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How to install and use Vatsap on Huawei and Honor, instructions with pictures.

Do you want to install and use Watsap on your phone, smartphone or tablet and do not know how? In this article, you will find information on how to install WhatsApp on Honor 9 and similar Android devices. Below you will find instructions with attached screenshots on how to install the WhatsApp application on Huawei Honor, hopefully it will work with your device. To install and use the wattsap messenger, you need to have Internet on your device and preferably unlimited. If your phone does not have the Internet, then you can download and use WhatsApp by connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi. This application allows you to write messages for free, make calls or make video calls, send and receive photos, videos and other files.

And so, to begin with, we activate the Internet and open the “Play Store” application on an Android smartphone or tablet In the application window that opens, select “WhatsApp Messenger” (usually the application is displayed automatically on the first screen, but if it is not there, then search.) Look below at the attached picture. Click “Install” after which the download and installation will begin. Next, we will be prompted to open the application (or open it by finding it in the applications on the phone).

To use WhatsApp, we need to accept the terms of service for WhatsApp, click the “Accept and Continue” button. Next, they will offer access to contacts to send and receive photos and videos to friends and family, click “Next”. They will ask to allow the WhatsApp application to access photos, media and files on the device, click “allow”. Allow access to contacts by selecting “Allow”.

Now you need to enter the number to which WhatsApp will be linked. Wattsap can be installed on a phone or tablet even if the number to which WhatsApp is linked is installed on another phone, that is, a number on a simple push-button phone, and wasap is installed on a smartphone without a SIM card at all, or on a smartphone you use the number for other needs, for example, just for the Internet. Therefore, we indicate the number from which you want to use the vatsap. Enter your number and click “Next” after which you will be asked to confirm the specified number, click “OK”. After confirmation, a confirmation code will be sent to your number, which we enter in the corresponding field of the application. Next, fill out the profile, enter the desired name and select “Next”. All is ready! Now you can use WhatsApp on your phone, you can make free calls, make video and voice calls, write SMS, send and receive photos, videos and other files. Click “Start chat” and see a list of contacts from the phone book who have WhatsApp.

To write a message, call or send a photo or other file, open the desired contact and perform the desired action. You can also find out which numbers from the phone book use Vatsap by looking at the contacts. If the number associated with WhatsApp is installed on one device, and the application itself on another, then on the phone or tablet in which WhatsApp is installed, you need to save the contacts with which you want to communicate and most likely save the contacts in the device’s memory. Attention! calls and messages directly to the number itself, and not to the application, may be charged.


The list of Honor smartphones that will receive Android 10 is:

  • 9X, 20 Pro versions,
  • 20i Lite;
  • View 1020;
  • 10 GTLite;
  • Note 10;
  • 8XMax;
  • 8C;

The list may change from time to time. Follow the new information on the official website. Please note that the list contains gadgets for which Chinese firmware is being developed. But after, as a rule, there is a global release gradually for each episode. The developers have begun closed testing on select volunteers. And for some devices beta testing has already been offered.

Which Honor and Huawei smartphones will update to Android 10?

Phone developers OnePlus and Google have announced that their gadgets will be upgraded to Android 10 in 2021. This will improve the battery saving process, increase the speed of the device, and provide the ability to use the dark theme everywhere. And also control the device using gestures. A special mode has been developed for maximum usability of applications. focusing. You can add to the black list programs, notifications from which are not at all interesting. Privacy has been greatly improved. Since using Wi-Fi it is possible to determine the user’s location, before learning information about the network, another person needs to obtain the user’s consent. Interestingly, the new version of Android works like a desktop computer. Can access the entire hard drive. In addition, the settings for personal information are located in one place. in the “Confidentiality” section. Such an update is planned for only 10% of devices from different companies. This is due to certain difficulties. almost every series requires a unique firmware.

Upgrade over the air

A new version of this method appeared last year. If the phone is connected to Wi-Fi, the download will start automatically. Therefore, this option is often referred to as “air”. You can choose how to install. upgrade immediately or use automatic download and install overnight. In the first option, the upgrade will start at the same moment. In the second. during the period when the user does not need to work quickly and correctly.

