How To Install Apps On Sony Smart TV

ForkPlayer for Sony Smart TVs

ForkPlayer is a program or, as it can also be called, a browser that can be installed on Sony TVs with Smart TV functions. It can also be installed on computers, Android devices, and Smart TVs from other manufacturers. With this application, you can watch online channels, movies and more from various sites for free. In addition, ForkPlayer gives access to view data that is also stored on a flash drive, a connected removable device or in the built-in memory of a Smart TV.

Configuration and installation

There are several ways to install ForkPlayer widget on Sony Bravia Smart TV. Now let’s look at two basic instructions for installing it.


This application has the same scheme of work as Opera mini, which was designed specifically for J2ME phones that do not support the ability to run a full-fledged Internet browser. ForkPlayer for Sony Smart TV receives all content directly from sites, then processes them and converts them into its own format.

Of course, modern Sony Smart TVs have ordinary Internet browsers, but they are often stripped down, without a flash player, and when launching some sites, they may display an error that is related to the lack of built-in memory. ForkPlayer is much better in this regard, as it allows you to watch or listen to music from any site without any problems. In addition, this widget installed on Sony Bravia Smart TV already contains a list of the most popular sites and online cinemas.

You can also create and save your Playlists yourself. You can watch them not only from Sony Bravia Smart TV, but also from your other devices on which ForkPlayer is installed. To make this available to you, you need to register on the official website of the application, go to your personal account and add the available devices to the list.

In addition, in ForkStore you can download and additionally install other unofficial applications for your Sony Smart TV. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the features of setting and installation, as well as the presence of certain functions, may differ on different TVs, depending on the year of their release.

Method number 1

  • First, you will need to go to the TV network connection settings menu;
  • In the window that appears, select manual installation;
  • After that, a window will appear in front of you, in which the initial DNS will be registered. Instead, you will need to enter If this does not work, then enter DNS or instead;
  • After that, the connection to the network will begin;
  • After the connection is complete, launch the Theta or Lifeshow app via the Opera Store. As a result, the ForkPlayer widget will launch on your Sony Smart TV.

Method number 2

  • First, you need to go to and register there;
  • After registering on the above site, you will be able to receive an ID from the developer, which will be displayed on your Sony Bravia Smart TV in the Opera Store. In order to view it, you will need to go to the Menu and go to the About tab. It should be noted that the ID number will only be valid for 15 minutes. If during this time you do not have time to enter it in the required field, then you will need to receive it again. To do this, click on #ID;
  • The ID received from the developer will need to be entered into the appropriate field on the above website;
  • After that, you need to enter the name of the widget and in the URL Loader column indicate the link to the site and save all this;
  • As a result, a special category called Develop will appear in the Opera Store.

If you need access to such sites as tray.TV or, then you will also need to change the DNS specified in the Sony Smart TV network connection settings. Instead of the DNS available there, you should register or

How to install apps on a Sony TV

After connecting the TV to the Internet, the firmware for the Sony Bravia Smart TV should be updated. For instructions on how to update the firmware, see the documentation for the Sony device.

We will analyze the most necessary programs.

    The most popular YouTube resource. For him, there is a special control and optimization of viewing directly on the TV remote control. Press “SEN” on the remote. Having opened “My applications”, use the remote control arrows to point to the “” icon. Find the YouTube shortcut in the catalog and confirm with the right button on the remote control. “Open”. After opening the application, scrolling through the menu is done with the buttons on the remote up and down. Inside: settings, titles, thematic collections. After stopping at the line of the menu, TV will load a selection of plots that are scrolled SIMilarly on the remote control. You can start viewing by pressing the center key. The pause and rewind buttons on the remote control are equivalent to those on the application screen player. Return button returns to the previous menu.

Built-in browser for browsing the Internet. Find the “WWW” application, then. the central button of the remote control and press “Open”. To enter the address, use the arrows to translate the search to the address bar. Press the center button, and the arrows. to select letters and symbols. After writing, press “Enter”. On Bravia models 2012-2013 the address line drops out when you press the “Option” key on the remote control with the choice of “Enter URL”.

