How To Learn To Ride A Hoverboard

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How to ride a hoverboard?

So, what is a gyro scooter and how to operate it!?

The hoverboard is one of the newest developments in the field of transportation. It is known for its compactness and ease of use. So don’t worry that you don’t learn how to manage it.

It has many names: gyro scooter, mini segway, gyro board or gyro bike.


The appearance of the hoverboard is not very intricate. It resembles a segway, but it lacks a handle, which is used to hold on while moving. Small platform on two wheels, which features built-in electrical wire and auto-balancing. The “insides” of such a machine are represented by two engines, between which there is a hinge. It is he who allows you to make such a kind of movements-tilts while driving. You can only move forward and backward on it, and changing direction helps the ability to easily turn if necessary.

The hoverboard has many advantages:

  • Maneuverability. The movements are light and smooth enough to make maneuvers easy.
  • Compactness. The hoverboard is known for its mobility. Simply put it in the trunk of your car, or pack it neatly into your travel bag. It won’t take much space.
  • Ease of management. No matter how new this type of movement is, it is no more difficult to control it than the most ordinary bicycle.
  • Environmentally friendly and economical. First, it runs on electricity, making it easy to move around without harming the environment. Secondly, it is thanks to this energy source that you can save on fuel.
  • Large lifting capacity. Despite the small dimensions of the transport, it can easily support up to 120 kg.
  • Power and speed. The hoverboard is capable of accelerating up to 20 km / h. And the charge will be enough for up to 40 km. This will allow you to move quickly enough for several hours.

PrincIPle of operation

The main feature of the gyro scooter is balance. A sensor is installed inside each car to help maintain balance and prevent falls.

And control is based on gentle movements forward, backward or from side to side. For example, if you want to move forward, just lean forward a little. The hoverboard will start moving immediately.


If you have never encountered a gyro scooter and firstly want to learn how to ride it, then a protective kit (helmet, knee pads) will come in handy. Naturally this is not necessary, but sometimes it prevents many shocks.

If a child is going to study, then protection should be thought twice. Then it would be nice to take into account the place where you will ride. Choose a site that is softer, such as grass, rather than an asphalt path.

Control instructions

Get to know your device. Hoverboards are also different. Therefore, you need to know what you are dealing with. What is the capacity of the built-in battery, are there any additional functions. In general, we look at the subject from a theoretical point of view.

Helping hands. If it’s scary to immediately stand on the mini-segway, then try using your hands. Place them on the platform instead of feet. Press gently on the front of the device so that the device starts to move forward. Then to the back until it changes direction in the opposite direction. This will help you learn the tilt angle required for full motion.

Standing right is half the battle. You need to pay attention to the fact that you need to stand on the gyro scooter confidently and quickly, and, preferably, almost simultaneously with both feet. The load should be evenly distributed immediately. And if you try to put one leg correctly first, and after a minute. the second, then initially it will be difficult to resist. Also, many recommend bending a little at the knees. This will make it easier to align the case if necessary.

Equilibrium. When the stage “learning to stand correctly” is behind, we pass to the stage “learning to keep balance”. Since the gyroboard aLGorithm is based on balance, you need to learn how to keep yourself in balance. You need not only to stand confidently on the platform, but also to bend confidently.

If it is initially difficult to keep balance yourself, then you can make the first attempts near a wall or fence, so that you have something to lean on when problems arise. Alternatively, you can study with a friend. It will be even easier this way, you can help each other to stand confidently on their feet.

Progress. To get started, try shifting your weight onto your toes and bending your body forward a little. The gyro cycle will begin to move. Typically, this is where most falls occur. It is quite difficult to immediately get used to the movements of the gyro scooter. Therefore, it is worth being careful and careful.

In order to increase the riding speed, you need to bend your body forward a little more. And so every time you need to accelerate.

Backward movement / braking. In order to reverse the direction and start moving backward, you need to transfer your weight to your heels. With this action, the hoverboard will slowly slow down and stop. If you continue to press on the back of the platform, the device will move backward. This stage is also quite problematic for beginners. It is rare to slow down correctly the first time. Need some practice too.

Turns. The easiest step is to learn how to turn on a hoverboard. At this point, you will already be able to maintain balance and move forward / backward. Therefore, making turns will not be difficult. To pivot to the right, shift your center of gravity to your left leg. To turn left. vice versa. on the right leg.

Despite the fact that the instruction is quite large and includes many steps, it is very easy to learn how to ride a hoverboard. As a rule, this takes no more than 15-25 minutes. The more times you train, the better.

How to ride a hoverboard. basic rules for beginners

Numerous compact vehicles have already become a part of people’s lives. At the same time, there are still many who do not know how to ride a gyro scooter and whether such a device is useful. It is important to know and follow safety precautions, otherwise the walk can become hazardous to health.

