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Sideload Launcher

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You’ve probably already noticed that many of the applications require downloading from third-party resources. This is perfectly fine, but third-party apps are not shown on Android TV by default when downloaded. The only tricky way to access them is through the Settings menu.

This is where the Sideload Launcher from developer Chainfire comes into play. Opening it, you see a list of all your applications downloaded from third-party resources. Therefore, if you plan on using third-party applications, you will definitely need to install it. There are other downloaders that perform the same function as Sideload Launcher, but we see it as the best.

Another great media center app to use is Plex. It’s not as powerful as Kodi, and it doesn’t have that variety of plugins. But where Plex is second to none is its user friendliness. While Kodi looks (and feels) intimidating at times, Plex has a user-friendly, straightforward interface that you won’t even notice when you get hooked. Of course, having figured out first how it all works.

In order to use Plex on a TV, you will need a Plex server on another device (laptop or desktop) accessible to your Android TV via WI-FI. When you are done with the installation, you can display any file on the Plex server directly to the TV screen, without unnecessary problems in the form of wires, copying files, etc.

Google chrome

TVs do not have a built-in browser. However, it can be easily installed. With Google Chrome installed, you will be able to browse sites just like on a computer. Since we are installing the full version, it will have all the functionality that is on the phone. However, you won’t be able to download Google Chrome from the Android TV Play Store, which means you’ll have to install it as a third-party app. You can download the APK file for installation from

Kodi is one of the most powerful media center apps available. It can be used to collect all your media files into one directory, which you can even configure remote access to. In addition, the capabilities of Kodi can be extended with additional plugins.

Kodi is definitely recommended for those who store a lot of video files on their TV and are looking for a way to organize it all quickly and with proper hierarchy. With the installation of Kodi, any new media files added to your device will be automatically sorted into their respective categories, and sent to predefined directories. In addition, additional plugins help provide support for audio and video files of almost any format, making Kodi a universal solution for viewing multimedia content.

The weather network

The Weather Network is a beautiful weather forecast app for Android TV. It was designed specifically for TVs, and you can see it. The Weather Network includes a number of sections such as Videos, Weather, Maps, and more. Going to the “Weather” section, you can see what the weather is in your region now, as well as see the 36-hour and hourly forecast. The Weather Network will even give you a weather forecast for the next 2 weeks, if, of course, you are interested in such a distant forecast. With it, every morning before leaving for work, you can quickly look at the weather conditions.


If you are a big fan of watching various players (both pros and amateurs) demonstrate their skills live, then Twitch is for you. This is a place where people publish live broadcasts of their loved ones playing various computer games.

It is always interesting to watch how others play, both for entertainment and educational purposes: you can study the approach of different gamers to the game, or spy on what kind of quests the game is preparing. Trying out the Twitch app is definitely recommended for anyone with a bit of a crush on PC games.


Android TVs support Google Cast by default, so you can easily cast any audio, video or picture from your phone to your TV and watch it. But what if you have an iPhone and would like to play music or video from your iPhone on your Android TV? IPhones do not support Google Cast, but they have built-in AirPlay. functionality that allows the user to transfer content to Apple TVs. But you can use an application such as AirScreen. It hosts an AirPlay server on your Android TV, essentially making your iPhone think it’s Apple TV.


Netflix is ​​to movies what Spotify is to music. It is one of the world’s most popular movie and TV show streaming platforms. Since Netflix is ​​available from almost every corner of the planet today, chances are good that you are already subscribed to it. If not, we strongly recommend that you test it. There is a huge selection of films and TV series, among which there will certainly be something interesting.

VLC media player is a very popular video viewing app for good reason. It supports almost any file format and can play videos with a wide variety of codecs. VLC can even easily recognize videos using the HEVC H.265 codec

And if we add here also a convenient interface, stability of work, it becomes clear why VLC is so popular. VLC will automatically sort your Video and Audio media files. Plus, internal settings allow you to control things like hardware acceleration and more. VLC comes preinstalled on consoles like the Mi Box, but can be easily installed if needed as it is available on the Android TV Play Store.

