How To Install App On Samsung Smart TV

Features and benefits of browsers

Everyone knows that with the help of standard browser programs you can access the World Wide Web while working on any computer. They allow you to browse pages, get acquainted with multimedia materials and provide tremendous opportunities. The features of the browser for TV are, in fact, the same, they are updated in the same way as on computer devices, and the functionality is slightly more SIMplified.

Since the most popular TV models are deservedly the brands LG and Samsung, users quite often set up an LG Smart TV or an option for Samsung. Each of them has its own advantages, but option number two is especially worth noting. Samsung develops the largest number of interesting applications for TV, and the brand’s specialists managed to create the most functional browser in comparison with other well-known companies.

The program works using Flash technology, is multitasking enough, which allows you to open a large number of windows during use. In a convenient and compact Samsung browser, you can easily communicate on social networks and watch a movie at the same time. The browser for Samsung Smart TV has its own add-ons, including:

  • modern Tizen platform;
  • the ability to support the HTML5 protocol;
  • work on WebKit-based technology.

What is Smart Option

Not all users know exactly what the Smart TV function is for and what, in fact, it is. In fact, in SIMple terms, this is a standard set of programs with which the TV can be connected to the Internet. Professionals have a more capacious definition, which is the most accurate, because it is a real operating system designed specifically for television devices. It can be compared to an OS for smartphones and tablets or laptops and desktops. It is divided into several types, so LG Smart TV is usually installed on LG TV.

How To Install App On Samsung Smart TV

Many have already appreciated all the advantages of this system, while you should know in advance what a browser for Smart TV is, since it is almost impossible to do without it. Typically, there are two ways to connect such a system. If you choose the first option, then you will need to purchase a special modern TV set, but often its purchase is not required. Manufacturers release dedicated digital receivers with built-in Smart platforms that connect perfectly to all Blu-ray players and game consoles.

With the help of this innovative and user-friendly technology, every receiver or TV owner will be able to access a huge amount of information posted on the Internet. It can be music, movies, games and much more, which will be displayed on the TV screen just like on a regular computer. Control is carried out using a special remote control, which is very convenient for everyone. Experienced users are often worried about how to update the browser for Smart TV, but first you should find out how to work with it, and why you need it.

Browser for Smart TV Samsung

Smart TV has become a real breakthrough in this area, which has allowed many manufacturers to start producing special devices and receivers for TV. Thanks to innovative technology, which has already become widespread, modern televisions are no longer just a means for broadcasting on-air programs. Now such a device has become a multimedia platform with which you can access any information at a convenient time.

Download and install

Every remote control sold with a Smart device is equipped with a bright hexagonal button, after clicking on it you can instantly go to this system and start looking for a suitable option. From a large list of proposed options, you can choose the desired browser from the proposed list, or type the required name in the search. Then all that remains is to download the selected application and install it on your Samsung Smart TV.

The download process itself takes place as quickly as possible, after the choice of a suitable program is made, you need to click on the “OK” button on the remote control and read a detailed description of the browser. If its functionality turns out to be suitable, you should select the “Download” command; after its completion, you will need to click on “Start” to activate it. After downloading the browser, each device owner will be able to fully appreciate all the benefits and features of the system.

Despite the fact that this technology has not yet become widespread, it is gradually gaining momentum and becoming more popular and constantly evolving. Now each user can create his own account and save individual parameters and settings, connect any mouse and keyboard to the TV, and also use the advantages of the Wi-Fi and LAN system.

Widgets for Samsung Smart TV. Where to download and how to install. Overview of the most popular

Hello blog readers! In this small but informative article, we will touch upon a very interesting topic, namely widgets for Samsung Smart TV.

Judging by the comments and questions of people on many popular sites on this topic, not everyone understands where to get them, how to update them and what to do with them. # 128578;

That is why, in continuation of the topic of “smart” TVs, this article was published.

So what are widgets? In fact, this is a complete analogue of applications (programs) for a smartphone or tablet.

On the Smart Hub desktop, you click on the widget shortcut and it starts up:

All applications, depending on their purpose, are divided into categories.