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

  • Opens “Settings”.
  • goes “System” / Software update “.

After the display starts the installation.

How to update Honor and Huawei to Android 10: list of updated models

“How to update Honor and Huawei to Android 10?” Is a common question among users of these gadgets. Manufacturers do not base Accent on software, so they release updates after the presentation of a new model and often with delays. We will tell you which smartphones support the upgrade and how you can install Android 10.

Manual update (download firmware file)

From 2021, it is impossible to update Huawei and Honor smartphones on your own. The developers have removed the application to secure the devices. Many owners note that after independent attempts, the device’s performance has deteriorated significantly. That is, until the company officially provides such an opportunity, it will not be possible to install EMUI 9.1.

Honor and Huawei update to Android 10

Before starting the process, you need to check the current version of EMUI. To do this, the user needs to follow a simple algorithm of actions:

  • open “Settings”;
  • scroll down the displayed page;
  • select “System” / “About phone”;
  • perform the transition “EMUI Version” / “Android”.

This item also displays information about the type of shell.

The upgrade is possible in two ways. on this below.

install, android, huawei

How to install Android 10 on Honor and Huawei smartphones

To make your phone more modern:

  • find the HiCare utility on the desktop;
  • click on it;
  • go to “Fast service”;
  • then you need to find the tool responsible for updating;
  • activate it with a tick or slider;
  • then the system scans the information for about a minute;
  • if there are updates, they will be displayed with a large “Update” or “Update” button;
  • click on it.

Shell weight is between 4 and 5 GB, so check storage for free space.

Manual update (download firmware file)

If you have not found the automatic tool, we advise you to go to the official website of the Chinese company and take the installation files from there. There in the firmware section there are files for all versions.

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However, now APKs are offered not only by official resources, but also by third-party sites. If you decide to download the file there, make sure it is safe.

Upgrade over the air

Most Huawei mobile phones are easily and quickly updated over the air. All you need to do is connect to Wi-fi. If you have an automatic version change installed, then the system will only notify you about the innovations. If the previous firmware was installed with violations, then it will not work via Wi-Fi. Then use the custom utility HiSuite.

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know


As of 2021, the “ten” is already on the Honor 20, 20 Pro, Honor V20, Honor Magic 2, Nova 4e and Nova 5 Pro.

How to update Honor and Huawei to Android 10: updateable phones list

How to update Honor and Huawei to Android 10? Any update is an improvement and improvement in the operation of the device. Developers who keep the firmware up to date regularly release new versions of their equipment. For many of you, a notification was displayed in the curtain asking you to confirm the installation of the new APK.


In October 2021, the developers have already released improved firmware for all modern models. List of Huawei smartphones that received Android 10: Huawei P30, Pro P30, P20, P20 Pro, Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, Mate 20X, Mate 20 RS, Mate 10.

Other smartphones will have a different build of the system installed soon. Among the tablets, technology has hardly been updated yet. But there are plans to upgrade the 10 and 8.4-inch models of the MediaPad M6.

Which Honor and Huawei models will upgrade to Android 10?

Despite difficulties in cooperation with Google Corporation, one of the largest mobile gadget companies continues to release Google-enabled shells. Some interface features:

  • new magazine style;
  • structured blocks in settings;
  • larger headings;
  • new notification panel;
  • a more modern curtain. translucent with round icons;
  • redesigned camera. flat elements, larger shutter button, larger print (functionality unchanged);
  • Morandi color palette. minimalistic colors, varied gamut;
  • dark mode;
  • new interface themes;
  • stylish visual animations when working with desktop elements;
  • the number of animation frames has been increased, so scrolling looks smoother and more natural.

Here is a full list of Honor smartphones that received Android 10.