Skype. Supported on TV over the Internet. If the TV does not have a built-in camera, you will need to purchase an external one specially for Sony of the same manufacturer. To add an icon to the My Apps screen, press SEN on the remote, then the plus sign in My Apps, find the Skype shortcut. The application is now in quick start. At startup, enter the username, password for the application and communicate in the same way as on a computer or laptop.

The TV cannot completely replace the computer when installing applications on Sony Smart TVs. Complex page layout slows down the operating system’s performance. Therefore, programs and pages will take longer to load than on a good PC. Some will not launch at all, as they will require browser plugins that Smart does not support.


To connect via a cable, you need an Ethernet cable, also called a patch cord. At the ends, crimped, prepared tips are required. Cross-patch cord is indistinguishable from normal, but only serves to connect computers to each other. Its contact order is different. Not suitable for our operation.

Before setting up, you must turn off both devices from the network. TV, router. Connect the patch cord connector and TV port until you hear a click. The other end of the cable is SIMilarly connected to the router. Turn on both devices and wait 15-20 seconds for the router to boot.

Press “HOME” on the remote and visit the setup menu with the suitcase logo. After that. “Network” and “Network settings”. Next. “Setting up a network connection”.

After selecting the “SIMple” window, the TV will not offer additional options when the network cable is connected. If everything is in order with the cable and the router is working, the test will pass. A successful internet connection icon will appear. Confirm by clicking “OK”.

In the case of a wireless connection, all operations are carried out in the same way until the network is selected. “HOME”, the suitcase icon, “Network”, “Network settings” and “Network connection settings”. Ignoring the choice of “Specialist”, press the “SIMple” button and select the Wi-Fi connection.

2 options will be offered:

  • enter the password in the proposed connection directory;
  • configure by pushing the WPS button.

To enter a password, use the buttons on the remote for letters and the center for symbols. Complete the password by pressing “Enter”.

How to install and set up Smart TV on Sony

To install TV service on Sony Smart TVs, you need to connect your TV to the Internet. We will proceed from the assumption that the house, the apartment is “entangled in the global web”. You are already using it through devices: PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet. The apartment is equipped with a router that supports wired LAN-cable, wireless Wi-Fi. You can connect a TV in both ways. Let’s consider both options in more detail.

Sony Smart TV: making TV multifunctional

Sony’s Smart TV platform transforms an ordinary TV into a multifunctional hub. Uses support for Google Assistant, hands-free control, entertainment content. All the possibilities, methods of configuration, installation and problems are described in the article.

Sony Smart TV features

Installation of the smart operating system Sony Smart TV Bravia significantly expands the possibilities of television. After pressing the “HOME” button on the remote control of the TV receiver, press the “Installation menu”. Then. in the submenu “Network”, “Refresh Internet Content”.

After that, it will search for available content and download it. It is produced through the Sony Entertainment Network server. Loaded after the device and server addresses are authenticated. When the content has finished downloading, you will be asked to visit the Main Menu by pressing the HOME key. But you need to press the “SEN” button. This will immediately take us to the list of content. foreign and Russian applications, channels from the Internet-.

Launching applications and the My Applications menu may take a few seconds to load. This is normal. The full list is opened by clicking on the plus button or “Open all applications”.

After selecting the application, the “Open” sub-item will appear. The channel you like can be added to My Applications. After that, the icon of the selected application will be located in the quick access menu.

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In addition to the general list of programs, it is possible to download additional programs through the Opera TV Store. In addition, a catalog of games is available, which can be controlled via the TV remote.

Solving possible problems

Complex devices often fail. The more multicomponent the device, the greater their probability. Consider a number of popular problems:

    Apps or online services are not working properly. Sites open normally. Most likely need a firmware update.

Lost a set of applications in the list of programs that open from the “SEN” menu and selection from the “” button. After a factory reset, it happens that the TV takes a long time to update the program list. If the program catalog does not appear, make sure the Internet is available. It is checked by logging into the Internet through a web browser with a “WWW” icon. This is a built-in program and is always present. If there is no operation, check the network availability again. If the browser is working correctly, return to the main menu. From the “HOME” button enter “Network Settings” and select “Update Internet Content”.

