How to install wink on LG Smart TV

How to do it?

Each, more or less modern, router has URL filtering, which does not allow opening certain sites.

Therefore, so that banners from such services are not loaded to us, we will add them to the black list. It should be noted that on each router this is done in different sections of the menu, even on the same model it may differ (depending on the firmware and interface language), but the essence remains the same.

We will look at this using the example of the Dlink 2640u.

You need to go to the web interface settings.

By default, its address is, login and password are admin / admin

install, wink, smart

In the “Control” category, we see the “URL Filter”. We go there

In the “Configuration” tab and enable our filter. Leave the filter type “Block specified”

Next, go to the URL filter tab and add all the addresses that we specified above there. By default, port 80 remains. do not touch this setting


The current version is 4.x. New 4K and OLED TVs run on version 4.5 (updated 05/15/2019)

A new application from Rostelecom is running on webOS. Wink, where you can watch over a hundred channels for free throughout the year. All recommendations, settings and description of solutions in this article refer to the version of WebOS 3.0 and higher.

Do a sound test

LG TVs on the webOS operating system have a built-in utility for checking the sound with regards to its hardware. To do this, go to “Settings”:

Select “Advanced” at the very bottom (“Advanced” in the English version of the interface)

The Russian interface will say “Sound check”. In English. Sound Test

If no problems are found, then move on.

I can not log in to the sites!

If you have problems with authorization on social networks (, classmates, ,), then the problem is related to the browser settings. To fix this, go to “Settings” (middle button) and uncheck the box “Confidential viewing”

Sound lags behind the picture

In the TV settings there is an option for synchronizing sound and image, there you can correct the audio lag relative to the picture.
Settings. Sound. Synchronization of audio and video. On. TV Speakers

Instead of this item I have
“Adjusting the audio delay”
It sets the delay parameter from 5 to 15 and there is also a ByPass switch.

Improving the picture on 4K and 4K OLED TVs

To enter the TV picture settings, you must select Menu. Settings. Pictures (or Menu. Settings Picture).

useful links

Of. versions

Benefits of Wink


  • A large number of channels in good quality.
  • Each channel has an archive (viewing in recording).
  • A well-optimized app that works great on almost all devices.
  • No brakes or glitches. Rostelecom servers are powerful enough to consistently broadcast streams.
  • There is TV, films, series, audiobooks, children’s section!

In fact, there are still a lot of advantages, but the above is quite enough.!

Maud. Wink Ultimate versions

Google Drive (for mobile devices):

Wink Mobile v1.25.1 arm32:

Wink_1.25.1 arm64:

Google Drive (for Android TV):

Recommend. Wink-ATV-1.20.1_CMist_arm7arm64.

All versions of the applications are easy enough to install and you can start browsing. You don’t need to configure anything!

Wink wink ultimate

Wink Ultimate is one of the best Android TV watching apps. There are a number of benefits that will convince you to install it and confirm my words. Let’s talk about everything in order: advantages, where and how to download, how to watch TV channels, etc.

Download Wink Wink Ultimate

You constantly write that there is a problem with this or that source, so I share as much as possible safe links where you can download the original Wink app and modifications of Wink Ultimate

Appearance (Screenshots)

All screenshots were taken on ATV Mi Box S. Unfortunately, the set-top box cut out the broadcast and there is no picture of the channel, but you can take our word for it that the image is super:

If you have any questions, suggestions, wishes. write in the comments!

F series

This TV has a more complex account creation process. You will need to perform the following actions:

  • We press on the remote control panel “Menu” (“Misc”) and using the arrows and on-screen remote control we go into it.
  • Opening “Smart Functions”.
  • Choose your own account from the list.
  • We put down “sso1029dev!” in the field “Password”, “develop”. in the field “Login”.

We remember the data by ticking the box and exit the menu. After that, we start installing:

  • Click Smart Hub and open additional applications.
  • Go to “Options” and click “IP Settings”.
  • We register the IP address, click “Start App Sync” to update the list.
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If you do not see the downloaded programs, restart the TV.

Series E

To register, press “Smart Hub”, then the burgundy button “A”. In the opened Samsung account, enter “Develop”, write the data into a notebook for further generation of the application. Click “Login” and begin to perform the following steps to install:

  • We register under our own name.
  • Click on the Tools remote control and open the “Service”.
  • We find “Settings”, select “Development (Developer)”, then. “IP-address”, specify it.
  • We update the list of programs in “Development” by clicking “Synchronize applications”.