The current list of Huawei smartphones that will receive Android 11 is as follows:

  • Mate 30 Pro, 30, 30 RS Better Design;
  • Mate 20, 20 Pro;
  • 20, 20 X, 20 X 5 Gee, 20 X 4 Gee;
  • series “P”. P40, P40 Pro, P30, P30 Pro;
  • line “NOVA”. 6, 6 5G, 5T, 5, 5 Pro, 5 I, 5i, 5i Pro;
  • Mate Pad and MediaPad M6 tablets.


The current list of Honor smartphones that will receive Android 11 looks like this:

  • V30, B30 Pro; IN 20;
  • ruler 20, 20 Pro, 20 C, 20 Jos Edishn;
  • Ruler 9 X, 9 X Pro.

Which Honor and Huawei smartphones will update to Android 11?

Many people are interested in this question, but not all phones can be upgraded to Android 11, but only a few. There are a number of models that are not able to accept the update due to outdated and rather weak hardware. These models are few, but they are still in service with users, and they will either have to exchange their device or use the current shell.

Manual update (download firmware file)

This option will take a little more time and effort. But don’t worry, you will succeed if you follow the directions. Perfect for people who find it difficult to work with automation. There is also an advantage. the ability to reflash the device, doing it forcibly. A forced reboot is needed for those who have a failure or breakdown, and now the gadget does not respond to the owner’s commands.

Only it is worth remembering some points, and performing them in the specified sequence:

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

  • read the instructions and follow them;
  • keep your device fully charged;
  • all content is best synchronized to the cloud or external storage;
  • download the file for installation from the official website (search by model);
  • place the downloaded file in the memory card. in the root storage;
  • go to settings;
  • click “Local”;
  • specify the number of the folder in which the file is and confirm the update;
  • after the end, restart the smartphone.

Upgrade over the air

This method of updating a new version is installed using Fota technology. It is clear, very convenient, takes a minimum of time and effort. What should be done:

  • go to the settings menu;
  • click “About phone”;
  • select “System update”;
  • follow the option “Online”.

All subsequent actions are fully automated, you don’t need to press anything, just control the charge, since the update takes a lot of energy.

We emphasize that before installation, it is important to fully charge your smartphone or tablet, and synchronize all contents with cloud storage (or reset to a USB flash drive).

How to update Honor and Huawei to Android 11: updateable phones list

How to update Honor and Huawei to Android 11? Honor and Huawei smartphones are a very popular company, and today a huge number of people use these gadgets. The issue of updating is mandatory. It is important to remember that the technological world is constantly evolving and supplementing. The familiar phenomenon of renewal occupies an important place. If you do without this function, but then your device starts to glitch, to hang dumb. If you do not install a new firmware on a smartphone, the user is deprived of new functions that will speed up performance, make it more convenient to use, and eliminate many system problems. So don’t give up on something new.

How to install Android 11 on Honor and Huawei smartphones?

There are several options for updating, over the air, this is via Wi-Fi, which is much more convenient and faster. The second method is manually, where you will have to use the downloaded file, which will take more time. Given the same performance, choose whichever instruction is more appropriate. If you have never flashed or installed the latest shell before, do not be alarmed. If you rely on the instructions, everything will be done quickly and successfully.

Where to see the current firmware version

Firmware is a set of firmware that ensures the functioning of a mobile device. At Huawei, it is based on the Android OS with the proprietary Emotion UI.

You can find out the version in the gadget settings. You need to find the information section about the phone, which contains everything: the kernel number, builds, model name and OS version. The last three digits in the build number are considered to be the firmware number.

Updating does not occur when the buttons are held down

If the device does not want to update with fully recessed buttons, it is recommended to re-copy the firmware file to the created dload folder. If in this case the process does not start, you can try to do it through the settings menu.

Solution of problems

The official OS must be updated under any circumstances if the release is released by the manufacturer. Nevertheless, the difficulties with the update cannot be completely ruled out. either the process does not go on, then the gadget freezes.

Force update with three buttons

This method is considered emergency and works even if the gadget cannot boot normally. It is necessary:

  • Create dload folder in the root of the memory card.
  • Copy the UPDATE.APP file into it.
  • Turn off the gadget.
  • Hold down three buttons. volume down, volume up and power on. After starting the device, the volume buttons should be held for at least another five seconds.
  • Wait until the end of the update.

