How to link the remote control to your philips TV

Setting up a universal remote for your Philips TV

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There are several ways that will help to establish contact between the UPDU and the equipment:

  • automatic. scanning starts here and the contact is automatically detected;
  • manual. for manual pairing, you will need to specify some parameters;
  • no code. using quick debugging or using the built-in remote control on a smartphone.

The performance and the number of available functions do not depend on which debugging format you choose.

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How to set up a universal remote control for a Philips TV: codes, instructions


To quickly connect your universal remote to your Philips TV, it’s best to use Auto Debug.

Take the remote control in hand and dial 9999. When you press the “9” key for the last time, hold it down and hold it until the TV turns off. This method is used if the code for the brand of your device is not in the list of brand names. Further actions are performed according to the following algorithm:

  • turn on TV;
  • direct the source of control to him;
  • press the power key, and hold this key;
  • when the volume icon appears on the screen, click to increase or decrease the sound level;
  • if there is a reaction, then the setting was successful.

If you don’t get the result, try to repeat the action a few more times.

Smartphones with universal remote function

A good alternative to the UPDU is a regular smartphone. Almost every phone has a preinstalled software that will help you find contact with an air conditioner, a multimedia set-top box, a music center and other equipment with an interface. There you don’t have to use a code to find a contact, you just need to point the infrared port in the appropriate direction.


This option requires a pairing code. Follow the steps in this order:

  • turn on TV;
  • hold down the “C” and “Setup” keys;
  • release when the indicator light responds;
  • enter the code in the window that opens;
  • confirm;
  • check operability using the volume control keys.

No code

There is only one option for pairing without code. automatic debugging.

How to find the TV code

The first step is to find the pairing code. It is different for each company. You can find the Philips TV code for the universal remote control:

  • in the instructions for the remote control itself;
  • in the paper version of the manual;
  • in the online manual on the manufacturer’s website.

For the selection method, use the following values: 0021.0061.0151.0291.0301.0331.0391.0661.1021.0931.1391.1401.1571.1081.2511.

For each company and model, these combinations are different, so you need to clarify on the official resources of the manufacturer.


  • Hold down the device selection button (TV).
  • Hold the POWER command together with the previous one.
  • Wait for the LED to light up, then release the held down buttons.
  • Dial the four-digit code you know.
  • When all four digits are specified, the light will turn off. This means that the data is saved in the UP memory.

If the indicator light remains on, then the code was incorrect.

LM-P001, LM-P003, LM-XL06

  • Hold “SAT”.
  • Wait for the indicator light to flash and remove your finger from the button.
  • Enter a four-digit combination you know.
  • After entering each character, the light will flash, and when the last fourth is entered, it will go out. This will mean that the connection is complete.

If the combination was pressed incorrectly, the blinking will continue.


  • Turn on the TV, point the UE at it.
  • Hold the TV command.
  • After that, hold down additional POWER.
  • When the indicator lights up, you must release both previously clamped buttons. Blinking will indicate that a signal is being sent to search for a code.
  • When your gadget turns off, press the OK key to save the found code to the UP.

List of codes

Each technique has its own code combination. Some common brands may have multiple codes. For instance:

  • Yamaha. 1161.2451;
  • LG. 1434.0614;
  • JVC 0005 0185 0055 0855 1095 1445 1595;
  • Sony. 0434.1774.0144.0444.2304.0154;
  • Panasonic. 0155.0595.0665.0675.0835.1125.1515.1565.1605.
  • Philips. 0345.0425.0515.0525.0605.1305.1385.1435.1675.1965.
  • Samsung. 0113.0403.2663.2653.0963.0003.2333.2443.

If you did not find the necessary information in the technical passport and on the website of the manufacturer of the equipment, we suggest using the table where the codes for the gal universal remote control are collected.

LM-P150, LM X11L

  • Hold the TV key to select a device.
  • Wait for the LED to light up. Release the pressed “TV”.
  • Enter the 4-digit code you know.
  • If everything is correct, the light will go out. This will indicate that the data is saved in the UP memory.