Is it useful to ride a hoverboard?

A new-fashioned gadget not only serves as entertainment, but is also useful for people:

  • For proper riding it is necessary to keep the body in tension by loading the muscles of the legs and back. Riding a hoverboard is a great way to build muscles in your lower back and buttocks.
  • If you choose parks and squares for walks, you can saturate the body with oxygen, which is useful for the nervous system and the fight against insomnia.
  • Such leisure has a psychotherapeutic effect, that is, regular walks will help you forget what a bad mood is.

Is it difficult to operate the hoverboard?

Often people who have thought about buying such a “toy” worry whether they will be able to control the platform or they will face constant falls. In fact, according to statistics, most beginners master the vehicle in 30-40 minutes. Understanding whether it is easy to ride a gyro scooter, it is worth saying that it is important to observe safety precautions and feel the device, that is, how it reacts to changes in body position. Perform all movements smoothly, avoiding abrupt starts and acceleration.

How long can you ride a hoverboard?

Going out for a walk with a new “friend”, keep in mind that he cannot constantly ride without recharging, so a high-quality hoverboard without stopping on a single charge will be able to overpower about 25 km, remember that everything depends on the model chosen. To make it convenient to transport a discharged device, you can purchase a special carrying bag. Regardless of what make or size the mini-segway was chosen, it will not be possible to accelerate more than 20 km / h. For your own safety and the safety of people, do not drive at high speed in crowded places.

How to learn to ride a hoverboard?

If possible, it is better to learn to ride on such devices with a person who has experience in this matter. Otherwise, it is necessary to choose a flat road that will not have many people, cars and other obstacles. Having mastered the instructions on how to ride a hoverboard, and a little practice and success will certainly be achieved. At the first training session, it is recommended to wear protective equIPment: elbow pads, gloves and a helmet.

How to ride a hoverboard with a handle? How to operate a hoverboard without a rudder?

In many countries, the hoverboard is a common means of transportation that stands out for its mobility, environmental friendliness and maneuverability. There are certain instructions on how to ride a gyro scooter without a rudder:

  • It will be difficult to get on the board for the first time as the machine is very sensitive. In order not to fall, it is recommended to ask another person for support.
  • Stand on the platform with both feet so that they are centered.
  • The main princIPle of movement is to maintain balance, since any deviations of the body are a signal for the device to act. To set in motion a gyro scooter without a rudder, you need to lean forward slightly, keep in mind that the more the tilt, the higher the speed.
  • If you need to go back, then you just need to tilt the body in this board.
  • When figuring out how to learn how to ride a hoverboard, it is worth noting that to maintain balance, it is recommended to slightly bend your knees.
  • Many do not know where to put their hands while moving. Since they are not involved in the process in any way, they can be held as you like, for example, put on a belt or in s. You can carry some things with you, but the weight of the cargo should not be more than 5 kg.

How to brake on a hoverboard?

Correct braking on a segway is difficult for many beginners and will require more training to master it. For training, choose roads where there is no way to crash into a person or some kind of obstacle. In the instructions for how to operate the hoverboard, it is indicated that in order to brake, the body weight must be transferred to the heels. This action will initially initiate reverse movement, but with further pressure will result in braking.

How to turn on a hoverboard?

In teaching safe and correct driving, mastering turns and turns is of great importance. There are some useful tIPs on how to ride a hoverboard:

  • If you need to make a turn to the left, then you need to transfer your body weight to your right leg and vice versa. In the early stages, people confuse the sides, but after a few workouts everything will go like clockwork.
  • When figuring out how to properly ride a hoverboard, you need to pay attention to the 360 ​​° turn. In order to perform this element, press the heel of the right foot to the platform and slightly tilt it back, and the toe of the left leg should, on the contrary, pressing against the platform, press forward.

Where can you ride a hoverboard?

Many people do not understand the point of making an expensive purchase, because they think that a hoverboard can only be ridden along the paths in the park. In fact, segways have long become assistants for some.

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Hoverboard. which roads can you drive?

Manufacturers offer several models that are designed to ride on different roads. It is important to know not only how to ride a hoverboard, but also where it is better to do it:

  • The first class includes gyro scooters with small wheels 4.6 inches. You can only ride them on flat surfaces, since even small irregularities can scratch and break the device case.
  • The next class of hoverboards has 6.5-inch wheels. This device is designed for smooth roads, because although there is more clearance between it and the ground, the wheels are tubeless and made of solid rubber. If you ride on uneven roads, your board’s lifespan will quickly decrease.
  • The most popular are hoverboards with 8-inch tires. You can ride it not only on asphalt, but also on low grass, ground and even puddles. It is worth noting the great power and speed, so when driving on bad roads, strong vibration will be felt, which leads to quick wear of the device parts.
  • The ideal off-road hoverboard has 10 ” wheels with inflatable chamber system.