Where to get the official firmware for a specific model

Manuals and software products, including firmware for most models, are available in the support section of the official website. They are free and completely safe to use.

By downloading the firmware from the manufacturer, you can be sure that there will be no problems with the gadget.

To search on the portal, you must specify the model number. By the way, the search function here supports both full and service model names.

How to update Huawei and Honor to Android 10: the list of updated smartphones

“How to update Honor and Huawei to Android 10” is an urgent request from users after the release of the new version of the operating system. In this article we will tell you which smartphones the update will be available, how to install new firmware and possible OS problems.

Which Honor and Huawei smartphones will update to Android 10

The operating system was released in September 2021, and testing began in mid-March. It includes:

  • better energy efficiency;
  • accelerated interface performance;
  • Dark Theme design;
  • new items in animations and soundtracks;
  • improved display lock;
  • new widgets;
  • using subtitles for videos regardless of language, etc.

But for such a long period, few phones have been updated to the latest version, and some of them are not even waiting for this stage. At the end of November, a list of models was published that will delight their customers with a new shell. But the process will not be fast, manufacturers will have to create firmware almost from the beginning for each model of mobile device. Below is a list of Honor and Huawei smartphones that will be updated.


List of Huawei smartphones that will receive Android 10:

  • Mate series;
  • Porsche Design 10 RS;
  • 10, 20 and 30 Pro versions;
  • X and 20 Porsche RS;
  • 20 Lite;
  • 20X 20X (5G);
  • P series:
  • P20, P30 Lite;
  • Pro. P20 and P30;
  • Smart, Smart (2020) Smart Z.
  • Nova series;
  • 5, 5 Pro 5i;
  • 4 4e.
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Congratulations if your mobile device is on this list.

Manual update (download firmware file)

Manual update of Honor and Huawei to Android 10 in 2021 is not available. This means that it is impossible to download the firmware file from the manufacturer’s website. This feature has been removed to keep users safe.


List of Honor smartphones that will receive Android 10:

  • 8A and 8C;
  • Magic 2, Play;
  • 9X, 8X 8X Max;
  • Note 10;
  • 20, 10 10GT;
  • Pro. 9X, 10, and 20
  • Lite. 10 and 20;
  • V10 V20.

If your device is among them, expect a new EMUI shell soon.

Reset before installing the update

First of all, we would like to point out that this step is optional, but acts as a hint. Installing a new version of the software can lead to some errors that were not there before. Whenever you want to make any major changes to the system of your Android smartphone, it is advised to do a reset and backup first. We recommend manual Android 10 installation for experts only! This is still an unstable version and may make it difficult to use the device.

USB debugging

If you encounter a problem before installation, make sure you have activated USB debugging mode and unlocked the bootloader.

When will I receive the update to Android 10?

Alas, the distribution of Android updates is not yet as clear as that of Apple with iOS. Several brands such as HMD Global, OnePlus and Samsung have already approved plans to launch Android 10 on Nokia smartphones, and other smartphone manufacturers will join them in the coming months.

If you have the latest generation of flagship smartphone, you can be sure that Android 10 is coming soon or will be with you. Otherwise, the question arises, when exactly will this happen? The answer depends on the manufacturers themselves, who must adapt and distribute the new version of Android for their devices. Flagships launched two years ago should also be considered for the upgrade to Android 10. Unfortunately, this is changing for devices in the lower and mid-range price ranges. If you’ve invested in an Android One device, you can rest assured that Android 10 will arrive on your smartphone.

Android 10 officially released for many smartphones.

How to install Android 10 as an OTA update

If you’re the owner of a Google Pixel smartphone or nearly any flagship device released in the last quarter of 2019 or early 2020, simply head over to the settings menu and check out the section on software updates. As soon as an update is available, make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi and have sufficient battery power before starting the download.