  • Occasionally sites require additional plugins to be loaded, more often Flash. Can I download them and make the TV work normally? Unfortunately this is not possible. The machine’s built-in browser does not accept updates. To view such sites, try downloading versions adapted for mobile devices.
  • During operation, the download speed changes, and sometimes it disappears altogether. It is worth checking the availability of access from other devices to make sure that the router is working. Try rebooting the access point. Sometimes a small glitch leads to a load drawdown.
  • If this does not help, disable IPv6 routing. This is done through system settings from a computer.

    To disable this function on Sony, go through “HOME” to “Settings” with a “suitcase”. From there. to “Network” and “IPv6 Setting”.

    In the settings, disable routing, confirming by pressing “No”.

    The second solution is to eliminate interference. The router should be close and within line of sight. Reinforced concrete walls, solid obstacles, and other devices can interfere. Disconnect all wireless connections in the apartment.

    It is always worth considering that the processor power of the TV is much lower than that of a computer and processes a limited range of tasks. The speed of loading sites, games and other programs is much slower than computer ones. And that’s ok.

    Sony Smart TV. Apps and How to Install Them

    Smart TV is a feature found on all modern Sony TVs. Thanks to this, on devices you can perform all the same operations as on a computer, and even more. A user who has a Sony Bravia TV can now watch online directly from the TV without going over to a computer. But you need to connect the internet. In addition, you can browse the web and install various applications.

    In addition, in order to use the Smart TV function, it is not at all necessary to buy the most expensive Sony devices, but you can opt for the budget TV category. Particular attention should be paid to the programs and applications that you install on the TV, since their quantity and quality largely determines what functions the device can perform.

    How to update web content from the Smart TV main menu

    Updating web content on a TV is one of the most important steps in getting a device to work the way it should, no matter what year it was released or how long ago the software was updated. You need to update the installed content with no less frequency than flashing, therefore we are trying to download new and update old applications that are already in the TV list.

    This procedure is done in this way:

    • Take the remote control, and find the “Home” button on the panel. It will display in the menu, where you need to find the “Settings” section, and select the “Network” sub-item;
    • In the “Network” menu, select the “Refresh Internet Content” item and wait until the automatic configuration is over;
    • When the update is over, go back to your Sony Smart TV, that is, press the Home button again. In the field “Processed” you will see those programs without which the television cannot work. They are installed by default. If they are not enough, it is possible to add a few more. To do this, go to the “All Applications” section;
    • If you find some additional widget that is not yet in the menu, you can add it to “My Applications”, after which it will also appear in the main “home” list.

    After these settings, you can easily use Smart TV on your Sony TV, watch TV and watch Internet content.

    Where to get apps for Sony Smart TV

    All manufacturers of smart TVs install an original browser in the standard configuration of their devices, which is included in the package and other equipment. For Sony, this is ForkPlayer, which has a lot of interesting functions and makes the TV more convenient and enjoyable. But this player can be installed not only on Sony TVs, but also on other devices that run on Android.

    As a result, you will be able to:

    • View online channels, movies and from various sites;
    • And also the browser helps to view information on a USB flash drive, or stored in the TV’s memory.

    Anyone can add this application to a Sony TV. The player is downloaded either from the official Sony website or from unofficial resources, of course, if you are not afraid to catch a virus or install a low-quality, outdated application.

    In addition, there is a standard Smart menu, which is also used as a search application if the user’s usual set of content does not suit the user. You can do whatever you want through the Smart Menu, since this is the main tool for operating the device. It reflects any program that works on the TV, and here, this list can be thinned out or replenished.

    What capabilities does ForkPlayer have for Sony Smart TV

    The specificity of ForkPlayer for Sony Smart TV is that this TV application receives content directly from the site. But most of the programs on the Internet do not work in the format in which TV can perceive them. This application processes the signal and then converts its format. But these are not the only functions of the application:

    • The user can watch and listen to music from any site;
    • Downloading applications for Sony Bravia via ForkPlayer is much easier than from other browsers, again, due to the relatively large functional potential;
    • Having installed on Sony Bravia Smart TV, there is already used the list of the most popular sites and online cinemas, where the user could enter;
    • A person has the ability to save favorite Playlists. Thus, it will be possible to view content even without using your Sony Bravia Smart TV, but from other devices where ForkPlayer is installed;
    • In addition, you can install and add other applications, both official and unofficial, but suitable for a specific model.

