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How to search and listen to music in Telegram

Music in Telegram is fashionable, fun and popular! The built-in music player has been eagerly awaited by many users and finally, it happened with the 4.4 update for iOS and Android. The player is so simple and easy to use, you can download or just listen to the track in the chat window and there are no restrictions as in many social networks, all music is freely available and without ads. In this article, we will tell you in detail, using the @ MP3Robot music bot as an example, how to search for the freshest and most popular tracks and how to listen to them in the most promising Telegram messenger to date. Let’s turn our Telegram into a music player.

How to find music in Telegram:

  • We open the messenger on our phone or PC. In the upper left corner in the search bar, type the name of the bot, for example, @ MP3Robot (bot for searching music in telegrams)

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  • Launch the bot and join the channel
  • Press / search and start looking for music. Enter the name of the artist or the title of the track, and you can also record a fragment of the desired composition through the built-in microphone
  • Next, select the desired track from the list by clicking on it. The file can be downloaded, added to the playlist, listened to directly in the chat window or listened to online (link will open in a new window).
  • You can listen to the track directly in the chat by clicking the Play button to the left of the song name. The track will start playing, and standard functions will also open when you click on the player line.

Music in Telegram

How to download music to Telegram and share music with friends:

  • In the messenger, all audio files are stored on the server, and only links to them are displayed in group chats and public pages. When you click on the file, the track starts loading into the cache, then you can immediately start listening to the composition. If you have a desire to save an audio file to your phone or computer to listen to it offline, for this we need to follow a couple of simple steps described below.
  • Right-click on the file (for the Desktop version) or long-press with your finger (for the mobile application).
  • In the menu that opens, select the item “Save audio file as” and “Save as” (for the Desktop version, depending on the language of your Telegram) or “Save to music” and “Save” (for smartphones), after which the audio file will be loaded into the memory of your devices.
  • If you want to share the song you like with your friends via Telegram, as well as Viber or Whatsapp (in the mobile application), it is not necessary to save it in the phone memory. It is enough to select the “Forward message” item in the same menu that opens and select recipients from the contact list.

How to create your own Playlist:

If you do not want to use other people’s playlists, there is always the opportunity to create your own. To do this, you can redirect all tracks to a chat with yourself Saved Mesges or create a separate channel. How to create a channel can be read here.

For convenience, you can also press the plus sign under each track. if available, and listen to songs through the advanced chat settings mode.

Several music channels and chats:

  • @vk_mus. music telegram channel
  • @ mp3_chat. chat group for communication and music search
  • @ mp3search. a channel-base of music, in which you can find a track through the built-in telegram search

How to listen to music on Telegram

Telegram is an application for free messaging. But it is also used to send photos or audio files. But now there are good functions available that allow you to download and listen to music in telegram for free.

Listening to music tracks

The developers added a function to the messenger that allows you to find and listen to tracks directly through a mobile message, which made Telegram even more popular. You can save music to iPhones and Android software-based devices.

To start playing music, open the application and click on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the screen. This will open the search bar.

It is recommended to drive “@cctrecks” into the search line. Below the program will offer various groups, you must select the one indicated in the image below.

You must subscribe to this channel. It contains various compositions available for public listening. The list of songs is periodically updated, which allows you to enjoy new tracks without any special restrictions. It is not possible to add music to the chat on your own.

In an open chat, you can download and listen to music without the Internet in offline mode. To download a track, you must press the button, which is located just below the play button. The played song is duplicated in the upper band of the telegram channel.

When you click on the player bar, a full list of songs that you can listen to opens.

When listening to an audio track, the next one is loaded into the cache automatically. This allows you to listen and save tracks without experiencing delays without downloading them at the same time.

Note! When you create any channel, you can download music from any device and from VK to it. This allows you to listen to them from anywhere with free access to the Internet.

Music search

You can search for music in a telegram among songs uploaded to chats or open channels and bots. It is not possible to play music downloaded to the device via the app. To listen to your tracks, you must first upload them to the cloud for file storage or to the created channel.