It can be online cinemas for watching movies, games, various information applications (exchange rates, weather, etc.), sports activities and much more:

I’ll clarify right away that within the framework of this article, only official applications from the manufacturer are considered. We will talk about third-party developments (the most interesting) in the next posts.

By the way, all widgets installed in the system are divided into main types:

Also, all applications are geo-dependent. I explain what it means.

Depending on the region (country) set in the Smart TV settings, certain sets of widgets will be available to you. That is, Russia has its own, Europe has others, and so on.

So, again distracted, back to the topic. Let’s take a look at the screenshots to understand where which widgets are placed. Using the 2012 E-series as an example:

On Samsung F-series 2013 TVs, the order of displaying applications has changed slightly:

As you can see, this is where social and custom widgets go together. Well, you say, where to get and how to install widgets on Samsung Smart TV?

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Well, with social and recommended, everything is clear, they are installed automatically. Here’s where custom apps come from.

In the Smart Hub menu, select “Samsung Apps” with the “left-right” arrows on the TV remote control and press “OK” (center key):

Now search for the application you want. It is good to choose from what:

After selecting the desired widget, press the “OK” button again to display a detailed description of the application:

Please note that there is also commercial interest in this technology. There are free and shareware widgets.

It often happens that the application itself is free (for example, an online cinema), but you have to pay to watch licensed films in it. As they say, you can’t grease. won’t you go.

But, I’ll tell you a secret, do not rush to part with your money. Stay tuned for more news on the blog and you will soon find out more interesting options.

We figured out the installation. And here’s how to remove an unnecessary or disliked widget. Also very SIMple.

The list on the right shows all the widgets installed on your system.

Select what you want to delete, move the cursor over it and press the “OK” button (central key on the remote control):

Everything, the application is removed!

being in the Smart Hub menu, move the cursor to the required application and press the “Tools” button on the TV remote control:

An additional menu will appear, in which you need to select the “Delete” item:

By the way, I recommend to study this menu.

For example, using the “Move” item, you can position the widget in a convenient place in the Smart TV menu. A trifle, but nice. Agree?

Now let’s take a look at free widgets for watching movies on Smart TV. To begin with, we have already covered some useful applications in the previous article. If you haven’t read it, be sure to take a look.

The first in our review will be the popular cinema

It contains many good films of excellent quality. Choose the taste and color. Everything is divided into categories, there is a search on the portal. It is convenient to use:

Recently, a new “Premieres” tab has appeared in the cinema. The bottom line is that you are given access to fresh licensed films for money:

Only now, whether the author of the article did not figure out what currency the are in, or for watching a movie that is already freely available on torrents, they ask for an amount of half the cost of the TV itself:

Which option is correct? If in Belarusian rubles, then too little is obtained. And in Russian. too much.

The next cinema on our list is

Also a large selection of categories, there is something to see.

It is noteworthy that in addition to movie selections, there are also thematic channels, such as: sports, fashion and beauty, auto / motorcycle, travel, music and others:

The third in the list is

As in previous cinemas, each movie has a detailed description. Press the “Info” button on the TV remote control and read:

Move on. Here you can watch more than 100 TV channels for free:

All links, as I understand it, are collected from the public Internet, and therefore no one can guarantee the stability of broadcasting.

You can also watch your provider’s TV channels. The author did not check how this function works in details, since I have none.

Finally, I want to tell you about another application with the exotic name AiyO. If you don’t understand, this was the name:

There are only licensed films in good quality, but all for money. I certainly don’t want to pay for something that can be downloaded for free on torrents:

But if you don’t want to waste time downloading, then you can pay. over, the money is not very big.

But still, I use this widget, albeit in a very specific way. The bottom line is that in it, for each film, an advertising trailer is attached, after watching which, you can draw a general conclusion. worth watching or not. # 128578;

What does it mean? And the fact that the speed of your tariff plan is not only important here, but also such parameters as:

That is, if you try to watch a movie from a weak, loaded server with high Internet speed, it will slow down.

Or vice versa, with an unstable line, try to watch even from a powerful server, the result will be the same.

Of course, all popular online cinemas have serious computing resources, so there is nothing to fear.

So, for a comfortable viewing, use the following approximate table of the ratio of quality / Internet speed indicators:

This concludes the article. I think now you know for sure what widgets for Samsung Smart TV are, where to get them and how to use them.

