How to install Minecraft on iPhone

Installation methods

How to install another Viber under a different phone number on an Apple smartphone? This can be done using one of the proposed methods: without jailbreak and with the installation of a jailbreak.

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How to install two Viber on one iPhone

Viber is a mobile application designed for free communication. You can call or correspond with any users connected to the Internet who also have this application installed. To start using the Viber messenger, you need to register, and the registration of you as a user by the application is tied to your mobile phone number. You can register Viber for several mobile numbers, however, when you switch from one profile to the second, the chat history is completely lost. Therefore, the question remains relevant. how to have two Viber if you have an iPhone?

What is it for

Why install two Viber on one phone? Considering how quickly and progressively the Internet industry is developing, where communication with potential customers rests on correspondence, the Viber messenger is becoming a working platform. Having two accounts on one phone allows you to differentiate your personal life from your work life. It is very convenient and does not create confusion when communicating with different users. Thus, the meaning of using the second Viber app on the iPhone is as follows:

  • The first account is for personal life, family, relatives and friends.
  • The second account is for work and corporate life.

Before you differentiate the two areas of life into different two Viber, you should know that a separate mobile phone number must be associated for each of the applications. You cannot install and use two Vibers on one phone.

At the same time, you will not notice any difference in functionality, or in the set of emoticons or stickers. The two Viber applications will be completely identical in interface. Only the list of contacts and personal profile information will be different. This is primarily due to the fact that each account must be listed under a different mobile phone number.

Is it possible to install 2 Viber on an iPhone

Unlike Android operating systems, iPhones are rare to have two SIM card slots, and this feature has only appeared in the latest models, from X and up. But this does not mean that the owners of Apple products are deprived of the right to register with two or more Viber accounts. To use two Viber profiles at the same time and switch between them, it is not necessary to have two active SIM cards inserted into this smartphone. You can insert a second SIM card into another phone at the time of activation, the rules of Viber’s work do not prohibit this. over, it is much easier to install two platforms of the application for different accounts on the iPhone than on Android systems. In Apple smartphones, you can bypass the installation of additional clone applications.

No jailbreak

The simplest and most proven way of two Viber operation is to manually configure the application, especially since this function is not prohibited by the developers. So, if one Viber. you previously downloaded it through the App Store, then it remains to add a second similar application:

  • From your smartphone, go to the built-in Internet browser from Apple. S
  • Paste the following link into the address bar. othman.TV.
  • Go through it and see a menu with a large number of applications.
  • You need to select “Viber 2”, and then download this utility to your phone.
  • Run the installation file and wait for the installation to complete.
  • Then go to the settings of the smartphone, select the section “Basic”, “Device Management”.
  • Manually add a certificate named VNE Software and confirm device trust.

Just a few minutes. and the second Viber is installed. Next, you will be left in the usual order to launch it from the desktop of the phone, go through the authorization process using the phone number of the second SIM card and you can start using it. This method is simple and has proven itself in work. In addition, the presence of two identical applications does not slow down the operation of the device and does not clog up the operating memory.

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What is jailbreak? Jailbreak is a special application that allows the user to make changes to the operating system, in other words, these are special privileges for configuring and managing the device. Considering that many applications are not available for Apple smartphones or are paid for, this problem can be solved using jailbroken. This method is not legal, therefore it can be dangerous for the device.

The most famous application installer is Cydia. You will need to download the installation file and select the “Regular user” mode when starting the program. Cydia will then update the list of available applications, where you need to find Viber. Click “Install”, and then “Confirm”. The download will start, and after the second Viber icon appears, you can register.

In addition to installing two Vibers, the presence of a jailbreak will also allow you to use unavailable or paid applications for iPhones.

Thus, there are two ways how to download and use two Viber applications on one iPhone at once, under different mobile numbers. This function is often used by employees of PR departments, especially if the messenger is installed not only on a smartphone, but also on a computer. However, ordinary users should understand that such changes to the operating system of the device can negatively affect the operation of both the application itself and the phone.


With it, cleaning the file system of an iPhone or iPad is easy. over, the section is used to download system and crash logs, connect to iTunes, and reboot / shutdown the device.

How to install iTools and use the app correctly

If you are an active iPhone or iPad user, like listening to music and watching movies, you will certainly be interested in the iTools program. Below we will tell you what this utility is, how to install iTools and how to use it.

