How To Install Applications On Philips TV

Setting procedure

The manufacturer tried to SIMplify this process as much as possible, so setting up a Philips TV even for novice users will not cause significant difficulties.

Before proceeding directly with the configuration, it is recommended to update the smart TV software. To do this, click the “House” key on the remote control.

Next, in the menu displayed on the TV screen, enter the “Configuration” column and start the upgrade process.

Wait for it to complete.

Done. Now the old software has been replaced with the new one and you can start setting the configuration parameters.

USB recording

This is a SIMple feature, but it is most often used by modern TV owners.

For example, if a person does not have time to finish watching an interesting game, show or film, he can watch it later, when free time appears.

To do this, using this function, you just need to record on an external USB-drive.

Connection procedure

You can connect your TV to the Internet via wi-fi. This option is the most popular at the present time, since you do not have to pull an Internet cable to the TV.

Access to Internet resources will be carried out via a wireless network.

To this end, it is necessary to perform the following sequential actions:

  • Make sure that the router broadcasting Wi-Fi is turned on;
  • If the TV does not have a built-in Wi-Fi receiver, then insert the external adapter into the USB port of the TV;
  • Further, in order to connect to the router, you can press a button on it, which is specially provided for quickly connecting home devices to Wi-Fi. The key on the router is labeled “WPS”;
  • In the TV menu, click “Easy Access” and then click “Ok”;
  • Alternatively, you can connect by entering the wireless password, which must be dialed using the remote control.

In the case when the user has chosen a connection via a wire, since it is not subject to external interference, unlike a wireless connection, the following steps will be required:

Connect the TV to the LAN port of the router using a cable.

For example, on a Philips TV model 43PUS7150 / 12, the socket where you want to insert the cable is marked “Network”.

The main thing is that the length of the wire is sufficient to connect two devices.

On a LAN router, the connectors are usually highlighted in yellow:

  • Press “House” on the remote control;
  • Go to the “Settings” section, where click on the “Wired and wireless networks” tab;
  • Click “Wired or Wi-Fi”;
  • Click “Connect to the network”;
  • Click “Wired”;
  • Click “Finish”;
  • Done. WAN connection established.

At the end of the connection procedure, an agreement will be displayed, with which you need to agree. Then register with the Philips Club:

Click “Create Now”.

In the menu that appears, print your personal data using the remote control and click “Create an account”.

Then click on “Login to My Philips”. Enter your personal name and club access code. Click “Register product”.

Search for TV model.

In the next menu that appears, specify the day, month and year of Smart TV purchase and click “Register”.

Done. These steps allow you to connect to the Philips server and provide access to all the Philips Smart TV features.

But SIMply connecting the TV to the network is not enough. Next, you should move on to solving the question of how to properly set up smart TV.

Net TV

For quick access to the global network, the developers have provided a separate function “Net TV”.

Thanks to her, you can quickly turn on the broadcast, for example, from Zoomby, Vimeo, YouTube, Tunin, Picasa and other SIMilar services.

The Net TV info tab displays not only world news and exchange rates, but also the weather, traffic jams, etc.

Function overview

This model combines the functions of television and Internet technologies.

Televisions from Philips operate on the “WebOS” and “Android” platforms, which allows them to effectively interact not only with the resources of the World Wide Web and traditional analogue broadcast sources, but also with local media servers.

As a result, the TV owner gets at his disposal:

  • The ability to surf the Internet on a TV screen;
  • Install and use numerous programs that greatly expand the capabilities of the device;
  • Watch online content without using a computer;
  • Use widgets;
  • Get access to “Google services”;
  • Communicate with relatives and friends via the Internet through communication applications;
  • The presence of USB and HDMI connectors greatly expands the possibilities of using the TV;
  • Convenience of work thanks to an intuitive interface and a proprietary recommendation system.

Next, let’s look at the main TV functionality from this company.

Installing widgets

If the TV model is not the most modern, then you can install widgets only through the built-in “App Gallery”, and the new Philips models already support work with third-party developments.