And finally, look at the funny thing about the cranks who have become victims of the cinema. See, do not repeat their fate. # 128578;

Testing the settings made

After completing all the settings, it remains only to check and test everything, so as not to return to this process anymore, but only to enjoy watching your favorite TV shows.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • We turn on the TV and check the quality of the image and sound for all channels. If anything, we immediately make adjustments to the current parameters. Modern TVs have a huge number of settings that allow you to fine-tune the picture and sound.
  • Launch the browser and check Internet access.
  • We launch all installed applications and check their performance.

If everything works fine, then in the future there will be no problems.

Installing the required applications

It’s time to figure out how to use Smart TV on your Samsung TV and install the latest apps. To do this, we act like this:

To install a new application, use the “Back” key and proceed according to the previously presented plan.

Create your account

The final stage of connecting Smart TV on a Samsung TV is registering for Samsung Apps. To do this, open the main menu and find the desired section at the top of the screen. In the future, you will need to come up with a password, specify an email address. We confirm the registration using the letter received by mail. Only after that you will have access to all the functionality of Smart TV.

Installation and connection

First of all, we install the purchased TV in its place. We connect the power supply to it, as well as the cable from the antenna. You also need to immediately decide on the Internet connection. If by wireless method, nothing is needed, but if by cable, we immediately connect it to the corresponding port. After that, you can turn on the device and start setting up.

Setting up a network connection

A prerequisite for Smart TV operation is an Internet connection. This can be done using several methods. cable and Wi-Fi. We will analyze each method in more detail.

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How to set up Smart TV on Samsung TVs yourself

Samsung Smart TVs are in great demand. They are reliable, functional, and Smart TV technology only expands their capabilities. However, setting up Smart TV on Samsung is causing serious difficulties for many users. In the future, we will figure out in detail what is needed to access Smart TV, configure all available channels.

Cable connection

This is a convenient method, especially if the router has DHCP enabled, which implies automatic assignment of an IP address. In this case, it will be enough just to connect the cable.

But if your ISP gave you an individual static IP address, you need to manually register it in the TV settings. This can be done as follows:

  • after connecting the cable, go to the TV menu;
  • open “network settings”, select the “cable” section;
  • we register the IP address, subnet mask, gateway and DNS that the provider issued.

Setting up channels

Having completed all the previous settings, it’s time to search for all available TV channels. First of all, you need to decide on the source of the signal. it can be satellite, digital or conventional analog. It all depends on the equipment used to receive the signal.

The principle of channel setting is as follows:

  • open the TV menu,
  • go to the item “All settings”,
  • choose the category “Channels”,
  • set automatic search and signal type,
  • start search.

The scanning procedure takes a few minutes, and once completed, you will need to save the found channels. If a specific broadcast is not found, then manual adjustment is needed. By the way, you can completely abandon conventional television by installing a special application in Smart TV and gaining access to a huge number of channels. However, this option has a drawback, if there is no network connection, access to television will be closed.

Applying Wi-Fi

Another method is to set up Samsung Smart TV over Wi-Fi. To ensure the connection, we adhere to the following instructions:

  • open the main menu;
  • go to “network settings”, select a wireless connection;
  • a list of available connections will be displayed;
  • choose the one you need, make the connection;
  • if required, enter the password.

Synchronization will take place, after which a notification about successful network connection will be displayed on the screen.

Installing and running widgets from a USB flash drive

It is worth saying in advance that this option is not suitable for all TVs, but you can try, especially if you have a Samsung 6 series TV or B.

To install the widget on a Samsung Smart TV 6 series from a flash drive, you need to create a corresponding folder on it and unpack the files from the downloaded archive with the program there. After that, you will need to insert the external media into the TV and turn it on. Your application should appear in the general list. At the same time, it will work only when the flash drive is inserted into the TV.

