How to install wink on LG TV

Download Wink Wink Ultimate

You constantly write that there is a problem with this or that source, so I share as much as possible safe links where you can download the original Wink application and modifications of Wink Ultimate

Benefits of Wink

  • A large number of channels in good quality.
  • Each channel has an archive (viewing in recording).
  • A well-optimized app that works great on almost all devices.
  • No brakes or glitches. Rostelecom servers are powerful enough to consistently broadcast streams.
  • There is TV, films, series, audiobooks, children’s section!

In fact, there are still a lot of advantages, but the above is quite enough.!

Of. versions

Wink wink ultimate

Wink Ultimate is one of the best Android TV watching apps. There are a number of advantages that will convince you to install it and confirm my words. Let’s talk about everything in order: advantages, where and how to download, how to watch TV channels, etc.


Maud. Wink Ultimate versions

Google Drive (for mobile):

Wink Mobile v1.25.1 arm32:

Wink_1.25.1 arm64:

Google Drive (for Android TV):

Recommend. Wink-ATV-1.20.1_CMist_arm7arm64.

All versions of the applications are easy enough to install and you can start browsing. You don’t need to configure anything!

Appearance (Screenshots)

All screenshots were taken on ATV Mi Box S. Unfortunately, the set-top box cut out the broadcast and there is no picture of the channel, but you can take our word for it that the image is super:

If you have any questions, suggestions, wishes. write in the comments!

How to download and install Wink

To do this, you need to follow simple instructions. Let’s analyze it in more detail for each device.

Perfect HD

Available for 299 rubles / month. This price will include exclusive HD channels in high definition format.

Special subscription to TV channels, films and series

For movie lovers, there are tariffs that include all kinds of channels that broadcast only films and series, and the opportunity to subscribe to different films is also open:

  • For holidays. 13,000 films and TV series for 399 rubles per month.
  • For moviegoers. 14,000 films and TV series for 599 rubles per month.
  • For connoisseurs. 170 TV channels, 18,000 films and series for 749 rubles per month.
  • Amediateka Home of HBO. more than 100 TV series and 4 TV channels for 299 rubles per month.
  • KinoVIP. 120 TV channels, 1400 films and series for 379 rubles per month.
  • For entertainment. 180 TV channels, 14,000 films and series for 699 rubles per month and others.

Some users try to unlock paid packages on their own, share their knowledge on the Internet. It is not recommended to do this, such actions are unlawful and can lead to serious troubles.

On computer

On an ordinary PC, it is enough to go to the program’s website from any browser. If you already have an account, you just have to connect to it, choose what you want to watch, and start watching.

You don’t need to download anything specifically, just a stable Internet connection is enough.

To a TV set-top box

Modern TV set-top boxes (supporting Wink) run operating systems:

  • Apple TV (versions 10.0 and higher);
  • Android (version since 5.0).

If the house is just like that, then you can safely load the desired program on it. To do this, you need to take a few simple steps:

Subscription content

Consider the rates and content that is provided in each subscription package.


This Wink tariff for Smart TV is also limited only to TV channels, of which there are slightly more than the two previous ones: 210 units.

As indicated on the official website, the package has an increased set of entertainment and educational programs.

For a subscription you need to pay 620 rubles / month.

How to install browser on LG Smart TV

Modern LG TVs are high-tech devices with a wide option that combines the functions of a TV tuner, a computer and a multimedia platform. All this became possible thanks to the introduction of the Smart TV function, which made it possible to connect the TV to the Internet.

install, wink

Smart-TV allows you to watch videos via YouTube, TV series on streaming services, chat in instant messengers and play games. The big brands are releasing their own Smart TV platforms, and LG has the webOS operating system. In addition to the intuitive interface and ease of use, an important advantage of webOS is the presence of additional software. applications that the owner can download and install on their own, customizing the functionality of the LG TV to suit their own needs and interests.

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When using LG Smart TV for the first time, many users have a question, how to download and install the browser on the TV? This is not difficult to do. Installing the browser on the TV does not take much time and does not require special knowledge and skills, since the manufacturers have taken care of the users. In addition, the software on any technique becomes obsolete over time, as manufacturers improve technologies and release more and more new firmware, eliminating bugs and adding new options. So you need to update the browser on your LG TV regularly in order for it to work stably.

Let’s take a closer look at the main methods of installing a browser on an LG TV:

Important: Do not turn off the TV before the download process is complete and do not press any buttons on the remote control (for example, program switching keys, volume, etc.), otherwise the software will not be installed correctly.

Next, you need to insert the USB drive into the TV (USB ports are usually located on the rear panel), wait until the screen displays the message “Found a new installation file”. After that, the download will be performed automatically, or (depending on the model) simple instructions will appear on the TV screen to follow.

Important: do not remove the USB flash drive from the TV until the installation process is complete. Make sure you are going to install licensed software from the official website on your TV. Otherwise, the software may harm your equipment.

First you need to make sure that the TV is connected to the Internet in any of the ways (using a cable, wi-fi or mobile Internet). Access to the Network must be reliable, and the speed must be fast, since the file with the software usually occupies at least 500 megabits.