To install the widget, take just a few of the following steps:

In the case when the required application is required to be installed from an external USB drive, the following steps must be taken:

  • Format the flash drive in “FAT32”;
  • Next, open it in the explorer and call the context menu on an empty field (a clean formatted flash drive);
  • Move the cursor over the “Create” column and click “Folder”;
  • Give a name to the new directory “userwidget”;
  • Save archives with distributions of widgets in it;
  • Install a USB flash drive on the TV;
  • Then, in automatic mode, smart TV will recognize the media and the installation of programs will begin;
  • Wait for the process to complete;
  • Done. Icons will appear in the TV menu through which you can launch widgets.

Application for mobile devices

The happy owner of a Philips smart TV should first install the Philips TV Remote application on the mobile device.

It alone will already provide access to a significant amount of interactive entertainment for Philips Smart TVs.

Plus, there is no need to use a complete remote device, since the TV will adequately respond to control via a smartphone or tablet.

It should be noted that the procedure for typing text from a mobile gadget is more convenient than from a standard push-button remote control, and this is done often on Smart TV.

The application has a function for exchanging files, and also contains all the standard chips of a SIMple remote control, for example, setting the sound, switching programs, etc.

Searching for channels and TV programs of interest to the user through this application is much faster than with a remote control.

If you are too lazy to press the buttons, then you can use voice search, since the application adequately perceives the Russian language.

You can check the compatibility of the program with a mobile device on the page “”.

Channel setup

To set up television reception, you must follow these steps:

  • Press “House” on the remote control;
  • Go to the “Configuration” section;
  • Click on “Channel Search”;
  • Then click on “Reinstall channels”;
  • Mark the state where the user lives;
  • If not in the list of your country, then it is allowed to indicate another, for example, “Finland”;
  • Further, for example, if a connection is made via a digital wired network, then mark “Cable”;
  • In the next displayed menu called “Start channel search”, click “Settings”;
  • Then click “Automatic”;
  • After that, open the “Quick Scan” tab;
  • In order to be able to broadcast television by receiving an analog signal, set “On” in the “Analog channels” column. (while making sure that the cable from the antenna is inserted into the corresponding plug on the back of the TV);
  • Click “Finish”.
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Note: It usually takes about ten minutes to search for channels.

To set up Smart-TV after connecting to the Internet, you just need to click “Browse Net TV”. Then the user can browse and websites directly from the TV screen.


After the appearance of such a function, the TV owner was able to control and control television through a mobile device (using a laptop, tablet or smartphone).

For this purpose, it is enough to install the My Remote application into the gadget.

Now, to adjust all the parameters of the TV, it is not necessary to reach for the remote control, since if the user has, for example, a smartphone with the My Remote program installed, it turns into a full-fledged TV remote control.

Ways to install Smart TV Philips

Let’s consider wired and wireless options for setting up Smart-TV on Philips TVs.

wired connection

With this method, to access Smart, you need an Ethnernet FTP cable and a router.

  • Connect the router to the TV receiver and turn on the explorer.
  • Press the button on the remote with the image of the house.
  • Select Settings. Network Connection.
  • Follow menu items and on-screen instructions.
  • Confirm request for agreement with user terms.

Method one: wireless

You can set up access to smart TV on the home screen via a Wi Fi network. In order for the many applications to become an integral part of Philips, it is necessary to use the help of technical guides such as:

  • a router that supports a Wi-Fi network;
  • wireless adapter (PTA01).

Philips Smart TV connection sequence:

  • Turn on the router.
  • Find a special USB connector on the side of the TV receiver.
  • Insert the adapter into the USB connector.
  • To set up a wireless offering, you need to press the WHS button on your router.
  • Wait about two minutes.
  • Find the line “Easy access” in the menu, confirm the selected function with the OK button (if necessary, upon request, enter and confirm the pin-code. Press Pin-code in the menu. OK. insert the proposed pin).
  • When requesting a security key, the sequence is as follows: User. OK. dial the key on the TV remote.

This program of actions will allow the configured TV to join your home network. If more than one router is found, the network is selected using the Scan buttons. and Easy access.

How to set up Smart TV on your Philips TV yourself

Philips is a famous brand. The Dutch company of the same name has existed since 1891 and supplies original technical products to the markets of different countries.

All of them are distinguished by quality and thoughtfulness of details. SMART TVs do not fall out of this list.

Each model uses its own developments and innovative solutions. This applies to picture quality, sound, ergonomics, safety and user friendliness. The issue of taking care of the environment is not bypassed: competent use of electricity, safe disposal, etc.