    Installing Smart TV applications on Sony through ForkPlayer, like other functions, is possible only if you register on the official website of the application. When this procedure is carried out, the user will have to go to his personal account and add to the list other devices that can cooperate with each other.

    How to install widgets on Sony Smart TV using ForkPlayer

    There are several ways to install widgets on Sony Bravia Smart TV using ForkPlayer. Now we will try to consider the two most popular ways.

    First way:

    • Open the “Network Connection Settings” in the TV menu;
    • Choose a manual installation method that will allow you to connect or disconnect any module at the user’s request;
    • Next, in the settings, you should change the primary DNS. The added number should look like this: But not the fact that it will work. If you still fail to connect to the network, you can try to bypass it on the other side, and use a slightly different set of numbers: When that doesn’t work, the last option is usually ideal: Much depends on the TV model, so it is advisable to try everything;
    • Wait for the connection to the Internet network;

    After the connection is over, you should launch the NOW.RU Theta application, although you can use Lifeshow if you go through the Opera Store. This will launch the ForkPlayer widget. It remains to carry out SIMple settings and you can work.

    Second way:

    • You need to register on the resource;
    • After registration is completed, a message about the ID address will appear on the TV screen, which is assigned to your Sony Bravia TV and from which it will work in the Opera Store for free;
    • You can view the ID like this: go to the Menu, go to the About tab. But you should hurry, because the address is only valid for fifteen minutes, and if you don’t have time to enter it in the field, you will have to send a second request. This can be done by clicking on the #ID icon;
    • Having received the address, you need to bind the device by entering the code in a special line, after which the “Develop” category will appear in the Opera Store;
    • Go to the site by entering its parameters in the URL Loader column and save the information received;

    In order to open the section “” and “tray.TV”, in the settings you will also need to change DNS (DHCP) to or, as in the first option. After installing these widgets, application customization will become much more practical and convenient, and the next updates will take a minimum of time.

    IPTV setup

    Setting up IPTV on a Sony Smart TV begins with connecting to a Wi-Fi network or installing a UWA-BR100 wireless LAN adapter that connects to the device via USB.

    Sony Bravia IPTV software, the configuration of which is necessary to connect to local TV broadcasting, is downloaded from the built-in application.

    Wi-Fi connection

    To understand how to install IPTV on a Sony smart TV, you need to understand if Wi-Fi is available.

    If the built-in wireless network is provided, then additional equipment is not required.

    • Press the “HOME” button on the remote.
    • Go to the “Settings” section.
    • Open “Network Setting”.
    • Select “Wireless Setup”.
    • Search for available points.
    • Open the point with the name of the installed router.
    • Enter access password.

    Setting ends after connecting to the access point.

    Some Sony TVs do not have a built-in Wi-Fi connection. For this, an adapter UWA-BR100 is purchased. The instruction is SIMilar to the previous one, you just need to connect the device to the TV.

    Installing SS IPTV

    To connect IPTV on a Sony Bravia Smart TV, follow these instructions:

    • Open the “All Applications” tab.
    • Find Opera TV (aka VEWD), open it.
    • Go to the “Settings”.
    • Using the remote control, go to the development section by pressing three times to the right.
    • Press the “Generate ID” button, write down or remember the received code. Don’t turn off TV.
    • Register on the website, remember your email and password.
    • An email with a link will be sent to the specified email address, open it.
    • Enter TV model and ID, press the confirm button. The TV will start pairing.
    • Click on the TV “Confirm”, then go to the “Developer”.
    • Open the “URL Loader” program, enter the site into the line, select the first button “GO”.
    • Agree to user agreement, select country and provider.
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    This completes the IPTV settings on Sony Smart TVs, TV broadcasting is available through the program, you do not need to install a set-top box.