11 apps for Android TVs

Android TV was first announced as a smart TV platform in 2014 and has come a long way since then. At first, the operating system was only on TVs of leading brands, today a set-top box with it can be connected via an HDMI port to any TV.

Take the Mi Box, which costs only 70! It is equipped with a 2GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 8GB of internal flash memory. The Mi Box is capable of streaming high definition (4K HDR) videos through its HDMI 2.0b port. Such devices have made Android TV boxes much more popular and affordable. So, here is a list of the best applications for those who have purchased such a set-top box, or use a TV on this OS.


Having a VPN on hand never hurts. It helps you stay anonymous while surfing the Internet, and can be used to bypass geographic restrictions imposed on many online services. If you’re not planning on piracy, Tunnelbear is one of the best VPN apps out there. Although not yet optimized for Android TV, it works perfectly fine and looks pretty good by the way.

Tunnelbear gives you 500 MB of traffic every month for free, and you can purchase one of the paid subscriptions to increase the limit. For basic surfing, 500 MB should be enough for you. Note: Tunnelbear will not allow you to upload P2P objects to avoid breaking the law.

Direct download

Any Android TV has a web browser. Open it and enter malavida in the address bar to access our website. Once you have entered it, you can, as usual, view all applications and download those that interest you by clicking on the green button Download, which you will find in any of our applications. In this case, they will go to your downloads folder, where you just have to click on the APK file to start the installation. Again, make sure your browser has installation permissions in the security settings!

Do you have a USB port on your TV or Android Box? One of the most practical ways to do this. copy APK files to a USB drive on a computer, for example, for later upload to Android TV.

In this case, two possibilities open up. Your Android TV may have a file manager with which you can watch the contents of the USB drive, you just need to go to that directory and click on the APK file to start the installation. You have granted the appropriate permissions?

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The second way is if your Android TV does not have a built-in browser, but you need one. You will have to choose any other method as an alternative in order to at least be able to install a file manager that allows you to read the contents of the external drive.

Cloud storage

Google Drive. it is one of the services that is usually installed by default on Android TV. To set it up, you just need to access your account credentials from Google, and this shared space can be very helpful when installing APKs. All you have to do is download the APKs you want to install in your personal cloud, and then access that cloud via Google Drive on your Android TV to download the files and start installing them. The same goes for other similar services like Dropbox. And as always, make sure they have the appropriate permissions.

How to install the APK file on Android TV

If you have an Android TV, you can install APKs on it. We will show you all the possible ways to open applications on your TV, Android Box or any device where you are using Android TV.

There are several methods to install APK file on Android TV. On the one hand, the process will depend on the application you want to install, and on the other, on the device running Android TV: each manufacturer and each version has its own process, so you have to combine all the methods to install your applications. and that they work properly. Also, keep in mind that not all Android apps are 100% compatible and functional on Android TV.

Accessing Android TV Security Settings

Click on Install apps from unknown sources.

Click on the Unknown Sources section

Make sure that the slider for your web browser, in this case Chrome, is moved to the right, indicating that it has the necessary permissions to install the apps we receive through it. Also make sure the file manager has this permission as well as any cloud storage installed. As we will see below, there are several ways to get the APK file, and depending on the tool used, which acts as an intermediary, this permission is required to complete the installation.

Grant permissions to your web browser to install applications

The next step is to transfer the APK file you want to install to your Android TV. How to do it? There are several ways to do this, as we have already seen.

Google play

If none of the above options work, Google Play is also available on pretty much any Android TV (and install permissions are on by default). Take advantage of this to download and install any app needed in the previous methods, or ultimately download the APK directly from there, although the offer is not that big.