Most of the modern “smart” Philips TV models are based on the popular Android TV operating system. In early versions (up to 2014) and some inexpensive current models, the Smart TV platform is used, it includes the MyRemote, SIMplyShare, Net TV applications.

The settings depend on the device platform, model. Below we will consider the procedure in light of the connection methods.

How to set up IPTV on Philips TV

Setting up IPTV on a Philips TV is done through the ForkSmart Smart TV widget. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Go to Philips setup.
  • Click view parameters.
  • Write down the numbers and letters that appear on the screen.
  • Back to menu.
  • Select network parameters.
  • Set up ip-address.
  • Return to the menu and launch the static IP address setting.
  • All the necessary set parameters should be taken from the records of point 3.
  • Turn off the TV and turn it on again.
  • Press on the TV remote control on Smart TV.
  • Launch the “Megogo” widget, as a result of which foorksmart should start working.

TOP best browsers

To quickly and conveniently browse the websites of interest, the two below Internet browsers will be relevant.

  • TV Bro is a browser optimized for Android TV. There are most of the functions necessary for surfing the Internet: navigation via the remote control, tabs, built-in download manager, voice search, history, shortcut keys, etc.
  • browser is a fast browser featuring a smart search bar, faster loading with turbo mode, and support for syncing bookmarks with other devices.

TOP gaming applications

Among avid gamers who own Philips Smart TV receivers, these two games are in greatest demand.

  • Angry Birds. this popular funny computer toy is also available on the big screen through the application of the same name. The name is translated into Russian as “Angry Birds”. Few people need to explain the essence of the game.
  • Red Ball 4. this story about the adventures of a red ball is even more exciting on Smart-TV. Isn’t it fun to ride through 75 levels with clever traps to hilarious soundtracks.

The most popular applications for Philips Smart TVs

Below will be presented applications leading in the ratings of the best software for different target categories. At the same time, the selection was carried out based on the number of requests and downloads among the owners of Philips Smart TVs.

TOP entertainment apps

Among the content of a leisure nature, the unconditional leadership belongs to these two applications.

  • Youtube is the most popular entertainment service where you can choose to watch onlines or post your masterpieces. The topics are varied: from educational to entertainment.
  • Sportbox is a service for fans of sports battles and fans. All the main sporting events of the day, broadcasts of various tournaments in the country and in the world are available through this online application.

Installation on Android

Models of the brand in question, released in the past few years, run in the popular Android operating environment. The owners of such technology, along with the above methods, have the option of installing applications from the well-known Play Market content showcase from Google. At the same time, the process of installing software is no different from the usual installation on the phone.

The best applications for Smart-TV Philips and their installation

The Dutch company Philips is a worthy competitor to other TV manufacturers, closing the top three in the industry. In the assortment of this brand, TV receivers with “smart” functionality, called “Smart”, are in high demand. Accordingly, a large number of applications for Smart TV Philips have been developed. The features of installing programs on this technique, as well as the leaders of the ratings of the best software in different user categories, will be discussed in our material.

How To Install Applications On Philips TV

Features of installing applications on Philips Smart TV

The company is currently producing TV-equipment with a “smart” module running Android TV OS. The manufacturer offers a minimum of preinstalled applications on such TV sets, since the operating environment provides the user with ample opportunities to independently download and install the necessary programs. Using the additional functionality of the “wired” applications, through the menu of “smart” technology, the owner of the TV can:

  • find interesting films, animations and series on the Internet for individual or family viewing;
  • track the weather forecast, exchange rates and stock exchange rates and receive other useful information;
  • record TV shows on a flash drive for viewing at any convenient time;
  • communicate on social networks, including conference calls;
  • run games;
  • view various photos and content, listen to music;
  • configure IPTV and much more.

However, an inexperienced user may have difficulties in the following points. not everyone knows where and how to look for the necessary software, how to install the program on the TV and configure it, as well as whether it is possible to install third-party applications. Therefore, further it is logical to provide the information necessary for installing programs in the required amount.

First of all, it should be noted that there are significant differences regarding applications for old and new Philips models. So, modern Smart TV-receivers of the company, thanks to the Android TV operating environment, allow several sources for downloading the necessary programs. Whereas older models were equipped with other system software, and do not support such a possibility.

