How to know if the TV is Smart or not

How to Update Software on Samsung Smart TV (Also How to Fix if Update is Greyed Out)

Wait 5-15 minutes

The rest of the actions involve a short wait. After 15 seconds, the screen on the monitor will turn off, TV will minimize previously opened programs.

The software update starts. The system will notify the beginning with a special inscription. Status bar notifies about milestones.

Once the update is complete, the screen will turn off again for 5 seconds. The manufacturer’s logo appears.

After the TV, it will reboot itself and restore the work in the usual mode.

Check for software on the product web page

On the downloaded page, click on “Software Update”. Wait until the system displays the software for the specified model and serial number.

How do I know if I have a smart TV?

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How to update the software on a Philips Smart TV via USB stick, Internet and Wi-Fi

“How do I update my Philips TV?”. a frequent question among TV users who have encountered a malfunction while watching. New TV models are not only about taking advantage of analog and digital TV. They are in many ways similar to computers. they work on the basis of Android, but with slightly weaker functionality. With their help, you can go online, save files and do other simple actions. To support such vast capabilities, it is important to have quality software and update it periodically. How to do it in detail in this article.

Turn on the TV and connect the USB stick to it

During the execution of the instructions, you cannot turn off the TV from the power supply. After preparing the flash drive, insert it into the corresponding compartment on the screen.

Open your web browser

Open the TV Support page on the Philips official website. It is important to specify the exact model of your TV. You can find out the data by looking at the TV serial number on the back of the screen. Or by opening the instructions that were provided with the purchase.

How to update the browser on your Philips Smart TV

Updating the browser is a standard procedure that is performed through the settings. Almost all models are similar. The company embeds the browser into the official firmware. Therefore, when you need to update it, they completely update the software.

  • open “Settings” / “Support”;
  • open the section that is responsible for updating the firmware;
  • click ok.
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The user chooses the browser he likes to use. Statistics show that most people settle for options with an intuitive interface. The most popular are Google Chrome, Opera and Yandex.

Via wifi or internet

Before proceeding, it is necessary to rationally evaluate the data transfer speed over Wi-Fi. If the traffic is limited, then the process will drag on for a long time, since the file with the update is rather large. To avoid such situations, connect the cable directly. The wire usually comes from a phone or router. In the settings of the router, you can also specify the required upload speed.

Find out the current software version on the TV

You need to start updating if the version of the open page is newer than the current one. To start the installation, click on the file, confirm your agreement with the terms of preservation and further operation. Save the file in “.zip” format to your PC.

How to know if your TV supports digital TV

There are several simple ways to do this:

The first and easiest option to check if the dvb t2 TV supports is to look in the instructions. Scroll through the instructions to the page with the technical indicators of the TV, where the designation DBV-T MPEG-4 or DBV-T2 MPEG-4 should be.

Please note that the DVB-T value in the technical specifications indicates that the TV will not catch the digit.

For some period of time, this format was supported in Russia, but not for long. Since 2012, digital TV in Russia has switched to a newer format. DVB-T2. The presence of DVB-T2 indicates that your TV is 100% likely to receive a digital TV broadcast signal.

know, smart

If the instruction could not be found, there is an option to find information on the Internet. You need to act in this order:

know, smart

If Yandex.Market and other Internet sites did not find information about your TV model, and there is no instruction either, there is only one option. Contact the service center of the manufacturer of your device. This can be done on the official website through feedback. Or, if a phone number is indicated on the site, then you can call and ask your questions.

If the site contains a number that starts at 8-800, then the phone will not be charged for the call.

How to tell if your TV is receiving a digital signal

If the TV has a built-in receiver, then there is no need to buy a tuner. But for models without a built-in set-top box, but with an existing decoder, you need to purchase a suitable tuner for watching digital TV broadcasting.

To check if your device is receiving digital, simply connect the antenna to it and select the automatic channel search on the device. After a while, if a set-top box is built into the TV, the channel will be found automatically. If the TV has a built-in decoder, then an error message or no signal will appear on the screen.

Sometimes it can happen that due to a long downtime, the digital module simply stops functioning. Only an employee of the TV repair service center will help to solve this problem. But there is another option: you can purchase a separate receiver and a special adapter. By connecting this device according to the instructions, you can get high-quality digital signal reception.

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Also, an alternative can be the purchase of Android TV, this set-top box will allow you to watch not only digital channels, but also any satellite and analogue ones. But this solution has a drawback. For the stable operation of such a box, an uninterrupted Wi-fi signal is required.