Is it possible to ride a hoverboard in winter?

Weather conditions in cold weather deteriorate significantly, so it is important to take into account a number of nuances in order not to get injured and enjoy the walk.

  • It is forbidden to ride in deep snow blockages, so the level should not be higher than the platform. Otherwise the segway will get stuck and may fall and be injured.
  • The speed of the hoverboard should not be high and should not be ridden over long distances. In cold weather, the battery will work no longer than 1.5 hours.
  • Keep in mind that a plastic device cannot withstand low temperatures for a long time, but carbon analogs are suitable for winter.
  • Riding a hoverboard will be comfortable if the wheels of the mini-segway are at least 10 inches.
  • After returning from a walk, it is important to dry the device and wIPe all surfaces dry.

Is the gyro scooter dangerous??

Doctors claim that segways carry hidden dangers, which can be described as follows:

  • Many streets are not adapted for hoverboard riding, and even with the stability of the device, there is still a risk of injury. There are people who try to do some serious tricks on a hoverboard, but unlike a skateboard, the device is not designed for this. Experiments like this often end up in serious injury.
  • Moving on the board, a person loses one of the types of activity. walking, and given the modern sedentary lifestyle, this is unacceptable. The digestive and cardiovascular systems, as well as joints and muscles will suffer.
  • Many do not know that the hoverboard explodes and the reasons may lie in a short circuit in the electronics, a poor-quality or defective battery, or in the use of a charger from a module of another model.

How to ride a hoverboard: instructions for beginners

The progenitor of this modern two-wheeled vehicle can be called the Segway device. Giroskuter. its reduced copy.


A gyro scooter is a type of electric transport with built-in gyroscopic sensors. They will tell you how to ride a gyro scooter without much effort and keep your balance. In another way, the device is called a gyrocycle, mini-segway, Smart-segway. It uses the “dynamic stability” rule, which is guaranteed by the built-in microprocessor and electronic gyroscope. This device quite accurately reads the driver’s actions and monitors any movement. As soon as a person steps on the pedals, movement begins immediately. This unique form of transport consists of two small wheels and a bar in the middle. How to ride a hoverboard correctly, a special driving instructor will tell you.

Segway: definition

Segway is an electric vehicle with two wheels on the sides and a handle in the middle, reminiscent of a chariot. This device was invented and patented by Dean Kamen in 2001. Segway in translation from English means “follow me”. Nowadays, this ecological mode of transport has gained immense popularity, since it does not require absolutely any fuel costs.

The difference

The difference between a gyro scooter and a segway is very small. Both of these devices have two wheels: they are massive for the segway, and for the second. very miniature, almost scooter. The main difference between these modes of transport is the presence of a control stick on the Segway, with which you can hold and regulate driving. It is absent in a gyrocycle. Control is carried out by the movement of body weight.

Many people choose the gyro scooter, as it has a number of distinctive advantages. You can take it with you by putting it in your backpack. It takes up very little space compared to the segway. You can learn how to ride a hoverboard without any problems by studying this maneuverable form of transport in detail. The segway needs a parking space; at home it needs to be allocated a place. And the gyro scooter can be removed under the table or put on a shelf; it does not take up much space. Another difference is that the cost of the segway is much higher. You need to take into account all the syances if you want to purchase a gyro scooter for personal use. If you prefer comfort, it is better to choose a rational model with a comfortable leg panel. The weight of this device also plays an important role. It is best to try to ride various models of this type of transport in order to finally be sure of the choice.

What you need to know?

Before getting on the gyro scooter bar:

  • Read the instructions attached to it in good faith.
  • Inspect the device carefully for any breakages, chIPs.
  • Review the road safety information.
  • Do not use a damaged model.
  • Do not change or repair parts yourself.
  • It is not recommended to ride on uneven surfaces (snow, carpet, gravel, sand).
  • The vehicle is designed to carry only one passenger.
  • You cannot drive in the rain, on a slIPpery road.
  • Avoid using reverse gear.
  • Wear special equIPment when riding.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or intoxicated is prohibited.
  • It is strictly forbidden to operate the hoverboard for disabled people and pregnant women.

About driving technique

How to ride a hoverboard correctly:

  • Put on the necessary equIPment.
  • Start the hoverboard by pressing the power button.
  • Place one foot on the footrest, the indicator should light up.
  • Place the other leg immediately without changing your body position. The hoverboard will start moving.
  • Control your balance, stand on it, swinging a little.
  • Remember: your movements shouldn’t be jerky.
  • Direct the apparatus calmly: right leg slightly forward. turn left, left leg slightly forward. turn right;
  • Practice stopping the device. It is necessary to catch balance: first lower one leg, feel that the body weight is transferred to a limb standing on the ground, then lower the other.

