How to install a browser on a Smart TV

Update using removable media

First, let’s look at the simple rules of work that should be followed when updating the browser:

When the flashing process takes place, it is better not to turn off the TV, because in this case the procedure cannot be completed correctly;

Before starting the procedure, you should make sure that the browser version is suitable for the TV model;

When the update is in progress, you cannot pull out the media;

It is advisable not to press any buttons to avoid program crashes.

To check the series of TV software and not look for instructions, you can use the remote control by pressing the “SETTINGS” button. It will open a menu where you need to stop on the “Support” tab by selecting “Product / Service Information” there. The software serial number of the LG TV in question should be listed here. The user needs to download the updates and install them in order for the device to work like new.

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Preparing the media and installing is a fairly simple procedure that a beginner can handle. As a rule, owners of such devices have a formatted flash drive. If not, you need to format it. Next, for convenience, you need to create an LG folder with system files used to update the browser.

After the data has been copied, you can install the USB flash drive into the TV. As soon as the media is inserted, the data with its contents appears on the screen. If the user is sure that he can cope, click on the “Execute” button and follow the recommendations that appear on the screen. They are intuitive, therefore they will not cause difficulties.

How to update browser on LG TV

Now you do not need to go to the computer to access the network. It is enough just to use the TV, of course, if the software and browser are updated on time. Modern LG Smart TV is almost a full-fledged computer only in a television case. Naturally, it requires updating programs, monitoring their relevance, and then the extensive capabilities of the device will be preserved.

How the browser is updated on an LG TV using the Internet

This method is much simpler, since it does not require the use of foreign objects. you only need a TV and reliable Internet access. As a rule, new software will occupy 500 megabytes or more. By the way, you can provide the Internet for downloading it in three ways:

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Wi-fi is the simplest and most convenient, as it is wireless and provides high speed;

4G modem is a less practical option, but it is also often used if there is no alternative;

Network cable. connecting it may take a little time, but, in fact, the method is also not the worst for LV TVs.

So, when the Internet connection is made, you can start the most important part of the work. the update process:

The number of the new firmware on the LG Smart TV should be displayed;

If everything suits you, you can click on “Update”.

The download starts, during which the TV will work.

When finished downloading, the TV will automatically start updating by turning off all systems. At this point, it is important not to turn off the device from the network and do not make unnecessary manipulations. If the procedure is successful, a window will appear on the screen with the inscription “There is no need to update”.

What to do if you have problems after updating?

LG TVs are quite capricious technology, especially modern devices in which only one name remains from the old configuration. Not surprisingly, even after all this manipulation, the system can sometimes crash the Web browser. But what to do in this case? Initialization usually helps.

To complete it, you do not need many skills:

Next, select “Application Initialization”;

Select which application you want to initialize, for example, the Yandex browser, and click “OK”.

Now you have to wait for the TV to reboot. If everything went well, your favorite browser will work properly, and messages about an outdated program will not spoil your work on the Internet. But even if that didn’t help, it’s time to turn to professionals.

Updating the LG TV Browser via the Internet

The next way to update the browser on Smart TV is via the Internet download option. However, it is worth knowing that it only works when you are connected to the Internet via a Wi-Fi network. So, how this operation is carried out:

  • Pick up the TV remote control and click on the button labeled “Settings”. After that, the settings menu will appear on your screen;
  • Then, using the remote control, go to the “Support” section, in which, again, go to the “Software update” tab;
  • By clicking on the section, a window will appear on the screen in which you will need to click “Check for an update”;
  • If the check gave a positive result and you still have not updated programs, then click “Update”;
  • You just have to wait until the end of the operation and you can continue to use your LG TV.
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This update method is the simplest, so you can use it first.!

Installing and Updating Browser on LG TV

In the Russian market, such a TV model as LG Smart TV is very popular. It is a multimedia complex that helps TV owners to quickly and easily use the built-in functions.

However, most of these functions are carried out through an Internet connection and an in-system browser, which must be regularly updated. This is due to the fact that LG developers make changes to applications that may be incompatible with the old version of the browser, so you may not even be aware of the new capabilities of your technology.

You can recognize that it is time for you to update your web browser by the following problems:

  • long loading of pages or tabs;
  • blocking of some online resources, due to which certain applications or sites stop working;
  • inability to download pictures, videos or photos on the TV;
  • other problems that arise specifically in this version of LG TVs.

If you have at least one of these problems, then something urgently needs to be done about it. And how to update the browser on your LG Smart TV, you can learn from this article.!

Frequent problems and solutions

Since updating the web browser depends on the correct operation of the entire TV, sometimes there may be some problems that interfere with its implementation. There may be several reasons for this, however, most often, this is the incorrect installation of the latest version.

If you are faced with these problems, we offer you ways to solve them in a timely manner:

  • Lack of memory in the browser. This problem is displayed when you try to download any pictures or video materials, but the TV may have enough free memory. So, what to do in this situation: use the remote to go to the “Smart” menu, find the settings window and go here to “Smart functions-Clear cache”.
  • Inability to connect to the internet. This situation is possible if it is impossible to transfer the old TV settings to the updated version. The solution to the problem will be to reset all browser settings, performed as follows: you need to open a web browser, go to general settings and click on the “reset settings” window, and then restart LG Smart TV.
  • The in-system browser stopped running on the TV. Most often this happens when updating using a removable flash drive, since the TV cannot recognize the downloaded version, so here you have to do the following: go to the “Support” section in the “Settings” menu and find a window called “Initialization”; press the button and wait for the process to end and use the updated version of your Smart TV.
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Problems with updating the system occur quite often, so there is no need to be intimidated. It is better to immediately use one of the tips from this manual and this will definitely help!

USB update

The first upgrade option will be using removable media or, in another way, USB. If you do not have an internet connection, then this is the only way to restart your browser. To do this, you need to have a regular USB flash drive with you, and then follow the following instructions:

  • turn on your TV, go to the settings and find out the full information and the current software update by going to the section “Information about the service”;
  • then go to the official website of LG, where in the highlighted window “model number”, type in the number of your TV, which consists of several letters and numbers. After finding the model, click on the highlighted window;
  • on the same site in the “Software and Firmware” column, search for the “Software File” section, which you then need to download;
  • insert the USB flash drive into your computer, format it and create a folder in order to install the browser. Transfer the file downloaded from the site to this USB flash drive;
  • connect the USB drive to the TV, which will independently find the update and download it, after which you just have to wait for the update to finish.

Preparing for the upgrade

Before you start updating the in-system browser, you need to decide how you will do it: manually or using a USB drive. These options depend on whether you have the ability to connect to the Internet and some other points.

In any case, you need to have a computer with a network connected to it, an empty USB flash drive and, in fact, the TV itself with a remote control from it.