How to install a browser on a Xiaomi TV

Cloud storage

Google Drive. it is one of the services that is usually installed by default on Android TV. To set it up, you just need to access your account credentials from Google, and this shared space can be very helpful when installing APKs. All you have to do is download the APKs you want to install in your personal cloud, and then access that cloud via Google Drive on your Android TV to download the files and start installing them. The same goes for other similar services like Dropbox. And as always, make sure they have the appropriate permissions.

Direct download

Any Android TV has a web browser. Open it and enter malavida in the address bar to access our website. Once you have entered it, you can, as usual, view all applications and download those that interest you by clicking on the green button Download, which you will find in any of our applications. In this case, they will go to your downloads folder, where you just have to click on the APK file to start the installation. Again, make sure your browser has installation permissions in the security settings!

Do you have a USB port on your TV or Android Box? One of the most practical ways to do this. copy APK files to a USB drive on a computer, for example, for later upload to Android TV.

In this case, two possibilities open up. Your Android TV may have a file manager with which you can watch the contents of the USB drive, you just need to go to that directory and click on the APK file to start the installation. You have granted the appropriate permissions?

The second way is if your Android TV does not have a built-in browser, but you need one. You will have to choose any other method as an alternative in order to at least be able to install a file manager that allows you to read the contents of the external drive.

How to install the APK file on Android TV

If you have an Android TV, you can install APKs on it. We will show you all the possible ways to open applications on your TV, Android Box or any device where you are using Android TV.

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There are several methods to install APK file on Android TV. On the one hand, the process will depend on the application you want to install, and on the other, on the device running Android TV: each manufacturer and each version has its own process, so you have to combine all the methods to install your applications. and that they work properly. Also, keep in mind that not all Android apps are 100% compatible and functional on Android TV.

Accessing Android TV Security Settings

Click on Install apps from unknown sources.

Click on the Unknown Sources section

Make sure that the slider for your web browser, in this case Chrome, is moved to the right, indicating that it has the necessary permissions to install the apps we receive through it. Also make sure the file manager has this permission as well as any cloud storage installed. As we will see below, there are several ways to get the APK file, and depending on the tool used, which acts as an intermediary, this permission is required to complete the installation.

The next step is to transfer the APK file you want to install to your Android TV. How to do it? There are several ways to do this, as we have already seen.

Google play

If none of the above options work, Google Play is also available on pretty much any Android TV (and install permissions are on by default). Take advantage of this to download and install any app needed in the previous methods, or ultimately download the APK directly from there, although the offer is not that big.

Regardless of the method used, the last step. run this APK file. The way to do this varies depending on the method you choose to download the APK. In this case, we used a USB stick, so the next step is. connect it to your Android TV and access the file manager.

Accessing the Android TV file manager

Enter the USB drive using the menu on the left to see its contents and click on the APK you want to install.

Access your USB stick and click on the APK you want to install

After starting the installation, click the button Install in the lower right corner and wait for the process to complete.

Confirm the installation of the app on your Android TV

At this time, you can open the application using the button Open or find its icon in the menu of applications installed on Android TV.

Open app installed on Android TV

Una cosa que debes tener en cuenta es que no todas las apps de Android son compatibles with Android TV. Pese a que son sistemas operativos muy similares, las características de los dispositivos para los que han sido concebidos condicionan también las funciones de las apps, por lo que aplicaciones creadas para teléfonos móviles correct android. No todos los APKs de Android funcionan al 100% en Android TV.

Which browser is better to download for Smart-TV

Smart-TV owners often use only the functionality available on the TV, but sometimes it happens that a failure or other reason forces them to look for a new application with similar capabilities. In this situation, the most logical question is which browser for Smart-TV is better, therefore, the most optimal programs for the most popular Smart-platforms will be presented below. It should be emphasized right away that not all developers offer a large selection of applications in this direction, so you should not rely on an abundance of software.

Browsers for Smart-TV LG

Another Korean manufacturer and Samsung’s main competitor is LG, which also has its own webOS operating system.

In terms of features and functionality, the webOS platform is very similar to Tyzen, but with a different interface. The system is perfectly adapted for users and already “out of the box” it has everything you need to work, including the browser, which is called “Web browser”.