Samsung H

To install the application on a TV of this model, you will need:

  • Go to SmartHub and select “Samsung Account”;
  • A new menu will appear in front of you, in which you will need to select “Log in”, and then click on “Sign in”;
  • In the window that opens, you need to enter the login “develop”. In this case, you do not need to specify a password. It will be enough to check the box and click “Sign in”;
  • Now you need to go to SmartHub, point the remote control at some program, and clamp the middle of the cross on the remote control. Hold it until the sync menu appears;
  • In it, select “IP Setting” and in the field that appears, enter the IP address. Each group of numbers must be confirmed by pressing the cross;
  • Call up the synchronization menu again and select the “Start User App Sync” item;
  • You will be prompted to install custom applications, by agreeing to which you can install applications on the main or additional page of the Hub. After the installation of widgets on Samsung Smart TV is completed, you will see arrows informing about it;
  • To see the installed programs, you need to exit the Hub and re-enter.

Samsung D series

When installing programs on TVs of this model, you also need to start with the registration of a new user. To do this, press the “Smart HUB” button located on the remote control, and then press the “A” button to enter the menu. Further, the creation of a new user will be no different from the same process described above.

After completing the process of creating a user, you can proceed to installing applications. For this:

  • Click on the “D” button;
  • Go to the “Developer” section;
  • Select “Server IP” and enter in the window that appears;
  • Now you need to click on “Synchronize”. This will install the nStreamLMOD and OVP widget;
  • Exit the installation completely by going to the main menu;
  • Press the “A” button located on the remote control and log out of your account;
  • Now exit Smart TV, and then go back into it;
  • To find installed programs, scroll down the list.

Samsung F

It is more difficult to create a new user on the Samsung F series than on other devices, so we will consider this issue in more detail. So, to create an account named “Develop” you need:

  • Press the “Menu” or “Misc” button on the touch remote control and go to the menu using the arrows and the on-screen remote control;
  • Go to “Smart Functions”;
  • Now go to your account by selecting it from the list;
  • In “El.p.” write develop, and in the “password” field. sso1029dev !;
  • Put a check mark next to the “Remember password”, click on the entrance and exit the menu.

Now you can proceed to the installation:

  • Click on SmartHub and go to additional applications;
  • Go to parameters and select “IP Settings”;
  • In the free field, write down the IP address;
  • After that, you need to update the list of programs, for which you need to click on “Start App Sync”;
  • If after that the downloaded programs do not appear in the list, restart TV.

Installing a widget on Samsung C and B

With this method of installing the application on a TV series B and other series, you should take into account that all programs that were installed before and have the mark “user” will be removed. Therefore, if you do not want to lose them, you should save a list of their installation files in order to restore them later.

The installation of widgets on a C or B series TV must be started by creating a user, which will later be called “Develop”. This requires:

  • Press Internet TV;
  • Go to settings;
  • Create a new user by choosing the “Develop” type for him;
  • Set for him.

Now let’s move on to installing the widget for Samsung B and C series.

  • Reboot TV;
  • Press the “Internet TV” button, and then “A”;
  • Select the user you just created and enter your PIN to login;
  • Go to the menu and go to the widget settings;
  • Now select “Developer”, and in it “IP Address setup”;
  • Here you will need to enter the required IP address or, if you do not know it, enter and save;
  • Now go back to “Developer”, select “Synchronize user applications” and confirm your choice by clicking “OK”.
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How to install widgets on Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV lets you fully enjoy all the possibilities your TV has. Their quantity and quality mainly depends on the technical characteristics of your device, but you can always expand them by additionally installing the necessary applications or widgets for Samsung 6 and other series.

However, despite all the restrictions, there is still the ability to install third-party applications from third-party sites. The only thing is that it will be quite difficult to install the application from a flash drive, since Samsung has blocked this possibility. But don’t worry. Workarounds exist.

Today we will talk about how to install widgets on Samsung Smart TVs of different series, as well as using a flash drive.

Series E

Here, to register a user, you will also need to click on the SmartHub button, and then on the red button “A”. You will see the inscription “Samsung Account”. In the free field, enter develop and write down somewhere the password that the TV will generate for you. After that click “Login” and proceed to installation. To do this, you must:

  • Log in with your registered name;
  • Go to the “Service” section. To do this, press Tools on the remote control;
  • Select the item “Development (Developer)” going into the settings;
  • Now select “IP-address” and enter the required IP in the empty field;
  • Refresh the list of programs by clicking on “Synchronize user applications” in the “Development” section.