Regardless of the method used, the last step. run this APK file. The way to do this varies depending on the method you choose to download the APK. In this case, we used a USB stick, so the next step. connect it to your Android TV and access the file manager.

Accessing the Android TV file manager

Enter the USB drive using the menu on the left to see its contents and click on the APK you want to install.

Access your USB drive and click on the APK you want to install

After starting the installation, click the button Install in the lower right corner and wait for the process to complete.

Confirm the installation of the app on your Android TV

At this time, you can open the application using the button Open or find its icon in the menu of applications installed on Android TV.

Install any APK on Android TV | Sony x8000g

Open app installed on Android TV

Una cosa que debes tener en cuenta es que no todas las apps de Android son compatibles with Android TV. Pese a que son sistemas operativos muy similares, las características de los dispositivos para los que han sido concebidos condicionan también las funciones de las apps, por lo que aplicaciones creadas para teléfonos móviles correct android. No todos los APKs de Android funcionan al 100% en Android TV.

View time 2 minutes

This method only takes you 2 minutes to install Kodi on Android.

Search for Cody 3:

Click install 4:

The installation process will now be installed. The new size of Kodi 18 has just finished 59MB 5:

click open 6:

A dialog box will open, so click Continue 7:

Kodi will boot in a few seconds 8:

Here’s a first look at Kodi 18 on an Android phone

In addition to this, you can enjoy watching many traditional channels (BBC iPlayer, 7 Network, Nine Network, HBO Now, Fox Go, CBS, NBC and more).

Just download the best Kodi addons on your Android device and immerse yourself in a world of endless entertainment.

Frequently asked questions for Kodi on Android

Using Kodi on Android is the same as using Kodi on Windows or any other device. The interface and the process of installing add-ons remains the same.

How can I watch Kodi on my Android phone?

Watch movies on your Kodi Android phones using video add-ons. These add-ons are available in the official built-in Kodi add-ons repository. After installing any of the listed add-ons, you can stream the latest videos.

What devices can I download Kodi on?

Kodi is available on any device including Windows, Android devices, iOS devices, Xbox, Linux, Raspberry Pi and more.

How can I get Kodi on my Android phone?

The easiest way to get Kodi on your Android phone. this is the google play store. Kodi has an Android app that can be run on any Android device. Another way to download Kodi on Android Phone. via Kodi Android APK. Downloading the APK will automatically install Kodi.

Kodi Live TV Add-ons consist of 1000 channels from all over the world and in many languages. However, the list of US and UK channels is plentiful. These include entertainment channels, sports channels, news channels, movie channels and more.

Kodi. It is an Android and iOS app that allows you to stream movies, TV shows, sports broadcasts and IPTV channels live. The Kodi app doesn’t have third-party Kodi add-ons preinstalled, but it certainly has all the official add-ons that allow you to stream Live IPTV channels.

Exodus. is a video add-on for Kodi that features movies and TV shows. The original Exodus Kodi Android developer, i.e. ColdFire, stopped updating Exodus, but many independent Kodi developers still update it frequently. You can watch high quality streams from Exodus. Check out our guide at.

Both have the ability to drive Kodi, but which one is better? Android TVs. these are the ones running the Android operating system, but there are not many Android TVs. On the other hand, Android phones can easily install Kodi as it has the Google Play Store installed.

Why do you need to install Kodi on Android?

Kodi or XBMC stands out as a fan of the beloved entertainment service of the era. Providing premium entertainment for Windows subscribers for years.

But now the entertainment platform can be quickly installed on Android devices. If you are interested in the benefits of using Kodi on an Android device, below we have listed the main benefits of Kodi.

  • Wide selection of media library
  • Free service
  • Supports torrent P2P streaming
  • One-stop entertainment solution
  • Live sports, news and TV shows

Issue 2: Failed to install dependency

This error often occurs when you choose to install add-ons from a repository that is currently being updated, or the repository has been closed.

  • Try to install the add-on from an alternative repository
  • If the error persists, the add-in or the repository itself was closed.