  • Press the Settings button on the remote control.
  • Select “Support”.
  • Find the “Update” section. If there are any updates available for your LG TV model, click Install.
  • Do not turn off the TV until the software installation process is complete.

What to do if after installing the browser on Lg Smart TV having problems?

If after installing or updating the browser, your LG TV starts to work intermittently or malfunctions, you need to initialize. This will require:

  • Find the “Support” section in the menu.
  • Go to the item “Application Initialization”.
  • Select from the list the application that you want to initialize (for example, the Google Chrome browser) and confirm the action with the OK button.

After that, you need to wait for your LG TV to reboot or force it to reboot. Browser crashes should be gone.

If this did not work, we recommend contacting an official LG Service Center.

Error while initializing the application

Sometimes Vink doesn’t work because an initialization error occurs. When an inscription about this error appears, you will need to register DNS by going to the settings. This is done in the following order.

  • From the menu go to the line “Network” or “Network Status”.
  • Then click on the line “IP Settings”.
  • The next step is to select “DNS Settings” and manual entry.
  • A field with zeros appears. Instead of zeros, you need to enter numbers into it:
  • After that, indicate “Finish”.
  • Complete the operation by activating the “Ok” button.

Having eliminated this error, you need to turn off the TV with the remote control or button. Then disconnect it from the network and wait at least 10 seconds. Then connect the gadget to the mains, turn it on and go to the Vink service. The error should be eliminated and the application should start working correctly, without freezing. You can view content without interference.

Wink: change DNS server address

When changing the IP address does not bring a positive result, you can try changing the DNS server. Perhaps the problem lies there, which is why Wink does not work. Make your changes as follows:

  • Go to the TV settings menu.
  • Click on the “General” line.
  • Next, select “Network Status”.
  • Make sure your internet connection is active.
  • Click on the “DNS Settings” button.
  • There you need to select manual setting.
  • We enter or to the line “DNS Server”.
  • Press the “Finish” button and go back.
  • Be sure to save your changes.
  • Make sure you have internet on your TV and restart your TV.

This resolves server-DNS problems. If the steps didn’t work as expected and the application still doesn’t work, try resetting Smart Hub. Perhaps this is the case.

Error during playback

Often an error occurs when the application was downloaded and installed without interference, but during playback it starts to slow down, there are interference, interruptions in work. The program automatically searches for problem algorithms and reports them in the form of a digital or alphabetic code. The diagnostic results, that is, signs and numbers of existing errors, appear on the screen. From them, you can easily determine the cause of the malfunction and quickly fix it yourself.

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Wink not working on Samsung Smart TV

Samsung TV owners who have connected the Vink platform often experience a failure. The application was installed correctly, the registration was successful, even the promo code was received. But for some reason, Wink does not work on a Samsung TV: the screen crashes, freezes or remains darkened. There are two possible ways here: restart the device or reinstall the application. Start with simple steps. restart your gadget.

Wink: Reset Smart Hub

By resetting Smart Hub settings, you will remove the application and the errors that occurred during its operation, too. As a result, there is a return to the factory settings. Make sure that the gadget is certified for Russia, otherwise a lock may occur after a factory reset. The certification information is on the label. If the series ends with the letters XRU and contains the EAC mark, then the device has passed it. You can safely reset the settings. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu and click on the “Support” button.
  • Select the line “Self-diagnosis”, then “reset Smart Hub”.
  • The pin code is automatically set as 0000, you need to enter the TV parameters there.
  • Wait for the end of the reset operation and return to the menu.
  • A window will appear in the “APPS” line. It is necessary to set the initial parameters and agree to the terms of use.
  • Sign in to your device account.
  • Find Wink, install the program, run.

Wink: reinstalling the service

  • Open the “APPS” service on the Smart app drawer by pressing the button in the center of the remote control.
  • Select a non-working service from the list of applications.
  • Move the cursor over it and hold down the button in the center until the additional menu is displayed.
  • This procedure can be done using the “Tools” button and the item “Reinstallation”.

If everything worked out and the application worked, enjoy the service, turn on the television and start watching a TV series or movie. If these steps did not help, and Vink on the TV for some reason does not work, we take the following steps to fix the problem.

Error code 6000000 Wink

Error number 6000000 occurs when there is no internet connection. See if the cable is properly connected. Probably a problem with the router. You can check its working condition by turning on your computer or set-top box.

Why undertake resets and reboots if the reason is still on the way, and it is possible to eliminate it with simple methods? If at least one gadget shows the presence of an Internet connection, then the router is working properly. Restarting the router can help here. Turn it off for a few seconds, then turn it back on.

Why Wink Doesn’t Work

The Vink multimedia cinema service is installed by many device users and continues to gain popularity. He has a wide variety of video content in his arsenal, which is able to satisfy viewers with different taste preferences. These are films, series, TV programs, cartoons. But it does not always work flawlessly. The portal was launched relatively recently, so some options still need to be improved.

Developers regularly upgrade the functionality of the multimedia platform. Hopefully, application errors will be a thing of the past soon. The main problems of the cinema portal, users call the unavailability of some options, slow loading with failures or a complete refusal to work.