Browsers for Smart-TV based on Android TV

Google, which created the world’s most popular operating system, Android, has adapted it for TVs as well. Given the fact that the platform has not become less convenient from this, and users have the opportunity to log into their account on several devices and get access to all applications and services, think about why Android TV began to be used by all manufacturers (except for those mentioned above ) is not necessary. Of course, depending on the brand and even the model within the same company, the interface may change, but in general, Android TV on Japanese Sony Bravia or Ukrainian Kivi remains exactly the same.

The default browser for surfing the web on TVs Xiaomi, TCL, Hisense and other devices on Android is Google Chrome. At the same time, nothing prevents you from putting on a TV receiver:

  • Opera TV. is one of the best alternatives for Smart TV on Android, which is appreciated for economical use of traffic and support for protection from ads, spam and phishing;
  • Yandex browser;
  • Firefox;
  • UC Browser;
  • Dolphin.
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The last two browsers, despite being less well-known, are not inferior in functionality to the programs located in the top positions.

Browsers for Smart-TV Samsung

Samsung is one of the leaders in the production of TVs. For Smart TV, she created her own operating system Tyzen, which, in addition to TV receivers, is adapted for smart watches of the same brand. Distinctive features of this OS are ease of use and speed, but also a small selection of applications.

  • By default, the browser for Samsung TVs is simply called “WebBrowser”. However, practice shows that its functions are quite enough for comfortable use.
  • If you need an alternative option, you can use the Yandex.browser. Its main difference lies in the presence of widgets that provide quick access to various content. TV channels, weather forecasts and other useful resources. This browser also stands out for its organic interface and smart search bar. “Turbo” mode will help speed up the loading of pages, and you can synchronize the profile with a laptop, tablet and smartphone through the cloud service.

Due to the fact that the Tyzen operating system is a proprietary development of a Korean company, there is no large selection of browsers for it, but the available options in most situations fully satisfy user needs.


Android, unlike webOS and Tyzen, is an open source operating system, so there are many more applications written for it. Therefore, it is very easy to change the browser if the existing one does not work or you do not like it. there is no shortage of options. The procedure is no different from the actions on a smartphone. you need to log into Google Play, find the program you need in the search bar (you can just write “browser” to see all the options), and then all that remains is to install the application. If you need to update it, then in the Play Market in the section “My applications and games” you can see all the installed software and update it.

Modern TVs with Smart TV technology offer customers a wide range of options. In general, they are equivalent for different manufacturers. However, those users who like to customize the equipment as much as possible for themselves should choose from TV receivers working with Android TV, since there is a lot of software available in them that can satisfy any request. For those who like the option “bought, got out of the box and use”, devices with WebOS or Tyzen OS are more suitable, since they already have everything necessary for comfortable use, but at the same time there are significantly fewer options for customization, as well as the available software.

Best browser for Android Smart TV set-top boxes

In the market of modern gadgets, smartphones running on the Android operating system are especially popular. These can be either expensive high quality models or economy versions available to almost every customer. The number of OS users today is more than two billion.

One of the main purposes of an Android set-top box is to watch videos online, but you can’t do without a browser either. Due to the Internet access, each user can be online 24 hours a day and use the search. Some use the World Wide Web for entertainment, others for work and communication. To navigate the vast expanses of the Internet, you need a browser. This is a special program that you cannot do without. On every smartphone, tablet, TV box, it is installed by default, but most users reinstall the program after purchasing the device. There are many browsers that differ not only in visual design, but also in individual characteristics. Consider the most common and popular.

Choosing the most convenient and stylish browser for a set-top box based on OS Android (Android TV box)

Experienced users, when choosing software for a mobile device, take into account such parameters as the security of data transmission and the speed of work within the network. The presence of a Russian interface is necessary for Russian-speaking users. Developers of well-known and widespread browsers install several dozen languages ​​into the program to attract users.

It is necessary to pay attention to the support of the flash player function. This is an important aspect for watching videos and running online mini games.

If the user transfers funds through a mobile browser and conducts other important operations related to finances and documents, the security of personal data should be considered. Otherwise, they can fall into the hands of scammers.

Newbies prefer browsers with simple controls and an intuitive interface. Advanced programs are able to combine simplicity and versatility. Developers make sure that the browser is interesting to users, regardless of their level and experience of being online.

The above browser can be safely called the most popular mobile browser in the world. Chrome for Android OS is installed by default on most Android TV box models.

  • Excellent work speed.
  • Competent architecture.
  • Convenient tab switching.
  • Stylish design.
  • Lots of practical extensions with free downloads.
  • Synchronization system within the Google service. Due to this function, you can use saved tabs, history, passwords and other data on any device (tablet, mobile phone, computer), after the authorization procedure.