When creating your own music channel, you can invite friends to it and share your favorite works. Friends can also invite to a public channel to listen to audio tracks.

To make it easier to find downloaded songs, they can be combined with hashtags. To do this, download all the necessary compositions and write the desired element at the end of the message to facilitate the search.

The program also allows you to listen to music from. This requires installing a special bot. The way to use robots is described on our website.

Searching for music in a telegram is not difficult. User-generated music channels make it easier to find, and step-by-step instructions to take advantage of the most popular chat with tracks make tasks easier.

How to listen to music in Telegram | TeleGuide. all about Telegram and even more

Third way

When searching for a specific artist or his song, adding a special musical robot can help. The answer to the question of how to download music from Telegram, in this case, implies the use of bots.

The client sends a message to the robot with the name of the audio track or artist, and in the received letter examines the proposed varieties. Popular music robots include @ mp3robot, @vkm_bot, @tuneme, @muzzzbot.

The composition loaded in this way is in the Music application, while the tracks are located in the cache. To delete an audio recording, you need to go to “Settings”, then. “Data and Disk” and “Disk Usage”. Here you can clear the cache, thereby deleting the downloaded audio files. In the “Store files” subsection, you can set the time interval for storing downloaded files. You can also selectively clear the cache.

Technical nuances of the Telegram media player

A full-fledged opportunity to listen to music in Telegram appeared in update 4.4. In order to show the convenience of the new interface, the developers launched the @cctracks music channel, which posted 12 entries. The channel was created solely to showcase the upgrade. the only posts date from October 9 and 10, 2017.

Music channel in Telegram from developers: was created only to demonstrate a new feature

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The innovation had the effect of an exploding bomb, especially considering the fact that it was then that in the second brainchild of Pavel Durov listening to audio recordings in the background for over one hour became paid.

Before you start listening to music in Telegram, you need to download it: this rule is relevant for the desktop and iOS versions of the messenger. You should click on the arrow to download, wait for it to finish and turn on audio recording.

In Telegram for Android, it is not necessary to wait for the full download of a track to start listening to it

The first way

You must subscribe to music channels or groups that publish audio on personal chat feeds. By subscribing, you optionally save audio tracks to your device.

Creating a playlist inside the messenger

To view the current playlist, in the Telegram version for computers, move the cursor over the name of the track being played at the top of the dialog box. You will see a list of all uploaded audio recordings in an open chat.

Hover the cursor over the track name on the top panel of the messenger to display the current playlist of audio recordings in the chat

From the mobile version, the playlist opens after clicking on the name of the audio file.

Control the view of the playlist. slide your finger along the list of tracks to open the full list

You can create your own playlist.

How to transfer music from telegram to apple music

Second way

After creating a personal private channel, the user adds the selected songs to it. The composition is downloaded to Android or iPhone from PC. Let’s consider this option in more detail:

  • install the licensed Telegram client on Windows, Linux or Mac, or use the Internet version of the service;
  • turn on the messenger and refer to its settings, in which you need to click on the “New channel”;
  • enter the name of the stream (for example, “My Music”, “Playlist 1”, etc.);
  • click on “Create”;
  • define the status: private or public channel;
  • drag music tracks to the new channel field and wait while the files are loaded;
  • downloaded songs can be listened to and downloaded (cached by clicking the special arrow) in Telegram on iPhone.

Bot in Telegram for downloading music

Popular Telegram bots for downloading music from :

  • @vkmusic_bot. with it you can easily download tracks from VK directly to Favorites in Telegram and listen to them at any time;
  • @VKAudioExporterBot. allows you to export music from VK one track at a time or whole playlists;
  • @vkm_bot and @vkmbetabot. allow you to search for VK tracks and play audio recordings on your page;
  • @VKAudioBot. helps you find and save tracks, as well as select a VK album.

These and many other bots will help not only listen, but also load the track, saving it to the Favorites.