No code

If you want to customize your TV or Smart TV, but do not know its ID, use the auto search. This function is available with any remote control. over, you can only search for certain brands of TVs. This will significantly reduce the time. For this:

  • Press, hold the TV command.
  • Additionally. a numeric key that corresponds to the manufacturer of your device (see the table below).
  • The keypad will start sending signals, the LED will blink. When the indicator turns off, the data will be saved.


If you know the numbers you need, you can manually connect the gal universal remote to your TV. The manual is much different for different UPDU models.

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How to find the TV code

The remote control is connected to the TV using a special four-digit identifier. Each TV model has its own four-digit identifier. It is recorded in the data sheet, on the manufacturer’s website of your device, as well as in reference tables.

If the owner of the equipment could not find the required code, you can use a special function that is embedded in each remote control we are considering. auto-tuning. Its operation implies a programmatic search for four digital characters. To start the automation, you need to remember a certain algorithm of actions.

Selecting a remote control by TV model

How should you choose the right remote control for your TV set? As a rule, there is a manufacturer’s logo on the front of the TV device, and a sticker with a specific model on the back. Based on this, it will not be difficult to choose a TV remote control according to the TV model. To do this, you need to visit one of the outlets and consult with the seller. You can also search online for a suitable specification of the remote control device.

To acquire control for a technique, you will need the following sequence of actions:

  • If the “remote control” is broken, then on its front panel the brand should be determined, and the model of the device will also be on it. This data can be located on any part of the device, even under the battery compartment cover. In the absence of any information, you can use the information about the manufacturer of your TV equipment;
  • You do not need to throw out the remote control that is out of order immediately; it will come in handy for selecting a new device;
  • If it is not there, then you can simply study the instructions for TV. It contains detailed information about the model of the remote control equipment.

If your remote is compatible with another such device (usually this is indicated in the parameters), then it will appear as a result of a search query as suitable for your TV. To find out the serial number of equipment, for example, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, etc. open the instruction manual of your TV receiver. It often contains enough information to help you make your choice. You can try to find a suitable device by the selection method. It often happens that friends still have old, but working remote controls. Try to use them, if their microcircuits are similar, then it may work.

How to choose a remote control for any TV. expert advice

The breakdown of an old television remote control or its poor working condition leads to the question of choosing a new correct control device. It is a mistake to believe that all remote controllers are identical and will fit any TV model. However, for a specific TV model, you need to choose your own special remote control. Of course, you can take the same model that you had earlier, but this does not guarantee that all available functions will be supported. Next, let’s dwell on how to choose the right remote control for the TV.

Choosing a universal remote control

If the above recommendations did not bring the desired result, and you still do not understand how to choose the right remote control for your TV, then universal remote controls will come to the rescue. They are easy to match to your TV set. Such a remote control captures the signal of the TV (or other equipment) to be controlled, and then reproduces the identical one. over, such a device can simultaneously control different equipment, since its memory allows you to record several signals. Setting up a universal control device is not difficult. These actions usually consist in the introduction of some kind of numerical combinations. All information will be in the instructions, which will need to be strictly followed.

Which universal control device to choose for your TV depends on what look you prefer, its price and features. The LG device is the best for reliability and cost. The main advantages of this brand are:

  • Reliability and durability of equipment;
  • Moderate price category;
  • Variety of functionality.

It must be remembered that the more careful and careful the attitude to the technique, the longer it will last. If you sometimes clean the contacts of the control panel, and also do not drop it or expose it to various contaminants, then it can serve for a long period.

The most commonplace way to purchase a remote control for a model of any equipment is to determine the model number of the device, which is indicated on the stickers. If finding the right model in the search engines turned out to be not an easy task for you, you can resort to searching by the external characteristics of the device. Open the list of vehicles of the required brand and choose a model. Descriptions, images and other data that are usually present on the page with the device will help in the search.