How to install Kodi on Android, Android TV Box and smartphones (2019)

The new version of Kodi Leia 18 has finally arrived here after a two year hiatus. It is now available in the Google Play Store on all Android devices.

Kodi. a media player that broadcasts Movies, TV Shows, Live Sports, and Live IPTV Channels.

Kodi 18 is full of surprises. To the delight of Kodi users, he added a “Game Add-ons” section so you can stream all the retro games.

Today we are going to discuss a detailed guide on how to install Kodi on Android devices, Android TV Box and Android phones.

  • How to install Kodi on an Android device from the Google Play Store
  • How to install Kodi 18 on Android devices using the Kodi APK
  • How to install Kodi on Android TV Box via Google Play Store
  • How to add Kodi add-ons on Android
  • Why do you need to install Kodi on Android?
  • How to download Kodi for Android
  • How to set up Kodi Remote Control on Android
  • Kodi on Android TV Box not working
  • Kodi on platforms other than Android

Kodi on platforms other than Android

Kodi is available on different platforms besides Android, they are listed below:

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How to add Kodi add-ons on Android

Adding Kodi Add-ons to your Android device is similar to adding Kodi Add-ons for Windows. Here’s the process for adding official and third-party Kodi add-ons:

Launch Firestick and hover over settings

Start by turning on Firestick and scroll through the main menu until you find settings and then hover your cursor over the icon. Now click on My Fire TV or Device and then select the Developers option. You should now see a switcher for apps from unknown sources.

How to install Showbox APK on Android streaming device and Firestick

If you love streaming, then no doubt you have heard of Showbox as it is one of the popular streaming apps available on the Internet. This entertainment app essentially works the same as Popcorn Time and other popular streaming apps. Showbox users get access to thousands of high quality movies and TV shows, and you can also use both peer-to-peer and non-peer-to-peer sources. This app boasts a user-friendly interface and is constantly updated with fresh content.!

However, you may have noticed a “connection error” when you try to access Showbox or when you try to download a file. Most people have turned to alternative streaming services, but you can still enjoy everything Showbox has to offer by downloading the APK version. Rest assured, we’ve designed this guide so that all of our readers can instantly access Showbox. Read on to find out more about how you can install Showbox APK.

How to install Showbox APK on Firestick

Once you sign up for a VPN, you no longer have to worry about your browsing activity being tracked by your government or ISPs. Now that you have that, we will discuss how you can install the Showbox APK on your Firestick.

Return to the home screen and hover over the search icon

After enabling external downloads, return to the home screen and hover over the search icon. Now in the search bar type downloader as you will need this Showbox APK downloader app. Click on the download and wait a few minutes before it is completed.

Warning for Firestick users:

Before we help you install Showbox APK on your Firestick device, it is very important that you understand that it can lead to unnecessary problems. Streaming copyrighted content is a crime and your government is constantly monitoring your online activities. This is why you should invest in a VPN before streaming on a FireStick device.

FastesTVPN has a dedicated app for Firestick users and boasts a zero data logging policy. They also use military grade encryption techniques to protect all of your data. In addition, this company has servers in over thirty countries around the world, allowing you to change your IP address and access geo-restricted content. Therefore, if you want to protect your data and avoid unnecessary legal actions, follow the steps below to subscribe to a famous VPN.

  • Subscribe to FastesTVPN
  • Choose a plan according to your budget and complete your purchase
  • Launch your FireStick and search for FastesTVPN
  • Download the app and log in using the credentials you created in the first step
  • Turn on VPN and enjoy full digital security

You will need an Android Downloader app

Since the Showbox app was developed for Android, all you have to do is use the download app to download the Showbox app. Just download this app and proceed to the steps below. However, you will need a mouse to use this application correctly. We would recommend downloading the mouse switch app to enjoy the convenience of using the Showbox app on Android.