Listening to music in Telegram without downloading

It should be understood that any standard playback of tracks occurs without downloading. By clicking on a song, you will see the download process, but this is not a download. The media file will simply be loaded for playback.

If you are interested in how to listen to music in Telegram, then it is quite simple to do it. First you need to find a music chat or bot. They are divided by genres, groups, years of release, if you are interested in the work of a certain decade, languages โ€‹โ€‹of performance.

Let’s talk more about bots. In fact, these are specially written programs aimed at performing specific tasks. There are many of them, filled with relevant content. They are divided into three types:

  • To listen to files. They allow you to listen not only from the application itself, but also from VK, YouTube and other social networks. Can recognize ringtones like Shazam works.
  • For download. They also allow you to download audio from VK, Yandex, YouTube, SoundCloud, audio broadcasts, download specific selections from Yandex or VK.
  • For search. There are both selections and radio broadcasts.

A list of all existing channels and bots can be found on the official website of the application by following the link:

How to add, download and listen to music in Telegram, send audio and listen to saved tracks

The development team listened to the upset audience and presented their own way of playing music, which is completely free in the messenger. This is the principal position of the creator. There are no copyright bans on this site, and the variety of groups is huge.

We will figure out how to listen to music in Telegram for free, is it possible to do it without the Internet, what are the nuances for different operating systems.

On iPhone

Everything happens in a similar way, with the exception of small details:

Find the cloud icon with an arrow in the right corner of the message and click on it.

Uploading the media file will start, after which the cloud will be replaced by a phone icon with a check mark inside.

Click on the curly arrow “Forward” and send the audio to Favorites.

How to save music inside telegram and listen to it offline without the Internet

If you want to listen to music on your phone in Telegram without downloading it to the device itself, then there is such an opportunity. For this, such a convenient function as adding to “Favorites” is used. this is a personal cloud storage, which is a dialogue with yourself.

Let’s see how to do this on different OS.

On Android

To add a file to the repository, you need to complete the following steps:

Open the dropdown menu of settings by clicking on the three dots.

In the list of correspondences that opens, go to Favorites with a flag icon on your avatar.

You can find the storage and view the downloaded one by pulling out the main menu curtain or using the search.

To find and play a song, you need:

Go to a channel by entering a dog and a name, for example, @cctracks Rock or @muzik. Find a list of similar channels and find something to your liking by searching the net.

Choose a song you like and click on the circle with a blue down arrow to download. On Android, you can immediately turn on audio, it will load in the process.

Click on the listening icon that appears after loading. The information line of the message shows the duration of the melody and the number of views.

Above, under the name of the correspondence, a built-in audio player will appear, clicking on it, you will open the playlist, you can shuffle or put the content on repeat, see the album cover.

To the right of the name of the media file being played, there is an icon in the form of three vertically spaced dots. He opens three points:

  • Forward. the ability to send a song in Telegram to other music lovers.
  • Share. a way to transfer through another app.
  • Show in chat. open a specific location of the audio, because only through chat it will be possible to open a more detailed menu.

In the upper left corner there is a magnifying glass icon, with which you can search the entire playlist.

How to listen to music via Telegram

Fun fact: To test the innovation, the development team created the @cctracks channel with twelve audio files in 2017. The number of songs has remained unchanged, but currently @cctracks has almost 93 thousand subscribers.

How to listen and download music on iPhone using Telegram

Downloading music using bots

When searching for a specific artist or track, it is very convenient to search using a music bot for Telegram. Popular music bots for Telegram:
@radioarchivebot. Search for recordings of radio broadcasts of famous Russian radio stations is available.
It is enough to write a message at the bottom with the name of the song or the artist, we will receive the found options in response. For example, @vkm_bot bot can search by

The picture shows the search options that must be entered in the Message.

Downloading music from your computer

Install Telegram-messenger on your computer, be it Mac, Windows, Linux. And first, we create our own private channel and upload the tracks we like to it.

Next, we launch the application and by clicking on the top left on the button of three dashes, we go

in the menu where we click on the Create channel button.