Interchangeability of the remote control of television devices. You may not always find a remote control like yours, but that shouldn’t be a cause for frustration. One device can be replaced with another. For example, LG remote controls have series: AKB and MKJ. Within these series, they differ only in some buttons, so they can completely replace each other. You have the opportunity to choose which remote control is suitable for your Samsung TV. He also has several series of remote controls, which also perfectly replace each other. Their difference lies in the presence of Smart-TV and 3D keys. If these buttons are not present on the remote, these functions will not be available, and basic operations such as on / off, channel switching, volume control and menu control will work.

The remote control is already paired with another TV.

To establish pairing, place the remote control a short distance from the Philips logo on the TV (about 10 cm) and press the  (red) and  (blue) buttons at the same time. Be sure to place the remote control near the logo. There is a radio signal receiver in this place and pairing can take place only with sufficient signal strength. This is to prevent accidental pairing between the remote control and the TV (these steps can only be done on purpose). If the pairing was successful, a message appears on the TV screen about the successful completion of the pairing of the remote control and the TV.

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Re-pairing the remote control and the Philips TV

The TV can be linked with another remote control. If the remote control has already been paired with another TV, the pairing method will be different from the method used if the remote control has not been paired yet (new remote control).

The remote control on my Philips TV does not work

There are quite a few comments about the quality of the remote control on a Philips TV, namely:

the remote control stops working, the TV is turned on for a couple of minutes, it works, and then it does not respond to key presses, the Philips TV does not respond to the remote control. Only turning off the network and turning on after 20-30 seconds helps.

Pairing (linking) the remote control (new Philips TV)

How to link the remote to a Philips TV. In order for the remote control to interact with the TV, they need to be paired. After that, it will not be possible to control another TV with this remote control. When turning on the TV for the first time, you were prompted to press the OK button on the remote control. At the same time, the pairing of the remote control with the TV was established. The pairing is retained when the TV is powered off. The TV can store pairing information for 5 remote controls.

Why the Philips TV remote control may not work and how to set up normal TV operation.

The question can be very simple, if you are the owner of a remote control with a keyboard, then in such a remote control the control is carried out not by infrared signals, but by radio signals. This control makes it possible to simplify the interaction with the TV. Agree that it is very difficult to type text on the remote control constantly controlling its position, in the remote control with radio control there is absolutely no difference where the remote is directed.

For the correct operation of the remote control. You need to bind the remote control to your TV. Each remote control has its own identifier, the TV remembers which remote control it should work with. This is necessary for the correct control of the TV, because there may be a similar TV nearby, for example, in a hotel. Remote Linking allows you to link the remote to a specific TV. But for the correct operation of the remote control, you need to perform the procedure for binding to the TV. It is not difficult, but nevertheless, if you do not complete it, then just such malfunctions occur in the TV.

My Philips TV remote does not work

The remote control is not yet paired with the TV

Some of the problems with the remotes can be solved by binding the remote control to the TV.