How to download and install Android 10 on your smartphone

Curious to know what’s new in Android 10? Then check out how to download and install the latest version of this OS, not only on Google Pixel phones, but also on other compatible devices. We have prepared for you a list of actions that you need to follow to update your smartphone.

How to install Android 10. update instructions

Android 10 mobile OS with a brand new dark theme is already available for Pixel, Essential Phone, OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro smartphones. The new version will be coming to other devices soon. All about installing and updating the 10th “Android”. in our guide.

Check for an update

Before moving on to advanced update methods, you should first use the built-in function. To do this, go to Settings, scroll down to System, select advanced settings and click on the Check for Update button.

If an update is available, you will receive a notification, after which you will be able to download and install it. After installation, the smartphone will reboot and you can use Android 10.

Install Android 10 manually

If the method above did not work, then you will have to get your hands dirty, as they say: download and install the update on your phone yourself using the Android SDK. But first, this tool must be downloaded from the official website of the Android developers. Note that you will also need the ADB and Fastboot boot files that are found in the Android SDK distribution under “Platform Tools”.

Now you need to enable developer mode on your phone. To do this, go to the settings, open the “System” tab and click on the “About Phone” button. In the list that opens, find the firmware version (Build number) and click on it seven times. After that, you can enter your PIN, password or fingerprint and you will see a notification with the text “you are now a developer”.

Next, the installation of the update begins directly:

  • Go to the “System” menu, the “Developer options” button should appear in it. At the top there will be a switch that needs to be turned on.
  • Find the “Debugging” section and click on “USB Debugging”.
  • In the same menu, find the OEM unlock item, check the box.
  • Connect the device to your computer and click “OK” in the dialog box asking for permission to debug USB.
  • Open Windows Command Prompt (Start Menu. System Tools. Command Prompt) and enter “adb devices” (without the quotes). A list of connected devices appears. If USB debugging is enabled, then the phone should appear in this list.
  • At the command prompt, enter “adb reboot bootloader” to unlock the bootloader.

how to update emui 9.1 to 10 | Emui 10 | latest android version. how to install android 10

Please note that the last action will result in a factory reset. This means that all device settings will return to their original settings at the time of purchase. You will also lose any files that were downloaded, so you should save them beforehand.

Now we will continue the process of installing the update manually:

  • Unlock the bootloader using the “fastboot flashing unlock” command, hold down the volume up button and the power button on your device to confirm the unlock.
  • Enter “fastboot reboot-bootloader” into the command line.
  • The bootloader is now open and you can install the new firmware by downloading it from Google or from your device manufacturer. You need to look for the newest version.
  • The firmware files will be in the archive, which must be unpacked into the same folder where the ADB and Fastboot files from the Android SDK distribution are located. After that, check that the boot menu is still active on the phone.
  • In this menu, find the “flash-all” script, it will be located in the same folder with the firmware. Run it, then wait until the data is transferred to the device.

After that, the phone will restart and you can use Android 10.

Updating with OTA Image

This method is simpler than the one described in the previous section and does not require unlocking the boot menu. To get started, go to the OTA page and select the distribution kit for your device. Unfortunately, this tool is currently only available for Pixel and Nexus smartphones.

Place the zip archive with the OTA image in the same folder as the ADB and Fastboot files. How to get them is described above. Then connect your device to your computer via USB, open a command prompt and type “adb devices” (without quotes). After that, you will see a list in which your device should be. If so, then enter the command “adb reboot bootloader”.

Now double-click the volume down button on your smartphone, then you can select Recovery Mode using the power button. Hold down the power button and press the volume up button. The boot menu will open, which can be controlled by the volume buttons. Select the update function from ADB (Update from ADB) and press the power button.

After that, a notification will appear on the screen that you can send the OTA image. At the command line on your computer, enter “adb sideload [OTA image ARCHIVE NAME].zip”. The transfer and installation process will begin, at the end of which the phone will reboot and start using the tenth “Android“.

  • A dangerous virus has appeared on Android that cannot be removed. It infects 131 devices daily.

Why the Play market does not work on Huawei?