The company updates the browser in a timely manner, offering users an improved version of the program. Another nice addition. tabs are saved after closing and restarting the program.

Mozilla Firefox browser for TV set-top boxes is available for Russian-speaking users. The program deservedly descends into the TOP 10 of the most common programs. Users nicknamed the browser “fox” for the image of a bright animal. It should be noted that the speed of the program is slightly lower than the above programs Chrome and Opera. But, despite this, the program has its advantages, which should be noted.

  • Excellent work with Flash technology. Thanks to this, the user can watch the video clip directly from the web browser.
  • Support for many formats.
  • Installing plugins. The user has the ability to install additional elements, both for the mobile version and for the tablet browser.

The well-known Yandex search engine has a browser of the same name, which is also compatible with Android Smart TV set-top boxes. This program has found great success among Russian users. A popular and practical application of domestic production can be downloaded for free from the official website of the company. Among the main advantages, experienced users and experts in the field of software highlight a competent interface and a convenient address bar, which allows you to find the exchange rate for today in the shortest possible time, view the transport schedule or fulfill any other urgent request.

Programmers have developed a special “Turbo” mode especially for Android users. It helps save traffic. The browser offers recommended news and articles that may be of interest to a particular user. The program is convenient to use both on smartphones and on TV set-top boxes.

Despite the fact that the Opera browser is inferior in popularity and prevalence to the Google Chrome program, it is also in demand. A number of advantages that the program possesses keep it in the lead today. Due to the use of their servers, users get excellent speed within the worldwide network.

Many are sure that experienced users call the browser the best in terms of saving traffic and high-speed information transfer. This parameter is very important if the user has a limited amount of traffic that needs to be used as wisely as possible.

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The owners of devices based on the Android operating system have appreciated the mobile version of the browser called Opera Mini. The developers have implemented in the program a blocking from annoying advertising messages, which often distract from communication, watching videos and other tasks on the Internet.

Currently, there is a growing popularity of the browser called “UC Browser”. Popularly nicknamed him “squirrel” because of the badge depicting this animal. Now the program is used by about half a million people. After analyzing the operation of the browser, experts have identified such advantages that affect the development of software demand.

  • Compression of mobile traffic, due to which, data transfer within the worldwide network is significantly accelerated.
  • Comprehensible file download manager.
  • Ability to control the program using gestures.
  • Practical synchronization between mobile browser version and desktop program.
  • Quickly open the web portal with one click.
  • Convenient quick launch bar.

Also, users will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of useful and practical plugins. For additional protection of personal data, there is the possibility of free surfing in the “anonymous” mode. It will also help you visit sites that are not allowed in a specific country.

The next browser we will focus on is Dolphin Browser. The main feature of the program is the ability to synchronize with various social networks. The program also offers users support for a huge number of extensions and saving pages from the worldwide network in pdf format.

In addition, users who have personally used this browser report fast work, without glitches and interruptions. Some users liked the ability to control the program using voice or gestures. The browser saves all data on the memory card of the mobile device in backups.

It is a little known browser, however, it deserves to be noted. We can safely say that this is not only an ordinary web browser, but also a constructor subject to the user. Using it, you can remove such disadvantages of browsers as the search bar located at the top of the screen. Depending on the accumulated habits and individual characteristics, the user has the opportunity to place the address bar at the bottom of the panel and conveniently set tabs.

Saving traffic and battery power is also saved due to the lack of “surveillance” of users and their presence in the network.

Puffin browser attracts users’ attention with stylish and fashionable design, as well as clear and simple interface. Many people compare it with the Dolphin program, not only in appearance, but also in technological features.

Experts recommend using the program if you are dealing with an outdated model with a small amount of RAM. These are budget versions of mobile devices equipped with 512 KB of RAM. Also, the browser will be an ideal choice for phones with limited RAM up to 256 kb.

The program does not change the quality of the images. Acceleration of data transfer is carried out due to cloud storage. Competent optimization allows you to make loading pages, images and videos faster.

Puffin browser users can watch videos and play online through the support of the Flash player. Also, for Android TV users, a version of the Puffin TV program is available.