    Setting up IPTV on a Sony Bravia TV

    Sony Bravia IPTV is a TV that allows you to watch TV channels of local providers without using.

    Sony Bravia IPTV is a TV that allows you to watch TV channels of local providers without using additional equipment.

    To connect to TV broadcasting, you need to set up TV by connecting it to the Internet and installing the necessary programs.

    Installing Vintera TV

    Vintera TV application for Sony IPTV is SIMilar in functionality to the previous one. Therefore, it is worth considering because of the easier installation method:

    • Open the Opera TV application, in the search enter “Vintera TV”.
    • Click on the “Install” button.
    • Open the program, apply the necessary settings.

    This completes the installation of the IPTV program on the Sony TV.

    Additionally, you can download Vintera TV for Android and download Vintera TV for iOS to watch TV channels from mobile devices or TVs with Android OS.

    Sony TV brand has a wide range of applications that allow you to watch TV without a set-top box.

    LeanKey KeyBoard

    Using sometimes the best apps for LG, Samsung and many other TVs with Smart TV functions, you come across the same program. This is slow and complex input, implemented by a standard remote control.

    To somehow solve this problem without connecting a keyboard, you can install a KeyBord.

    This is a very handy virtual keyboard designed for smart TVs. Due to such an application, you can significantly speed up the entry of data, numbers and other information into the appropriate fields. Additionally, you can use all the buttons on the remote control by making them shortcut keys.

    Here, each user configures the virtual keyboard for himself.

    If a person actively uses all the capabilities of Smart TV, regularly driving in some data for search, registration and other operations, then it is better to immediately switch to this application.

    How exactly to proceed, here everyone will make a decision for himself.

    Twitch TV

    One of the applications that is regularly included in the top programs for Smart TV. over, it is free, since all the functionality is available without paying.

    The program is designed to open access for viewing streams and competitions in computer and console games. Since the audience of the network is mainly young people, and it is they who use various applications, it is not surprising that Twitch for Smart TV occupies such high positions.

    Twitch deservedly ranks among the best and most popular Smart TV apps. This is due to several reasons:

    • it is one of the best and most popular streaming services in the CIS countries;
    • a paradise for gamers and those who like to follow the broadcasts of the competition;
    • there is a function for saving broadcasts;
    • a chat is provided for communication;
    • installation is completely free;
    • you can subscribe to the most interesting streamers.

    Really good and noteworthy app.

    If we talk about the most popular and most relevant applications available for Smart TV, then this list will definitely include IVI.

    One of the leading services for watching TV series and films. over, it is completely legal.

    The catalogs contain tens of thousands of films, TV series, cartoons. While many of the movies are paid, it’s not hard to find movies with TV shows to watch for free. The content is updated with enviable popularity. A great way to be the first to see what has only recently been in theaters. And in excellent quality.

    The application allows you to create your own account, add films and TV shows, track your browsing history and more.

    365 Body Workout

    The concept of this app is truly unique. An excellent choice for those who take care of their body and adhere to the rules of a healthy lifestyle.

    This is a substitute for alls about sports and health, which can be searched for endlessly on the net.

    This application contains everything that can be useful to an athlete. And of any level. from beginner to advanced pro.

    The application contains courses on street workout, home workouts. Here they will tell in detail, show and write down how to eat right, gain and lose weight, dry. There is also a lot of information about the benefits and rules of using food additives.

    The exercises that are suggested to be performed in front of the TV have interesting and visual animation. You just need to repeat and put yourself in order.

    Content has 2 options. These are free and paid features. over, there is not so much paid content, and not everyone will need it.

    Truly one of the most useful apps that has been developed for today’s smart TVs. Visual proof that in front of TV you can not just lie and eat, but also improve your health, pump muscles and develop in all directions.

    TV bro

    In fact, this is an analogue and alternative to the built-in browser in a smart TV. This application was developed specifically for Android TV. This is the main and only drawback.

    Control can be carried out using a remote control or voice commands. An important advantage should be considered the most correct display of all pages when they are opened on a large TV screen.

    Downloads and supports various content.