Installation on Samsung J

It is easiest to install applications on the J series and 6 series TVs. To do this, create a “Userwidget” folder on an empty USB flash drive and transfer all the archives of the necessary widgets there. After that, you should insert the USB flash drive into the TV and go to SmartHub. The installation of widgets on your Samsung Smart TV will start automatically. You just have to wait for this process to end. You can find all installed applications in the section “My App”.

Installing applications on TV SAMSUNG 2013 smart TV (Setting up IP-TV in smart TV)

Author: mik
Blog: Forex: trying to make money.

How to install applications for viewing IP-TV and others on Samsung TVs with smart TV made in 2013.

For today I decided to step aside from the topic of trading and relax a little. A couple of months ago I bought a new TV SAMSUNG 2013 with smart TV, and there was a problem with watching IP-TV, which my Internet provider provides for free on my TV. Since this is my second Samsung with a smart TV, at first I thought that everything is SIMple. As in the first one, you open the smart hub, enter the smart hub under the standard username and password, fill in the IP address of the player installation program for viewing, and everything is ok.

Instructions for setting up LG Smart TVs

But it turned out to be not so SIMple, the smart hub system was updated in Samsung TV with smart TV in 2013, and the login is performed only when entering Samsung Apps, and the navigation to the smart hub itself has also been updated. Therefore, I had to install an application for viewing IP-TV CN.RU (now it is called 4TV) from Samsung Apss. It SIMply adds the address of the Play list of your provider (it can be different) in m3u format and watch Internet TV on your Samsung TV with smart TV. But the fact is that this application is still a little damp, and it seems to be good to use it, but somewhat inconvenient. Often providers offer their own applications for Smart TV, or the nStreamPlayer application slightly redesigned by the provider.

Now about the main thing, how to set up IP-TV on a Samsung smart TV 2013, after extensive searches for a solution to the setting problem, I found a way that made it possible to set up IP-TV on my Samsung 2013. I am enclosing instructions on how to set up IP-TV, and install the viewing application on SAMSUNG with the new SMART HUB 2013.

When setting up IP-TV, and installing the application, follow everything strictly point by point and everything will work.

How to install smart TV apps in SAMSUNG TV 2013

Press the button on the regular Menu remote control or the Misc button on the touchscreen, use the arrows to move to the Menu button on the on-screen remote control, (I only have a touchscreen)
2. Select the menu item “Smart Functions”
3. Select “Samsung Account”, select “Login”
4. Enter “Email”: develop (enter in the window without using any email address, just a word)
5. Enter the “Password” including the exclamation mark: sso1029dev! (most likely it is not required to enter it, try first without entering a password, I did not enter everything went fine)
6. Put a tick “Remember password”.
7. Click “Login”
8. Exit the menu
9. Press the “Smart Hub” button
10. Choose “Add. attach ”
11. Choose “Param”
12. Select the “IP Settings” menu item and enter the IP address of the server (it is usually given by your provider for downloading the application, or the application developer)
13. Select the menu item “Start App Sync” (synchronization)
14. The icon of the installed application should appear in Smart HUB, if it does not appear, restart the TV
15. Application installation for Samsung smart TV 2013 is completed.

In order to update the application, SIMply repeat steps 1-3, 7-11, 13-14

Usually, smart TV applications provided by the provider for watching IP-TV are already configured and additional application configuration is no longer required, you can SIMply launch the application on your TV and watch Internet TV IP-TV.

If you downloaded a third-party application for example nStreamPlayer (at the moment it seems to have become paid), then to set up IP-TV on a smart TV, download the Play list of your provider, save it on a USB flash drive, insert a USB flash drive into TV, enter smart hub, run the application, select the list on the USB flash drive in the Play settings, and run. IP-TV is working. Or, indicate in the application the Internet address of the provider’s Play list, which can also usually be found on the website of your provider. And run it, everything should work!

That’s actually all you need to set up IP-TV on smart TV SAMSUNG 2013, or install another application.

You can also use the smart TV application to watch IP-TV and other functions.
TheDark SmartTV MediaCenter. with it you can watch IP-TV and use various smart TV widgets on your TV.

I hope my information will help you and you will not have any problems watching IP-TV.