If the Play Market does not start, reset its settings on your phone or tablet: Find the Play Market. Click on “Memory”. “Clear cache” and “Erase data”. Reboot your device.

How to install the Play Store on a new phone?

How to install Play Store on Android. preparing the device

  • visit the “Settings” menu;
  • go to the “Security” tab;
  • click on “unknown sources”, after which a check mark will appear next to the inscription.

How to return the Play Store to your phone?

To restore the Play Store application on your phone, in the next window, click on “Enable”. After that, the service will be displayed in the device menu and, if you wish, you can bring its icon to the desktop. Please note: if you do not see the Market, but there is “Google Play Services”. open the menu of this service.

How to restore the Play market on Huawei?

You need to go to “Settings” and select the “Applications” menu item. There we find the “Disabled” section, see the Play Store and turn it on. Good luck.

How to Restore Google Play Services on Android?

Clear cache and delete Google Play services data

  • On your Android device, open Settings.
  • Select Apps & notifications
  • Scroll down the list and select Google Play Services.
  • Click Storage
  • Select Manage Seat
  • Open Play Store.
  • Wait five minutes and try downloading the app again.

How to install Google Play on Huawei?

  • If you do not know where to get Chat Partner, download the Chat Partner utility on your Huawei smartphone without the support of Google services;
  • Launch Chat Partner and on the main screen of the application, click Detect Device;
  • Then click Repair Now and wait for the installation of Google services;
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HD Photo Caller Screen ID

The last application in our article will be one whose main and only function is to replace the caller’s image with the full-screen version. For the software to work, you need any version of Android, starting with the fourth, and preferably an image in HD quality.

To successfully enable the application, despite the internal sections and settings, even the first launch after installation or assignment as a default tool is not required.

The program is extremely easy to use, allowing you to set a contact’s photo to full screen with a minimum of action. At the same time, due to the support of a much larger number of devices and stability than in the first two versions, this tool is an excellent alternative with a fairly high rating in the Play Store.

Full Screen Caller ID (FSCI)

One of the best choices for flipping a caller photo to full screen is Full Screen Caller ID, available as a free download from the Play Store. This program differs significantly from numerous analogues, providing not only a replacement for the standard avatar, but also many auxiliary functions.

  • Immediately upon first launch, you will be prompted to make basic changes to the design of the incoming call screen, swapping the “Reject” and “Accept” buttons, assign FSCI as the default calling software and some other features. In the future, each parameter can be edited through internal settings.

The default app replaces the standard call handling tool and expands the contact’s photo to full screen, essentially requiring no additional post-installation steps. At that time, if you skipped the necessary stage at the beginning, you may need to make changes to the phone settings.
Exit Full Screen Caller ID and open the default Settings app. Here you need to select the “Applications” category in the “Device” block and click on the settings icon in the upper right corner.

EMUI 10 installation on Honor 20 | EMUI 10 Magic UI 3.0 | Android 10 installation | Tutorial ��

Now tap on the line “Calling application” and select “FSCI” in the list that opens. As a result, the software is likely to replace the standard and any other call processing tool.

In addition to the above, you can manually change the image on the screen for contacts from a specific group. For example, if the caller is not in the Contacts application address book or the number is not displayed at all.

After that, specify the photo using one of the available methods and confirm the application using the “Save” button. In the process of choosing a picture, you can also preliminarily familiarize yourself with the design.

As an addition, you can use the “Slideshow” button to assign several automatically changing images at once.

If desired, through the internal settings, you can change the style and arrangement of most of the elements on the call screen. This makes the software the best option among all analogues, deserving the most attention.

Setting caller photo to full screen on Android

Calling function on any smartphone is one of the most important and frequently used, working in conjunction with special applications for adding and saving numbers like “Contacts”. To make it easier to identify the caller, you can set the contact photo both in a small area and on the whole screen. It is about the second design option that we will talk about further along the course of today’s instructions.

