How to install opera on Smart TV

Installing Smart TV software for your computer

For Samsung TVs, there are 2 main programs that you need to install on your computer:

  • SamsungAllShare. Creates a platform for playing content, as well as searching for files, both on the computer and on other connected devices. With Samsung AllShare, you can play multimedia files on computers, TVs, smartphones, camcorders.
  • SamsungPCShareManager. A digital media receiver that unites a Samsung TV with a Smart TV package and external devices (PC, laptop, netbook) into a single network. The program allows you to listen to music, watch movies and photos through a network connection or the open DLNA standard, that is, common Wi-Fi, HTTP and other networks.

Sony TVs have their own application for playing multimedia on the computer. ForkPlayer.

Operating system selection

The computer to which you plan to connect the TV with the Smart TV package must meet the following requirements:

  • operating system Windows versions 7-10;
  • bit depth. 32 or 64 bits;
  • the amount of RAM. at least 2 GB;
  • processor frequency. not less than 1.8 GHz;
  • the presence of a video card of medium or high power.

Google’s operating system called Android TV was previously only available for TVs with the Smart-TV app package. Today it is possible to install it on any PC. Thanks to this, the user can evaluate the Android OS interface both on a stationary computer and on a laptop or tablet.

The Android operating system provides devices with the following functions:

  • audio and video playback;
  • voice search;
  • standard launcher (desktop);
  • search and download games and applications that are fully optimized for the TV.

The developer company guarantees updates and is responsible for installing them.

How to download, install and configure the Smart TV program on your computer for free:

Connection methods

There are several ways to connect a TV with Smart TV to your computer:

  • Via DVI and HDMI output. If your PC has a video card with DVI (an interface for outputting a digital signal to LCD monitors), and the TV has an HDMI output (an interface for multimedia that transmits digital video data and audio signals), then the devices can be easily connected with a cable.
  • Using the S-Video connector. This type of connection is possible if the TV has a SCART connector, and the video card has an S-Video output. To link PC and TV, you need a cable with S-Video plugs, an adapter with a SCART plug and jacks for audio, video and S-Video.
  • Via Wi-Fi. This is a convenient method because devices that are not connected by wires can be positioned freely. To synchronize in this way, you need to use a special utility that comes with the TV. A directory should be created on the PC through which the content will be sent to the TV.

If everything was done correctly, the devices will be ready to play media on the PC screen.

Installing Smart TV on a computer / laptop

Installing and configuring Smart TV on a PC or laptop involves a number of sequential steps.

Choosing a control method

You can control the set of Smart TV programs installed on your computer using the remote control or a special application installed on your smartphone, which fully imitates the functionality of the remote control. Another way to control the program is to connect a wireless mouse to your computer.

The most convenient way is to download a free remote control program to your smartphone or tablet. There are many such applications: you can download an application for a specific TV model or a universal virtual remote control.

  • Universal Remote TV;
  • Smartphone Remote Control;
  • Android TV Remote;
  • Peel Smart Remote.

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How to download and connect Smart TV on a personal computer?

The Smart TV program installed on the computer will allow the user to view multimedia files on the monitor screen. It is compatible with versions of Windows 7 to 10 and Android, but the best option is Windows 10. By connecting a monitor or TV to your computer, you can take full advantage of the capabilities of Smart TV.

Setting up programs

The process of setting up Smart TV on a computer will be demonstrated in detail using the example of the Samsung PC Share Manager program:

  • Install the application on a PC by downloading it from the manufacturer’s official website using the link.
  • After installing the Smart TV app, you need to turn on both devices and connect them with a network cable. You can create a pairing between the TV and PC via the Ethernet port. For communication, you need a cross-crimped LAN network cable. If the devices to be paired have built-in Wi-Fi adapters, you can create a wireless connection.
  • Prescribe an IP address for each device (for a computer., For a TV.
  • Launch the Smart TV program installed on the PC and select the folder to which the TV will access.
  • To access the folder, if it already exists, you need to click on the folder icon with a green checkmark.
  • In the drop-down menu, select the “Sharing” option, and then. “Set device policy”.
  • Set the status “Accepted” for the device.
  • Return to the “Sharing” menu and click on the “Set changed state” button.
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After completing the settings, the Smart TV package on the computer is ready for use.