D series

We also start with registration. To get into the “Menu”, press on the control panel “Smart HUB”, then “A”. The procedure for creating a new user is the same as described above. After its completion, install the application:

  • Press “D”.
  • Opening “Developer”.
  • Select “Server IP” and enter in the window.
  • Click “Synchronize” and install the nStreamLMOD and OVP widget.
  • We return to the main menu.
  • Press “A” on the remote control and exit the accounting record.
  • We go back to Smart TV to view the downloaded programs.

Modern TV models have a basic minimum of applications, which does not always satisfy user needs. To expand the functionality, additional programs are installed. Smart TV widgets give you access to a fascinating world of your preferences and interests. To install them, you need to take certain steps.

Installing Smart TV widgets on Samsung TVs

For Smart TV from Samsung, a large number of widgets. applications are released, the specifics of their installation depend on the series of the TV.

Samsung B, C

The algorithm for installing widgets for Smart TV from Samsung of these series is identical. Initially, you will need to save a list of installation files marked “user”. This is necessary in order to be able to recover, since they are deleted in the process.

The process of creating a user looks like this:

  • Press Internet TV.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Create a new user. “Develop”.
  • Reboot the TV.
  • We press successively “Internet TV”. “A”.
  • Select the created user, enter the pin code;.
  • We go to the “Menu”, open the “Widget settings”.
  • We select successively “Developer”. “IP Address setup”.
  • Enter the IP-address (if you don’t know it, enter and save.
  • Return to “Developer”, select “Synchronize user applications” and click “OK”.

Installing Nstreamlmod for Samsung Smart TV:

Why do you need programs widgets for Smart TV

As a rule, TVs are slow and mostly have limited memory, so it is unlikely to be efficient to install computer applications on them. It is best to use for Smart TVs specially designed and aimed at performing a specific action, compact programs. widgets.

Widgets allow you to significantly expand the functionality of Smart TV. Thanks to them, the user will not need to connect the service to watch the digital channels they like. just install the desired application.

A widget is a small graphical module designed to solve specific tasks. It can be a block that demonstrates the real exchange rate, weather, TV guide, or a guide to specific web resources.

Such applications make it possible to watch films, broadcast football matches and other sports events, communicate on Skype and on social networks. While expanding the functionality of Smart TV, these devices in no way reduce its resource potential.

Series H

To install the application, follow these steps:

  • Go to “Smart Hub”, work with “Samsung Account”.
  • We find “Log in” in the opened “Menu”. Enter the login “develop” (other data are not entered here), tick the box, click “Sign in”.
  • We go to “SmartHub”, point the remote control at any program, hold the center of the cross on the remote control until the synchronization menu appears.
  • We select “IP Setting”, enter the address. Digital groups are fixed by pressing the D-pad.
  • Open the menu again, find “Start User App Sync”.
  • After the request for installation, we give the go-ahead.

Installing widgets on Samsung Smart TV, step by step instructions:

Smart TV Samsung, LG, Sony, etc.

Owners of these TVs will have to download Wink for Smart TV. This will require:

If all the conditions have been met, the program will start working, you can start using the service in full.


This tariff has an extended list of channels: 185 units. Among them there are channels for any age:

  • baby,
  • sports,
  • cognitive,
  • on-air, news;
  • musical

You will have to pay 420 rubles per month.

How to Download Wink for Smart TV: Watching Your Favorite Movies and Programs

Ever wanted to find one resource that contains TV programs, new movies or old favorite films? The Wink Smart TV application developed by Rostelecom will allow you to enjoy high quality interactive television without restrictions, advertising and spam.

Subscription content

Consider the rates and content that is provided in each subscription package.

Perfect HD

Available for 299 rubles / month. This price will include exclusive HD channels in high definition format.