Open the app after the download is complete

Once the download is complete, tap Install and then open the app. Now you need to grant the application the required permissions and then click the OK button in the update notes. Just follow the instructions on the screen to proceed.

How to install and open APK files on Android

APK files. a very important part on Android are the installation files of the application. They are invisible when using Google Play, but when installing applications that are not there, you need to use them. We will explain to you how to install and open them.

We’ll walk you through how to install APK files on your Android device. But before going into details, there are two prerequisites if you want to install an APK that isn’t on Google Play. First, grant the operating system the appropriate permissions if you are using Android 8.0 or lower. Sign in Settings your smartphone or tablet (keep in mind that the appearance of the menu may differ on different phones).

Accessing Android Settings

Find Allow installation of applications from unknown sources (or any other similar option) and enable this option with one touch.

Move the Unknown sources slider to the right

If your phone or tablet has Android 8 or higher, you don’t need to do this preset. The operating system itself will ask you for permission when downloading the APK file and starting its installation.

The second is optional, but recommended, to disable Google Play Protect. This feature analyzes applications for security issues and may interfere with the installation of some applications due to overzealousness with the security issue. To disable it, go to the Google Play Store app and click the three horizontal bars icon in the upper left corner.

Google Play app settings menu

Play Protect in Google Play Settings

Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner.

Open Play Protect Settings

Disable the option Scan device for security threats. by moving the slider to the left.

Disable Play Protect threat scanning

Confirm the setting in the pop-up window by clicking Ok.

Confirm deactivation of Play Protect

Thus, you will make sure that any application that has not been downloaded from Google Play can be installed in the usual way. But of course, always download your apps from trusted sources to avoid security issues.

To install an application on Android, download the file of the application you want to install. You can use various sources, for example our website. You just need to visit the page of the application you are interested in and click on the green button Download.

App APK download button in Malavida

Confirm the action in the next window by clicking the same button.

Confirm the APK download by clicking Download

After the download is complete, the file will appear in the downloads folder. Find it and click on it to start the installation. If you’re careful, you can also launch the installation directly from the system notification that appears at the top of the window after the download is complete. Click Open.

Click Open or Open to run the APK

Click on the button Install in the lower right corner. Remember, if you’ve never installed an app using a web browser before, the operating system will ask you to grant the browser permission to install apps. This setting only needs to be applied the first time you use it and you can always deselect it from Android settings.

After a few seconds, the application will open. An icon will be created in your application menu, but you can launch a new application directly from here by clicking Open.

Installed APK on Android

How To Install APK in Your Android Smart TV| New Method 100% Working| Hacker Hero

From now on, when you want to open an application, you just need to look for its icon in the menu of applications installed in the operating system.

Download the app as an APK file

The first thing to do is download the APK installer. There are many sites on the net from which you can download the latest versions of applications in APK format. Let’s dwell on one of them, namely APKMirror.

Open APKMirror website in a browser, then use a search engine to find the program you want to install on Android TV.

The search results display the available downloads. Select the last one, that is, the one that appears at the very top. You need to select the option that matches the architecture of the TV’s processor. If you don’t know which one is right, download everything. During installation, the system will automatically determine which one is suitable for the TV.

When choosing a download location, save it directly to a USB flash drive. If you have already downloaded it to a local drive, connect the removable media to your computer and copy the downloaded APK to it.

How to install the APK app on Android TV?

As you know, APK files are application installers, a kind of equivalents of Windows program installers with the “.exe” extension. Therefore, download the APK file with the application, copy it, for example, to a USB drive, connect it to the TV and install. See how to do this. step by step.

Installing a file manager with APK support on Android TV

After connecting the flash drive to the TV, a message will appear stating that you can view its contents. When you click on “OK” the default file manager will open. But, most likely, you will not see APK files in the content. This is due to the fact that many managers do not display them. In this case, you need to download the one that supports this format.