Enter the name of the channel, for example, My Album, Playlist. Rock for boys and so on and click the Create button

You need to indicate whether the channel is Private or Public and click Save

Drag the music files to the created channel window and wait for the files to download.

After downloading, the music files will appear both in Telegram-messenger and on the iPhone.

Click on the cloud icon with an arrow so that the file is saved in the iPhone memory.

Music by subscription

In addition to Telegram bots, music lovers can visit specialized music channels. There are a large number of them in Telrgram-messengere where after searching, everyone will find for themselves the option they need to subscribe.
For example, Telegram Music, Telegram Music, where a feed of music tracks and playlists by topic that you can listen to or save (cache) by clicking on the cloud with an arrow. This will allow you to listen to music without internet access. You can share, as well as copy the link and send to friends, and so on.

How to subscribe to a channel

Select a music channel and enter Music by mood or @music_by_mood in the search bar, which is the same. The content of the channel will open. Click on the Subscribe button below

Music by subscription in Telegram gives a good opportunity to select and listen to music to raise your mood and it’s a sin not to use it today and now.

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How to listen to telegram music on iPhone

Read in the article whether it is possible to listen to Telegram music, and how to do it on your phone online and without the Internet. You will learn how to access songs from VK.

How to listen to music in Telegram from VK using bots

We have figured out how to listen to your music on Telegram and where to look for popular songs. In addition to the listed sources of audio tracks, there is another one that allows you to receive music from the social network.

So, how to listen to music in Telegram from VK:

This can be done using the Audio Bot (@audio_vk_bot). Search for its name or username and run;

To get music from. click on the “My audio recordings” button;

Next, you need to log in to your VK page and open the bot access to the page;

After authorization, you will be taken to the section with your media library;

Click on the arrow next to the song to download it to Telegram;

When finished and all tracks have loaded, tap Done;

You will be returned to the bot page, where all the compositions you uploaded will be. To listen to them, click on the player icon to the left of the tracks.

This is a very simple, convenient and free bot that allows you to quickly find your favorite music from a social network and listen to it.

You can take songs not only from your saved audio, but also open the “Recommendations” section or use the search.

You can also use other bots. For example: VK Music Bot.

Find it through the search and click the “Subscribe” button to start using all its functionality;

To find a track from VK and listen to it, enter its name and send it to the bot in messages;

He will send a playlist with songs with a similar title;

If you want to search for a specific song, then enter the title and artist name;

The / popular and / new commands allow you to get a selection of popular tracks.

This tool has a couple of disadvantages:

To listen to music, you need to support the bot financially in the amount of 50 rubles;

The bot has almost 30,000 members and every second someone performs a music search request. As a result, finding an answer to your own becomes problematic.

Now you know how to listen to music in Telegram from the social network. This tool can be used on both mobile and computer.

You can find even more articles about interesting functions of Telegram on our website

How to listen to music on Telegram and 7 TOP channels with tracks

If you fully and actively use the messenger, then you are most likely interested in the issue of listening to audio. In this article we will tell you how to listen to music in Telegram on your phone or computer.

To do this quickly and easily, follow the step-by-step instructions:

Open the messenger and click on the magnifying glass icon in the right corner;

Enter in the search the name or username of the channel with music;

Subscribe to it and then find and play any audio file. To do this, click on the “Play” icon to the left of the track name to enable it;

A window for listening to music will appear in the top panel. You can touch it to open a playlist with a list of available tracks.

While one track is playing, the next one will already start loading into the cache. This allows you to listen to one song after another without delays.

Here is a list of channels and bots where you can find music to listen to:

  • @tuneme. famous tracks from different eras;
  • @thehits. popular contemporary music;
  • @thesound. music news and reviews;
  • @radiobot. here you will find recordings of radio stations;
  • @ mp3_chat. users regularly upload their favorite tracks to the group. You can listen to what others are sending, as well as share your own compositions;
  • @muzikys. the largest music channel on Telegram;
  • @Muzik. a selection of popular tracks.