Benefits of Watching Smart TV on Computer

Smart TV is a convenient and functional option for watching TV programs and films. By installing such a program on a PC, the user will be able to watch any video content without wasting time downloading it to a USB flash drive. Even a beginner can download a package of “smart programs”: there will be no difficulties when installing Smart TV.

  • The ability to watch any TV shows and films, series, programs without interruptions for advertising. This option allows you to replace the standard terrestrial television. Viewing is provided by video content resources YouTube, Ivi, Netflix.
  • The ability to record TV programs or movies to any external media.
  • Play files of any format and size.

By installing the Smart TV package on a computer, the user gets rid of the need to purchase a special set-top box to activate the package of “smart programs”.

In addition, if the program fails, you can perform the universal procedure for reinstalling Windows, but there may be difficulties with flashing the set-top box. Not everyone can do this on their own, so you will have to pay extra for the services of the master.

Watch Torrent Movies on Smart TV Box

Smart set-top box provides a lot of opportunities for watching movies and TV series from the Internet. There are many applications for accessing movie databases, one of which is known to almost all users. HD Videobox. You can also download movies from various sources to internal memory or flash drives and hard drives for later viewing. One of the most progressive ways is to watch movies and TV series from torrents online without completely downloading the file.

The advantages of this method

As a rule, films and serials stored on sites are heavily “pinched”. to save space on servers, the quality has been cut and additional audio tracks, if any, have been removed. In torrents, you can find movies of almost any resolution and picture quality. up to BDremux 4k with 7.1 multi-channel audio with different translation. And the Android Smart set-top box can display video on the TV screen without loss, without using the built-in memory and without downloading the entire movie. A movie or TV series, even with FullHD resolution in WebDlrip quality, looks much brighter and more colorful on the screen. And one more significant advantage is that there is almost no advertising “sewn” into the film for all boring casinos.

Which Smart set-top box is right?

To watch movies from torrents, you need a Smart TV Box on a more powerful and modern processor, for example Amlogic S905X-2, Amlogic S905X-3, or set-top boxes from the manufacturer Zidoo, Ugoos, Himedia. The latest Smart consoles are good because, in addition to powerful stuffing, they have built-in system players for playing “heavy” videos with autoframe and multi-channel audio output to external receivers. What you need to set up

There are two ways to set up viewing online torrents on a Smart STB. The first method uses the Kodi media combine and the Elementum plugins installed in it. a rather tricky way to set up for inexperienced users. Second way. using the Torrserve application is much easier to configure and faster, and we will consider it in this article. To configure, we need Torrserve itself and a torrent search program. You can use the paid version of HD Videbox, which opens access to torrents, or install NUM. The NUM application displays new items, and various collections and sorting of films. If you want to find a movie that came out earlier than 3 months ago. you will have to use the paid version of HD Videobox, or another application to find torrents or Magnet links. You also need a fast Internet connection, since the files are large and you need a stable channel to view them. It is desirable that the set-top box be 100 Mbps or higher. For films in 4k resolution and “weighing” 60-120 gigabytes, the Internet connection must be at a speed of 200 Mbps and higher. If the speed is not enough. movies will slow down, especially on dynamic scenes with many small details.


Download and install two applications on the Smart set-top box, which are presented above. It is advisable to install a Kodi player to play movies. this can be done from Google Play Market or Aptoide. After that, you need to configure the engine for torrents Torrserve.