How to find out if the TV is receiving a digital signal

When the transition from analogue television to digital was approved and the schedules were announced, part of the population with old TVs worried about problems with digital signal reception. There is an opinion that only new TVs support the figure, but this is not the case. You can watch digital channels on an old device, provided that it has a video input.

The easiest way to find out if your TV supports digital broadcasting is to read the instructions. If the manual contains the designation “DVB-T2”, then you are in luck. In case the instruction has disappeared somewhere, this article discusses several more options on how to understand whether the TV supports digital.

How to identify an analog or digital TV

Without instructions and Internet access, there are 2 more ways to check which TV you have: analog or digital.

The first way is a thorough examination of the device, if it receives a digital signal, most likely there will be a connector somewhere with an inscription like “digital input”. This is a dedicated tuner connector.

And the second way to understand what signal the TV is receiving is to remember the date of manufacture of the device.

  • If the TV was purchased between 1998 and 2004. and at 42 inches in diameter, there is little chance it has a built-in tuner. If it is completely “ancient”, then you will have to buy a tuner separately to watch digital TV. In order to figure out which tuner model will work with the TV, you must carefully study the instructions.
  • If the TV was purchased in 2004 or later. chances are it has a built-in digital receiver.
  • TVs with a built-in DVB-T2 set-top box have been actively produced since 2012. If the device is not older than 7 years, then most likely it has a built-in receiver. In spite of this, many plasmas produced now serve simply as monitors. They lack internal circuitry to receive digital signals, so a tuner is needed.

When buying a TV, be sure to check which TVs accept digital TV, and do not throw away the instructions so that there will be no breakdown in the future.

CIA in Samsung: how to find out if your Smart TV has already been hacked or not :))

As you know, Wikileaks recently began publishing an array of previously classified documents indicating that the American CIA has a whole arsenal of spy tools at its disposal, with which the Agency (and not only it) can spy on literally anyone, whenever and wherever to everyone.

Judging by the data released by Wikileaks, CIA hackers can easily penetrate not only smartphones, tablets, computers, cars and medical equipment, but even TVs.

Back in 2014, the CIA and MI5 successfully carried out a real special operation codenamed “Crying Angel”, treacherously hacking into the security of the so-called Smart TVs manufactured by Samsung.

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As a result, any such TV can quietly eavesdrop on everyone who is near it, record and transmit all the information received to the special services.

Needless to say, many Samsung owners are expected to have a sense of concern. On forums and social networks, users are keenly interested in how to find out if the TV has already been hacked or not yet?

The situation is, of course, not easy. over, to such an extent that something in the form of soothing explanations has already begun to appear in the press. It turns out that if the CIA hackers hacked into Samsung TVs, then somehow with obvious laziness. They were mainly interested in models released in the period 2012-2013 and using outdated firmware versions (v.1111, 1112 and 1116), containing certain vulnerabilities.

Thus, it is concluded that the CIA limited itself to breaking into Samsung models of the 7000, 7500, 8000, 8500 series, as well as 8000F, 8000GF and 7550F (specifically mentioned are the 2012 UNES8000F, E8000GF and UNES7550F series models, as well as UNF8000, F8500, UNF7500 and UNF7000 2013).

Therefore, the owners of these devices are advised, firstly, to start treating their TVs with increased suspicion, and secondly, to quickly update their firmware if it has not been updated for a long time. By the way, they say that you can recognize a hacked Samsung by eye.

As it is written in the Wikileaks documents, “Weeping Angel” only creates the appearance that the TV is turned off (the screen is not working, the lights on the front panel are off, etc.). And you need to look not at the front panel of Samsung, but at the back. If all the lights have gone out there, then, most likely, your TV is really turned off and the CIA has not yet been interested in it.

However, if you turned off your Smart TV, the LEDs on its front panel, as expected, went out, but at that time a blue light remained on the back, then you can regard this as an excuse to chat less about whatever is nearby in your Samsung. th. By the way, it seems that with the same success it can be LG, Sony, Panasinic and any other device with the “Smart” prefix.

In general, spies are everywhere. In fairness, it should be noted that Smart-TV manufacturers have long and deservedly been criticized for the tacit use of user data collection systems. Therefore, your television may well “record” you without the CIA. But if you really want to somehow complicate the life of hackers (anyone), then just disconnect the TV from the Internet. And if you need additional guarantees, then it is better not only to disconnect it from the Internet, but also from the network, and not to turn it on for a longer time (joke).

And one moment. WikiLeaks says they have published only 1% of the documents from their new Vault 7 collection so far. Therefore, there is a suspicion that very soon we will be delighted with even more exciting surprises. follow the news.