Where to ride a hoverboard? Until you become a professional with this type of transport, it is better not to use it in public places where there is little space. Both specially equIPped tracks for this device and large areas with a flat surface are suitable. This usually happens in parks, squares, sports zones in courtyards.

Style and business

In our time, you will not find a person who has not tried a ride on a hoverboard at least once. This very exciting activity can turn into a hobby. You can not only ride the device, but also enjoy the control. The rental of such devices can even become an additional source of income. It will be very popular among young people in any park or square. You can arrange photo sessions with it (will particIPate as an additional accessory).

Is it possible to ride a hoverboard in rainy weather? A driving instructor can help. He will quite clearly explain the princIPle of operation and conditions for safe riding on a gyroscopic bike, answer all your questions: how to ride a gyro scooter, where is it allowed and in what weather it is possible. It does not take much time. It is enough to remember the first ride on a bicycle or scooter.

And now, having figured out how to learn how to ride a hoverboard, you should not experience problems with driving, the body itself remembers all the necessary movements. When the body weight is transferred to the socks, the sensors detect this and transmit a signal to move forward. By pressing on the heels of your feet, shift your body weight in the opposite direction, while the device begins to move backward. Turns and U-turns are carried out in the same way. By lightly pressing the gyro sensors, the personal vehicle can be set in motion.

In theory, the descrIPtion of the princIPle of operation sounds complicated, but in reality everything is made easier. It is enough to stand on the gyro scooter, and the body itself will tell you what to do. A few minutes of practice will replace hours of study. and a novice driver confidently rides a hoverboard.

How to ride a hoverboard? Control princIPle

Giroskuter. it is a very clever means of transportation that helps a person to keep balance without falling. The princIPle of operation of a gyro scooter or mini-segway is based on gyroscopic sensors. They read any change in position relative to the earth’s axis and due to this, GoPro is controlled, moved and held in the level position of the working platform. How to ride a hoverboard? How do you manage it? Where to start and how to protect yourself from injury?

How the hoverboard works?

Giroskuter. it is a self-balanced vehicle, that is, it keeps balance itself, however, in order to quickly learn how to operate such a smartway, you need a sober head, cold feet and experience. The gyro scooter has a very simple princIPle of control and movement. There are gyroscopic sensors inside, they detect any change in the position of the board. After that, the program reads the information and determines in which direction the movement was and how much. After that, a command is sent to the electric motors for a specific action. Internal three-board balancing system, microprocessor, two electric motors control the hoverboard.

Giroskuter. how to manage?

But how do you learn to ride a hoverboard? It will be very easy for those who know how to skate, ski, roller skate or skateboard. But for those who do not particularly like to ride all this, it will not be very difficult.

Hoverboard with handle

If you have already purchased this wonderful vehicle or are just thinking, then it comes to your mind: “How to ride a hoverboard?” In fact, learning to ride is very simple and pretty fast. On average, people learn to ride it for 15-20 minutes. After riding it for a couple of hours and you can feel the gyro scooter freely.

There are mini-segways that come with a steering column or handle. With the help of it, you can easily keep balance, it will save you from falling and manage with it much easier. Here the gyro scooter is controlled by turning the handle itself or the steering wheel. The most important thing is not to accelerate much and drive on a flat road. There is practically no need to learn to ride on such gyro scooters, but you need to be careful when you get on it for the first time. But how to operate a hoverboard without a rudder?

Hoverboard without handle: first steps

How to use a gyro scooter?

After the gyro scooter has taken a level position and the wheels are level, it is imperative to check how the electric motors work and how the gyroscopic sensors are configured. This is done very easily, you need to lightly place your hands on the base of the hoverboard, where you put your feet. After, slightly tilt the hands forward, then the gyro scooter should go. After that, alternately tilt the right and left hand lying on the board itself forward, so the wheels of the gyro scooter should alternately start moving. Similarly, you need to check the reverse of the hoverboard. You should roughly understand what is the princIPle of operation of the mini-segway.

How to learn to ride a hoverboard?

Many, after buying and purchasing this vehicle, begin to think. “How do you learn to ride a hoverboard?” In fact, learning to ride a hoverboard is not as difficult as it seems and you just need to try it. Everywhere the information about how much you can learn to ride a hoverboard is very different. Somewhere they write that you can learn in 5 minutes, somewhere in an hour, but in fact, everyone here is different and everyone learns to ride a gyro scooter, at different speeds in time.

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How to learn to ride a hoverboard?

Where to begin?

Before you ride and start conquering the roads on a new vehicle, you need to make a few manIPulations. First, you need to fully charge your vehicle. This is necessary in order for the battery to be fully charged and the electric motors to work at full capacity. Do not ride at a charge level less than 10%, because there is a risk of falling due to the fact that the battery does not fully supply electricity to the entire system and engines.