Start the Torrserve application. the start menu will appear.
In the menu, click the second item “update” and then “Install the latest server version from the network”
When the server version is updated, you will understand by the scrolling line, go back one point and click “settings”
Select the top item “server setup”. there will be two lines at the top, one with the number 200, the second with 20. These 20 must be changed to 200 or more. this is a buffer in RAM, into which the movie will be loaded as it is viewed. For movies in 4k, you can put 300-350 for comfortable viewing. In the future, you can change the number, empirically choosing the best option for your prefix. The larger the buffer. the more stable the viewing, but it will take longer to load the movie into it.
Then press the item “select player” and specify the desired player to watch the movie. The best option for Zidoo consoles will be the built-in system one, for the rest you can choose Kodi. Server setup is completed and now you can try to watch a movie from torrents online without downloading.
To do this, open the NUM application and select a movie. A menu will appear. select the “torrent” tab and there will be torrents that you can watch. Click on the selected torrent. a context menu will open, in which you need to select “play” and you can check the “remember” box, so that the system does not ask in the future. Loading a part of the movie into the clipboard will start and after a while the movie will automatically open in the player selected in the Torrserve settings. In the future, you can use HDvideobox with activated torrent access or another application capable of transferring magnet links to third-party applications. If you like the programs. you can donate some amount to developers for further development of projects.

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Installing and updating the browser on Smart TV

Each TV comes with an operating system on board: Android TV, webOS or others.

They have one significant drawback. standard browsers are often slow and inconvenient.

In this article, I will show you how to install and update any browser on Smart TV. Consider using the example of Samsung and LG branded shells.

How to update browser on Samsung Smart TV?

From time to time, the already installed browser needs to be updated for faster and more correct operation.

You can do this yourself, but the built-in browser is updated only along with the firmware.

Nevertheless, it is possible to do this:

  • Open the Menu.
  • Go to the “Support” section.
  • Find “Software Update”.
  • If an update is available, click “OK”.

The update is fast, only the speed of the Internet connection can affect the process.

  • Go to Smart Hub.
  • Open the directory of downloaded applications.
  • Find the browser you want.
  • Run the update.

In fact, updating a browser on a Samsung Smart TV is no more difficult than an app on a smartphone.

How to install browser on Samsung Smart TV?

Not all models can change the default browser. This option is available for the latest models such as D6300, D7000, D7900, D8000 and some others.

Algorithm for installing the browser on Samsung TVs:

  • To go to Smart Hub, press the button with the colored logo on the TV remote control.
  • Find the program you want.
  • Press “OK” on the remote control.
  • Click “Download”.
  • Open a new browser via the “Launch” button.

Samsung App TV

Most models of this brand have a proprietary browser.

It has many advantages:

  • stepwise movement between page elements;
  • installing widgets on the TV directly from the network;
  • support for 1920 by 1080 expansion;
  • the ability to control from a smartphone synchronized with TV;
  • entering information into the search bar directly from the remote control.

If you are not satisfied with this option, you can download another browser.

How to install browser on LG Smart TV?

Downloading third-party applications on LG TVs is performed through a special program LG Smart World.

To use LG Smart World, register on the official LG website. You will need to enter your email address and come up with a password to log in.

  • Open the directory;
  • Choose your favorite browser from the list;
  • Open the description of the program with screenshots;
  • Click “Download”;
  • After the installation is complete, launch the browser.

Lg tv

LG’s new TVs already have a pre-installed browser from the company.

The brand is a pioneer in the field of Smart TV, it started producing devices with this function back in 2009.

LG’s browser offers:

  • viewing pages in high resolution;
  • social networks, for example YouTube, Picasa and others;
  • saving pages in “Favorites” with one button on the remote control;
  • convenient and intuitive web browser menu;
  • saving visited resources in the Journal.

If the user lacks the capabilities of the “native” browser, you can install an additional.

How to update browser on LG TV?

The preinstalled browser is updated via removable media along with the TV’s firmware.

  • Press the “Settings” button on the remote control.
  • Select the Support section in the menu.
  • Open the “Update” item.
  • Check for available updates.
  • If there is a new firmware. install it.
  • After booting, restart your device.

You can update the installed program from LG Smart World in the same place:

During the update process, do not turn off the TV or perform other complex procedures. this will affect the correctness of the process.