The program Ghostery Privacy Browser, due to the name, reveals the main advantage of the program. excellent security of data transmission in the vastness of the worldwide network. This browser at a high level will be appreciated by users who need high privacy of web surfing. Experts point out the following advantages of software:

  • Anonymity on the World Wide Web.
  • Bypassing blocked sites.
  • Finding tracking technologies implemented in the work of the site.
  • An additional feature is GhostRank. It significantly improves the work with the main service Ghostery.

The last browser you will focus on shortly. Let’s note the advantages:

  • Ability to transfer bookmarks from Chrome.
  • Clear design and interface.
  • Fast tab switching.
  • Complete home page customization.

(7 assessments, the average: 4.71 of 5)

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Suitable browsers for Xiaomi

Besides the standard browser, Xiaomi smartphones are capable of supporting a huge number of third-party browsers. The most popular of these are:

  • Yandex. A very functional application for finding information. It features a built-in voice assistant “Alice”, which after the command “Listen, Alice” is ready to perceive speech and then search for the said requests or immediately voice the answers to them. Yandex Browser has good support for all the necessary add-ons. There are not so many of them, but they are all extremely functional and capable of meeting the varied needs of users.
  • Opera. Browser, which is distinguished by its turbo mode, in which traffic consumption is significantly reduced without losing the speed of opening pages. The browser will launch without any glitches on the earliest Xiaomi models. Overall, it is great for watching news too.
  • Google Chrome. Popular among those people who value speed and functionality. It is most suitable for work, combining in its interface all the services from Google, which can be accessed almost instantly. Of course, another trump card is stable work without lags and quick opening of any pages, including those containing a huge number of pictures.
  • Firefox. An excellent browser that includes the largest database of add-ons. As an auxiliary tool, you can install any software, including from little-known developers, and thereby bring the browser functionality to a completely different level.
  • UC Browser. Probably considered the best browser for video playback. Its built-in video player stands out for its instant video stream playback and supports rewinding, volume and brightness settings with a simple swipe of your finger over the desired area. It is extremely convenient and will not distract from viewing.

This is not the whole list of applications created to search for various content. The list contains the most popular ones. The rest of the products can be found in the Play Market catalog.

How to replace the browser

To use third-party browsers in Xiaomi, you just need to download and install them. But here you should give advice that the newly downloaded browser must be granted the right to become the default search program, so that all links are opened only with the help of it.

Despite the absence of the need to remove the built-in browser, users still often ask how this can be done. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to carry out such an operation using simple methods that are already familiar and familiar to many. You will have to download a special application called “ES Explorer”.

Using it, you need to enter the System folder located in the internal memory of the device, find the “Priv-app” directory in it, and delete the section named “Browser” in this directory. It should be noted that such a procedure may require Xiaomi to have Root rights.

If the user deleted his native browser, and then he needed it again, then to restore, you just need to update the MIUI shell.

Why Xiaomi browser may freeze?

It is not uncommon for the standard Xiaomi browser to freeze, causing a huge inconvenience to users. The phenomenon is noted when opening a large number of tabs or when visiting certain sites that contain a huge number of pictures.

First of all, you need to make sure that the latest version of MIUI is installed on the smartphone. If this is not the case, then you need to update it through the settings. This can be done as follows:

  • Enter the “Settings” of the mobile device.
  • Open the “About phone” menu.
  • Go to the “System update” tab.
  • Confirm update.

It should be borne in mind that during the update process the phone will be unavailable for use for about 10 minutes. The MIUI version needs to be updated because the standard browser is built into it and only updates with it.

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Another way, if the update did not help, is to go to the phone settings. For this you will need:

  • go to “All applications”;
  • open an application named “Browser”;
  • go to the “Memory” section;
  • click on the “Clear” button located at the bottom of the screen;
  • select “Clear cache”.

This solution should help. However, the last method is to clear not only the cache, but all data as well. To do this, instead of “clear cache”, you need to click on the line “Clear all”.

Important! After the last procedure, all data from the browser will be deleted, including saved passwords.

Description of the standard Xiaomi browser

The Chinese company Xiaomi has created its own shell called MIUI. It also integrates the Xiaomi browser, which has many useful properties. The speed of opening text pages is at a very high level. Unfortunately, it also has its drawbacks. These are constantly annoying notifications and possible glitches. We will tell you about which program you can replace the standard browser with in this article.

How to view history in a browser

In some situations, the user may need to view recently opened pages. The Xiaomi browser has such a function and it is very useful. After all, you can often forget to bookmark your favorite site. In this case, the saved history of visited sites will help you manually find what may well have been lost.