For training on a gyro scooter to be successful, you need to choose a bright place, preferably in the daytime. Do not learn to ride in winter or in the rain, even if your model is protected from snow, water and small particles. You can just slIP and fall hard. Be sure to wear protection on your hands, feet and head. Few do it, and then regret it because they get severe injuries and bruises.

You need to choose a flat place, without stones and cracks, holes and bumps. It is good if someone is with you, for example your friend, he will hold your hand and save you from falling. In fact, there is nothing terrible, just at the first steps you will be calmer with someone. After that, you must put the hoverboard on an even place and turn it on.

Learning to stand on a hoverboard

Before the first lesson on a hoverboard, make sure that the hoverboard is working correctly, there is no red blinking button and it does not make any strange sounds. If the hoverboard is level and working correctly, you need to try to stand on it. To do this, put your right or left foot on the platform, the most important thing is that the leg is flat and tight to the platform and stands straight. Don’t push it hard yet, just put it on and wait.

After that, you need to jump a little sharply, put the second leg in the same way as the first. Next, try to catch the balance of the hoverboard itself. You can hold onto the hand of an assistant or something else at this time. After that, try to stand upright on the hoverboard yourself. After a couple of minutes, you should stand clearly and evenly on the hoverboard.

Learning to ride a hoverboard

Learning to ride gyroscooters is not as difficult as you think. After you have confidently started to stand on the hoverboard, you need to try to go forward. To do this, slightly tilt your body forward, and also press with your toes down, while the platform itself should tilt slightly relative to the ground and you will eat forward. To stop in the same way, tilt your body back a little and press down on the platform with your heels.

Learn to hoverboard

When you can easily ride back and forth, then you need to try to learn how to turn on a hoverboard. To turn left, you need to push forward with your right toe, so the right side of the hoverboard will start moving faster and you will turn to the left. To turn to the right on a hoverboard, you need to press on the front of the platform in the same way with your left toe.


A hoverboard is a very convenient means of transportation and learns to ride on it faster than on the same skateboard or bicycle. The most important thing is not to learn to ride a hoverboard in the dark, as well as in alcoholic or drug intoxication.

How to learn to ride a hoverboard? Instructions

How to ride a hoverboard? Despite what manufacturers call mini-segways “intuitive transport,” many newbies are intimidated by these two-wheeled platforms. How to even ride a thing that has no steering wheel and no support, only two wheels?

In fact, controlling a gyro scooter. like a regular segway. is not difficult. It is enough to know the basics, and then it will go by itself. We will now talk about these basics.

What you need to know before riding a hoverboard?

First of all, read the instructions for your hoverboard. Make sure it is properly assembled, charged, and ready to ride. In the future, do the same: Before each trIP, inspect the mini-segway for faults and charge to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Next: find a suitable area for your first trIPs. It should be flat (unless you have 10-inch wheels, of course) and a fairly spacious area (at least 5×5 meters), without any obstacles. An empty parking lot works well. Ideally, if you have a friend who can help you learn how to ride a hoverboard. In the first minutes, support. in the literal sense of the word. will be very important.

And finally, we strongly recommend that you use protective equIPment: knee pads, elbow pads, helmet. It is possible that you will still fall, and in this case protection will not be superfluous.

Giroskuter: how to operate it in general!?

So, let’s start learning how to ride a gyro scooter. Follow our simple instructions, and in a few minutes you will start to get!

We get on a hoverboard

Place the hoverboard in front of a helper or in front of a wall to hold onto. If a friend helps you, he can hold the gyro scooter from movement. it will be easier to get up. Place one foot on the platform and the device turns on: it starts vibrating. Do not be alarmed that he breaks loose, just lean on a leg already standing on the platform and put a second one next to it.

IMPORTANT: A hoverboard without a handle works in such a way that if you calmly stand on it with two feet, you will not fall anywhere. But if you start waving your arms, swinging. “balancing”. be sure to fall. So, try not to be nervous: look straight ahead, knees are slightly bent, no unnecessary movements.

When you manage to get on the gyro scooter, stand still for a minute or two, get used to the sensations, and you can move on.

How to operate a hoverboard?

The mini-segway does not have a steering wheel, your body acts in its role. Try to bend your whole body forward slightly. not to hunch your back, but to bend over! No need to “fall”, a deviation of 5-10 degrees is enough.

The hoverboard will go forward immediately. The more you lean, the faster the movement will be. up to a certain maximum, usually 15-20 km / h. Further, no matter how you deviate, the gyro scooter will not accelerate more.

To stop, just lean back. Practice walking in a straight line: ride the hoverboard back and forth. When you can safely perform these actions without the support of a friend, move on to mastering the turns.