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Launch Play Store on Android TV and search for FX File Explorer using the search bar. This is a fairly functional file manager, the interface of which is suitable for working with a remote control. Download to TV and run.

Folders are displayed on the main screen of FX File Explorer. We need to find a flash drive or USB drive. The USB stick will be available under the Media Card icon, while the contents of the USB stick are located in the USB Drive folder. Select the appropriate device icon.

Now you will see the APK file. Highlight it and press “OK” on the remote control to download.

The standard Android screen with the installer will appear, on which you will see the name and the “Install” button. If an error occurs and a message appears that the program could not be installed, then the selected file is most likely incompatible. If you downloaded multiple options for different architectures from APKMirror, exit the installer and try another option until you get it.

When the file is compatible with the processor architecture, there will be no installation problems. Then you can immediately launch it by clicking on the “Open” button in the lower right corner.

Now we will learn how to open the application from the TV home screen, and not from the installer window. After all, it may not be so easy to find.

Where to find apps installed from APK on Android TV?

Software installed this way will most likely not appear as a pretty tile on the main screen. If you hold the Home button on the remote and open a menu with quick access to installed applications, then they will not be displayed here.

Android TV does not recognize manually installed programs as compatible, although they work without problems. There are two ways to run them.

The first way is to call it from the system menu. Expand the system menu by clicking on the gear icon on the remote, then go to the Applications tab. Here again you will see the same list of officially “supported” programs, but when you scroll down the page you will find a link to the “All Apps” tab. Select it. In this list, find an application where you can open it.

If not here, go to the System Applications tab. All software installed on Android TV is displayed here.

The second method is to download a third-party launcher on Android TV that supports those installed from APKs and displays them on the home screen. One of them is HALauncher, which has a more classic tile appearance and allows you to display not only official applications, but also installed manually.

How to Install APK Files for Android TV Mi BOX Via ES File Explorer

In other words, you can install the application on your smartphone from the Play Market or download the APK file and install it remotely on Android TV devices.

Unfortunately, not all applications are 100% installed, some are not suitable due to different processor architecture and different versions of Android. We will install ES Explorer on a smartphone, from the smartphone it will be installed on Android TV devices, so we will see how to install applications and APK files on Android TV from smartphones, even if the installation is blocked by the developer.

This can be found on TVs, I repeat for those who don’t know what Android and Android TV are. these are different operating systems, simple Android is found on TVs, it can be defined in the gaming market, this is the same as an Android TV smartphone, therefore. This is a TV box and game console with a different game market, this game market only contains applications suitable for remote control.

All in all, let’s take a look first. We need to enable USB debugging.

The very last item is the assembly, we press several times until the inscription “you have become a developer” appears:

Now go back and open the item “for developers”:

May be called IDB debug on some devices!

Now let’s see the IP address of the device. This will be useful to us if the device is not detected during automatic scanning:

It is necessary to write an IP, it will be useful to us

Download ES Explorer to your phone, you can download it here. Open the phone

We go into the application and open the ES menu. conductor

Click “Scan”

When scanning on an Android device (TV), a window may pop up. Allow USB debugging from this device. I’ll have to confirm. This is all done once, then nothing will need to be done. Here is the TV and the second TV BOX:

What for? Let’s see how to enter the IP address manually.

Enter the IP address that was written out on Android TV:

Enter your IP address that you wrote out earlier in this article!
We open the device, now the ES Explorer is being installed on Android TV:

Let’s wait a bit. Installation completed. Now let’s see whether the ES conductor is installed on the console or not, let’s return to the TV box. Click on “”

Next, you can see the installed ES File Explorer application

We open it, and we resolve everything that is asked, everything is in order, it works:

We return to the smartphone and open the application. We enter APPS and select the applications we need, click “” and “Install to”:

Installed on the TV, we see how the copying proceeds:

Now let’s see how to create an APK file. We select the applications we need, click “Reserve”:

We are waiting for the end, now go to the main menu of Explorer, go to the backups folder, find the apps folder:

And in order to transfer and immediately install on the Android device, click the familiar “” and find “Install to”:

Copying and installing, copying, installing.