Special subscription to TV channels, films and series

For movie lovers, there are tariffs that include all kinds of channels that broadcast only films and series, and the opportunity to subscribe to different films is also open:

  • For holidays. 13,000 films and TV series for 399 rubles per month.
  • For moviegoers. 14,000 films and TV series for 599 rubles per month.
  • For connoisseurs. 170 TV channels, 18,000 films and series for 749 rubles per month.
  • Amediateka Home of HBO. more than 100 TV series and 4 TV channels for 299 rubles per month.
  • KinoVIP. 120 TV channels, 1400 films and series for 379 rubles per month.
  • For entertainment. 180 TV channels, 14,000 films and series for 699 rubles per month and others.
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Some users try to unlock paid packages on their own, share their knowledge on the Internet. It is not recommended to do this, such actions are unlawful and can lead to serious troubles.

How to download and install Wink

To do this, you need to follow simple instructions. Let’s analyze it in more detail for each device.

How to install apps on LG Smart TV

Immediately after installation, the application will appear in the general list of programs, and will also take its place in the “My Apps” section of the main menu, which can be accessed by pressing the corresponding Smart button on the remote control.

Games are installed approximately as well. The only difference is. That for them there is a separate application “LG Game World”. There they are sorted by genre in the catalog.

You can purchase an application or game not only from a TV, but also from any device with Internet access. However, they can only be installed on LG Smart TVs.

It is worth noting. That some applications may not be available for certain regions. This is due to the specifics of the state policy in the field of information.

Installation of applications is possible both on the internal memory of the TV and on external media. But they will only work while the media is connected to TV.

Best Smart TV Apps for LG

Modern LG TVs with Smart TV functionality are full-fledged multimedia centers for using various content. A variety of applications allow you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows in good HD quality, search the Internet, chat on social networks and even play games. It is impossible to name the number of existing applications for such TVs, since this number is growing every day. It’s no surprise that novice users can get confused by the abundance of suggestions. Especially for them, below are the best applications that open up impressive opportunities for the use of content.

From a flash drive

Basic conditions for using a flash drive to install programs:

  • formatting the partition in FAT32 format;
  • the presence of the distribution kit of the desired application downloaded to the root of the drive from a third-party resource in the form of an installer.

Now you need to insert the USB flash drive into the USB connector on the TV and wait a little. After a few moments, a new icon will appear on the screen, indicating the presence of an external resource. You need to click on it and the contents of the drive will open.

The installer of the required application is selected from the programs on the card and starts. Usually, you need to confirm the actions several times, since installing from external resources always involves certain risks. And by means of warnings and agreements, the publisher of the webOS operating system disclaims responsibility for possible malfunctions.

The installation will take some time. At the same time, you must not remove the drive from the TV or turn off the equipment, as such actions can lead to a failure of the installation or unstable operation of the entire system. After the process is complete, the corresponding icon will appear in the list of applications.

Sometimes Smart TV does not see the connected USB flash drive. This could be due to a malfunction of the drive itself or the USB interface on the TV. However, the second option appears much less frequently. So it is recommended to check the port functionality using other connected equipment.

On some models, there is only one USB socket (which will be occupied by another device and cannot be disconnected), or there may not be such interfaces at all. The solution to this problem will be the use of special adapters to connect a flash drive to another connector.

TV for LG Smart TV: All Internet Content on Your TV

The appearance in the house of Smart TV from LG is becoming a rather important event, as it significantly expands the well-established understanding of the capabilities of the TV. Unlike ordinary “boxes”, such devices allow you to use all available content from the Internet and install various applications. However, it is recommended to understand in advance the procedure for setting up TV on LG Smart TV.


The following applications are rightly considered the most popular:

  • YouTube. The full version of the application for using the most famous hosting. There are all the possibilities for watching videos, commenting and rating.
  • Online cinema with different films and TV series. The regular version contains ads that you can get rid of when you subscribe.
  • Gismeteo. Meteorological application with the ability to watch the weather for several days in advance. Can function as a widget and constantly display relevant data on the TV screen.
  • SS IPTV. IPTV Player for LG Smart TV, which allows you to watch IP TV by paid subscription to playlists from servers.
  • 3D World. Impressive 3D movie experience on TV.

How to tune channels on LG Smart TV

The channels on LG Smart TVs can be digital or cable. The digital transmission method differs in that a decrypted signal is sent to the TV at once, which does not require a TV tuner. For cable TV, a tuner is required.