IMPORTANT: Hands can be held as you like, as long as you feel comfortable. You can keep a bag, you can put them in your s, you can even read a book. no special requirements.

How to ride a hoverboard? Turns

You already know how to drive forward and backward, it remains to study the turns. Here, too, everything is decided by the transfer of body weight and the deviation of the body, but there is a nuance:

To turn left, shift your body weight to the right toe, to turn right to left.

Yes, when riding a gyro scooter, the mirror princIPle works, and you need to get comfortable with this. At first, it may be unusual for you to press on the platform with your right foot to turn left, but this discomfort will quickly pass.

How to learn to ride a hoverboard? Conclusion

Smoothly, accurately, measured. move in this way, and riding a gyro scooter will become a pleasure for you!

How to learn to ride a hoverboard?

  • Basic Rules
  • How to get up correctly?
  • Learning to manage
  • How to turn?
  • Various tricks

Today, a hoverboard is as common as a bicycle and scooter. Many people are fascinated by an unusual vehicle, but refuse to buy, fearing that the Segway will be too difficult to drive.

Basic Rules

In fact, learning to ride a hoverboard is not as difficult as it might seem. The task is simplified if the skater already has skills in owning a skateboard or roller skates. Very often, a quarter of an hour is enough to learn how to keep balance, and a couple of hours later, a person moves short distances without any support.

The gyro scooter works thanks to the presence of sensors that respond to changes in body position. Thus, balance is maintained during movement, and a special program synchronizes all the processes taking place.

One of the main rules for using a segway is to comply with the chosen model and roads for movement.

  • First class hoverboards have small wheels with a diameter of only 4.6 inches. They can only be used on absolutely flat surfaces, since the slightest depression or sharp rise will lead to scratches and even breakage of the case.
  • The second class models are equIPped with 6.5-inch wheels. They are also used on level surfaces to avoid shortening the service life. Despite the gap between the device itself and the road, the presence of rubber tubeless wheels creates certain limitations.
  • Segways of the third class are equIPped with 8-inch tires. This allows you to operate the device not only on asphalt roads, but also on the lawn, ground and even in puddles. Nevertheless, it is better not to use the device on bad roads. the occurrence of strong vibration will lead to a deterioration in the condition of the hoverboard.
  • Finally, the fourth class devices with a wheel diameter of 10 inches, as well as an inflatable chamber system, can be used on absolutely any surfaces.

As for the winter season, it is not forbidden to use a segway at this time, but only if a number of conditions are met. It is important to keep the platform level above the snow level, otherwise the device will quickly get stuck. The movement speed will have to withstand moderate and be prepared for the fact that after one and a half hours of operation, the battery will fail.

Plastic models will not be able to stay in the cold for a long time, unlike carbon ones. The operation of the vehicle should always be completed by drying and wIPing the hoverboard.

An important question is how long the gyro scooter can move, since the device requires periodic charging. As a rule, the segway is able to cover 25 kilometers without stopping, but the exact data is always indicated in the vehicle instructions and depends on the model chosen. When the device is depleted, it is best to put it in a special carrying bag.

When planning a route, it is necessary to remember this aspect and not to enter where it will be difficult to get back on foot. In addition, it is important to remember that the gyro scooter cannot be accelerated by more than 20 kilometers per hour and, of course, at this speed you should not ride where there are a lot of people.

How to learn to ride a hoverboard

At first glance, a person who is starting to master it, the gyro scooter looks frightening: there is no steering wheel, there is nothing to hold on to. How long will it take to master the management of this transport? How much do you have to fall? Do I need to wear a helmet and other protection? These and other questions are of concern to almost all newbies.

Learning to ride a hoverboard. important points

Before starting training, you should carefully read the instructions of the manufacturer of the purchased vehicle. Next, you need to make sure that it is assembled and charged correctly. this will help to avoid unpleasant surprises. This procedure for examining the readiness of the mini Segway for use should be performed before each ride and in the future.

So that the first falls are not very painful, and the learner to ride a hoverboard does not give up his idea, you should use protection. elbow pads, knee pads, a helmet. After that, choose a site for the first ride. It should hit flat and spacious enough. An ideal option is a parking lot or a platform in front of a shopping center. It’s also a good idea to enlist the physical support of a friend.

How to get on a hoverboard. start learning

Now you can try to get on a mini segway. For the first time, you can use a support. a wall or a friend’s hand. It is also good if a friend holds the hoverboard from the start of the movement.

The beginner’s procedure is as follows:

  • put your foot on the platform. the device will turn on;
  • the hoverboard will begin to move slightly forward;
  • put your second foot on the platform and fix your body motionless.