Main functions

Great help with iTools. as well as its practical use, the user is provided with an understanding of the functionality of iTools. Let’s consider the main functions of the utility.

Benefits and functionality of the program

Now users are not afraid of problems with syncing iOS devices. Other benefits of developing by Chinese programmers include:

  • iTools does not require a lot of free space in the device memory. just a few megabytes.
  • ITools downloads five times faster than iTunes.
  • The computer requires half the resources.
  • The user can easily and conveniently throw off photos, videos and music.
  • iTools helps you choose your favorite ringtone yourself.
  • iTools doesn’t need sync.

If you are interested in the questions, how to install iTools and how to use iTools. it is worth knowing about the possibility of moving various files from computers on the Windows operating system, macOS to devices on iOS.

iTools lets you drag and drop pdf books by visiting the iBooks section. To download photos and videos, use the “Photos” section.

In addition, the utility helps to remove and install applications, games, as well as make backup copies of data, which include: photos, applications, messages, email, contacts, Safari browser bookmarks.


This section is for uploading videos and photos through iTools. working with files. Here you can quickly download videos and photos from your device to your computer. The section is also intended for downloading files from the hard drive to the smartphone.

Removing iTools

The answer to the question on how to uninstall iTools. interests of users for various reasons, among which the most common is the need to completely reinstall the utility.

No special skills are required for this operation. To clean the operating system from the installed utility files, you need to go to your computer, where you open the “Control Panel”. Select the section “Uninstall” programs “, where in the list find” iTools “. Click the “Uninstall” button to completely uninstall the program.

How to install Minecraft on iPhone for free

Minecraft. Edition is an amazing game for iOS, somewhat reminiscent of a city planner. However, there are a few “buts”. First of all, and this is striking. the graphics. But this is more likely not a minus, but a special piquancy. In addition, it is very convenient to build cubes in the world using blocks of different types and materials. So, the game has 2 main modes. the so-called “god mode” and a more “frame mode”. In the first case, you fully enjoy construction, creating your masterpieces on different planes and landscapes, while not having any restrictions in anything. Only your imagination plays a role. In the second, there are more stringent conditions. You have only 10 lives, you can safely fall from a height or drown, so be careful. In addition, building materials must be obtained using weapons. There is a change of day and night, and at night the most unpleasant monsters appear, which, by the way, increase every day, and do not always disappear with the appearance of the sun. In general, a game for gourmets.

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Many players want to download Minecraft Edition for free on their iPhone, iPad or iPod for free (generally, on iOS), but how do you do it? On this page you will find detailed instructions for downloading and installing MCPE on iOS is free!

How to download Minecraft with free in iphone

Read the guide carefully! If you don’t understand something and immediately start writing “And how to download. “Then this is not my problem anymore.

NEW WAY to Get Minecraft PE for FREE! (iOS & Android)

In a new window that opens, you will see a big green Download Now button. Just click on it.

The following message will appear on the screen (screenshot below). Just click on Install.

The TutuHelper app download will now start on the home screen. Wait for it to download.

After installing TutuHelper, you will not be able to start it right away, as the following warning will appear:

To do this, you will need to mark the application as trusted. This is done simply. We go into the settings and look for Basic, and there we are already looking for the Device Management section.

Well, now we can safely launch TutuHelper. In the search for the application, enter “Minecraft” and find Minecraft Edition.

Click on the Get It Free button to start downloading and wait for the full download of the game files. Then click on the Installing button. A window should appear with the message is going to install, just click Install.

This message may appear multiple times. Please be patient and keep clicking on Install until the game is installed.

We are waiting for the installation, and after that you can safely launch MCPE and play it for free!

Minecraft: Edition is one of the earliest and most popular sandboxes in the world of mobile games. This is a phenomenal achievement if, in fact, the game was developed by an indie studio, which was later bought by Minecraft for 2.5 billion.

Millions of fans around the world play this game every day on their computers, home consoles, iOS devices and Android devices.

The main feature of the project is full freedom of action and a huge world for research and creativity. Players spend hours exploring, building various objects from bricks, and interacting with other players around the world. The game does not set specific tasks for us, but there is a system of achievements. a reward for performing certain actions. Minecraft currently has five game modes where there is something for everyone. For example, in our edition, the survival mode is very popular.