This is just a small part of the sources where you can get access to cool compositions and new music. Now there are a lot of such channels and groups.

How to listen to music in Telegram on iPhone:

  • Start the messenger;
  • Click on the “Chats” section;
  • Open a music channel;
  • Tap the player icon to the left of the song to play the song;
  • If you want to open a list with tracks, then click on the top panel with a song player.

You can make your own playlist yourself. To do this, you need to install Telegram on your computer and go to the messenger via PC:

  • Create a chat or channel. If you do not want other users to have access to your music, make it private;
  • Go to the chat, click on the paperclip icon at the bottom of the screen;
  • Select tracks on your computer and upload them to the group.

After that, you can listen to your music not only from your computer, but also from your phone.

Life hack: how to listen to music on Telegram without the Internet

You already know how to listen to songs on Telegram, as well as how to do it from. When the playlist is full, the question arises whether it is possible to access it without the Internet. Read the article further and you will learn how to listen to music in Telegram offline.

We answer this question immediately and we hasten to please you that it is possible to do this. If you are using a mobile with OS Android, then all data from the messenger is saved in the phone’s memory. Therefore, you can always quickly find them and turn them on, even without a Wi-fi network.

In this case, follow the simple instructions:

  • Open the messenger;
  • Click on three strips and go to the “Settings” section;
  • Select the “Data and Disk” tab;
  • Audio files will be in the appropriate section.

It should be noted that only the tracks that you have listened to are saved in the cache. In addition, all previously viewed audio messages, video files and images are stored there.

If you are a mobile user with OS IOS, then the following instruction is for you:

Next to each composition on the right you will see an arrow icon with a cloud;

Do this for every track you want to access offline. Done!

Now you can listen to every downloaded song even without Wi-fi. As you can see, this is not difficult. The main thing is to take care of access to your favorite music in advance, if you know that you will not be able to go online.

So, in the article we told how to listen to music in Telegram without the Internet or with it, how to access tracks from a social network and where to look for fresh compositions.

How to find music in Telegram from other users

Go to the “Latest” section to view new popular tracks.

Browse the list of songs. Scroll through the pages with left-right arrows. To add a track to the collection, click on the name of the song you like. If the “Add to playlist” button is not visible on the screen, click on the arrow looking down and go down to the end of the chat with the bot.

Confirm the addition of an audio file by clicking on the “Add to playlist” button.

Click on the title of the current collection.

Searching for music in Telegram via Music Keeper is inconvenient due to the inability to set a track title or artist name. Only an unordered list of popular songs is available to the user. How to search for music on Telegram? Install VK Music Bot, download the tracks of interest, and then store and listen to songs, create playlists using Music Keeper.

Starting the bot and setting up the Russian language

If there is no messenger on your computer, you need to download Telegram Desktop before setting up the bot. The link leads to the official website of the developer, the latest version of the program is available for download for free.

How to listen to music in Telegram

Not enough phone memory to store tracks? Forget the problem! Listen to your favorite music on Telegram. Load and save compositions, create playlists. Music Keeper bot knows how to listen to music via Telegram and store an unlimited amount of audio files. Find a robot in the messenger via @MusicKeeperBot or by the name Music Keeper.

How to listen to music and delete playlists

To listen to music and manage your song list, go to the “My Music” section.

The bot will download the user’s playlists. Click on the name of the song list of interest.

To display tracks, click on the “Show playlist” button. To delete the album, click “Delete”.

Start the song by clicking the Play button next to the track name. Click “Delete” and erase unnecessary composition.

How to listen to music from all user playlists? Click All My Music for a complete list of tracks.

Create a playlist and download tracks

Send the robot the title of the collection of tracks by a message. Do not exceed the 30 character limit. To cancel the operation, click on the “Cancel” button.

The playlist has been created. How to add music to Telegram? Click on the paperclip to load the song.

In the menu that appears, select the “Music” section.