Installing apps on your LG Smart TV running webOS

With each generation of TVs, manufacturers are making it more difficult to install custom apps. In this article, we will consider the current method of installing applications through the development environment on LG Smart TVs running the webOS operating system.

Installing the required programs

First of all, download Java, after installing Java, download the SDK. Be sure to download the appropriate 32 bit for your Windows. X86 or 64 bit. X64.

Unpack the downloaded SDK archive and run Installer.exe. We agree with the rules.

In the window that appears, we refuse to install emulators in order to speed up the download, we do not need them.

Set the checkboxes as in the screenshot below and press the arrow further.

After the installation is complete, we agree to restart Restart Now.

Next, download the Git program and install it by default, without changing anything, press the next and install buttons several times.

Enabling Developer Mode on your LG Smart TV

First of all, we register on the LG website. Click on the top of the site CREATE ACCOUNT. Choosing your country. CONFIRM. We agree to the terms. AGREE. We enter our mail and other data. CONFIRM. After registration, you need to go to the mail and confirm your account.

After completing the registration, go to the TV in the LG Store and enter the created account. In the search, we are looking for the “Developer Mode” application and install.

Launch the installed Developer Mode application and enter the Login and Password that you registered earlier on the LG website.

We transfer Dev Mode Status to ON.

In the message that appears, the TV will ask you to reboot, press the RESTART button. After restarting, go back to the Developer mode application and set the Key Server to ON.

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Creating a new project

Go to PC and launch webOS TV IDE.

Create a new project New webOS Project.

In the window that opens, enter the Project name (without spaces and only in Latin), select the webapp project in the Project Template and click Finish.

Download the GetsTV application or others for LG Smart TV, open the archive and drag all the files into the created project.

Connecting a new device

In the lower right corner of the window, go to the Target configuration tab and click the New connection icon.

In the window that appears, in the Device Type field, select LG Smart TV, in the IP address field, specify the address from the Developer mode application and click Finish.

Right-click on the added device and select Properties.

In the window that appears, in the Passphrase field, enter the value from the field of the same name in the Developer mode application. Click the Apply button and OK.

Next, right-click on the added device again and select Connect.

We send the application to the TV, right-click on the name of the project. Run As. 2 webOS Application.

In the window that appears, in the Target line, select the previously connected webOS_TV TV and click Apply. Run.

We are waiting for the application to install on the TV and automatically start.

We exit and see the installed application in the list.

Installing third-party widgets on Smart TV (for example Samsung, LG and Philips)

To make Smart TV even smarter, install third-party widgets using a flash drive, ForkPlayer or IP addresses of applications.


Connect your flash drive to your computer.

Open “Computer” and right-click on the drive.

Установка LG приложений на флешку

Select “Format”.

Select the FAT32 file system.

Formatting will erase all data from the drive. It remains to prepare it for installing widgets on Samsung Smart TV.

Create folder “userwidget”.

Download archives with widgets and drop their folder without unpacking.

Installing widgets from a USB flash drive will start automatically and end with the message “Package is done”. After that, a new widget will appear in the Smart TV menu.

Besides, widgets on Samsung can be downloaded by IP address. To do this, press the “Smart Hub” and “A” buttons. Enter the username “develop”. The password will be substituted automatically on all series, except F. on TVs of this series, you need to use the key “sso1029dev!”.

Then you need to click the “Tools” button to get into the settings, go to the “Development” section, mark the “IP settings” line and enter the address of the application that you want to install.

Standard widgets are available on LG Apps TV service. But if you don’t find the one you want, you can download and install applications from third-party developers. This is done using a flash drive:

  • Download the archive with the LG widget to your computer. Download applications from trusted sources so as not to harm the system.
  • Check the file system of the flash drive. It must be formatted in FAT32.

Unpack the contents of the archive to the root of the flash drive.

  • Connect the USB stick to the top USB port on the TV.
  • Launch the My Apps application, select the USB icon and open the widget installation file from the USB flash drive.
  • There are several limitations on LG TVs. Widgets are launched only if there is a USB flash drive connected. Some USB storage devices may not be suitable for installing applications, and TVs with only USB ports may not support widgets.


    The installation of standard widgets can be done through the App Gallery application, which is located on the main page of Smart TV. If you want to install a widget from a third-party developer, you need a USB flash drive.

      Format the flash drive to FAT32 file system.

    Create a folder “userwidget” in the root of the flash drive.

    Transfer the archives of the widgets with the installation files inside to the created folder.

    Launch Smart TV and connect a USB flash drive to the TV.

    The installation of widgets, the files of which are uploaded to the root of the drive, will start automatically. After the installation is complete, you will find the applications in the SmartTV menu.

    Instead of a flash drive, you can use ForkPlayer to install third-party widgets. We have already described how to install this application on Samsung and LG. Instructions for Philips:

    Open the network connection settings on the TV.

    Wait until the connection is established. If there is no connection, restart the TV.

    Open the Megogo program. Instead, ForkPlayer will work, through which you can install third-party widgets.

    Some Philips TVs run Android OS, so there is no problem installing applications, including third-party ones. widgets are added in the same way as on a phone or tablet.