Step by step setup

Flash Player does not need any special settings, the program works autonomously and is immediately supplied with basic settings. However, the technology of the player is relatively vulnerable, through which the TV system can become infected. In order to improve security, it is worth making some adjustments.

  • Select the player application and click on the “Settings” button.
  • Go to “Flash Player Settings Manager”.
  • Go to the “Storage” page and set the flag next to “Ask”.
  • On the “Camera and Microphone” tab, select “Deny” this will help avoid problems with sites that request access to external devices.
  • Go to the “Playback” page and click on “Deny all sites”.
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The player does not need additional settings.

Flash Player update

Flash player becomes obsolete over time, like any other software product. Flash Player for LG Smart TV usually comes with firmware updates, so it doesn’t need to be installed separately. Player updates come with other updates for most TVs. If there is no desire to update the TV’s firmware, but only to update the player, this is also possible to do.

  • We connect the TV to the Internet using a LAN cable, Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G modem.
  • We go to the main menu on the TV. We are looking for information about the current firmware, the number should be indicated in the sub-item with information about the TV. This number will help determine the current version of the player.
  • We go to the official website of the TV manufacturer and look in the FAQ section for complete information on the current firmware version. Samsung has data on the page. similarly for other manufacturers. The information should include the version of the player.
  • We find information on the latest firmware version and see which version of the player is currently supplied.
  • We are looking for a player on the network of the version found in the previous paragraph.
  • Download and install the program (we can use a computer and a storage device, as in the first section of the article).

Program installation

Flash Player Smart TV is distributed completely free of charge. There are definitely no difficulties with downloading, it is a little more difficult to install the application. To perform this procedure, you need to have a computer with Internet access and a removable drive (suitable with any amount of memory).

  • Download Flash player on your computer from the official website.
  • We connect the USB flash drive to the PC and create a folder on it with the name of the program.
  • Unpack the plugin from the downloaded file.
  • Turn off the TV and insert a USB flash drive with the player files into it.
  • Turn on the TV and see a new application in the general list.
  • We start the installation of the application and follow the instructions of the installation wizard.

Now, not only IPTV works on a smart TV, but also video from the browser.

Installing and updating Flash Player on Smart TV

Flash Player Smart TV is responsible for processing and displaying animated content. Many sites display videos, animations, and even music through the Adobe Flash Player. If the TV does not have a player installed, all the places where the video content should be are replaced with the image of the broken plug-in. When video does not work or freezes on sites, the first step is to install a new version of Flash Player. The methods of installing and updating the player will be discussed further.

Adobe Flash Player on Smart TV:

The Samsung Smart TV player is responsible for handling a lot of Flash content, but not all. For quite some time now, the HTML5 standard has been released, which is intended to replace the flash player. HTML5 support is built into the browser, so there is no need to install third-party applications.

Many sites have already transferred their players to a modern platform and abandoned third-party extensions. At the same time, not all websites have managed to redesign their players for HTML5, so the lion’s share of web resources still use Flash Player. It is still impossible to completely abandon the outdated technology, you have to install the player on your LG or Samsung TV.

Tips for Eliminating Possible Errors

The installation or update does not always go smoothly, and sometimes unexpected errors appear. Dealing with them is usually easy.

Possible problems and solutions:

  • Flash Player conflict. It appears when multiple players are installed. Google Chrome and Yandex Browser come with built-in players right away. A browser plugin and an independent program can conflict. The way out of the situation is to remove the application completely and use the browser.
  • I can’t install the player. In this case, you will need to update the TV’s firmware. The thing is that not all TV models support the installation of applications from third-party sources.
  • Flash content does not work. Most likely the plugin is not supported in the browser. We recommend trying to download a different distribution of the player (NPAPI may work).

Flash Player is gradually becoming obsolete and will eventually disappear altogether. So far, it is necessary to watch videos on sites and it will be so for several more years. During this period, installing and updating the player remains an urgent task.

Still have questions about the Flash Player on your Smart TV? Ask them in the comments.