Setting the caller’s photo to full screen

All possible approaches can be divided into two options, the relevance of which is directly determined by the capabilities of the smartphone. At the same time, you can compensate for the lack of the necessary functions with not one, but several applications at once, available in large quantities in the Google Play Store.

Ultimate Call Screen

Ultimate Call Screen is a quite worthy alternative to the past software, which provides a number of internal settings for the outgoing call screen with the ability to rotate the contact photo on a larger scale. To use it, you first have to download and install.

    To get started, open the “Settings” and in the “Security” options enable the “Unknown sources” function. In the case of the latest versions of Android, starting with the eighth, permission will be required by the program with which the APK file was downloaded.

The Ultimate Call Screen app, unlike the previous option, is currently not available for download from the Play Store, making third party sites the only option. The best of these resources is the forum, where to download you need to find the “Download” block, select the version and confirm saving the APK file to the device’s memory.

Then tap on the downloaded file in the “Downloads” list or find it in the device’s memory. One way or another, a standard software installation tool will open with the option to confirm the installation.

    After successfully completing the installation and opening the application, you can immediately set the necessary parameters. Each function has a corresponding signature and therefore it makes no sense to consider something separate.

After that, the software will be ready for use without the need to designate it as a default call processing tool. At the same time, the caller’s photo will be expanded to full screen.
The only thing that can and should be done is to set the default image if, for some reason, the contact does not have it. To do this, go to the “Appearance” tab and tap on the “Default photos and videos” block.

Here, you can make changes to your choice both for contacts without a photo, and for individual groups like hidden numbers. In all cases, for editing, press the “Default Photo” button, select a file and confirm saving using the bottom panel.

Optionally select the subsection “Prev. preview ”to see the final result. Use portrait photos for correct display.

It should be borne in mind that the application has not been updated for a long time and therefore it is quite possible problems with work both on certain devices and on specifically new versions of Android.

Adding a photo in “Contacts”

The easiest way to set up a photo is to use standard smartphone functions and applications, which should be enough for many users. To do this, you just need to attach an image to the desired contact in the address book, after which when you call the photo, not the entire screen will be displayed.

Regardless of the phone model, contacts are managed through a special “Contacts” application, also available for installation from the Play Store.

    To add a file in this way, you need to open the application and find a specific person in the list provided, using the “Search” field if necessary.

After that, at the bottom of the page, click the “Change contact” button and tap on the icon with a photo in the center of the screen.

Next, the “Change photo” pop-up window will appear on the screen, where you need to use the “Select” link. This will open the standard Gallery application.

From the list of images, select the appropriate one for the contact, use the selection frame to constrain a specific area, and click the “Save” button.

EMUI 10 Update on any Huawei and Honor phone (Android 10)

If you did everything clearly according to the instructions, there will be an automatic redirection to the contact settings with the changed photo. To complete editing, use the “Save” link in the right corner of the page.

  • The described actions can be repeated not only when editing an existing contact, but also when creating a new one. For these purposes on the main screen of the application there is a button with the “”.
  • Another, but rather an auxiliary way of installing a photo, comes down to selecting and attaching an image through the “Gallery”.

      First of all, open the specified application through the menu, find and select the photo you are interested in.

    Photo control may differ depending on the smartphone model and firmware version, but usually it is enough to tap on the center of the screen to display the toolbar and press the button with three dots in the upper right corner. In the list that appears, use the item “Set picture as”.

    At the bottom of the page, click on the icon with the signature “Photo” of the contact and select a person from the list that appears. Please note that if there are various applications for managing the address book on the device, there may be several options at once.

    After selecting a contact, as in the previous case, you will have to align the image with the frame and tap on “Save”. This completes the installation procedure, and you can well make sure that the method works the next time you call from the selected person.

    This method is relevant only in some cases, since on most Android devices the photo is displayed in a separate area of ​​the screen. This limitation can be bypassed only with the help of third-party applications, for which, as a rule, you will still need a contact card with an attached image.

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    We’ve covered the basic tools for setting a full-screen caller photo, but the list of applications presented is actually not limited to three points. If necessary, you can always independently use the search for analogues in Google Play.