Music Keeper bot will prompt you to select a playlist to add an audio file. Click on the title. Track loaded.

How to download music in Telegram

Download your favorite tracks to your computer and phone. Saving an audio file on a PC and a smartphone in Music Keeper bot happens in different ways.

How do I download music to my computer? Hover the cursor over the track of interest and select “Save audio file as” in the context menu.

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Where is the Telegram music saved? The PC user sets an arbitrary folder for downloading the audio file. By default, the track will be saved to the desktop.

How to download music from telegram to Android phone? Click on the three vertical dots to the right of the track name and select the “Save to music” item in the context menu.

Music in Telegram on iPhone: how to listen, download (cache) for listening without the Internet

In recent years, the administration does not particularly delight users with innovations. This is especially true for music lovers who store their playlists on the social network. Advertising, the lack of a caching function for offline listening and the time-limited background music playback forced many to start looking for an alternative service, which could be Telegram.

Probably not everyone knows, but Telegram has a full-fledged audio player. At the moment there is no information about whether Pavel Durov plans to conclude contracts with copyright holders, but right now you can add any composition to the application and make it available publicly.

How to search, download and listen to music in Telegram on iPhone (3 ways)

Downloading music from your computer

It will not be difficult to compose a playlist. we create our own private channel and “share” the tracks we like to it. In detail:

Launch the application, go to the Chats tab, click on the button to create a new chat and select Create channel.

Enter the name of the channel, for example, “My Music”, “Playlist 1”, “Beaver Rock”, etc. Press “Next.

Drag the music files into the created channel window and wait for the files to load.

After downloading, the tracks will appear in Telegram on the iPhone (Android smartphone or tablet). Click on the cloud icon with an arrow to save the track (cached) to the iPhone memory.

Subscription to channels with music

Everything is simple here. you subscribe to specialized channels and communities that publish audio recordings (mostly thematic playlists) in their chat feeds, and save them to your device.

You can find many popular music channels at these links:

Music bots in Telegram

If you are looking for a specific artist or track, then adding a music bot would be ideal. It is enough to send him the name of the artist or song, and you will receive the found options in response. For example, the @yamelodybot bot can search by an excerpt from a song, like Shazam, the @vkm_bot bot offers music from VK.

Where is music uploaded to Telegram on iPhone stored?

Songs uploaded to Telegram are not transferred to the standard Music application, but are stored in the application cache. In order to clear the application cache (delete music), you just need to go to Settings โ†’ Data and memory โ†’ Memory usage.

Here, in the Store files section, you can specify the storage period for uploaded files, clear the cache selectively by files and chats.

Using a bot

What actions need to be taken to download a song using a bot:

  • Open the application, find the bot by name through the search. For example, @ MP3Robot.
  • Add it to contacts, press the “Start / Start” button.
  • Select “/ search” from the suggested commands.
  • Send him a message with the name of the track.
  • In response, you will receive a list with possible suitable options.
  • Select the desired melody.
  • Click “Download / Download” to save the track to the device.

After a short download, music will be available to listen to on iPhone.

Music bots

Bots were created by messenger developers to help subscribers. They know how not only to find music by title, artist name or a fragment of a song, but also much more. Working with them is based on the exchange of messages that contain special commands.

To use the bot’s help, add it to your contacts.

What musical robots did subscribers like the most:

  • @yamelodybot. searches for a track based on an excerpt from a composition;
  • @GetMusicBot. finds songs in cloud services;
  • @zaycev_net_music_bot. search for music online sites.
  • @StoreBot. directory of available robots. Here you can find a lot of useful things for different purposes.

Many users have collected and stored whole musical selections on the VK social network. It is all the more annoying that listening to them is limited. Telegram opens access to ringtones. The robot @vkmusic_bot will help with this.

  • Add a bot to the contacts of the application, run through the “Start” button.
  • In the list of commands, select “/ song”.
  • Insert song title, send.
  • Choose a suitable option from the proposed list.