The TV starts searching for a network connection.
When the connection is successful, a message will be shown.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 65OLED803 / 12. 55OLED803 / 12. 65PUS7803 / 12. 65PUS8503 / 12. 65PUS8303 / 12. 49PUS7803 / 12. 49PUS8303 / 12. 75PUS7803 / 12. 55PUS7803 / 12. 49PUS8503 / 12. 55PUS8303 / 12. 55PUS8503 / 12. 65PUS7303 / 12. 49PUS7503 / 12. 55PUS7503 / 12. 50PUS7303 / 12. 50PUS7383 / 12. 43PUS7303 / 12. 55PUS7383 / 12. 55PUS7303 / 12. 43PUS7383 / 12. 65OLED873 / 12. 65OLED973 / 12. 55POS9002 / 12. 65PUS7502 / 12. 65PUS6412 / 12. 49PUS6482 / 12. 55PUS7502 / 12. 49PUS7502 / 12. 43PUS6412 / 12. 55PUS6482 / 12. 49PUS6412 / 12. 55PUS6412 / 12. 32PFS6402 / 12. 65PUS7601 / 12. 40PFH5501 / 88. 40PFS5501 / 12. 49PFS5501 / 12. 65PUS7101 / 12. 32PFS5501 / 12. 65PUS6521 / 12. 49PFH5501 / 88. 32PFT5501 / 12. 32PFH5501 / 88. 43PUS6401 / 12. 49PUS6401 / 12. 43PUS6501 / 12. 55PUS7181 / 12. 55PUS6401 / 12. 49PUS7181 / 12. 49PUS6501 / 12. 49PUS6561 / 12. 32PFS6401 / 12. 55PUS7101 / 12. 55PUS6561 / 12. 55PUS6501 / 12. 49PUS7101 / 12. 65PUS8901 / 12. 55PUS8601 / 12. 65PUS8601 / 12. 32PFT6500 / 12. 32PFH5500 / 88. 55PFT5500 / 12. 48PFT5500 / 12. 48PFH5500 / 88. 32PFT5500 / 12. 40PFH5500 / 88. 40PFT5500 / 12. 50PUT6400 / 12. 55PUT6400 / 12. 40PUT6400 / 12. 40PFT6550 / 12. 65PFT6520 / 12. 55PUS7100 / 12. 50PFT6550 / 12. 49PUS7150 / 12. 49PUS7100 / 12. 43PUS7150 / 12. 43PUS7100 / 12. 40PFT6510 / 12. 50PFT6510 / 12. 55PFT6510 / 12. 49PUS7909 / 12. 55PUS7909 / 60. 55PUS7909 / 12. 49PUS7909 / 60. 55PUS9109 / 12. 65PUS9109 / 12. 65PUS9809 / 12. 48PFS8109 / 12. 48PFS8209 / 12. 55PFS8109 / 12. 55PFS8209 / 12. 55PUS8809 / 12. Click here to see more product numbers Click here to show fewer product numbers


If the wireless network does not appear in the list, select [Add new network] and enter the name of the wireless network.

Enter the encryption key for the wireless network. The standard password can be found on the router or in the documents of the router

Make sure that:
The wireless router has been turned on for at least two minutes
The TV software has been updated to the latest version. Compare the version in the TV menu:
[Settings] [All Settings] [Update Software] [Current Software Information] with available version on Philips support website.


If you are using a remote with a rear QWERTY keyboard, it is recommended that you use only one type of input at a time (the remote’s QWERTY keyboard or on-screen keyboard). If both are used to enter the encryption key, there may be a delay when changing the input type.

WPS (recommended)

If the router has WPS, a direct connection can be made on the router without scanning.
Select: [WPS]
Go to your router, press the WPS button and go back to your TV within 2 minutes.


The TV scans for all available wireless networks

Connecting the TV to the network

To connect your TV to your network, follow these steps:
Press the “Settings” button on the TV remote control and select: [All Settings] [Wireless & Networks]

Select: [Wired or Wi-Fi] [Connect to Network].

Select the type of connection you are going to use

Ultra Slim 4K UHD OLED Powered by Android TV OS

Internet connection required to access smart TV features.

What is a universal remote and why is it needed

To broadcast a high-quality image on the TV screen, you need to connect terrestrial or cable digital television. Some TVs are not equipped with built-in DVB-T2 and DVB-C modules. Because of this, users have to additionally buy special tuners, which are controlled using the remote control. With this connection scheme, you will have to use two devices for remote control of equipment.

An additional remote control is an extra headache. To solve this problem, you need to find out what a universal TV remote control is. He is able to replace two devices at once. Despite the technical progress, remote controls are mainly presented in the form of a traditional design. an electronic circuit, a plastic case with LEDs, rubber buttons. The basic set of devices of this type often includes batteries that act as a power source.

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The universal remote control is no different in its “stuffing” from the usual one. However, this does not mean that any remote control can be turned into a universal one. The similarities are purely external.