Installing from a flash drive

Modern models of “smart” Philips TV receivers support the option of adding a program to the start screen from an external medium. To do this, you need to act according to the following aLGorithm:

  • download the installation file of the program to a pre-formatted flash drive, while the distribution kit should be placed in the “Userwidget” folder;
  • insert the media into the USB port of the TV receiver and enter the Smart TV system;
  • the system will automatically detect the device with the distribution kit and ask for permission to install the software. you need to give consent.
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That’s all. the user’s actions are over. After a certain time, the system will inform you about the successful installation. If something went wrong, a message with an error code will be displayed.

TOP free apps

Among the programs not only of a leisure, but also of an informational nature, distributed free of charge, the following three are especially popular.

  • Philips TV Remote. This app is valid for 2014 and later models. It is installed on a smartphone. The functionality of the program makes it possible to control the TV from the phone, transfer media files over the home network, and also use other interesting options.
  • Skype. this application provides the ability to exchange text messages in chat, as well as make voice and calls. It requires Internet access, a webcam and a microphone with speakers connected to the TV. Another nuance. without registering an account, the application service will not work.
  • Gismeteo. with this program the user will always be aware of the weather forecast for the current period and / or several days in advance. Information can be obtained for any place in the world. Also in the application you can see the history of weather changes in past years. The interface is adapted to show information on the big screen.

Which Smart TV channels from Philips?

Smart TV from Philips offers digital channels to users.

To set them up on modern TV models, you need to do the following:

Going into the menu, click install.

Select “find channels” and reinstall.

In the window that appears, select the country indicated on the sticker of the TV.

In “Digital Mode” select your cable.

Next, add the required settings.

In the list that opens, select the manual transfer method.

Seeing in the window that appears, the item “Transfer rate”, select the value of six point seventy-five hundredths.

Smart TV Philips

Thanks to Smart TV technology, you can integrate the capabilities of online services and the Internet into television.

Also, using this service, you can chat and view content. in general, do everything the user does on a smartphone.

But it’s much more exciting, because the screen of a TV and a smartphone is two big differences. This article will take a closer look at Smart TV at Philips.

Smart TV offers users various functions

What functions on Smart TV Philips?

Smart TV Philips provides users with a variety of functions. For example, you can view photos. after all, the image on television looks more emotional and contrast.

You can use your tablet with. to display files from it to the screen.

You can easily connect external devices to such a television. So, media players are even connected to basic Philips models that support Smart TV.

They also support game consoles or players. Both USB and HDMI outputs are used for connection.

Connecting is much easier than connecting a smartphone. there is no need to switch cords, as there are enough connectors to connect multiple gadgets.

Wi-Fi module makes home TV an important element of the wireless network.

What is the Internet in Smart TV Philips?

A browser is used to surf the Internet from Smart TV. If the Browse TV symbol is displayed in the main menu, when you press it, the user will see the applications brought to the main screen.

To work with the network, use the “Internet” icon.
If in the main menu there is only the YouTube add-on, there will be no access to free navigation on the network.

When you can’t add any sites, for example Google, look at the sticker for which device model.

Remember that online add-ons can only be added from standard kits.

Alternatively, you can use Gallery to find standard add-ons. For example, select Google. There will be a program and news.

Remember that it cannot be used by the search engine.
Also, users often say that it is impossible to find a social network, for example. In this case, to navigate the Internet, you should use the icon of the same name located on the main Philips page.

Installing Smart TV

After agreeing to the proposed terms, register at the Philips club and click “Create”.

Fill in the fields provided and click “Create Account”. Further, the user will see a notification where they need to follow the link that appears.

Then the user will see a message that the registration was successful.

A registered user can use the authorization form on the main page of the online club.

To license products, go through the club authorization using your own username.

After going to the registration page, click “Product Licensing”.

By entering the login, the user will be redirected to the electronic page for registering Philips products.

Click on Product Registration. To select your TV model, use the search form.

Further, the subscriber will be transferred to another column. the date of purchase of the television should be entered there and click “register”.

Often there are errors and failures in the registration process. Most often they happen during confirmation via mail.

By installing Smart TV, the user can download various applications

Which Smart TV from Philips?

