How to install a TV with Smart TV

For Samsung Smart TV

For people suffering from insomnia, the Sheeps Counter was invented. The essence of this simple but interesting game is that you need to correctly count the sheep. Fall asleep is unlikely to work. Quests have several levels. Since the counting process is simple, even a five-year-old can play. However, old age is not a contraindication for Sheeps Counter.

Angry Birds, included in games on Smart TV Samsung, world famous and now a meme, migrated from smartphone to TV. The rules and features are so familiar that there is no need to explain them. Angry birds go to battle!

The Pirate: Plague of the Dead game gives you the chance to feel like a captain. Participate in sea battles, maneuver between huge rocks. The application is downloaded and used absolutely free. Paid versions, of course, are more interesting in terms of graphics and functionality.

How to uninstall games

The modern complex OS on which LG Smart TVs operate is close to the systems of a smartphone. It follows that the equipment must periodically go through the update procedures, as well as cleaning the memory. Therefore, one day, each owner will face a situation when some applications have to be removed. The algorithm is not that complicated.

  • First you need to make sure that the TV has really run out of free memory. Perhaps too many icons on the screen, making it difficult to find the right one, is unnecessary annoyance.
  • Enter the application menu via the remote control and select the one to be deleted.
  • Drag the icon to the upper right corner, and the delete text should appear on the screen. Without releasing the shortcut, move it to where the tooltip is displayed.

There is a second way: go to the page with applications and from the remote control select the “Change” button in the upper right corner. Having designated the shortcut of the application that you want to remove, click on the item “Remove” in the list of actions.

It is also possible to simply drag and drop unnecessary widgets to the lower right corner, where they disappear on the field indicated for deletion.

From a flash drive

With the help of a flash drive on Smart TV with “Netcastl” firmware, you can play games. quite varied, with good graphics. To do this, you need to download an archive with games on a USB device, unpack it. Then you should do the following:

  • Pull the LGapps folder to the root flash drive. that is, to the directory that opens immediately after clicking on the USB drive icon.
  • On a TV with a flash drive installed, enter the Smart TV menu and press the “” button. Find the TV memory to USB memory switch. The pop-up window will show a list of games.
  • One click on the icon. you can dive into gaming.
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Built-in games

TVs with built-in gaming applications also require setup. To do this, you will need a remote control again.

  • Go online: turn on the Internet, as well as updates in the “Support” window.
  • Go to the fields of the Smart TV menu and open the window with games.
  • Before installing games, click on your account. If it has not been created, then register: create a password, enter your full name, email address.
  • There is an instruction for the game controller. a separate menu item. Ability to control from not only a standard remote control, but also from a mobile application.
  • The “My Page” window reveals already installed games. In order to download a new one, you should click on the icon and click on download. If there is not enough memory on the TV, a hard disk is connected via the USB connector.
  • After loading, click on play.

You can control the settings and the course of the game both with a joystick and with a remote control. The first is not always suitable.

Smart TV games: how to choose and install

A gamer’s dream has come true: now you can immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality without leaving the TV. A large enough screen and good graphics make for a pleasant pastime. What games for Smart TV do users choose? This article explains the main points for installing and configuring the gaming menu, and also reveals the variety of gaming applications.

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Smart TV gaming capabilities

A modern screen for Smart TV allows you to watch videos in 3D. If you put on special glasses, then each user has a chance to play on a full-fledged large monitor. Advanced technologies appeared not so long ago, but they have become popular, and the demand for games for Smart TV is growing. Therefore, developers are interested in creating as many applications as possible that attract the attention of gamers.

Many games on TV are no different from ordinary computer games. Together with the ability to watch videos from the Internet on the big screen, view e-mail and use the global network in any other way, a TV in this category becomes a very profitable purchase. over, connecting a mouse or keyboard to it is not difficult.

Application Installation Tips

After creating an account, all manipulations will be carried out through the account from the TV menu. The list of available applications is quite extensive, but depending on the location, it can vary. This is due to the presence of local TV channels and regional programs.

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The installation procedure is almost the same on all devices, regardless of the features of a particular model, and looks like this:

Do not forget that you need access to the World Wide Web to download applications. You can connect to the Internet using your personal account Tricolor TV.

ViNTERA.TV application

This is an application that is currently available on all popular TV models with the Smart TV platform. This program is as easy to use as a regular TV, therefore it is accessible to almost all users. The main advantage of the service is that there is no need to register on the sites visited, while to visit the same portals from a PC, the authorization procedure is mandatory. When downloading and installing this application, the user has the opportunity to create his own Play-list, as well as participate in special promotions.

To install ViNTERA.TV, you just need to enter the Smart TV menu and find it in the “Video” section. The whole process of downloading and unpacking will not take more than 2 minutes. Immediately after installation, you can go to watching television. Please note that for comfortable viewing of TV programs, the application must always have access to the World Wide Web. The following requirements are also imposed on the data transfer rate:

Digital TV without set-top box

The IPTV application can now also be installed on smart TVs. This program provides access to viewing digital TV channels in improved quality. There are many ways to connect IPTV, and some of them require special equipment. You can install the program on Smart TVs without a set-top box, but if we are talking about TV equipment of 2010 and younger.

To watch TV channels through this application, you need to download and install the nStreamLmod program and configure it:

  • Press the “Smart Hub” button on the remote control;
  • Then press the Button “A”;
  • Select “Create a work record” and enter your login. develop and the password is 123456:
  • Confirm the correctness of the data entry;
  • Re-enter the data to enter your personal account;
  • Select the “Settings” tab, then “Development”;
  • Enter the IP address. It is different for each TV model;
  • Click the “Synchronization” tab;
  • Run the nStreamLmod program and go to the official site.

For beginners, this tutorial may seem daunting. You should not try to make the settings yourself if you do not have the necessary knowledge and skills. The best option in this case is contacting a qualified specialist.

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Applications for comfortable viewing of Smart TV channels

Since the software of Smart TVs is multifunctional, you need to know some rules for using them. It’s not difficult at all, but you can still get confused, and then smart technology will turn into useless and not comfortable to use.

Thanks to the Smart TV platform, the TV turns into a real multimedia center, allowing you to install a lot of additional applications to expand the functionality of the device.

To download and install programs on your TV, you need to provide it with Internet access via a wireless or wired connection. You can install already downloaded applications from a flash drive on the TV, but this is not very convenient. The algorithm for entering the Smart TV menu and downloading applications is different for each model, but creating a personal account and activating it via a PC is a prerequisite for all TVs. This procedure will provide access to the full list of applications, including paid ones.

If you are suddenly worried that you will not be able to take advantage of Smart TV to watch regular TV channels. you are mistaken, read the detailed material about watching TV channels through Smart TV.

Interactive television

The program options are simple and straightforward: view, rewind, pause video, synchronize with other devices. A movie downloaded on a TV can be watched on a smartphone by logging into your profile on the portal.

The installation process of the application is extremely simple: go to the Smart TV menu, select Interactive TV in the “Video” section and download it.

Note that it is not possible to install the program on old TV models.

Other programs for smart TVs

As mentioned above, nowadays every user will find a lot of useful applications for Smart TV that open access to sites with ilms and TV shows, music and useful information. For example, the MegaFon.TV company is the creator of an absolutely free program for watching videos. The application can be installed on almost all TV models with the Smart option no earlier than 2013 release.

Another popular application is Like TV. It allows you to watch digital TV channels completely free of charge. All Samsung Smart TV models support this program.

Owners of Smart TVs are presented with a huge range of programs and applications that allow them to use the equipment in full, while saving money on additional services and watching elms in excellent quality and without ads.