To understand how to set up a universal PU. you need to find special codes. We will talk more about the configuration and connection features further.

How to find the TV code

The TV code for the universal remote control is often indicated in the accompanying documentation. Be sure to check the data sheet of the device. If it is not possible to familiarize yourself with the documents, find the technical specifications of the TV on the Internet. Today this can be done without too many problems. There is also a third way. the manufacturer’s official website. TV companies publish tables with the correct parameters on their portals.

Universal remote control codes

Regardless of which brand you use, you need codes to set up a universal remote control. It is impossible to configure the equipment without them. Of course, you can use an alternative solution by automatic selection, which was already discussed earlier, but it is better to find the codes.

In order not to solve such problems after the fact, clarify such details before purchasing equipment. Using the universal remote control is extremely simple, just point it at the TV, and then press the corresponding button.


To set up in auto mode, you need to hold down a combination of four nines on the remote control panel for a couple of seconds, without removing your finger from the 9 key. When everything is done correctly, the TV is immediately deactivated. Then the auto selection of TV channels will start. The whole process can take about 15 minutes. This method is used if the TV owner does not have a code for a universal remote control.

How to set up and connect the universal remote to the TV? Let’s go through the settings. For Supra: you need to turn on the TV, then point the remote control and hold the Power button for about six seconds. The diode should just light up. When the TV began to respond to an increase or decrease in sound, then the tuning in auto mode is completed.

Set is clamped on the Huayu remote control, followed by Power instantly. This process must be done, adhering to the rule. the keys are not activated immediately, but with a small time interval. Then the buttons are released and Power is clamped. You need to make sure that there is a volume scale on the TV screen. To exit the program, you need to click on Set a couple of times.

Remember that each TV has its own specific pairing code, which is needed for the most accurate setting of the remote control.

The third setting method, which is often used for universal remote controls. So, turn on the TV, then hold down the TV button and hold it until the LED starts to light up. Please note that flickering may occur on some models. After we hold down Mute to activate the search. At the end of the process, you need to press any button on the remote control to check if there is a reaction to the commands.


Now we will look at the second method, how to set up a universal remote control for a TV. You need to use a special code for your TV, entering it, you will need to follow the established procedure. So, for Supra. you need to point the remote control to the TV and immediately hold down Power, a window will pop up on the screen, into which you have to enter the code for your device. If the code is correct, the LED will blink a couple of times, you can release Power.

To activate the Huayu universal TV remote control, Set and Power are clamped at once. After that, you need to wait for the LED to start blinking. A four-digit code is entered. When the diode goes out, you need to immediately press Set. For Beeline, you have to activate the “TV” button and at the same moment hold down Setup and C. At the end of the installation, the device blinks a couple of times. This is a signal that you can release the keys. Turn up the volume to check if your device is working properly. In general, the process is quite simple, the main thing is to adhere to the sequence of actions. Remember that if the code has not been entered within 1 minute, the whole process will have to be repeated.

Universal TV remote: how to set up, connect and identify codes

To switch channels remotely, adjust the volume, activate additional functions and perform other tasks, TV manufacturers create various devices. Now let’s take a close look at what a universal remote control is, how to set up and connect it to a TV. We will carefully analyze how devices of this type differ from the original remote controls.

Instructions for setting up universal remotes

The instruction says that the universal TV remote control will start working only after the power source is connected. Therefore, first insert the batteries into the appropriate slot. Some devices do not come with batteries, so you need to purchase them separately.

AAA batteries are cheaper, but it is better to buy rechargeable batteries. In the future, they can be charged, and not sent for recycling. As a result, you can save money. Along with the batteries, buy a special slot through which they can be charged by first connecting it to a regular outlet.

Setting up a universal TV remote starts with synchronization. Open TV settings to select the appropriate mode. The main options are DVD, audio, TV, etc. To complete the connection process, hold down the TV button for three seconds. Enter your equipment code in the appropriate box. To find out it, you need to study the accompanying documentation in detail. We will consider this moment in more detail further.