Philips models have four components of the Smart TV add-on: USBrecording, Control, Share and Nettv.

Share add-on connects TV with tablet and other Wi-Fi-enabled add-ons.

The Control option makes it easier to adjust the TV. To control it, you no longer need a remote control. just install the Repair program on your tablet or computer.

Also, this option allows you to manage content or transfer information.

You can go online with Net TV. Thanks to her, the user can access online add-ons, for example, to YouTube or web albums.

Setting up Smart TV Philips

First, connect the router to the TV using a network cable or Wi-Fi.

Let’s figure out how to connect a TV to a router using a network cable.

Find the main menu by pressing Home on the remote. After selecting the required configurations, click “connect to the network”.

For a wireless connection, a wi-fi network, wi-fi is used, and for a wired one, network cables are used that are connected to the selected router.

To connect to Wi-Fi, select your network by looking in the list of available ones and enter the password to connect.

Choosing the “wired” option, connect the TV to an available router using a network cable.

After doing everything correctly, the user will see a message that the network is successfully connected.

To fix bugs from the previous version, update the TV firmware.

To do this, go to the home page and click on “Configuration”. In the options select “software update”.

Write the source of the firmware download, for example, the Internet.

If there is no new version, the subscriber will see a window with a message that the system has already installed the new version.

First, go to the main menu by selecting the corresponding option on the remote control

Philips TV price with Smart TV

Further, the for some TVs from Philips with Smart TV will be indicated. So, the Philips 49PFT5301 / 60 model costs thirty-seven thousand seventy-two rubles.

Philips 50PFT6510 TV costs fifty-one thousand seven hundred and fifty rubles.


The Philips 49PUS6412 model will cost the buyer forty-two thousand one hundred seventy-six rubles.

What applications can be downloaded for Smart TV on Philips?

The user can download add-ons for Smart TV. He is offered the following applications:

Interactive tool, with which you can watch any program at a selected time.

Also, users are offered services from the Yandex system.

materials can be selected using the program.

With the ivi application, you can watch movies and series.

In the Amediatek, the user can choose the best world series.

Here are the main apps from Philips

To install such add-ons, follow these steps:

So, Philips Smart TV offers users various functions, in order to use them, you need to connect using the tips given in this article.

Installing the ForkSmart TV application and creating a Playlist in it

Modern Smart TV technologies hardly surprise anyone else today, but smart TVs are not yet in every home, and having acquired one, you need to navigate how to use them correctly. Despite the fact that the TV is designed for watching TV channels, Smart technologies make it more functional thanks to constantly updated software. Such a device allows you to access the Internet without a computer, watch movies online, download useful programs and play games.

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One such useful application is ForkSmart, which is designed for Philips TVs and Sony Smart TVs. With this application, users can view recordings directly from sites online through their TV.

To download and install applications, you will usually need either a direct connection of the TV to the Internet, or a USB flash drive with the desired file copied to it. The latter option is used much less often, since all programs are downloaded from a special TV menu and using the remote control. This does not require a lot of time and any special knowledge, in addition, it is enough to know only some of the nuances.

Installation on a device

The sequence of actions for installing programs on Smart TVs is almost identical in each case. If you have Internet access via a TV and a good data transfer rate, the installation steps include:

  • Turning on the TV and entering the Smart Home section through the menu item;
  • Logging into a personal account or creating one if it does not exist;
  • Search among the ForkSmart applications offered in the region or enter this name into the search bar;
  • Familiarization with the description and cost of the program;
  • Selecting the Install button if the technical requirements correspond to your device model;
  • Following the prompts on the TV screen (for certain models and in cases with a paid offer);
  • Confirmation of all selected actions with the OK button;
  • Waiting for the unattended installation to complete and launching the app from the Smart Home page.

You don’t need to do anything else during a silent installation. Turning off the TV or disconnecting it from the Internet is also strongly discouraged, as this will lead to damage. After the process is complete, the TV may restart itself, so do not panic if it suddenly turns off and then turns on itself.

Running on TVs

To view recordings online using Fork applications on your Philips TV, you should:

  • Log in from your TV through the remote control to the network connection settings menu;
  • Change DNS address to;
  • Wait for the device to connect to the Internet (on average, it takes about one minute, in some cases the TV needs to be restarted);
  • Launch the MegoGoProgram, instead of which the Fork application will appear;
  • If there is no MegoGoProgram, Philips TVs from 2008 to 2010 have the launch of separate optimized versions through TVigle.