The channel setup process for both cases is approximately the same. It consists in performing the following actions:

  • using the remote control, you need to go to the TV settings (most often this is the “Settings” button;
  • in the “Channels” section, select the “Autosearch” item;
  • now in the list of signal sources that appears, you must select those to which the cables or antennas are connected;
  • in the next window, you will need to enter information about the service provider, which can be found on the official website (in most cases, you just need to select the desired operator from the list of the most popular ones);
  • after selecting the operator and the type of channels, you must start the search by pressing the corresponding key;
  • usually the process takes a few minutes, the found channels will appear in the list of available.
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The system sorts the found channels on its own, and it is not always convenient for the user. But on most modern Smart TV models, you can manually arrange TV channels by assigning them the desired numbers.

When setting up a satellite connection using Smart Maps, the process is not much different. After connecting the dish, you will also need to specify information about the operator and the transmitting device itself. In this case, when choosing a signal source, a tick must be put only in front of the “Satellite”.

How to connect internet to LG TV

Internet connection is a prerequisite for using Smart TV features. Without it, the device will be like an ordinary TV, on which you can watch only terrestrial channels.

To quickly set up Smart TV on your LG TV, it is advisable to use the connection at the fastest speed. Otherwise, various lags and freezes may occur during viewing. This is especially true for watching streaming video from the Internet without downloading.

There are two ways to connect to the Internet:

  • via a cable connecting the LAN connector on the TV to the corresponding connector on the router (sometimes a straight cable from the provider can be used, but this is not encouraged);
  • via WI-FI to the router distributing the network (the speed will be reduced).

Also, connection using a USB-modem with a SIM-card of the mobile Internet is gaining popularity now. In some cases, it is possible to use the Internet from a smartphone using Wi-Fi interfaces (with the Wi-Fi Direct function).

Установка LG приложений на флешку

Installing third-party widgets on Smart TV (for example, Samsung, LG and Philips)

To make Smart TV even smarter, install third-party widgets using a USB flash drive, ForkPlayer or IP addresses of applications.


Connect your flash drive to your computer.

Open “Computer” and right-click on the drive.

Select “Format”.

Select the FAT32 file system.

Formatting will erase all data from the drive. It remains to prepare it for installing widgets on Samsung Smart TV.

How to install Apps on your LG Smart TV (2020)

Create folder “userwidget”.

Download archives with widgets and drop their folder without unpacking.

Installing widgets from a USB flash drive will start automatically and end with the message “Package is done”. After that, a new widget will appear in the Smart TV menu.

Besides, widgets on Samsung can be downloaded by IP address. To do this, press the “Smart Hub” and “A” buttons. Enter the username “develop”. The password will be substituted automatically on all series except F. on TVs of this series you need to use the key “sso1029dev!”.

Then you need to click the “Tools” button to get into the settings, go to the “Development” section, mark the “IP settings” line and enter the address of the application that you want to install.

Standard widgets are available on LG Apps TV service. But if there is not one you need among them, you can download and install applications from third-party developers. This is done using a flash drive:

  • Download the archive with the LG widget to your computer. Download applications from trusted sources so as not to harm the system.
  • Check the file system of the flash drive. It must be formatted in FAT32.

Unpack the contents of the archive to the root of the flash drive.

  • Connect the USB stick to the top USB port on the TV.
  • Launch the My Apps application, select the USB icon and open the widget installation file from the USB flash drive.
  • There are several limitations on LG TVs. Widgets are launched only if there is a USB flash drive connected. Some USB storage devices may not be suitable for installing applications, and TVs with only USB ports may not support launching widgets.


    The installation of standard widgets can be done through the App Gallery application, which is located on the main page of Smart TV. If you want to install a widget from a third-party developer, you need a USB flash drive.

      Format the flash drive to FAT32 file system.

    Create a folder “userwidget” in the root of the flash drive.

    Transfer the archives of the widgets with the installation files inside to the created folder.

    Launch Smart TV and connect a USB flash drive to the TV.

    The installation of widgets, the files of which are uploaded to the root of the drive, will start automatically. After the installation is complete, you will find the applications in the SmartTV menu.

    Instead of a flash drive, you can use ForkPlayer to install third-party widgets. We have already described how to install this application on Samsung and LG. Instructions for Philips:

    Open the network connection settings on the TV.

    Wait until the connection is established. If there is no connection, restart the TV.

    Open the Megogo program. Instead, ForkPlayer will work, through which you can install third-party widgets.

    Some Philips TVs run Android OS, so there is no problem installing applications, including third-party ones. widgets are added in the same way as on a phone or tablet.