick up a snapshot, click on “Create”;
  • when ready to “Save”.

The user can change the sequence of displaying frames, a song, watch a photo film and use according to the instructions.

Home Use Apps

IMovie is considered a classic, which allows not only creating modest slideshows on a computer or iPhone, but also working with films and game trailers. There are many tools, but it takes time to learn. Users consider an advantage to be the ability to publish videos on YouTube and. disadvantage of having to pay 5.

Free to make slideshow for iPhone allows applications:

  • GoPro’s Quik (Apple Recommended)
  • Pics2Mov;
  • PhotoMotion;
  • Perfect Video.

Quik editor that allows you to get a cool slideshow of 200 photos on your Android or iPhone phone. There are 27 styles available with highlights and effects to match your chosen theme. The clip is edited quickly, publication in social media is allowed. networks.

The Pics2Mov utility is also distributed without payment, due to the limited functionality it is possible to produce only clips from pictures. The database contains 200 music tracks, 285 fonts, FullHD-108 and HD-720p formats with high resolution. In addition to publishing on social networks, sending by e-mail and posting on video hosting is possible.

In PhotoMotion, still images and video files are manually combined. The presence of fine settings makes it possible not to rely on automation, but to create an original slideshow on your iPhone yourself. There are a lot of filters and effects. You can add music from your library.

Perfect Video has 2 versions: simplified and paid. This software allows not only making videos, but also separating, combining them, adding melodies and captions, applying special effects, changing the viewing pace. For home use it is enough.

How to make a beautiful slideshow out of photos on iPhone

  • movie from all photo files with saving;
  • video from the selection with an expanded selection of music and animation.
  • click on the date the album was created;
  • activate the playback icon (first a photo will be created, then the preview will start);
  • touch the screen to change the parameters;
  • pick up musical accompaniment.

To save or download the slideshow to your iPhone or share, you need to click on “Share”.

When using the second option, you need:

Make Video Montage with Photos App on Your iphone

  • select an album, mark on the first photo frame
  • highlight pictures;
  • click on “Share”;
  • go to “Slideshow” (for preview);
  • touch the screen;
  • go to “Parameters”;
  • pick up a song from Apple Music or a section;
  • define a style in the “Theme” section.

It is important to know that videos can only be made and watched, cannot be saved or sent. In addition to being shown on the gadget, you can transfer to a TV equipped with an Apple TV set-top box.

IPhoto 11 or higher and an iCloud account are required to display the wallpaper as an animated slideshow on the iPhone desktop.

  • enable “Photo Stream” in the settings (on “iCloud” and switch);
  • enable “Photo Stream” on the gadget (iPhoto, then on “Enable”);
  • go to “System Preferences”, then to “Desktop and Screensaver”, then to “Screensaver”.

After selection, it remains only to select the parameters.

IPhone 6s / 6s Plus and iPhone 7/7 Plus have Live Wallpapers. To use them, you need to enable 3D Touch and show the program the path to the photos.

  • enter “Live Wallpaper”, define a category in the menu;
  • flip through and mark photos;
  • go to “Photos”, then “All photos”;
  • open a saved snapshot;
  • click on “Share”;
  • click on “Wallpaper”, then on “Live Photo” and “Install”;
  • further “Lock screen”.

The selected photo file will appear on the screen. Hold is required after pressing until animation appears.

Free slideshow software with music for iPhone

This program is for online slideshow maker for iPhone or Android. It is freely distributed on the App Store. The main advantage is the absence of restrictions on the number of files. The format is chosen depending on where the finished video will be used. than a hundred forms, transitions, effects are offered. Finished videos are saved in the gallery, from there they can be sent by e-mail to. Youtub, Instagram.

The choice of the program is complicated by the wide assortment. Most focus on the convenience and quality of the videos. It is difficult to recommend something specific, each development has its own advantages and disadvantages. For beginners, simple free options are preferable. It is worth spending money if you have at least minimal experience.