For Philips Smart TV, there is another option, if there is no Internet after the DNS address was changed. For example, if the connection to the network is lost or after the launch of the ForkSmart application there are no movie posters, it is impossible to start any recording, which means that you need to change the DNS in the router itself. With the primary address, set In addition, in the television settings of the Internet, you should select automatic, and on a laptop or personal computer. 8.8.

As for Sony TVs, there are also several ways to launch ForkSmart:

  • Change the DNS address to or;
  • Find the Lifeshow program in the Opera Store and launch it (Fork Player should launch instead);
  • If this does not happen, you need to check if the DNS provider is addressing the router (follow the link

The second way is to go to Opera Store. Tools. URL Loader, in the field of which you should enter the address The third option is suitable not only for Smart TVs, but also for Sony on the Android TV platform. Here you need to follow the link and get the developer’s ID in the Opera Store through the Menu. About.

TV online

Today, on Philips Smart TVs and, in particular, on Sony Bravia TVs, the ForkSmart application is very relevant and easy to use. However, to start using it, you should follow all the points of the instructions indicated a little later in the article. If you do everything slowly and carefully, no one will have any difficulties.

All programs are downloaded to the Smart TV through the corresponding menu. Each model will have its own name. You can freely view and familiarize yourself with the available applications, but downloading requires registering your own account, which can also be done directly from the TV. The registration procedure is needed only once, so it is better to spend five minutes on it right away, and after that start searching for the programs you need.

Fork Smart cannot be called overly multifunctional, it is focused exclusively on viewing records online. That is, the user can watch television channels without this program, with the ability to record, pause the broadcast and other functions, depending on the model. But with this program you can create your own Playlist, which is very convenient for movie lovers and to save real time.

Manual mode

It is not difficult to install the required application through the created personal account, but it also happens that for some reason it is not possible to do this at the moment. For example, poor internet connection, traffic restrictions, and other circumstances. In this case, ForkSmart should be installed in manual mode, that is, from a flash drive.

To do this, you need to find and download the required file with the application from a computer or laptop, unzip it without renaming it, format the USB flash drive and copy the required file to its root directory. Then the drive is connected to the TV through a special USB port in its case or an additional device, for example, a tuner. The connection will be displayed on the TV screen. Through the menu, you will need to click on the file from the USB flash drive to start the installation. All further user actions are waiting for the process to complete.

Just as in the first case, you should never turn off the TV or remove the USB flash drive until the installation is complete, so that you do not have to call the wizard afterwards. After completion, no manual operations are required, just disconnect the drive and use the program.

Registration procedure

Since the user gets the opportunity to download and install applications from his personal account, first of all he must register one. If this is not done, all that can be done is just look at the list of offered programs and their cost.

Account creation:

  • On the remote control, press the Menu button, enter the Smart menu and select the “Settings” tab;
  • Find the account control point and click on the corresponding icon;
  • We fill in all the proposed lines and points, click on the agreement with the terms;
  • We manually enter your email address, your date of birth and specify a password (email in this case will serve as a login to enter);
  • We confirm the actions with the OK button;
  • We check our email from a computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or other device connected to the Internet;
  • We are looking for a letter in the e-mail box confirming the creation of an account, click on the link indicated in it;
  • On the TV, we find the tab of the personal account, enter the username and password;
  • After logging in, you can download and install any program without the help of additional devices.

Removing an application

Regardless of the circumstances that each user may have, Smart Fork may need to completely remove the sludge and then reinstall. Elementary free space on the TV may run out, and the program will lose its relevance for the user, or some kind of malfunction occurs. There are several ways to remove, namely:

  • Using the remote control, go to the menu, look for an unnecessary one in the list of installed programs, hold down the selection button on it and pull it to the upper right corner until a notification about the deletion is displayed on the screen;
  • We go from the remote control to the same menu, click on the “Change” item in the upper right corner, select the desired, or rather, no longer required shortcut and click “Delete”;
  • On some models, the delete button is in the lower right corner, where you need to drag the unnecessary program, holding it down with the selection button.