Setting live wallpaper on iPhone

Note! Live wallpaper setting is available on 1st and 2nd generation iPhone SE, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XR, XS, XS Max, 11 and 11 Pro, and newer models released after publication of this article. This function is not supported by older devices.

Photo application

An alternative to the previous method is to use the standard iPhone application “Photos”, which stores not only pictures and videos taken with the camera, but also other images, including animated ones.

Note! The graphic file that will be set as live wallpaper must be in the MOV format (Live photos created on the main iPhone camera have it, if this option has not been disabled manually).

  • Open the Photos app. Find in it the image that you plan to install on the screen, and tap it to view.
  • Click on the “Share” button below.

Scroll down the menu and select “Set as wallpaper”.

Follow the steps from the last step of the previous instruction, that is, specify the screen or screens to which the image will be added.

You can see the result by closing the “Photos” application.

Obviously, this method provides more customization options than the iOS “Settings” discussed above. The only difficulty lies in the need to find graphic files in a suitable format.

It is easy to guess that in this way you can set absolutely any compatible image as wallpaper, for example, downloaded from the Internet. If you have these files in iCloud, do the following to move them to iPhone memory:

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    Open the Files app and double click on the Browse tab.

Select the “iCloud Drive” section in the side menu.

Find the folder that contains the matching images and open it.

Please note that if it is in the cloud, the download procedure will be initiated first.

After the image is open, click the “Share” button on the bottom panel.

In the menu that appears, select “Save Image”.

Repeat steps.5 from the previous instruction.

Note that the “Files” application allows you to work not only with data in the cloud, but also with those stored on the internal storage of the phone. Plus, you can connect other cloud storages to it, not only iCloud. To do this, you need to either set the appropriate settings in its menu, or install the service application on the iPhone, launch it and configure it, after which it will automatically appear in the file manager.

Live wallpapers for iPhone 11

Popular app for setting wallpapers, primarily live ones, highly rated by iPhone users.

  • Use the link above to install the app on your iPhone.
  • Launch it and scroll through the welcome screens with introductory information.

Then either cancel the Premium subscription by closing the window, or use the offered trial version.

Once on the main screen of the mobile application, open its menu by touching the three horizontal stripes located in the lower left corner.

Scroll through the list of available sections and open “Live Wallpapers”.

If you still have not purchased Premium, you will be prompted to do so again. We recommend using the trial version, which you can turn off at any time. This will open access to all the possibilities provided by the application, and at the same time will allow you to download the desired number of live images from it.

Scroll the screens to the side, find the right wallpaper.

By clicking on the image, you can see an example of how it will look on the phone, on screens with icons.

To download a picture, click on the button located in the center of the bottom panel,

and then by the inscription “Save” in the window that appears.

Give the app permission to access the photo.

You can find downloaded live wallpapers in the standard “Photos” application, in its section “Live Photos”.

How to install them on the Home screen, the lock screen, or both at once, we talked about in the previous part of the article.

The advantage of the Live Wallpaper program is a huge library of images, both static and dynamic. At the same time, it is impossible to close our eyes to its shortcomings. an obsessive offer to issue a Premium subscription, even the not high cost of which can hardly be called justified.

NEW Install Minecraft On iOS 14 No Revoke/Jailbreak. HOW To Download Minecraft Free On iPhone 2020

IOS “Settings

The easiest method to set live wallpaper on iPhone is to refer to the corresponding section of the system parameters.

    Open the “Settings” iOS and scroll down a little to the second block of options.

Select a suitable image and tap it.

  • In the pop-up window, define where the image will be installed:
  • Lock screen;
  • Home screen;
  • Both screens.
  • You can get acquainted with the result by exiting the iOS settings and / or by locking the phone screen, depending on which of the available options you chose.

    This approach to installing dynamic wallpapers on the iPhone is extremely simple in its implementation, but not without its drawbacks. the set of animated images offered by the system is very limited, depends on the specific device model and iOS version, and cannot be extended by standard means.

    Third Party Applications

    In the App Store, you can find quite a few applications that provide the ability to set static and dynamic wallpapers, and many of them specialize only in the latter. All of them have not so many differences, and, unfortunately, they are endowed with the same disadvantages. advertising and paid distribution (often with a trial version, after which you will have to abandon the use or subscribe not the cheapest subscription). But, since almost every such solution allows you to save animated pictures to the device’s memory, for example, consider how to use two of them.