The first thing that can scare a beginner is that the mini segway starts moving as soon as one leg is placed on it. This should not be feared. as soon as both feet are on the platform, he will not move. Thanks to the built-in gyroscope, the device will maintain balance. a motionless person will feel like on the ground. But the one who wants to balance, waving his arms, will certainly fall. Standing on a gyro scooter, you should stand on it motionless for some time with slightly bent ruts to relax your body.

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How to learn to operate a hoverboard. moving and stopping

Having mastered standing on a mini segway, you can start trying to ride. To make it move, you need to perform a slight tilt with the body forward. The gyro scooter does not have a steering wheel. in this device the human body takes its role. An important point: you need to bend over just a little, at an angle of 5-10 degrees. The speed of the gyro scooter directly depends on the angle of inclination, so beginners should not try to accelerate it to the maximum capabilities of the model.

At this stage, the beginner already understands how to learn how to ride a gyro scooter, mastering driving in a straight line. Hands can be in any position, the main thing is not to swing them in the air. They can be kept along the body, in s or taken with a bag. With the acquisition of confidence, when the beginner stops falling and can ride without the support of a friend, you can move on to the next stage. driving with turns.

Another important point that you need to learn is how to properly get off the hoverboard. To do this, lean back slightly and fix the body in an even position. The mini segway will stop and the person can carefully place one foot on the ground behind the device. After that, the body weight will be transferred to it, you can remove the second leg from the platform.

How to turn on a hoverboard

The twist is what seems to be the most difficult for beginners. Without mastering this skill, it is impossible to learn how to ride beautifully and surprise others with tricks. In fact, turning is quite simple. you just need to transfer your body weight to one leg. However, there is a nuance: in order to turn to the left, you need to transfer the weight to the right toe, and vice versa. the princIPle of mirroring operates in a gyro scooter. At first, this can cause discomfort, but, as practice shows, beginners quickly get used to this feature.

By shifting the weight to one leg and fixing it in this position, you can make rotational movements around the axis. Having mastered turns and rotational movements, a beginner can begin to perform simple tricks on a hoverboard and master this transport more seriously. A week later, the beginner can already ride quite confidently, gradually gaining mastery.

How to properly ride a hoverboard. important tIPs

To master the mini segway as quickly as possible and without injury, you need to follow the following tIPs:

  • keep your hands near the body, without trying to balance them, because this will lead to a fall;
  • make the inclines smoothly and not strongly. this will help to avoid jerks during movement;
  • to brake, you should smoothly feed the body in the direction opposite to the movement;
  • on this device, you can overcome a slide, the angle of inclination of which is not more than 15 degrees;
  • do not ride a hoverboard on bumps and rough terrain;
  • you should not try to jump on a mini segway, as on a skateboard. it is not intended for this.

How to learn to ride a hoverboard properly

A hoverboard is a platform with two wheels. She obediently obeys the instructions of the user, and moves in the indicated direction. You can learn to ride a gyro scooter in one evening, you just need to understand the basic rules of control.

How does a gyro scooter work

Externally, the gyro scooter looks like a platform with two wheels, but inside it is hidden a very complex device. With the help of gyroscopic sensors, the board detects the slightest changes in pressure, and immediately reacts to changes. This makes it easy to control the direction of movement of the device.

Some hoverboards also have a handle, which makes it easier to control the vehicle. It is advisable to stand on the device with a handle for the first time, because it is easier to keep balance.

Advantages and disadvantages of gyro scooters

recently, people did not know about hoverboards, but now they can be found everywhere. Such popularity is explained by the advantages of this device over other similar ones:

How To Learn To Ride A Hoverboard
  • charges quickly from a regular outlet;
  • compact for storage;
  • easy to carry;
  • low price;
  • high maneuverability;
  • fairly high speed (20-25 km / h).

Long distances are also beyond his power. On average, its charge is enough for 15-20 km. After that, the battery sits down, and you have to carry the vehicle in your hands.


The device is absolutely harmless to humans, so there are no contraindications. The process of using is not much different from just standing still, and any person can handle this.

The only danger is falling. So it is forbidden to use the device for those who should not fall:

  • pregnant women;
  • elderly people;
  • persons with diseases of the spine;
  • persons after surgery, etc.

You yourself must understand that in your situation, falls are very dangerous, and it is better to refuse this entertainment. And be that as it may, no one can 100% protect themselves from falling. So you better not risk it.

There are only restrictions on the user’s weight:

  • below 30 kg. the weight is insufficient to optimally operate the device, so it is not recommended to use it;
  • over 100 kg. overweight of the user can lead to deformation of the device.

These restrictions are advisory in nature and are not a serious contraindication. However, the experience of use will be rather negative, so do not violate the recommendations.

How to choose the right device

You need to be very careful when choosing a gyro scooter. The device is very popular and because of this, GoPro gets a lot of fakes. Counterfeits can quickly fail, catch fire, or even explode. It’s all about low-quality batteries.