To view the history of open pages in Xiaomi, you must:

  • open a browser;
  • click on the three horizontal stripes in the lower right corner of the screen;
  • open the column with the name “Bookmarks”;
  • find in it an item with the name “History”.

This item will provide a complete list of open sites. They are sorted by time of visit. If necessary, you can delete certain items from this list or carry out a complete cleaning.

How to enable or disable notifications

Notifications are perhaps the main reason why users decide to switch from a standard browser to using other search applications. However, many are in a hurry with this. After all, you can simply turn off browser notifications and return to comfortable Internet surfing, from which nothing will distract.

To completely turn off all notifications, you will need:

  • go to the Xiaomi browser itself;
  • open the item with the settings;
  • go to the “Notifications” tab, move the slider in it to the left side so that it changes its color to gray;
  • exit the browser and enter the settings of the smartphone itself;
  • go to the “All applications” section;
  • click on the application named “Browser”;
  • open the item with the name “Notifications”;
  • move the slider from the line “Show notifications” to the left side.

This completes the disabling of notifications. To make them appear again, you need to move the corresponding sliders again, but in the opposite direction, in the necessary sections. By the way, after going along the path “All applications”. “Browser”. “Notifications”, the user becomes available to fine-tune alerts. Here they can be prevented from making a sound when they appear, and also allowed to appear only in the Xiaomi browser after opening it, and not directly in the notification bar.

It is very difficult to determine which browser for smartphones of the famous company Xiaomi is the most suitable. All of them work quite stably, and each Xiaomi owner has the right to make a choice in favor of a particular product independently.

How to download Yandex browser to Sony TV receiver?

If the TV panel operates in the Android system, then you can install the Yandex browser for the TV in the following way:

  • in the menu, press the “Home” key, then at the bottom find the line “Apps”;
  • select “Store Google Play” in applications;
  • then use the search to find the required Yandex platform and install the browser on the TV panel.

LG TV software

After downloading, the content will be displayed in the list with attachments. They appear when you press the corresponding key on the remote control.

Important: The browser may not be present in the catalog, then it is recommended to use the service with other options.

LG TV asks for updates automatically, after confirmation they are installed in the background. An important requirement. constant connection of the device to the network. If the data will be updated on a large scale, then the request will be displayed: “Update Yandex browser on the TV.” For the function to work, you just need to assure.

Yandex browser is considered one of the most functional and popular web browsers (browsers) in the world. Many users download Yandex browser to Smart TV, because it contains a built-in ad blocker, a convenient mechanism for forming bookmarks, and has a Turbo system that helps to save traffic.

How to install Yandex. Disk?

Important: To work with the program, you will need authorization in a previously registered account. Network connection properties affect the download speed of files.

Installing content on Smart TV

How to install Yandex browser on Smart TV? The scheme is as follows:

  • Turn on the TV panel.
  • Enter the main TV menu using the remote control.
  • Activate a special platform for downloading applications to the TV, and select the desired line.
  • From the proposed list of programs that can be downloaded, find the desired option and click on it.
  • If necessary, on TV press the button to install this content.
  • After downloading the Yandex browser for Smart, you can see a new application in the main menu. It is launched and used by the wide functionality of the service.

It is recommended that you update your browser periodically. To do this, select the appropriate option in the settings.

The need to update

Having downloaded Yandex browser for Android TV, it needs to be constantly updated. If such manipulation is not carried out, then you should not count on the good performance of the browser system. The following problems will appear:

  • the image freezes;
  • there are various failures;
  • the television does not respond well to commands sent by the remote control.

If there is no web browser

There are times when it is impossible to download Yandex browser for LG TV. Then an alternative option is suitable. go to the official Yandex page. Here the program will automatically detect the device and show services and other relevant information on the display.

How to activate Yandex Browser for Smart-TV using the built-in software:

  • Press key with applications.
  • In the proposed list, select the Web browser (may appear as a www-browser).
  • In the search bar, fill in the required query (
  • The main page of the site will open.
  • On the right side is the post office, in the left column is the weather. Interesting films are available at the bottom, and news is displayed in the center and the search bar is located.
  • To install Yandex on Smart TV, you need to click on the icon with a star and a plus.
  • To gain access to the services of the program, you need to scroll down the page to the end.

To use the content, the user will be prompted to log into a personal account. After authorization, files added via phone or PC appear automatically. Through the open page, they go to Yandex.Disk or to the mailbox.