    If the user is not satisfied with the standard web browser, then you just need to install this application. This should be done if only for the sake of comparing the capabilities of the base browser and TV Pro. The vast majority of users will end up with TV Bro. This is proved by the statistics of downloads and installations.

    Rating of the most useful and popular applications for Smart TV

    Buying a smart TV, the user expects to get much more from the device than from a regular TV to which cable TV is connected.

    Smart TV is a special technology that turns the TV into a multifunctional and very useful device for solving various tasks and just for entertainment.

    Objectively, it’s very difficult to make a short selection of the best Smart TV apps. After all, there are a huge number of programs, and each of them may be useful, interesting and necessary in one case or another.

    Therefore, the list of the best applications for Smart TV included those that are popular and are really useful, according to a large number of users. There will be no binding to a specific section or category. Just the top 10 noteworthy apps that will be useful not only for Smart TV owners, but also for those who have a Smart set-top box.

    SlyNet IPTV

    But LG Smart TV has its own best applications, including this program. When you install it, the user has access to all kinds. collected from various sites.

    In fact, programs like this are more than enough for smart TVs. But SlyNet is the most popular, advanced and functional.

    SlayNet supports about 800 TV channels and over 1000 radio stations. It has its own repository where you can find movies and music.

    Special thanks to the developers for the Russian-language interface. Here, users have access to the highest quality content. But if you want to start viewing in 4K format, then you will have to additionally install a special player. It’s about the XMTV player. Without it, it will not be reproduced in high quality.

    Until recently, this application for Smart TV had a rather limited range of uses. And it was included only in the lists containing the best developments specifically for Android.

    Now VLC appears for other smart TV platforms, including Samsung’s proprietary Tizen shell.

    This player is used by many owners of smartphones, laptops, computers and tablets. And what was their joy when VLC became available for many Smart TVs.

    An extremely user-friendly player with broad functionality. For example, you can watch sports broadcasts online through it. All this is achieved due to the huge number of pre-installed codecs. With their help, various formats are played, including streaming.

    TV Remote

    Choosing the best programs designed for Smart TV, it would be wrong to pass by this tool.

    Yes, the program is designed for smartphones. But it is focused specifically on controlling Smart TV using a phone. Very convenient, useful and functional.

    Turning your Android smartphone or tablet into a remote control has many benefits. It is much more convenient and faster to enter through the phone screen. Here you can switch between channels, perform a number of actions and tasks without using a regular remote.

    Installing and using the software is extremely SIMple. You need to download the application, set up the connection to the TV and get started.

    The application with a concise and understandable name TV The remote control is used in combination with Smart TV and set-top boxes from different manufacturers. These can be Samsung, LG, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, etc.


    Selecting the best online cinema format applications installed on Smart TVs and Smart set-top boxes, you definitely need to tell about Megogo.

    Quite often, this application is the basic one when buying many modern smart TVs. There are paid and free modes. In the latter case, the service limits the amount of content available.

    The subscription is inexpensive, but it opens huge catalogs of films, TV series, cartoons, documentaries and more.

    Despite the need to pay for use, the application has earned its high place in the rating due to its cross-platform, practicality, friendly interface and wide functionality. It is convenient to work with him. There is a personal account.

    In addition to movies and TV series, Megogo allows you to watch online broadcasts and watch TV.


    If you single out one best application, then it will be YouTube.

    On many modern smart TVs, this application does not even need to be downloaded, since it is initially preinstalled on Smart TV.

    YouTube is literally the largest hosting in the world. Here you can find almost everything you want. Available here. movies, musics, streams and much more. YouTube is the most popular channel in its segment. It is a fact.

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    The functionality of the application is constantly expanding, new features are added.

    The application SIMply does not install on older models. For the rest, there are no complaints about the program, and there cannot be any.

    In terms of the number of downloads and the number of users among Smart TV owners, the official YouTube application has no competitors. And that’s a fact.

    Yes, the list of good, useful and noteworthy applications does not end there. There are far more of them than some might imagine.

    The only question is what a particular user needs, and what advantages or opportunities he wants to get by downloading the program and installing it on Smart TV.