A consultant will help you choose a model that suits your needs. So, for example, if you want to perform tricks on a hoverboard, it is better to choose a copy with a metal case, rather than a plastic one. This way the device will last longer.

Some additional features will be quite useful:

  • moisture protection, so as not to contact the repair center after walking in the rain;
  • self-balancing so that the gyro scooter automatically gets up to its original position;
  • synchronization of the device with a mobile application to easily control the speed of movement, battery charge and other parameters.

Take out the convenient storage bag right away.

How to learn to ride a hoverboard

The princIPle of operation of the device is based on the transfer of body weight in the direction where you plan to go. The hardest part is keeping balance.

You can understand how to ride in 15-20 minutes, and then all that remains is to improve the technique. Among all similar vehicles, the hoverboard is the easiest to learn.

Choose the right area for training: flat and deserted asphalt in the park.

How to get up on it

Beginners are scared to step on the device for the first time. It seems that it will immediately disappear from under your feet, and you will fall. But it is stable enough so you shouldn’t be afraid. Ask someone to support you to overcome your fear.

Pay attention to the shoes. It must be firm and flat. You can step on the hoverboard barefoot for the first time in order to better control the situation and feel all the “signals” that the device gives.

  • Launch the device, put it on a flat surface in front of you.
  • Place your dominant foot on one half of the plank. Toe sticks out slightly in front, heel rests on the back of the platform.
  • Lean on your standing leg, and quickly transfer the other to its place. Set also: the toe protrudes slightly, the heel rests on the plank.

Keep your balance. Have someone hold your hand if you’re afraid to fall.

Avoid common beginner mistakes:

  • Jump with two legs at once. Such a load can harm the hoverboard, cracks will appear in the case and it will fail.
  • Set one leg, and hesitate with the other. You need to act quickly, because the device will notice an asymmetric movement, and can react to it: start vibrating or move sideways. Untrained user may lose balance and fall.
  • Incorrect placement of the foot on the platform. A drooping heel disturbs balance and the device may move backward or forward, causing it to fall.

Perform movements quickly, calmly, without sudden movements. Then nothing threatens you.

Move back and forth

Having learned to get up, you need to set it in motion.

It is very easy to operate the gyro scooter. it is sensitive to your movements and reacts to them immediately.

  • Forward. Lean forward slightly with your whole body.
  • Back. Tilt your body back, but keep your balance. an unprepared person may fall.

The stronger the slope, the faster the speed. Do not accelerate on your first ride. learn to brake and turn first.

Brake and stop

You can slow down and slow down by leaning back. But this will not completely stop the device. you will start driving behind your back.

To stop the hoverboard, you need to transfer your body weight to your heels. This will bring you to a smooth stop and the board will not move anywhere else.

It can be difficult for beginners to figure out how to completely stop a device. But with experience you will surely master everything. The main thing is to train at low speed, and in case of danger, just jump back.

Riding a hoverboard in a straight line will quickly get bored, and at some point you will need to study the turns to the left and right. This is done according to the same princIPle as moving forward and backward: tilt the body in the right direction.

  • Right. Lean to the right side and press the toe of your right foot against the base of the device.
  • Left. Lean to the left and press down on the platform with your left toe.

Some hoverboards have a 360-degree rotation. It is necessary to simultaneously press the toe of one leg and the heel of the other leg on the bar, and the board will make a revolution around its axis.

Get off the board

Sooner or later, riding will tire you, and you will have to get off the gyro scooter to the ground, and this must also be done correctly.

  • Stop the device completely, catch your balance.
  • Take off one leg and place behind the hoverboard.
  • Shift your weight onto a leg that is on the ground.
  • Take off the second leg.

Jumping off the device is not recommended. Use this only as a last resort, if you suddenly lose control of the situation, and there is a roadway or other dangerous obstacle ahead.

Terms of use

Any vehicle is traumatic to one degree or another, so certain rules must be followed to reduce possible risks.

Compliance with safety precautions will help prevent injury and damage to the device.

  • Fully charge the device before first use. 2-3 hours is enough for a full charge. If this condition is not met, there will be no discharge signal, and the device will turn off without prior notice.
  • You cannot ride the same hoverboard together. Increased stress on the case may cause cracks and break the device.
  • Step back from the device instead of forward to prevent the hoverboard from knocking you off your feet.
  • It is not recommended to use the device in winter. Low temperatures negatively affect the device, and it will quickly fail.
  • Do not use the gyro scooter indoors to avoid colliding with an obstacle.
  • You can use the device only in protection: helmet, elbow pads, knee pads. You can also wear special protective gloves to protect your palms.

Use it on a flat surface with no potholes or obstacles.

In one evening, you will be able to learn how to ride it properly, and then enjoy trIPs over short distances. Easy to learn and compact device will become an indispensable transport in urban environment.