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Installing ForkPlayer on Android and Android TV

Installing APK file on Android TV (Sony, Philips) / Android set-top boxes and others from Android
Download aForkPlayer.APK from
From site
– Latest stable version 2.03 http://forkplayer.TV/apps/aForkPlayer_2.03.APK
– Latest test version 2.05.2 http://forkplayer.TV/apps/aForkPlayer_2.05.2.APK
If the application is downloaded then rename it to.apk
1. Open a browser on your Android and enter a link to the APK file, save the file, or download the file to a USB flash drive and insert it into your Android device
2. Run the file, if it gives an error. in the settings we allow the installation of applications from unknown sources
3. If in the settings there is no point for installing applications from unknown sources (TV Sony, Philips), then installation via ES Explorer is possible (installed from the Play Store)
If during installation via ES the “install” button is not active
Factory reset or
– When installing, the program installation window appears with an inactive button.
Without canceling it, press once on the gear on the remote control.
The TV settings menu will appear, then press the back button.
Some say the install button becomes active again, but you need to start the installation through the ES ffile manager.
4. To watch the video, we also install the MX player or Vimu from the Play Store

Important! It is not recommended to programmatically change the device ID of your android to use it on multiple devices!

Sony KD-49XF9005
Sony KD-43XF7596
Sony KDL-43WF805
Sony KD-55AF8
Philips 43PUS7303
Philips 49PUS8303
Sony KD-43XF8599
Skyworth 32E6
Philips 32PFS6402
Sony KD-43XE7005
Kivi 43UR50GU
Skyworth 43Q3
Sony KD-55XF8599
Sony KD-55AF9
Philips 43PUS7373
Philips 55OLED803
Kivi 24HR50GU
Philips 43PUS7363
TCL 55DC760
Philips 49PUS7503
Philips 49PUS7803
Sony KD-49XE9005
Gazer TV43-FS2
Kivi 32FR50WU
Philips 49PUS8503
Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 65
Sony KD-85XF8596
Kivi 40FR50BU
Sony KD-55XF8596
Kivi 43UK32G
TCL 50DP660
Philips 55OLED903
Kivi 55UC50GU
Sony KD-55XE8577
Skyworth 55G6
Sony KD-55A1
Sony KD-65ZF9
Sony KD-55XE9305
Sony KD-60XF8305
Philips 55POS9002
Kivi 32FK30G
Kivi 32HK30G
Sony KD-55XE8505
Xiaomi Mi TV 4 65
Sony KD-65ZD9
Kivi 43UK30G
Kivi 24HK30B
TCL U55C7026
Sony KDL-49WF804
Thomson 43UD6406
Sony KD-49XD8099
Philips 65OLED973
Kivi 24HK30G
Philips 49PUS6561
JVC LT-42M650
JVC LT-32M550
Kivi 55UC30G
Sony KDL-55W808C
Philips 49PUS6482
Sony KD-49XD7005
Thomson 43UC6406
Philips 65OLED873
Philips 65PUS8102
Sony KD-43XE8005
Philips 32PFS6401
Philips 49PUS7181
Philips 49PUS7502
Sony KD-55XD8599
Philips 65PUS7502
Sony KD-85XD8505
TCL U49P6046
Philips 65PUS6521
Philips 65PUS7101
TCL U55X9006
Sony XBR-55A1E
Philips 55PUS8602
TCL U65C7006
Philips 49PUS6401
Sony KD-50SD8005
Philips 49PUS6432
Sony KD-55SD8505
Skyworth 65G7
Sony KD-75XD9405
Sony KD-49XD8305
Sony KD-49XD8077
Philips 43PUS6501
TCL 40ES560
TCL 32ES560
Sony KD-55XD8005