    Connect to Samsung

    If you need to install on models of class D, F, H, E and beyond, follow these steps:

    In the main menu, select the item “Smart functions”.

    In the window that appears, select the command “Samsung Account”.

    Smart functions

    If you have not previously created an account in the Samsung Smart Hub app, follow the instructions to create one.

    It is necessary to fill in the password field (any 6 characters for the E series) or leave it blank. For H and F series. depending on the TV model.

    Confirm registration.

    In the “Smart Features” tab, click on the “Open Smart Hub” button.

    Application download

    Select the “Additional Applications” command.

    In the window that appears, open “Parameters” and select “IP setting”.

    Program installation

    You must enter the correct IP address

    In the “Options” menu, select “Synchronize user applications” or “Start App Sync”. depending on the model.

    Run the program.

    In class J TVs, installation is done via a USB drive:

    Open the Samsung Smart Hub application on the computer and after registration download SS-IPTV.

    Save the “userwidget” archive folder on the USB flash drive.

    Attach a USB flash drive to the TV.

    Installation will happen automatically.

    Download software for Smart TV

    With Smart, you can easily create assorted programs and applications to your liking. Many programs will increase the functionality of your TV broadcast:
    1. YouTube.
    5. Skype.
    6. Gismeteo.
    7. WebCam World.
    8. Smart IPTV.

    There are specialized programs available for individual models, depending on the manufacturer.

    Samsung offers to install an app with Flash support, Explore 3D service in English, Cinema Search and Easy POOL.

    LG has also taken care of the full leisure of the owners of “blue” screens and recommends installing DriveCast, 3D World and Skylanders Battlegrounds

    You can install all applications through the official website by filtering them by polarity or see a detailed description of each.

    Samsung TV Apps

    The most popular applications for Samsung are the following:

    Flash-enabled application has good image quality. The operation of the mouse in this program involves hopping between lines to improve the convenience of surfing. Provided control via Android with sync via Wi-fi.

    Explore 3D service in English allows you to watch 3D movies for free. However, it is necessary to provide a good Internet signal and purchase glasses for viewing in this format.

    External menu of the Explore application

    Easy POOL. billiards stimulator.
    Popular LG Apps
    An equally well-known competitor offers a variety of programs for its customers who prefer the equipment of this company.

    Enjoy Smart TV with:

    DriveCast. data management in the Cloud. The convenience of the program lies in the ability to copy a movie to the Cloud, and later at any convenient time to watch it on TV.

    3D World. View everything in free and paid versions in 3D. Thematic selections about countries and travels, popular tourist routes and “lost” cities, explore wild corners of nature and “plunge” to the bottom of the ocean, observe the life of animals.

    Skylanders Battlegrounds is a team game available to owners of the Magic Remote. Good graphics, interesting storyline allow you to use the TV as a full-fledged game console.

    How To Install Apps On Sony Smart TV

    Skylanders Battlegrounds game announcement

    Download widgets for Smart TV

    Assortment of widgets on the site

    For Sony and LG, visit the page with an interesting description and a large assortment.

    Menu for choosing widgets

    Depending on the TV model, there are instructions for installing applications, each of which includes a list of channels in digital and HD quality.

    All applications are conventionally divided into 2 types. developed for programs of individual manufacturers or universal.

    Popular manufacturers of smart TVs are Samsung and LG.

    Download Smart TV

    Smart TVs are popular today.

    Let’s consider how to properly connect channels and configure them so that you can enjoy the huge variety that these modest 7 letters “Smart TV” will give you every day.

    Smart TV is very actively used by all owners of TVs that have a SIMilar function and provide a network input or wi-fi. Among the leaders in the production of such equipment are Samsung, LG, Sony.

    The popularity of television over the Internet is associated with the ability to choose to watch any interesting program or movie in good quality, possibly without advertising, at any convenient time.

    How to install the app on LG

    TVs support IPTV either directly from the TV or from a USB flash drive. If support goes through the device built into the TV, you need to connect it to the Internet.

    Let’s consider the connection order:

    • Open the LG Smart Worl app in the Home menu and register with it by creating a new account.
    • Enter the name of the application in the search bar and after its detection click on the “Install” button.
    • After the installation is complete, click the “Run” button.