For your information! Thus, you can find any compositions from “VK”, and not only from your profile, but also others, if the settings do not prohibit access to music.

Uploading audio files to Telegram from the cloud

This method of downloading and storing ringtones on your phone allows you to group them into themed playlists.

Telegram does not give iPhone owners access to tracks on Apple Music, so you need to register on iCloud Drive, what you need to do:

  • Log in and log in to the service.
  • Click on the cloud icon.
  • Select songs to download.

Now how to save melodies to your playlist:

  • Go to application contacts.
  • Click on your name in the list, it should come first.
  • The chat will open, click on the clip “Attach file”.
  • Select iCloud.

The system will ask for confirmation, after which the music will be saved. Thus, you can add an infinite number of songs to the chat.

The second way to download and save tracks for listening to them later is the ability to send them to yourself. This can be done using the “Favorites” cloud storage built into Telegram. On iPhone, it is at the bottom of the screen and is indicated by a gear icon.

  • To the right of the track is the Forward arrow. Click on it.
  • In the list that opens, select “Favorites”.
  • Send by message via the arrow in the blue circle.

But this method has a drawback. it will not allow you to create playlists.

Subscription to music channels

A little more than a year has passed since the appearance of the functionality, and tens of thousands of various thematic communities have already been collected on Telegram servers. Among them are a huge number of music chats, to which anyone can join.

  • @muzik. The brightest novelties of popular music are presented;
  • @tuneme. Youth channel;
  • @themusicplayed. Collected legends of world music;
  • @cctracks. Collected a selection of various music for all ages;
  • @chart_muz_TV. Compositions from the “Muz-TV” hit parade of all years.

To get to the channel, you just need to take a couple of steps:

  • Open the application, insert the channel name into the search engine.
  • Go to the channel, click “Subscribe”.
  • Select the song you like in the tape, click on the arrow, then on Play.

By the way! You don’t have to subscribe to the channel to listen to the tunes. This can be done if the chat interests you, and there is a desire to return there.

From personal chat

  • Press the track, do not release until the menu appears.
  • At the top of the message, click “”.
  • Select “Share” at the bottom of the screen.
  • In the window that opens, click “Save to files”

Downloading music to iPhone via Telegram

After the imposition of restrictions on music content by social networks, many subscribers began to look for an alternative to listening to tunes. The service should be mobile, free, without annoying ads. And such a solution was found. You can listen to and download music on iPhone via Telegram completely freely, and for this there are several ways.

Where are the audio files stored

All files are stored in memory and played with a media player. Listening begins via the Play icon. At the top of the screen you can see what song is playing now, there are options: pause, turn off. The next track starts automatically, and the playback order can be selected.

The caching function allows you to listen to music without an Internet connection via Telegram on the iPhone. Over time, the device accumulates a lot of data. It can be fully formatted or cleared selectively.

  • Open the application, go to “Settings”.
  • Enter the “Data and Disk” tab.

Now you can customize the application: choose the storage time, clear memory selectively or completely, and much more.

Creating a private channel

For mobile access to listening only to your tunes in Telegram, you can create your own channel. Compositions are collected in a playlist, the number of songs is not limited. The application allows you to create as many channels as you like. There you can collect tracks for different genres, performers, mood.

What steps should be taken to become the owner of your personal chat:

  • Open the application menu, go to the “Chats” section.
  • Select the chat option “Create channel”.
  • Next, you need to come up with and enter the name of the future channel. It can be anything, there are no restrictions.
  • Now you need to select its type: “Public”. available to everyone, “Private”. hidden from prying eyes, but you can invite friends there from your contacts.
  • It remains to load the tracks. To do this, you can drag them into the window of the newly created channel or use a paper clip at the bottom of the screen. Through it you can download ringtones saved on your phone.
  • When the download is over, click on the cloud with an arrow next to each song.

Important! To listen to audio files, they must be in the device cache. The functionality of the application does not yet support online playback. You can save found music from Telegram to iPhone in several simple ways.