    Launch order

    Using a flash drive, you can use the following method:

    • Open the LG Smart Worl application on the computer and download the archive folder with the program.
    • Unzip the data and save the file to a USB flash drive.
    • Connect USB storage device to TV.
    • In the item “Home” find the folder “My applications”.

    Contents of the “Home” folder.

    • Find the flash drive icon and select it.
    • When the files are opened on the screen, select the LG Smart Worl application and it will be installed in the TV memory.

    My Applications menu view

    Where can I download applications for Samsung, LG, Sony?

    Samsung manufactures its TVs using the Tizen operating system.

    The application provides a search bar and setting the necessary filters.

    Smart Hub Menu

    LG webOS is an operating system that is absolutely identical to Samsung in functionality, but at a price the technology is more liberal, and the quality is absolutely the same.

    The Smart menu is available immediately and allows you to select any applications required by the client.

    LG Menu

    Sony is constantly evolving to provide customers with the very best in the market, as a digital leader. In order to download applications, it is enough to connect the Netflix function on the official website and then use the convenient menu to select and install.

    Sony app
    Download forkplayer for Smart TV

    The popular free application is available on the manufacturers’ official websites.

    You can also install through the following sites:

    PlayMarket menu

    Official site of the forkplayer app

    You can enter a query in the search bar of your browser and get a large number of results

    Ranking of the best universal apps

    To compile an interesting Playlist, we recommend paying attention to the following applications:

    YouTube is the most popular service for watching professional and amateurs.

    Through the TV, you can enter your personal account and maintain subscriptions on topics and leave comments. a 24/7 cinema with the ability to watch a huge number of films for free.

    The disadvantage of the application is a lot of advertising, but the image quality and the ability to watch many new films easily compensate for it.

    The application allows you to subscribe with the ability to turn off ads with access to rental with new products.

    only in Russian and available in Russia. channel menu allows you to watch movies, cartoons and TV series both for paid subscriptions and for free without compromising quality.

    The service provides storage of viewing history, subscribing, storings in favorites and paid viewing of all new products from film distribution. a large selection of films and cartoons. The source of funding for this application is advertising, so the feed selection is outdated.

    But, their library will satisfy many viewers, especially lovers and admirers of Russian films.

    Skype. calls through the webcam of the TV, will allow you to make calls while sitting in front of the TV.

    Gismeteo. a site with a user-friendly interface will allow you to know the weather up to 30 days in advance, provides the ability to save cities. The site is known for the accuracy of the information.

    WebCam World. broadcast from the world’s webcams online.

    Smart IPTV is a service for watching TV channels. After installation, you need to download Playlists, which are freely available on the Internet or from a provider.

    Many of them require a one-time payment, some with additional payments for certain channel categories. Usually one Playlist includes 240 to 300 channels.

    List of channels in the Playlist

    Air Force is an online quest for controlling combat aircraft, the game mode provides for team competitions.

    Voice and gesture control is possible, if the TV has such functionality.

    Download Playlists

    Before you can enjoy watching channels, you need to download the lists. either offered on the network, or by the provider, or create your own.

    To download the Playlist, you need to select any on the external site in the “Content” section and click the “add” button, after downloading give it a name.

    Playlist list
    All installed or created sheets are stored in the Settings folder. The appearance of the “Settings” menu

    In order to take advantage of the provider’s offer and download the internal Playlist, go to the “Settings” menu.

    Next, you need to select “General”, then click “Get Code”.

    Download Playlist

    On SS IPTV, activate the Playlist Editor menu and enter the previously received numbers into the form, then click the Add Device button. The code is valid 24 hours.

    Editor menu

    In the “Settings” section, the “My Playlist” icon will appear. the list you just downloaded.

    The owners of Smart TVs are interested in online cinemas and the opportunity to watch paid channels for free.

    From a large number of proposals, you can create “your” TV and manage your favorite channels.

    The popularity of Smart TV lies in the ability to connect online cinemas with both domestic and world films.

    Smart TV combines quality, limitless free resources and quality paid apps.